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Management Jobs and Tasks
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Production Jobs and Tasks
Management occupations                                                  Earnings    Per Hour
  Administrative services and managers                                   $52,500.00    $25.00
  Advertising, marketing, promotions, pr managers, and sales managers   $271,060.00   $130.00
  Computer and information systems managers                              $85,240.00    $40.00
  Education administrators                                               $71,490.00    $34.00
  Engineering and, natural sciences managers                             $90,930.00    $43.00
  Financial managers                                                     $73,340.00    $35.00
  Human resources, training, labor relations managers and specialists    $42,800.00    $20.00
  Industrial production managers                                         $67,320.00    $32.00
  Medical and health services managers                                   $61,370.00    $29.00
  Purchasing managers, buyers, and purchasing agents                     $59,890.00    $28.00
  Top executives                                                         $68,210.00    $32.00

Business and financial operations occupations
  Accountants and auditors                                               $47,000.00    $22.00
  Budget analysts                                                        $52,480.00    $25.00
  Claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators             $43,020.00    $20.00
  Cost estimators                                                        $47,550.00    $22.00
  Financial analysts and personal financial advisors                     $57,100.00    $27.00
  Loan counselors and officers                                           $32,010.00    $15.00
  Management analysts                                                    $60,340.00    $29.00

                                                                             Total Daily Costs
  Talent Agent

Daily Costs


Navigation Task
<< BACK coordinate and direct support services
           manage secretarial and reception, administration, payroll, conference planning
           and travel, information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and
           distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications
           management, security, parking, and personal property procurement, supply, and
           disposal services

           supervise a staff that performs various support services
           develop departmental plans, set goals and deadlines, implement procedures to
           improve productivity and customer service, and define the responsibilities of
           supervisory-level managers

           oversee first-line supervisors from various departments, including the clerical
           hire and dismiss employees
           oversee the preparation, analysis, negotiation, and review of contracts related to
           the purchase or sale of equipment, materials, supplies, products, or services

           acquire, distribute, and store supplies, while others dispose of surplus property or
           oversee the disposal of unclaimed property
           plan, design, and manage buildings and grounds in addition to people
           coordinating the physical workplace with the people and work of an organization

           integrate the principles of business administration, architecture, and behavioral
           and engineering science
           space and workplace planning, budgeting, purchase and sale of real estate,
           lease management, renovations, or architectural planning and design
           suggest and oversee renovation projects for a variety of reasons, ranging from
           improving efficiency to ensuring that facilities meet government regulations and
           environmental, health, and security standards

           monitor the facility to ensure that it remains safe, secure, and well-maintained
           direct staff, including maintenance, grounds, and custodial workers
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             monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services and oversee product development

             supervise public relations specialists
             direct publicity programs to a targeted public
direct the firm’s sales program
assign sales territories, set goals, and establish training programs for the sales representatives
advise the sales representatives on ways to improve their sales performance
oversee regional and local sales managers and their staffs
maintain contact with dealers and distributors
direct overall advertising, promotions, marketing, sales, and public relations policies
coordinate the market research, marketing strategy, sales, advertising, promotion, pricing, product
development, and public relations activities
oversee advertising and promotion staffs, which usually are small, except in the largest firms
serve as a liaison between the firm and the advertising or promotion agency to which many advertising
or promotional functions are contracted out
oversee in-house account, creative, and media services departments
manages the account services department, assesses the need for advertising, and, in advertising
agencies, maintains the accounts of clients
develops the subject matter and presentation of advertising
oversees the copy chief, art director, and associated staff
oversees planning groups that select the communication media—for example, radio, television,
newspapers, magazines, Internet, or outdoor signs—to disseminate the advertising
supervise staffs of promotion specialists
direct promotion programs that combine advertising with purchase incentives to increase sales
develop the firm’s detailed marketing strategy
determine the demand for products and services offered by the firm and its competitors
identify potential markets—for example, business firms, wholesalers, retailers, government, or the
general public
develop pricing strategy with an eye towards maximizing the firm’s share of the market and its profits
while ensuring that the firm’s customers are satisfied
monitor trends that indicate the need for new products and services and oversee product development

work with advertising and promotion managers to promote the firm’s products and services and to attract
potential users
supervise public relations specialists
direct publicity programs to a targeted public
evaluate advertising and promotion programs for compatibility with public relations efforts and serve as
the eyes and ears of top management
observe social, economic, and political trends that might ultimately affect the firm and make
recommendations to enhance the firm’s image based on those trends
confer with labor relations managers to produce internal company communications—such as newsletters
about employee-management relations—and with financial managers to produce company reports

assist company executives in drafting speeches, arranging interviews, and maintaining other forms of
public contact; oversee company archives; and respond to information requests
handle special events such as sponsorship of races, parties introducing new products, or other activities
the firm supports in order to gain public attention through the press without advertising directly
direct the firm’s sales program
assign sales territories, set goals, and establish training programs for the sales representatives
advise the sales representatives on ways to improve their sales performance
oversee regional and local sales managers and their staffs
maintain contact with dealers and distributors
analyze sales statistics gathered by their staffs to determine sales potential and inventory requirements
and monitor the preferences of customers
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   plan, coordinate, and direct research and design the computer-related
          activities of firms
          help determine both technical and business goals in consultation with top
          management, and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these
          develop the overall concepts of a new product or service, or may identify
          how an organization’s computing capabilities can effectively aid project
          direct the work of systems analysts, computer programmers, support
          specialists, and other computer-related workers
          plan and coordinate activities such as installation and upgrading of
          hardware and software, programming and systems design, development of
          computer networks, and implementation of Internet and intranet sites

          analyze the computer and information needs of their organization, from an
          operational and strategic perspective, and determine immediate and long-
          range personnel and equipment requirements
          assign and review the work of their subordinates, and stay abreast of the
          latest technology in order to assure the organization does not lag behind
          evaluate the newest and most innovative technologies and determine how
          these can help their organization
          manages and plans technical standards and tends to the daily information
          technology issues of the firm
          demonstrating to a company how information technology can be used as a
          competitive tool that not only cuts costs, but also increases revenue and
          maintains or increases competitive advantage
          manage information systems and computing resources for their entire
          plan and direct the work of subordinate information technology employees

          oversee a variety of user services such as an organization’s help desk,
          which employees can call with questions or problems
          make hardware and software upgrade recommendations based on their
          experience with an organization’s technology
          Helping to assure the availability, continuity, and security of data and
          information technology services are key responsibilities for these workers
develop requirements, budgets, and schedules for their firm’s information
technology projects
coordinate such projects from development through implementation,
working with internal and external clients, vendors, consultants, and
computer specialists
provide a variety of services, from design to administration, of an
organization’s local area network, which connects staff within an
direct the network, and its related computing environment, including
hardware, systems software, applications software, and all other computer-
related configurations
coordinate the activities of their unit with those of other units or
confer with top executives; financial, production, marketing, and other
managers; and contractors and equipment and materials suppliers
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   provide instructional leadership as well as manage the day-to-day activities
          in schools, preschools, daycare centers, and colleges and universities

          direct the educational programs of businesses, correctional institutions,
          museums, and job training and community service organizations
          set educational standards and goals and establish the policies and
          procedures to carry them out
          supervise managers, support staff, teachers, counselors, librarians,
          coaches, and others
          develop academic programs; monitor students’ educational progress; train
          and motivate teachers and other staff; manage guidance and other student
          services; administer recordkeeping; prepare budgets; handle relations with
          parents, prospective and current students, employers, and the community;
          and perform many other duties
          set the academic tone and hire, evaluate, and help improve the skills of
          teachers and other staff
          confer with staff to advise, explain, or answer procedural questions
          visit classrooms, observe teaching methods, review instructional
          objectives, and examine learning materials
          work with teachers to develop and maintain high curriculum standards,
          develop mission statements, and set performance goals and objectives

          meet and interact with other administrators, students, parents, and
          representatives of community organizations
          prepare budgets and reports on various subjects, including finances and
          attendance, and oversee the requisition and allocation of supplies
          secure financial support for their schools from local businesses and the
          ensure that students meet national, State, and local academic standards
          develop school/business partnerships and school-to-work transition
          programs for students
          be sensitive to the needs of the rising number of non-English speakig and
          culturally diverse students
          serve as advocates for the building of new schools or the repair of existing
          planning for the upcoming year, overseeing summer school, participating
          in workshops for teachers and administrators, supervising building repairs
          and improvements, and working to be sure the school has adequate staff
          for the school year
aid the principal in the overall administration of the school
scheduling student classes, ordering textbooks and supplies, and
coordinating transportation, custodial, cafeteria, and other support services

handle student discipline and attendance problems, social and recreational
programs, and health and safety matters
counsel students on personal, educational, or vocational matters
helping to develop new curriculums, evaluating teachers, and dealing with
school-community relations—responsibilities previously assumed solely by
the principal
oversee daily activities and operation of the schools, hire and develop
staff, and make sure that the school meets required regulations
supervise instructional coordinators and curriculum specialists, and work
with them to evaluate curriculums and teaching techniques and improve
oversee career counseling programs and testing that measures students’
abilities and helps to place them in appropriate classes
direct programs such as school psychology, athletics, curriculum and
instruction, and professional development
assist presidents, make faculty appointments, develop budgets, and
establish academic policies and programs
direct and coordinate the activities of deans of individual colleges and
chairpersons of academic departments
Fundraising also is becoming an essential part of their job
teaching, they coordinate schedules of classes and teaching assignments;
propose budgets; recruit, interview, and hire applicants for teaching
positions; evaluate faculty members; encourage faculty development;
serve on committees; and perform other administrative duties

overseeing their departments, chairpersons must consider and balance the
concerns of faculty, administrators, and students
direct and coordinate the provision of student services
direct and coordinate admissions, foreign student services, health and
counseling services, career services, financial aid, and housing and
residential life, as well as social, recreational, and related programs
may counsel students
register students, record grades, prepare student transcripts, evaluate
academic records, assess and collect tuition and fees, plan and implement
commencement, oversee the preparation of college catalogs and
schedules of classes, and analyze enrollment and demographic statistics

manage the process of recruiting, evaluating, and admitting students, and
work closely with financial aid directors, who oversee scholarship,
fellowship, and loan programs
plan and direct intramural and intercollegiate athletic activities, seeing to
publicity for athletic events, preparation of budgets, and supervision of
direct fundraising, public relations, distance learning, and technology
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   plan, coordinate, and direct research, design, and production activities
          supervise engineers, scientists, and technicians, along with support
          determine scientific and technical goals within broad outlines provided by
          top executives, who are discussed elsewhere in the Handbook
          improving manufacturing processes, advancing scientific research, or
          developing new products
          make detailed plans to accomplish these goals—for example, they may
          develop the overall concepts of a new product or identify technical
          problems preventing the completion of a project
          propose budgets for projects and programs and determine staff, training,
          and equipment needs
          hire and assign scientists, engineers, and support personnel to carry out
          specific parts of each project
          supervise the work of these employees, review their output, and establish
          administrative procedures and policies—including environmental
          standards, for example
          coordinating the activities of their unit with those of other units or
          confer with higher levels of management; with financial, production,
          marketing, and other managers; and with contractors and equipment and
          materials suppliers
          supervise people who design and develop machinery, products, systems,
          and processes; or direct and coordinate production, operations, quality
          assurance, testing, or maintenance in industrial plants

          direct and coordinate the design, installation, operation, and maintenance
          of equipment and machinery in industrial plants
          manage research and development teams that produce new products and
          processes or improve existing ones
          oversee the work of life and physical scientists, including agricultural
          scientists, chemists, biologists, geologists, medical scientists, and
          direct research and development projects and coordinate activities such as
          testing, quality control, and production
          work on basic research projects or on commercial activities
          conduct their own research in addition to managing the work of others
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   oversee the preparation of financial reports, direct investment activities, and implement cash
          management strategies
          direct the preparation of financial reports that summarize and forecast the organization’s
          financial position, such as income statements, balance sheets, and analyses of future
          earnings or expenses
          oversee the accounting, audit, and budget departments
          direct the organization’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets
          oversee the investment of funds and manage associated risks, supervise cash management
          activities, execute capital-raising strategies to support a firm’s expansion, and deal with
          mergers and acquisitions
          oversee the firm’s issuance of credit
          establish credit-rating criteria, determine credit ceilings, and monitor the collections of past-
          due accounts
          monitor and control the flow of cash receipts and disbursements to meet the business and
          investment needs of the firm
          solicit business, authorize loans, and direct the investment of funds, always adhering to
          Federal and State laws and regulations
          administer and manage all of the functions of a branch office, which may include hiring
          personnel, approving loans and lines of credit, establishing a rapport with the community to
          attract business, and assisting customers with account problems
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   help their firms effectively use employee skills, provide training
          opportunities to enhance those skills, and boost employees’ satisfaction
          with their jobs and working conditions
          develops and coordinates personnel programs and policies
          oversee several departments, each headed by an experienced manager
          who most likely specializes in one personnel activity, such as employment,
          compensation, benefits, training and development, or employee relations

          oversee the hiring and separation of employees and supervise various
          workers, including equal employment opportunity specialists and
          recruitment specialists
          maintain contacts within the community and may travel extensively, often
          to college campuses, to search for promising job applicants
          screen, interview, and sometimes test applicants
          check references and extend job offers
          discuss wages, working conditions, and promotional opportunities with
          prospective employees
          keep informed about equal employment opportunity (EEO) and affirmative
          action guidelines and laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act

          investigate and resolve EEO grievances, examine corporate practices for
          possible violations, and compile and submit EEO statistical reports
          maintain working relationships with local employers and promote the use
          of public employment programs and services
          help to match employers with qualified jobseekers
          conduct programs for employers and may specialize in specific areas such
          as position classifications or pensions
          collect and examine detailed information about job duties in order to
          prepare job descriptions
          conduct research, usually in large firms
          study the effects of industry and occupational trends upon worker
          serve as technical liaison between the firm and other firms, government,
          and labor unions
          Establishing and maintaining a firm’s pay system is the principal job of the
          compensation manager
          devise ways to ensure fair and equitable pay rates
conduct surveys to see how their firm’s rates compare with others and to
see that the firm’s pay scale complies with changing laws and regulations

oversee their firm’s performance evaluation system, and they may design
reward systems such as pay-for-performance plans
handle the company’s employee benefits program, notably its health
insurance and pension plans
designing and administering benefits programs continues to take on
importance as employer-provided benefits account for a growing
proportion of overall compensation costs, and as benefit plans increase in
number and complexity
occupational safety and health standards and practices; health promotion
and physical fitness, medical examinations, and minor health treatment,
such as first aid; plant security; publications; food service and recreation
activities; carpooling and transportation programs, such as transit
subsidies; employee suggestion systems; childcare and elder care; and
counseling services
conduct and supervise training and development programs for employees

training offers a way of developing skills, enhancing productivity and
quality of work, and building worker loyalty to the firm
provide worker training either in the classroom or onsite
setting up teaching materials prior to the class, involving the class, and
issuing completion certificates at the end of the class
plan, organize, and direct a wide range of training activities
respond to corporate and worker service requests
consult with onsite supervisors regarding available performance
improvement services and conduct orientation sessions and arrange on-
the-job training for new employees
help rank-and-file workers maintain and improve their job skills, and
possibly prepare for jobs requiring greater skill
help supervisors improve their interpersonal skills in order to deal
effectively with employees
set up individualized training plans to strengthen an employee’s existing
skills or teach new ones
set up leadership or executive development programs among employees
in lower level positions
develop potential executives to replace those leaving the organization
lead programs to assist employees with transitions due to mergers and
acquisitions, as well as technological changes
assess the training needs of clients, then guide them through the most
appropriate training method
confer with managers and supervisors or conduct surveys
evaluate training effectiveness
forms labor policy, oversees industrial labor relations, negotiates collective
bargaining agreements, and coordinates grievance procedures to handle
complaints resulting from management disputes with unionized employees

advises and collaborates with the director of human resources, other
managers, and members of their staff, because all aspects of personnel
policy—such as wages, benefits, pensions, and work practices—may be
involved in drawing up a new or revised union contract

implement industrial labor relations programs
prepare information for management to use during negotiation, a process
that requires the specialist to be familiar with economic and wage data and
to have extensive knowledge of labor law and collective bargaining trends

