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Panels 8 june 2011


									                 SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY
 – Joint Workshop by Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and the Center for Development
                           Research (ZEF), University of Bonn

                          Brunei Darussalam, September 23-25, 2011

Over the past decades, science policy (Wissenschaftspolitik), widely discussed under the notion of
‘knowledge’ and ‘knowledge governance’, has increasingly shaped development discourses
worldwide – perceived as a crucial driver for the economic development of nation states and as a
key element for successful measures of international development cooperation (Stehr 2003, 2004).
With the aim of contributing to these ongoing debates by bringing together experience from
Southeast Asia and Europe, the University of Brunei Darussalam and the Center for Development
Research, University of Bonn, Germany are jointly organizing the workshop ‘Science, Technology
and Society’, September 23-25, 2011 in Brunei Darussalam. Amongst the three core themes
identified are ‘Science and Technology Policy’, ‘Knowledge Governance and Innovation Diffusion’
and ‘Science, Technology and Education’, themes of mutual importance to the successful
development of knowledge societies.

Each of the three identified core themes forms the topic of one panel. The proposed workshop will
focus on the differing European and Asian experiences in the field of Science, Technology and
Society research. In this respect, the co-organisation enables input from both Europe and Brunei.
The key objectives of the workshop are to support and boost the field of Science, Technology and
Society in Brunei and the region as well as the development of contacts in respective research
areas, both within Asia and Europe. In addition, it is the aim of the workshop to lay a foundation for
future cooperation and to produce a workshop publication.

Panel 1: Science policy
The panel on ‘Science and Technology Policy’ links some of the themes of interest to this workshop
through the lens of science policy-making as a legal framework. Here, themes of specific interest to
this workshop comprise the construction of knowledge societies, knowledge hubs and epistemic
landscapes, different models of science policy in Europe and SE Asia as well as the relationship
between scientific research and national development. Additionally, it focuses on structures and
agents in science policy-making for enhanced innovation development.

Panel 2: Knowledge governance and innovation diffusion
The panel ‘Knowledge governance and innovation diffusion’ is concerned with the linking of
knowledge and innovation development as well as the governance processes facilitating its sharing
and diffusion. Themes of special interest comprise knowledge governance processes for facilitated
knowledge and innovation development, processes, actors and channels of knowledge sharing and
innovation diffusion, and forms of knowledge production within the realm of science (disciplinary
and interdisciplinary) as well as at the boundary between science and society (transdisciplinary).
Besides, the globalisation of local knowledge and the localisation of global knowledge for
development additionally will be discussed.

Panel 3: Science, technology and education
The panel ‘Science, technology and education’ consequently focuses on the use of the Internet,
audio-visual resources in the science classroom, project work that involves the use of the internet,
graphics-centred science teaching, and the possibilities of science outside the classroom. In Brunei
Darussalam, in spite of improved communication in the science classroom, many students continue
to find science difficult and do not choose to follow a science-based curriculum in high school, and
hence lack the foundation for science/technology career choices at a later date. Also initial research
into the use of the Internet by sixth form teachers and students in Brunei points to an under-usage
by teachers, and more time spent by the students on social networking than studying. These issues
will serve as a basis for further discussion.

                Title                                                Speaker
September 23, 2011
Opening session
                Opening Address
                Keynote Address: Science Policy as Innovation        Prof. Dr. Peter Weingart,
                Policy: Pretext and Reality                          University of Bielefeld
                Keynote Q & A Session
Panel 1: Science and Technology Policy
                                                                     Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Evers,
                Knowledge Cluster
                                                                     UBD/Sen Pris, Universiti Sains
                Policies: Lessons Learned.
                                                                     Prof. Dr. Solvay Gerke, Center
                Science Policy for
                                                                     for Development Research
                                                                     ( ZEF)

                Science Policy and Development in Brunei             Dr. Hazri Kifle and Dr. Alistair
                                                                     Wood, UBD
                Science Policy in Korea                              Dr. Y. Hwangbo, EGINC –UBD
                                                                     or representative from STEPI
September 24, 2011
Panel 2: Knowledge governance and innovation diffusion
                The Governance of Singapore’s Knowledge              Prof. Dr. Thomas Menkhoff,
                Clusters: Offshore Marine (Rig Business), Water      Singapore Management
                Hub and Non-Profits                                  University (SMU)
                 Title                                               Speaker
                 ‘Follow the Innovation‘                             Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge,
                 - A Joint Experimentation & Learning Approach       Center for Development
                 to Transdisciplinary Innovation Research            Research ( ZEF)
                 The Challenge of Knowledge
                                                                     Dr. Tatjana Bauer, Center for
                 Sharing - Formal and Informal Practices of the
                                                                     Development Research (ZEF)
                 Vietnamese Science Community
                 Double Helix Interactions or Learning via the       Dr. Farah Purwaningrum,
                 Supply Chain? : Knowledge Governance in the         Indonesian Institute of Sciences
                 Industrial Cluster in Indonesia                     (LIPI)
Panel 3: Science, technology and education
                 How is the use of ICT affecting the teaching and
                 learning of the sciences in Years 10-12 of High     Dr. Des Brown, UBD
                 What are the factors affecting students choice of
                 science or arts subjects in Years 8 and 9 of High   UBD Education Team, UBD
                                                                     Dr. Merle C. Tan, Director Nat.
                                                                     Inst. for Science, and Maths, UP,
                 Assessing learning based on the STS approach

                 The Education/Training of Filipino ICT              Dr. Czarina Saloma-Akpdomu,
                 Professionals and its Implications on global        Ateneo de Manila University,
                 knowledge and labour                                Phillipines
September 25, 2011
              Excursion to Belalong Field Research Station

Deadline for registration is August 15th, 2011.

Dr. Alistair Wood
Programme Leader
Graduate Studies
University of Brunei Darussalam
Tel: + 673 246 3001 ext. 1403

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