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Sudden Cardiac Death Brugada Syndrome The Ramon Brugada Senior


									                                               "To promote research and teaching and
                                        provide compassionate care in the area of heart disease,
                                                    particularly for those diseases
                                        that may cause arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death".

Sudden Cardiac Death
Nothing is more devastating to a family than the sudden death of a loved one. Every single year in
the US sudden cardiac death takes the lives of 350,000 individuals. Many of them have no
previous warning or indication that there is something wrong with their heart. For several of
these families, there is the additional worry that the death is due to an inherited heart disease
which may indicate that other family members might be also at risk.

Brugada Syndrome
Brugada syndrome, described in 1992 by the Brugada brothers, is an inherited disease that takes
the lives of young persons. Their hearts develop life-threatening rhythms, called ventricular
fibrillation, which may kill the individuals in a few minutes if the heart is not reset with the use of
an automatic defibrillator. While this is a disease that usually affects people in their 30's, it has
actually been described at all ages. The disease can be recognized in a routine electrocardiogram.
Because of being inherited, family members should undergo screening with an electrocardiogram.

The Ramon Brugada Senior Foundation
The Ramon Brugada Senior Foundation is a non-profit corporation created to help in the fight
against those diseases responsible for sudden cardiac death, by supporting clinical and basic
research, by raising awareness in the community and by providing support to physicians and
their patients.

Become a Partner in our Research
Every day thousands of patients benefit from the advances in the diagnosis and treatments that
cardiology has to offer. We are now able to live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. Research in
heart diseases and new technologies allow us to diagnose, treat, and prevent diseases that were
lethal few decades ago. This has all been achieved through medical research, an expensive
investment, however with an assured long-term benefit to society.

If you would like to participate in this rewarding endeavor, please consider a contribution to the
Ramon Brugada Senior Foundation.

Dear Drs. Brugada:

I wish to be a partner in your research against sudden cardiac death by providing my support to the
Ramon Brugada Sr. Foundation. Please find enclosed my contribution.

                                       Ramon Brugada Senior Foundation


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       Address:_______________________________ City __________________       State ___ Zip _________

       Mail to:                          Ramon Brugada Sr. Foundation
                                           Attn: D’Arcangelo & Co., LLP
                                                 120 Lomond Court,
                                               Utica, NY 13502-5950
                           Please make checks payable to the Ramon Brugada Sr Foundation
                                     Grateful to be here
December 2002

Dr. Brugada:

        Firstly, I would like to deeply thank you and your brothers for
the research and progress you have made into understanding and
finding treatment for this syndrome. I was diagnosed with and treated
for Brugada Syndrome two months ago after suffering an entirely
unexpected attack and am now the recipient of a defibrillator implant.

       I am 48, male, of Anglo-Nordic background, have no family history of unusual cardiac
issues and the only pre-indicators might have been a very minor arrhythmia first detected when I
was around 20 and occasional faintness. I was incredibly fortunate when it hit me as I had just
pulled over from driving and my wife was with me at the time. I was mentally passed out for about
5 minutes with my heart apparently non-functioning for about 20 seconds. After ruling out all the
usual heart, seizure and flu causes it was determined that I just might have this very rare
condition called Brugada Syndrome. After more questions and more tests it was determined that
this was the apparent cause and a few days later I had a defibrillator implanted in my chest.

         I congratulate and thank those who are pushing for an affordable, safe treatment for this
life-threatening syndrome. This is, as you know, an extreme body betrayal that you just don't see
coming and are helpless to respond to when it strikes. I was very lucky to first of all have revived
and then been so close to adequate, educated treatment facilities.

        I'm not typically the activist personality type, but I'm going to do what I can to get the word
out of this condition so that others at possible risk might get some testing done before it's too late.
If you ever need to provide more evidence to possible research supporters who think that they and
theirs are genetically or racially insulated from sudden death, I'm available to dispel that notion.

        I'm deeply indebted. Without you and your brother’s fortitude and perseverance, I would
be living one minute at a time.

Brian Nelson

      Sudden death in the young can be the first and only manifestation of
Brugada Syndrome. Ignored until a few years ago, Brugada Syndrome is now
increasingly being recognized by the medical community. Several centers in
the world are working towards a better understanding of the disease.

     The Foundation continues its effort against sudden death by
supporting basic and clinical research and funding meetings with the
experts to provide both clinicians and patients with the most up-to-date
advances in the field.

Supporting the fight against heart disease.            

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