First QTR Report 08 by xiuliliaofz


                                                                                                                                                                            Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                                                                                        Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                                                                                             1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                                      Revised                                                           QTR Ending 30 Sept 08                                                           Explanation of Variance and
Indicator                              Unit of Measurement       Baseline                 Annual Target               Target    Proj                                Act                                                                                                     Actual Perfomance
Office of the Municipal Manager
 Vote: Communications

2008/ 09 Review and                    Communication Strategy    2007/ 08                 Review and                            Meetings and Workshops with
Implementation of the                  Report. Once off          communication            implementation of the                 Stakeholders. Media tours. External The Communication Strategy was reviewed and adopted by Management. Implementation is
Communication Strategy                 implementation process.   strategy                 communication strategy                and Internal Imbizo                 ongoing

                                                                 Schedule of         Provide secretarial                        Compilation of agendas, minutes
                                                                 Management Meetings support to all the                         and convening the management
Secretarial Support to Management Number of minutes              for 2008/ 09        management meetings                        meetings.                           Three (3) Monthly Management Meetings were facilitated and recorded
                                                                                         Attending all the
                                                                                         meetings and
Local Government Communicator's                                  Meetings will start on  participating on the                   Attending all the meetings and
Forum                           Number of LGCF Meeting           2008/ 09 financial year LGCF                                   participating on the LGCF           One (1) LGCF meeting was undertaken

Support to Ward Committees,     Number of meetings of the Meetings will start on
Councillors and CDWs            Forum                     2008/ 09 financial year Four meetings                                 1 meeting                           One Forum meeting
                                                                                  To provide                                                                        Material support was provide to youth structures and community based organisations such as
Support to Sector Dept and      Number of programmes      The programmes will administrative/or                                                                     Community Tourism Association. Material support was also provided to local churches through
Community Structures (Community supported financially and start on the 08/09      financial support to all                      To provide administrative/or        the hosting of religious gathering at Sunfa stadium as well as hosting and facilitation of two
Radio Station)                  administrative            financial year          programmes                                    financial support to all programmes meetings with the Office of Mayor.

                                                                                         4 IDP meetings, 8                                                          Three were seven (7) Mayoral visit to Wards, four (4) ward meetings (Ward 1 and Ward 3). There
                                       Number of public           Meetings will start on Budget, 32 ward                                                            were four public hearings on Scorpions and SAPS Bills, Housing and Goods Bill (Legislature)
Promotion of Public Participation      Participation Meetings    2008/ 09 financial year committee meetings                     8 ward committee meetings           which the division facilit. Two community meetings on Pienaars Roads Projects.

                                                                                                                                                                 There were a number of internal and external events which the municipality hosted, facilitated and
                                                                                         1 Strategic Planning                                                    coordinated. Amongst them is the Women Month celebrations in Rapotokwane, Sports Festival in
                                                                                         workshop, 1 SDBIP and                                                   Rapotokwane (Sports and Recreation Department), Arbor Celebrations (Provincial event - DWAF
                                                                                         Budget workshop, 4                                                      and Agriculture), Batho Pele Week (Provincial event - Premier's Office), Pharmacy Week (Social
                                                                                         Internal Imbizo,                       I SDBIP and Budget Workshop, two and Health Department), International Day Against Substance abuse (Social and Health
                                                                 Events will start on    Celebration of 13                      events to celebrate National     Department), Two Imbizos (Waterberg District Municipality), Indigenous Games (District), Youth
Organise and cordinate events          Number of events          2008/ 09 financial year National Days,                         Women's Day and Heritage Day,    Camp (Local), Hosting and Facilitation of the visit by the Auditor - General, Women's Parliament.

                                                                 Updates will
                                                                 commence in the
Website updates (Monthly)              Number of updates         08/09 Financial Year     12 website updates                            3 website updates           There were three monthly updates

                                                                                          prepare notices,                                                          The relationship between the municipality and the local media tend to be positive. However during
                                       Number of notices,                                 advertisement,                                                            this quarter, there was negative coverage of the municipality with about seven negative articles
                                       advertisements,                                    announcement and                      prepare notices, advertisement,     on the suspension of the Municipal Manager and CFO, vehicle accident involving the Mayor's
                                       announcements, media      Will commence in         media statements as                   announcement and media              spouse and subsquent court cases, threats of rent boycott as well as staff leave days. There were
Build sound relation with media        statements published      2008/09                  and when required                     statements as and when required     more that 13 public notices and advertisement published on local media and national media.

                                                                 Meetings will start on
Mayoral external Imbizo                Number of Meetings        2008/ 09 financial year 4 Mayoral Imbizo                       (one) I Mayoral Imbizo              There were no Mayoral Imbizo
                                                                 Surveys will
                                                                 commence in the new
Communication survey                   Number of surveys.        2008/09 financial year 4 Surveys                               1 Survey                            No survey

                                  Developed Newsletter.          Newsletters will be
Development of the newsletter and Number of Newsletter           published in the new
quartely produce and distribution Published and distributed      2008/09 financial year   3 newsletters                         Develop the newletter               No Newsletter

Capacity building for internal staff   Number of Communicators
(Communicators, Councilors and         Councillors and Ward    To commence in the         3 Councilors, 2                       3 Councilors, 2 Communicators, 30 3 Councilors are attend lectures at a higher institution (Wits University), currently no
Ward committees)                       Committes trained       new financial year         Communicators                         Ward Committee Members            communicators or ward committees are undergoing formal training.

