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									                            International APEC Symposium on
                  “APEC-ATCWG Biofuels Network Annual Symposium and
                         Biotrade/Technical Training Workshop”
                      May 30th – June 4th, 2011, Chiang Mai, Thailand


                                      Active Participant
APEC Economy                     Papua New Guinea
Full Name                        Reilly Nigo
Academic Title or Position at    Lecturer
the Place of Employment
Affiliated Organization          PNG University of Technology, Lae, Papua New Guinea
Fields of Interest               Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Appropriate Technology
Full biography                       Bachelor of Science in Food Technology, The Papua New
                                      Guinea University of Technology, 1993
                                     Master of Science in Process Engineering (Food
                                      Engineering), The University of Reading, UK
                                     Reading towards Phd Chemical Engineering (pending
                                      correction - current), University of Cambridge, UK
                                     The author has briefly worked in 1994-1995 manager
                                      Anderson Foodland and Nestles (PNG) both in food
                                      process engineering/production.
                                     Currently working as a University lecturer, PNG University
                                      of Technology
                                     The author plays key advisory roles in Food Security, food
                                      manufacturing and downstream processing agricultural
Research Skills                      University teaching experience including research and
                                    community development projects.
                                   Community development work experience in renewable
                                    energy and rural and urban settlements development
                                    mostly through student-centered projects, consultancies
                                    including small scale bio-diesel processing and quality tests
                                    , portable biogas production using household wastes,
                                    design and manufacture fuel efficient wood stoves and
                                    small scale food industry in rural, urban settlements and
                                    households in reduction of poverty and moving towards
                                    green energy and reduction of environmental pollution.
Presentations:(2005 – 2010)        Nigo, R.Y., „Move Towards Clean and Renewable Energy
                                    in PNG: An Over View, PNG University of Technology,
                                    Seminar Presentation Series, Lae, Papua New Guinea, 31
                                    May, 2010.
Publications:(2005 – 2010)         R.Y.Nigo, R.Paterson and I.Wilson, “ Novel Design –
                                    Spinning Disc Apparatus”: Fouling Behaviour of Food Fats,
                                    Food Fouling and Cleaning Conference, November, 2006,
                                    University of Cambridge.
                                     R.Y.Nigo, Y.M.J.Chew, R.Paterson and I.Wilson, “
                                      Experimental Studies of Freeze Fouling of Model Food Fat
                                      Solutions using a Novel Spinning Disc Apparatus”, Energy
                                      and Fuels, October, 2006.
                                   Alu.E. and Nigo,R. ‘Development of Solar Sorption Freezer,
                                    A Preliminary Investigation using Activated Carbon and
                                    Methanol Absorption Pairs, PNG University of Technology,
                                    Lae, 29 October, 2009.
                                   Saki.B. and Nigo,R. ‘Production of Biodiesel from
                                    Coconut,Palm Oil and Waste Vegetable Oils, PNG
                                    University of Technology, Lae, 29 October, 2009.
                                   Carseldine.Craig and Nigo.R.” Biogas Production from
                                      Household Wastes, PNG University of Technology, Lae, 29
                                      October, 2010.
Awards and Honors:                   PNG Government Higher Education Scholarship to do
                                      Master of Science in Process Engineering, Reading
                                      University, UK, 1996-1997
                                     UK Government Scholarship through Association of
                                      Commonwealth Universities to do PhD in Chemical
                                      Engineering, Cambridge University, 2004-2008

                                 Contact information:
Address:                      Department of Applied Science
                              PNG University of Technology
                              PMB, Lae.
                              Papua New Guinea
Phone number:                 +675 473 4551
E - mail:           

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