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									               WILD HARBOR YACHT CLUB
                   Junior Sailing Program Participants
                   List compiled as of August 1, 2003

                       MATES – 16 Participants
Sarah Bouchie, Ryan Deneen, Luke Duffy, Zachary Good, Molly Hester,
Kelly Rafferty, Mike Rafferty, MacKenzie MacRae, Meaghan Mac Rea,
Andrea Kelly, Chris Toohey, Jack Anastasi, Megan Cahill, Chris Mulhern,
Nobska Goodhue and Amanda Saker.

                     SKIPPERS – 12 Participants
Mike Bouchie, Amu Rucki, Jared Kelly, Molly Tilton, Eleanor Tilton, Molly
Mead, Shannon Boselli, Claire Street, Maddy Fahey, Jesse Kanaly, Mike
Sammarco and Katie Mahoney

        INTRODUCTION TO JUNIOR RACING – 20 Participants
Ashley, Benoit, Russ Gasdia, Sean Good, Mike Murphy, Ted Bennett,
Meghan Deneen.

                        OPTI 1 – 16 Participants
Jackson McNally, Margaret Hester, Jackie Benoit, Rob Sleight, Matt
Johnson, Alexanrda Orfao and Jennifer Toohey

                         OPTI 2 – 16 Participants
 Rebecca Duffy, Grace McNally, Tyler Orfao, Jack Power, Colleen Hester,
 Nicole Cahill, Erin Cahill, Gervis Pond, Ricky Pond Mary Murphy, Max
                           Bennett, Alex Gasdia

                       OPTI 3 – 16 Participants
Daniel Aptekman, Simone Aptekman, Brenna Ford, Maureen Hester,
Rachael Tuleja, Emily Murphy, Will Duffy, Teddy Mead, Hayley Musket,
Meghan Toohey and Patrick Sleight

                            OPTI RACING
John Sleight, Caitlin Watson, Keegan Flynn, Ryan Byrne, Jesse Byrne,
Margaret Power, Eva McNamara, Sho Garber, Catherine Flint, Nick
                             CLUB 420
Connor Watson, Kathleen Hines, Kristen Rucki, Laura Andwood, Christie
Musket, Kelsey Barrasso

                           CLUB 420 RACING
Patrick Flynn, Faith Botica, Megan Watson, John McNamara, Emily Flint,
Mike Tuleja, Margo Hines, Liz Flint, John Botica, Elizabeth Power, Ann
Power, Libby Bowker, Andrew Flynn, Madeira Ginley, Ryan McMullen,
James Remeika, Mike McCarthy, Lizzy Kirk, Colin Clark, Jac Connolly

                     PROGRAM DIRECTOR’S NOTE
Some of the Opti sailors over the course of the winter may have out grown
the Opti. The parents, if they feel that their child has grown too big for the
Opti, should discuss the issue with the program director, Dorothy Clark.

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