interprets and administers the contract with respect to grievances, wages
and salaries, employee welfare, healthcare, pensions, union and
management practices, and other contractual stipulations
prevent and, when necessary, resolve disputes over labor agreements or
other labor relations issues
decide disputes that bind both labor and management to specific terms
and conditions of labor contracts
handle human resources issues related to a company’s foreign operations,
and human resources information system specialists, who develop and
apply computer programs to process personnel information, match
jobseekers with job openings, and handle other personnel matters
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   production scheduling, staffing, procurement and maintenance of equipment, quality control,
          inventory control, and the coordination of production activities with those of other
          planning the production schedule within budgetary limitations and time constraints
          analyzing the plant’s personnel and capital resources to select the best way of meeting the
          production quota
          determine, often using mathematical formulas, which machines will be used, whether new
          machines need to be purchased, whether overtime or extra shifts are necessary, and what
          the sequence of production will be
          monitor the production run to make sure that it stays on schedule and correct any problems
          that may arise
          employs teams to build and assemble products in stations or cells
          monitor product standards
          Inspecting samples of finished goods and recording defects enables managers to
          statistically analyze quality control problems
          work closely with heads of other departments such as sales, procurement, and logistics to
          plan and implement company goals, policies, and procedures
          report to the plant manager or the vice president for manufacturing, and may act as liaison
          between executives and first-line supervisors
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the delivery of healthcare
          improve efficiency in healthcare facilities and the quality of the healthcare
          direct activities in clinical areas such as nursing, surgery, therapy, medical
          records, or health information
          help formulate business strategies and coordinate day-to-day business
          oversee personnel matters, billing and collection, budgeting, planning,
          equipment outlays, and patient flow
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   seek to obtain the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible
          purchase cost for their employers
          buy goods and services for use by their company or organization, whereas
          buyers typically buy items for resale
          determine which commodities or services are best, choose the suppliers of
          the product or service, negotiate the lowest price, and award contracts that
          ensure that the correct amount of the product or service is received at the
          appropriate time
          study sales records and inventory levels of current stock, identify foreign
          and domestic suppliers, and keep abreast of changes affecting both the
          supply of, and demand for, needed products and materials
          evaluate suppliers on the basis of price, quality, service support,
          availability, reliability, and selection
          review catalogs, industry and company publications, directories, and trade
          research the reputation and history of the suppliers and may advertise
          anticipated purchase actions in order to solicit bids
          examine products and services, assess a supplier’s production and
          distribution capabilities, and discuss other technical and business
          considerations that influence the purchasing decision
          orders are placed and contracts are awarded to those suppliers who meet
          the purchaser’s needs
          reorder as necessary
          acquire materials, parts, machines, supplies, services, and other inputs to
          the production of a final product
          negotiating and supervising supply contracts, and are called contract or
          supply managers
          obtain items ranging from raw materials, fabricated parts, machinery, and
          office supplies to construction services and airline tickets
          handle the more complex or critical purchases and may supervise a group
          of purchasing agents handling other goods and services
          discuss the design of custom-made products with company design
          engineers, talk about problems involving the quality of purchased goods
          with quality assurance engineers and production supervisors, or mention
          shipment problems to managers in the receiving department
          award contracts for an array of items, including office and building
          supplies, services for the public, and construction projects
oversee the contract for cleaning services of a government office building
to verify that the work is being done on schedule and on budget, even
though the cleaners are not government employees
use sealed bids to award contracts, but usually establish negotiated
agreements for complex items
buy finished goods for resale are employed by wholesale and retail
establishments, where they commonly are known as buyers or
merchandise managers
purchase goods directly from manufacturers or from other wholesale firms
for resale to retail firms, commercial establishments, institutions, and other
purchase goods from wholesale firms or directly from manufacturers for
resale to the public
determine which products their establishment will sell
predict what will appeal to consumers
follow ads in newspapers and other media to check competitors’ sales
activities, and they watch general economic conditions to anticipate
consumer buying patterns
work closely with vendors to develop and obtain the desired product
assist in the planning and implementation of sales promotion programs
determine the nature of the sale and purchase items accordingly
work with advertising personnel to create an ad campaign
determine in which media the advertisement will be placed—newspapers,
direct mail, television, or some combination of all three

visit the selling floor to ensure that goods are properly displayed
placing orders and checking shipments
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   devise strategies and formulate policies to ensure that these objectives are
          formulate policies and direct the operations of businesses and
          corporations, nonprofit institutions, governments, and other organizations

          ensure that operations are conducted in accordance with these policies
          responsible for the overall performance of one aspect of the organization,
          such as manufacturing, marketing, sales, purchasing, finance, personnel,
          training, administrative services, computer and information systems,
          property management, transportation, or the legal services department

          responsible for purchasing, hiring, training, quality control, and day-to-day
          supervisory duties
          direct the organization’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets
          oversee the investment of funds and manage associated risks, supervise
          cash management activities, execute capital-raising strategies to support a
          firm’s expansion, and deal with mergers and acquisitions

          involved in the strategic business plan of a firm as part of the executive
          propose budgets for projects and programs, and make decisions on staff
          training and equipment purchases
          hire and assign computer specialists, information technology workers, and
          support personnel to carry out specific parts of the projects
          supervise the work of these employees, review their output, and establish
          administrative procedures and policies
          provide organizations with the vision to master information technology as a
          competitive tool
          direct government activities and pass laws that affect us daily
          formulate and establish government policy and develop Federal, State, or
          local laws and regulations
          set goals and arrange programs to attain them
          appoint department heads, who oversee the civil servants who carry out
          programs enacted by legislative bodies
          oversee budgets and ensure that resources are used properly and that
          programs are carried out as planned
          meeting with legislators and constituents to determine the level of support
          for proposed programs
nominate citizens to boards and commissions, encourage business
investment, and promote economic development in their communities
rely on a staff of highly skilled aides to research issues that concern the
develop, enact, or amend laws
introduce, examine, and vote on bills to pass official legislation
study staff reports and hear testimony from constituents, representatives of
interest groups, board and commission members, and others with an
interest in the issue under consideration
approve budgets and the appointments of nominees for leadership posts
whose names are submitted by the chief executive
appoints the city, town, or county manager
plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of companies or public and
private sector organizations
formulating policies, managing daily operations, and planning the use of
materials and human resources, but are too diverse and general in nature
to be classified in any one area of management or administration, such as
personnel, purchasing, or administrative services
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   ensure that the Nation’s firms are run efficiently, its public records kept accurately, and its
          taxes paid properly and on time
          public, management, and government accounting, as well as internal auditing
          advising companies of the tax advantages and disadvantages of certain business decisions
          and preparing individual income tax returns
          offer advice in areas such as compensation or employee healthcare benefits, the design of
          accounting and data-processing systems, and the selection of controls to safeguard assets

          audit clients’ financial statements and report to investors and authorities that the statements
          have been correctly prepared and reported
          investigating and interpreting white collar crimes such as securities fraud and embezzlement,
          bankruptcies and contract disputes, and other complex and possibly criminal financial
          transactions, such as money laundering by organized criminals
          combine their knowledge of accounting and finance with law and investigative techniques in
          order to determine if illegal activity is going on
          work closely with law enforcement personnel and lawyers during investigations and often
          appear as expert witnesses during trials
          record and analyze the financial information of the companies for which they work
          budgeting, performance evaluation, cost management, and asset management
          analyze and interpret the financial information that corporate executives need to make sound
          business decisions
          prepare financial reports for nonmanagement groups, including stockholders, creditors,
          regulatory agencies, and tax authorities
          work in the public sector, maintaining and examining the records of government agencies and
          auditing private businesses and individuals whose activities are subject to government
          regulations or taxation
          guarantee that revenues are received and expenditures are made in accordance with laws
          and regulations
          verify the accuracy of their organization’s internal records and check for mismanagement,
          waste, or fraud
          examine and evaluate their firms’ financial and information systems, management
          procedures, and internal controls to ensure that records are accurate and controls are
          adequate to protect against fraud and waste
          review company operations—evaluating their efficiency, effectiveness, and compliance with
          corporate policies and procedures, laws, and government regulations
          help managers to base their decisions on actual data, rather than personal observation
          recommend controls for their organization’s computer system to ensure the reliability of the
          system and the integrity of the data
summarize transactions in standard formats for financial records and organize data in special
formats for financial analysis
provide clients with accounting and tax help, but also help them develop personal budgets,
manage assets and investments, plan for retirement, and recognize and reduce exposure to
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   development, analysis, and execution of budgets, which are used to allocate current
          resources and estimate future financial requirements
          examines, analyzes, and seeks new ways to improve efficiency and increase profits
          try to find the most efficient distribution of funds and other resources among various
          departments and programs
          providing advice and technical assistance in the preparation of annual budgets
          submit proposed operational and financial plans to budget analysts for review
          outline prospective programs, including proposed funding increases and new initiatives,
          estimated costs and expenses, and capital expenditures needed to finance these programs

          examine the budget estimates or proposals for completeness, accuracy, and conformance
          with established procedures, regulations, and organizational objectives
          review financial requests, assess program tradeoffs, and explore alternative funding methods

          examine past and current budgets and research economic and financial developments that
          affect the organization’s spending
          evaluate proposals in terms of the organization’s priorities and financial resources
          consolidate the individual departmental budgets into operating and capital budget summaries

          help the chief operating officer, agency head, or other top managers analyze the proposed
          plan and devise possible alternatives if the projected results are unsatisfactory

          monitor the budget by reviewing reports and accounting records to determine if allocated
          funds have been spent as specified
          write a report providing reasons for the variations, along with recommendations for new or
          revised budget procedures
          recommend program cuts or reallocation of excess funds
          inform program managers and others within their organization of the status and availability of
          funds in different budget accounts
          assesses the program’s efficiency and effectiveness
          develop guidelines and policies governing the formulation and maintenance of the budget,
          but they also measure organizational performance, assess the effects of various programs
          and policies on the budget, and help to draft budget-related legislation
          conduct training sessions for company or government agency personnel regarding new
          budget procedures
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   handle a wide variety of claims for property damage, liability, and bodily
          investigate the claims, negotiate settlements, and authorize payments to
          claimants, but they must always be mindful not to violate the claimant’s
          rights under Federal and State privacy laws
          determine whether the customer’s insurance policy covers the loss and
          how much of the loss should be paid to the claimant
          plan and schedule the work required to process a claim that would follow,
          for example, an automobile accident or damage to one’s home caused by
          a storm
          investigate claims by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, consulting
          police and hospital records, and inspecting property damage to determine
          the extent of the company’s liability
          consult with other professionals, such as accountants, architects,
          construction workers, engineers, lawyers, and physicians, who can offer a
          more expert evaluation of a claim
          The information gathered, including photographs and written or taped
          statements, is set down in a report that is then used to evaluate a claim
          negotiates with the claimant and settles the claim
          work with attorneys and expert witnesses to defend the insurer’s position

          assist clients in preparing and presenting claims to insurance companies
          and try to negotiate a fair settlement
          review the claims submitted to ensure that proper guidelines have been
          assist adjusters with complex and complicated claims or when a disaster
          suddenly greatly increases the volume of claims
          review health-related claims to see whether costs are reasonable based on
          the diagnosis
          check claim applications for completeness and accuracy, interview medical
          specialists, and consult policy files to verify the information reported in a
          authorize the appropriate payment or refer the claim to an investigator for a
          more thorough review
          review the causes of death, particularly in the case of an accident,
          because most life insurance policies pay additional benefits if a death is
review new applications for life insurance to make sure that applicants
have no serious illnesses that would make them a high risk to insure and
thus disqualify them from obtaining insurance
assess the cost or value of an insured item
inspect damaged vehicles after an accident and estimate the cost of
incorporates the appraisal into the settlement
When adjusters or examiners suspect fraud, they refer the claim to an
access certain personal information and identify Social Security numbers,
aliases, driver’s license numbers, addresses, phone numbers, criminal
records, and past claims histories to establish whether a claimant has ever
attempted insurance fraud
visit claimants and witnesses to obtain a recorded statement, take
photographs, and inspect facilities, such as a doctor’s office, to determine
whether they have a proper license
consult with legal counsel and can be expert witnesses in court cases
perform surveillance work
observe the claimant for several days or even weeks
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   develop the cost information that business owners or managers need to
          make a bid for a contract or to determine if a proposed new product will be
          determine which endeavors are making a profit
          compile and analyze data on all of the factors that can influence
          costs—such as materials, labor, location, and special machinery
          requirements, including computer hardware and software
          reviewing various preliminary drawings and specifications, the estimator
          visits the site of the proposed project
          gather information on access to the site and availability of electricity, water,
          and other services, as well as on surface topography and drainage

          recorded in a signed report that is included in the final project estimate
          determines the quantity of materials and labor the firm will need to furnish

          completing standard estimating forms, filling in dimensions, number of
          units, and other information
          estimate the costs of all items the contractor must provide
          analyzes bids made by subcontractors as well
          make decisions concerning equipment needs, sequence of operations,
          crew size, and physical constraints at the site
          prepares a cost summary for the entire project, including the costs of labor,
          equipment, materials, subcontracts, overhead, taxes, insurance, markup,
          and any other costs that may affect the project
          prepares the bid proposal for submission to the owner
          estimate costs or to track actual costs relative to bid specifications as the
          project develops
          reviewing blueprints or conceptual drawings to determine the machining
          operations, tools, gauges, and materials that would be required for the job

          prepares a parts list and determines whether it is more efficient to produce
          or to purchase the parts
          initiate inquiries for price information from potential suppliers
          determine the cost of manufacturing each component of the product
          prepares time-phase charts and learning curves
          calculates the standard labor hours necessary to produce a predetermined
          number of units
          compares the cost of purchasing parts with the firm’s cost of manufacturing
          them to determine which is cheaper
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Navigation Task
<< BACK    provide analysis and guidance to businesses and individuals to help them
          with their investment decisions
          gather financial information, analyze it, and make recommendations to
          their clients
          assess the economic performance of companies and industries for firms
          and institutions with money to invest
          assess the financial needs of individuals, providing them a wide range of
          helping these companies or their clients make investment decisions
          read company financial statements and analyze commodity prices, sales,
          costs, expenses, and tax rates in order to determine a company’s value
          and project future earnings
          meet with company officials to gain a better insight into a company’s
          prospects and to determine the company’s managerial effectiveness
          study an entire industry, assessing current trends in business practices,
          products, and industry competition
          keep abreast of new regulations or policies that may affect the industry, as
          well as monitor the economy to determine its effect on earnings
          analyze financial data, spot trends, and develop forecasts
          write reports and make presentations, usually making recommendations to
          buy or sell a particular investment or security
          make the decision to buy or sell for the company or client if they are the
          ones responsible for managing the assets
          measure the financial risks associated with making a particular investment
          analyzing the future prospects of companies that want to sell shares to the
          public for the first time
          ensure that the forms and written materials necessary for compliance with
          Securities and Exchange Commission regulations are accurate and
          make presentations to prospective investors about the merits of investing
          in the new company
          work in mergers and acquisitions departments, preparing analyses on the
          costs and benefits of a proposed merger or takeover
          evaluate the ability of companies or governments that issue bonds to repay
          their debt
          assigns a rating to a company’s or government’s bonds
          perform budget, cost, and credit analysis as part of their responsibilities
recommend financial options to individuals in accordance with their short-
term and long-term goals
offer advice on a wide range of topics, some specialize in areas such as
retirement and estate planning or risk management
obtains information on the client’s finances and financial goals
develops a comprehensive financial plan that identifies problem areas,
makes recommendations for improvement, and selects appropriate
investments compatible with the client’s goals, attitude toward risk, and
expectation or need for a return on the investment
meet with established clients at least once a year to update them on
potential investments and to determine whether the clients have been
through any life changes—such as marriage, disability, or retirement—that
might affect their financial goals
answer questions from clients regarding changes in benefit plans or the
consequences of a change in their job or career
buy and sell financial products, such as mutual funds or insurance, or refer
clients to other companies for products and services—for example, the
preparation of taxes or wills
managing the clients’ investments for them
contact potential clients by giving seminars or lectures or meet clients
through business and social contacts
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   finding potential clients and assisting them in applying for loans
          gather personal information about clients and businesses to ensure that an
          informed decision is made regarding the creditworthiness of the borrower
          and the probability of repayment
          provide guidance to prospective loan applicants who have problems
          qualifying for traditional loans
          determining the most appropriate type of loan for a particular customer,
          and explaining specific requirements and restrictions associated with the
          contact firms to determine their needs for loans
          try to persuade the company to obtain the loan from his or her institution
          develop relationships with commercial and residential real estate agencies
          so that, when an individual or firm buys a property, the real estate agent
          might recommend contacting a specific loan officer for financing

