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                   As we reflect on 2005, we are reminded of the many positive and impactful efforts we engaged
                   in to improve the oral health of Californians. At the same time, we are mindful of the fact that
                   dental disease remains the number one health disparity in children and that oral health was only
                   one of many adversities that families faced around the country last year. While we are ardent
                   champions in promoting the critical need for early preventative and restorative dental care, we
                   understand that the basic necessities in life—food, shelter, and clothing—took precedent for
                   hundreds-of-thousands of people in the Gulf Region of the United States. We pause and pay
                   tribute to our fellow countrymen who we re affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and
                   hope our contribution to the relief efforts improved the condition of those dentists, families,
                   and community members who were touched by these tragedies.

                   The year was filled with important strides toward strengthening the CDA Foundation’s role as
                   an oral health link between dentists, their teams, and the communities they serve. We adva n c e d
                   our long-term strategy of financial sustainability and growth for our core organizational priorities
                   while continuing to prepare for a significant comprehensive fundraising campaign. We saw the
                   launch of an exciting new fundraising program, Friends of the CDA Foundation, which attracted a
                   dozen new ambassadors and raised important funds for current programs and services.

                   We “stayed the course” in partnering with other organizations to improve the oral health of
                   California’s children. Our work with the First 5 First Smiles program entered its second full
                   year with a cadre of educational programs to dental and medical providers being presented
                   from Eureka to San Ysidro, and over 30 points in between.

                   Behind all of the Foundation’s programs and services are the stories of people who have benefited
                   from our efforts. We believe the true power of the CDA Foundation’s mission is in the lives of
                   dentists, allied personnel, underserved populations, and other beneficiaries we have encountered
                   through our programs. We invite you to read these personal accounts and encourage you to support
                   the CDA Foundation so we can continue doing what we do best—helping people smile.

                   Bruce G. Toy, DDS                               Jon R. Roth, CAE
                   Chair of the Board                              Executive Director

     Gracias por su apoyo!                                                              Ar Kun

                                        Salamat po sa inyong tulong!

Apke sahakar ke liye dhanyavad!                       ua tsaug

                      Thank you for your support!
Board of Directors

       Bruce G. Toy, DDS                     Penny L. Gage
       C H A I R O F T H E BOA R D           D I R ECTO R

       Peter A. DuBois                       Cindy Lyon, RDH, DDS
       V I C E C H A I R O F T H E BOA R D   D I R ECTO R

       Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS              M. Sadegh Namazikhah, DMD
       S EC R E TA RY                        D I R ECTO R

       Brian E. Scott, DDS                   Harold C. Slavkin, DDS
       T R E AS U R E R                      D I R ECTO R

       Philip J. Abeldt, DDS                 Mark I. Taira, DDS
       D I R ECTO R                          D I R ECTO R

       Mercedes Amaya-Tueller                Craig S. Yarborough, DDS
       D I R ECTO R                          D I R ECTO R

       Nelson Artiga-Diaz, DDS, MPH          Jon R. Roth, CAE
       D I R ECTO R                          EX OFFICIO
                                             E X ECU T I V E D I R ECTO R
Foundation Staff

                                                                     pictured left to right

                                                                     Tehani Purdy
                                                                     EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT

                                                                     Brittney L. Ryan
                                                                     PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR

                                                                     Jon R. Roth, CAE
                                                                     EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

                                                                     Rolande D. Tellier, MBA
                                                                     PROGRAM DIRECTOR

                                                                     Cheryl J. Cobbs, MA, CFRE
                                                                     DIRECTOR OF DEVELOPMENT

                                                                     Robert Spinelli, CPA
                                                                     CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (not pictured)

The CDA Foundation’s Mission
The CDA Foundation improves the health of Californians by linking dentistry with
community needs. This mission is accomplished through promoting total health,
disease prevention, risk assessment, and treatment of oral health diseases using strategic
partnerships with allied organizations.

The CDA Foundation’s Purpose
• To promote the concept that oral health and general health are inseparable, as oral
  health is critical to the total health and well-being of an individual.
• To provide grant opportunities to community-based organizations and individuals to
  reduce disparities in access to oral health care and assist in meeting the immediate
  needs of people in underserved communities.
• To promote and support a dynamic oral health workforce capable of meeting the
  oral health needs of Californians.
• To represent the philanthropic values of the dental profession.
          H I P G R T N G PAT I N T S & P O N

        Doing the Wright thing—
               helping others identify abuse
                    Registered dental assistant, dental hygienist and domestic violence survivor
                    Cindy Wright is passionate about helping dental professionals get
                    past the uncertainties of identifying and reporting abuse of all
                    kinds in their patients. Now in her third year as a trainer for the
                    CDA Foundation’s Dental Professionals Against Violence (DPAV)
                    program, Cindy teaches that “abuse can take many forms and is
                    not just about hitting and bruises—it can also be denying a child
                    oral health care.”

                    C i n d y’s path to the DPAV program began during her own rehabilitation at the Lassen
                    Women’s Shelter, where she looked for a way to use her dental background to benefit others.
                    She approached the facilitator at Lassen with the idea of adding material focusing on the oral
                    indicators of abuse to their training program, and was eventually connected with DPAV chief
                    consultant Dr. Kathleen Shanel-Hogan. Inspired by Cindy’s efforts, Dr. Shanel-Hogan agreed
                    to present the material if Wright assembled a group. From that first well-attended meeting four
                    years ago, Cindy’s involvement continued to grow. When the CDA Foundation asked Dr.
                    Shanel-Hogan to refer a dynamic and experienced trainer for the DPAV program, she knew
                    Cindy Wright was the right woman for the task.

                    In addition to her DPAV training engagements, Cindy is committed to community outreach,
                    providing treatment and education to people at convalescent care facilities, rural medical clinics,
                    preschools, and family resource centers through her mobile dental clinic business.

                    Id e a l l y, there would be no need for programs like DPAV. Yet, so long as her message inspire s
                    someone to help put a stop to abuse, she knows she’s making an important—perhaps even life

                                                               “Abuse can take many forms and is not just
                                                                about hitting and bruises—it can also be
                                                                    denying a child oral health care.”

