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VOLUME 43, NUMBER 4                                                NEWS REVIEW                                $ 3.00                                             JUNE 30, 2004

Arroyo Assumes Office
‘Third Way’ Out Needed
Discrepancies ‘Noted’ but Flawed Results Validated Anyway
    A constitutional cris has been brewed in the          We are pleased to be able to offer our readers                 proclaim the winner. The opposition, on the other
Philippines. The ingredients of this dangerous        the following insightful analysis by Tribune                       hand, is convinced that Fernando Poe, Jr. has won,
concoction are a history of Edsa “People Power”       columnist Francisco S. Tatad.                                      except that Mrs. Arroyo is doing everything to alter
(unconstitutional removal of Filipino presidents          [QUOTING:]                                                     the result.
Marcos and Estrada through the use of military                                                                               The opposition is eager to prove its charges of
force) combined with blatant abuse of power to                   WE NEED A ‘THIRD WAY’                                   massive fraud. But the Congress canvass committee
retain power though massive electoral fraud.                       OUT OF THE CRISIS                                     has ruled that the national canvass is neither the place
    Meanwhile, of course, the serious plight of the                By Francisco S. Tatad                                 nor the time to do so. Thus, there has been no
average Filipino with respect to poverty and                              6/20/04                                        opportunity to show the unexplained discrepancies
hunger remains entirely unaddressed. The people                                                                          between the votes as they originally appear in the
were never this badly off in the days of purported       As everyone here knows, the Philippines, like                   election returns at precinct level and the votes as they
“strong-man” Marcos (who was whisked away to        India, recently held its national elections. But unlike              finally appear in the provincial or city certificates of
Hawaii by U.S. military forces). President Estrada  India, which completed the process with flying colors,               canvass. If at all, these discrepancies are simply
was prevented from implementing his plans for       the Philippines is still canvassing the returns, five weeks          “noted”, but the flawed results are validated anyway.
improving the lot of his people by Edsa II, which   after the voting. We now have the longest presidential                   Neither has there been an opportunity to examine
installed Arroyo as the de facto ruler.             election on record.                                                  how a country of 82 million people, with a 2.3 percent
    Faced with an apparent choice between either         The Arroyo administration and its supporters have               population growth rate, could have grown from 33
acquiescence to Arroyo’s wrongful actions or yet    blamed all this on the opposition. They say President                million voters in 2001 to 43.5 million in 2004, or how
another “People Power” solution—both                Arroyo has won, therefore the opposition must now                    the historic average electoral turnout of 65 percent
unconstitutional—another solution is needed.        concede, even before the national canvass, which they                could suddenly shoot up on a stormy day to 85 percent,
                                                                                say is a mere formality, could
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Page 2                                                  CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                            JUNE 30, 2004

going up to 100 percent in some administration-
controlled areas, with all the votes going to Mrs.
Arroyo, and zero vote to all the other presidential
candidates. In one precinct in Isulan, Sultan Kudarat,
for instance, out of 300 registered voters, 300 voted,
300 ballots were found inside the ballot box, but 1,041
                                                                 ‘Rule of Law’ Answers:
                                                                 ‘Unquestionably Elected’
votes were listed for Mrs. Arroyo.
     Having prevented the presentation of evidence in
open canvass, the administration and its allies now put
out big newspaper ads to say while the elections had
been far from perfect, there is no proof of massive
fraud, and the tainted results should now be accepted             We are once again thankful to have permission               governors, provincial board members, city/municipal
as the true expression of the people’s will. It is a          to present the writings of “Rule of Law” expert, Alan           mayors, vice mayors, councilors, barangay captains and
scene out of George Orwell and Franz Kafka.                   F. Paguia, whose devotion to the Constitution and               barangay councilors. We must add those who tried but
     Under the Constitution, June 30 is the date the          people of the Philippines has resulted in his                   failed to get themselves elected.
President-elect assumes office.                               suspension from the practice of law. We are sure                     Second, the political appointees—those who hold or
     Failure to proclaim a winner before then could           our readers will agree that his suspension has in no            have held public office: (a) at the pleasure of the
mean a serious constitutional crisis. But even if Mrs.        way affected his ability to cut through to the very             appointing authority, like the Cabinet secretaries; (b) for
Arroyo were to be proclaimed before then, and her             core of the issues facing his beloved nation.                   the principal benefit—not of the Filipino people but—of
allies in Congress are determined to do so, she would             In particular, we direct readers’ attention to the          a political cabal, like the current justices of the Supreme
have no chance of claiming a clear mandate.                   final sentence of Mr. Paguia’s writing of June 25,              Court or some former Presidents. In addition, we ought
     A mandate would have to take into account the            2004, where he answers the question of who shall                to mention those who tried but failed to get themselves
three million or so voters, beginning with KNP                lead the Philippines:                                           appointed in the same context.
senatorial candidate Amina Rasul, who had been                    “One of three: The questionably ‘elected’; The                   What is the truth about Filipino politicians?
disenfranchised, and the four or five million fictitious      questionably ‘unelected’; or The unquestionably elected.”            First. They are human beings who are as fallible as
voters that had been added to the voters’ list. The               To arrive at “The unquestionably elected” we                Archbishop Rosales and Cardinal Sin.
opposition can show, through official records, that in        must consider the fact that President Estrada was                    Second. Most of them are members of the same
Mindanao alone, 1.7 million votes had been added,             unconstitutionally removed from office by Edsa II.              Catholic Church.
through double registration and the use of fake               “Every problem has at least one solution”—and                        Third. Most of them were raised under the same
precincts.                                                    perhaps this solution is the best of all from a                 Catholic faith.