          guide clients through the process of applying for a loan
          obtains basic information about the purpose of the loan and explains the
          different types of loans and credit terms that are available to the applicant

          answer questions about the process and sometimes assist clients in filling
          out the application
          analyzing and verifying the information on the application to determine the
          client’s creditworthiness
          obtain a credit “score
          request additional financial information from the client or, in the case of
          commercial loans, copies of the company’s financial statements
          conduct a financial analysis or other risk assessment
          decide, in consultation with their managers, whether to grant the loan
          contact borrowers with delinquent loan accounts to help them find a
          method of repayment in order to avoid their defaulting on the loan
          initiates collateral liquidation, in which the lender seizes the collateral used
          to secure the loan—a home or car, for example—and sells it to repay the
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   analyze and propose ways to improve an organization’s structure,
          efficiency, or profits
          develop strategies for entering and remaining competitive in the new
          electronic marketplace
          collect, review, and analyze information in order to make
          recommendations to managers
          define the nature and extent of the problem
          analyze relevant data, which may include annual revenues, employment,
          or expenditures, and interview managers and employees while observing
          their operations
          develops solutions to the problem
          report their findings and recommendations to the client
          submitted in writing, but oral presentations regarding findings also are
          assess the prices and characteristics of various machines and determine
          which best meets the agency’s needs
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   Negotiate with others concerning contracts and business matters
          Advise clients on career development and advancement
          Represent client in negotiations and financial fees to be received for
          Advises client concerning contracts, wardrobe, and effective presentation
          of act, according to knowledge of show business
          Procures services of professional personnel in particular phase of show
          business to create or design format of original act, or prepare special
          material for new act to advance client's career
          Manages business details of tours and engagements, such as obtaining
          reservations for transportation and hotel accommodations, and making
          disbursements for road expenses
          Represents client in public contacts, such as handling fan mail, telephone
          inquiries, and requests for personal appearances.
          Audition new talent for representation purposes
          Procure bookings for clients
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Computer and mathematical occupations                        Earnings Per Hour Daily Costs
  Actuaries                                                    66,590.00  $32.00 $768.00
  Computer programmers                                         57,590.00  $27.00 $648.00
  Computer software engineers                                  70,900.00  $34.00 $816.00
  Computer support specialists and systems administrators      36,460.00  $17.00 $408.00
  Computer systems analysts, database administrators, computer 62,890.00  $30.00 $720.00
  Mathematicians                                               36,460.00  $17.00 $408.00
  Operations research analysts                                 53,420.00  $25.00 $600.00
  Statisticians                                                51,990.00  $24.00 $576.00

Social scientists and related occupations
  Economists                                               68,550.00    $32.00    $768.00
  Market and survey researchers                            53,810.00    $25.00    $600.00
  Psychologists                                            48,596.00    $23.00    $552.00
  Social scientists, other                                 48,330.00    $23.00    $552.00

Community and social services occupations
  Clergy                                                   13,936.00     $6.00    $144.00
  Protestant ministers                                     13,936.00     $6.00    $144.00
  Rabbis                                                   13,936.00     $6.00    $144.00
  Roman Catholic priests                                   13,936.00     $6.00    $144.00
  Counselors                                               34,660.00    $16.00    $384.00
  Social and human service assistants                      22,330.00    $10.00    $240.00
  Social workers                                           31,470.00    $15.00    $360.00

  Lawyers                                                  88,280.00    $42.00 $1,008.00
  Paralegals and legal assistants                          35,360.00    $17.00 $408.00

Education, training, library, and museum occupations
  Archivists, curators, and museum technicians             33,080.00    $15.00    $360.00
  Instructional coordinators                               44,230.00    $21.00    $504.00
  Librarians                                               43,090.00    $20.00    $480.00
  Library technicians                                      23,170.00    $11.00    $264.00
  Teacher assistants                                       17,350.00     $8.00    $192.00

Arts and design
  Artists and related workers                              56,880.00    $27.00    $648.00
  Designers                                                48,780.00    $23.00    $552.00
Entertainers and performers, sports and related occupations
  Actors, producers, and directors                          23,470.00         $11.00   $264.00
  Dancers and choreographers                                21,100.00         $10.00   $240.00
  Musicians, singers, and related workers                   36,290.00         $17.00   $408.00

Media and communications-related occupations
  Announcers                                                    19,801.60      $9.00   $216.00
  News analysts, reporters, and correspondents                  29,110.00     $13.00   $312.00

Public relations specialists
  Television, video, and motion picture camera operators and editors          $13.00   $312.00
  Writers and editors                                            42,270.00    $20.00   $480.00

                                                                    Total Daily Costs $3,432.00
Navigation Task
<< BACK   determine future risk
          price decisions,
          formulate investment strategies
          design insurance, financial, and pension plans
          ensure that these plans are maintained on a sound financial basis
          specialize in life and health or property and casualty insurance;
          assemble and analyze data to estimate probabilities of an event taking place
          address financial questions, including those how a company should invest resources to
          maximize return on investment in light of potential risk
          help determine company policy and sometimes explain complex technical matters to
          company executives, government officials, shareholders, policyholders, or the public in
          testify before public agencies on proposed legislation affecting their businesses or explain
          changes in contract provisions to customers.
          develop plans to enter new lines of business or new geographic markets with existing lines
          of business by forecasting demand in competitive settings
          calculate the expected amount of claims resulting from automobile accidents
          ensure that the price, or premium, charged for such insurance will enable the company to
          cover claims and other expenses
          manages credit
          help price corporate security offerings
          help financial institutions manage the substantial risks associated with these products
          evaluate pension plans covered by that act and report on their financial soundness to plan
          members, sponsors, and Federal regulators
          help manage social programs such as Social Security and Medicare
          provide advice to clients on a contract basis
          design pension plans through calculating the future value of current deductions from
          earnings and by determining the amount of employer contributions
          provide advice to healthcare plans or financial services firms
          testify in court regarding the value of potential lifetime earnings of a person who is disabled
          or killed in an accident, the current value of future pension benefits in divorce cases, or
          other complex calculations
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   write, test, and maintain the detailed instructions, called programs, that computers must
          follow to perform their functions
          conceive, design, and test logical structures for solving problems by computer
          write programs according to the specifications determined primarily by computer software
          engineers and system analysts
          convert that design into a logical series of instructions that the computer can follow
          code these instructions in a conventional programming language
          update, repair, modify, and expand existing programs
          inserting comments in the coded instructions
          test a program by running it, to ensure the instructions are correct and it produces the
          desired information

          make the appropriate change and recheck the program until it produces the correct results
          prepare instructions for a computer operator who will run the program
          contribute to a manual for users
          write programs to handle a specific job, such as a program to track inventory, within an
          revise existing packaged software
          write programs to maintain and control computer systems software, such as operating
          systems, networked systems, and database systems.

          make changes in the sets of instructions that determine how the network, workstations,
          and central processing unit of the system handle the various jobs they have been given
          help applications programmers determine the source of problems that may occur with their
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   analyze users’ needs and design, construct, test, and maintain computer applications
          software or systems
          instruct a computer, line by line, how to perform a function
          solve technical problems that arise
          analyze users’ needs and design
          construct, and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility
          coordinate the construction and maintenance of a company’s computer systems and plan
          their future growth
          coordinate each department’s computer needs—ordering, inventory, billing, and payroll
          set up the company’s intranets—networks that link computers within the organization and
          ease communication among the various departments
          configure, implement, and install complete computer systems
          serving as the primary technical resource for sales workers and customers
          be involved in product sales
          providing their customers with continuing technical support
          designs new hardware, software, and systems
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   provide technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users
          interpret problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems
          answer phone calls
          analyze problems using automated diagnostic programs
          resolve recurrent difficulties
          provide computer support on a contract basis to clients
          install, modify, clean, and repair computer hardware and software
          work on monitors, keyboards, printers, and mice
          answer phone calls from their organizations’ computer users
          run automatic diagnostics programs to resolve problems
          write training manuals
          train computer users how to properly use the new computer hardware and software
          oversee the daily performance of their company’s computer systems and evaluate software
          programs for usefulness
          assist computer users with the inevitable hardware and software questions not addressed in
          a product’s instruction manual
          technicians field telephone calls and e-mail messages from customers seeking guidance on
          technical problems
          listen carefully to the customer
          ask questions to diagnose the nature of the problem
          patiently walk the customer through the problem-solving steps
          design, install, and support an organization’s LAN, WAN, network segment, Internet, or
          Intranet system
          provide day-to-day onsite administrative support for software users in a variety of work
          maintain network hardware and software, analyze problems
          monitor the network to ensure availability to system users
          gather data to identify customer needs
          identify, interpret, and evaluate system and network requirements
          plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures
          ensure that the design of an organization’s computer site allows all the components,
          including computers, the network, and software, to fit together and work properly
          monitor and adjust performance of existing networks and continually survey the current
          computer site to determine future network needs

          troubleshoot problems as reported by users and automated network monitoring systems and
          make recommendations for enhancements in the construction of future servers and networks
          plan, coordinate, and implement the organization’s information security
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   solve computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the individual needs of an
          help an organization to realize the maximum benefit from its investment in equipment,
          personnel, and business processes
          plan and develop new computer systems or devise ways to apply existing systems’ resources
          to additional operations
          design new systems, including both hardware and software, or add a new software
          application to harness more of the computer’s power
          discussing the systems problem with managers and users to determine its exact nature
          Defining the goals of the system
          dividing the solutions into individual steps
          separate procedures
          specify the inputs to be accessed by the system
          design the processing steps
          format the output to meet users’ needs
          prepare cost-benefit and return-on-investment analyses to help management decide whether
          implementing the proposed technology will be financially feasible
          determine what computer hardware and software will be needed to set the system up
          coordinate tests and observe the initial use of the system to ensure that it performs as
          prepare specifications, flow charts, and process diagrams for computer programmers to
          follow; then, they work with programmers to “debug,” or eliminate, errors from the system
          diagnose problems, recommend solutions, and determine whether program requirements
          have been met
          design and update the software that runs a computer
          making the computer systems within an organization, or among organizations, compatible so
          that information can be shared among them
          design the hardware and software to allow the free exchange of data, custom applications,
          and the computer power to process it all
          design, test, and evaluate systems such as local area networks (LANs), wide area networks
          (WANs), the Internet, intranets, and other data communications systems
          perform network modeling, analysis, and planning; they also may research related products
          and make necessary hardware and software recommendations

          design voice and data communication systems, supervise the installation of those systems,
          and provide maintenance and other services to clients after the system is installed
          design, development, and maintenance of Web sites and their servers
          approving the content of the site
          day-to-day site design and creation
organize and store data
identify user requirements, set up computer databases, and test and coordinate modifications
to the systems
ensures the performance of the system, understands the platform on which the database
runs, and adds new users to the system
design and implement system security, database administrators often plan and coordinate
security measures
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   solve economic, scientific, engineering, physics, and business problems
          developing new principles and recognizing previously unknown relationships between
          existing principles of mathematics
          formulate and solve practical problems in business
          analyze and decipher encryption systems designed to transmit military, political, financial, or
          law enforcement-related information in code
          envision the separate elements of the process under consideration
          reduce the elements into mathematical variables
          analyze relationships among the variables and solve complex problems by developing
          models with alternate solutions
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   help determine better ways to coordinate these elements by applying analytical methods from
          mathematics, science, and engineering
          propose alternative solutions to management, which then chooses the course of action that
          best meets the organization’s goals
          concerned with diverse issues such as top-level strategy, planning, forecasting, resource
          allocation, performance measurement, scheduling, design of production facilities and
          systems, supply chain management, pricing, transportation and distribution, and analysis of
          data in large databases
          entails a similar set of procedures in carrying out analysis to support management’s quest for
          performance improvement
          describing the symptoms of a problem to the analyst
          defines the problem
          break them into their component parts
          gather information about each of these parts from a variety of sources
          talk with engineers about production levels
          discuss purchasing arrangements with buyers
          examine data on storage costs provided by the accounting department
          use several techniques—including simulation, linear and nonlinear programming, dynamic
          programming, queuing and other stochastic-process models, Markov decision processes,
          econometric methods, data envelopment analysis, neural networks, expert systems, decision
          analysis, and the analytic hierarchy process
          construct of a mathematical model that attempts to describe the system being studied
          assign values to the different components
          clarify the relationships between components
          alter values to examine what may happen to the system under different circumstances
          presents to management recommendations based on the results
          works with others in the organization to ensure the plan’s successful implementation
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   applying their mathematical knowledge to the design of surveys and experiments; collection,
          processing, and analysis of data; and interpretation of the results
          sampling—obtaining information about a population of people or group of things by surveying
          a small portion of the total
          decide where and how to gather the data
          determine the type and size of the sample group
          develop the survey questionnaire or reporting form
          prepare instructions for workers who will collect and tabulate the data
          analyze, interpret, and summarize the data using computer software
          deciding what products to manufacture, how much to charge for them, and to whom the
          products should be marketed.
          manage assets and liabilities, determining the risks and returns of certain investments
          develop surveys that measure population growth, consumer prices, or unemployment
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   study how society distributes scarce resources such as land, labor, raw materials, and
          machinery to produce goods and services

          conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts
          research issues such as energy costs, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates, business
          cycles, taxes, or employment levels
          devise methods and procedures for obtaining the data they need.
          conduct a survey
          develop forecasts
          Preparing reports, including tables and charts, on research results is an important part of an
          economist’s job
          Presenting economic and statistical concepts in a clear and meaningful way is particularly
          important for economists whose research is directed toward making policies for an
          provide economic analysis to the media

          study the supply and demand decisions of individuals and firms, such as how profits can be
          maximized and how much of a good or service consumers will demand at a certain price
          study the market structure of particular industries in terms of the number of competitors, and
          the market decisions of competitive firms and monopolies
          study historical trends in the whole economy and forecast future trends in areas such as
          unemployment, inflation, economic growth, productivity, and investment
          study the money and banking system and the effects of rising interest rates
          study international financial markets, exchange rates, and the effects of various trade policies
          such as tariffs
          study the supply and demand for labor and the determination of wages
          explain the reasons for unemployment, and the effects on labor markets of changing
          demographic trends such as an aging population and increasing immigration
          studying the role of the government in the economy and the effects of tax cuts, budget
          deficits, and welfare policies
          use mathematical techniques such as calculus, game theory, and regression analysis to
          formulate economic models
          explain economic relationships and are used to develop forecasts related to the nature and
          length of business cycles, the effects of a specific rate of inflation on the economy, the effects
          of tax legislation on unemployment levels, and other economic phenomena
          forecasting consumer demand and sales of the firm’s products
          analyze their competitors’ growth and market share and advise their company on how to
          handle the competition
monitor legislation passed by Congress, such as environmental and worker safety
regulations, and assess its impact on their business
monitor the economic situations in countries where they do business, or to provide a risk
assessment of a country into which the company might expand
collect data on various indicators, maintain databases, analyze historical trends, and develop
models to forecast growth, inflation, unemployment, or interest rates

