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					An Employer of Choice

This Year in Academic Personnel

T    he Office of Academic Personnel is dedicated to
     ensuring that the UCLA School of Dentistry is an
ideal environment for faculty members' professional
growth and development.
     On a day-to-day basis, our office assists faculty by
providing dossier consultation as well as training for the
division and section administrators to ensure correctly
submitted dossiers. We make every effort to handle all
                                                                                  Dr. Mo K
academic actions in the most efficient and effective                  Jack A. W             wan Kang
                                                                                 eichman C             ,
manner possible in response to administrative deadlines.                                     hair in En
     In addition, the Academic Personnel
Office provides educational sessions for
                                                     The UCLA School
the school’s academic review committees
and conducts the in-house orientation for       of Dentistry is an
new faculty. Our annual faculty retreat          ideal environment for               We are proud to report that
affords us the opportunity to formulate          professional growth and        despite the UC system’s overall
an action plan for the next year.                                               budget challenges, we have not only
     The ongoing support of alumni and                                          been able to maintain our number of
other donors enabled the dental school                                          FTE faculty but also recruit new
to add three new endowed chairs during fiscal year faculty members whom we look forward to welcoming
2008-09 to bring our total number to seven (see table in the coming academic year.
below). These are powerful tools for recruitment and
retention that enable us to assemble a top-flight group              Lawrence Wolinsky, PhD, DMD
of faculty. Our office made three chair appointments                 Associate Dean of Academic Programs and Personnel
during the year (see table page 38).

           Endowed Chairs at the UCLA School of Dentistry
            Endowed Chair Name                                           Chair Holder       Created
            Thomas K. Barber Endowed Term Chair in Pediatric Dentistry   Vacant             February 2009
            Dr. No-Hee Park Endowed Chair in Dentistry                   Cun-Yu Wang        December 2008
            Felix and Mildred Yip Endowed Professorship in Dentistry     David Wong         August 2008
            Nobel Biocare Endowed Chair in Surgical Implant Dentistry    Vacant             November 2006
            Dr. Thomas R. Bales Endowed Chair in Orthodontics            Kang Ting          June 2004
            Jack A. Weichman Chair in Endodontics                        Mo Kwan Kang       August 2003
            Tarrson Family Endowed Chair in Periodontics                 E. Barrie Kenney   November 2000

Academic Personnel Actions 2008-09
New Appointments
Name                     Title                                   Academic Section                 Effective Date
Tumouh Al Allaq          Lecturer                                Oral Biology                     07/01/08
Yazdan Alami             Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              04/07/09
Charles Alexander        Adjunct Associate Professor             Public Health                    10/01/08
Crystal Angelopoulos     Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              06/01/09
Jonathan Armstrong       Assistant Researcher                    Oral Radiology                   01/21/09
David Arnold             Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              03/03/09
James Baker              Lecturer                                Restorative Dentistry            02/18/09
Bradley Baum             Lecturer                                Orthodontics                     01/01/09
David Scott Berrios      Lecturer                                Endodontics                      09/01/08
Natasha Brambila-Braga   Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              06/01/09
Joseph Chang             Academic Administrator/Group Director   Restorative Dentistry            11/17/08
Tina Chang               Lecturer                                Oral Surgery                     08/01/08
James Chen               Lecturer                                Endodontics                      01/07/09
Linda Chen               Assistant Clinical Professor            Restorative Dentistry            12/01/08
Catherine Chien          Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              07/09/08
Otis Chong               Lecturer                                Endodontics                      10/24/08
Anna Lynn De Guzman      Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              03/26/09
Stephen Dickins          Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              06/01/09
Steven Flesch            Lecturer                                Oral Surgery                     11/18/08
Rostam Forooghi          Lecturer                                Endodontics                      10/01/08
Donald Goodman           Lecturer                                Oral Medicine & Orofacial Pain   07/01/08
Angela Hsiao             Lecturer                                Endodontics                      08/25/08
Shen Hu                  Assistant Professor                     Oral Biology                     10/01/08
Wei Hu                   Visiting Assistant Researcher           Oral Biology                     11/01/08
Robert Jacob             Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              06/01/09
Michele Jehenson         Lecturer                                Oral Medicine & Orofacial Pain   10/06/08
Hyun Jung                Lecturer                                Restorative Dentistry            01/22/09
Barbara Kabes            Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              06/01/09
Shiva Kashanian          Lecturer                                Restorative Dentistry            10/01/08
Michelle Kelman          Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              01/12/09
Kaitlyn Jinsun Kim       Lecturer                                Restorative Dentistry            10/14/08
Jung Lim                 Assistant Clinical Professor            Endodontics                      04/01/09
Joanna Lipari            Lecturer                                Oral Medicine & Orofacial Pain   07/28/08
Sandra McLaren           Lecturer                                Restorative Dentistry            02/11/09
Alexei Mizin             Lecturer                                Oral Surgery                     10/13/08
Aaron Molen              Lecturer                                Orthodontics                     07/01/08
Michael Nguyen           Lecturer                                Endodontics                      01/15/09
Daniel Nobel             Lecturer                                Pediatric Dentistry              11/05/08
Elana Norman             Lecturer                                Orthodontics                     04/01/09
Michael Okuji            Academic Administrator/Group Director   Restorative Dentistry            09/01/08
Semiha Ozkan             Visiting Assistant Researcher           Oral Biology                     11/06/08

