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JPLFOIALog_CY2009_. - Black Vault Radio


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									LOG NUMBER       RECV'D IN FOIA   REQUESTER NAME        REQUESTER COMPANY                                    REQUESTER ADDRESS                       REQUESTER CITY REQUESTER STATE
JPL-2009-004     1/12/09          Robert Plevy
JPL-2009-005     1/29/09          Michael Bentley
JPL-2009-006     1/29/09          Ricky Dewey           ABC Management Technology Solutions                  14102 Sullyfield Cir., Ste. 250         Chantilly        VA
JPL-2009-007     2/10/09          Amanda Miller
JPL-2009-008     2/17/09          Steven Sherman        DR Technologies, Inc.                                9431 Dowdy Dr.                          San Diego        CA
JPL-2009-009     2/19/09          Pete Dunning          Research Solutions                                   3221 Cohasset Rd., Ste.100              Chico            CA
JPL-2009-010     2/20/09          Thilina Heenatigala   Sri Lanka Astronomical Association                   No. 27, Stalmaj H. S.                   Athurugiriya     Sri
JPL-2009-011     3/9/09           Zachary Dagneau       Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington   1400 Eye St., N.W., Ste. 450            Washington       DC
JPL-2009-012     3/9/09           Robert Hirsch         Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.            4250 Fairfax Dr., Fl. 9                 Arlington        VA
JPL-2009-013     3/9/09           Katherine Dent        Hannon Armstrong                                     1997 Annapolis Exchange Pkwy Ste. 520   Annapolis        MD
JPL-2009-014     3/12/09          Willy Ottinger
JPL-2009-015     3/25/09          Steven Sherman        DR Technologies, Inc.                                9431 Dowdy Dr.                          San Diego        CA
JPL-2009-016     3/25/09          Steven Sherman        DR Technologies, Inc.                                9431 Dowdy Dr.                          San Diego        CA
JPL-2009-017     3/25/09          Steven Sherman        DR Technologies, Inc.                                9431 Dowdy Dr.                          San Diego        CA
JPL-2009-018     4/3/09                                 Agriculture Defense Coalition
JPL-2009-019     4/10/09          Frances Anderson
JPL-2009-020     4/23/09          Frances Anderson
JPL-2009-021     4/27/09          Barbara Wallwork
JPL-2009-022     5/6/09           Jeffrey Manber
JPL-2009-023     5/20/09          Kathy Coleman         Kansas State University Interlibrary Services        137 Hale Library                        Manhattan        KS
JPL-2009-024     5/26/09          Christina Walsh       ACME Aerospace Cancer Museum of Education            23350 Lake Manor Dr.                    Chatsworth       CA
JPL-2009-025     5/27/09          Maria Ceballos        Media Span Communications                            109 Peavine Creek Ct.                   Decatur          GA
JPL-2009-026     5/27/09          Jenny Small           Judicial Watch, Inc.                                 501 School St. SW Ste. 725              Washington       DC
JPL-2009-027     6/1/09           LaShonda Schofield
JPL-2009-028     6/8/09           Scott Richardson
JPL-2009-029     6/9/09           James DiNatale        Dickstein Shapiro, LLP                               1825 Eye Street NW                      Washington       DC
JPL-2009-031     6/11/09          Brian Lee             Kirkland & Ellis LLP                                 601 Lexington Ave.                      New York         NY
JPL-2009-030     6/16/09          Ari Swartz
JPL-2009-032     6/17/09          Kerry Cavanaugh       Los Angeles Daily News                               21860 Burbank Blvd., Ste 200            Woodland Hills   CA
JPL-2009-033     6/17/09          David Kersh           The Carpenters/Contractors Cooperation Committee     533 S. Fremont Ave., Ste. 510           Los Angeles      CA
JPL-2009-034     6/18/09          Monica Jones          Input                                                11720 Plaza America Dr., Ste. 1200      Reston           VA
JPL-2009-035     7/1/09           Brian Lee             Kirkland & Ellis LLP                                 601 Lexington Ave.                      New York         NY
JPL-2009-036     7/7/09           Lonnie Parker
JPL-2009-037     7/9/09           Connie Razza
JPL-2009-038     7/10/09          Penny Kowal
JPL-2009-039     8/4/09           Robert Arnold         KPRC-TV                                              8181 Southwest Fwy.                     Houston          TX
JPL-2009-040     8/6/09           Keith Cowing          NASA Watch c/o Reston Communications                 PO Box 3569                             Reston           VA
JPL-2009-041     8/18/09          Rosa Rummel           ORC Guideline                                        2051 Killebrew Dr., Ste. 210            Minneapolis      MN
JPL-2009-042     8/25/09          Larry Powell
JPL-2009-043     8/27/09          Brian Lee             Kirkland & Ellis LLP                                 601 Lexington Ave.                      New York         NY
JPL-2009-044     9/9/09           John Greenewald       Black Vault Radio Network                                                                    Northridge       CA
JPL-2009-045     9/9/09           Jerry Koger           IBEW Union                                           16519 Victor St., Ste. 304              Victorville      CA
10-JPL-F-00008   10/2/09          Alyson Newquist       Service Employees International Union                2309 E. 35th St.                        Minneapolis      MN
10-JPL-F-00018   10/13/09         Maria Ceballos        Media Span Communications                            109 Peavine Creek Ct.                   Decatur          GA
10-JPL-R-00002   10/15/09         Dwayne King
10-JPL-F-00037   10/23/09         Brian Lee             Kirkland & Ellis LLP                                 601 Lexington Ave.                      New York         NY
10-JPL-F-00203   10/26/09         Mark Merwin           Lockheed Martin Space systems Co.