                                                                                          To cordinate all sports,
Co-ordination of Sports, Arts,         Number of special         To commence in the       arts, culture and special             To cordinate all sports, arts, culture
Culture and Special Programmes         programmes cordinated     new financial year       programmes                            and special programmes                 The matter still reside at Social and Community Services Department
                                                                                                                                          Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                                                           Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                                                           30 Sept 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Explanation of
                                                                                                          Revised               QTR Ending 30 Sept 08                   QTR Ending 31 Dec 08   QTR Ending 31 Mar 09    QTR Ending 30 Jun 09   Variance and Actual
Indicator                  Unit of Measurement        Baseline               Annual Target                Target    Proj                      Act                     Proj          Act        Proj           Act     Proj        Act            Performance
Office of the Municipal Manager
 Vote: Internal Audit
                                                                                                                                                  Waiting for the
1. Re-visting of risk profile                                                                                                                     final inputs from
and compiling of Strategic Plan submitted to audit                                                                  Plan to be submitted to       the Provincial
Audit Plan                    committee               No proper planning Ensure proper planning                     audit committee               Government                  -                         -                   -
                                                      Non -compliance                                                                             Done to be
                            Number of Audit Reports   with relevant                                                                               submitted to the
2. Human resources          submitted to the Audit    legislations and   Ensure compliance with                     Report to be submitted to     next Audit
admistration audit.         Committee                 policies           legislations and policies.                 the audit committee           Committee                   -                         -                   -

                                                      safeguarding of                                                                           50% done delay
                                                      assets and non -       Ensure safeguarding of                                             due assisting in
                       Number of Audit Reports        compliance with        assets and compliance                                              preeparation of
                       submitted to the Audit         relevant legislation   with relevant legislations             Submission of the report to the financial
3. Assets Mananagement Committee                      and policy             and policies.                          the audit committee         Statements                    -                         -                   -

                            Number of Audit Reports                                                                                                                   Submission of
                            submitted to the Audit    Non -compliance        Ensure compliance                                                                        the report to the
4. Financial Reporting      Committee                 with MFMA.             MFMA.                                               -                                    audit committee                   -                   -

                                                      Non -Compliance
                                                      with Disaster
                            Number of Audit Reports   legislations and       Ensure compliance with                                                                   Submission of
                            submitted to the Audit    other relevant         Disaster Management                                                                      the report to the
5. Disaster Management      Committee                 legislations.          Act                                                 -                                    audit committee                   -                   -

                            Number of Audit Reports                                                                                                                                            Submission of
                            submitted to the Audit    Ineffective internal Ensuring existence of                                                                                               the report to the
6. Revenue                  Committee                 Control              internal control.                                     -                                            -                audit committee              -

                            Number of Audit Reports   Non-complince                                                                                                                            Submission of
                            submitted to the Audit    with relevant act      Ensure compliance with                                                                                            the report to the
7. IDP and PMS              Committee                 and policies.          legislations and policies.                          -                                            -                audit committee                -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Submission of
                            Number of Audit Reports                                                                                                                                                                   the report to
8. Project Audit (Capital   submitted to the Audit    Poor service                                                                                                                                                    the audit
project)                    Committee                 delivery               Enforce service delivery                            -                                            -                         -             committee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Submission of
                            Number of Audit Reports   Inadequacy                                                                                                                                                      the report to
9. Safeguard of             submitted to the Audit    safeguarding of        Ensure safeguarding of                                                                                                                   the audit
assets(loss of control)     Committee                 assets.                assets.                                             -                                             -                        -             committee
                                                                                                                                                                      All the adhoc            All the adhoc          All the adhoc
                                                                                                                                                                      Audit will be            Audit will be          Audit will be
                            Number of Audit Reports   Possible requests      All the adhoc Audit will               All the adhoc Audit will be   Conducted an        undertaken as            undertaken as          undertaken as
                            submitted as and when     from the Audit         be undertaken as and                   undertaken as and when        audit on Bank       and when                 and when               and when
10. Adhoc Audit             required                  Committee              when required                          required                      Statements.         required                 required               required
                                                                                                               Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                              Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                                1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                     Unit of                                       Annual             Revised                 QTR Ending 30 Sept 08                        Explanation of Variance and
Indicator                            Measurement         Baseline                  Target             Target    Proj              Act                                          Actual Perfomance
Technical services
Roads and Stormwater
Resealing/ rehabilitation of CBD     Km                  1,9km has been            1,1km will be                550m of roads to 0                                         The project has been routed to
roads                                                    resealed out of 3km       resealed (Sutter             be resealed.                                               Bela Bela Township for the
                                                         (Potgtier and Ridge       and Pretorius                                                                           rehabilitation of Mabunda Street. It
                                                         Street)                   Street)                                                                                 is currently at the design stage

Construction of Koot van der Waalt   Km                  440m has been             500m will be                 Complete the      Tender on the evaluation stage
Street in Gholphbaan Park                                constructed out of        resealed                     tendering process
Traffic Calming Measure              No of speed humps   36 speed humps that       18 additional
                                     erected             exist                     speed humps                                     4                                   4
Removal of Stockpile in Leseding     Cubic meter         - Security and Health     Total Removal                Tendering              Project at a tender stage
Extension                                                Harzard                   of the Stockpile             Process

Paving of Access Roads in Bela Bela Km of roads paved                                                                                                                    Tendering process complete and
Ext. 5, 6 and 7                                          60% of the Streets in                                                                                           awaiting for the appointment of
                                                         Bela Bela Township are 2,5km of roads                  600m of roads                                            contractor for road bed
                                                         in bad condition.      to be paved                     paved                                                  0 preparation.
Construction of Proper Stormwater    km
Drainage in Bela Bela Township
                                                                               2km of                           Tendering
                                                         1,245km of stormwater stormwater to be                 process
                                                         drainage constructed. constructed                      completed                                              0 The project is at design stage
Patching of potholes                 Response rate
                                                                                                                                  The potholes were patched in
                                                                                                                                  Swanepoel Street, Van Heerden
                                                                                   Fix potholes                                   Street, Tambotie Street, Reitz
                                                         - Maintenance             within four                                    Street, Bhams Street, Marx
                                                         - The potholes will not   weeks after it               Fix potholes      Street, Rooibos and Huisbos
                                                         last more than 30 days    was reported                 within four weeks Street.
Maintenance of Buildings             Response rate       Maintenance

