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   1. Computer Application In the World Flight

       Many people asked about the application of computers in the world of aviation, ranging

from whether a computer is important in aviation, how big role, its use in any part, and so forth.

In entering the information age in this age of globalization today, information and

communication technology advances so rapidly now has given such a broad impact.

       These technological advances also be utilized by the company - the company, one of

which airlines to improve their service to our passengers by providing information more quickly

so as to facilitate service to passengers and to reduce the time to respond to customer service.

Utilization of technology is also capable of reducing the number of human resources because a

lot of work routines can be replaced by applications in computer systems.

   Therefore it becomes a challenge for airline management in a highly competitive competition

among carriers so that airlines are required to always perform the steps cost savings for airlines.
    2. Benefits Computer In The World Flight

           Computers are now mostly used in the field trip that is used to schedule flight arrival and

departure schedules. By using a computer flight schedules are now more organized and not

complicated as well as regulated by humans.

           In addition, computers are now also widely used as an online ticket booking system, so

consumers no longer have to bother coming to the airline ticket agent but only through the

internet and after that just by showing proof of booking only Business Airline Tickets (BTP) is a

real online business courses or have a product as a commodity business.

  BTP is basically a network marketing passenger plane tickets online through internet media.

3. Computer Role In The World Flight

Lots of computer role in world aviation. One of them is:

a) System of military aircraft,

b) Civil

c) The needs of research

d) etc..

All using the computer. Maybe if the percentage is 80% for the computer plays an essential role

in the world of aviation.
   4. Use of Computers In The World Flight

       Use of Computers in the world of aviation are usually used in airport, cockpit, cabin,

   airline, etc..

       In each of the first airport we know there's ticketing office for tickets, that's already

   connected the same CRS (Computer Reservations Systems) for booking his ticket to a

   database of PNR (Passenger Name Record) an airline.

       Then at check-in counters were also using computers, known as DCS (Departure Control

   Systems) to check the tickets, then be exchanged for boarding passes.

       Furthermore, with the 2D bar code technology for boarding pass, the computer also

   serves to regulate passenger traffic at the airport, with a matching barcode boarding pass with

   flight data.

        On the technical side, ground crew airline abroad such as JetBlue have a PDA to check

   the status of their flights being handled.

   Cockpit of modern aircraft is certainly no computer, next to the power lever (throttle

levelers) that there is a calculator similar board called the FMC or FMGS, Flight Management

Computer a device that functions as the name suggests.

   Autopilot systems are also regulated by a computer that can also be a module of the FMC

itself. Then, flight data display (on screen cockpit) were also processed by a computer that

continuously corrected the error.
   Then there's the anti-collision systems in the air or TCAS, which also uses a computer to

calculate the likelihood of collisions and then sounds an alarm if it is dangerous, etc..

In fact, any aircraft cabin air composition, temperature, and moisture is now set computer.

   For corporations (airline company) for example:

   Navitaire -> Used Adam, Air Asia, Air Canada, Batavia, Lion, Mandala, Qantas, United,

etc.. This is a complete solution, ranging from reservations, IBE (Internet Booking Engine), GDS

connectivity, revenue management (simple), until payment engine.

   Lufhtansa Systems -> Used as Garuda Indonesia (LH Systems company in Indonesia, 51%

had a GIA), Qatar, LOT, Air Canada, Lufthansa itself, Etihad, Finnair, JAL. It's more complete,

ranging from modular software like NetLine governing flight, schedule, crew, until networking.

   Then there is also a ngatur ProfitLine revenue management company, continues until

FrequentLine that govern the projection of customer loyalty such as the Frequent Flyer program.
   5. Computer Workers (IT Expert) For the application of the Aviation World

   In every airline, usually the IT department had been obliged to exist. And who maintain,

many in the Garuda office, precisely in the crew station, in front of the hangar GMF. Things like

this are important because today's airlines must be fast, accurate, and responsive in the face of

the market. If you use manual can all be troublesome.

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