     Finally, will the other presidential candidates          constitutional perspective.                                          Fourth. Many of them were educated in Catholic
concede? Poe will most probably not, and Bro. Eddie                                                                           schools.
Villanueva will only concede that he had lost, but will                  ECCLESIASTICS IN POLITICS                                 Fifth. Many of them are familiar with Catholic
not say to whom he had lost. There is no chance then                          By Alan F. Paguia                               doctrines.
for Mrs. Arroyo to govern, under those circumstances.                              6/14/04                                         Sixth. Many of them regularly attend religious
     It is painfully clear that, far from unifying the                                                                        services.
divided Filipino nation, the elections have divided it even        Cardinal Jaime Sin and Manila Archbishop                        Seventh. Many of them send their children to
more deeply; that the process meant to save                   Gaudencio Rosales are concededly popular religious              Catholic schools.
democracy has destroyed it instead. The elections             leaders. They are intelligent and patriotic. They have               Eighth. Many of them are active members of
damaged everything they touched. The Commission               contributed so much of their lives for the good of our          Catholic organizations.
on Elections, the National Citizens Movement for Free         countrymen. We respect them.                                         Ninth. Many of them regularly contribute
Elections or Namfrel, which was first organized in the             Whether we like it or not, they are among the              considerable personal funds to the Catholic Church.
1950s as a citizens’ watchdog, the military, the police,      influential leaders of Philippine society. What they think,          Tenth. Most of them fully respect Archbishop
the teachers who were deputized for election duties,          say and do affect our people, either for good or                Rosales, Cardinal Sin, and the other leaders of the
the mass media, and the polling institutions—all these        otherwise.                                                      Catholic Church.
have been tarnished.                                               When they think, we presume the best intentions.                In other words, Filipino politicians have much in
     In a word, there was a failure of elections in the       When they speak, we presume the truth. When they act,           common with Archbishop Rosales and Cardinal Sin.
Philippines. The crisis is grave, although largely            we presume the common good.                                     Their common beliefs necessarily lead to common
misunderstood and misreported. There persist talks of              With leaders like them, it would seem reasonable to        sentiments about Philippine society and government.
a possible military coup. That is not a solution at all,      assume that our people always had a good fighting               That commonality is their bond.
and must be rejected; it will not fly either at home or       chance to improve the quality of our society and                     They are parts of a whole. Where one goes, the
abroad. But, if at the end of the day, no clear               government. And we have many other leaders like them.           other cannot be far behind. What one does is
mandate emerges, then Filipinos must be prepared to                The question is: Has the quality of our society and        necessarily the shared responsibility of the other. One
consider other choices. A third way must be found,            government improved with their kind of leadership?              cannot be praised without the other sharing the praise.
anchored on the people’s constituent power and                     Are there less bad people in our society now than          Consequently, one cannot be blamed without the other
sovereign will, the rule of law, and the moral authority      yesterday?                                                      being blamed as well.
of those who would be called upon to lead.                         Are there less bad government officials now than                Thus, if it is true that Filipino politicians have been the
     [END QUOTING]                                            yesterday?                                                      “greatest destructive element” in our country since 1946,
     “Force is not of God.” We do not see that an                  If the answers are in the affirmative, then our leaders    then Archbishop Rosales, Cardinal Sin and their
unconstitutional military takeover is in the best             have been effective. If the answers are in the negative,        colleagues must share the distinction. After all, they have
interests of the people and we do not condone that            then our leaders have been ineffective.                         had much more opportunities in leading or misleading our
resolution. At the same time, we believe that the                  A few days ago, Archbishop Rosales publicly blamed         people than the Filipino politicians who are now at the end
Rule of Law must be upheld.                                   Filipino politicians for being the “greatest destructive        of their pointing fingers.
     Is there a peaceful solution that would measure          element” in our country since 1946. It sounded consistent            Moreover, why should reference be addressed
and honor the sovereign will of the people? The               with Cardinal Sin’s public pronouncements against certain       vaguely to “Filipino politicians” in general? Why not
word “Referendum” comes to mind. Common                       Filipino politicians during Edsa I in 1986 and Edsa II in       name names so the Filipino people will know who to
sense, however, dictates that such a referendum               2001.                                                           watch for or against in the present and in the future? Is
should not be conducted and supervised by an                       Both prelates appear to have targeted “Filipino            Archbishop Rosales more concerned with being polite and
interested party, such as the existing government             politicians” as the principal cause of our people’s political   diplomatic with politicians than with being honest and
or its agencies.                                              and economic suffering.                                         specific with the Filipino people?
     Since the right of Filipinos to peacably                      Who are these “Filipino politicians” they are pointing          We know where Cardinal Sin was during Edsa II.
assemble in protest has been infringed upon by                at? There are two groups involved.                              We know what he did. He conspired with Corazon
FORCE of law, perhaps a “Petition for Redress of                   First, the elected or former elected government            Aquino, Fidel Ramos and Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr.