administer most of the surveys and collect most of the economic data in the United States
collect and analyze data on the production, distribution, and consumption of commodities
produced in the United States and overseas, while economists employed by the U.S.
Department of Labor collect and analyze data on the domestic economy, including those
having to do with prices, wages, employment, productivity, and safety and health
assess economic conditions in the United States or abroad in order to estimate the economic
effects of specific changes in legislation or public policy
advise policy makers in areas such as telecommunications deregulation, Social Security
revamping, the effects of tax cuts on the budget deficit, and the effectiveness of imposing
tariffs on imported steel
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   analyze statistical data on past sales to predict future sales
          gather data on competitors and analyze prices, sales, and methods of marketing and
          design telephone, mail, or Internet surveys to assess consumer preferences
          going door-to-door, leading focus group discussions, or setting up booths in public places
          such as shopping malls
          evaluate data and make recommendations to their client or employer based upon their
          provide a company’s management with information needed to make decisions on the
          promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of products or services
          determine the advisability of adding new lines of merchandise, opening new branches, or
          otherwise diversifying the company’s operations
          develop advertising brochures and commercials, sales plans, and product promotions such
          as rebates and giveaways
          design and conduct surveys for a variety of clients such as corporations, government
          agencies, political candidates, and service providers
          collect information that is used for research, making fiscal or policy decisions, measuring
          policy effectiveness, and improving customer satisfaction
          conduct opinion research to determine public attitudes on various issues, which may help
          political or business leaders and others assess public support for their electoral prospects or
          social policies
          use a variety of mediums to conduct surveys, such as the Internet, personal or telephone
          interviews, or mail questionnaires
          supervise interviewers who conduct surveys in person or over the telephone
          consult with economists, statisticians, market research analysts, or other data users in order
          to design surveys
          present survey results to clients
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   investigate the physical, cognitive, emotional, or social aspects of human behavior
          provide mental health care in hospitals, clinics, schools, or private settings
          formulate hypotheses and collect data to test their validity
          gather information through controlled laboratory experiments or by administering personality,
          performance, aptitude, and intelligence tests. Other methods include observation, interviews,
          questionnaires, clinical studies, and surveys.
          help mentally and emotionally disturbed clients adjust to life and may help medical and
          surgical patients deal with illnesses or injuries

          help people deal with times of personal crisis, such as divorce or the death of a loved one.
          interview patients and give diagnostic tests
          provide individual, family, or group psychotherapy, and design and implement behavior
          modification programs
          collaborate with physicians and other specialists to develop and implement treatment and
          intervention programs that patients can understand and comply with
          train graduate students in the delivery of mental health and behavioral medicine services
          administer community mental health programs
          promote good health through health maintenance counseling programs designed to help
          people achieve goals such as to stop smoking or lose weight
          study the relation between the brain and behavior
          interviewing and testing
          advise people on how to deal with problems of everyday living
          resolve students’ learning and behavior problems
          improve classroom management strategies or parenting skills, counter substance abuse,
          work with students with disabilities or gifted and talented students, and improve teaching and
          learning strategies
          evaluate the effectiveness of academic programs, behavior management procedures, and
          other services provided in the school setting
          conduct applicant screening, training and development, counseling, and organizational
          development and analysis

          study the physiological, cognitive, and social development that takes place throughout life
          study developmental disabilities and their effects
          study include group behavior, leadership, attitudes, and perception
          study motivation, thinking, attention, learning and memory, sensory and perceptual
          processes, effects of substance abuse, and genetic and neurological factors affecting
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Navigation Task

          suggest solutions to social, business, personal, governmental, and environmental problems
          collect facts, opinions, or other information
          field investigations
          the analysis of historical records and documents
          experiments with human or animal subjects in a laboratory
          administration of standardized tests and questionnaires
          preparation and interpretation of maps and computer graphics

          study the origin and the physical, social, and cultural development and behavior of humans
          study the way of life, archaeological remains, language, or physical characteristics of people
          in various parts of the world
          compare the customs, values, and social patterns of different cultures
          study customs, cultures, and social lives of groups in settings that vary from unindustrialized
          societies to modern urban centers
          recover and examine material evidence, such as ruins, tools, and pottery remaining from past
          human cultures in order to determine the history, customs, and living habits of earlier
          civilizations. Linguistic anthropologists study the role and changes over time of language in
          various cultures
          study the evolution of the human body, look for the earliest evidences of human life, and
          analyze how culture and biology influence one another
          analyze distributions of physical and cultural phenomena on local, regional, continental, and
          global scales
          study the distribution of resources and economic activities
          concerned with the relationship of geography to political phenomena, whereas cultural
          geographers study the geography of cultural phenomena
          study variations in climate, vegetation, soil, and landforms, and their implications for human
          study cities and metropolitan areas
          study the physical, economic, political, and cultural characteristics of regions, ranging in size
          from a congressional district to entire continents
          study health care delivery systems, epidemiology (the study of the causes and control of
          epidemics), and the effect of the environment on health
          research, analyze, and interpret the past
          use many Sources of Additional Information in their research, including government and
          institutional records, newspapers and other periodicals, photographs, interviews, films, and
          unpublished manuscripts such as personal diaries and letters
          collect detailed information on individuals
          study and preserve archival materials, artifacts, and historic buildings and sites
study the origin, development, and operation of political systems and public policy

conduct research on public opinion, political decision-making, ideology, and public policy,
they analyze the structure and operation of governments as well as various political entities
conduct a public opinion survey, analyze election results, analyze public documents, or
interview public officials
study society and social behavior by examining the groups and social institutions people
form, as well as various social, religious, political, and business organizations
study the behavior and interaction of groups, trace their origin and growth, and analyze the
influence of group activities on individual members
aid educators, lawmakers, administrators, and others interested in resolving social problems
and formulating public policy
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   organize and lead regular religious services and officiate at special ceremonies, including
          confirmations, weddings, and funerals
          lead worshipers in prayer, administer the sacraments, deliver sermons, and read from sacred
          texts such as the Bible, Torah, or Koran.
          conducting worship services
          organize, supervise, and lead religious education programs for their congregations
          visit the sick or bereaved to provide comfort and they counsel persons who are seeking
          religious or moral guidance or who are troubled by family or personal problems
          expand the membership of their congregations
          solicit donations to support their activities and facilities
          oversee the management of buildings, order supplies, contract for services and repairs, and
          supervise the work of staff and volunteers
          carry out the missions of religious community and social services agencies
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   lead their congregations in worship services and administer the various rites of the church,
          such as baptism, confirmation, and Holy Communion
          Bible readings, hymn singing, prayers, and a sermon
          officiate at weddings, funerals, and other occasions
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   preserve the substance of Jewish religious worship

          follow the traditional form of worship—for example, in the wearing of head coverings, in the
          use of Hebrew as the language of prayer, and in the use of instrumental music or a choir
          serve on committees, alongside business and civic leaders in their communities to help find
          solutions to local problems
          write for religious and lay publications and teach in theological seminaries, colleges, and
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Navigation Task

          serving the people of a diocese, a church administrative region, and generally work in
          parishes, schools, or other Catholic institutions as assigned by the bishop of their diocese
          take oaths of celibacy and obedience
          take a vow of poverty

          attend to the spiritual, pastoral, moral, and educational needs of the members of their church
          morning meditation and mass
          individual counseling session
          visit to a hospital or home
          direct and serve on church committees, work in civic and charitable organizations, and assist
          in community projects
          counsel parishioners preparing for marriage or the birth of a child
          serve as missionaries in foreign countries
          devote their lives to prayer, study, and assigned work
          hold teaching and administrative posts in Catholic seminaries, colleges and universities, and
          high schools
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   assist people with personal, family, educational, mental health, and career decisions and
          help students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents, and personality characteristics in order
          to develop realistic academic and career goals
          use interviews, counseling sessions, tests, or other methods when evaluating and advising
          operate career information centers and career education programs
          advise on college majors, admission requirements, entrance exams, and financial aid and on
          trade or technical schools and apprenticeship programs

          help students develop job search skills such as resume writing and interviewing techniques
          assist alumni or students with career development and job hunting techniques

          confer with their teachers and parents to evaluate their strengths, problems, or special needs
          help students develop good study habits. They do less vocational and academic counseling
          than do secondary school counselors
          help students understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal problems
          emphasize preventive and developmental counseling to provide students with the life skills
          needed to deal with problems before they occur, and to enhance personal, social, and
          academic growth
          provide special services, including alcohol and drug prevention programs, and classes that
          teach students to handle conflicts without resorting to violence
          identify cases involving domestic abuse and other family problems that can affect a student’s
          work with students individually, with small groups, or with entire classes
          consult and work with parents, teachers, school administrators, school psychologists, school
          nurses, and social workers
          help individuals make career decisions
          explore and evaluate the client’s education, training, work history, interests, skills, and
          personal traits, and arrange for aptitude and achievement tests
          work with individuals to develop job search skills and assist clients in locating and applying for
          help people deal with the personal, social, and vocational effects of disabilities
          counsel people with disabilities resulting from birth defects, illness or disease, accidents, or
          the stress of daily life
          evaluate the strengths and limitations of individuals, provide personal and vocational
          counseling, and arrange for medical care, vocational training, and job placement
interview individuals with disabilities and their families, evaluate school and medical reports,
and confer and plan with physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and employers to
determine the capabilities and skills of the individualdevelop a rehabilitation program, which
often includes training to help the person develop job skillswork toward increasing the client’s
capacity to live independently
emphasize prevention, and work with individuals and groups to promote optimum mental
help individuals deal with addictions and substance abuse, suicidal impulses, stress
management, problems with self-esteem, issues associated with aging, job and career
concerns, educational decisions, issues related to mental and emotional health, and family,
parenting, and marital problems
work closely with other mental health specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical
social workers, psychiatric nurses, and school counselors
help people who have problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, and eating disorders
counsel individuals who are addicted to drugs to help them identify behaviors and problems
related to their addiction
hold counseling sessions for one person, for families, or for groups of people to assist them in
dealing with problems
apply principles, methods, and therapeutic techniques to individuals, family groups, couples or
organizations for the purpose of resolving emotional conflicts
they modify perceptions and behavior, enhance communication and understanding among all
family members, and help to prevent family and individual crisis
provides services to elderly persons who face changing lifestyles because of health problems,
and helps families cope with these changes
helps employers adjust to an increasingly diverse workforce
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   assess clients’ needs, establish their eligibility for benefits and services, and help clients
          obtain them

          examine financial documents such as rent receipts and tax returns to determine whether the
          client is eligible for Food Stamps, Medicaid, welfare, and other human service programs
          arrange for transportation and escorts, if necessary, and provide emotional support
          monitor and keep case records on clients and report progress to supervisors and case
          transport or accompany clients to group meal sites, adult daycare centers, or doctors’ offices;
          telephone or visit clients’ homes to make sure services are being received; or help resolve
          disagreements, such as those between tenants and landlords
          help some clients complete insurance or medical forms, as well as applications for financial
          assistance, and may assist others with daily living needs
          organize and lead group activities, assist clients in need of counseling or crisis intervention, or
          administer a food bank or emergency fuel program
          assist adults who need supervision with personal hygiene and daily living skills
          review clients’ records, ensure that they take correct doses of medication, talk with family
          members, and confer with medical personnel and other caregivers to gain better insight into
          clients’ backgrounds and needs
          provide emotional support and help clients become involved in their own well-being, in
          community recreation programs, and in other activities
          work with professional care providers, such as psychiatrists, psychologists, and social
          workers, to help clients master everyday living skills, to teach them how to communicate more
          effectively, and to get along better with others
          support the client’s participation in a treatment plan, such as individual or group counseling or
          occupational therapy
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             counsel clients with mental and emotional problems
             provide social services in health-related settings that now are governed by managed care organizations

             consult with parents, teachers, and counselors to identify underlying causes and develop plans for treatment

             investigate reports of abuse and neglect, and intervene if necessary

             provide services for persons with mental or emotional problems
             help plan for supportive services to ease patients’ return to the community
deal with problems such as student pregnancy, misbehavior in class, and excessive absences
advise teachers on how to cope with problem students
counsel drug and alcohol abusers as they recover from their dependencies
arrange for other services that may help clients find employment or get training

help workers cope with job-related pressures or with personal problems that affect the quality of their work

develop education programs and refer workers to specialized community programs
run support groups for family caregivers or for the adult children of aging parents

perform overall management tasks in a hospital, clinic, or other setting that offers social worker services

research and analyze policies, programs, and regulations
identify social problems and suggest legislative and other solutions
help raise funds or write grants to support these programs
help people function the best way they can in their environment, deal with their relationships, and solve
personal and family problems
assist families that have serious domestic conflicts, including those involving child or spousal abuse
help clients identify their concerns, consider effective solutions, and find reliable resources
consult and counsel clients and arrange for services that can help them
refer clients to specialists in services such as debt counseling, childcare or eldercare, public assistance, or
alcohol or drug rehabilitation
follow through with the client to assure that services are helpful and that clients make proper use of the
services offered
review eligibility requirements, help fill out forms and applications, visit clients on a regular basis, and provide
support during crises
provide or arrange for a range of support services

provide counseling services on marriage, family, and adoption matters, and they help people through
personal or community emergencies, such as dealing with loss or grief or arranging for disaster assistance
help children, parents, and teachers cope with problems
help people locate basic benefits, such as income assistance, housing, and job training
offer counseling to those receiving therapy for addictive or physical disorders in rehabilitation facilities, and to
people in nursing homes who are in need of routine living care

counsel people with personal, family, professional, or financial problems affecting their work performance
evaluate and counsel individuals in the criminal justice system to cope better in society
provide clinical or diagnostic testing services covering a wide range of personal disorders
counsel clients with mental and emotional problems
provide social services in health-related settings that now are governed by managed care organizations
offer psychotherapy or counseling and a range of diagnostic services in public agencies, clinics, and private
counsel children and youths who have difficulty adjusting socially, advise parents on how to care for disabled
children, or arrange for homemaker services during a parent’s illness

consult with parents, teachers, and counselors to identify underlying causes and develop plans for treatment
assist single parents; arrange adoptions; and help find foster homes for neglected, abandoned, or abused
investigate reports of abuse and neglect, and intervene if necessary
initiate legal action to remove children from homes and place them temporarily in an emergency shelter or
with a foster family
provide services for persons with mental or emotional problems
help plan for supportive services to ease patients’ return to the community
help patients and their families cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses and handle problems that may
stand in the way of recovery or rehabilitation
organize support groups for families of patients suffering from cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer’s disease, or other
advise family caregivers, counsel patients, and help plan for patients’ needs after discharge by arranging for
at-home services—from meals-on-wheels to oxygen equipment
diagnose students’ problems and arrange needed services, counsel children in trouble, and help integrate
disabled students into the general school population
deal with problems such as student pregnancy, misbehavior in class, and excessive absences
advise teachers on how to cope with problem students
counsel drug and alcohol abusers as they recover from their dependencies
arrange for other services that may help clients find employment or get training
make recommendations to courts; prepare presentencing assessments; and provide services to prison
inmates, parolees, probationers, and their families

help workers cope with job-related pressures or with personal problems that affect the quality of their work
offer direct counseling to employees whose performance is hindered by emotional or family problems or
substance abuse
develop education programs and refer workers to specialized community programs
run support groups for family caregivers or for the adult children of aging parents
advise elderly people or family members about the choices in such areas as housing, transportation, and long-
term care; they also coordinate and monitor services
perform overall management tasks in a hospital, clinic, or other setting that offers social worker services
develop programs to address such issues as child abuse, homelessness, substance abuse, poverty, and
research and analyze policies, programs, and regulations
identify social problems and suggest legislative and other solutions
help raise funds or write grants to support these programs
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   represent one of the parties in criminal and civil trials by presenting evidence and arguing in
          court to support their client
          counsel their clients concerning their legal rights and obligations, and suggest particular
          courses of action in business and personal matters
          research the intent of laws and judicial decisions and apply the law to the specific
          circumstances faced by their client
          conducting research, interviewing clients and witnesses, and handling other details in
          preparation for trial
          help clients prepare and file for licenses and applications for approval before certain
          activities may occur
          represent clients’ interests in administrative adjudications
          help protect clients’ claims to copyrights, art work under contract, product designs, and
          computer programs
          advise insurance companies about the legality of insurance transactions
          write insurance policies to conform with the law and to protect companies from unwarranted
          review the claims and represent the companies in court
          represent individuals who have been charged with crimes and argue their cases in courts of
          advises the company concerning legal issues related to its business activities
          investigate cases for the U.S. Department of Justice and other agencies

          also help develop programs, draft and interpret laws and legislation, establish enforcement
          procedures, and argue civil and criminal cases on behalf of the government
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   helping lawyers prepare for closings, hearings, trials, and corporate meetings
          investigate the facts of cases and ensure that all relevant information is considered
          identify appropriate laws, judicial decisions, legal articles, and other materials that are
          relevant to assigned cases
          analyze and organize the information, paralegals may prepare written reports that attorneys
          use in determining how cases should be handled
          help prepare the legal arguments, draft pleadings and motions to be filed with the court,
          obtain affidavits, and assist attorneys during trials
          organize and track files of all important case documents and make them available and easily
          accessible to attorneys
          help draft contracts, mortgages, separation agreements, and trust instruments
          assist in preparing tax returns and planning estates