                                                                                   Full response to             Full response to
                                                                                   the maintenance              the maintenance
                                                                                   required for                 required for
                                                                                   Municipal                    Municipal
                                                                                   Buildings                    Buildings                              -
Regraveling roads                    Km of roads
                                     regravelled                                                                                       Nodhulp and Ext. 6 identified for
                                                                                                                                       regravelling. Procurement
                                                         10km of roads have        10km of roads to             2500m                  process for service providers is
                                                         been regravelled          be regravelled.              regravelled            at advance stage.
Extension and Upgrading of
Municipal Building ( completion)                         Building was destroyed
                                                         by fire. The building is
                                                         currently at 60%         100%
                                                         completion as at June completion of                    100% completion Actual construction is at 80%
                                     % of completion     2008                     the building                  of the building completion
Maintenance Plan                                                                                                Compilation of
                                                                                                                the Plan and
                                                                                                                submission of the
                                                                                                                Draft Plan to the
                                                         Need for proper roads, Improved                        Municipal         Draft plan prepared and due for
                                                         stormwater and building Service                        Manager for       submission to Municipal
                                     Service Standard    maintenance.            Standard                       approval          Manager.
                                                                                                             Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                        Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                              1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                          Revised             QTR Ending 30 Sept 08                     Explanation of Variance
Indicator                  Unit of Measurement           Baseline         Annual Target                   Target    Proj               Act                              and Actual Perfomance
Technical services
Electrical Services
Replacing 3854m of         Meters (m) of cables to be    Ageing           Replaced 3854m HT Cable                   Procurement of             Awaiting tender
obsolete HT cable          replaced                      Infrastructure                                             equipment and              approval
Upgrading of Bela- Bela Upgraded network                 Ageing           Upgraded Electrical network               Project initiation,        Awaiting tender
Township Electrical                                      Infrastructure   in Bela Bela Township                     procurement of             approval
Network                                                                                                             equipment and
Electrification of Ext 7   Number of houses completed    Upkeep with      Subject to completion of                  Electrification of all     0
                           versus number of houses       new              houses                                    houses completed
                           electrified                   developments
Replacing tools and      Number of equipments replaced
equipment for electrical                                 Ineffectual tools Replaced tools and                       Procurement of
division                                                 and equipment equipment                                    equipment and tools        Procurement done
Resets of Circuit          Response rate
Breakers                                                                  Maintenance as and when                   Maintenance as and
                                                         Maintenance      required                                  when required                        -
Replacement of faulty      Response rate
meters                                                                    Maintenance as and when                   Maintenance as and
                                                         Maintenance      required                                  when required                        -
Repair of faulty Cables    Response rate
HT and LT                                                                 Maintenance as and when                   Maintenance as and
                                                         Maintenance      required                                  when required                        -
Streetlights Repair        Response rate
                                                                          Maintenance as and when                   Maintenance as and
                                                         As required      required                                  when required                        -
Maintenance of HT and
LT overhead lines                                                         Maintenance as and when                   Maintenance as and
                        Response rate                    Maintenance      required                                  when required                        -
Illegal connections and Number of identified connections
meter audits                                                              Maintenance as and when                   Maintenance as and
                                                         Maintenance      required                                  when required                        -
Water and sewer Pump Response rate
Station Call-Outs                                                         Maintenance as and when                   Maintenance as and         3 call outs were
                                                         Maintenance      required                                  when required              made
New connections         Number of connections

                                                                                                                    - Number of new
                                                                                                                    connections will be
                                                         - Maintenance    - Number of new connections               done and informed by
                                                         - Demand due     will be done and informed by              the number
                                                         to new           the number applications that              applications that are
                                                         developments     are received.                             received.                  76 connections

                                                                          100% response rate to all the             100% response rate to
Call - outs                Response rate as required     Maintenance      call - outs                               all the call - outs                          100%
Maintenance Plan           Service Standard              Need for the     Improved Service Standard                 Compilation of the                   -
                                                         Electrical                                                 Plan and submission
                                                         Infrastructure                                             of the Draft Plan to the
                                                         maintenance                                                Municipal Manager for
                                                         plan                                                       approval
                                                                                                                       Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                                  Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                                        1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                                     Revised      QTR Ending 30 Sept 08         Explanation of Variance
Indicator               Unit of Measurement            Baseline                          Annual Target               Target    Proj         Act                 and Actual Perfomance
Technical services
Water & Sanitation
Sewer Pumpstation       Completed Pumpstation          Absence of pumpstation            100% Completion                       50% Completion      20%          MIG registration process
Radium                                                                                                                                                          delayed the starting date.
                                                                                                                                                                Acqusition of service provider
                                                                                                                                                                took longer than expected.

Refurbishment of        No of Pumpstations             Infrastructure of the current     2 Pumpstations to be                  Completion of one   0            Procurement process still
Pumpstations                                           Pumpstation has aged and          refurbished                           Pumpstation                      underway
Purchase of Sewer        Sewer Rods                    Lack of Sewer Rods and            Purchased Sewer Rods                  Purchase Done       0            Postponed to second quarter
Rods                                                   adequate maintenance
Purchase Sludge          Sludge Pumps                  Lack of sludge pumps and
Pumps                                                  adequate maintenance              Purchased Sludge Pumps                Purchase Done       0            In process of procurement
Refurbishment of Rails & Refurbished Rails & Catwalk
Catwalks at the Sewer                                  Poor condition of the rails &
Purification Plant                                     catwalk at the Sewer Purification 100% completion of rails                                               Procurement process still
                                                       Plant                             and catwalk                           20% Completion      0            underway
Bush Cutters            No of Bush Cutters                                               4 Bushcutters to be                   4 Bushcutters                    Procurement process still
                                                       Lack of Bush Cutters              purchased                             Purchased           0            underway
Trailer for Mobile      Purchased Trailer              Lack of a Trailer for a Mobile    Purchase of a trailer for                                              Procurement process still
Generator                                              Generator                         mobile generators                     Purchase Done       0            underway
Small Generator         Number of Generators                                                                                                                    Procurement process still
                                                       Existing generators are aging     2 generators                          Purchase Done      0             underway
Maintenance Plan        Service Standard               Need for Water and Sanitation     Improved Service Standard             Compilation of the No progress
                                                       Infrastructure maintenance plan                                         Plan and
                                                                                                                               submission of the
                                                                                                                               Draft Plan to the
                                                                                                                               Municipal Manager
                                                                                                                               for approval
                                                                                                       Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                                  ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PLANNING
                                                                                2008/09 SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION PLAN

                                                                                                                                                                 Explanation of
                                                                                                                         QTR Ending 30 Sept 08                    Variance and
                                                                                              Revised                                                                Actual
Indicator         Unit of Measurement    Baseline                        Annual Target         Target   Proj                Act                                   Perfomance
Office of the Manager: Planning and Economic Development
Vote:Town Planning and Housing

                                            1.Legal requirement     2.
                                            Maximum of 30 plans        100% of the
                   Total number of Building received within a Month    maximum building                                     37 building plans received and
                   Plans received and       3. Minimum of 20 plans     plans (240                       Maximum 60          approved. The total area
1. Process         Number of building plans processed and approved     applications                     building plans      covering 6 162 sqm for the value
Building Plans     processed.               per month                  processed )                      processed           of R 22 061,82

                                                                         1.Inspect at least
                                                                         75% of                         15 % inspection
                                            1. Legal requirement .       development                    of development
                                            2. Inspect at least 75% of   areas within                   areas within        6 site inspections and 12
2.To inspect       Number of Sites          development within           Municipal                      municipal           occupational certificates were
buildings          inspected                Municipal Boundaries         Boundaries                     boundaries          issued.

