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									                              AMERICAN LEGION POST 18
                              PO Box 307, Portsmouth, RI 02871
                                    Phone: 401.683.6148

         Flying InFormation ~ News from the Post ~ MAY 2010

                                                         COMMANDER’S BRIEFING
                                       On 2 MAY 2010, we will break out our banner to march in the
                                       Aquidneck Island National Police Parade. Our contingent
                                       includes a Color Guard comprised of Naval Sea Cadets
                                       (www.riseacadets.org) who made us so proud last year and
                                       helped us land on the back cover of The American Legion’s
                                       national publication, Legiontown, USA! To download, visit
                                        Last month’s meeting, tour and luncheon at Battleship Cove
                                        included a special presentation (see article below) arranged by Life
  Post 18 Member Herbert Sears
                                        Member Cyndie Kindell. This event was filmed for Public Access
  received his “50 Year” certificate on
                                        TV by DEPT OF RI Jr. Vice Commander Erick Michaud. Check your
  9 MAR 2010. Past Commander
                                        local cable listings. This is a great way to educate the public about
  Sears shared some history of the
                                        what we do. We’ve got a busy season coming up: Echo Taps,
  Post and wife Mary re-joined Unit
                                        reflagging of graves, yard sale/fundraiser, Memorial Day, Flag Day
  18. Congratulations, Comrade!
                                        program at Melville Elementary School, 4th of July Parade in Bristol
                                        (details forthcoming). Check out the calendar on PG 6 and
 participate when you are able to do so. Our next meeting will be held on MONDAY, 10 MAY 2010 @
 7 PM at the VFW Hall, 822 Anthony Road in Portsmouth. Please attend...we miss you!
  geoedna@aol.com                       RMC George Wardwell, USNR (Ret.), Commander

                            COMBAT WOUNDED VET AND SPOUSE EDUCATE
                                 MEMBERS ABOUT SERVICE DOGS
                       On 3 APR 2010, SSG Brian Fountaine, US Army (Ret.), brought
                       his service dog Dango to Post 18’s meeting at Battleship Cove to
                       educate attendees about NEADS and the importance of service
                       dogs. NEADS – New England Assistance Dog Services – trains
                       a wide variety of service dogs to help deaf and disabled Americans. Brian and
                       Dango were paired through the Canines for Combat Veterans program which
                       trains dogs specifically for the needs of the combat wounded. Brian is a double-BK
                       (below-knee) amputee, so Dango has been trained to assist him on the rare days
                       he is in a wheelchair. Dango can help with balance, fetch dropped objects,
                       retrieve medication from a refrigerator, open doors, activate switches and buttons,
                       and perform other tasks making Brian’s life easier. Invited by Post 18 Life Member
                       Cyndie Kindell, Brian and Mary explained how much it costs to raise and train a
                       dog (food, lodging, training, veterinary care, transportation, etc.). Four or five
                       puppies must be raised for each dog that eventually graduates from the program.
Carefully screened inmates train the dogs in the Prison PUP Partnership program at correctional facilities
in New England. The Fountaines seek to raise awareness of NEADS and the Canines for Combat Veterans
program. For more info, e-mail Mary at Marybeth@kualumni.org. See related articles on PG 5.
Members and guests enjoyed our meeting, tour and luncheon aboard Battleship
MASSACHUSETTS at Battleship Cove, Fall River, MA on 3 APR 2010. Officers
from DEPT OF RI and DEPT OF RI AUXILIARY Erick and Lorraine Michaud
joined us. Erick filmed the event—including the presentation by Canines for
                              Combat Veterans—for airing on Public Access TV
                              (check local listings). Half the group of 29 opted
                              for the guided tour of the bridge and weather
                              decks while the rest took self-guided tours. Many
                              thanks to our tour guide and the kitchen crew!
                              Visit www.battleshipcove.org.

                                                            WELCOME ABOARD OUR NEW/
                                                             TRANSFERRING MEMBERS
                                                                       POST 18
                                                                   MICHAEL E. PINE
                                                                       UNIT 18
                                                                    LESLIE COUTU
                                                                   MARY M. SEARS
                                                            Do you know someone eligible for
Members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association    membership in the Legion or Auxiliary? Let
(CVMA) stopped in to wish Frank Pine a “Happy 96th”       us know so we can get them on board!
 on 9 MAR 2010. The Fire Department was on notice!!!

