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									                          Google Stop Support for Older Browsers

CALIFORNIA - Google continued to show its commitment to only support any modern
browser. The company said that later on they will only support the new browser.

Later in each new version of the browser is launched, Google will start supporting the latest
updates and stop supporting the old version. Similarly, as quoted from TechSpot, Friday

On 1 August, Google would stop supporting the browser Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5 and
Safari 3. In these older browsers in the future users may get into trouble (not even function) in
the access features in Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk and Google Docs.

In addition, Google also gives recommendations to users to upgrade the latest version of their
favorite browser. Google will give a list to choose from four browser, Chrome, Firefox, Internet
Explorer and Safari.

"To maximize the use of the latest web application, also required new capabilities that exist in
modern browsers," Google spokesman said in a statement.

"As the world increasingly moves toward the web, these new browsers is a separate
requirement," added the Google.

In January 2009 Google began to insist on IE6 Gmail users to quickly switch to Firefox and
Chrome. Then in July 2009, YouTube began to warn users of IE6 in their service.

Google's decision taken this week even more stringent, they also do not allow older versions of
Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

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