                  Dental Professionals Against Violence (DPAV)

                  Statistics show that 65 percent of physical child abuse is visible in the head and neck
                  region and approximately 75 percent of physical injuries from domestic violence are
                  inflicted to the head, face, mouth and neck. Because these areas are dentistry’s domain,
                  dental professionals are often the first person to render treatment to abuse victims, as
                  well as being their first line of defense.

                  Through a partnership with the Blue Shield of California Foundation and Dental Benefit
                  P rov i d e rs, the DPAV training pro g ram has begun to spawn a systemic change in how
                  dental professionals view their role and responsibility in the fight against family violence
                  and neglect. Since inception of the DPAV program, over 1,500 dental prov i d e rs and their
                  staff have been educated on how to recognize and respond to all forms of family violence
                  and neglect.

        A champion for
             healthy First Smiles
                  According to Jeannie Huber, RDHAP, she became a trainer for
                  the CDA Foundation’s First 5 First Smiles education and training
                  project “purely by accident.” But with her passionate advocacy
                  for improving children’s oral health, it’s no accident her passion
                  is also her profession.

                  Jeannie’s elementary school visits during National Children’s Oral
                  Health Month one February strengthened her desire to help. She came to promote oral health
                  awareness, but departed with the unsettling images of children with severely untreated tooth
                  decay, broken teeth and draining (fistulas) abscesses. Knowing that she could re c o g n i ze but
                  not diagnose their conditions, Jeannie “wanted to do something instead of watch them get
                  worse” and pursued the RDHAP program at West LA College. She also partnered with the
                  local First 5 Commission to organize dental hygienists to screen children and gather statistics.
                  The results were astounding—more than 50–75% of the school-aged children suffered from
                  tooth decay. Despite a fluoride varnish p rogram they launched, after two years, many children’s
                  conditions had worsened. There needed to be a broader solution.

                                                                             E N R I C H I N G YO U R PAT I E N T S & P R A CT I C E

                                                                                She estimates that she has shared the
                                                                             program’s prevention message with over
                 Jeannie’s work with the four local Head Start
                 Preschools connected her with the statewide                   1,500 individuals including medical
                 First Smiles project. She estimates that she has
                 shared the program’s prevention message with                       and dental professionals, child
                 over 1,500 individuals including medical and
                                                                                 educators, outreach workers, service
                 dental professionals, child educators, outreach
                 workers, service organizations and families, and                      organizations and families
                 is pleased to support the project through her
                 own mobile dental clinic. Jeannie visits schools several times a year to provide education, pre-
                 ventative treatment and referrals, and, buoyed by numerous grants and partnerships with the
                 Children and Families Commission, county-wide health clinics, family resource centers, WIC
                 and CPS among others, she was able to open a private oral health office to offer preventative
                 treatment in a more traditional setting.

                 This dedicated champion of children’s oral health knows there is much to accomplish, but is
                 happy to see her efforts contributing to oral disease prevention and reversal resulting from
                 early detection. “It’s good news that children are starting to visit a dentist, and I’m working
                 hard—personally and collectively—to grow this important program in my community.”

                 First Smiles: Dental Health Begins at Birth

                 The CDA Foundation and the Dental Health Foundation ente red into the se cond year of a
                 fo u r-year statewide training project to educate dental, medical and early childhood educator
                 professionals on the early detection and prevention of Early Childhood Caries.

                 Noteworthy accomplishments in 2005 include the development of a comprehensive online
                 clearinghouse at, visited by over 51,000 people and counting, a
                 two-credit, web-based continuing education course, a parent education piece available in
                 ten languages and the inclusion of age-a p p ro p r i a te oral health messages in the First 5
                 Ca l i fornia Kit for New Pa rents dist r i b u ted to approx i m a tely 25 0,000 Ca l i fornia fa m i l i es
                 each year. After a year of curriculum development, training commenced in January 2005,
                 and at the close of the year, the CDA Foundation hosted 39 training programs reaching
                 a p p rox i m a tely 2,600 pa rticipants throughout the sta te. In addition, over 700 medica l
                 professionals attended trainings, and as a result have begun to implement fluoride varnish
                 applications during office visits.
Helping those
    who help so many
    From the far reaches of the jungles of Honduras to California soil,
    CDA member dentist Dr. John Lundgren practiced dentistry and
    philanthropy with equal dedication. His desire to help the
    underserved spurred him to join Missionary Aviation Fellow s h i p,
    a program that flies dentists into rural areas to provide dentistry
    for impoverished communities. Dr. Lundgren, his wife Lou and
    their children lived in Honduras for 15 years while he helped
    improve the oral health of the local communities.

    When the children reached high school age, the family moved                    “a blessing and
    back to the United States where Dr. Lu n d g ren resumed his
    beloved dental practice until 1999, when he was diagnosed with
                                                                                  a godsend when
    kidney disease and underwent quadruple bypass surgery. In 2000,          we needed it the most”
    Dr. Lundgren received a successful kidney transplant, yet escalating
    medical costs including 18 different medications averaging $500-$600 per month outside of
    insurance, seven medical specialists and the devastating diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease Related
    Dementia (ADRD) in 2002 found the Lundgren family running out of options. They turned
    to the CDA for help, who directed them to the CDA Foundation’s Relief Fund. After applying,
    the Lundgrens received $500 a month in 2003-04 and their grant was renewed the next year.
    Mrs. Lu n d g ren reflects on the assistance as “a blessing and a godsend when we needed it the most.”
    Unfortunately, Dr. Lundgren passed away in early 2005, but he leaves behind a grateful family
    and a remarkable legacy of dedicated service to underserved individuals both here and abroad.

    Relief Fund

    When faced with difficult challenges, dentists and their families are not alone. The CDA
    Foundation cont i n u es to provide aid to lessen financial hardship for dent i sts and their families
    in times of need due to advanced age, physically-debilitating illness, accident or natural
    disaster. In 2005, the CDA Foundation provided over $21,100 in aid, which was matched,
    dollar for dollar, by the American Dental Association Foundation.