                                                                    2009-2010 POST 18
                                                           George Wardwell, Commander/Photographer
                                                           Vincent C. D’Andrea, Sr. Vice Commander
                                                            David B. Hayward, Jr. Vice Commander
                                                              Christine Hayward, Adjutant/Treasurer/
                                                                Walter Alves, Sergeant-at-Arms
                                                                      Ken Williams, Chaplain
                                                                     2009-2010 UNIT 18
                                                                    Edna Wardwell, President
                                                              Veronica “Roni” Perry, Vice President
                                                                  Damaris Mangold, Treasurer
                                                             Christine Hayward, Secretary/Historian
                                                                    Patricia Dennett, Chaplain
                                                         NOTE: This newsletter is printed in a larger
                                                         format for those who have vision
                                                         challenges. Please make an effort to speak
 Navy Chaplain Biadog and Post 18 member Retired         up at meetings and events for those who
 Senior Chief Tony Cercena recently returned from        are suffering hearing loss due to age or
 participating in a feeding program in a poverty-        lack of hearing conservation during their
 stricken area of the Philippines. Volunteers spent      service. Any member needing a ride to
 several weeks providing books and nourishment to        Post or Unit 18 meetings or events can call
 remote villages. Tony remarks that the children are     401.683.6148 to make arrangements.
 always well-groomed, well behaved and very grateful.    This award-winning newsletter has an
 We applaud Tony and Chaplain Biadog for their           initial distribution of 855 copies per issue
 efforts improving the lives of others.                  with countless pass-along readership and a
                                                         web presence. We welcome submission of
                                 Post 18 Commander       photos, articles and calendar items from
                                 George Wardwell         members, other Posts and Units, the
                                 presents a check for    Department and veteran-friendly
                                 $138 to RI Children &   organizations for consideration. Contact:
                                 Youth Chairman Jack     C. Hayward, Editor, 19 Hillside Ave.
                                 Demers on 22 MAR        Newport, RI 02840 or
                                 2010. The funds         ripost18legion@aol.com.
                                 were mostly from the    Proud member of the
                                 Wardwell and            National American
                                 Hayward clans in        Legion Press Association.
                                 addition to the C & Y
                                 collection cans.            FLYING INFORMATION—MAY 2010—PAGE 3
On 27 MAR 2010, members of Post & Unit 18, Post 104 and Unit 11 donned bunny ears to host our
Spring/Easter BINGO to a capacity crowd at the RI Veterans Home (more tables were brought in!).
Volunteers distributed bags filled with nutritious snacks, a toothbrush, a postcard with stamp and other
goodies. Children at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Newport County did a wonderful job decorating the ditty
bags for the vets. Our next BINGO will be our famous Halloween-themed event in October. Join us!

                                                  JUNIOR MEMBER WINS GOLD
                                       In March, Unit 18 Junior member Tiphanie Fuentes
                                       competed against students from around the state in the
                                       RI SkillsUSA (www.skillsusa.org) event at New England
                                       Tech in the field of Technical Computer Applications.
                                       Demonstrating hands-on knowledge of installation,
                                       configuration and use of various Operating Systems and skill in
                                       use of one or more integrated office suite packages, the
                                       competition also included an oral presentation and written exam.
                                       On 12 APR 2010, Tiphanie was awarded the gold medal at
                                       Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet in Cranston. She will be honored in May
                                       at the Newport School District meeting. In June, Tiphanie will
 Admiral Thad W. Allen, 23rd           represent RI at the National SkillsUSA Challenge in Kansas City,
 Commandant of the United              MO. She will be accompanied by fellow student Brittany Butler
 States Coast Guard, awards the        (who won gold for Cosmetology), Colleen Murray, the SkillsUSA
 Navy League Youth Medal to            Advisor at NACTC, and the Cosmetology Technical Assistant
 Cadet Andrea Coutoulakis, 23          Dianne Martin. The cost for students and staff to attend the
 March 2010.                           National competition is $1,500 per person. The Newport Area
                                       Career & Technical Center will host a dinner/fundraiser at Fenner
 “We had to borrow the medal           Hall in Middletown on 11 JUN 2010 (tickets will be $15 to $20). If
 from last year's recipient to seize   you are interested in attending, please contact Shannon Fuentes
 the moment,” said David               at 401.608.3045 (preferably after 5 PM) or witchiepoo1@cox.net.
 Kerwood, CW02, USNSCC,
 President, U.S. Naval Sea Cadets
 of Rhode Island, Inc.                      RICHARD E. HARTJOINS POST EVERLASTING

 Congratulations, Andrea! Visit                            Post 18 member Richard E. Hart, 84, of
 www.riseacadets.org to learn                              Portsmouth joined Post Everlasting on 22 April
 more. Their motto: “Patriots                              2010. He served in the Army Air Corps during
 Before Patriotism Was Cool!”                              WWII and later enjoyed a career in the field of
                                                           chemistry. Our thoughts are with his family.

                                                YARD SALE/FUNDRAISER
For the third straight year, in           SATURDAY, 29 MAY 2010 FROM 9 AM TO 3 PM
honor of both Arbor Day and               @ VFW HALL, 822 ANTHONY RD., PORTSMOUTH
Earth Day, American Legion Post      Yard sale (large variety of items including furniture); bake sale;
18 donated 200 tree seedlings for    Poppy Awareness table; raffles (including a certificate for a complete
local distribution. Cub Scout Pack                         car detailing and a beautifully crocheted Flag).
50 in Portsmouth, the
Narragansett Parks and                                    Something for
Recreation Department and                                 everyone! Rain
others were the recipients of this                        or shine.
year’s seedlings. After consulting                        Please join us!
with the Arbor Day Foundation,
the White Dogwood and Eastern
Red Bud varieties were selected
because they also help the honey
bee which is struggling to survive
in North America. The Garden
Club at Portsmouth High School
will participate in next year’s

                                       Our friends at the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association
                                     (CVMA) recently presented a donation of $1,000 for the Canines for
                                       Combat Veterans Program at a NEADS graduation ceremony. To
                                                learn more or donate, visit www.neads.org.

