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					                      FIVE POINTS CHILD EDUCATION IN ISLAM

       Is learnings today? Have you prepared yourself for the future of your children? if you're
already providing to the back seat of your child? In this land of truth. In the Eternal State? let's
carve out the future of our children. let's prepare ourselves for that.

       The first thing, did 'ee that the ideals of success is long with the end point in the City of
Eternal? Has not been successful or if your son holds the highest position, or the accumulation of
wealth ever. in fact it's all not as important as the value of devotion. Maybe it was all just a way
to True Success. Or even, perhaps, even become a barrier that all the True Success.

       Second, after the peg to the ideals of your children, then try to start to understand your
children. Children who are on our mandate, also grew up with the stages.

       The third thing is to choose the method of education. At least two people in the book of
Islamic thinkers, namely Muhammad Qutb (Manhaj Tarbiyah Islamiyah) and Abdullah Nasih
'Ulwan (Tarbiyatul Aulad fil Islam), there are five methods in Islamic Education.

       After the talk method, the fourth is the Content of Education itself. Whatever things that
we need to give them, as a mandate from Allah SWT. At least there are 7 fields. Seventh Field
Tarbiyah Islamiyah are: (1) Education of Faith (2) Education Akhlaq (3) Education Fikroh /
Thoughts (4) Physical Education (5) Social Education (6) Educational Psycho / Personality (7)
sex education (sexual education) . We should all learn and teach to them.

        The fifth, about a personal picture as if what we hope will appear on our children's self
after the above things we do? Hopefully, like the one in point is the target of Islamic education.

        Do not leave even one-fifth of these methods, although the most important is exemplary
(as the most effective method).