Grievances” could set things in motion. Somehow,              officials—President, Vice President, senators, members          in proclaiming Gloria Arroyo as President over the
without force, without acquiescence—God wins!                 of the House of Representatives, governors, vice                constitutional incumbency of President Joseph “Erap”
JUNE 30, 2004                                               CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                                 Page 3

Estrada.                                                          while Mrs. Arroyo gets away with the false conclusion        which the term “government” is ordinarily used. The
      Where were the good leaders of the Catholic Church          dictated by the truth of her military supporters’ force.     first is government in theory where government is a
then? Did they support the unconstitutional actions of                 Fourth. As to the ongoing congressional canvass         mere set of principles and official duties. The second
Cardinal Sin? Did they bother to check whether the                of the presidential and vice presidential votes, the         is government in practice where government is a
removal of Erap was constitutional?                               opposition has presented authentic documents showing         group of human beings who were elected or appointed
      Where are they now? Have they bothered to check             massive and systematic fraud had been committed to           to perform official duties under the law and the
the truth of Erap’s unconstitutional ouster from the              favor Mrs. Arroyo and her runningmate. She has not           Constitution. The second is more accurately
presidency? Have they bothered to check the truth of              made any categorical denial nor any counterclaim to          referred to as the “administration”.
Mrs. Arroyo’s unconstitutional presidency?                        the effect that the opposition is lying although she had          Thus, efficacy or inefficacy, success or failure are
      Have they bothered to check the truth of Erap’s             ample opportunity to do so. The necessary implication        more accurately applicable to the “administration”, not
unconstitutional incarceration?                                   is that the opposition is telling the truth. On her part,    “government”.
      Or have they become like the “Filipino politicians”         she simply concludes the opposition should raise the              So it is that the Philippine government is clearly
who choose which truth is safe to discuss and fight for?          matter before the Supreme Court whose members are            distinguishable from, say, the Gloria Arroyo
      We concede it is not safe to discuss the                    her either grateful appointees or co-conspirators at         administration. The theory can be either successfully
unconstitutional act committed by the justices of the             Edsa II. Is that conclusion dictated by the force of         or unsuccessfully implemented. The implementor is
Supreme Court against Erap.                                       truth? No. It is dictated by the truth of her military       the “administration”. So that if the implementation is
      A lawyer can get indefinitely suspended from the            supporters’ force.                                           a failure, it is the “administration” that failed, not the
practice of law for that.                                              The negative democracy under Mrs. Arroyo’s              “government”.
      But if that lawyer happens to be a Catholic who             administration is dangerously testing our people’s faith          Has the Arroyo administration succeeded or
believes the truth must be told regardless of the                 in the rule of the majority. Under the prevailing            failed? The answer would depend on whether it has
consequences, would he not deserve the moral support              circumstances, a showdown may be inevitable.                 satisfied the basic needs and wants of the Filipino
of the leaders of his church?                                          Are the Filipino people afraid of Mrs. Arroyo? Of       people.
      But never mind that. We understand how difficult            course not.                                                       Has the Arroyo administration satisfied the basic
it is to have the truth survive in politics. It is as difficult        Unlike Erap and FPJ, it is Mrs. Arroyo who is afraid    needs and wants of our people? It would seem not
as surviving the politics of truth.                               of the Filipino people.                                      under the prevailing circumstances where more and
      And so we have ecclesiastics in politics. Does it                                                                        more Filipino families appear to be getting poorer with
mean we have more truth in politics, or, more politics in                  THE ARROYO DICTATORSHIP                             each day. Therefore, the Arroyo administration has
truth?                                                                          By Alan F. Paguia                              failed the Filipino people.
                                                                                     6/21/04                                        There is something else that ought to be said in
             NEGATIVE DEMOCRACY                                                                                                addition to that failure. It would seem the Arroyo
                By Alan F. Paguia                                      What is the basic problem of the Filipino people?       administration does not even qualify to be referred to
                     6/18/04                                           The non-satisfaction of their needs and wants.          as the Arroyo “administration”. Why? Mrs. Arroyo
                                                                       Why is it basic?                                        was not elected nor appointed President when she and
     Democracy is the rule of the majority. It is either               Unless this problem is solved, the solution of their    her Edsa II gang ousted President Joseph “Erap”
positive or negative.                                             other problems would be meaningless.                         Estrada from office. She grabbed the presidential
     It is positive when the majority is reasonable. It is             In positive terms, this means that the irreducible      power from Erap. Being unconstitutional, the power
negative when the majority is unreasonable.                       common goal of the Filipino people is the satisfaction       grab would necessarily not qualify to be referred to as
     The majority is reasonable when it yields to correct         of their basic needs and wants.                              “administration” in the legal sense. It would appear
reasoning. It is unreasonable when it yields to incorrect              It would follow that the Philippine government was      to be more properly referred to as the Arroyo
reasoning.                                                        created by the Filipino people for the same irreducible      dictatorship.
     What then is correct or incorrect reasoning?                 purpose.                                                          We should not wonder then why Mrs. Arroyo
     Correct reasoning is a process which leads to a                   Yet, nowhere in the Constitution is this clearly        could not satisfy the basic needs and wants of our
conclusion that is dictated by the force of truth. Incorrect      stated.                                                      people. She had unconstitutionally taken over the
reasoning is a process which leads to a conclusion that                Consequently, the people appear to have a               Erap presidency. She started wrong. Our people
is dictated by the truth of force.                                somewhat hazy understanding of what government or            want things done right in accordance with the
     How do these concepts apply to the Filipino people?          the Constitution is all about. What they see are             Constitution. That is the reason why our people find
     First. What happened right after the May 10                  general statements that can be applied or construed to       it very difficult to accept her regime. Dictatorship is
elections? The Filipino people were rudely surprised by           either promote or defeat the best interests of the           undemocratic. Therefore, it is unconstitutional.
the sudden increase of prices of basic commodities way            people.                                                           Our people want constitutional procedure. She
beyond the reach of the Filipino masa. According to                    What is wrong with that? The Constitution and           followed an unconstitutional procedure.