    The CDA Foundation wo r ks ard e ntly to develop additional reso u rces for this invaluable
    assistance program. This past year, the CDA Foundation provided financial support to colleagues
    along the Gulf Coa st whose practices and lives were affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

                                                                 E N R I C H I N G YO U R PAT I E N T S & P R A CT I C E
           B E N E F I T I N G YO U R C O M M U N I T Y

          On the road to improving oral health
                in rural communities
                      In the northern California town of Arcata, a single dental clinic
                      opens its doors to a line of people camped out to protect their
                      place in line. For many rural areas, this isn’t anecdotal, but signifies
                      real experience, like what a laid-off lumber mill employee and
                      father of four encountered when he sought treatment for his
                      own lifetime of oral health neglect. Outlying areas like Arcata not
                      only struggle with economic issues, but also access to dental care.
                      Many families find themselves without options, when the lone clinic services three counties, and
                      there aren’t enough dentists practicing within convenient means of transportation or accepting
                      publicly funded insurance like Denti-Cal.

                      Through the Open Door Community Health Center, families in need are able to get free treatment
                      for their children in its new state-of-the-art mobile dental unit. Funded in part by the CDA
                      Foundation’s Healthy Californians Grant Program and staffed by dental professionals, the
                      mobile dental unit visits schools for several months to provide compre h e n s i ve care, not just
                      s c reenings or one-time appointments. Claudia Wells, RDA, Program Coordinator for the
                      mobile dental unit, works closely with the Open Door School Resource Director, Judy Pieratt,
                      to identify schools and families in need.

                                                          On an average day, Claudia and the mobile dental unit team treat 20
families in need are able to get free
                                                          children, with services including filling cavities and extracting teeth.
   treatment for their children                           But beyond re s t o r a t i ve treatment, one of Claudia’s greater satisfactions
                                                          comes from her ability to educate patients about preventative oral hygiene
                      practices and to give children in her community the care they could otherwise not afford. Fo r
                      more than 16 years, Claudia has supported outreach programs through Open Door and love s
                      working with the mobile dental unit. In the future, she hopes additional mobile dental units
                      can be added to extend the services to even more schools and children in need.

                      Healthy Californians Grant Program

                      Whether in a rural or urban setting, improving access to care for underserved or geographically
                      d i ve rse populations is challenging. Th rough the Healthy Californians Gra nt Program, the
                      CDA Foundation assists community clinics and nonprofit organizations who partner with
                      local dental societies to provide disease prevention education or restorative treatment to
                      the individuals they serve. Financial grants provide essential funding to expand current
                      programs or facilities and initiate new programs where needed.
    Community Water Fluoridation

    Sixty years ago, Grand Rapids, Michigan, became the world’s first city to add fluoride to its
    water supply. Since that time, community water fluoridation has been introduced and
    benefited over two-thirds of the United States’ population served by public water systems.
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention proclaims fluoridation as “one of the 10
    greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.”

    In California, a statewide task force comprised of the CDA Foundation, individual dentists,
    scientists, public health officials, and other health agencies has been hard at work since
    1998 to advance the availability of water fluoridation. Several California communities have
    provided the benefits of fluoridated water to their residents for over 50 years and, to date,
    the California Fluoridation Task Force has elevated California’s fluoridation rate to nearly
    30 percent. Th a n ks to the task fo rce’s most- re cent effo rts, approx i m a tely 18 million
    additional residents in six Southern California counties will also begin receiving fluoridated
    wa ter by late 20 0 6—e l evating Ca l i fornia’s fluoridation rate to as much as 70 percent.

Learning to kid around—
 dentists train to treat children
    When general dentist Mehran Daoudian, CDT, DDS, heard about
    the CDA Foundation’s Pediatric Oral Health Access Program (POHAP),
    he, like many of his colleagues, was immediately inspired to
    apply to participate. After completing the specialized training
    program—which features online lectures as well as hands-on
    training—Dr. Daoudian helped 335 patients achieve a healthier
    smile. With 20 of these patients receiving free treatment, Dr. D oudian
    has exceeded his commitment to the program to treat pro bono patients.

    For Dr. Daoudian, the several months of training provided a sort of “mini-residency” and taught
    him how techniques such as tone of voice, using balloon animals or other incentives can help
    put a child at ease during especially difficult procedures. He credits the training for “giving me
    the confidence to treat children—something I had wanted to do but had not undertaken.”
    Dr. Daoudian’s new skills were essential for two of his most difficult procedures, including a pulpotomy
    (primary tooth root canal) on a 5-year-old patient and the extraction of eight teeth on a 3-ye a r -old
    child suffering the effects of Early Childhood Caries (formerly known as baby bottle tooth decay).

                                                                              B E N E F I T I N G YO U R CO M M U N I T Y

                                                                                         He credits the training for

           The current POHAP program is limited to 50 California dentists
                                                                                        “giving me the confidence to
           in each cohort, and Dr. Daoudian knows of many colleagues who                treat children—something I
           had hoped to be selected for the training. He hopes with increased
           funding that this program can be made available to more dentists,          had wanted to do but had not
           adding that the training “is so invaluable that I would have paid
           for it were it not free.” He is excited about treating more children
           in the future and credits the POHAP program with enhancing his
           skills and confidence to help underserved children grow into
           healthier, happier adults.

           Pediatric Oral Health Access Program (POHAP)

           Designed to increase access to restorative dental care for children, particularly the underserved,
           POHAP has successfully empowered general dentists with the necessary skills to ex pand their
           practices to include children under age 5, including children with special needs (physical
           and developmental disabilities).

           With continuation funding provided by L.A. Care Health Plan, POHAP trained 45 general
           practice dentists throughout Los Angeles County this past year. At the completion of the
           n o - cost training program, each participating dent i st agreed to regularly treat young children
           in their practice and to provide free dental care to at lea st 18 underserved children. In 2005,
           3,100 new patients were touched by the program, 365 kids received free treatment, and
           over 2,712 pro bono procedures were performed. Based on 2005 Dent i - Cal rates, over $152,000
           of free treatment was provided by POHAP trained dentists.

