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									                                       CHAIR PADS

Rajnish BHANDARI / Phillips Kiln Services (India) PVT. Ltd. / India

Chair pads are important kiln tyre elements used extensively in refractory lined units. The
thickness of the chair pads significantly influences ovality of the kiln shell, which in turn
influence refractory life under and near the tyre.

The chair pads should be easy to install, shim and replace. A well-designed chair pad needs
less downtime for its repairs / shimming, if needed.

The paper discusses why and where the chair pads are required and commonly available
designs in the market with pros and cons. It also discusses problems caused by loose chair
pads / tyre and how full floating design addresses the problem and claims superiority over
other designs.

It is concluded that use of full floating chair pad design offers a cost-effective solution to
chair pad problems.

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