Mrs. Arroyo, the reality is that our people have been the         government, as instruments of the people, must be                 Our people wanted Erap to exercise presidential
beneficiaries of her administration’s successful economic         uncompromisingly pro-people. Otherwise, such                 authority and power from June 30, 1998 to June 30,
programs. Is that conclusion dictated by the force of             instruments could be used to defeat the very purpose         2004. She grabbed the power on Jan. 20, 2001.
truth? Obviously not. Her false conclusion is dictated            of their creation by defeating the best interests of their        Our people wanted Erap to serve as Commander-
by the truth of force, considering her administration is          creator.                                                     in-Chief over all subordinate military officials. She
backed up by the military and the national police.                     How does the Constitution state the purposes for        connived with certain subordinate military officials like
     Second. Official statistics show about five million          which government was established?                            Generals Angelo Reyes and Panfilo Lacson in breaking
Filipino workers are currently unemployed. Again,                      The preamble appears to distinguish between the         the constitutional chain of command.
according to Mrs. Arroyo, her administration had                  general purpose and three specific purposes.                      Our people want constitutional stability. She
generated enough jobs in answer to the unemployment                    The general purpose is supposedly for government        destabilized the constitutional system by forcibly
problem. Is that conclusion dictated by the force of              to “embody our ideals and aspirations”.                      removing the duly constituted Erap presidency.
truth? Plainly not. It is dictated by the truth of force in            The specific purposes are supposedly for                     Our people want respect for due process of law.
favor of her administration, at the expense of the Filipino       government to: (1) “promote the common good”, (2)            She disrespected it by having her Edsa II co-
people.                                                           “conserve and develop our patrimony”, and (3)                conspirator justices of the Supreme Court self-
     Third. The Arroyo administration had assumed the             “secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of      servingly declare constitutional in their favor their own
P500 billion debt of the National Power Corporation               independence and democracy”.                                 conspiracy with her against the Erap presidency.
(Napocor). That means the debt shall be paid by the                    Plainly, there is no clear statement that                    Our people wanted their 1998 electoral mandate
Filipino people. Obviously, the monstrous debt was                government was established for the satisfaction of the       obeyed by all. She disobeyed it by imposing herself
caused by mismanagement. Yet, without as much as                  Filipino people’s basic needs and wants.                     on our people without the benefit of elections or a
even a pinch of an effort to identify and prosecute those              It is important to state it in this simple way.         valid constitutional succession.
who are guilty of the mismanagement, Mrs. Arroyo willy-           Why? So every Filipino can readily understand what                Our people want to be clarified about the true
nilly passed the burden to our people who end up the              their Constitution and government are for. It serves         constitutional status of the Erap presidency. She
victims of the unidentified grafters. According to Mrs.           as the true test for determining the efficacy or             refuses to clarify and instead points to the lutong
Arroyo, her high education in economics and experience            inefficacy of government.                                    makaw decision in Estrada vs Arroyo to justify her
in government makes her a better leader than President                 If there is satisfaction of the people’s basic needs    illegal regime.
Joseph “Erap” Estrada or presidential candidate,                  and wants, then government is effective and                       Under the Constitution, the Armed Forces of the
Fernando Poe, Jr. (FPJ). Is that conclusion dictated by           successful. If there is non-satisfaction, then               Philippines (AFP) is the protector of the people. But
the force of truth? Obviously not. Nobody can be                  government is ineffective and a failure. It is that          how can the AFP be the protector of the Filipino
worse than the worst. And in spite of all that, all we can        simple.                                                      people if it is acting as protector of the unconstitutional
do is voice out our complaint as our lungs can endure,                 We must remember, however, the two senses in            Arroyo dictatorship?
Page 4                                                   CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                      JUNE 30, 2004

    THE FILIPINO PEOPLE’S NIGHTMARE                            for the losses? If yes, what were the results and what       obligation on the part of Mrs. Arroyo as the one claiming
              By Alan F. Paguia                                appropriate action did Napocor take? If no, why not?         command responsibility to give the truthful, the wholly
                   6/25/04                                     (12) What actions have been taken by Napocor and the         truthful, and nothing but the truthful answers.
                                                               national government to protect the best interests of the          Will she or will she not?
      The National Power Corp. (Napocor) is bleeding the       Filipino people and what were the results?                        That would be for the Filipino people to see. If she
Filipino people dry. It is a corporate “Dracula” who is             As to the present: (1) What is Napocor doing to         does, the Filipino people win. If she does not, the Filipino
nightmarishly sucking the blood of our people 24 hours a       solve the problem? (2) What are Napocor and the              people lose.
day.                                                           national government doing to protect and serve the best           In the meantime, the Napocor debt is ticking like a
      From the point of view of our people, what are the       interests of the Filipino people under the premises, and     time bomb with every breath taken by the reader of this
irreducible facts? There are two.                              what are the results? (3) Who are responsible for taking     article at the rate of more than P11 million per hour,
      First. The ordinary Filipino worker earns about P300     the appropriate corrective measures?                         P189 thousand per minute, or P3 thousand per second—
a day. If unemployed, he must earn his family’s daily               As to the future: (1) What do Napocor and the           charged to the account of our beloved people.