           Promotora Training Program

           As the most economically and culturally diverse population in the United States, California
           presents a significant challenge for oral health outreach and advocacy efforts. Compared
           nationally, California’s children suffer twice the rate of Early Childhood Caries (ECC), and
           studies show grea ter oral health dispa r i t i es in historically under- represented minority gro u ps
           such as the Latino population. California is currently home to approximately 11 million Latinos—
           nearly half of whom are children—and studies indicate that nearly three-quarters of Latino
           students suffer from dental disease. Further compounding the problem, a New California
           Media poll re p o rted that one out of every three Latinos expressed having difficulty understanding
           medical issues when not presented in their native language, potentially creating reluctance
           to seek care. A different approach was needed.
           In 20 0 5, the CDA Foundation was awa rded a gra nt from the Aetna Foundation to pilot a
           program to address barriers to oral health care aware n ess and education among the Latino
           communities in North San Diego County. Pa rtnering with Vision Y Compromiso, a community-
           ba sed organization fo cu sed on quality of ca re iss u es, the CDA Foundation launched the
           P ro m oto ra Training Pro g ram to identify and train co m m u n i ty health wo r ke rs, educato rs
           and lay health advisors, known as promotoras, or promoters, within their communities. As
           promotoras speak the same language and are intrinsically involved in the community, they
           are highly effective at providing culturally-sensitive servicio de corazon, or hea rtfelt service,
           as well as establishing trust and receiving critical feedback about issues and challenges inherent
           to the co m m u n i ty. Leve raging materials developed for the CDA Foundation’s First 5 First
           Smiles program, the Promotora Training Program will play a key role in the move m e nt toward
           preventing ECC and helping change behaviors to improve the oral health of Latino families.


           Workforce Research

           This past year, the CDA Foundation completed a three-year body of work regarding the
           ava i l a b i l i ty and market fa c to rs relating to dental hyg i e n i sts and dental ass i sta nts in
           California. The partnership between the CDA Foundation, UCLA Center for Health Policy
           Research, and UC Berkeley Nicholas C. Petris Center Health Care Markets and Consumer
                                         We l fa re cu l m i n a ted in a co m p re h e n s i ve re p o rt highlighting the
                                         workfo rce statist i cs regarding dental hygienists and dental assista nts.
                                         Specifi ca l l y, the re p o rt fo cu sed on iss u es pertaining to wo r kfo rce
                                          s h o rta g es, wa g es, benefi ts, practice patterns, and economic indicators
                                          for the allied dental field. The resulting report, available for free at
                                , provides technical findings useful to the
                                          d eve l o p m e nt of futu re policies and solutions to re c r u i t m e nt,
                                           rete ntion and educational training pro g rams for lice n sed or
                                           registered allied dental health personnel.

                                                                                             S U P P O R T I N G YO U R P R O F E S S I O N
         S U P P O R T I N G YO U R P R O F ES S I O N

         Healthy smiles
              begin at home
                      Dental Assistants Valentin Sanchez and Blanca Gonzalez Sanchez
                      care for about 184 teeth a day. And that’s before they even leave
                      the house! With six growing children, this hardworking husband
                      and wife know something about taking care of smiles. Recently,
                      they became certified to care for even more smiles when they
                      graduated from the Hacienda La Puente Adult Education Dental
                      Assisting Program in La Puente, California.

                                         Both Valentin and Blanca previously worked in other industries but desired to
                                         w o rk with the community in some way. They decided to enroll in the Hacienda
    With six growing                     La Puente Adult Education Program to become dental assistants. Their dedication,
                                         despite struggles, caught the attention of Assistant Program Di rector Gretchen
children, this hardworking               R i c h a rdson, who encouraged them to apply for the CDA Foundation’s Allied

    husband and wife                     Dental Student Scholarship to help pay for their books and materials. Both we re
                                         accepted into the dental assisting program, and inside of a year of studying,
 know something about                    working and juggling childcare, this “adorably competitive” duo graduated and
                                         looked forward to discovering new careers in dentistry. The internship opportu-
  taking care of smiles.
                                         nities afforded through the program proved invaluable as Blanca happily accepted
                                         an offer at an endodontic office where she is enjoying the flexible schedule and
                                         w o rking with patients. Additionally, both she and Valentin are preparing to take
                                         their registered dental assistant exam, and look forw a rd to fulfilling their general
                                         education requirements to one day enroll in dental hygiene school.

                      Allied Dental Student Scholarship Program

                      The CDA Foundation awa rded gra nts to 24 co m p o n e nt dental so c i et i es in 2005 to help
                      stimulate allied dental personnel re c r u i t m e nt and rete ntion effo rts. The gra nt funds directly
                      benefited a total of 84 university, community college and regional occupational program
                      stu d e nts, and were available to dental hyg i e n i st, dental ass i sta nt or dental laboratory
                      technician stu d e nts enrolled in a national or state-approved program. Scholarship applicants
                      applied through the local component dental society in which they resided or in which their
                      program is located, and were evaluated on responsibility/leadership, outstanding achievements,
                      community service or similar organization involvement and the desire to have a career in
                      the dental field.
     Second-Year Scholarship Program

     The CDA Foundation awarded $30,000 in gra nts to the fi ve Ca l i fornia dental schools in
     2005 to support dental student education. The grant funds directly benefited a total of 30
     se co n d -year dental stu d e nts. Sc h o l a rs applica nts we re eva l u a ted on financial need,
     community lea d e rs h i p, and academic achieve m e nt and we re selected by represe nta t i ves of
     the unive rs i ty scholarship committee from the school they attended. Through this program,
     the CDA Foundation hopes to provide students with a greater opportunity to succeed in
     their programs and explore careers in non-traditional practice settings, such as clinics in
     rural and minority communities.

Bright future.
 Brighter smiles.
     Megan Saenz certainly has a lot to smile about. She will soon help
     others achieve their best smile when she graduates from the
     Riverside Community College Dental Hygiene Program in
     June 2006. Thanks to support from the CDA Foundation’s
     Dental Hygiene Education Grant Program, the Riverside Program
     will graduate its second class of bright hygienists like Megan.

     From a young age, Megan was introduced to the dental office when
     her mom, a dental hygienist, would sometimes bring her to work. Those early experiences
     made an impression and in high school, Megan pursued an R.O.P. dental assisting program
     where she received her registered dental assisting certification and began working in a dental
     office. Always looking ahead, Megan took dental hygiene pre requisites and applied to five
     d e ntal hygiene schools, including the brand new Riverside Program. Orientation night at
     Riverside made the decision easy—it had the right location, the right class size (under 20),
     excellent instructors and, unlike the other programs, the added
     convenience of a state-of-the-art onsite clinic. Megan enjoys the         From a young age, Megan
     challenging curriculum, the research and hands-on opportunities
                                                                             was introduced to the dental
     and the camaraderie with her “sisters” in the program.
                                                                                 office when her mom, a
                                                                                 dental hygienist, would
                                                                             sometimes bring her to work.