                                                                         100% of
                   Number of application                                 applications                   100% of
                   received and the number                               received (and that             applications
3.Processing of    of technical reports                                  which meet the                 received that
application for    sourced, number of       1.Legal requirement,      2. policy/procedural              meet
development on     application submitted to Maximum 10 application       requirements)                  requirements to     15 applications for development
municipal land     the sub-committee.       processed per month.         processed.                     be processed        received and are still in process.
                                                                         100% of
                                                                         received and                   100% of
                                                                         processed that                 applications
4.Processing of    Number of application                                 meet                           received that       14 applications for subdivision
applications for   received and the number                               requirements                   meet                received, processed and
subdivision and    of technical reports     Legal requirement, timeous (applications                    requirements        approved. The amount collected
consolidation      sourced.                 response to applications.    estimated at 35).              processed           R 5 880

                   Number of applications                                100% of the                    100% of
5.Processing       received and                                          application                    applications
applications for   processed,number of                                   recived and                    received that       10 rezoning applications
rezoning           technical report sourced Legal requirements           processed.                     meet                received, processed and
applications and   and sent to the Municipal timeously reponse to        (applications                  requirements        approved. The amount             R
consent use.       Manager for approval      applications.               estimated at 60)               processed           17 000.

                                                                        100% of                         100% of
                                                                        applications                    applications
6. To process                                                           received that                   received that
applications for                           1.Legal requirement. As per meet                             meet
closure of parks   Number of applications application received (1       requirements to                 requirements to     1 application was received and
and streets        received and processed. application received so far) be processed                    be processed        processed.
7.To facilitate                                                                                         100% of
township                                    1.Legal requirement,         100%application                applications
establishment      Number of township       2. Growth of the town        received and                   received that
(including Bela-   establishment            3.Maximum of 2               processed                      meet                2 township establishment
Bela Extension 9   applications received    applications per month       (applications                  requirements        projects are in progress (Spa
and Spa Park)      and processed            processed                    estimated at 20)               processed           Park and Extension 9)
8.To process
applications for                                                              250 residential
residential sites for                                                         sites to be
individuals who                                                               allocated
are in the high &                                                             (reserved for        250 residential    Valuation done. Draft
middle income         Number of application  Housing backlogs is more         middle income at     sites allocated to Advertisement Notice and
category              received and processed than 300 for middle income       Extension 8)         individuals        tender documents prepared.

                                                 Huge Backlog on RDP          1. Finalize PHP
                                                 Housing:                1.   project -       2.
                                                 PHP project - Spa Park and   650 at Bela-Bela
9. To coordinate                                 Bela-Bela Ext7(250) in       Extension 8,                           Developer appointed to
housing            1. Updated register of        progress                2.   3. 430 houses                          construct 750 units at Extension
development for    beneficiaries                 650 at Bela-Bela Extension   under blocked         25% of houses    8. 184 units are at foundation
low income         2. Number houses built        8 being serviced             projects.            completed         level.

10.Promulgation of
by-laws for
building control                                                                                   Investigation/
and land use       By-laws adopted by                                                              Research and
scheme             council                       Legal requirement            Adopted by-laws      Analysis Report   Investigation in progress.

                                                                                                                     Information on Title Deed
                                                                                                                     sourced from service who
11.Security of     Audit report/list of people                                                                       handled the registration of title
tenure             without title deeds           Legal requirement            Audit report         Audit report      deeds. Report is being finalized.
12.Facilitate       MOU with ABSA and            1. Process with ABSA and     Township
housing            DLGH: township                DLGH in progress             establishment                          Meeting held with the DLGH to
development with   establishment and             2. Feasibility study         processed            Land              help fast-track the process.
other partners     houses built                  completed                    completed            procurement       Report on way forward done.

13.Housing                                                                    Township
development on                            Draft tender document in            establishment                          Draft tender document in place.
remainder of erf   Township establishment place,and detailed survey           processed            Land              Aerial photography and detail
655 warmbaths      process, housing units commisioned                         completed            procurement       survey completed.

14. Spa Park                                                                  establishment        Commence          Feasibility studies (detailed
Township           Township establishment Land identified, Feasibility        processed            Township          survey, geotechnical survey)
Establishment      process                Studies done                        completed            Establishment     completed. Draft layout in place.

15. Bela-Bela                                                                 Township                                 Service provider appointed.
Extension 9                                                                   establishment                            Feasibility studies (detailed
Township                                                                      processed                                survey, geotechnical survey) in
Establishment      Township Establishment Land identified                     completed            Feasibility Studies progress.
16. Radium    Ext                                                             establishment        Approved
1 Township                               Township Establishment               processed            Township          Township establishement
Establishment     Township Establishment Application submitted                completed            Establishment     approved.
                                                                                                                                                                Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                                                                        Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                                                                                30 Sept 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                                                                                               QTR Ending 30 Sept 08

