Evils of Money by truth4reviews


									                                     EVILS of MONEY

It is always believed that money is the root of all evils. Yes, it could be but it is not all-
true. We need money for our needs. If used well, it is the greatest material asset you
could have. But, if you let yourself get carried away with the things and the services
money could afford without proper use would result to negative outcomes.

Money could be an angel and save you from worries and give you a life of comfort and of

On the other hand, it could lead to a worse situation.

       Money could be the source of the guts to be into gambling and other forms of
        vicious activities. This would further result to even worse outcomes.
        With money, materialism is also growing. Too much of it would be very negative
        in effect.
       People gets too reliant on money and laziness or tardiness are triggered. This of
        course plunges down the dignity of work.
       Money is the cause of selfishness and greed for most modern-day people. With
        the wrong perception that money would make one feel happy and secured, people
        do all means to covet it.
       Relationships are broken due to the disagreement in money matters. Feuds blow
        up when money is at stake.
       Money in form of prizes, people tend to rely on their luck by joining games of
        luck and become too impatient of working hard.
       Fraud in the government like corruption rooted from the influence of money.

As we see it, it is not money that is evil. How people see and consider money is what
matters most. Through time, money has become the wrong core of lives people have. Due
to such, misery wraps the world and it all falls back to the fact that majority of people
around the globe has the thinking that money buys all and money influences all.

In a shallow look, these are true but beneath the materialistic worldly eyes, there are
things that money could buy and the things that are of huge essence are not necessarily

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