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									The Present Stretching Realism

In its development, and even more than that of course reality can be left

Teks Darma Ismayanto

Standing firmly on the basic concept of realists like F. Sigit Santosa,
Ronald Manullang, etc. besides showing their expertise in processing the
shape mimetically, also filled in their work with message contents.
Realist at this level, it seems that he is not just as a measurer of how
far the drawing technique ability would be in imitating the object, but
also how the artist entered his messages, ideas/concepts into his works.

Making use of realist as basic in the process of an object only, when
they further develop the basic concept on the idea perception, the work
inclination that came into being just looked moving outside that tendency
itself. On top of that there is a tendency of eagerness to wipe out all

Pay close attention to the work of I Wayan Cahya, objective borders on
this work looked restricted to the object being used. I Wayan has taken
the model from its original object like woman, animal, etc. He recorded
by making photographs. The photo output is processed by him later into a
paper design or sketch.

Occasionally it is not just a sketch scratch output on canvas only, but
also a photography assembly which is joined manually. Utilizing realist
as basic technique processing of the object, when the object is
transferred on the canvas of Wayan’s works, apparently that object
entered a new world. The thinking world of the artist.

Wayan works as a unity, make up a combined representation between real
figures with a strong surrealistic aura. Just observe attentively one of
them at “metamorphosis #5”, at this work Wayan seemed to utilize the body
of a woman as basic object to bring along “roving” into his imagination

Following the track of how far the realist tendency developed in
Indonesia, it’s visible that is a reason of performing “Objective
Border”. So that part of the painters being involved, are those showing
to have certain indications and in the possession of strong consistency
in line with realism awareness. Wherever they are moving from realist
inclinations as basic concept, to be utilized afterwards by them to
achieve a “typical individual movement”.

Then even though using the same basic concept, the works that came into
sight remain with the same special features offered by each artist. That
peculiarity appeared through themes as well as painting work techniques.

Likewise between the works of Wayan with Ronald Manullang. Technically
Ronald developed realism tradition combined with his ability to correlate
popular ideas. His objects are human figures having experience of the
role of deconstruction and position. He utilized existing snapshots and

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