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					                                               Special Events

These events were compiled from clubs around North America.

Ladies’ Tea
In April we hold our annual Ladies‟ Tea. Personalized invitations are sent to all the widow ladies in our
church/community. Round tables are set up and decorated. The ladies sit with the GEMS at the tables. The
program includes a theme-related devotional, relationship-building games, tea (and lemonade) and bars/cookies,
and the girls sing their theme song. All of the ladies are gifted a loaf of bread (poppy seed, blueberry, pumpkin,
etc) at the conclusion of the tea.

Food shelf drive
In September we have a food drive for the area wide food shelf. The girls and counselors walk door to door in
our small community pulling child-sized wagons and fill them up with canned and boxed goods.

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Blankets for Hope Pregnancy Center
Seventh grade GEMS make baby blankets for Hope Pregnancy Center each year. They go to the crisis
pregnancy to drop them off and learn more about that ministry.

Kick-Off Meeting
The Kick-Off Meeting includes a much-anticipated scavenger hunt around our community. The girls and
counselors go door to door and collect the items on their list. The winning team receives a prize and everyone
enjoys pizza. Note: Counselors go with girls to ensure the safety at all times.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List
   o roll of toilet paper
   o clothes pin
   o balloon
   o sheet of toilet paper
   o penny
   o sock
   o pack of takeout ketchup
   o plastic grocery bag
   o coupon
   o rubberband
   o tea bag
   o birthday candle
   o used stamp
   o popsicle stick
   o coke tab
   o balloon
   o potato
   o plastic fork
   o piece of hard candy
   o purple crayon
   o envelope
   o toothpick
   o artificial flower

Reaching Out at Christmas
At Christmas time, our church invites ladies and children from a local women‟s shelter to come for our
Christmas Pageant and watch the choir‟s Christmas Presentation. Prior to the Pageant, we serve them dinner.
Our GEMS girls make placemats, small gifts, napkin rings for napkins, and centerpieces for the dinner.

Senior Dinner
The 5th and 6th grade GEMS serve dinner to our church‟s Senior group. They make the Lasagna Dinner
(Lasagna, salad, and garlic bread) as part of the cooking badge. Other GEMS age groups make the centerpieces,
deserts and small candies to put by each plate.

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Good Friday
Our whole community gets together for a combined church service. The GEMS provide the babysitting in the
nursery. After the service we go to our church and host a Tea & Bake Sale. All the GEMS girls bring two loaf
cakes/pies/cakes/or two dozen squares or cookies. Sometimes we may sell small craft items the girls have made
as well. We set everything up and price everything the night before. Some of the baking goes to the Tea as
snacks on the tables. We charge admission to the Tea. This has been our yearly Fund Raiser for GEMS Africa
and has gone very well. This past year we changed it to a Lunch (since the church service is 11:00 -12 noon)
The Counselors made the pots of soup. We just had buns to keep it simple and had the baking for 'dessert'. We
were VERY successful with this event. (kept the bake sale part as well) The girls man the admission table, the
bake sale table, go around pouring Coffee, tea, or juice, keep the creamers full and refill the baking on tables if
necessary. The girls also help with clean up and the dishes.

Operation Christmas Child
This ministry sends gift-filled shoeboxes, along with Christian literature and a message of hope, to children in
desperate situations around the world. We watched a video and talked about how this was one way we could
show God‟s love, joy, and kindness to others. What was the response? Together, our girls brought 29
shoeboxes full of gifts! Two girls did more than one shoebox! We had a great time wrapping and praying for
the children who were going to receive our shoeboxes. Inside each box, the girls wrote a card to „their‟ child.
One girl wrote “To: my best friend. I am a Christian, and I love helping people. Please write to me and tell me
your birthday so I can send you another gift.” It is amazing what the Holy Spirit can do in our hearts.

Kidnap Breakfast (Saturday morning activity)
Call the girls‟ parents ahead of time to get permission, arrange to pick up the girls early in the morning, don‟t
tell the girls. Surprise them! Drive to girls‟ homes and wake them up, and they are to come as they are to
breakfast. Take them along for the next house. End somewhere for breakfast. Extra fun? Get permission to
come in with a video camera and video them as you wake them up, then watch the video after you eat breakfast!