                                                                            S U P P O R T I N G YO U R P R O F E S S I O N

            While Megan strongly considered becoming a dentist, she enjoys the flexibility of her schedule
            and how she, like her mom, will have more time for a family. Her educational ambitions are
            far from over though – she’s looking toward the physician assistant program or even working
            towards a bachelor’s degree to teach in the future.

            Dental Hygiene Education Grant Program

            Few professions value and understand the co n ce pt of tea mwork more than the denta l
            profession. The dental hygienist is an integral part of the dental care team who works to
            prevent and co nt rol gum disea se and the deve l o p m e nt of to oth decay. As Ca l i fornia’s
            population continues to grow and greater priority is placed on good oral health, the need
            for dental hygienists is projected to grow. The CDA Foundation is committed to ensuring a
            sustainable workforce by encouraging more individuals to pursue allied dental careers and
            supporting the development of new dental hygiene programs through the Dental Hygiene
            Education Grant Program.
     P O P O N I G YO C D P O F ES S I O N

                Philanthropic giving is vital to enhancing the health of individuals, communities
                and society. This was never more evident than in 2005 as we look back at
                the tremendous response to natural disasters that touched us all. Nearly
                $2 billion was donated by the United Sta tes in res p o n se to the Tsunami
                that deva sta ted the region surrounding the Indian Ocean, and nea r l y
                $4 billion has been donated to aid in the relief and rebuilding efforts of
                the destruction left by Hurrica n es Katrina and Rita, with the Ca l i fornia
                D e ntal Association, The Dent i sts Insurance Co m pa ny and the CDA
                Foundation responding by donating over $150,000 to the relief efforts.

                The dental family is co m p r i sed of co m pa ss i o n a te people with a long
                tradition of community service and outreach support to those in need.
                They donate services to people in their communities, volunteer in community
                clinics and programs, advocate for oral health policies, and support the
                next generation of dental professionals. In short, they identify needs and
                generously respond.

                Highly mot i va ted people can make a diffe re n ce when they get invo l ve d .
                Your voluntary gift to the CDA Foundation is a wise investment of resources
                to improve the health of Ca l i fornians and pa rtner with individuals who
                share your values.

                How far do your gifts go? Last year, your co ntributions made a remarkable
                difference in California communities. With your partnership, we are growing,
                aiming higher, and giving back to society in extraordinary ways. This publication
                co ntains a few stories that represe nt many highlights from fi scal year 2005.
                Thank you for supporting these and other programs.

                                                                       S U P P O R T I N G T H E C D A F O U N DAT I O N

We are thankful for the many contributors
and new friends whose generosity truly
helped even more people smile in 2005.
Friends of the CDA Foundation
Friends of the CDA Foundation a re dentists, dental team members, dental organizations and businesses
who collectively make a caring difference in the oral health of all Californians. By marshalling our
collective financial support through the Friends of the CDA Fo u n d a t i o n, we can accomplish what no
one person can do individually and provide much-needed financial re s o u rces to sustain access to
re s t o r a t i ve and pre ve n t a t i ve dental services in communities throughout the state.

We would like to recognize the following Friends of the CDA Foundation C h a rter Members for their
i n valuable support in 2005.

Friends of the CDA Foundation                         Peter A. DuBois                                Space Maintainers Laboratory

Diamond                                               Clelan G. Ehrler, DDS                          Carol G. Summerhays, DDS

1201 Financial & Insurance Services, Inc.             Roger P. Fieldman, DDS                         Bruce G. Toy, DDS

California Dental Association                         Penny L. Gage                                  Tri-County Dental Society

Dr. Jon & Mrs. Mary Joan Sammann                      Douglas J. Gordon, DDS                         Dr. Glen A. & Mrs. Mercedes Tueller

The Dentists Insurance Company                        Nicky M. Hakimi, DDS, MSD                      Ultradent Products
                                                      Henrik E. Hansen, DDS                          Dr. Russell I. & Mrs. Kathi Webb

Platinum                                              Dennis W. Hobby, DDS                           Frank K. Yorita, DDS

Proctor & Gamble                                      Koren I. Ikeda, DMD
                                                      Terrence W. Jones, DDS
Gold                                                  Nader Kashfian
Philip J. Abeldt, DDS                                 Scott Y.J. Kim, DDS
Lowell G. Daun, DDS                                   Korean American Dental Association
Indian Dental Association of California               Ronald B. Mead, DDS
M. Sadegh Namazikhah, DMD                             Dr. Jon & Mrs. Kim Menig
                                                      Mid-Peninsula Dental Society
Benefactor                                            Kathleen J. Nuckles, DDS
Dr. & Mrs. Sigmund H. Abelson                         Vance G. Okamoto, DDS
Ann T. Azama, DDS                                     John M. Pisacane, DMD
Elmer E. Bangloy, DDS                                 Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS
Drs. G. Douglas & Rita M. Barkett                     Donald P. Rollofson, DMD
Dr. William F. & Mrs. Doni L. Bird                    Jon R. Roth, CAE
Dr. Matthew & Mrs. Irene Campbell                     Dr. & Mrs. Donald Schinnerer
Santos Cortez, Jr., DDS                               Dr. & Mrs. Steven E. Schonfeld
Dr. Robert & Mrs. Lori Daby                           Brian E. Scott, DDS
Laurence A. Darrow, DDS                               Richard A. Simms, DDS
Dr. Daniel & Mrs. Leslie Davidson                     Dr. Harold C. & Mrs. Lois Slavkin
Floyd E. Dewhirst, DDS                                Andrew P. Soderstrom, DDS

