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									      Paper Plates Activity
Write down any integer from -100 to 100
on your paper plate.
Switch with a partner
Line up in the correct order from least to

 Chapter 2: Properties of Real
Section 1: The Real Number Line
Real number: all the
numbers used in your
Algebra book
Real number line: points
on a line, a number line
Every real number is either positive,
negative, or zero.
Positive number: points to the right of
zero on a number line
Negative number: points to the left of
zero on a number line
Zero is neither positive nor negative
Integer: is either positive, negative, or
zero. The scale marks on the real number
line are equally spaced and represent
integers. Ex. …-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3…

Whole number: zero and the positive
integers. Ex.
…-3, -2, -1,        0      1, 2, 3…
Negative integers   Zero   Positive integers
 Example 1: Graph Integers
Graph -3, -1, and 4 on a number line.
Example 2: Compare Integers
Graph -7 and -6 on a number line. Then
write two inequalities that compare the
-7 < -6
-6 > -7
Example 3: Graph Real Numbers
Graph 1 ¾ and 2.7 on a number line.
Example 4: Order Real Numbers
Write the numbers -1.5, 1/3, -3, 2.5, 0, and
-1 in increasing order.
-3, -1.5, -1, 0, 1/3, 2.5
    Example 5: Compare Real
The table shows the balance of a checking account that
has overdraft protection each day for four days in August.
Which balance was the lowest?

           Date                   Balance ($)
          Aug. 20                       -5

          Aug. 21                      195
          Aug. 22                      150
          Aug. 23                      -11
2.1 B You do not have to graph the
numbers on a number line. Just put them
in order as instructed. Do 10 through 18
on the back of your paper. DO NOT try to
squish all of the numbers on the front!

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