Indicator               Unit of Measurement          Baseline                       Annual Target                      Target    Proj                      Act
Office of the Manager: Planning and Economic Development
Vote: Local Economic Development
                                                     The municipality has an                                                                             Disaster Management Team launched for the upcoming festival. The LED Unit
                        Infrastructure Support for   agreement in place with                                                     Mobilization of         financial constraints on the issue of the Jazz Festival. It will remain the original
1. Promotion and        the annual tourism feastival the service provider to                                                     resources and           concept of 2 days and this will assist the unit for planning for next year's event for
Marketing of Tourism    to take place.               support the feastival          Successful tourism feastival                 Preparations            the Jazz Festival
                                                                                                                                                         - The Database has been developed and majority of the SMMEs have registered.
                                                                                  - Compilation of the SMMEs                     -25 SMMEs Trained. - There were no service providers that were appointed on the first quarter.
                     - Number of Consultation                                     Database and Township Based                    - Call for registration
                     Meetings and Reportbacks.                                    Tourism Activities.                            of SMMEs and
                     - Number of SMME                                             - Training of 100 SMMEs on                     Compilation of the
                     Trained.                          - Outdated database for    both tourism related skills and                database.
                     - Number of SMMEs                 SMMEs and Township         general business skills.                       - Monitoring and
2. SMMEs Development benefiting from the               Based Tourism Activities. - Increased number of SMMEs                     actual report back
and Township based   Procurement System of the         - Lack of alignment by LED benefiting from the Procurement                on LED & SCM
tourism              Municipality.                     Functions with SCM Policy System                                          Policy linkages.
                                                                                                                                 Development of an Draft LED strategy provides guidance on the organizational structure for LED forum
                                                                                                                                 organisational          an relationship with other sector forums such as Business foum
                                                                                                                                 structure and
3. Establishment of the A Functional Business                                       Integration of formal and                    program of action for
Business Forum          Forum                          No organised Forum           informal businesses                          the Forum.
                                                       Current plan is                                                                                   On the Late October is where we start with sectoral approaches on in - depth
4. Review and                                          outdated/DLGH Limpopo                                                                             discussions on the LED strategy before goind for public comments on November
Implementation of the                                  LED Programme                100% (Complete Strategy                      Finalization of the     2008.
LED Plan                   Revised LED Plan            appointed to assist          Document)                                    strategy
                           Number of training and                                                                                                        The project has been registered as a cooperative. Currently in the process of
                           advisory sessions to the                                                                                                      facilitating engagement with external funding agencies to assist with the renovation
                           project beneficiaries.                                                                                                        of the existing infrastructure. Two members to attend skill development training co -
                           Number of consultations                                                                                                       ordinated by the Dept. of Agriculture
                           with other sector
5. Support Mamerogo        Departments in support of
Hyrophonic Project         the project.                Project is already operating 4 Project Evaluation Meetings                                      1
                                                       - Lack of proper co-
6. Positioning of the      Study that would position   ordination of programmes
town in terms of tourism   the town in terms of        in terms of Marketing and
routes and getaway         tourism and be aligned to   meeting infrastructural                                                   -Research and             Currently busy with the study on Route 101 in collaboration with Bela-Bela Branding
routes                     BBBI                        requirements.                - A completed study.                         Analysis                  Initiative.

                                                                                                                                 - Developing
                                                                                                                                 Business Survey
                                                                                    - To conduct the Municipal Wide              Questionnaire.
                                                                                    Business Survey.           -To               - Obtain the buy-in
7. Monitoring of                                       Lack of economic growth      quantify the GDP based on the                from the Business         Ongoing discussions are underway to get presentations from the relevant agency
Economic Growth            - Growth in GDP             monitoring mechanism         findings of the survey.                      Forum.                    on the process and the software to assist in the project.
                           - Number of new jobs
                           created by the private                                 - Unemployment reduction by
                           sector.                                                1% (82 new permanent jobs                      Monitoring Job
                           -Number of new jobs                                    created) on an annual basis.                   Creation and
8. Monitoring of Job       created by municipal        -Unemployment is currently - Creation of the unemployment                 Reporting back per        Ongoing discussions are underway to get presentations from the relevant agency
Creation Opportunities     capital projects.           estimated at  8 213        database.                                      quarter.                  on the process and the software to assist in the project.
                                                                                                                                 - Administrative and
                                                                                    - Completed Formalized Flea                  Technical
                                                       - Informal and disorderly    Market Building Structure.                   Assessment
                                                       conducted street trading     -Improved pedestrian circulation             - Drafting of the
                                                       which pose traffic hazard,   along pavement.                              Designs (Buiding
                                                       congestion on pedestrian     - Reduced traffic obstruction.               Structure)
                                                       sidewalks and disturbance    -Ordely arranged trading                     -Appointment of the
9. Formalization of the    -Formalized Flea Market     on aesthetic appeal of the   activities and improved image of             Service Provider/         To consult with our Legal Services on the issue of the identified land for building a
Flea Market                (Hawkers Shelters)          town.                        the town.                                    Contractor                formal structure for the Flea - Marketers
                                                                                                                                                           Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                                                                     Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                                                                           30 Sept 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                                                                                              QTR Ending 30 Sept 08
Indicator                         Unit of Measurement                  Baseline           Annual Target                Target    Proj                                   Act
Office of the Manager: Planning and Economic Development
Vote:Integrated Development Planning and Performance Management

                                                                                          Complete the review
                                                                       Adopted IDP for    process and adopt the                  -Preparation and adoption of the
1. IDP Review for 2009/ 10.         Adopted IDP for 2009/10            2008/09            IDP document for 2009/10               IDP    Process Plan                    Process Plan prepared and Adopted in August 2008

                                  Monitoring and Evaluation of the                   Co - ordinating the                         -Adopted SDBIP 08/09.              -
                                  2008/ 09 IDP Implementation      Adopted SDBIP for compilation of SDBIP and                    First Quartely SDBIP                   SDBIP prepared and adopted in August 2008. The first QTR
2. Implementation of 2008/ 09 IDP through SDBIP 2008/ 09 Reporting 2008/ 09          Four Quartely Reports                       Performance Report                     Report being consolidated

                                                                                                                                                                        1. Fourth QTR reports for all Departments have been
                                                                                                                                                                        consolidated. 2. MDB Report on Municipal Capacity Assessment
                                    Number of Performance Reports                                                                                                       has been prepared and Submitted. 3. Vuna Award report
                                    submitted in line with MSA, MFMA,                     Submission of all reports                                                     compiled and submitted 4. The IDP component of the CIP
3. Municipal Performance            PMS Regulations and                                   as required by the                     Preparation of the 2007/ 08            (Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan) was completed and
Management Reporting                Intergovernmental Framework Act. Legal Requirement    stipulated legislations                Annual Perfomance Report.              submitted to Technical Services.
                                                                                          Submission of all the
                                                                       Outdated LG        report required for MM                 Compilation and submission of
4. 5 - Year Local Government        Number of LG Strategic Agenda      Strategic Agenda   Forum and Mayors and                   the reports as and when        LG Strategic Agenda has been updated and presented on the
Strategic Agenda                    Reports submitted                  Report             Premiers Forums.                       required.                      MM's Forum in July 2008.
                                                                                                                                 - Technical Research.
                                                                                                                                 -Stakeholder Consultation i.e.
                                                                                          Complete the Policy                    DLGH: PMS Unit.        -
                                                                                          formulation processes,                 Drafting of the policy
                                                                       PMS Regulations    Drafting of the policy                 document
5. Facilitating the preparation of the                                 and Legislative    document and submiting
effective PMS Policy Framework         Adopted PMS policy framework.   Context on PMS     the policy for adoption.                                                      In - Progress