          coordinate the activities of other law office employees and maintain financial office records
          assist attorneys with employee contracts, shareholder agreements, stock-option plans, and
          employee benefit plans
          help prepare and file annual financial reports, maintain corporate minute books and
          resolutions, and secure loans for the corporation
          monitor and review government regulations to ensure that the corporation operates within the
          analyze legal material for internal use, maintain reference files, conduct research for
          attorneys, and collect and analyze evidence for agency hearings
          prepare informative or explanatory material on laws, agency regulations, and agency policy
          for general use by the agency and the public
          file forms, conduct research, prepare documents, and when authorized by law, may
          represent clients at administrative hearings

          research judicial decisions on improper police arrests or help prepare a mortgage contract
          retrieve, organize, and index various materials
          scan documents directly into a database, while billing programs help them to track hours
          billed to clients

          perform tax computations and explore the consequences of possible tax strategies for clients
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Navigation Task
          search for, acquire, appraise, analyze, describe, arrange, catalogue, restore, preserve,
          exhibit, maintain, and store valuable items that can be used by researchers or for
          exhibitions, publications, broadcasting, and other educational programsplan and oversee
          the arrangement, cataloguing, and exhibition of collections and, along with technicians and
          conservators, maintain collections

          coordinate educational and public outreach programs, such as tours, workshops, lectures,
          and classes, and may work with the boards of institutions to administer plans and policies
          research topics or items relevant to their collections
          handle objects found in cultural, biological, or historical collections, such as sculptures,
          textiles, and paintings, while archivists mainly handle valuable records, documents, or
          objects that are retained because they originally accompanied and relate specifically to the
          determine what portion of the vast amount of records maintained by various organizations,
          such as government agencies, corporations, or educational institutions, or by families and
          individuals, should be made part of permanent historical holdings, and which of these
          records should be put on exhibit
          maintain records in their original arrangement according to the creator’s organizational
          scheme, and describe records to facilitate retrieval
          keep abreast of technological advances in electronic information storage
          oversee collections in museums, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, nature centers, and
          historic sites
          acquire items through purchases, gifts, field exploration, intermuseum exchanges, or, in the
          case of some plants and animals, reproduction
          plan and prepare exhibits
          collect and observe specimens in their natural habitat
          describing and classifying species, while specially trained collection managers and
          technicians provide hands-on care of natural history collections
          catalogue and organize their collections
          make information available to other curators and the public
          participate in grantwriting and fundraising to support their projects
          maintain the collection, others do research, and others perform administrative tasks
          keep track of and move objects in the collection
          maintaining collections to directing the affairs of museums
          manage, care for, preserve, treat, and document works of art, artifacts, and specimens
          use x rays, chemical testing, microscopes, special lights, and other laboratory equipment
          and techniques to examine objects and determine their condition, the need for treatment or
          restoration, and the appropriate method for preservation
document their findings and treat items to minimize deterioration or restore items to their
original state

assist curators by performing various preparatory and maintenance tasks on museum items
assist curators with research

help archivists organize, maintain, and provide access to historical documentary materials
formulate policies, plan budgets, and raise funds for their museums
coordinate activities of their staff to establish and maintain collections
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   develop instructional materials, train teachers, and assess educational programs in terms of
          quality and adherence to regulations and standards
          assist in implementing new technology in the classroom
          evaluate how well a school’s curriculum meets students’ needs
          research teaching methods and techniques and develop procedures to determine whether
          program goals are being met
          meet with members of educational committees and advisory groups to learn about
          subjects—English, history, or mathematics, for example—and to relate curriculum materials to
          these subjects, to students’ needs, and to occupations for which these subjects are good
          develop questionnaires and interview school staff about the curriculum
          recommend instruction and curriculum improvements
          review textbooks, software, and other educational materials and make recommendations on
          monitor materials ordered and the ways in which teachers use them in the classroom
          supervise workers who catalogue, distribute, and maintain a school’s educational materials
          and equipment
          find effective ways to use technology to enhance student learning

          monitor the introduction of new technology, including the Internet, into a school’s curriculum
          recommend installing educational computer software, such as interactive books and exercises
          designed to enhance student literacy and develop math skills

          invite experts—such as computer hardware, software, and library or media specialists—into
          the classroom to help integrate technological materials into a school’s curriculum
          plan and provide onsite education for teachers and administrators

          train teachers about the use of materials and equipment or help them to improve their skills
          mentor new teachers and train experienced ones in the latest instructional methods
          advise teachers on the content of the standards and provide instruction on implementing the
          standards in the classroom
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   assist people in finding information and using it effectively for personal and professional
          oversee the selection and organization of library materials
          manage staff and develop and direct information programs and systems for the public, to
          ensure that information is organized in a manner that meets users’ needs
          work with patrons to help them find the information they need
          analyzing users’ needs to determine what information is appropriate, as well as searching for,
          acquiring, and providing the information
          showing users how to access information
          help users navigate the Internet so they can search for relevant information efficiently
          acquire and prepare materials for use and often do not deal directly with the public

          oversee the management and planning of libraries: negotiate contracts for services, materials,
          and equipment; supervise library employees; perform public-relations and fundraising duties:
          prepare budgets; and direct activities to ensure that everything functions properly
          read book reviews, publishers’ announcements, and catalogues to keep up with current
          literature and other available resources, and they select and purchase materials from
          publishers, wholesalers, and distributors
          prepare new materials by classifying them by subject matter and describe books and other
          library materials to make them easy to find
          supervise assistants, who prepare cards, computer records, or other access tools that direct
          users to resources
          compile lists of books, periodicals, articles, and audiovisual materials on particular subjects;
          analyze collections; and recommend materials
          collect and organize books, pamphlets, manuscripts, and other materials in a specific field,
          such as rare books, genealogy, or music
          coordinate programs such as storytelling for children and literacy skills and book talks for
          adults; conduct classes; publicize services; provide reference help; write grants; and oversee
          other administrative matters
          help teachers develop curricula, acquire materials for classroom instruction, and sometimes
          team teach
          acquire and arrange an organization’s information resources, which usually are limited to
          subjects of special interest to the organization
          provide vital information services by preparing abstracts and indexes of current periodicals,
          organizing bibliographies, or analyzing background information and preparing reports on areas
          of particular interest
          develop and index databases and help train users to develop searching skills for the
          information they need
          forming consortiums with other libraries through electronic mail
planning and operating computer systems, and information architect librarians, designing
information storage and retrieval systems and developing procedures for collecting,
organizing, interpreting, and classifying information
analyze and plan for future information needs
administrative and budgeting responsibilities, grant writing, and specialized research requests,
while delegating more technical and user services responsibilities to technicians
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Navigation Task

          help librarians acquire, prepare, and organize material, and assist users in finding information
          direct library users to standard references, organize and maintain periodicals, prepare
          volumes for binding, handle interlibrary loan requests, prepare invoices, perform routine
          cataloguing and coding of library materials, retrieve information from computer databases,
          and supervise support staff
          assist with customizing databases
          instruct patrons how to use computer systems to access data
          operate and maintain audiovisual equipment, such as projectors, tape recorders, and
          videocassette recorders, and assist users with microfilm or microfiche readers
          design posters, bulletin boards, or displays
          encourage and teach students to use the library and media center
          help teachers obtain instructional materials and assist students with special assignments
          conduct literature searches, compile bibliographies, and prepare abstracts, usually on
          subjects of particular interest to the organization
          operate bookmobiles
          answer patrons' questions, receive and check out books, collect fines, maintain the book
          collection, shelve materials, and occasionally operate audiovisual equipment to show slides
          or films
          participate and may assist in planning programs sponsored by the library such as reader
          advisory programs, used book sales, or outreach programs
          keep track of their mileage, the materials lent out, and the amount of fines collected
          responsible for maintenance of the vehicle and any photocopiers or other equipment in it
          record statistics on circulation and the number of people visiting the bookmobile
          record requests for special items from the main library and arrange for the materials to be
          mailed or delivered to a patron during the next scheduled visit
          reserve or locate books immediately
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   provide instructional and clerical support for classroom teachers, allowing teachers more time
          for lesson planning and teaching
          tutor and assist children in learning class material using the teacher’s lesson plans, providing
          students with individualized attention
          supervise students in the cafeteria, schoolyard, school discipline center, or on field trips
          record grades, set up equipment, and help prepare materials for instruction
          perform exclusively noninstructional or clerical tasks, such as monitoring nonacademic
          instruct children, under the direction and guidance of teachers
          work with students individually or in small groups—listening while students read, reviewing or
          reinforcing classwork, or helping them find information for reports
          take charge of special projects and prepare equipment or exhibits, such as for a science
          helping students using computers and educational software programs

          instructing, assisting, and supervising students, teacher assistants grade tests and papers,
          check homework, keep health and attendance records, type, file, and duplicate materials
          stock supplies, operate audiovisual equipment, and keep classroom equipment in order
          attend to a disabled student’s physical needs, including feeding, teaching good grooming
          habits, or assisting students riding the school bus
          provide personal attention to students with other special needs, such as those whose families
          live in poverty, or students who speak English as a second language, or who need remedial
          help assess a student’s progress by observing performance and recording relevant data
          work with infants and toddlers who are disabled or developmentally delayed
          perform exercises or play games to help the child develop physically and behaviorally
          helping them obtain a job or apply for community services for the disabled
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Navigation Task

          formulate design concepts and presentation approaches for visual communications media
          create original artwork using a variety of media and techniques
          create special effects, animation, or other visual images using film, video, computers or
          other electronic media
          develop design concepts and review the material that is to appear in periodicals,
          newspapers, and other printed or digital media
          decide how best to present the information visually, so it is eye-catching, appealing, and
          decide which photographs or artwork to use and oversee the layout design and production
          of the printed material
          direct workers engaged in art work, layout design, and copy writing
          display their work in museums, commercial art galleries, corporate collections, and private
          predetermine how much each will earn from the sale
          who plan and set up art exhibits
          work as art critics for newspapers or magazines, or as consultants to foundations or
          institutional collectors
          create pictures for books, magazines, and other publications; and commercial products,
          such as textiles, wrapping paper, stationery, greeting cards and calendars
          design three-dimensional art works—either by molding and joining materials such as clay,
          glass, wire, plastic, fabric, or metal or by cutting and carving forms from a block of plaster,
          wood, or stone
          preserve and restore damaged and faded paintings
          draw storyboards for television commercials, movies, and animated features
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   turn abstract ideas into formal designs for the merchandise we buy, the clothes we wear, the
          publications we read, and the living and office space we inhabit
          determine the needs of the client, the ultimate function for which the design is intended, and
          its appeal to customers
          researching the desired design characteristics, such as size, shape, weight, color, materials
          used, cost, ease of use, fit, and safety
          prepare sketches—by hand or with the aid of a computer—to illustrate the vision for the
          consulting with the client, an art or design director, or a product development team, designers
          create detailed designs using drawings, a structural model, computer simulations, or a full-
          scale prototype
          supervise assistants who carry out their creations
          developing new business contacts, reviewing equipment and space needs, and performing
          administrative tasks, such as reviewing catalogues and ordering samples

          develop countless manufactured products, including airplanes; cars; children’s toys; computer
          equipment; furniture; home appliances; and medical, office, and recreational equipment
          combine artistic talent with research on product use, customer needs, marketing, materials,
          and production methods to create the most functional and appealing design that will be
          competitive with others in the marketplace
          design clothing and accessories
          create original garments, as well as those that follow established fashion trends
          cut and arrange live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage into designs, according to the
          customer’s order
          trim flowers and arrange bouquets, sprays, wreaths, dish gardens, and terrariums
          work from a written order indicating the occasion, customer preference for color and type of
          flower, price, the time at which the floral arrangement or plant is to be ready, and the place to
          which it is to be delivered
          develop the overall layout and design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports,
          and other publications
          produce promotional displays and marketing brochures for products and services, design
          distinctive company logos for products and businesses, and develop signs and signage
          systems—called environmental graphics—for business and government
          plan the space and furnish the interiors of private homes, public buildings, and business or
          institutional facilities, such as offices, restaurants, retail establishments, hospitals, hotels, and
          plan the interiors when existing structures are renovated or expanded
          prepare drawings and specifications for non-load bearing interior construction, furnishings,
          lighting, and finishes
design lighting and architectural details—such as crown molding, built-in bookshelves, or
cabinets—coordinate colors, and select furniture, floor coverings, and window treatments
design space to conform to Federal, State, and local laws, including building codes
plan and erect commercial displays, such as those in windows and interiors of retail stores or
at trade exhibitions
erect major store decorations, including building and window displays, and spot lighting
outfit store departments, arrange table displays, and dress mannequins
create sets for movie, television, and theater productions and design special exhibition
study scripts, confer with directors and other designers, and conduct research to determine
the appropriate historical period, fashion, and architectural styles
produce sketches or scale models to guide in the construction of the actual sets or exhibit
work with curators, art and museum directors, and trade show sponsors to determine the
most effective use of available space
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   express ideas and create images in theater, film, radio, television, and other performing arts
          interpret a writer’s script to entertain, inform, or instruct an audience
          perform in stage, radio, television, video, or motion picture productions
          do voiceover and narration work for advertisements, animated features, books on tape, and
          other electronic media
          teach in high school or university drama departments, acting conservatories, or public
          overseeing the business and financial decisions of a motion picture, made-for-television
          feature, or stage production
          select scripts, approve the development of ideas for the production, arrange financing, and
          determine the size and cost of the endeavor
          hire or approve the selection of directors, principal cast members, and key production staff
          negotiate contracts with artistic and design personnel in accordance with collective
          bargaining agreements and guarantee payment of salaries, rent, and other expenses
          determine which programs, episodes, or news segments get aired
          research material, write scripts, and oversee the production of individual pieces
          coordinate the activities of writers, directors, managers, and agents to ensure that each
          project stays on schedule and within budget
          interpret scripts, express concepts to set and costume designers, audition and select cast
          members, conduct rehearsals, and direct the work of cast and crew
          cue the performers and technicians to make entrances or to make light, sound, or set
          approve the design elements of a production, including the sets, costumes, choreography,
          and music
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   expressed ideas, stories, and rhythm with their bodies
          perform in a variety of settings, such as musical productions, and may present folk, ethnic,
          tap, jazz, and other popular kinds of dance
          perform in opera, musical theater, television, movies, music videos, and commercials, in
          which they also may sing and act
          perform as part of a group, although a few top artists perform solo
          work with choreographers, who create original dances and develop new interpretations of
          existing dances
          instruct performers at rehearsals to achieve the desired effect
          auditioning performers
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   play musical instruments, sing, compose or arrange music, or conduct groups in instrumental
          or vocal performances
          perform solo or as part of a group
          entertain live audiences in nightclubs, concert halls, and theaters featuring opera, musical
          theater, or dance
          perform exclusively for recording or production studios
          play in a symphony orchestra, rock group, or jazz combo one night, appear in another
          ensemble the next, and work in a studio band the following day
          interpret music, using their knowledge of voice production, melody, and harmony
          sing character parts or perform in their own individual style
          directors conduct, direct, plan, and lead instrumental or vocal performances by musical
          groups, such as orchestras, choirs, and glee clubs
          lead instrumental music groups, such as symphony orchestras, dance bands, show bands,
          and various popular ensembles
          leaders audition and select musicians, choose the music most appropriate for their talents
          and abilities, and direct rehearsals and performances
          lead choirs and glee clubs, sometimes working with a band or an orchestra conductor
          audition and select singers and lead them at rehearsals and performances in order to achieve
          harmony, rhythm, tempo, shading, and other desired musical effects
          create original music such as symphonies, operas, sonatas, radio and television jingles, film
          scores, or popular songs
          transcribe ideas into musical notation, using harmony, rhythm, melody, and tonal structure
          transcribe and adapt musical compositions to a particular style for orchestras, bands, choral
          groups, or individuals
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   announce station program information such as program schedules and station breaks for
          commercials or public service information, and they introduce and close programs
          read prepared scripts or ad-lib commentary on the air when presenting news, sports,
          weather, time, and commercials
          research and writing
          interview guests and moderate panels or discussions
          provide commentary for the audience during sporting events, parades, and other events
          make promotional appearances and remote broadcasts for their stations
          announce music selections and may decide what music to play
          comment on the music, weather, and traffic
          take requests from listeners, interview guests, and manage listener contests
          contribute to the preparation of the program content; interview guests; and discuss issues
          with viewers, listeners, or an in-studio audience
          operate the control board, monitor the transmitter, sell commercial time to advertisers, keep
          a log of the station’s daily programming, and do production work
          broadcast programming, commercials, and public service announcements according to
          fundraising efforts
          participate in community activities
          serve as masters of ceremonies at sports club banquets or may greet customers at
          openings of sporting goods stores
          provide information to the audience at sporting and other events. announce and play music
          at clubs, dances, restaurants, and weddings
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Navigation Task
          gather information, prepare stories, and make broadcasts that inform us about local, State,
          national, and international events; present points of view on current issues; and report on the
          actions of public officials, corporate executives, special-interest groups, and others who
          exercise power
          examine, interpret, and broadcast news received from various sources, and also are called
          newscasters or news anchors
          present news stories and introduce videotaped news or live transmissions from on-the-scene
          report current and forecasted weather conditions
          gather information from national satellite weather services, wire services, and local and
          regional weather bureaus
          select, write, and deliver sports news
          interviews with sports personalities and coverage of games and other sporting events
          investigate leads and news tips, look at documents, observe events at the scene, and
          interview people
          take notes and also may take photographs or shoot videos
          organize the material, determine the focus or emphasis, write their stories, and edit
          accompanying video material
          information or write stories on laptop computers, and electronically submit them to their
          offices from remote locations
          write a story from information collected and submitted by reporters
          compose stories and report “live” from the scene
          tape an introduction or commentary to their story in the studio
          the news or offer opinions to readers, viewers, or listeners
          write news, such as an accident, a political rally, the visit of a celebrity, or a company going
          out of business, as assigned
          assign reporters to gather news about specific categories or beats, such as crime or
          cover stories that take many days or weeks of information gathering
          report on news occurring in the large U.S. and foreign cities where they are stationed