D I A M O N D ( $ 1 0,000 + A Y E A R )               Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the list of CDA Foundation contributors.
P L AT I N U M ( $5,0 0 0 – $9,9 9 9 A Y E A R )      If you discover an error, please accept our apology and contact us. Thank you.
G O L D ( $2 , 5 0 0 – $ 4,9 9 9 A Y E A R )
B E N E FACTO R ( $ 1 ,0 0 0 – $2 ,49 9 A Y E A R )
Contributors                                  Samuel B. Burg, DDS                         Dansereau Health Products
Erwin G. Abad, DDS                            Steven J. Byers, DDS                        Dr. Thornton & Mrs. Bobbi D’Arc
Kenneth A. Abe, DDS                           Cache Creek Casino Resort                   Sherwin N. Davidson, DDS
Gary R. Ackerman, DDS                         Robert X. Cai, DDS                          Victoria L. Day, DDS
ADMT                                          CALAOMS Health Foundation                   Deaver Vineyards
Jong G. Ahn, DDS                              California Academy of General Dentistry     Wayne D. Del Carlo, DDS
Jerry J. Albus, DDS                           California Dental Assistants Association    Delta Dental
Alliance of the CDA                           California Society of Pediatric Dentistry   Demetron/Kerr
Jorge A. Alvarez, DDS                         David M. Campbell, DDS                      Elizabeth A. Demichelis, DDS
Anaheim Marriott                              Nicholas Caplanis, DMD                      Dr. Robert & Mrs. Karen Denny
Anaheim/Orange Convention & Visitors Bureau   Carecredit                                  Dental Elite
Kenneth N. Anderson, DDS                      Frank Casanova, DDS, MScD                   Robert A. Digiorno, DDS
Angress Dental Supply Co., Inc.               Diane E. Casey, DDS                         Michael J. Dinius, DDS
Cheryl L. Anker                               D. Douglas Cassat, DDS                      Discovery Science Center
Aquarium of the Pacific                        John Cassell                                Disneyland Park Event Sales
Aramark                                       Catering by SMG                             Rudolph E. Dittrich, DDS
Donna Arase, DDS                              Central Coast Dental Society                Bruce K. Donald, DDS
Al Arizmendez                                 Alice M. Chalian, DDS                       Margie Donati
Armenian Dental Society of California         Steven D. Chan, DDS                         Kevin T. Dowd, DDS
Dr. Thomas & Mrs. Karen Armstrong             Wai M. Chan, DDS                            Gerald I. Drury, DDS
Kent Ashida                                   Russell E. Chang, DDS                       Arthur A. Dugoni, DDS
Ernestina Avalos-Figueroa, DDS                Ellen L. Chen, DMD                          Gayle J. Duke
Josie B. Avanzado, DMD                        Kyu S. Cho, DDS                             Dutra Dental Supply
Shachi Bahl, DMD                              Douglas N. Christiansen, DDS                Efficient Dental Technologies
Edward L. Ballengee, DDS                      Robert H. Christoffersen, DDS               Elkins Ranch Golf Course
Orest Balytsky, DDS                           Eric R. Chu, DDS                            Mark L. Emerson, DDS
Michael O. Bambico, DDS                       Dean W. Clark, DDS                          William J. Emmerson, DDS
Amit Batheja, DDS                             Robert Clark, Jr., DDS                      Essential Dental Systems, Inc.
Elizabeth Baxes                               Wanda I. Claro, DDS                         Christine J. Evans, DDS
Beaverstate Dental, Inc.                      Cheryl J. Cobbs                             Zahra Falsafi, DDS
Mark Beckstead                                J. Richard Codington, DDS                   Nava Fathi, DDS
Wallace J. Bellamy, DMD                       Amy S. Coeler, DDS                          Ted F. Feder, DDS
Gray G. Berg, DDS                             Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals                Regina Federico
Michael A. Bernardo, DDS                      Jennifer S. Collins                         Alfred W. Fehling, II, DDS
Sonya Berry                                   Robin Concannon                             Alan L. Felsenfeld, DDS
Best Bite, Inc.                               Gregory J. Conte, DMD                       Kurt R. Finley, DDS
Gina M. Betita                                Mary Conway                                 Stephen Flanders, DDS
Carol A. Bibb, DDS                            Kathy Cooper                                Colleen A. Floryan
David Biles, DDS                              Michael D. Cooper, DDS                      David G. Fong, DDS
BioTemps Dental Laboratory                    Guadalupe N. Corder, DDS, Inc.              Grace Fong, RDH
Birch Aquarium at Scripps                     Douglas E. Cowden, DDS                      Tiffany Fong-Mao
Bogle Vineyards, Inc.                         Bryan A. Cramm, DDS                         Forest Medical Products, Inc.
Bonfante Gardens                              C. Craig Creasey, DDS                       Deanna B. Fraker
Richard L. Bormann                            Jean L. Creasy, DDS                         Lauren P. Fraser
Brasseler USA                                 Robyn D. Crimmins                           Theresa A. Freitag
Bing-Hong Bu, DDS                             Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach & Marina Hotel   Fresh Choice Restaurant
John W. Buckton, DDS                          Custom Prosthetics, Inc.                    Fresno-Madera Dental Society
Rodney Bughao, DDS                            Jeffrey Daby                                Arthur L. Fries