                                                                                          Co - ordinating all the
6. Co - ordination of Service                                        Existing adopted     workshops and sessions
Delivery, PMS, IDP and Budget       Number of workshops and sessions Plans i.e. IDP and   related to IDP, Budget and             Preparation of the SDBIP and The SDBIP workshop has been set for 3 - 4 November 2008. The
Related Workshops and Sessions      undertaken                       Budget               PMS                                    Budget Workshop              IDP and Communication Offices are busy with all arrangements.
Office of the Manager Social and Community Services
Vote: Waste Management and Cleansing Services
   Indicator    Unit of measurement          Baseline                           Annual      Revised            Qtr ending 30 September 2008            Explanation of variance
                                                                                target       target                                                          and actual
                                                                                                          Proj.                    Act.
Purchasing 350        Number of bins        350 additional housing units          350                 Procurement   Procurement section to prepare a
refuse binsfor        purchased             being built                                               process       seven day notice
additional units at                                                                                   underway
Rendering refuse      Weekly services and   Refuse collected at                    100%                100% Weekly Done
removal               monitoring            Pienaarsriver, Raduim, Spa Park,      weekly                 Collection
                                            Jinna Park, Town and Township         service
                                                                                 the year

Street Cleansing      Weekly services and   Town and Township streets              100%                100% Weekly Done
Services              monitoring            needs cleansing.                      weekly                 Collection
                                                                                 the year

Clearing illegal      Weekly services and   Town and Township streets              100%                100% Weekly Done
refuse dumps          monitoring            needs cleansing.                      weekly                 Collection
                                                                                 the year

Monitoring of         Weekly services and   Need to keep the dumping site         100%                 100% Weekly Done
landfill site         monitoring            clean                                 weekly                 Collection
                                                                                 the year
                                                                                     BELA-BELA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY
                                                                        SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION
                                                                                  1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

Office of the Manager Social and Community Services
Vote: Parks, Cemeteries and Community Services
       Indicator             Unit of       Baseline               Annual target      Revised       Qtr ending 30 September 2008         Explanation of variance and
                         measurement                                                  target                                                actual performance
                                                                                                     Proj.             Act.
Provide of toilets at RCC -Toilets built  - Toilets needed        Complete toilet              50% building         Order made
Park and security fencing Security fencing needed at the          buildings and                toilets at RCC
thereof                   for the Toilets   Park (RCC)            fencing                      Park

Purchase 4 Dixon Ride - Four mowers           Inadequate          Four (4) Dixon               50% Buy two      50% (2 Dixon Mowers
on mowers               purchased             grass cutting       mowers                       Dixon Mowers            bought)
Purchase of 6 bush-        Six bush-cutters   Limited grass       Six bush-cutters             Procurement      Will be bought on the
cutters                    bought             cutting                                          process             second quarter
                                              equipment                                        started
Maintaining parks          Once weekly        One park so far -       4 parks                   2 parks -        Done at two parks
                           maintenance        Moloto Street                                    Moloto/ RCC

Rehabilitate zoned park    Number of park     Shortage of            2 Parks                         -            Will begin on the
areas                      areas              parks in several    (Spa Park and                                   Second quarter
                           rehabilitated      parts of the town      Ext 6 or
Grass cutting in open      Clean open          About 50 ha of      Cut grass at                 20% as and             Done
spaces, parks, sports      spaces, parks,         space           open spaces,                 when required
fields and cemeteries      sports field and                       parks, sports
                           cemeteries                                fields and
Pruning of trees along     Trees cut and                           cemeteries.
                                              100 ha of streets Pruning of trees                20% as and             Done
streets, open spaces,      pruned along       and outskirts       as and when                  when required
parks, sports fields and   streets, open                            required in
cemeteries.                spaces and                             streets, open
                           cemeteries                            spaces, parks,
                                                                   sports fields
                                                                and cemeteries.

Collect tree branches      Weekly service   Problem of tree        100% weekly                 100% weekly             Done
along streets in Bela Bela                  branches along            service                    service
Township                                    streets in Bela       throughout the
                                            Bela Township              year
Provision of graves        Number of graves Graves provided       Provide 100%                 Provide 100%            Done
                           provided         as booked              of graves as                 of graves as
                                                                      booked                       booked
Maintenance of sports     Well - Maintened SUNFA, Moloto      7 sports fields   6 sports fields      Done
field                     sports fields     Street, Khabele
                                            (2), Leseding,
                                            Tsakane and
                                            Maope High
Maintaining potted plants Weekly            Potted plants      100% Weekly      100% Weekly          Done
and flower beddings in    maintenance of    and beddings in       service          Service
town                      potted plants and Chris Hani Drive/ throughout the
                          beddings          Junction of            year
                                            Potgieter &
Maintaining the four      Halls well-        Halls in Jinnah      4 Halls          4 Halls        In - progress
community halls           maintained         Park, Township,
                          - structures        Pienaarsrivier
                          - premises          and Spa Park
                                                                                   BELA-BELA LOCAL MUNICIPALITY
                                                                            SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION
                                                                                      1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

Office of the Manager Social and Community Services
Vote: Protection and Emergency Services
      Indicator       Unit of measurement                   Baseline              Annual target        Revised      Qtr ending 30 September 2008           Explanation of variance
                                                                                                        target                                             and actual performance
                                                                                                                     Proj.                Act.
Procuring lease for       Number of vehicles          About 60 - 80            35 vehicles replaced               10 vehicle      7 vehicles replaced
municipal vehicles        procured                    vehicles need to be                                          replaced
Testing of learners       No. of learners tested      Serious backlog in       2160 learners tested              540 learners 185 learners tested
                                                      learners testing                                           tested
Testing of drivers        No. of drivers tested       Present backlog in       1440 drivers tested               360 drivers 269 Drivers tested
                                                      driver testing                                             tested

Testing vehicles for      No. of vehicles tested      Service needed           All applications made             All             310 vehicles tested
road-worthy                                                                                                      applications
Processing adverts        No. of adverts              Need to regulate    All applications                       All received    Job done by service
application               processed                   adverts and posters received                               applications    provider