New Appointments continued
Name                    Title                                    Academic Section           Effective Date
Jason Pair              Lecturer                                 Orthodontics               01/09/09
Bae Park                Visiting Assistant Researcher            Oral Biology               02/09/09
Holly Park-Nah          Lecturer                                 Endodontics                04/30/09
Ryan Pendleton          Lecturer                                 Pediatric Dentistry        08/26/08
Khoi Phan               Lecturer                                 Removable Prosthodontics   07/01/08
Mike Pirbazari          Lecturer                                 Endodontics                02/23/09
Anjali Rajani           Lecturer                                 Pediatric Dentistry        06/01/09
Andrew Rastegar         Lecturer                                 Restorative Dentistry      10/01/08
William Rawlings        Lecturer                                 Pediatric Dentistry        06/01/09
Oscar Rivera            Lecturer                                 Pediatric Dentistry        06/01/09
Donald Salem            Lecturer                                 Orthodontics               07/01/08
Todd Schoenbaum         Assistant Clinical Professor             Restorative Dentistry      04/01/09
Bahram Shahangian       Lecturer                                 Restorative Dentistry      03/30/09
Michael Shin            Lecturer                                 Removable Prosthodontics   08/01/08
Justin Shuffer          Lecturer                                 Pediatric Dentistry        08/01/08
Demetra Sifakis         Lecturer                                 Hospital Dentistry         07/22/08
Maria Elena Tapia       Lecturer                                 Restorative Dentistry      08/01/08
Amy Tran                Lecturer                                 Restorative Dentistry      10/01/08
Patrick Tsai            Lecturer                                 Restorative Dentistry      08/01/08
Gregory Urfrig          Lecturer                                 Oral Surgery               10/08/08
Thuha Vinh              Lecturer                                 Hospital Dentistry         10/01/08
Robert Virata           Lecturer                                 Pediatric Dentistry        11/05/08
An Vuong                Lecturer                                 Oral Surgery               11/10/08
Yair Whiteman           Lecturer                                 Restorative Dentistry      05/21/09
Patricia Wilkes         Lecturer                                 Restorative Dentistry      01/12/09
Jason Wong              Lecturer                                 Endodontics                01/22/09
Jung Yoon               Lecturer                                 Pediatric Dentistry        10/28/08
Bertina Yuen            Lecturer                                 Periodontics               09/01/08
Yigal Zibari            Lecturer                                 Endodontics                07/01/08

Name                    Title                                    Academic Section           Effective Date
Thomas Lee              Associate Clinical Professor             Restorative Dentistry      07/01/08

Expanded Roles
Name                    Title                                    Academic Section           Effective Date
Edmond Hewlett          Director of Knowledge Management         Restorative Dentistry      07/01/08
Sotirios Tetradis       Chair of the Section of Oral Radiology   Oral Radiology             07/01/08

Exceptional Merits
Name                           Title                                         Academic Section               Effective Date
Marvin Marcus                  Distinguished Professor                       Public Health                  07/01/08
Henry Takei                    Distinguished Clinical Professor              Periodontics                   07/01/08