                                                                                            H EL PING PEOPLE S MIL E

Dr. William & Mrs. Susan Gable      Robert V. Iverson, DMD            Krissie M. Lindsey
Sandra A. Galdamez                  Luke H. Iwata, DDS                David A. Lipson, DDS
Claudia Garcia                      Linda Jaggie                      Jerold H. Lipson, DDS
Susan L. Gardner                    Paul S. Jo, DDS                   Kathleen W. L’Italien
GE Insurance Solutions              John O. Butler Company            Little River Inn
Douglas A. Gedestad, DMD            Denise Jordan                     Jonathan Livne, DDS
John E. Geis, Sr., DDS              Randall B. Kam, DDS               Jeff Loftus
Jeffrey L. Geissberger, DDS         Richard T. Kao, DDS               Loma Linda University School of Dentistry
Gerald Gelfand, DMD                 Hemant Kapadia, DDS               Tracey K. Long, RDH
Mark A. George, DDS                 Karen Neuburger                   Los Angeles Dental Society
Janice L. Gerber, DDS               Patricia R. Karlsgodt             Los Angeles Oral Health Foundation
GES Exposition Services             Steven A. Keller, DDS             Bradley C. Louie, DDS
Suzan B. Ghrair, DDS                Antranig G. Kelleyan, DDS         Oariona Lowe, DDS
Stephen T. Goei, DDS                Kern County Dental Society        Kristian Lundgren-Koszeghy, DMD
Jeff & Carrie Gordon                Kern County Museum                Steven Y. Luo, DDS
Frank J. Grado, DDS                 Kwang S. Kim, DDS                 Gloria F. Ma, DDS
Edward T. Graham, DDS               Stephen E. Kineret, DDS           Lisa Maas
Grant Napear & KHTK 1140 AM Radio   Henry M. Kitajima, DDS            Macchia Winery
Maya Grim                           Heinz J. Klein, DMD               Joseph & Tammy Magliola
David L. Guichet, DDS               Linda R. Kono, DMD                Ronald P. Malouf, DDS
H&M Landing                         Peter C. Kono, DDS                Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
Denise A. Habjan, DDS               Matthew A. Korn, DDS              Marina Sailing
Harold R. Hanefield, DDS             Annah M. Kreps                    Clifford O. Marks, DDS
Ralph E. Hansen, DMD                Jeffrey S. Krueckel, DDS          Marriott, Renaissance & JW Hotels and Resorts
Kenneth T. Harrison, DDS            Victor R. Kvikstad, DDS           Dale & Dorothy Martin
Rebecca L. Hart                     La Casa Del Zorro Desert Resort   Rosalinda M. Mauricio, DDS
Randall T. Hayashi, DDS             Jenifer B. Labrador, DDS          Toby F. Maynard, DDS
Eddie K. Hayashida, DDS             Lola S. Lacy                      Terrence F. McCarthy, DDS
Zachary E. Held, DDS                Sandy Laderas                     April A. McDonald
Casey M. Herrera, DDS               Gwen E. Lang                      John B. McGuire, DDS
Maria G. Hilado, DMD                Kenneth Lange, DDS                Michael E. McKeever, DDS
Rodney S. Hiltbrand, DDS            Martin S. Lasky, DDS              Conor McNulty
Irene B. Hilton, DDS                Jaime Lau, DDS                    James A. Meagher, DDS
Jeanie Hohenwarter                  Virgil M. Lau, DDS                Joseph R. Mercardante, Jr., DDS
Hornblower Cruises & Events         Philip Law                        Gerald M. Middleton, DDS
Virginia A. Hughson-Otte, DDS       Thuan N. Le, DDS                  Scott W. Milliken, DDS
Thomas G. Hum, DDS                  Irving S. Lebovics, DDS           Robert A. Milner, DDS
Humboldt-Del Norte Dental Society   Craig L. Lee, DDS                 Miltex, Inc.
Ronald K. Hunter, DDS               Darryl L. Lee, DDS                Miracle Springs Resort & Spa
Donna B. Hurowitz, DDS              Jasper Lee, DDS                   Glenn M. Misono, DDS
Rosalinda Huscher                   Kenneth K. Lee, DDS               Mission Trails Dentistry
Scott W. Huseth, DDS                Randy T. Lee, DDS                 Sonia E. Molina, DDS
Hyatt Regency Orange County         Richard E. Leeds, DDS             Janice G. Moreno, DDS
Katherine A. Im, DDS                Steve M. Leighty, DDS             Judith Moser
Innovative Practice Solutions       Lawrence L. Leong, DDS            Carl L. Mossberg, DDS
Ethel Irvine                        Libby Lidieth                     Barbara Mousel
Daisy G. Ison, DMD                  Barney Y. Lim, DDS                Randall W. Murray, DDS
ITL Dental                          Joo B. Lim, DDS                   Donald T. Nakahata, DDS
Yoshio Nakashima, DDS                               Tehani Purdy                            Dr. John N. & Mrs. June M. Shafer
Lloyd P. Nattkemper, DDS                            Quintessence Publishing Company, Inc.   Mary V. Shannon, DDS
Dr. Victor & Mrs. Edna Nebres                       R&D Services                            Sheraton Grand Sacramento
John F. Nelson, DDS                                 Curtis D. Raff, DDS                     Sheraton Sonoma County–Petaluma Hotel
Daniel T. Ng, DDS                                   Leonard J. Raimondo, DDS                Linda D. Sheridan, DDS
Douglas Duc T. Nguyen, DDS                          Luciana E. Ravazzi                      Raymond J. Sheridan, DDS
Thu D. Nguyen, DDS                                  Eloise O. Reed                          Sherman Specialty Toy Co.
Trang B. Nguyen, DDS                                Chan Reich                              Dennis D. Shinbori, DDS
Rick J. Nichols, DDS                                Lori A. Reisner                         Shofu Dental Corporation
Michelle Nobles                                     Reliance Dental Mfg. Co.                Silver Legacy Resort Casino
James R. Oates, DDS                                 Carlos H. Restrepo, DDS                 Sukhmani Singh, DDS
Bobby Olwell                                        Anthony K. Ricciardi, DDS               Dan B. Sizemore, DDS
Oral-B Laboratories                                 Melissa E. Rinck, DDS                   Jeffery W. Smith, DDS
Orange County Dental Society                        Michelle Rivas                          Liz Snow
OSHA Review, Inc.                                   Roberts Family Dentistry                Peter T. Soderstrom, DDS
Nelson D. Pai, DDS                                  James G. Rolfe, DDS                     Mark Soeth
Jason W. Pair, DDS                                  Michelle Romero                         Lawrence L. Solig, DDS
Dr. Don & Mrs. Grace Park                           Gerald P. Roodzant, DDS                 Rahim Soltani
Susan L. Park, DDS                                  Joseph R. Rosenberg, DDS                Sidney L. Spector, DDS
Richard A. Parrott, DDS                             Bradley Ross, DDS                       Paula Speer
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association            Evangelos Rossopoulos, DDS              Robert F. Spinelli, CPA
Jon Pascarella                                      Richard K. Rounsavelle, DDS             Terrie T. St. Germain, DDS
Patterson Travel                                    Melvin L. Rowan, DDS                    Stanislaus Dental Society
Kent W. Payne, DDS                                  Brittney L. Ryan                        Janet L. Statman, DDS
Michael H. Payne, DDS                               S.S. White Burs, Inc.                   Martin R. Steigner, DDS
Timothy R. Pearson, DDS                             Sacramento River Cats                   Ann L. Steiner, DMD
Jochen P. Pechak, DDS                               Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society     James D. Stephens, DDS
Pechanga Resort & Casino                            Safe Guard Dental and Vision            Sterilex Corporation
Sandy Perry                                         Alfred R. Salcido, DDS                  Robert D. Stevenson, DDS
Jeffry E. Persons, DDS                              Israel Salin, DDS                       Thomas H. Stewart, DDS
Dennis R. Peterson, DDS                             San Diego County Dental Society         John K. Sudick, DDS
Craig A. Pettengill, DDS                            San Diego Hall of Champions             Michelle C. Sue, DDS
Huy B. Phan, DDS                                    San Francisco Marriott                  Heidi W. Sun, DDS
Philips Oral Healthcare/Sonicare                    San Gabriel Valley Dental Society       Sunce Winery
Carol J. Pilmer                                     San Joaquin Dental Society              Stanley R. Surabian, DDS
Wendy P. Pio                                        Jerry A. Sanchez, DDS                   SurgiTel/General Scientific Corporation
Plak Smacker                                        Santa Clara County Dental Society       Henry A. Sutro, DDS
Norman Plotkin, DDS                                 Patti A. Santini                        Huras L. Sutton, DDS
Polaroid Corporation                                Diane Schaubach                         Mark I. Taira, DDS
Marjorie Powell                                     Thomas J. Schauer, DDS                  Wayne K. Tanaka, DDS
Pam Powers                                          Christopher J. Schiappa, DDS            Azucena D. Taon, DDS
Practice Development Associates                     Bruce W. Schindles, DDS                 Target Corporation
Preventech                                          SciCan, Inc.                            Gay Teel
Melissa D. Primus, DDS                              Scott’s Seafood Grill & Bar             TeleVox Software, Inc.
Pro Dentec                                          Marianne Scozzafava                     Rolande D. Tellier
Procida Florist                                     Amy L. Scriven, DDS                     The Broiler Steakhouse
Professional Practice Transitions/Sullivan-Schein   Harriet F. Seldin, DMD                  The Dental Record
Punjabi Dental Society                              Charlotte L. Senseny, DMD               The Thomas Kinkade Company

