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SmartBird Festo Robot


									         SmartBird Festo Robot Capable Seagull Fly Like Bird Original

Stunning view of technological innovation that exist in SmartBird which is a robot bird that can
fly with a motion almost exactly the original bird and bird model has excellent aerodynamic
qualities and extreme agility like a normal bird. With SmartBird, Festo the author has succeeded
in deciphering the flight capabilities of birds into the technology that we can use. Robot bird
brings bionic technology, inspired by the herring gull, which could start flying off the ground
independently - without additional drive mechanism.

Wings not only move up and down, but also rotates at a certain angle. This is made possible by
the active drive unit articulated torsional, which in combination with a complex control system to
reach the level of efficiency that is unprecedented in aviation operations. Festo has thus
succeeded for the first time in creating a technical adaptation of energy efficient models from
This robot has a carbon fiber material and electronic controls closely denganb only 0.4 kilograms
only. Festo has demonstrated technology that illustrates how sophisticated robot able to fly:
SmartBird aerodynamically very efficient, even turning his head like a real seagull do to make
aerobatik movement.

But if you think about the larger implications of this robot, the chances are quite stunning:
Imagine a robot spy plane based on this technology, packed with GPS systems are ultra-
lightweight, powerful battery and high-precision camera and microphone. The type of data that
can be collected secret surveillance robot bird will certainly impressive - and more stylish than
any device other spy drones out there. SmartBird robot uses Zigbee radio communications that
convey information to a computer that mentrak flights.

You can visit this site at Festo robot maker:

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