New Endowed Chair Appointments
Name                           Title                                         Academic Section               Effective Date
Mo Kwan Kang                   Jack A. Weichman Chair in Endodontics         Endodontics                    07/01/08
Cun-Yu Wang                    No-Hee Park Endowed Chair in Dentistry        Oral Biology                   01/01/09
David Wong                     Felix and Mildred Yip Endowed                 Oral Biology                   01/01/09
                               Professorship in Dentistry

Recognizing Group Practice Directors 2008-09                        In Memoriam
     Group practice directors play an instrumental role                  Donald D.Weissman, DDS, a member of the dental
in the operation of the predoctoral clinic. Each director,          school faculty from 1967 until his retirement in 1980,
a licensed dentist, supervises a team of DDS students               passed away in Sherman Oaks, California on February
to approximate as closely as possible the patient care              18, 2009.
delivery experience in private practice. During academic                 During his long career, Weissman published
year 2008-09, predoctoral students provided care under              numerous professional articles on dental radiology and
the leadership of:                                                  served as president and fellow of the American Academy
                                                                    of Dental Radiology, founding president and Diplomate
Gary Herman,Supervisor                                              of the American Board of Maxillofacial Radiology, fellow
Sidney Brownstein                                                   of the American College of Dentists, and a member of
Joe Chang                                                           the scientific research society Sigma Chi.
Shadi Kamyab                                                             He is survived by his sons Dr. Albert M. Weissman
Steve Lee                                                           of Rancho Mirage, California and Bruce J. Weissman; his
Michael Okuji                                                       daughter Carol Day and son-in-law Carl of Malibou Lake;
Michelle Rappeport                                                  and five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
                                                                    He was preceded in death by his wife of 72 years, Ruth
                                                                    Sarah Weissman, on December 31, 2008.
                                                                         Services and interment were conducted at Mt. Sinai
                                                                    Cemetery in Los Angeles. The family suggests that
                                                                    donations be made to your favorite charity.

This Year in Staff Personnel

T    he UCLA School of Dentistry’s
     Staff Human Resources
strives to foster a professional
environment based upon mutual
respect and collegiality in which
employees can grow their careers.
     In light of our strategic plan goal                                                      Outstandin
                                                                                                           g Staff Me
to make our school “an amazing place                                                              Chin and S           mber Brad
                                                                                                               upervisor o         ley
to work,” this past year we were                                                                      Year Roch              f the
                                                                                                                  elle Bache
more aggressive in encouraging all
employees to pursue campus training
and development opportunities, and in
encouraging supervisors to participate
in campus stewardship roundtable
events hosted by Corporate Financial                          Rosa He           LA
                                                                      d the UC gram
Services. Staff signed up for more than                     complete            Pro
60 training sessions ranging in their time               Supervisor C
commitment from between three to 40
hours per session. Additionally, we saw an
increase in the number of individuals who
applied for campus programs such as the Staff
Enrichment Program, the Professional
Development Program and the
Business Officer Institute.                         The UCLA School
     In-house, we enhanced our                  of Dentistry fosters a
focus on environmental health and                                                              Bella
                                                professional environment                 Faculty Heidari retir
                                                                                                  Group            e
safety issues in the laboratories. We
                                                based upon mutual                                         Dental d from the
also conducted in-service trainings                                                                               Practic
                                                                                                                          e in 20
                                                respect and collegiality.                                                         09
regarding the academic personnel
process and dossier preparation, as
well as workers compensation/injury prevention.
     In response to the recent financial crisis and its impact in various UCLA-sponsored sessions for personal
on the UC system, we sought to keep open the lines of enrichment including the Work-Life Balance Series, a
communication between school administration and staff. smoking cessation program, Weight Watchers, an on-
When budget cuts were looming in the fall, Dean Park site exercise program and retirement planning seminars.
held a town hall meeting to discuss the school’s financial The school also sponsored various holiday events to
health, seeking to assuage fears. And when Chancellor promote a friendlier environment such as the door
Block hosted a town hall meeting at Pauley Pavilion in decorating contests. We look forward to future events
the spring, we broadcast the meeting in our lecture hall such as these to foster a greater sense of community
for those employees who were unable to attend.                    and to demonstrate the value that UCLA and the dental
     We were very limited in our ability to forward school have to offer employees.
compensation actions this year in light of UCLA’s budget
shortfall. Alternately, we sought more staff accountability                   Michelle Popowitz, JD, MPH
within teams with the goal of improving overall morale.                       Assistant Dean of Administration & External Affairs
We also encouraged our staff members to participate

