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					Food Diaries

Individuals that want to lose weight but continue to struggle with it are
asked to keep a food diary. This is a way for them to see everything they
consume daily in their diet. They may not realize all that it adds up to
at the end of the day as far as calories and carbohydrates. With a food
diary they can go over the information with their doctor and a dietician
to see where they can make healthy choices.

That is really what it comes down to if you want to be healthy. Rather
than cutting down the amount you eat, you have to focus on changing what
you eat. Becoming aware of what you are consuming is the first step in
getting a reality check with your diet. This is the only way you will be
motivated to really start making those changes.

Many people become emotional eaters. They eat when they are upset,
lonely, bored, stressed, or they want to celebrate. Keeping track of why
you are eating in your food diary can really help you to identify common
triggers. If you reach for the ice cream each time you have a hard day at
work it can be difficult to lose weight.

Once you have identified those common triggers you can work to change
your behaviors. For example you can choose to go for a walk instead of a
bowl of ice cream when work has been hard. Instead of celebrating by
going out of pizza when something great happens you can go shopping for a
new outfit. Try to use exercise as a way to reduce stress instead of
reaching for the candy dish.

It isn’t just people who are overweight that have to keep a food diary to
help themselves either. Many individuals that have an eating disorder
also keep track of what they eat. They also need to keep track of why
they think they are overweight. It is all part of the process of healing
and becoming a person that eats healthy. Not eating enough can be just as
harmful to your body as overeating. A food diary is an excellent way to
pick up on patterns of behavior that you may not have realized you had.

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