          take photographs, write headlines, lay out pages, edit wire service copy, and write editorials
          solicit advertisements, sell subscriptions, and perform general office work
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   produce images that tell a story, inform or entertain an audience, or record an event
          edit soundtracks, film, and video for the motion picture, cable, and broadcast television
          choosing and presenting interesting material, selecting appropriate equipment, and applying
          a good eye and steady hand to assure smooth natural movement of the camera
          shoot a wide range of subjects, including television series, studio programs, news and
          sporting events, music videos, motion pictures, documentaries, and training sessions
          film or videotape private ceremonies and special events
          following newsworthy events as they unfold
          edit raw footage on the spot for relay to a television affiliate for broadcast
          film movies, television programs, and commercials
          discuss ways of filming, editing, and improving scenes
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Navigation Task
          develop original fiction and nonfiction for books, magazines and trade journals, newspapers,
          online publications, company newsletters, radio and television broadcasts, motion pictures,
          and advertisements
          develop scientific or technical materials, such as scientific and medical reports, equipment
          manuals, appendices, or operating and maintenance instructions
          assist in layout work
          select and prepare material for publication or broadcast and review and prepare a writer’s
          work for publication or dissemination
          select a topic or are assigned one, often by an editor or publisher

          gather information through personal observation, library and Internet research, and interviews
          select the material they want to use, organize it, and use the written word to express ideas
          and convey information
          revise or rewrite sections, searching for the best organization or the right phrasing
          prepare advertising copy for use by publication or broadcast media, or to promote the sale of
          goods and services
          produce information for distribution to association members, corporate employees,
          organizational clients, or the public
          construct crossword puzzles and prepare speeches
          put scientific and technical information into easily understandable language
          prepare scientific and technical reports, operating and maintenance manuals, catalogs, parts
          lists, assembly instructions, sales promotion materials, and project proposals
          plan and edit technical reports and oversee preparation of illustrations, photographs,
          diagrams, and charts
          prepare a range of formal documents presenting detailed information on the physical or
          medical sciences
          impart research findings for scientific or medical professions, organize information for
          advertising or public relations needs, and interpret data and other information for a general
          prepare material directly for the Internet
          write the text of Web sites
          sell their work to publishers, publication enterprises, manufacturing firms, public relations
          departments, or advertising agencies
          contract with publishers to write a book or article
          complete specific assignments such as writing about a new product or technique
          review, rewrite, and edit the work of writers
          do original writing
          plan the contents of books, technical journals, trade magazines, and other general interest
decide what material will appeal to readers, review and edit drafts of books and articles, offer
comments to improve the work, and suggest possible titles
oversee the production of the publications
oversees assistant editors who have responsibility for particular subjects, such as local news,
international news, feature stories, or sports
have the final say about what stories are published and how they are covered
determine which reporters will cover a given story
review and edit a reporter’s copy for accuracy, content, grammar, and style
hire writers, reporters, or other employees
plan budgets and negotiate contracts with freelance writers, sometimes called “stringers” in
the news industry
review copy for errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and check copy for readability,
style, and agreement with editorial policy
suggest revisions, such as changing words or rearranging sentences to improve clarity or
do research for writers and verify facts, dates, and statistics
arrange page layouts of articles, photographs, and advertising; compose headlines; and
prepare copy for printing
read and evaluate manuscripts submitted by freelance writers, proofread printers’ galleys, or
answer letters about published material
compile articles available from wire services or the Internet, answer phones, and make
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Office and administrative support occupations                     Earnings      Per Hour
   Communications equipment operators                              21,195.20         $10.00
   Computer operators                                              27,670.00         $13.00
   Customer service representatives                                                   $0.00
   Data entry and information processing workers                   24,710.00         $11.00
   Desktop publishers                                              30,600.00         $14.00

Financial clerks
   Bill and account collectors                                     25,313.60          $12.00
   Billing and posting clerks and machine operators                24,564.80          $11.00
   Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks                    25,667.20          $12.00
   Payroll and timekeeping clerks                                  27,185.60          $13.00
   Procurement clerks                                              27,726.40          $13.00
   Tellers                                                         19,156.80           $9.00

Information and record clerks
   Brokerage clerks                                                28,040.00          $13.00
   Credit authorizers, checkers, and clerks                                            $0.00
   File clerks                                                                         $0.00
   Human resources assistants, except payroll and timekeeping                          $0.00
   Interviewers                                                                        $0.00
   Library assistants, clerical                                                        $0.00
   Order clerks                                                                        $0.00
   Receptionists and information clerks                                                $0.00

Material recording, scheduling, dispatching, and distributing occupations, except postal workers
  Cargo and freight agents                                                              $0.00
  Couriers and messengers                                                               $0.00
  Dispatchers                                                                           $0.00
  Production, planning, and expediting clerks                                           $0.00
  Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks                                               $0.00
  Stock clerks and order fillers                                                        $0.00
  Weighers, measurers, checkers, and samplers, recordkeeping                            $0.00
  Office and administrative support worker supervisors and managers 36,420.00         $17.00
  Office clerks, general                                            21,130.00         $10.00
  Postal Service workers                                            38,420.00         $18.00
  Secretaries and administrative assistants                         31,090.00         $14.00

                                                                           Total Daily Costs
             Daily Costs



postal workers

Navigation Task
<< BACK   operate private branch exchange (PBX) or voiceover Internet protocol (VoIP) switchboards to relay
          incoming, outgoing, and interoffice calls
          supplying information
          taking messages
          announcing visitors
          assisting customers in making telephone calls
          help customers to complete local and long-distance calls
          provide customers with information such as telephone numbers or area codes
          placing person-to-person calls
          provide customers with emergency phone contacts
          assist callers who are having difficulty with automated phone systems
          intervene if a caller needs assistance with the system
          provide callers with information such as telephone numbers or area codes
          monitor many of the calls received by automated systems
          key information into electronic directories to access the correct telephone numbers
          provide personal assistance to customers having difficulty using the automated system
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   oversee the operation of computer hardware systems
          ensuring that these machines are used as efficiently as possible
          anticipate problems and take preventive action
          solve problems that occur during operations
          set controls on the computer and on peripheral devices required to run a particular job
          load equipment with tapes, disks, and paper, as needed
          monitor the control console
          respond to operating and computer messages
          locate and solve the problem or terminate the program
          maintain logbooks or operating records, listing each job that is run and events, such as machine
          help programmers and systems analysts test and debug new programs
          loading and downloading programs
          mounting tapes
          rerouting messages
          running periodic reports
          network operations, user support, and database maintenance
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   provide information in response to inquires about products and services
          handle and resolve customer’s complaints
          assist individuals interested in opening accounts
          gather information by phone or in person
          receive orders for services to be installed, turned on, turned off, or changed
          look into and resolve complaints about billings and service provided
          explain how to use equipment and solve any equipment problems
          explain to users how to navigate an Internet site
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   typing texts
          entering data into a computer
          operating a variety of office machines
          performing other clerical duties
          set up and prepare reports, letters, mailing labels, and other text material
          make neat, typed copies of materials written by other clerical, professional, or managerial workers

          typing headings on form letters
          addressing envelopes
          preparing standard forms on typewriters or computers
          plan and type complicated statistical tables
          combine and rearrange materials from different sources
          prepare master copies
          answering telephones
          operating copiers or other office machines
          input lists of items, numbers, or other data into computers
          complete forms that appear on a computer screen.
          manipulate existing data
          edit current information
          proofread new entries to a database for accuracy
          prepare materials for printing or publication by using data entry composing machines
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   format and combine text, numerical data, photographs, charts, and other visual
          graphic elements to produce publication-ready material
          write and edit text
          create graphics to accompany text
          convert photographs and drawings into digital images and then manipulate
          those images
          design page layouts
          create proposals
          develop presentations and advertising campaigns
          typeset and do color separation
          translate electronic information onto film or other traditional forms
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   keep track of accounts that are overdue
          attempt to collect payment on them
          locate and notify customers of delinquent accounts
          check with the post office, telephone companies, credit bureaus, or former neighbors
          to obtain their new address
          review the terms of the sale, service, or credit contract with the customer
          learn the cause of the delay in payment
          offer the customer advice on how to pay off the debts
          ensure that the customer first pays the debt in question
          record this commitment
          check later to verify that the payment was indeed made
          grant an extension of time if customers ask for one
          prepare a statement indicating this for the credit department of the establishment
          initiate repossession proceedings, service disconnections, or hand the account over
          to an attorney for legal action
          recording changes of addresses
          purging the records of the deceased
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   compile records of charges for services rendered or goods sold
          calculate and record the amounts of these services and goods
          prepare invoices to be mailed to customers
          review purchase orders, sales tickets, hospital records, or charge slips to calculate
          the total amount due from a customer
          take into account any applicable discounts, special rates, or credit terms
          consult a rate book to determine shipping costs
          contact an insurance company to determine what they will reimburse
          calculate client fees based on the actual time required to perform the task
          keep track of the accumulated hours and dollar amounts to charge to each job, the
          type of job performed for a customer, and the percentage of work completed

          compute the charges using calculators or computers
          prepare itemized statements, bills, or invoices used for billing and recordkeeping
          prepare a bill containing the amount due and date and type of service
          produce a detailed invoice with codes for all goods and services provided
          verify the entry of information
          check for errors before the computer prints the bill
          handle follow-up questions from customers
          resolve any discrepancies or errors
          entered in the accounting records
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   update and maintain one or more accounting records
          tabulate expenditures, receipts, accounts payable and receivable, and profit and
          maintain an entire company’s books
          handle specific accounts
          handle all financial transactions and recordkeeping
          record all transactions
          post debits and credits
          produce financial statements
          prepare reports and summaries for supervisors and managers
          prepare bank deposits by compiling data from cashiers
          verifying and balancing receipts,
          sending cash, checks, or other forms of payment to the bank
          handle the payroll
          make purchases
          prepare invoices
          keep track of overdue accounts
          post details of transactions
          total accounts
          compute interest charges
          monitor loans and accounts
          ensure that payments are up to date
          total, balance, and reconcile billing vouchers
          ensure completeness and accuracy of data on accounts
          code documents, according to company procedures
          post transactions in journals and on computer files and update these files when
          review computer printouts against manually maintained journals and make
          necessary corrections
          review invoices and statements to ensure that all information is accurate and
          reconcile computer reports with operating reports
          verify records of transactions posted by other workers
          check figures, postings, and documents for correct entry, mathematical accuracy,
          and proper codes
          correct or note errors for accountants or other workers to adjust
          increasingly post charges to accounts on computer spreadsheets and databases

          enter information from receipts or bills into computers
write letters
make phone calls to customers or clients
interact with colleagues
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   ensuring that employees are paid on time and that their paychecks are accurate
          research and correct the records.
          distributing and collecting timecards each pay period
          review employee workcharts, timesheets, and timecards to ensure that information
          is properly recorded and that records have the signatures of authorizing officials

          make sure the hours recorded are charged to the correct job
          review computer reports
          informing managers and other employees of procedural changes in payroll policies

          screen timecards for calculating, coding, or other errors.
          compute pay by subtracting allotments, including Federal and State taxes,
          retirement, insurance, and savings, from gross earnings
          record changes in employee addresses
          close out files when workers retire, resign, or transfer
          employees on income tax withholding and other mandatory deductions
          issue and record adjustments to pay because of previous errors or retroactive
          follow changes in tax and deduction laws
          prepare and mail earnings and tax withholding statements for employees’ use in
          preparing income tax returns
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   compile requests for materials
          prepare purchase orders
          keep track of purchases and supplies
          handle inquiries about orders
          make sure that what was purchased arrives when scheduled and meets the
          purchaser’s specifications
          process requests for purchases
          determine if there is any product left in inventory and may go through catalogs or to
          the Internet to find suppliers
          prepare invitation-to-bid forms and mail them to suppliers or distribute them for
          public posting
          interview the suppliers to check on prices and specifications
          put together spreadsheets with price comparisons and other facts about each
            purchase orders are prepared, mailed, and recorded into computers
            keep track of orders and determine the causes of any delays
            answer questions and resolve any problems
            reconcile the purchase order with the shipment
              making sure they match
              notify the vendors when invoices not received
              make sure the bills concur with the purchase orders
          monitor in-house inventory movement
          complete inventory transfer forms for bookkeeping purposes
          keep inventory spreadsheets
          place orders when materials on hand are insufficient
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   cashing checks
          accepting deposits and loan payments
          processing withdrawal
          sell savings bonds
          accept payment for customers’ utility bills and charge cards
          process necessary paperwork for certificates of deposit
          sell travelers’ checks
          handling foreign currencies or commercial or business accounts.
          verify the date, bank name, identification of the person to receive payment, and
          legality of the document
          make sure that written and numerical amounts agree and that the account has
          sufficient funds to cover the check
          count cash to avoid errors
          check the accuracy of the deposit slip before processing the transaction
          receive and count an amount of working cash for their drawer
          count cash on hand
          list the currency-received tickets on a balance sheet
          make sure the accounts balance
          sort checks and deposit slips
          process numerous mail transactions
          replenish cash drawers and corroborate deposits and payments to automated
          teller machines (ATMs)
          set work schedules
          ensure that the proper procedures are adhered to
          act as a mentor to less experienced tellers
          access the vault
          ensure the correct cash balance is in the vault
          oversee large cash transactions
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   computing and recording data on securities transactions
          contact customers
          take orders
          inform clients of changes to their accounts
          take calls from clients
          write up order tickets
          process the paperwork for opening and closing accounts
          record a client’s purchases and sales
          inform clients of changes in their accounts
          make recommendations to clients at the instruction of the broker
          provide advice on securities to the public
          produce the necessary records of all transactions that occur in their area of the
          match orders to buy with orders to sell
          balance and verify stock trades by comparing the records of the selling firm with
          those of the buying firm
          ensure timely payments of stock or cash dividends to clients of a particular
          brokerage firm
          execute customer requests for changes to security registration an
          d examine stock certificates for adherence to banking regulations
          facilitate the receipt and delivery of securities among firms and institutions
          post to and monitor activity in customers’ accounts to ensure that clients make
          payments and stay within legal boundaries concerning stock purchases
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   review credit history
          obtain the information needed to determine the creditworthiness of individuals or
          businesses applying for credit
          obtaining information from credit bureaus, employers, banks, credit institutions, and
          other sources to determine applicants’ credit history and ability to pay back the charge