Staff Personnel Actions 2008-2009
New Hires
Name                  Title                                            Unit                                           Effective Date
Mindy Abel            General Clinic Cashier                           Cashier & Chartroom – General Clinic           09/02/08
Rachel Alex           Administrative Assistant                         Faculty Group Dental Practice                  12/15/08
Gladys Alvarado       Clinic Receptionist                              Venice Dental Center                           10/23/08
Teresa Avila          Registered Dental Assistant                      Orthodontics Clinic                            11/17/08
Karla Cea             Registered Dental Assistant                      Periodontics Faculty Practice                  08/25/08
Adrian Conanan        Dental Assistant                                 Oral Radiology Clinic                          02/02/09
Derrick Dickens       Clinic Assistant                                 Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinic          02/19/09
Deborah Herrera       Financial Analyst & Acad. Program Coord.         Venice Dental Center                           12/15/08
Susan Lee             Section Administrator                            Endodontics                                    08/11/08
Lidia Leyva           New Patient Services Coordinator                 New Patient Services – General Clinic          03/16/09
Julie Malmquist       Pediatric Dentistry Administrator                Pediatric Dentistry                            08/19/08
Diana Molina          Registered Dental Assistant                      Venice Dental Center                           07/08/08
Jennifer Morales      Clinic Scheduler                                 Venice Dental Center                           11/03/08
Mario Orozco          Senior Project Coordinator                       Clinical Trial – Pediatric Dentistry           04/06/09
Cindy Samayoa         Clinic Assistant                                 Pediatric Dentistry                            05/06/09
Aja Stanley           Clinic Assistant and Custodian of Records        Cashier & Chartroom – General Clinic           05/06/09
Korine Suess          Dental Hygienist                                 Faculty Group Dental Practice                  07/14/08
Debra Tom-Salgado     Research Assistant                               Clinical Trial – Pediatric Dentistry           10/20/08
Joanna Vasquez        Dental Assistant                                 Venice Dental Center                           09/22/08
Jacquilla Wallace     Registered Dental Assistant                      Venice Dental Center                           08/20/08
Susana Zamora         Registered Dental Assistant                      Orthodontics Clinic                            01/26/09

New and Expanded Roles
Name                  Title                                            Unit                                           Effective Date
Marisol Camacho       Registered Dental Assistant                      Venice Dental Center                           09/01/08
Josyel Castellon      Chief Assistant                                  Dental Research Institute                      06/11/09
Anet Haratunian       Supervisor of Patient Records & Cashiering Cashier & Chartroom – General Clinic                 02/13/09
Elizabeth Perez       Patient Biller                                   Billing Office – General Clinic                09/08/08
Laura Pescatore       Assistant Director of Development                Development                                    01/01/09
Elizabeth Wilcox      Registered Dental Assistant                      Center for Esthetic Dentistry                  10/01/08

Farewell to a Retiring Staff Member
     For more than sixteen years, Bella Heidari (pictured on               She was viewed as a leader in the practice; those she trained
previous page) was an important member of the Faculty Group                and passed her knowledge onto received a valuable gift.
Dental Practice (FGDP) team. Her years of experience, energy,                    Although Bella has retired, her smile and “we can do it”
and incredible work ethic helped the practice meet its goal of             attitude is carried on by us — her co-workers and friends. We
providing excellent dental care to the UCLA community and                  wish her a happy retirement.
private sector.
     The FGDP doctors and staff looked forward to working                           Rochelle Bache
with Bella each day. Her nurturing and caring ways helped                           Manager, Faculty Group Dental Practice
patients to feel at ease, and they were always thrilled to see her.

Recognizing Part-Time and Volunteer Faculty
The UCLA School of Dentistry owes a debt of gratitude to the individuals
who generously shared their time and expertise in the service of educating dental
students and residents during academic year 2008-09. The school could not
successfully operate its teaching and patient care programs without the involvement
of part-time and volunteer faculty. Thank you.