survival money some other way, or he suffers with his          national government intend to do to protect and serve the         Many Filipino families do not have enough money
family the agony of material deprivation. Records show         best interests of the Filipino people? (2) Aside from the    with which to satisfy their daily needs. Yet, they find
there are currently about five million unemployed Filipino     Filipino people, who stands to profit from such intended     themselves haplessly tied to Napocor’s P1.3-trillion debt.
workers.                                                       actions? (3) How much will their profits be? (4) Will             We ought to weep and pray to Almighty God for
      Second. The Napocor is losing P100 billion of public     the national government prosecute all those who may be       help. But we must also help ourselves.
funds a year. That is more than P273 million or about          found criminally liable for Napocor’s losses?                     And who should lead us? One of three: The
$5 million a day.                                                   The right of the Filipino people to know the answers    questionably “elected”; The questionably “unelected”; or
      According to Mrs. Arroyo’s Energy Secretary              to the foregoing questions necessarily creates the           The unquestionably elected.
Vincent Perez, Napocor’s losses balloon more and more
with each passing year. He has reportedly stated this is
one of the factors that pushed government to assume
P500 billion of Napocor’s P1.3-trillion debt. He was
quoted during the inauguration of the Luzon Hydro
Friendship Bridge at Alilem, Ilocos Sur last June 17, as
                                                               Filipino Poverty Issue
stating: “In order to seriously proceed with the
privatization of Napocor’s assets, which will be the long-
term solution to solve the debt and losses of Napocor, the
only way we could proceed with the privatization is by
transferring the debts of Napocor to the national
                                                               Must Be Addressed Soon
                                                                    How serious is the poverty issue in the                 virtually liquidated the nation’s agricultural base even
      In other words, Napocor’s debts total a whopping         Philippines? For the answer, we turn to excerpts             as we have watched the peso-dollar rate soar from
P1.3 trillion… increasing with each day. But who owns          from an article written by Alejandro Lichauco for            P2:$1 to its current P56:$1.
Napocor? The Filipino people. Therefore, Napocor’s             the Tribune, 6/24/04.                                             ...Forty years ago, the poor did not have to worry
debt of P1.3 trillion is the debt of the Filipino people.           [QUOTING:]                                              about the cost of electricity and water. Today, those
How much more in interests and penalties or other fees              Save the people from what?                              have become items of luxury.
have to be paid in addition to that principal? The Filipino         Save them from a life that can only be a living hell         A year or so ago, the perceptive Lucio Tan, asked
people are undoubtedly entitled to know.                       because that’s what it means to be poor in this country.     what he thought about the economic situation,
      According to Mrs. Arroyo’s alter ego, the national       It means parents having to sell their kidneys to buy         described it as “hopeless” and went as far as to
government has assumed P500 billion of Napocor’s P1.3-         that needed medicine for an ailing child; of having          predict that in several years we could see peso-dollar
trillion debt. But who owns the national government?           to sell their children, and even killing them before         rate at P120:$1.
The Filipino people. Therefore, Mrs. Arroyo made the           the parents commit suicide, because life has                      …[T]he central flaw of the political system isn’t
Filipino people assume the P500 billion portion of the         become unbearable and without hope of having to              the corruption it breeds, but, the treason it compels.
P1.3-trillion debt. What is wrong with that? Two things.       induce daughters to prostitution because the family          The nation’s politicians by and large are compelled to
      First. Mrs. Arroyo has not explained nor justified to    must survive; of having to abandon home and family           betray the republic to international interests because
the Filipino people how the P1.3-trillion debt was incurred    to be a slave abroad because that’s where life and           those interests are in a position to influence the
and why they should feel happy paying it.                      survival lies.                                               elections in a decisive manner. International interests
      Second. Mrs. Arroyo’s decision to transfer the                …[T]his living hell is the product of a political       control the nation’s economic elite which in turn
component debt of P500 billion to the national                 system which compels the nation’s political leaders—         control two strategic areas of the political economy:
government is a misrepresentation. The transfer is not         if they are to survive their petty political wars, as the    the financial system and the information-
real. It is a mere play of words. Whether it is P500           last elections have made only too clear—to plunder the       communications industry. Beyond that, international
billion or P1.3 trillion of debts that either the Napocor or   nation and even allow foreign interests to plunder it.       interests are openly known to exert a meaningful, if
the national government had incurred or assumed, the           ...The politicians, to compound their plunder, have          not decisive, influence on the Catholic Church. And
liability to pay ultimately falls on the Filipino people and   consciously allowed international interests to plunder the   if you want proof of that, ask why is it the leaders
their yet unborn generations.                                  nation too, and to keep it perpetually enslaved              and spokesmen of the Church haven’t questioned the
      In sum, the losers are the Filipino people, not Mrs.     financially. That’s the reason that since 1962, when         role of the IMF and the World Bank in the shaping of
Arroyo and her family who do not have to worry about           the nation was first placed under the supervision            the nation’s policies? Why is it the institutional Church
providing themselves with food on a day-to-day basis.          of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), we                 continues to harp on graft and corruption as the
      What questions then should the Filipino people ask in    have run a foreign debt of $60 billion without—              principal, if not only, source of the nation’s poverty
order to understand Napocor’s P1.3-trillion debt?              repeat, without—having anything to show for it               instead of harping as well on the economic policies and
      The questions would be best grouped into the past,       except the prospect of more debt and more                    programs sponsored by the nation’s technocrats, many
the present, and the future.                                   poverty. Whatever production base we had 40 years            of whom eventually wind up in the payroll either of the
      As to the past: (1) When did Napocor begin to incur      ago—and that was the most dynamic production base            IMF or the World Bank or the World Trade
losses? (2) What contracts were involved? (3) Who              in Southeast Asia then—has been virtually wiped out          Organization?