          process and authorize applications for credit, including credit cards
          verifying the information on the application
          calling applicants if additional data are needed
          contacting credit bureaus for a credit rating
          enters applicant information into a computer at the point-of-sale
          investigate a person’s or business’s credit history and current credit standing prior to
          the issuance of a loan or line of credit
          telephone or write to credit departments of businesses and service companies to
          obtain information about an applicant’s credit standing
          secure, update, and verify information for credit reports
          approve charges against customers’ existing accounts
          refer transactions to credit authorizers located in a central office
          evaluate the customers’ computerized credit records and payment histories to quickly
          decide whether or not to approve new charges
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   record all amounts coming into or leaving an organization
          keep track of all revenues and expenses
          contact customers to find out why and attempt to resolve the problem
          keep track of a store’s inventory and order replacement stock when supplies are
          notify customers with delinquent accounts in order to solicit payment
          prepare bills and invoices
          maintain financial data in computer and paper files
          compute wages for payroll records and review employee timecards
          prepare purchase orders and monitor purchase requests
          receive and pay out money for financial institutions
          keep backup paper records for research, auditing, and reference purposes
          answer questions concerning employee benefits
          help customers with their financial needs
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   maintain the personnel records of an organization’s employees
          record and answer questions about employee absences and supervisory reports on
          job performance
          updates the appropriate form
          prepare reports for managers elsewhere within the organization
          answer telephone or letter inquiries from the public
          send out announcements of job openings or job examinations
          issue application forms
          provides authorized information from the employee’s personnel records
          screen job applicants to obtain information such as education and work experience

          administer aptitude, personality, and interest tests
          explain the organization’s employment policies and refer qualified applicants to the
          employing official
          request references from present or past employers
          inform job applicants, by telephone or letter, of their acceptance or rejection for
          notify a firm’s existing employees of position vacancies and identify and assign
          qualified applicants
          keep track of vacancies throughout the organization and complete and distribute
          vacancy advertisement forms.
          review applications in response to advertisements and verify information
          notify all the applicants of their acceptance or rejection
          compile and record personal data about vendors, contractors, and civilian and
          military personnel and their dependents
          corresponding with law enforcement authorities
          preparing badges, passes, and identification cards
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   obtain information from individuals and business representatives
          solicit and verify information
          create files
          obtain all preliminary information required for a patient’s record or for his or her
          admission to a hospital
            verify that an individual is eligible for health benefits
            assigning patients to rooms
            summoning escorts to take patients to their rooms
            schedule laboratory work, x-rays, and surgeries
            prepare admitting and discharge records and route them to appropriate
            bill patients
            receive payments
            answer the telephone
            schedule appointments
            keep track of cancellations
            provide general information about care
            assisting patients with financial and medical questions
          conduct market research surveys and polls for research firms
            ask a series of prepared questions
            record the responses
            forward the results to management
            randomly polling people in a public place
          determine the eligibility of individuals applying to receive assistance
            gather the relevant personal and financial information on an applicant
            grant, modify, deny, or terminate individuals’ eligibility for the program in question

            detection of fraud committed by persons who try to obtain benefits although they
          are not eligible to receive them
          review credit history
            obtain the information needed to determine the creditworthiness of loan and credit
          card applicants
            determine applicants’ credit history and ability to pay back the loan or charge
          assemble loan documents
          process the paperwork associated with the loan
          ensure that all information is complete and verified
          order appraisals on the property
          set up escrow accounts
          gathering the proper documents for signature at the closing
set the time and place for the closing
make sure that all parties are present
ensure that all conditions for settlement have been met
records all documents
submits the final loan package to the owner of the loan
maintain the payment records once the loan is issued
process the paperwork for payment of fees to insurance companies and tax
record changes to client addresses and loan ownership
answer calls from customers with routine inquiries
interview potential borrowers and help them fill out loan applications
investigate the applicant’s background and references, verify information on the
application, and forward any findings, reports, or documents to the appraisal
inform the applicant whether the loan has been accepted or denied
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   assist librarians
          record the borrower’s name and address from an application and then issue a library
          enter and update patrons’ records using computer databases
          lend and collect books, periodicals, video tapes, and other materials
          stamp the due date on the material and record the patron’s identification from his or
          her library card
          inspect returned materials for damage
          check due dates
          compute fines for overdue material
          review records to compile a list of overdue materials and send out notices
          answer patrons’ questions and refer those they cannot answer to a librarian
          sort returned books, periodicals, and other items and return them to their designated
          shelves, files, or storage areas
          locate materials to be loaned
          repair damaged material them
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   receive and process incoming orders for a wide variety of goods or services
          order parts and equipment from the company’s warehouses
          receive orders from other workers employed by the same company or from
          salespersons in the field
          receive orders from outside companies or individuals
          receive orders from retail establishments for merchandise that the retailer, in turn,
          sells to the public
          receiving orders from individual customers by telephone, fax, regular mail, or e-mail

          give price estimates for entire jobs, not just single parts
          give expected arrival dates
          prepare contracts
          and handle complaints
          receive orders directly by telephone
          entering the required information as the customer places the order
          review orders for completeness and clarity
          contact customers if the customers need additional information, such as prices or
          shipping dates, or if delays in filling the order are anticipated
          extract checks or money orders, sort them, and send them for processing
          routes the order to the proper department—such as the warehouse—that actually
          sends out or delivers the item in question
          adjust inventory records
          notify other departments when inventories are low or when filling certain orders would
          deplete supplies
          establish priorities in filling orders
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   answer telephones
          route calls
          greet visitors
          respond to inquiries from the public and provide information about the organization
          monitor the access of visitors
          gather personal and financial information
          direct patients to the proper waiting rooms
          arrange appointments
          serve as cashier
          provide identification cards
          arrange for escorts to take visitors to the proper office
          respond to inquiries about departures, arrivals, stops, and other related matters
          take messages
          inform other employees of visitors’ arrivals or cancellation of an appointment
          opening and sorting mail
          collecting and distributing parcels
          making fax transmittals and deliveries
          updating appointment calendars
          preparing travel vouchers
          performing basic bookkeeping
          word processing
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   arrange for and track incoming and outgoing cargo and freight shipments in airline, train,
          or trucking terminals or on shipping docks
          determining the route that shipments are to take
          preparing all necessary shipping documents
          take orders from customers
          arrange for pickup of freight or cargo for delivery to loading platforms
          keep records of the properties of the cargo, such as amount, type, weight, and
          keep a tally of missing items, record conditions of damaged items
          document any excess supplies.
          arrange cargo according to its destination
          determine the shipping rates and other charges that can sometimes apply to the freight

          verify that the proper customs paperwork is in order
          track shipments using electronic data, such as bar codes
          answer customer inquiries on the status of their shipments
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   move and distribute information, documents, and small packages for businesses,
          institutions, and government agencies
          pick up and deliver letters, important business documents, or packages that need to
          be sent or received quickly within a local area
          ensures that it reaches its destination the same day or even within the hour
          deliver items that the sender is unwilling to entrust to other means of delivery
          reporting to their office in person, by telephone, by two-way radio, or wireless data
          pick up the item and carry it to its destination
          check in with dispatch to receive instructions
          maintain records of deliveries and often obtain signatures from the persons receiving
          the items
          pick up items from anyone and deliver them to specified destinations within a local
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   keep records, logs, and schedules of the calls they receive, the transportation
          vehicles they monitor and control, and the actions they take. maintain information on
          each call
          prepare a detailed report on all activities occurring during the shift
          monitor the location of emergency services personnel from any one or all of the
          jurisdiction’s emergency services departments
          dispatch the appropriate type and number of units in response to calls for assistance

          provide medical instruction to those on the scene of the emergency until the medical
          staff arrives
          screens the calls before transferring them to the appropriate service
          question each caller to determine the type, seriousness, and location of the
          give updates on the patient’s condition to the ambulance personnel
          coordinate the movement of trucks and freight between cities
          direct the pickup and delivery activities of drivers
          receive customers’ requests for pickup and delivery of freight
          consolidate freight orders into truckloads for specific destinations
          assign drivers and trucks
          draw up routes and pickup and delivery schedules
          make sure that local and long-distance buses stay on schedule
          handle all problems that may disrupt service
          dispatch other buses or arrange for repairs in order to restore service and schedules

          ensure the timely and efficient movement of trains according to train orders and
          be aware of track switch positions, track maintenance areas, and the location of other
          trains running on the track
          dispatch taxis in response to requests for service and keep logs on all road service
          take calls for emergency road service
          relay the nature of the problem to a nearby service station or a tow truck service and
          see to it that the emergency road service is completed
          monitor gaslines and water mains and send out service trucks and crews to take care
          of emergencies
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   coordinate and expedite the flow of information, work, and materials within or among
          compile reports on progress of work and production problems
          schedule workers
          estimate costs
          schedule shipment of parts
          keep inventory of materials
          inspect and assemble materials
          write special orders for services and merchandise
          route and deliver parts to ensure that production quotas are met and that merchandise
          is delivered on the date promised.
          compile records and reports on various aspects of production, such as materials and
          parts used, products produced, machine and instrument readings, and frequency of
          prepare and distribute work tickets or other production guides to workers
          coordinate, schedule, monitor, and chart production and its progress
          gather information from customer orders or other specifications to prepare a detailed
          production sheet that serves as a guide in assembly or manufacture of the product

          contact vendors and shippers to ensure that merchandise, supplies, and equipment
          are forwarded on the specified shipping dates
          communicate with transportation companies to prevent delays in transit
          arrange for distribution of materials upon arrival
          visit work areas of vendors and shippers to check the status of orders
          locate and distribute materials to specified production areas
          inspect products for quality and quantity to ensure adherence to specifications
          keep a chronological list of due dates and may move work not meeting the production
          schedule to the front
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   keep records of all goods shipped and received
          maintains records
          prepares shipments
          accepts deliveries
          prepare shipping documents and mailing labels
          make sure orders have been filled correctly
          fill the order themselves
          obtaining merchandise from the stockroom
          noting when inventories run low
          wrapping or packing the goods in shipping containers
          address and label packages
          look up and compute freight or postal rates,
          record the weight and cost of each shipment
          prepare invoices and furnish information about shipments to other parts of the
          company, such as the accounting department
          move the goods from the plant—sometimes by forklift truck—to the shipping dock
          and direct its loading
          verifying incoming shipments against the original order and the accompanying bill of
          lading or invoice
          make a record of the shipment and the condition of its contents
          record barcodes on incoming products or enter the information into a computer
          route or move shipments to the proper department, warehouse section, or
          arrange for adjustments with shippers whenever merchandise is lost or damaged
          control all receiving-platform operations, such as truck scheduling, recording of
          shipments, and handling of damaged goods
          maintain records on the destination, weight, and charges on all incoming and
          outgoing freight
          verify rate charges by comparing the classification of materials with rate charts
          keep a file of claims for overcharges and for damage to goods in transit
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   receive, unpack, check, store, and track merchandise or materials
          keep records of items entering or leaving the stockroom and inspect damaged or
          spoiled goods
          sort, organize, and mark items with identifying codes
          bring merchandise to the sales floor and stock shelves and racks
          store materials in bins, on floors, or on shelves
          take customer orders and either hold the merchandise until the customer can pick it
          up or send it to them.
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   weigh, measure, and check materials, supplies, and equipment in order to keep
          relevant records.
          verify quantity, quality, and overall value and condition of items purchased, sold, or
          produced against records, bills, invoices, or receipts
          check and document items using either manual or automated data processing
          check the items to ensure accuracy of the recorded data
          prepare reports on warehouse inventory levels and use of parts
          check for any defects in the items and record the severity of the defects
          record information about the products
          move objects to and from the scales using a handtruck or forklift
          issue receipts for the products when needed or requested
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   Planning the work of their staff and supervising them
          allocate work assignments
          issue deadlines
          oversee the work to ensure that it is proceeding on schedule and meets established
          quality standards
          serve as the primary liaisons between their offices and the general public through
          direct contact
          prepare promotional information
          arrange for special outside training for their employees
          implementing new company policies or restructuring the workflow in their departments

          research projects and progress reports
          compile and present data for use in planning or designing new policies
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Navigation Task                                                            Outsourcing Service Provider
<< BACK   filing
          enter data
          operate photocopiers, fax machines, and other office equipment

          prepare mailings
          proofread copies
          answer telephones
          deliver messages
          sort checks
          keep payroll records
          take inventory
          making transparencies for a presentation
          filling orders received by fax machine
          make photocopies
          stuff envelopes
          record inquiries
          maintain financial or other records
          verify statistical reports for accuracy and completeness
          handle and adjust customer complaints
          work with vendors
          make travel arrangements
          take inventory of equipment and supplies
          answer questions on departmental services and functions
          help prepare invoices or budgetary requests
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   wait on customers
          sort mail
          deliver mail to urban and rural residences and businesses throughout the United States

          sell stamps
          money orders
          postal stationary
          mailing envelopes and boxes
          weigh packages to determine postage and check that packages are in satisfactory
          condition for mailing
          register, certify, and insure mail and answer questions about postage rates, post office
          boxes, mailing restrictions, and other postal matters
          help customers file claims for damaged packages
          sort local mail for delivery to individual customers
          delivering and collecting mail
          collect money for postage-due and COD (cash-on-delivery) fees and obtain signed
          receipts for registered, certified, and insured mail
          leaves a notice that tells where special mail is being held
          insure parcels and letters
          answer customers’ questions about postal regulations and services and provide change-
          of-address cards and other postal forms when requested
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   provide training and orientation for new staff
          conduct research on the Internet
          operate and troubleshoot new office technologies
          coordinating an office’s administrative activities
          storing and retrieving
          integrating information for dissemination to staff and clients
          serve as an information manager for an office
          schedule meetings and appointments
          organize and maintain paper and electronic files
          manage projects
          provide information via the telephone, postal mail, and e-mail
          prepare correspondence and handle travel arrangements
          create spreadsheets
          manage databases,
          create reports and documents via desktop publishing
          answering the telephone
          arranging conference calls
          scheduling meetings
          preparing statistical reports
          training employees
          supervising other clerical staff
          prepare correspondence and legal papers such as summonses, complaints,
          motions, responses, and subpoenas under the supervision of an attorney or
          review legal journals and assist in other ways with legal research
          verifying quotes and citations in legal briefs
          transcribe dictation
          assist physicians or medical scientists with reports, speeches, articles, and
          conference proceedings
          record simple medical histories
          arrange for patients to be hospitalized
          order supplies
          maintain the technical library
          gather and edit materials for scientific papers
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Sales                                                  Earnings    Per Hour     Daily Costs
Cashiers                                                 10,712.00      $5.00         $120.00
Counter and rental clerks                                10,712.00      $5.00         $120.00
Demonstrators, product promoters, and models             19,780.80      $9.00         $216.00
Retail salespersons                                      10,712.00      $5.00         $120.00
Sales engineers                                          56,520.00     $27.00         $648.00
Sales representatives, wholesale and manufacturing       52,620.00     $25.00         $600.00
Sales worker supervisors                                 27,510.00     $13.00         $312.00
Securities, commodities, and financial services sales agents           $26.00         $624.00