                                                                                              H EL PING PEOPLE S MIL E

Nilar Thein, DDS                            Craig S. Yarborough, DDS                               Penny L. Gage
Therasnore By Distar, Inc.                  Kenneth A. Yaros, DDS                                    Tri-County Dental Society
Gina Thompson                               Donald T. Yoshizumi, DDS
                                                                                                   Ken Abe, DDS
V. Roger Tibbetts, DDS                      Dr. Alan & Mrs. Grace Young
                                                                                                   Mark Beckstead, DDS
Dr. Glen & Mrs. Mary Tistaert               Zest Anchors, Inc.
                                                                                                   Eric Chu, DDS
Stanley Tong, DDS                           Kathleen L. Zimmerman
                                                                                                   Zahra Falsafi, DDS
TopForm Data, Inc.
                                                                                                   Casey Herrera, DDS
Lily L. Tran, DDS                           Program Benefactors
                                                                                                   Barney Lim, DDS
Pamela P. Trehub                            Aetna Foundation
                                                                                                   Kristian Lundgren-Koseghy, DMD
Triple Espresso Company                     Blue Shield of California Foundation
                                                                                                   Jochen Pechak, DDS
Carolyn Unger                               First 5 California
                                                                                                   Brian E. Scott, DDS
University of California Los Angeles        L.A. Care Health Plan
                                                                                                     Mid-Peninsula Dental Society
 School of Dentistry
University of California San Francisco      In Memory Of                                           Andrew P. Soderstrom, DDS
 School of Dentistry                        Ronald N. Adachi, DDS                                    Mary Leonard
University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni      Linda F. Adachi                                       John Padmos, Jr., DDS
 School of Dentistry                           Kyle T. & Kathie L. Fujikami
Upholstery Packages & Services                 Steven J. Kend, DDS
Glenda L. Urias-Sesteaga, DDS
                                            William S. Parker, DDS
US Dental Corporation
                                               Hardie & Holly Se t ze r, The Se t zer Foundation
Gabrielle V. Valenti, DDS
Ernie Valentine
                                            In Honor Of
Sharon L. Van Doren
                                            Wanda Claro, DDS, MS
Ralph Van Praag
                                            Bahar Gafouri, DDS, MS
James P. Vernetti, DDS
                                               Koren I. Ikeda, DMD
Vino Con Brio
Narendra G. Vyas, DDS
                                            Sam Aanestad, DDS
Wachhorst, Leigh and Meinster
                                            Sheri Bernadett, DDS
Karen A. Wager, DDS
                                            Mark Hagele, DDS
Roger V. Wahlman, DDS
                                            Terry Horlick, DDS
Kim E. Wallace, DDS
                                            Steve Leighty, DDS
Kenneth G. Wallis, DDS
                                            Jon Menig, DDS
Lawrence J. Warner, DDS
                                            Dan Murphy, DDS
Barbara J. Watson
                                            Michael Northcutt, DDS
Jeanne Wauke
                                            Lee Osnas, DDS
Jerome Weinberg, DDS
                                            Robert Ripley, DDS
Dr. Edward & Mrs. Jan Westberg
                                            Ollie Scheideman, DDS
Westin St. Francis
                                            David Seman, DDS
Bruce L. Whitcher, DDS
                                            Linda Sheridan, DDS
Kathy White
                                            Scott Thompson, DDS
Elmer E. Wilford, DDS
                                            Doug Valentine, DDS
Valerie Williams
                                            Greg Vixie, DDS
Wilshire Grand Los Angeles
                                            Jeremy Young, DDS
David J. Wolfe, DDS
                                               Lindsey A. Robinson, DDS
Christina D. Wong, DDS
James D. Wood, Jr., DDS                     CDA Foundation Staff
Molly Woodward                                 Brian E. Scott, DDS
World of Good Taste/La Bou Bakery & Café
                                            Matthew J. Campbell, Jr., DDS
Po-Yun Wu, DDS
                                               Ruth Sipes
Jeffrey Y. Yamashiro, DDS

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