Registration of vehicles No. of vehicles              Need to align            All applications                  All             328 vehicles ordered
                         registered                   various vehicle          received                          applications
                                                      report                                                     received

Fire-fighting call-outs   Response time               Delays with fire-        30 minutes response               30 minutes      17 call outs
                                                      fighting call-outs       time                              response
Law enforcement           No. of speed                Need to ensure road      240 road side                     60 road side    36 roadside
                          monitoring done.            safety                   monitoring                        monitoring      monitoring
Special operations        Roster of special           Need to ensure           As per roster agreed              As per roster   None
(Road-blocks, Arrive      operations (road-           visibility of officers   upon with other law
Alive etc.)               blocks, Arrive Alive etc.                            enforcement

Routine law               Weekly roster               Need to ensure road      Adhere 100% to                    As per roster Done
enforcement                                           safety                   roster
Monitoring municipal      - No. of Vehicles           Need to manage           Updated vehicle                   All vehicles    56 Vehicles, 4 vehicles
fleet                     monitored                   and monitor              records                                           involved in accidents
                                                                                                                                 and no vehicle was
                          - No. of accidents                                                                                     stolen
                          -No. of vehicles stolen

Submission of returns     Monthly returns by 7th      Required Service         Timely returns every              Before the      Done
to Province               of following month                                   month                             7th of the
                                                  BELA-BELA MUNICIPALITY
                                     SERVICE DELIVERY AND BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION PLAN
                                                  01 JULY 2008 - 30 JUNE 2009

                                                                                                                                                    Explanation of
                                                                                             Revised            Qtr ending 30 Sept 08
Indicator               Unit of measurement       Baseline            Annual target                                                                 variance and actual
                                                                                                       Proj                 Act
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
Timeous submission of                                                                                  Preparation of the
                                                                      Preparation of the
Annual Financial        31 August 2008 Annual                                                          financial
                                                  Existing            financial statements
Statement to the Office Financial Statements                                                           statements for       AFS submitted to
                                                  financial           for timeous
of the Auditor General submitted to Office of the                                                      timeous              AG in October
                                                  records.            submission to the
                        Auditor General.                                                               submission to the
Timeous submission of
monthly and quarterly                             80% of
                                                                      Monthly reports                                       Quarterly and
reports to relevant   In terms of MFMA and        information for                                      Quarterly reports
                                                                      submitted to NT &                                     monthly reports
stakeholders          DORA monthly before the     reporting are                                        submitted to NT &
                                                                      PT by the 10th of                                     submitted to NT &
                      10th.                       recorded on the                                      PT timeous
                                                                      each month                                            PT timeously
                                                  financial system

Percentage budget       Budget completed in       Preparation of      100% Submission of               Preparation of       Budget process
completed               terms of MFMA and         budget              budget document to               budget process       plan tabled to
                        GAMAP requirements        document to NT      NT & PT                          plan                 Council on time
                                                  & PT in line with
Percentage debtors      Total payments/Total      Credit & Debt       Maximum collection               Maximum                                82%
revenue collected       levied Monthly            Collection          of outstanding debt              collection of
                                                  Policy              (95%)                            outstanding debt
                                                  implemented                                          (95%)

Percentage creditors
paid within 30 days     Number creditors                         All Creditors paid                    All Creditors paid
                                                  of the Supply
                        paid/Number of invoices                  before 30 days (                      before 30 days (                       95%
                                                  Chain Policy
                        received                                 100%)                                 100%)
Supply Chain
compliance                                        Compliance
                                                                                                       Compliance with
                                                  with MFMA ,
                        % Complaince with                        Fully compliant with                  MFMA , SCM
                                                  SCM Policy and
                        MFMA, SCM Policy and                     all regulations and                   Policy and                             70%
                        Treasury regulations                     policies (100%)                       Treasury
                                                                                                       Regulations (75%)
Reduction of
outstanding debt          15% of outstanding debt                       15% reduction (R5.4   25% Reduction
                                                  R36 million                                                                        5%
                          reduced (R5.4 million)                        million)              (R1 350 000.00)

Addressing audit                                                                                                    25% of the previous
queries                                                                                                             years audit queries
                                                      60% of the audit                                              were addresed
                                                                       90% of the received
                          % Audit queries             queries as                               25% of audit
                                                                       audit queries to be
                          addressed                   received were                           queries addressed

Cash Flow
                                                                        80% Measures are      100% Monitoring of
                                                      60% Monthly
                                                                        implemented to        income &
                          Monthly bank                bank
                                                                        manage cash flow in   expenditure                           90%
                          reconciliation              reconciliation
                                                                        order to avoid an     paterns on monthly
                                                                        overdraft             basis.

Implementation of the                                 Tabling of the
Municipal Property Rate                               supplementary
Act                                                   valuation roll.
                                                                                              25% Capturing of      25% Capturing of all
                                                      Provision of
                          Supplementary valuation                       90% Implementation    all changes in the    changes in the
                                                      rebates to all
                          roll submitted to Council                     of the Municipal      financial system to   financial system to
                                                      properties who
                          timeously                                     Property Rate Act     respond to rebates    respond to rebates
                                                                                              and rates changes     and rates changes
                                                      annual rate
                                                                                                                Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                            Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                                 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                Revised                     QTR Ending 30 Sept 08
Indicator               Unit of Measurement           Baseline           Annual Target          Target    Proj              Act
Office of the Manager Corporate Services
Vote: Human Resource
                                                      Existing           A revised approved
Review of the              Revised organisational     Organisational     Organisational                   Input from        The Organisational Structure was
organisational structure   structure                  Structure          structure                        stakeholders      circulated for comments and input
Recruitment of                                        90% of             All budgeted posts
personnel                  Number of positions filled positions filled   filled                           Filling of post   No new posts filled
Consultative Platform
for Occupational Health                               1. Five (5)        1. Four (4) Meetings
& Safety.                  1. Number of Meetings.     Meetings.          to be held.                      1 Meeting         3 LLF meetings were held
                                                                         A complete revised
                                                                         Employment Equity
                                                                         Plan submitted and
Employment Equity          Completed Employment                          approved by Dept. of             Reviewing the
Plan                       Equity Plan            Outdated Plan          Labour                           plan              Finalizing employee statistics
                                                  To commence            Submission of the
Compilation of Annual      Submission of the WSDP in this financial      WSDP by 30 June                  Compiling the
Work Skills Plan           to DPLG                year                   2009                             WSDP              WSP Submitted