negotiated those contracts? (4) Who were the                   by 40 years of import liberalization and 40 years of              As early as 1988, an in-house study of the IMF
signatories? (5) How much was involved for each                continuous devaluation. All because a succession of          acknowledged that the policies and programs forced by
contract? (6) What caused the losses? (7) Could the            civilian government, yielded to international demands        that institution on the Philippines since 1962—more
losses have been avoided through reasonable foresight on       that our government abstain from the exercise of its         particularly devaluation—have aggravated the poverty
the part of Napocor? (8) Who were directly or indirectly       sovereign responsibility to protect the domestic market      of the Philippine poor instead of alleviating it. Those
responsible for the losses? (9) When did Napocor               and local industries, and to ensure the stability of the     policies are the basic reason that over the last 40 years
initially recognize the inevitable incurring of losses? (10)   national currency.                                           Filipinos have become poorer and why poverty in this
What preventive or remedial actions should have been                The result? We haven’t only failed to move from         country is fast turning into hunger.
but not taken and why? (11) Was any official                   the agricultural age to the industrial age, in stark              [END QUOTING]
investigation conducted to pinpoint who were responsible       contrast to what our neighbors have done. We have                 God offers the solution. Who will work with it?
JUNE 30, 2004                                      CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                              Page 5

                                                                                                                       ENTIRE CORPORATION ARTICLES AND

  Cinnamon & Honey                                                                                                     BYLAWS TO BASE HER “QUEEN OF THE
                                                                                                                       WORLD” PROGRAM. NO THANK YOU! ALL
                                                                                                                       OTHER CLAIMS TO SOME CORPORATIONS OF
                                                                                                                       YE OLDE MASTERS IN WASHINGTON, D.C.
                                                                                                                       ARE TOTAL HOGWASH AND WE INVITE

  For Your Good Health                                                                                                 EVERYONE TO INVESTIGATE—IT ONLY
                                                                                                                       TAKES A TITLE AND A FEW PUNCHES TO
                                                                                                                       THE KEYBOARD OF YOUR FAITHFUL
                                                                                                                           WE HAVE COSMOS SEAFOOD ENERGY
              6/23/04—#1 (17-312)                            On to other “incredible” watchings: Note that the         MARKETING LTD. IN OUR CONTROL AND
    WED., JUN 23, 2004 6:38 A.M. YR 17, DAY 312         head of Bank Sentral, who still refers to itself as the        POSSESSION—THROUGH PROPER AND
                Manila, Philippines                     Central Bank but truly is NOT, plans to step down in           LEGAL LINE OF HOLDINGS AND NOTHING
                                                        2005 and says his successor will have to handle the            VK DURHAM OR HER “ET ALS” CAN DO
RE: STATUS REPORT AND A SUGGESTION                      “international money laundering” problems. The                 WILL CHANGE A BREATH OF IT. WE DO
FOR HONEY AND CINNAMON—GCH/D                            Philippines is still in the high position of “bad dudes”.      NOT USE IT—PER AGREEMENT so that we can
                                                             The elections were such a fraud but the                   always determine what the miscreants are DOING!
        STATUS REPORT: ONE TO TEN                       “democracy” as practiced in this place (EVERY                  We certainly are interested in VK’s major scam of
                                                        PLACE) is so corrupt they even tell on themselves as           $14 Trillion “debt-swap”—plus $1 and ½ Billion for
     FOR US: 8. Flag color: Very promising “rose”.      they vote criminals IN and all things relative to truth—       herself is “interesting” and yea, all that from a non-
     FOR THE PHILIPPINES: MINUS 200. Color:             OUT.                                                           existent “Trust” of some kind? Oh, I don’t think so,
dismal black.                                                WE, SORRY TO SAY, MUST WORK IN                            friends. She is still trying to filch Russell Herman’s
     Probably I should stop right here with the “alert” WHATEVER EVOLVES—SO KEEP ON                                    pension and benefits TO WHICH SHE HAS NO
flags.                                                  JOGGING. All I can do is run interference and point            SHRED OF RIGHT OR STANDING.                      And,
     I do have a direct comment to my “team” and that   the way so pay attention and go back to paragraph              moreover, she tells it on herself over and over again
is—YOU CAN WORK WITH YOUR ENEMIES                       three and STUDY AND THINK!                                     ad nauseam—and yes indeed, we will print it for your
FOR THEY ARE INDEED RUN OUT OF STRING                        It is going to take all the force available to get into   information, for we like our friends and Truth is the
AND A FRIEND IS FAR BETTER THAN AN                      that bank and count the hidden secrets. Moreover,              name of our game.
