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         Talking about the education we all already know that how important it is. Education,
ability, knowledge is one of the capital that we have to live in difficult this times. why called
that? We would have been able to answer, what's the first thing seen when we want to make a
job application letter? What we need when it wants to start a business or a business? Of course,
education, ability, insight and Knowledge that we needed. in education benches were so many
things we get.

        Knowledge, skills, education is a basic element that determines the dexterity of a person
thinks about himself and his environment. Someone who can turn himself into a better expected
to change families, will change the area and then change the country and change the world in
which he lived.

         Like poetry, a sister who is expecting the creation of peace on earth. Someone has the
existence of the importance of himself and his God-given life for her and very unfortunate if that
is fruitful in kesiasiaan.''LONG LIFE EDUCATION ", that's the word we hear frequently of

        Education can be obtained in many ways even more so the more support the development
of electronic devices today. We easily obtain information about the times better than the western
hemisphere, especially from neighboring countries.

       We as citizens of Indonesia are not demanding like that in our country because the
condition is still much needed revamping education in various fields of education. Today we are
challenged to learn and study precisely because the more we know the more we do not know.
Developments on a daily basis but have not measured with seconds left.

       From time to seconds seconds later has produced a variety of creative ability of
discoveries in various fields. Given that, then let's take advantage of opportunities available, not
a chance that we utilize. Because right now in practice it has been stated that humans are the
subjects and the quality is the key, not about quantity anymore.

        Actually, the only higher education was no guarantee for success takes skill that we're
actually high here. in demand for creative not only achieve higher education. Perhaps now more
in education combine numbers, but what if only with a higher education without any creativity.
therefore, we must think wisely respond to the quality of education in Indonesia.

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