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Backup Software- Don’t Buy It!

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Backup Software is for the birds! Computer Backup is too hard, too much trouble and a pain in the butt.
Let's just forget about it. Do your backups they shout! Poppycock! Balderdash! Look, life without backup
software is just so much more interesting.

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Computer Backup- Forget About It!

Backup Software is for the birds! Computer Backup is too hard, too much trouble and a pain in the butt.
Let’s just forget about it.

Backup Software is touted as the savior of your computer’s critical business and personal files. They claim
that all computer hard drives (where our files are stored) eventually will have a 100% failure rate. They try
to tell us that the failure of our hard drives is just a matter of WHEN, not IF.

Do your backups they shout!



You and I know the real story. The real story is that new computers are so well made that they almost never
fail, right?

Therefore, we don’t need to worry about buying backup software and setting up a computer backup system,
do we? It would just be a waste time-- for sure!

After all we know that all the press about hard drive failures, natural disasters and terrorist attacks is just a
conspiracy by the backup software companies to get us to buy their products.
Personally I never had a hard drive failure (that I recall). If my computer stops working for whatever
reason, that’s life.

Therefore, I ignore these software backup companies that try to push their backup software products on the
unsuspecting public even though they make data and file restorations easy. I don’t give them the time of

Therefore as you see, I don’t need backup software, do you? Of course not.


In the unlikely event that I got a virus or a bunch of spyware on my computers I’ll just bite the bullet and
move on. After all, if I lost all my data to a virus, then so what? Who needs backup software?

Heck, I’d just buy a new computer and begin again and I’d still wouldn’t need backup software because it’s
just too much hassle.

If ALL my business data was lost due to a hard drive crash or virus corruption then I’d just start my business
over. No big deal. It’s not that hard, right? Using backup software is just a pain.


So by now we’re all agreed that using backup software for computer backup is just for the foolish, right?

Who would want to use backup software that automatically and easily backs up EVERYTHING on your
computer hard drive to a DVD Rewriteable disk or USB external hard drive? That would mean you could
easily recover from any computer disaster. That makes too much sense and is far too logical.

They claim that backup software is a virtual computer insurance policy against fire, flood, theft, earthquake,
hurricanes, tornados and terrorist attacks.



Hey, the businesses who survived Hurricane Katrina didn’t need backup software did they? OK, OK I admit
a lot of businesses without backup software and off site backup lost EVERYTHING and now they cannot
recover their data and reconstitute their business. But that’s life. Now these businesses and their employees
can now move on to something new. How exciting!
Look, life without backup software is just so much more interesting.

By the way, did I tell you how much I enjoy playing Russian Roulette?

Did I neglect to mention my brief stay (it was really was only a few days) at the mental hospital? Ahh, that’s
ancient history. Let’s get back to the present.


Want to hear something silly? My friend Ben down in New Orleans owned an insurance company. It made
a very good living for him and his family. He didn’t believe in backup software either. All his computers
were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Ben just laughed and said, “No problem, this disaster gives me the chance to write the Great American
Novel that I’ve always dreamed of writing”.

What about his 10 employees and his thousands of customers he was asked? Ben said, “Heck, things always
work out for the best don’t they?”

What about the income from the business that supported his family he was asked? Ben said, “Oh, FEMA
(Federal Emergency Management Agency) told me they would take care of us and not to worry.”

See, Ben is all set and is none the worse for wear even though he didn’t have backup software.


So boys and girls what have we learned about this backup software thing?

* If we don’t have backup software, so what, it just makes life after a hard drive crash more interesting and

* After a natural disaster that destroys your computers, FEMA will make it OK.

* All the hubbub about backup software is just a bunch of advertising hype to sell product.

* Just because you like to play Russian Roulette, you aren’t really crazy.


I know another guy, Carl Jordan, who is crazier than I am. Carl and the rest of the loonies at Tweak All
Consultants actually believe backup software can save your bacon.
In my own strange way I try to be fair and balanced. Therefore
if you disagree with me check out the About the Author Resource Box below for a link to Carl's opposing

Now, where’s my medication? My meds really smooth me out. They also help me forget about rational
things like computer backup and backup software.

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