                                                           Total Daily Costs        $2,760.00
Navigation Task
<< BACK   total bills
          receive money
          fill out charge forms
          give receipts
          count the drawers’ contents and compare the totals with sales data
          separate and total charge forms, return slips, coupons, and any other noncash
          handle returns and exchanges
          ensure that returned merchandise is in good condition, and determine where and
          when it was purchased and what type of payment was used.
          total the bill and take payment
          know the store’s policies and procedures for each type of payment the store
          request additional identification from the customer or call in for an authorization
          issue a receipt
          wrap or bag the purchase
          total customers’ purchases using cash registers & manually entering the price of
          each product bought
          passes a product’s Universal Product Code over the scanning device
          furnish money orders
          answering customers
          furnish change persons with a money bank at the start of the shift
          count and audit money in drawers
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   answer questions involving product availability, cost, and rental provisions

          take orders, calculate fees, receive payments, and accept returns
          be knowledgeable about the company’s services, policies, and procedures

          give advice on a wide variety of products and services
          ensure that customers meet age and other requirements for the product
          know how to operate and care for the product
          inform customers when items will be ready
          advise customers about the use of product
          restock the shelves
          handle money
          log daily reports
          write out tickets and order forms
          ensure that the data on the screen accurately matches the product
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   create public interest in buying products
          sell the demonstrated merchandise
          gather names of prospects to contact at a later date or to pass on to a sales
          promote sales of a product to consumers
          induce retail stores to sell particular products and market them effectively
          build current and future sales of both sophisticated and simple products
          offer samples
          administer contests
          distribute prizes
          using direct-mail advertising
          greet and catch the attention of possible customers
          identify those who are interested and qualified
          inform and educate customers about the features of products
          demonstrate their use with apparent ease to inspire confidence in the product
          and its manufacturer
          distribute information
          prepare the content of a presentation and alter it to target a specific audience or
          to keep it current
          participate in the design of an exhibit
          customize exhibits for particular audiences
          transporting, assembling, and disassembling materials used in demonstrations

          display product for a variety of audiences and in various types of media
          celebrity status and often use their image to sell products such as books,
          calendars, and fitness videos
          appear in movies and television shows
          work closely with photographers, hair and clothing stylists, makeup artists, and
          clients to produce the desired look and to finish the photo shoot on schedule

          stand, turn, and walk to demonstrate product
          display clothing directly for shoppers
          describe the features and price of the clothing
          assemble and maintain portfolios
          print composite cards
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Navigation Task
          assist customers in finding what they are looking for
<< BACK   interest them in buying the merchandise
          describe a product’s features
          demonstrate its use
          show various models and colors
          explain to customers the features of various models, warranty information, the
          meaning of manufacturers’ specifications, and the types of options and
          financing available
          check the stockroom, place a special order, or call another store to locate the
          make out sales checks
          receive cash, check, and charge payments
          bag or package purchases
          give out change and receipts
          open or close cash registers
             counting the money
             separating charge slips, coupons, and exchange vouchers
             making deposits at the cash office
          handle returns and exchanges of merchandise
          wrap gifts
          stock shelves or racks
          arrange for mailing or delivery of purchases
          mark price tags
          take inventory
          prepare displays
          recognize possible security risks and thefts and know how to handle or
          prevent such situations
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Navigation Task
          help customers determine which products or services best suit their needs
<< BACK   determine how products and services could be designed or modified to best suit the
          customer's needs
          advise the customer on how to best utilize the products or services being provided

          demonstrate to potential customers how and why the products or services they are
          selling would suit the customer better than competitors' products
          demonstrate to the customer the usefulness of the product or service
          interest the client in purchasing their products
          focus on the client’s problem
          show how customer's product could be solved or mitigated with their product or
          help clients work out any problems that arise when the product is installed
          identify and develop potential new products.
          sell a complimentary line of products from several different suppliers
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   represent one or several manufacturers or wholesale distributors by selling one
          product or a complimentary line of products
          advise clients on methods to reduce costs, use their products, and increase sales

          market their company’s products to manufacturers, wholesale and retail
          establishments, construction contractors, government agencies, and other
          visit with prospective buyers and current clients
            discuss the client's needs
            suggest how their merchandise or services can meet those needs
            show samples or catalogs that describe items their company stocks
            inform customers about prices, availability, and ways in which their products can
          save money and improve productivity
          sell several complimentary products made by different manufacturers
          help install new equipment
          train employees
          take orders
          resolve any problems with or complaints about the merchandise
          Obtaining new accounts
            follow leads from other clients
            track advertisements in trade journals
            participate in trade shows and conferences
            visit potential clients unannounced
          spend time meeting with and entertaining prospective clients during evenings and
          present their product
          negotiate the sale
          answer technical and nontechnical questions immediately
          makes the preliminary contact with customers
          introduces the company’s product
          closes the sale
          maintaining and soliciting accounts
          make follow-up visits
            ensure that the equipment is functioning properly
            help train customers’ employees to operate and maintain new equipment
            suggest how and where merchandise should be displayed
            help arrange promotional programs, store displays, and advertising
          analyze sales statistics
          prepare reports
handle administrative duties
 filing their expense account reports
 scheduling appointments
 making travel plans
 study literature about new and existing products
 monitor the sales, prices, and products of their competitors
Manufacturers’ agents who operate a sales agency must also manage their
business. This requires organizational skills as well as knowledge of accounting,
marketing, and administration.
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   oversee the work of sales and related workers such as retail Salespersons, cashiers, customer
          service representatives, stock clerks and order fillers, sales engineers, and wholesale and
          manufacturing sales representatives
          interview, hire, and train employees
          prepare work schedules
          assign workers to specific duties
          ensure that customers receive satisfactory service and quality goods
          answer customers’ inquiries
          deal with complaints
          handle purchasing, budgeting, and accounting
          establish and implement policies, goals, objectives, and procedures for their specific departments

          coordinate activities with other department heads
          clean and organize shelves, displays, and inventory in stockrooms
          inspect merchandise to ensure that nothing is outdated
          review inventory and sales records
          develop merchandising techniques
          coordinate sales promotions
          greet and assist customers
          promote sales and good public relations
          supervise and coordinate the activities of sales workers
          prepare budgets, make personnel decisions, devise sales-incentive programs, assign sales
          territories, or approve sales contracts.
          supervise sales associates
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Navigation Task
          relay investments to the floor of a securities exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange
<< BACK      negotiate the price with other floor brokers
             make the sale
             forward the purchase price to the sales agents
             buy and sell securities directly from other dealers
             notifies customer of the final price
          explain market terms and trading practices
          offer financial counseling or advice on the purchase or sale of particular securities
          devise an individual client's financial portfolio
          furnish information about advantages and disadvantages of an investment based on each customer's
          supply the latest price quotes on any security
          find clients and build a customer base
             meet clients through business and social contacts
             teach adult education investment courses
             give lectures at libraries or social clubs
          sell a wide variety of banking and related services
          contact potential customers to explain their services and to ascertain customers’ banking and other
          financial needs
          discuss services such as loans, deposit accounts, lines of credit, sales or inventory financing,
          certificates of deposit, cash management, or investment services
          solicit businesses to participate in consumer credit card programs
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Production                                                Earnings     Per Hour      Daily Costs
  Assemblers and fabricators                               40,851.20       $19.00          $456.00

Metal workers and plastic workers
  Computer control programmers and operators             27,393.60         $13.00         $312.00
  Machinists                                             30,742.40         $14.00         $336.00
  Machine setters, operators, and tenders—metal and plastic7,580.80        $13.00         $312.00
  Tool and die makers                                    31,616.00         $15.00         $360.00

Printing occupations
   Bookbinders and bindery workers                         23,753.60       $11.00         $264.00
   Prepress technicians and workers                        23,312.00       $11.00         $264.00
   Printing machine operators                              28,225.60       $13.00         $312.00

Woodworkers                                                22,526.40       $10.00         $240.00

Plant and system operators
   Power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers    46,090.00       $22.00         $528.00

Other production occupations
  Inspectors, testers, sorters, samplers, and weighers 25,417.60           $12.00         $288.00
  Jewelers and precious stone and metal workers        26,330.00           $12.00         $288.00
  Photographic process workers and processing machine operators            $10.00         $240.00

                                                                 Total Daily Costs      $4,200.00
work on subassemblies or the final assembly of an array of finished products or components
prepare and test equipment or devices
read and interpret engineering specifications from text, drawings, and computer-aided drafting systems
assembling prototypes or test products
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   cut and shape precision products
          cut away material from a solid block of metal, plastic, or glass—known as a workpiece—to
          form a finished part
          design and carry out the operations needed to make machined products that meet precise
          review three-dimensional computerized engineering diagrams (blueprints) of the part
          culate where to cut or bore into the workpiece, how fast to feed the metal into the machine,
          and how much metal to remove.
          select tools and materials for the job and plan the sequence of cutting and finishing
          the planned machining operations into a set of instructions
          check new programs to ensure that the machinery will function properly and that the output
          will meet specifications
          transfer the commands from the server to the CNC control module using a computer network
          position the metal stock on the CNC machine tool—spindle, lathe, milling machine, or
          other—set the controls, and let the computer make the cuts

          monitor the readouts from the CNC control module, checking to see if any problems exist
          modifies the cutting program to account for any problems encountered
          ensure that the workpiece is being properly lubricated and cooled, because the machining of
          metal products generates a significant amount of heat
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   produce precision metal parts
          plan and carry out the operations needed to make machined products that meet precise
          review blueprints or written specifications for a job
          calculate where to cut or bore into the workpiece (the piece of metal that is being shaped),
          how fast to feed the metal into the machine, and how much metal to remove
          select tools and materials for the job
          plan the sequence of cutting and finishing operations
          mark the metal stock to show where cuts should be made
          position the metal stock on the machine tool—spindle, drill press, lathe, milling machine, or
          other—set the controls
          make the cuts
          monitor the feed and speed of the machine
          ensure that the workpiece is being properly lubricated and cooled
          adjust the size of their cuts relative to the temperature
          adjust cutting speeds to compensate for harmonic vibrations, which can decrease the
          accuracy of cuts
          determine how the automated equipment will cut a part
          determines the type of cutting tool, the speed of the cutting tool, and the feed rate
          do maintenance work—repairing or making new parts for existing machinery
          refer to blueprints and perform the same machining operations that were needed to create
          the original part
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   set up machines for operation
          tend the machines during production
          prepare the machines prior to production
          adjust the machinery during operation.
          monitor the machinery during operation, sometimes loading or unloading the machine or
          making minor adjustments to the controls
          plan and set up the sequence of operations according to blueprints, layouts, or other
          adjust speed, feed, and other controls
          choose the proper coolants and lubricants
          select the instruments or tools for each operation
          compare the completed work with the tolerance limits stated in the specifications

          place metal stock in a machine on which the operating specifications have already been set
Outsourcing Service Provider Website URL Email Address Phone Number
Navigation Task
<< BACK   produce tools, dies, and special guiding and holding devices that enable machines to
          manufacture a variety of products
          craft precision tools that are used to cut, shape, and form metal and other materials
          jigs and fixtures (devices that hold metal while it is bored, stamped, or drilled) and gauges
          and other measuring devices

          construct metal forms (dies) that are used to shape metal in stamping and forging operations

          make metal molds for diecasting and for molding plastics, ceramics, and composite materials
          developing, designing and producing new tools and dies
          repair worn or damaged tools, dies, gauges, jigs, and fixtures.
          be familiar with the machining properties, such as hardness and heat tolerance, of a wide
          variety of common metals and alloys
          plan the sequence of operations necessary to manufacture the tool or die
          measure and mark the pieces of metal that will be cut to form parts of the final product
          cut, drill, or bore the part as required, checking to ensure that the final product meets

          assemble the parts and perform finishing jobs such as filing, grinding, and polishing surfaces
          file, grind, shim, and adjust the different parts to properly fit them together
          set up a test run using the tools or dies they have made to make sure that the manufactured
          parts meet specifications
          compensate by adjusting the tools or dies
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   cutting, folding, gathering, gluing, stapling, stitching, trimming, sewing, wrapping, and other
          finishing operations.
          operate and maintain the machines that perform these various tasks
          repair books and provide other specialized binding services to libraries
          produce leaflets and folders, and manifold binding workers bind business forms such as
          ledgers and books of sales receipts.
          blank pages to produce notebooks, checkbooks, address books, diaries, calendars, and note
          assemble books and magazines from large, flat, printed sheets of paper
          fold printed sheets into “signatures,” which are groups of pages arranged sequentially
          sew, stitch, or glue the assembled signatures together, shape the book bodies with presses
          and trimming machines, and reinforce them with glued fabric strips
          glued, pasted, or stitched covers onto the book bodies
          wrapping in paper jackets
          design original or special bindings for limited editions, or restore and rebind rare books
          adjusting and preparing equipment
          perform minor repairs as needed
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   prepare material for printing presses

          transforming text and pictures into finished pages and making printing plates of the pages
          do typesetting and page layout work
          start the process of making a lithographic plate by photographing and developing film
          negatives or positives of the material to be printed
          adjust light and expose film for a specified length of time
          develop film in a series of chemical baths
          load exposed film in machines that automatically develop and fix the image
          separate the photograph into pictures containing the dots

          produce four-color separation negatives from a continuous-tone color print or transparency
          retouch film negatives or positives by sharpening or reshaping images
Outsourcing Service Provider Website URL Email Address Phone Number
Navigation Task
<< BACK   prepare, operate, and maintain the printing presses in a pressroom
          install and adjust the printing plate
          adjust pressure
          ink the presses
          load paper
          adjust the press to the paper size
          ensure that paper and ink meet specifications
          adjust margins and the flow of ink to the inking rollers accordingly
          feed paper through the press cylinders and adjust feed and tension controls
          monitor their operation and keep the paper feeders well stocked
          make adjustments to correct uneven ink distribution, speed, and temperatures in the drying
          chamber, if the press has one

          look for problems, making quick corrections to avoid expensive losses of paper and ink
          pull sheets to check for any printing imperfections
          oil and clean the presses and make minor repairs
          trim, assemble, score, and fold the pages; and count the finished sections as they come off
          the press
          monitor the printing process on a control panel or computer monitor, which allows them to
          adjust the press electronically
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   control the machinery that generates electricity
          control and monitor boilers, turbines, generators, and auxiliary equipment in power
          generating plants
          distribute power demands among generators
          combine the current from several generators
          monitor instruments to maintain voltage
          regulate electricity flows from the plant
          start or stop generators and connect or disconnect them from circuits
          keep records of switching operations and loads on generators, lines, and transformers
          use computers to prepare reports of unusual incidents, malfunctioning equipment, or
          maintenance performed during their shift
          control the flow of electricity through transmission lines to industrial plants and substations
          that supply residential electric needs
          operate current converters, voltage transformers, and circuit breakers
          monitor equipment and record readings at a pilot board, which is a map of the transmission
          grid system showing the status of transmission circuits and connections with substations and
          industrial plants
          anticipate power needs, such as those caused by changes in the weather
          start or stop boilers and generators, to bring production into balance with needs
          handle emergencies such as transformer or transmission line failures and route current
          around affected areas
          operate and monitor equipment in substations
          operate switchboard levers to control the flow of electricity in and out of substations
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   monitor or audit quality standards for virtually all manufactured products
          check products by sight, sound, feel, smell, or even taste to locate imperfections
          verify dimensions, color, weight, texture, strength, or other physical characteristics of objects
          verify that parts fit, move correctly, and are properly lubricated
          check the pressure of gases and the level of liquids
          test the flow of electricity
          test run to check for proper operation
          separate goods according to length, size, fabric type, or color
          test or inspect a sample taken from a batch or production run for malfunctions or defects
          weigh quantities of materials for use in production
          examine materials received from a supplier before sending them to the production line
          inspect components, subassemblies, and assemblies or perform a final check on the finished
          set up and test equipment
          calibrate precision instruments
          repair defective products
          record data
          check and compare the dimensions of parts against the parts’ specifications
          test insulation, current flow, and resistance
          mark, tag, or note problems

          reject defective items outright, send them for repair or correction, or fix minor problems themselves
          screw on a nameplate, tag it, stamp it with a serial number, or certify it in some other way
          record the results of their inspections, compute the percentage of defects and other statistical
          measures, and prepare inspection and test reports
          provides test reports containing these inspection results
          notify supervisors and help analyze and correct the production problems
          review and improve product quality
          ensure that the output is produced within quality standards
          alert inspectors to production problems and automatically repair defects in some cases
          calibrate and monitor the equipment, review output, and perform random product checks
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   design and manufacture new pieces of jewelry
          cut, set, and polish stones
          repair or adjust rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewelry

          shaping the metal or by carving wax to make a model for casting the metal
          soldered parts together
          mount a diamond or other gem
          engrave a design into the metal
          setting stones, polishing, or engraving
          enlarging or reducing ring sizes
          resetting stones
          replacing broken clasps and mountings
          create models or tools for the jewelry that is to be produced
          soldering or fusing the metal and may set stones
          etch designs into the metal
          polish the metal and stones to perfect the piece
          study the quality, characteristics, and value of gemstones
          sell jewelry
          provide appraisal services
          engraving identification (ID) inscription
          modify the design, and find mistakes
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Navigation Task
<< BACK   preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event
          edit and electronically transmit images
          shoot, develop, and transmit pictures from remote locations
          manipulate and enhance the scanned or digital image to create a desired effect
          create electronic portfolios

          take pictures of individuals or groups of people and often work in their own studios
          arrange for advertising
          schedule appointments
          set and adjust equipment
          develop and retouch negatives
          mount and frame pictures
          purchase supplies
          keep records
          bill customers
          hire and train employees
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