Advanced Prosthodontics,                   Kari Lyn Sakurai, Lecturer
Biomaterials & Hospital Dentistry          Bradley Seto, Lecturer
                                           Demetra Sifakis, Lecturer
Biomaterials                               Thuha Vinh, Lecturer                                           Dr. Jason P
                                           Diana Zschaschel, Lecturer
Tom Kalili, Lecturer                                                                                      Orthodonti
Brian Williams, Lecturer
Benjamin Wu, Assoc. Professor              Removable Prosthodontics
Robert Wylie, Lecturer                     Stephen Ancowitz, Lecturer
                                           Melody Balobalo, Lecturer
                                           Edward L. Baxley, Lecturer                 James Chen, Lecturer
Hospital Dentistry                                                                    Otis Chong, Lecturer
                                           Frank Brajevic, Lecturer
Ramsey Amin, Lecturer                                                                 Hirbod Etessami-Azam, Lecturer
                                           Aria Davodi, Adj. Assoc. Professor
William Chen, Lecturer                                                                Farshid Fahid, Lecturer
                                           Randy Diener, Lecturer
Terrie DeBord, Lecturer                                                               Stephen Ferraro, Lecturer
                                           Robert Duell, Lecturer
Morton Futterman, Lecturer                                                            Rostam Forooghi, Lecturer
                                           Robert Faulkner, Lecturer
Tracy Golden, Lecturer                                                                Alexander Hakim, Lecturer
                                           Michael Hamada, Asst. Researcher
Veronica Greene, Adj. Asst. Professor                                                 David Han, Lecturer
                                           Ronald Koslowski, Lecturer
Ken Harada, Lecturer                                                                  Angela Hsiao, Lecturer
                                           Jane Kwon, Lecturer
Brian Huang, Lecturer                                                                 Grace Hsiao, Lecturer
                                           Joseph Lim, Lecturer
Katsumi Kawakami, Adj. Asst. Professor                                                Heidi Kamrath, Lecturer
                                           Michael Lum, Lecturer
Madeline Kurrasch, Lecturer                                                           Kourosh Keikhanzadeh, Lecturer
                                           Sheldon Maiman, Lecturer
Irving Lebovics, Lecturer                                                             Bernice Ko, Lecturer
                                           Edward McLaren, Adj. Assoc. Professor
Brian LeSage, Lecturer                                                                Jung Lim, Asst. Clinical Professor
                                           Hal Millstone, Lecturer
Kathy Nuckles, Lecturer                                                               Clark Martin, Lecturer
                                           William Pagan, Lecturer
Amanda Okundaye, Lecturer                                                             Michael Nguyen, Lecturer
                                           Shahriar Parvizpour, Lecturer
                                           George Perri, Lecturer                     Holly Park-Nah, Lecturer
                                           Khoi Phan, Lecturer                        Mike Pirbazari, Lecturer
                                           Maria Rodriguez, Lecturer                  Anthony Potente, Lecturer
                                           Donald Salk, Lecturer                      Fred Tsutsui, Lecturer
                                           Michael Shin, Lecturer                     Jason Wong, Lecturer
                                           Pooneh Soltani, Lecturer                   Fanny Yacaman-Vidjak, Lecturer
                                           Seung Son, Lecturer                        Yigal Zibari, Lecturer
                                           B. Chia Soo, Lecturer
                                           Devin Stewart, Lecturer                    Orthodontics
                                           Ryan Wallace, Lecturer                     Marc Ausubel, Lecturer
                                           Eric Yamaura, Lecturer                     Thomas Bales, Lecturer
                                                                                      Bradley Baum, Lecturer
                                           Associated Clinical Specialties            Robert Bergman, Lecturer
                                                                                      LuAnne Chang, Lecturer
                                           Endodontics                                Harry Dougherty, Lecturer
                                           David Berrios, Lecturer                    Donna Eteson, Lecturer
                                           Giselle Betser, Lecturer                   Vacharee Fell, Lecturer
                                           Stephen Buchanan, Lecturer                 Richard Grossman, Lecturer
                        kis                                                           Barney Hom, Lecturer
       Dr. Demetra Sifa                    John Buoncristiani, Lecturer
                                                                                      Kathleen Hwang, Lecturer
        Hospital Den tistry                Gary Carr, Lecturer
                                           Irene Chang, Lecturer                      Peter Jeon, Lecturer