ENEMY.                                                  I suggest you get ON WITH IT and stop waiting for
     Keep your friends very close; keep your enemies    another month, another meeting or another day.                                HEALTH AND YOU
even closer!                                                 I ask that the articles on the topic of the Philippines
     In Manila you err by not pulling into your circle  as offered by our compatriots and counterpart                       My goodness, I watch you play at your
the culprits in the court cases ongoing re: “Da Prince”.journalists be studied carefully, for you must use these       nonsensical “gotcha” games and shiver in my own
You know who they are and they DID have                 resources if there is to be worthy CHANGE. Just                boots. You try to avoid a “spoonful of sugar” to
“authorizations” from the puppet-prince.                changing diapers does NOT stop the diarrhea or                 save a waist-line by using poison and buying the
     You will number “nine” progress if you get those   hemorrhage. THIS NATION IS DYING!                              “waste—line”. STOP IT!
people, including EX-Judge Reyes INVOLVED.                   Why would this maladjusted and unacceptable                    The money magnates are now going to put
And yes, I will write more on this but we need to move  “false President” GMA have to go to her criminal               aspartame water into your schools. Why not just kill
on for I will not advertise for Durham-Russbacher       friends in Cebu to be inaugurated? Quezon City-                your children rapidly than destroy them in this
“Who is the Biggest Liar” team of misfits.              Metro Manila is THE CAPITAL of the Philippines                 manner—BRAIN FIRST?
     We have to leave the selection of information on   and where it is appropriate for inauguration of a new               I ask that we offer the “Honey and Cinnamon”
that topic to the layout people who have access to      President and Administration! Is there something so            article NEXT, right here. As lead-in however, I ask
space available in the paper or plan to run it as a     wrong with this picture as to shock even your                  the small insert from ALTERNATIVES be offered.
regular series. I ask that the last two be run first and“democracy” advocates?                                         There is such an increase of diabetes in the world as
then follow on with the additional parties to the tirades.   These are the same liars who mislead you into             to astound any mortal and quite a few angels—not to
     Now, I believe, you can all see from the attacks,  thinking some mortal good man died for YOUR SINS!              even mention obesity which is the new “population
lies and incredible nonsense WHY we do no               Try it on for “reason”!                                        control” disease.
“business” interchange within or even THROUGH the            No, it is NOT over so keep those heads DOWN,                   I am first going to offer the “Cinnamon” solution
United States even though it is Mother-Father and       lips quiet and keep pushing our wagon until we get out         before I even add in the “Honey”, Honey.
“creator” of the “Superfund”. Every consideration       of this bog-hole waiting for “time” to simply pass in               Oh you didn’t KNOW? Oh well, surely you know
given in that arena has been abused, manipulated and    some way.                                                      all about Aspartame, Equal, and the other incredibly
merits incarceration of the “players” rather than            I suggest you round up every party you can find           dangerous (to your health) substitutes from the
assistance to any projects, humanitarian or otherwise.  who ever got an “authorization” from one Tallano for           Chemical houses. So be it.
     We intend, in this short-run, to make VERY         anything and let us get on with getting this thing done,                                 ***
SURE there is not a shred of truth remaining in         please.                                                             “A HALF-TEASPOONFUL OF CINNAMON
anything the miscreants (led by VK Durham) present.                                                                    HELPS THE GLUCOSE GO DOWN”
It is nothing but a mountain of Lies that grows every                        VK DURHAM                                      [QUOTING from ALTERNATIVES, June 2004,
time additional writings appear from the bowels of the                                                                 pg. 92:]
Chamber of Lies of those disinformation twits on the           The same can apply to VK Durham, et al., but we              One gram (slightly less than a half-teaspoon) of
International Wireless networks. Rebuttal is are beyond that necessity in this place and we are not                    cinnamon per day was given to 60 volunteers with type
mandatory and “resistance is futile”, as the saying even in consideration of the U.S. and CSEML holdings               2 diabetes. In just 40 days, this small amount of
goes.                                                      AT THIS TIME.                                               cinnamon reduced fasting glucose levels anywhere
                                                               By the way, to you inquiring minds—we                   from 18 to 29 percent, triglyceride levels 23 to 30
                      PHILIPPINES                          incorporated one entity, IAIC—JUST TO KEEP VK               percent, LDL cholesterol levels 7 to 27 percent, and
                                                           DURHAM FROM USING IT IN HER CRIMINAL                        total cholesterol 12 to 26 percent. No advantages or
     The state of the Philippine NATION is as bad as WAY TO SOMEHOW SET UP HER                                         greater improvements were found when larger
it has ever been and sinking fast. This can only serve INSIDIOUSLY INSIPID “TRUST” SHE NOW                             doses were given. [H: This may well be so but
us well.                                                   CLAIMS TO HOLD. NO, SHE DOES NOT AND                        added to honey, the benefits are instantaneous as
     It is noted, for instance, that the new Head of the IAIC IS PARKED NICELY AND SECURELY.                           to energy increase and other benefits which come
IMF is due to travel Asia and Southeast Asia— WHAT BUSH DOES WITH “HIS” IS HIS TO                                      directly from natural, especially wild-dark, honey.
WHILE THE MOST NOTABLE ONE MISSING DECIDE—WE DO NOT USE IT BUT WE KEEP                                                 So be patient and read the article following this
VISIT IS TO THE PHILIPPINES. No visit from the IT SECURE. SHE THREATENED, CAJOLED                                      insert.] Also, when the participants stopped taking
new head of the IMF? Can’t get much more negative AND TRIED TO BRIBE US TO GET IT INTO                                 the cinnamon, their blood sugar levels and other
than THAT, my friends.                                     HER CLUTCHES AFTER SHE USED THE                             readings began to return to former levels. (J Agri
Page 6                                                CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                     JUNE 30, 2004

Food       Chem       04:52(1)       (Diabetes      Care    PUBLISHED AND PROBABLY YOU WILL                              daily, they are kept miles away from the next attack.