10-JPL-F-00204   11/19/09         Matthew Jamison       Womble, Carlyle, Sandridge & Rice, PLLC              271 17th St., NW, Ste. 2400             Atlanta          GA
10-JPL-F-00205   12/1/09          Vickie Rafter
10-JPL-R-00003   12/7/09          John Greenewald       Black Vault Radio Network                                                                    Northridge       CA
10-JPL-F-00206   12/9/09          Rose Santos           FOIA Group Inc.                                      PO Box 368                              Depew            NY
10-JPL-R-00004   12/11/09   Jeff            FOIA Group Inc.   PO Box 368   Depew   NY
10-JPL-F-00207   12/28/09   Victor Harris











A copy of the licensing agreement between NASA and Endevco. The licensing agreement more specifically involves three patents covering high-temperature, harsh -environment silicon carbide pressure sensors that are lic
...most recent conducted studay on cosmic flux tube and plasma torus (electrified gas current that is produced when the interaction of two planetary bodies come into close proximity).
contact person for Credit Card Holders In your group and the SBA Rep for your group
NASA information on Mars exploration and the possibility of life on Mars.
“...cony of the Contract awarded for JPL RFP No. JC-2672-677799...”
“...various astronomical materials to be use in our programs such as Posters and Pictures, lithographs, stickers, book marks or any printed materials (in bulk if possible). DVDs, CDs, books, magazines or any other type of m
“...documents pertaining to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Specifically,... ...documents related to t
“All documents dated from February 2001 to the present relating or referring to any labor disputes that have delayed completion of federal construction projects costing $25 million or more during the time period referenced a
Contract NAS7-03001
“Investigation of Static Firing Techniques for the A4 Rocket Motor, Dunn, L. G. and M. M. Mills, JPL Memorandum No. 4-9, July 20, 1945.“
“SBIR Phase II Final Report for Contract NAS7-1366”
“SBIR Phase I Final Report for Contract NAS7-1259”
“SBIR Phase II Final Report for Contract NAS-40170”
…The purpose and chemical makeup of what NASA calls persistent jet contrails" which are observed over Eastern New York State, from the Canadian border to New York City… …and, further, all documents and records re
…study/documents based on the reasons for the demise of the Mayan Culture, presented by Elmer McMillan(JPL Employee1952-1989)… ...[records of] another party(other than Mr. McMillan), worked on this dig at this time
…information on the Cause and Findings Revealed relative to the Demise of the Mayan Culture… …any grant/study done during the Nixon Administration based on this subject in the early 1970s awarded to or specialization
“...NASA’s Info Mgt. Program document...”
…documents relating to one of the founders of JPL by the name of Tsien Hsue-shen. It is also possible that his name may be in the records as H.S. Tsien… …all information related to his employment, investigation by the U
…copies of any/all correspondence between NASA representatives (i.e. Merrilee Fellows and/or Allen 'The Application of Monte Carlo Modeling to Matter-Antimattermembers (committee of Concepts'… …Article Author: Call
…Journal Title : JPL Internal Document D-6830 Journal Vol:… …Journal Year: 1989… …Article Title: Elliott) and SSMAC Santa Susana Mountain Area Committee Annihilation Propulsion West Hills Neighborhood
Council, a branch of Los Angeles City Council). Ms.
