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Smart Notebook Software Training Document


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									   SMART Notebook Software

   Welcome Center
         Quickstart – Open recent files or new files
         Teacher’s Hub – Links to online teaching resources
         Help/Support Tab – Online help as well as live online help

   Left Side Tabs
           The Page Sorter displays thumbnails of the pages in the current file. It allows you to organize
              pages and move objects from page to page. View any page by pressing its thumbnail in the
              Page Sorter. Drop down menu in the right corner of the page thumbnail allows for additional
          The Gallery contains gigantic collection of clip art, interactive resources clips, backgrounds and
             .notebook files and pages that you can use in your presentations. Thumbnails within the
             Gallery provide previews of gallery content images. The Gallery also provides access to the
             SMART Learning Marketplace and other online resources.
          The Attachments tab enables you to attach a copy of a file, a shortcut to a file or a Web page link
             to your file.
          The Properties tab enables you to change the options for the currently selected object. For
             example, if you select a shape, the Properties tab displays options for changing fill effects, line
             style and object animation. There is also a recording function to record your session.
   Fitting page to your Monitor – click on View, Zoom, Entire Page

Button   Command                    Action

         Previous Page              Display the previous page in the current file.

         Next Page                  Display the next page in the current file.

         Insert Blank Page          Insert a new, blank page in the current file.

         Open                       Open a notebook file.

         Save                       Save the current file.

         Paste                      Paste clipboard contents on the page.

         Undo                       Reverse the effect of the last action.

         Redo                       Reinstate the last action reversed with the Undo command.

         Delete                     Delete all selected objects.

         Screen Shade               Add a Screen Shade to the current page. Fitting page to your Monitor – click on
                                    View, Zoom, Full Page.
         Full Screen                Display the current page in Full Screen view.
Dual Page Display   Display two pages side by side.

Screen Capture      Open the Screen Capture toolbar. Screen Capture – Allows you to capture
Toolbar             images from anywhere. There are 4 options.

                    Area Capture       Press and drag the cross hairs on the screen to define the
                    area you want to capture.

                    Window Capture         Select the window that you want to appear in the screen

                    Full Screen Capture

                    Freehand Capture        Press and drag the cross hairs on the screen to define
                    the area you want to capture.

SMART Document      Insert an image from a SMART Document Camera.

Insert Table        Insert a table on the current page. Tables cannot be moved from the top left
                    section of a page.

Select              Select objects on the current page.

                    Any object on your page can be resized, rotated, or further manipulated
                    through the drop down options.

                    Some of the drop down options include: Clone, Locking, Flipping, Infinite
                    Cloner, adding a link adding a sound, text recognition, shape recognition, and
                    spell checking.

Pen                 Draw a freehand object on the current page.

                    To permanently change any of the Pen Properties: Click on the Pen, and
                    then click on the style you would like to change. Click on the Properties tool on
                    the left side of the screen, and click on Line Style. Make the changes you
                    would like, and click on Save Tool Properties.

Creative Pen        Draw a freehand object on the current page using a Creative Pen.

Eraser              Erase objects on the current page.

Line                Draw a straight line on the current page.

Shape               Draw a shape on the current page.

Shape Recognition   Draw a freehand object on the current page that SMART Notebook recognizes
Pen                 and converts into a rectangle, ellipse, triangle or arc.

Magic Pen           Three Options:
                    Can create freehand objects that slowly fade away
                    Can open a magnification window by drawing a square
                    Can open a spotlight window by drawing a circle
                    NOTE: The magic pen does not work in the split screen
      Fill                        Define a fill effect, and then apply it to objects.

      Text                        Select a font for your next text object. The virtual keyboard on your whiteboard
                                  will not work. You will need to use the keyboard at your computer.

      Properties                  Display the Properties tab, and then change an object's properties.

      Move Toolbar                Move the SMART Notebook toolbar to the top or bottom of the interactive

Adding additional Tools to the Toolbar
Right click on the toolbar area, and you can add additional tools to your toolbar. Something you might
want to add to your toolbar is the Pin Page – it allows you to pin a page in the Dual view so it won’t move.

Saving your File
You can save your file as a notebook file. This will only open on computers with the Smart Notebook
software installed on it.

You can export your file as a webpage, image, PDF, or PowerPoint file. Click on File, click on Export and
choose your option. This can then be placed on your webpage for students to access.

An Introduction to the Gallery

Moving the Toolbars
Toolbars can be moved from the left to the right side of the screen or from the top to the bottom of the
screen by clicking on the appropriate arrow.

Other resources can be found at www.smarttech.com

Other Notebook Tools
Some SMART tools can be accessed outside of the Notebook program. Start- All Programs- SMART
Technologies- Notebook Software- Other Notebook Tools

You can drag this folder to the Start Menu for easy access.

The tools in this folder can be used on webpages, Office documents, etc.

Download at home
Contact IT 610-966-8324 (Helpdesk) You can make arrangements to bring your computer in for them to
install the software.
Other Smart Notebook Tools

Floating Tools
  The Floating Tools toolbar is a customizable collection of buttons that floats on top of other programs. The Floating
  Tools toolbar enables you to quickly access frequently-used tools and features.
  The default Floating Tools toolbar enables you to write or draw, highlight, erase, draw lines, create shapes, right-
  click, start the SMART Keyboard, create .notebook files and undo a previous action.

To open the Floating Tools toolbar
  Press the SMART Board icon         in the notification area, and then select Show Floating Tools.

  NOTE: If your computer is not currently connected to a SMART interactive product, the SMART Board icon
  includes an X in its bottom right corner   .

  OR Open the Welcome Center, press the Tools tab, and then press Floating Tools.

Default Tools

Tool       Name                     Action

           Select                   Left-click

           Pen                      Write or draw in digital ink

           Highlighter              Highlight in digital ink

           Eraser                   Erase digital ink

           Straight Line            Create a straight line

           Shape                    Add a shape

           Right-Click              Right-click

           Keyboard                 Start SMART Keyboard

           Notebook                 Create or open a .notebook file

           Undo                     Reverse the effect of your previous action or command

           Customize                Customize the Floating Tools toolbar

  The following table describes the functions of each toolbar button that you can add to a customized Floating Tools

Tool       Name                     Behavior

           Creative Pen             Write or draw in digital ink using creative pens
Shape Recognition     Draw common shapes

Magic Pen             Open Magnifier or Spotlight

Bridgit               Create or join a Bridgit software conference

Magnifier             Open a Magnification window

Recorder              Start SMART Recorder

Screen Shade          Add a Screen Shade to the screen

Spotlight             Open a Spotlight window

Pointer               Display a large pointer

Welcome Center        Open the Welcome Center

Screen Capture        Open the Screen Capture toolbar

Area Capture          Take a screen capture of an area

Full Screen Capture   Take a screen capture of a screen

Freehand Capture      Take a screen capture of a freehand area

Print                 Print the current screen to your computer's default printer

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