                                                                   ARTIST COMMISSIONED TO
                                                                  PAINT PORTRAIT OF “DANGO”
                                                                Searching for a way to thank Brian and
                                                                Mary for speaking to our group aboard
                                                                Battleship MASSACHUSETTS, Past
                                                                Commander Christine Hayward wanted
                                                                something more than a note to convey our
                                                                appreciation. She contacted RI artist
                                                                Paula Visnoski who embraced the
                                               challenge of painting a portrait of Brian’s service dog for a
                                               commissioned piece. Working from the photo above, she
                                               captured “Dango” alert, but at rest on his master and
                                               partner’s prosthetic foot. The watercolor has been
                                               professionally matted and framed for presentation to Brian
                                               in the near future. Paula has also given us exclusive
                                               rights to use the image for postcards, etc. to help raise
                                               funds for other combat wounded vets. “I was honored to
                                               have the chance to put a little drop of good in the bucket
                                               and give back to those who serve our country. I hope the
                                               artwork brings happiness and helps raise awareness and
                                               funds for the program.” Please visit www.pmvart.com.

                                                                      FLYING INFORMATION—MAY—PAGE 5
                          Hello ladies! The big news is our upcoming Yard Sale on
                          Saturday, 29 MAY 2010. Volunteers needed to help set up, price
                          items and man tables. Donations also needed for the Bake Sale
                          table where we hope to offer tempting, home-made treats to hungry bargain
                          hunters. See details on PG 5. Volunteers, please contact me to let me know
                          when you are available.
                          The National Veterans Creative Arts Festival needs our support.
                          Winners from local talent competitions in the arts, creative writing, dance,
                          drama and music will compete at the national level in October. This Auxiliary
                          sponsored program is therapeutic allowing veterans an expressive outlet.
                          Donations payable to National Treasurer, ALA, with “NVCAF” in the memo
   Senator Sheldon
                          line can be sent to PO Box 307, Portsmouth, RI 02871 to be forwarded to
                          Department then on to ALA National Headquarters.
 congratulates Eastern
  Division National VP    Please see the calendar below and make plans to participate. We welcome
 Barbara Golde at her     new ideas or revamped old ideas to help keep our work relative and
      Testimonial.        meaningful while making the best use of our resources (funds and volunteer
                          time and talents).
  PH: 401.619.3899              NENAROO@AOL.COM                    Edna Wardwell, President

 SUNDAY, 2 MAY 2010—NATIONAL POLICE PARADE; marchers should muster by 10 AM in the
 vicinity of the auto dealership across from Hampton Inn & Suites, 317 W. Main Rd., Middletown.
 MONDAY, 10 MAY 2010 @ 7 PM—Regular meeting of Post & Unit 18 at VFW Hall, 822 Anthony Rd.,
 Portsmouth, RI. Agenda items: 1st round of nominations for officers for 2010-2011; tour of new
 meeting venue; revising meeting day from 2nd Tuesday to 2nd Monday to accommodate schedules.
                      SATURDAY, 15 MAY 2010 (ARMED FORCES DAY) @ NOON—ECHO TAPS
                      WORLDWIDE @ RI Veterans Cemetery in Exeter. Buglers should muster
                      for practice no later than 11 AM. Can’t play a brass instrument? Flag bearers
                      also needed (bring your own 3’ x 5’ or 4’ x 6’ American Flag mounted on wooden
 or metal pole). RI point of contact is Michael Jackson (istrum4u@cox.net or 401.782.6133).
 Spectators encouraged to attend. To learn more about this worldwide event, visit www.echotaps.org.
 SATURDAY, 22 MAY 2010 @ 8 AM—Reflagging of graves at 3 Portsmouth cemeteries and other
 locations. Muster at St. Mary’s Cemetery on East Main Road, Portsmouth. When done, we will caravan
 to Trinity Cemetery then on to Portsmouth Burial Ground. Great opportunity for students and Scouts
 to earn volunteer credit. Volunteers work in teams of 2; rain or shine event.
 MONDAY, 24 MAY 2010—Operation Stand Down RI Golf Classic @ Potowomut
 Country Club. For details, visit www.osdri.com or call 401.383.4730.
 TUESDAY, 25 MAY 2010 @ 6:30 PM—Reflagging of graves at historic Ft. Adams in Newport. This
 evolution is traditionally done at sundown. Girl Scouts and other volunteers scheduled to assist.
 Hall, 822 Anthony Rd., Portsmouth, RI. All proceeds benefit the work of Post & Unit 18. See details on
 PG 5. Bargain hunters wanted; no early birds!

    For more calendar items, please visit www.americanlegionpost18ri.homestead.com.


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