“…a copy of the outline drawing for Galileo that was released under FOIA to Scott Brotherton pursuant to request: FOIA Request JPL-07-046.…”
…Any and all records concerning geoengineering/technologically altering the climate (proposed alterations include shooting pollution particles into upper atmosphere and creating towers that remove carbon dioxide form the
screen captures from FileMaker Pro FOIA data base
…a copy of the most recent analysis, performed by NASA or any associated agency, of the origin of this signal (The “WOW” Signal)…
…the Caltech documents:

NASAfollowing Prime Contract NAS7-1260
1. The NASA contract under which the above-mentioned(hydrazine, mono-methyl from.
…all known or suspected exposures to toxic propellants patent application came hydrazine, unsymmetrical hydrazine, di-nitrogen tetroxide, Nitric Acid, and variations) agency wide and specifically at the NASA JSC
WSTF... …the type, concentration, and duration of exposure… …information and statistics on long term toxicology of low level toxic propellant exposure chronic health effects (blood or organ dysfunctions, dermatitis,
"Any reports and correspondence, including letters, e-mails, memos, sent or received by NASA from Oct. 1, 2008 to the present that document the process by which NASA evaluated continued need of SSFL and reporting th
Copy of the proposal submitted by Cor-O-Van for CRD-2662-667243 (Modular Furniture Office Amenities and Move Services (MFOAMS))
…Documents Requested:
 the documents regarding contract awarded to Raytheon Australia Intelligence and Technical Support (ITS), under the Mission Support Contract requirement. Specifically, I am requesting copies
clearly releasable portions of
(1) The initial NAS7-918 contract and modifications 1-20.
Foundations of Virtual Gyro Synthesis, January 21st, 2002 Document Number: D-21656
“…Contracts with Honeywell Aerospace, Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc, and other Honeywell subsidiaries dated between January 2006 and July 1, 2009, pertaining to the Mars Lander program (JPL); Crew Exploration
copy of the contract for NNC08272459Q under the Freedom of Information Act. This was a solicitation seen on www.fedbizopps.gov for Executive Coaching Services for NASA, Glenn Research Center dated November 3, 2
“…Copies of an reports generated during the five most recent fiscal years [FY09-FY05] regarding lost or stolen property at all NASA facilities… …description of the item, whether reported lost or stolen, what facility (area) wh
“…A copy of the text of the current NASA PAO policy as it relates to NASA JPL PAO policy for releasing NASA research information under embargo to the media… …All correspondence, emails, memo, and other commun
“…The Thermal Decomposition of Hydrazine Progress Report 9-14, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA Aug. 1947… …Author : D. D. Thomas… …Year : 1947…”
“…photos taken by NASA’s deep space probes known as Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 that were launched into space during the early to mid 1970’s… …photos from the current Moon Probe that is sending back high definition
Documents Requested: (1) All new technology reports for Task Order RE-182 and all other documents that refer to Task Order RE-182 (2) All FOIA Requests between 1998 to the present that requests information relating t
… the following document: Accession Number: AD0248907 Title: The Radiation Balance of Venus Date: 15 September 1960 Pagination: 32 Report Numbers: JPL-TR-32-34…”
“…[1]Copy of the JPL DSN O & M contract with ITT and all modifications… …[2]the entire contract that specifically addresses all contractual requirements and all of the financial information directly related to the operation a
"any contracts between Sodexo and NASA, including..."
blueprints for the Galileo spacecraft
"battery design in space craft an also wiring used in solar apps.and the use of solar cell use in space.any design,spec sheets or information for usn in apps here on earth for power generation.any information or access to rec
(1) NAS7-1407 contract and all modifications (2) Subcontract 956422 and all modifications (3) Subcontract 957608 and all modifications (4) Subcontract 957769 and all modifications (5) Subcontract 957772 and all modificat
"Christensen, M. R., and Hoffman, A. R., "Mariner Mars 1971 Microbiological Assay and Monitoring Plan", PD610-18 Part III, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, 29 June, 1970."
1. NAS7-1407 contract and all modifications 2. Subcontract 956422 and all modifications 3. Subcontract 957608 and all modifications 4. Subcontract 957769 and all modifications 5. Subcontract 957772 and all modifications
"breach reports filed pursuant to the Nunn-McCurdy Act..."
"listing of all videos produced by NASA in 2007 and 2008."
"documents identified to NNM07AA77C: 1) Contract"
CPAR reports
"..."Voyager image of Earth... ...Pale Blue Dot..."
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