Father/ Daughter Toboggan & Skating Night
A nearby community has a hill & outdoor skating rink that is lit at night. So we go each year. The girls (&
Dad's) really look forward to it. I try to get a portable thermos (from local coffee shop) full of hot chocolate to
serve at the end of the night.

Community Food Bank Drive
The town was divided up into areas. The Elders and the Youth Group went out with notes and bags to every
house around the area explaining the Food Drive and the needs of the Food Bank. The next week the Deacon,
Cadets & GEMS went around to the houses and collected the bags of donated food. (People were asked to leave
the food out on their step or by the front door.) A snack was served at the end of the night & a prayer of
Thanksgiving and blessing was said. Sunday School children could also bring a food item instead of money that
week so they could be involved as well.

From another church: GEMS set out for a scavenger hunt. This was not an ordinary scavenger hunt. The girls
went door to door in our neighborhood asking to collect food items for the care closet. The girls witnessed the
generosity of many people. They collected canned goods, boxed food, dried goods, baby food, diapers, toilet
paper, etc. One group went to a house and returned with a five dollar bill. The neighbor said he just got back
from vacation, and was in a hurry… Thanks to the joyful spirit in our girls, the care closet is now full of items,
ready to give away to needy people.

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Hobo Supper
Dress – overalls with handkerchiefs, Centerpieces – core an apple, put flowers inside, Cups – tin cans, Napkins
– bandanas, Menu (see below)

                                             Hobo Menu
                 Welcome! Please order your meal and observe the following:

                 Please accept this menu with our compliments.
                 Each item can only be ordered once.
                 Courses will be served exactly as ordered.
                 Respect the privacy of your neighbor; let her make her own order 
                 Anyone leaving anything on their plate will help with the dishes.
                 We assume no responsibilities other than transportation to the hospital.

                     1. Henry’s Pride
                     2. Chip off the old block
                     3. Grits and slab
                     4. Dragon’s tongue
                     5. Spring’s offering
                     6. Chopped rocks
                     7. Sword
                     8. Teenagers Delight
                     9. Quack grass
                     10. Baked Worms
                     11. Atomic power
                     12. Night crawlers in a shell
                     13. Fence post
                     14. 4th of July Celebration
                     15. Big 400
                     16. Inner tube
                     17. 10 degrees below zero
                     18. Fodder
                     19. Sleeping relative
                     20. Boston soup
                     21. Two peas in a pod

Answer Key for Menu Items: 1. Tomato juice, 2. Toothpick, 3. Hamburger and bun, 4. Fork, 5. Water, 6.
Potato salad, 7. Knife, 8. Spoon, 9. Lettuce salad, 10. Pretzels, 11. Baked beans, 12. Olive, 13. Carrot stick, 14.
Cracker, 15. Pie, 16. Life saver, 17. Ice tea, 18. Celery stick, 19. Napkin, 20. Coffee, 21. Peanut in a shell

Stuff a Stocking
Long Beach Rescue Mission has been working in the community to provide food, clothing, shelter, and spiritual
guidance to the homeless and less fortunate. To help share the love of Jesus with these people, the GEMS girls
in the area decorate stockings and stuff them with general hygiene items to be delivered at Christmas. Items

                                                                                                Special Events.doc
include: shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, socks, soap, scarves, candy/gum, gloves/mittens, lotion,
razors, deodorant.

Father/Daughter Pirate Night
Invite dads to come to GEMS for dinner.
Menu: Worms & Things (spaghetti), Octopus (hot dogs), Treasure Salad (lettuce salad), Fish Eye Salad
(tapioca salad), Slice of planks (garlic bread), Jewels (finger Jell-O). During the night, have a pirate
backdrop where girls/dads wear pirate hats, eye patches, dress up and take a picture together. Play a
Game – Statistical scavenger hunt (each team will need a tape measure)