John Jones, Lecturer              Catherine Chien, Lecturer
Robert Kuhn, Lecturer             Eunha Cho, Lecturer
James Lim, Lecturer               John Davis, Lecturer
Eric Loberg, Lecturer             Anna Lynn De Guzman, Lecturer
Raymond Lubberts, Lecturer        Gordon Dixon, Lecturer
Luis Martinez, Lecturer           Howard Dixon, Lecturer
Martin Martz, Lecturer            Margorie Domingo, Lecturer
Elizabeth McNabb, Lecturer        Lily Ghafouri, Lecturer
                                                                                       Dr. Bertina Yuen
Aaron Molen, Lecturer             Setareh Ghafouri, Lecturer
Hong Moon, Adj. Asst. Professor   Kenneth Greenstadt, Lecturer                            Periodontics
James Mulick, Lecturer            Emmanuel Gross, Lecturer
Neal Murphy, Lecturer             Todd Hillyard, Lecturer
Douglas Nguyen, Lecturer          Scott Jacks, Lecturer
Atoosa Nikaeen, Lecturer          Michelle Kelman, Lecturer             Mario Caballero, Lecturer
Elana Norman, Lecturer            Hugh Kopel, Lecturer                  Paul Campbell, Lecturer
Jason Pair, Lecturer              Leslie Latner, Lecturer               Leshin Chen, Lecturer
Leon Rossman, Lecturer            Michael McCartney, Lecturer           Sam Chui, Lecturer
Donald Salem, Lecturer            Daniel Nobel, Lecturer                Carmen Dones, Lecturer
Michael Sales, Lecturer           Dorothy Osman, Lecturer               Natalie Ferrigno, Lecturer
Allan Sheridan, Lecturer          Jac Pedersen, Lecturer                Sam Gilani, Lecturer
Julian Singer, Lecturer           Ryan Pendleton, Lecturer              Gary Green, Lecturer
Gregory Sue, Lecturer             Ana Planells, Lecturer                Martyn Green, Lecturer
Ronald Wolf, Lecturer             Corina Ramirez, Lecturer              Marc Gross, Lecturer
Shaul Yehezkel, Lecturer          Hila Robbins, Adj. Asst. Professor    Kimberly Grueneisen, Lecturer
                                  Robert Ruby, Lecturer                 Thomas Han, Adj. Professor
Pediatric Dentistry               Elena Rumack, Lecturer                Eva Hogan, Lecturer
Yazdan Alami, Lecturer            Conrad Sack, Lecturer                 Duke Huang, Lecturer
David Arnold, Lecturer            Shahrzad Sami Dowlatshahi, Lecturer   Robert Jones, Lecturer
Marc Auerbach, Lecturer           Mary Shannon, Lecturer                Lisa Kamibayashi, Lecturer
Nazanine Barcohana, Lecturer      Justin Shuffer, Lecturer              Gary Kitazawa, Lecturer
                                  Robert Virata, Lecturer               Donna Klauser, Lecturer
                                  James Yee, Lecturer                   Donna Lee Lawrence, Lecturer
                                  Audrey Yoon, Lecturer                 Claudia Lemus Duarte, Lecturer
                                                                        Stephen Levine, Lecturer
                                  Pediatric Dentistry - San Diego       Mark Lieberman, Lecturer
                                  Crystal Angelopoulos, Lecturer        Satenik McDaniel, Lecturer
                                  Natasha Brambila-Braga, Lecturer      Philip Melnick, Lecturer
                                  Shay Brannan, Lecturer                Joan Otomo-Corgel, Adj. Asst. Professor
                                  Stephen Dickins, Lecturer             Ricardo Raschkovsky, Lecturer
                                  Robert Jacob, Lecturer                Afshin Salamati, Lecturer
                                  Barbara Kabes, Lecturer               Frank Satinover, Lecturer
                                  Anjali Rajani, Lecturer               Thomas Sims, Lecturer
                                  William Rawlings, Lecturer            Jay Sison, Lecturer
                                  Oscar Rivera, Lecturer                Peiman Soleymani, Lecturer
                                                                        Deborah Termeie, Lecturer
                                  Periodontics                          Hongnga Vo, Lecturer
                                  Aracely Aguiar, Lecturer              Michael Whang, Lecturer
                                  Sarvenaz Angha, Lecturer              Todd Yamada, Lecturer
                                  Tricia Bato, Lecturer                 Bertina Yuen, Lecturer
                                  Jaime Bulkacz, Lecturer