                                                      Five approved                                       1 Policy
Formulation of Human                                  Human              4 policies should be             Drafted and
Resource Related           Number of policies         Resource           in place by the end              Submitted for
Policies                   formulated                 Policies           of the year                      Approval          1 Policy Drafted
Replacement and                                                                                           40% of
Development of                                        20% of                                              employment
Contracts of               1. Number of Contracts     contracts          All employment                   contracts
Employment                 Signed                     signed             contracts signed                 signed            Employment contracts prepared

                                                    To commence          80 employees being
                       Number of employees          in this financial    trained by the year              20 employees
Annual Training Report trained                      year                 end.                             being trained     36 employees trained
                                                    12 ordinary LLF
                           Number of meeting of the undertaken on        8 ordinary LLF                   2 ordinary LLF
Local Labour Forum         Local Labour Forum       2007/08              meetings                         meetings       No meeting held
                           Number of Cases of
Ensure that there is a     misconduct which are
fair and equitable         handled in accordance
system of progressive      with SALGBC collective Improved level         100% of the reported             All cases
discipline                 agreement                of discipline.       cases attended to                attended to       4 misconduct cases were handled

Ensure that there is fair                             Poor usage of      100% of the
and equitable system to Number of grievance           grievances         grievances reported              100%              2 grievances were received and
deal with grievances      received and reported to    procedure          to be attended                   compliance        reported.
Establishment of the                               No Labour
Departmental Labour    Fully Functional LR         Relations     4 meetings held by
Relations Forum        Forum                       Forum         the end of the year   1 meeting       No meeting held
                       Completed job description   100% of Job
Development of Job     and submission to the       Description   100% completion of
description            DPLG                        Compiled      job descriptions              -       40% Job Descriptions Compiled
                                                                                       All existing
                                               Full compliance                         contracts are
                       Number of performance with              Completed               signed and
Performance            reviews/ assessment per performance     Performance             Perfomance
Assessment             quarter                 regulations.    Assessment              Reviews         First Quarter Review in process
                                                                                                   Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                                 Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                                    1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                                                             Explanation of
                       Unit of                                                                 Revised        QTR Ending 30 Sept 08        Variance and Actual
Indicator              Measurement            Baseline                     Annual Target       Target    Proj      Act                         Perfomance
Office of the Manager Corporate Services
Vote: Council Administration
Compilation and                                                            4 ordinary                                                   1x Spl MC 07/08/08
delivery of MC         Number of MC           It will be started on this   Council                                                      1x Spl MC 26/08/08
agendas                agendas completed      financial year               meetings                              1                    3 1x Spl MC 10/09/08
Compilation and
delivery of EC         Number of EC           It will be started on this
agendas                agendas completed      financial year               12 Ordinary EC                        3
                                                                           All the items for
Research and drafting   Number of EC/MC       It will be started on this   Agenda will be
of items of EC/MC       minutes completed     financial year               drafted.                                                   3
Recording and           Number of minuted                                  16 sets of                                                   1x Spl MC 07/08/08
compilation of EC/MC    of EC/MC agendas      It will be started on this   Minutes should                                               1x Spl MC 26/08/08
minutes                 completed             financial year               be completed                          4                    3 1x Spl MC 10/09/08
Provide Secretarial     Number of EC
Support to the Mayor    meetings as per       It will be started on this
at EC meetings          Schedule              financial year               11 meetings                           3                    6
Provide Secretarial
Support to the          Number of Council
Speaker at MC           meetings as per       It will be started on this
meetings                Schedule              financial year                               4                     1                    3
Manage and process
resolution              Number of resolution
Management system       processed for EC     It will be started on this    Approximately
of the Municipality     and Council.         financial year                75                                                         28
                                                                                      Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                    Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                       1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                                                                                                                               Explanation of
                     Unit of                                                        Revised      QTR Ending 30 Sept 08         Variance and
Indicator            Measurement         Baseline               Annual Target       Target    Proj     Act                   Actual Perfomance
Office of the Corporate Services
Vote: Legal Administration and Support Services
                                                                                              All cases
                                                                                              will be
Conveyancing and    Number of           Congestion in the       All cases will be             attended
legal opinion       registered cases on process of              attended to and               to and
matters             conveyencing.       conveyancing            finalised.                    finalised.                 0
                                                                                              All cases
                    Number of                                   All cases                     to on a
                    consultations and                           attended to on a              regular
Litigation Matters  court cases.         2 cases pending        regular basis                 basis                      0
                    Number of by-laws    12 By - laws have
                    to be passed by      been updated and in
Updating of by-laws council during the   the process of         4 By - laws to be
of the municipality year                 promulgation.          updated                                    1             0
                                                                All contracts
Drafting and         Number of contracts All contracts attended must be
perusal of contracts drafted and perused to.                    finalised.                    Regularly                  0
                                                                                  Bela - Bela Local Municipality
                                                                Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan
                                                                                   1 July 2008 to 30 June 2009

                      Unit of                                        Revised             QTR Ending 30 Sept 08             Explanation of Variance and
Indicator             Measurement Baseline             Annual Target Target      Proj          Act                             Actual Perfomance
Office of the Manager Corporate Services
Vote: Information Management

                                        Poor                                     Establishment   Establishment of the
Establishment of the                    Infrastructure Fully Functional          of the          communication link
IT Infrastructure and A functional IT   and functional IT infrastructure         communication   done in ABSA and Old
Network               Network           network        and Network               link.           Municipal Building.
                                                                                                 Research way done.
                                                                                                 Identified two policies
                                                                                                 i.e. Internet Usage
Development of IT     Approved          No IT Policies 2 approved IT             Research and    Policy and E - Mail
Policies              policy            in place       Policies                  Analysis        Policy.

                                      time will be                               All requests/
                      Number of       depandant on                               faults reported
Liason with service   registered      the Service  All requests/                 will be attended
providers rendering   requests/faults Level        faults reported               to as and when Done on an on-going
IT Services.          reported        Agreement.   will be attended              required         basis
                      Number of       submitted on
Supervision of        quarterly       the previous
Records Office        reports         year
activities            submitted       (2007/08)        4 Reports                     1 Report    Done

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