                                      Statistical Scavenger Hunt

             1. Count January as 1 point, February as 2 points, March as 3 points, etc.
                Through the year, add up the total number of birthday points at your
                table. TOTAL______
             2. Count one point for each different state in which each person on your
                team was born. TOTAL_____
             3. Total all the team shoe sizes by adding them together (one shoe only).
             4. Get your hair color score: Brown=1, Blonde=2, Black=3, Red=4.
             5. Stand in a circle. Check your sock color. White=1, Blue=2, Red=3,
                Green=4, Purple=5, Striped=6, Plaid=7, All other=10. TOTAL_____
             6. Hold hands and stretch in a straight line. Measure the distance from
                one end to the other and give one point per inch. TOTAL_____
             7. Give 5 points for every person who participated in sports this week.
             8. Add all your house numbers together. TOTAL_____
             9. Write all your initials on the bottom of your sheet and try to make
                words from those letters. Give 2 points per word. TOTAL_____
             10. Give one point for each home you have lived in. TOTAL_____

             GRAND TOTAL__________

Blanket Making
Have the girls make fleece blankets to deliver to the sick, poor, or elderly. If possible, have the girls deliver
them, and share God‟s love!

Mystery Dinner
Dinner will consist of three courses. For each course select 4 items. Place the numbers that correspond to the
items you‟ve selected, in the spaces next to the letters below. No duplicates allowed! You will be served only
those items selected for each course.

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       1. Jacob‟s Well (Water)
       2. Dairy Bit (Cheese)
       3. Worms and Marbles (Spaghetti)
       4. Unleavened Bread (Crackers)
       5. That‟s a Wrap (Pigs in a blanket)
       6. Mud Pies (Brownie)
       7. Bunny Food (Carrots)
       8. Fishes Home (Kool-aid)
       9. Sweet Sixteen (16 M&M‟s in a cup)
       10. Staff of Life (Garlic Bread)
       11. Dressed Greens (Salad & Dressing)
       12. Moo Juice (Milk)

Fall Luau
Set up carnival sorts of simple games/booths plus a dunk tank., inflatables (bounce-arounds, slide, etc.). The 6th
grade class sells hotdogs, chips, cookies, drinks to raise money for their camp. All attendees receive a plastic
lei. It‟s a good time for families to meet each other.

This is brand new this season! It‟s a worship service to help the entire congregation embrace this year‟s theme,
Feed the Fire. Please refer to the separate handout detailing this worship service.

GEMS Sunday
Celebrate the year by having the girls participate in the church service – leading the worship in singing/creative
movement, sharing about what God is doing in their lives, read the Bible, and perform skits. After the service,
offer a special GEMS Sunday lunch. Invite the GEMS families and all people from the church. Encourage
them to interact and sit by people they don‟t know.

International Celebration
Serve and sample foods from various countries. Play multicultural music softly in the background. Ask
the people in your congregation for various items to display from different countries. Play games from
different countries. Include a piñata for fun. For the main activity – invite a missionary to share, spend
time praying for countries around the world.

Board Game Night
Menu – Par-Cheesy Pizza, I Spy Salad, High Roller Cake, Setup – Have different games set up on the tables,
when the girls come in, they are given a game piece which decides where they are to sit, Activity – Play
board games together

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Call to Africa Fashion Show (Special Kit Available)
The GEMS Call to Africa Fashion Show is an opportunity for
women and girls to learn about Zambia, the African country where
GEMS has been called to minister. What you will see are women
dressed in African clothing accompanied by their North American
counterpart – a woman dressed for the same activity in Canada or
the US. You will not only learn about what Zambian women wear;
you will also learn about their culture and country.

Stage decorations will add to the ambiance! You could consider
having the fashion show at a tea, where women set tables with
items from home. Tables can be fancy or casual. Tea, lemonade,
party sandwiches, fruit and/or dessert make for a nice menu. In
addition to the fashion show, you could have a devotion, special
music, a report from a GEMS girl explaining what they know about
their sister club or why they would like to have one. Or you could
have the fashion show at club, just for your girls. Use it however it suits your needs.

The fashion show includes seven African outfits, various props, a script and directions for the coordinator. To
borrow the kit, contact Kathy Brace, Sister Club coordinator, or 734.652.3725. Current
Sister Clubs have first priority for using the kit.

                                                              GEMS Call to Africa
                                                                        Fashion Show

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Each year we end our season with a fun mother and daughter event. This year we had a Rodeo Night. The
guests were encouraged to wear western attire, we served a country style supper and made a great craft together.
We also invited a square dance caller to come and teach as all a few square dance moves! This was the one of
the highlights of the night for everyone! It was an activity that was interactive and anyone can do it!