        Dr. Yazdan Alami
        Pediatric Dentistry

Diagnostic & Surgical Sciences         Steven Flesch, Lecturer
                                       Arthur Friedlander,
Anesthesiology                            Professor in Residence
Andreia Minasian, Lecturer             Gabriel Gabbaypour, Lecturer
                                       Douglas Galen, Lecturer
Leonard Naftalin, Lecturer
                                       Gerald Gelfand, Lecturer
                                       Nora Kahenasa, Lecturer
Oral Pathology                         Lindon Kawahara, Lecturer
Hope Wettan, Lecturer                  Steven Kupferman, Lecturer
                                       Ahn Le, Adj. Asst. Professor
Oral Radiology                         Richard Leathers, Adj. Asst. Professor
Jonathan Armstrong, Asst. Researcher   Azizollah Maghen, Lecturer
Gilbert Kwong, Lecturer                Joseph McQuirter, Adj. Asst. Professor
Clara Magyar, Asst. Researcher         Steven Meltzner, Lecturer
Emily Mangohig-Wenzel, Lecturer        Alexei Mizin, Lecturer
Martha Pollak, Lecturer                Thomas Omoto, Lecturer
Elham Radan, Lecturer                  Howard Park, Lecturer
Elbert Tom, Lecturer                   Keith Radack, Lecturer
Raphael Yeung, Lecturer                Sanford Ratner, Lecturer                          Dr. Joanna L
                                                                                   Oral Medicin       ipari
                                       Robert Relle, Lecturer                                   e & Orofacial
                                       Frederick Rutherford, Adj. Asst Professor                                 Pain
                                       David Salehani, Lecturer
                                       Bruce Sanders, Adj. Professor
                                       Jerold Schneider, Lecturer                  Steven Graff-Radford, Adj. Professor
                                       Harry Schwartz, Adj. Professor              Bernadette Jaeger, Adj. Assoc. Prof.
                                       Ramin Shabtaie, Lecturer                    Michele Jehenson, Lecturer
                                       Donald Sze, Lecturer                        Hyung T. Kim, Lecturer
                                       Gregory Urfrig, Lecturer                    Steven Kleinman, Lecturer
                                       An Vuong, Lecturer                          Ivan Lapidus, Lecturer
                                       Benjamin Walline, Lecturer                  Joanna Lipari, Lecturer
                                       Monty Wilson, Lecturer                      Changriu Liu, Academic Admin.
                                       Ronald Yueh, Lecturer                       Ali Makki, Lecturer
                                                                                   Alan Newman, Lecturer
                                       Oral Biology & Medicine                     Donald Primack, Lecturer
                                                                                   Reza Radmand, Lecturer
                                       Oral Biology                                John Reeves, Adj. Professor
                                       Jian He, Asst. Researcher                   Jeffrey Rosenberg, Lecturer
                                       Jing Liang, Assoc. Researcher               Michael Simmons, Lecturer
                                       Gregory Prince, Adj. Professor              Lan Su, Lecturer
                                       Bernard Sarnat, Adj. Professor              Tracey Tajima, Lecturer
    Dr. Raphael Yeung                  Jay Sison, Lecturer                         Abraham Urbach, Lecturer
                                                                                   Maurice Vahedifar, Lecturer
     Oral Radiology                    Ting-Ting Wu, Adj. Asst. Professor
                                                                                   Douglas Wall, Lecturer
                                                                                   Chonghao Zhao, Lecturer
                                       Oral Medicine & Orofacial Pain
                                       Nancy Adachi, Lecturer
                                       Charles Aragon, Lecturer
Oral Surgery                           Dennis Bailey, Lecturer
Oscar Alonzo, Lecturer                 Dan Botoaca, Lecturer
William Arnett, Lecturer               Joseph Cohen, Adj. Asst. Professor
Gabriel Aslanian, Lecturer             Jacob Fleischmann, Clinical Professor
Steven Barney, Lecturer                Ed Fort, Lecturer
Ralph Buoncristiani, Lecturer          Donald Goodman, Lecturer
Tina Chang, Lecturer

