North South Mapping Assignment by ashrafp


									                  North-South Gap Mapping Assignment

On the outline map of the world, first identify and label the
countries below. After labelling the countries listed, shade in the
three categories of countries (MDC, LDC, LLDC).

YELLOW: More Developed Countries (MDCs)

Canada        USA            Bahamas       Hong Kong        Japan
Denmark       Estonia        Finland       Iceland          Ireland
Latvia        Lithuania      Norway        Sweden           United Kingdom
Austria       Belgium        France        Germany           Liechtenstein
Luxembourg    Netherlands    Switzerland   Belarus           Bulgaria
Hungary       Slovenia       Moldova       Poland            Czech Republic
Romania       Russia         Slovakia      Ukraine           Bosnia-Herzegovina
Albania       Croatia        Greece        Italy             Macedonia
Malta         Portugal       Spain         Yugoslavia        Israel
Australia     New Zealand    Mexico        Chile             Argentina

RED: Least Developed Countries (LLDCs)

Mauritania     Niger         Somalia       Tanzania     Guinea-Bissau
Benin          Botswana      Bhutan        Eritrea      Equatorial Guinea
Sierra Leone Mali            Chad          Ethiopia     Rwanda
Malawi         Guinea        Sudan         Liberia      Uganda
Burundi        Mozambique    Gambia        Togo         Bangladesh
Burkina Faso Djibouti        Lesotho       Madagascar   Nepal
Thailand       Afghanistan   Yemen         Haiti        Laos
Central African Republic

ORANGE: Less Developed Countries (LDCs)

All remaining countries


   1) Examine the map you have color coded. What patterns do
      you see? In what areas of the world are the majority of the
      MDCs found? In what areas or regions are most LDCs
      found? Where do we find most LLDCs?
   2) Explain how the map pattern illustrates why the disparity
      (difference) of income distribution and standard of living is
      often referred to as the North-South gap?
   3) Using your notes and the map you have created, what
      differences are there between the three categories of
   4) Using your notes and the map you have created, what is the
      typical economic profile or description of an MDC, LDC and

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