Another tradition we have is that we invite the girls
who will be entering GEMS next season to attend
along with their moms. We present each girl with a
closed rose bud, which signifies their new beginning
as a GEMS club member. We then present the
oldest girls with a fully opened rose, to signify their
completion and readiness to move on using the skills
and life lessons that have been developed and
strengthened throughout their time in GEMS club.
While doing this the counselors say a few words of
encouragement and support specifically to each girl.
This is a really meaningful symbol and something
we all look forward to.

Tropical/Hawaiian Celebration
Menu – Chicken, pineapple/tropical fruit, Music – Play Hawaiian music in softly in the background,
Centerpieces – Fill a glass fishbowl with sand, a candle, sea shells, sand buckets, sunglasses, Games – Sack
races, limbo to Hawaiian music

     CD Fish
     1. Take 2 CDs and put them together, label in
     2. Take a rectangle piece of foam, fold it in half and in half again, squeeze it through the center
          hole with half the rectangle on each side of the two discs
     3. Take the top fin and the fishing line, glue between the top of the discs
     4. Take the bottom fin and glue between the bottom of the discs
     5. Take the tail piece and glue it to the back
     6. Next glue the lips, after that put on the eyes.
     7. Enjoy, hang as a sun catcher!

     Lovable Lei
     1. Take a 3’ x 6” piece of cellophane and lay it flat in front of you
     2. Lay 12-14 pieces of candy down the center of the cellophane (about 2 or 3 fingers apart)
     3. Fold the top 2” of the cellophane down to the bottom of the candy line, tape horizontally
     4. Fold the bottom 2” of cellophane up to the top of the candy line, tape horizontally
     5. Cut 14 pieces of ribbon (multiple colors) 8” long. Tie the ribbon between each piece of candy
         and curl the ribbon.
     6. Tie ends together with a string or ribbon to make a lei!

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GEMS Dinner and Fashion Show Fundraiser
Invite all church families to come to dinner and see a GEMS Fashion show. One club did this as a fundraiser to
help send their counselors to the GEMS Leadership Conference! A Spaghetti dinner was served; the girls
“performed” a fashion show with fun clothes, and ended the night by singing songs of worship. The pastor did
a welcome, introduced all the counselors going to conference, and thanked everyone for coming.

Fashion Show Categories:
    Pajama Party: Robes, slippers, pajamas with sleeves and long shorts or pants (not skimpy).
    Holiday Wear: Something you‟d wear for a holiday like Christmas, Valentine‟s Day, St. Patrick‟s Day,
       4th of July, or Easter.
    Pretty Princess: A pretty dress-up outfit or princess dress with a tiara.
    Sports Champ: Any sports uniform or cheerleading outfit.
    Elegant/Formal Wear: A nice dress they wore to a special occasion such as wedding.
    Through the Decades: An outfit representing the „50s, „60s, „70s, or „80s including hairstyles!
    Outfit on a $20 budget: A complete outfit including shoes for $20 or less.
    Career Wear: A uniform or outfit representing a specific career or profession.
    Wacky What-Not-to-Wear: Crazy, mismatched, inside-out or upside-down clothing that would
               get you stopped by the fashion police!

                                    Friday Night, April 30, 6:00 p.m.
                       You are invited to attend a GEMS-hosted Spaghetti Dinner with a Sundae
                       Bar for dessert this Friday, April 30, at 6:00 p.m. Entertainment will include
                       a couple of song presentations and a fashion show by our GEMS.

                       We are selling tickets to this event for just $5.00 per person, in order to
                       keep the costs down for families. However, we’re also hoping that
                       individuals and couples without children may be willing to make a slightly
                       larger donation for their tickets if possible. Proceeds will help send
                       counselors to the GEMS Leadership Conference.

                       You may buy your tickets at the church office this week, or at the door on
                       Friday night. Even if you are unable to attend, we hope that you will
                       consider a donation to help cover the costs of equipping our leaders. Thank
                       you for your support, prayers, and partnership!