Public Health &                            Joseph Dautremont, Lecturer
Community Dentistry                        Isabel David-Lynch, Lecturer
                                           Emmanuel Delegrammaticas, Lecturer
Charles Alexander, Adj. Assoc. Professor   Victor Diamond, Lecturer
Jorge Alvarez-Gomez, Lecturer              Sacha Dybnis, Lecturer
Alexis Gutierrez, Lecturer                 Naomi Ellison, Lecturer
Barry Josselson, Lecturer                  Jacob Esagoff, Lecturer
Kenneth Mazey, Asst. Researcher            Dave Famili, Lecturer
Bruce Sanders, Adj. Professor              Adrienne Fang, Lecturer
James Stewart, Adj. Professor              I. Mete Fanuscu, Lecturer
Gary Wolfe, Lecturer                       Evgueni Goncharov, Lecturer
                                           Jennifer Graves, Lecturer
                                           Ken Harada, Lecturer
                                           Marilyn Hewitson, Lecturer                      Dr. Hyun
                                                                                                      Hee Jung
                                           Connie Ho, Lecturer                            Restorati
                                                                                                    ve Dentist
                                           Allen Inouye, Lecturer                                              ry
                                           Philip Jen-Kin, Lecturer
                                           Anthony Jong, Lecturer
                                           Bijal Joshi, Lecturer
                                           Hyun Hee Jung, Lecturer
                                           Shiva Kashanian, Lecturer
                                           Emma Kim, Lecturer                       Amy Tran, Lecturer
                                           Kaitlyn Kim, Lecturer                    Patrick Tsai, Lecturer
                                           Lucio Kim, Lecturer                      Abraham Urbach, Lecturer
                                           Kambiz Kohani, Lecturer                  Ryan Vahdani, Lecturer
                                           Philip Kroll, Lecturer                   Greg Vigoren, Lecturer
                                           Cristina Lopez, Lecturer                 Yair Whiteman, Lecturer
                                           Richard Maitin, Lecturer                 Patricia Wilkes, Lecturer
                                           Laurie Malter, Lecturer                  Eva Yancey, Lecturer
                                           Frederic Mandell, Lecturer               Joseph Yoon, Lecturer
                                           Babak Manesh, Lecturer                   Sol Michael Zira, Lecturer
                                           Firouzeh Manesh, Lecturer
                                           Pezhman Mansourian, Lecturer
      Dr. Bruce Sanders                    M. Dianne McLain, Adj. Asst. Professor
      Public Health and                    Sandra McLaren, Lecturer
                                           Mitra Mogharabi, Lecturer
     Community Dentistry
                                           Russell Moon, Lecturer
                                           Michael Okuji, Academic Administrator
                                           Mark Ozaki, Lecturer
                                           Ray Padilla, Lecturer
                                           Hyon-Young Park, Lecturer
Restorative Dentistry                      Harold Perlaza, Lecturer
                                           James Peyton, Lecturer
                                           Dorina Popescu, Lecturer
Fariba Ahmadzadeh, Lecturer
                                           Cynthia Quan, Lecturer
Paul Avolese, Lecturer
                                           Andrew Rastegar, Lecturer
James Baker, Lecturer
                                           Saeid Razi, Lecturer
Gilda Banta, Lecturer
                                           David Sanchez, Lecturer
Payam Behroozan, Lecturer
                                           Todd Schoenbaum, Lecturer
James Callahan, Lecturer
                                           Parizad Seraj, Lecturer
Cary Charlin, Lecturer
                                           Byoung Suh, Lecturer
Curtis Chen, Lecturer
                                           Thomson Sun, Lecturer
Leshin Chen, Lecturer
                                           Maria Elena Tapia, Lecturer
Mark Cruz, Lecturer


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