                       Blessings to you,

                       Bonny Mulder-Behnia
                       Family Ministries Pastor

                                                                                                        Special Events.doc
Dear GEMS Girl & Parents,

Here’s everything you need to know for the GEMS Fundraising Night this Friday, April 30, at 6:00
p.m. at Rosewood Church Social Hall.

Wear your GEMS shirt and bring along your fashion-show outfit
Arrive before 6 pm, and you can bring your outfit into the dressing rooms (our GEMS counselors will
    show you which room to put your clothes in)
Present your dinner tickets at the door (or purchase tickets) for just $5.00/person. GEMS girls must
    have a ticket also. If you can’t afford a ticket for your GEMS girl, talk with Pastor Bonny.
You should sit at dinner with your family, and you will be excused to go change for the fashion show
    (this will be right after dessert is served).
When you leave to change clothes, your mother may go along to help you if needed.
Immediately after the fashion show, the GEMS will sing a couple of songs for our guests as a special

We would also welcome help from any GEMS parents (with set-up, decorating, serving, clean-up,
etc). If you would like to help with this special event, please call Pastor Bonny or Rachel Shugart at
the church office: 562-804-4778, ext. 19.

Blessings to you!
Pastor Bonny
Family Ministries Pastor

                           What You Should Wear
      Your name: _________________________________________________

      Fashion Group: ______________________________________________

      Here are the clothing guidelines for the fashion groups; please dress according to what you
      signed up for at GEMS.

      ♥ Pajama Party: Robes, slippers, pajamas with sleeves and long shorts or pants (not skimpy).
      ♥ Holiday Wear: Something you’d wear for a holiday like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s
              Day, 4th of July, or Easter.
      ♥ Pretty Princess: A pretty dress-up outfit or princess dress with a tiara.
      ♥ Sports Champ: Any sports uniform or cheerleading outfit.
      ♥ Elegant/Formal Wear: A nice dress they wore to a special occasion such as wedding.
      ♥ Through the Decades: An outfit representing the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, or ‘80s including hairstyles!
      ♥ Outfit on a $20 budget: A complete outfit including shoes for $20 or less.
      ♥ Career Wear: A uniform or outfit representing a specific career or profession.
      ♥ Wacky What-Not-to-Wear: Crazy, mismatched, inside-out or upside-down clothing that would
              get you stopped by the fashion police!                                     Special Events.doc
GEMS Women's Night of Worship

We invite the ladies from our area- moms, sisters, aunts, and friends- young and old by putting an
announcement in the bulletins of area churches and the paper. At the night of worship, we sing and read a
limited amount of Scripture. It is intended to be a very relaxed event in hopes to renew, refresh and fellowship
in the middle of winter. To break up the singing, which we do various styles- hymns, contemporary, GEMS
music, etc., we show a GEMS video- either Africa update or a slideshow of our local club. This saves on
having anyone talking too much during our time of worship. Afterwards we serve coffee and dessert for the
ladies to mingle and chit chat, if desired.

Special notes regarding decorating: Decorations on the tables during dessert help make the evening feel special
and different from a bible study, or church service. We don't spend a lot of money, but table clothes and various
candles or vases from the counselors' homes work great. For the front of church we always do balloons from the
local dollar store- bright colors or metallics make the church feel FESTIVE!

                                                                                              Special Events.doc
GEMS Counselor Encouragement Activity
Have a special night to appreciate all the GEMS counselors in your club. Have the girls share what they
appreciate about their counselors. Encourage the counselors in your club by making them little “survival” kits.

GEMS Counselors Survival Kits

      Toothpick - to help you pick out the good qualities in others and yourself.
      Rubber band - to remind you to be flexible.
      Lifesaver Candy - because you are a lifesaver to many of your GEMS.
      Tissue - to remind you to help dry someone‟s tears.
      Cotton Ball - to remind you that our club is full of kind words and warm comfortable feelings.
      Eraser - to remind you that everyone makes mistakes.
      A Gem - because you are as valuable as any precious stone.
      Mint - you are worth a mint.
      Chocolate Hug - to remind you that you are cared for.
      A Sticker - to remind you that we always stick together.
      A Candle - you represent the “Light”

                                                                                             Special Events.doc

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