03;26(12):3215-8)                                           HAVE “MISSED” IT.]                                                Regular use of the above process relieves loss of
     If you have diabetes or insulin resistance (which           [END QUOTING]                                           breath and strengthens the heartbeat. In America and
can result in having Syndrome X, a pre-diabetic                  Now read on if you want some more real “skinny”         Canada, various nursing homes have treated patients
condition characterized by added fat around the waist,      on the subject which should be shouted from roof-tops        successfully and have found that as we age the
high blood pressure, elevated triglycerides, and/or         or at least in a “NEWS DESK” but we are limited in           arteries and veins lose their flexibility and get clogged;
cholesterol and glucose intolerance), you would be          both input for same and space for such luxuries.             honey and cinnamon revitalizes the arteries and veins.
foolish to overlook the benefits of adding ½ teaspoon            You who endure stomach discomfort on a chronic               INSECT BITES: Take one part honey to two
of cinnamon to your diet each day.                          basis are going to be shocked at how easy it is to           parts of lukewarm water and add a small teaspoon of
     The explosion in diabetes is being fueled by several   attend such discomfort without those expensive anti-         cinnamon powder, make a paste and massage it on the
factors, and while it can be stopped, I don’t see that      acids or even that old “soda” home remedy. You can           itching part of the body slowly. It is noticed that the
occurring within the general population. The most           also live a bit longer with some quality to your energy-     pain recedes within a minute or two.
significant risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes      life and indeed that is from intaking purely natural              ARTHRITIS: Arthritis patients may take daily,
appears to be that of being overweight. [D: OUCH!!          energy food—honey. FATIGUE has become the                    morning and night, one cup of hot water with two
And no, friends, it is a fact that if EJ and/or I lost      most debilitating one item in your modern lives and it       spoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon
only 15 pounds (off each) we would be considered            comes with its debilitating “depression syndrome”.           powder. If taken regularly even chronic arthritis can
“anorexic” but of proper weight. It is “around              Well, YOUR CHOICE—we practice NO medicine.                   be cured.
the waist” that is troubling and it does not just “go            By the way: We can offer more suggestions on                 In a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen
away” with wishing and chips.]                              GOOD AND UNBELIEVABLE IMPROVEMENT                            University, it was found that when the doctors treated
     Researchers monitored several factors and their        TO HEALTH IF YOU JUST EAT SEVERAL                            their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey
relationship to developing type 2 diabetes in 84,941        CANS (AT LEAST TWO PER WEEK) OF                              and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast,
women from 1980 to 1996. They concentrated on               “SARDINES”. You will get a little iridium in addition        they found that within a week out of the 200 people
five well-known risk factors: weight, diet, exercise,       which makes the world go ’round quite a lot better.          so treated practically 73 patients were totally relieved
smoking, and alcohol. While all of these factors            We will try to get to that topic as well in the weeks        of pain and within a month, mostly all the patients who
played a significant role, the most significant was their   to come.                                                     could not walk or move around because of arthritis
body mass index (BMI), a measurement of obesity                  When considering honey I suggest the wild-              started walking without pain.
based on height and weight.                                 DARK variety. Tupelo honey is probably best as to                 HAIR LOSS: Those suffering from hair loss or
     (To find your BMI, do the following: first, divide     variety of natural elements but is, at the least, twice to   baldness, may apply a paste of hot olive oil, one
your weight in pounds by the square of your height in       three times as expensive. I would suggest, further,          tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder
inches, then multiply the result by 703.)                   that if you decide to use it that you save it for special    before bath and keep it for approx. 15 min. and then
     This study found that the ideal BMI was 23.0.          and use the regular commercial dark honey for “every         wash the hair. It was found to be effective even if
As this number increased, so did the risk of developing     use”. This is simply to save funds which is also a           kept on for 5 minutes.
type 2 diabetes. This study also found that individuals     consideration in your world of graft and avarice.                 BLADDER INFECTIONS:                      Take two
who had only moderate sugar intake, a low intake of              Try cappuccino tea or coffee—and add cinnamon.          tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of cinnamon
trans-fatty acids, a high fiber intake, and low saturated   It is tasty and helps the whole go down. Cappuccino          powder in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. It
fat intake, and who exercised at least seven hours per      comes from Capuchin monks who drank their                    destroys the germs in the bladder.
week, consumed a moderate amount of alcohol, and            beverages, yea, even coffee, with honey and cream.                TOOTHACHE: Make a paste of one teaspoon of
didn’t smoke had a 90 percent lower risk of type 2          You can season it any way you like it and tea is             cinnamon powder and five teaspoons of honey and
diabetes than those who didn’t have this profile. (N        especially wonderful with cinnamon, lemon/orange, and        apply on the aching tooth. This may be applied 3
Engl J Med 01;345:790-797)                                  HONEY. Tip of the day to you!                                times a day till the tooth stops aching.
     Besides having to make significant lifestyle                You with spelt mush for breakfast—put honey and              CHOLESTEROL: Two tablespoons of honey and
changes, there are other underlying reasons I don’t         cinnamon into the mix and “run” face the world and           three teaspoons of Cinnamon Powder mixed in 16
think the general public will take the necessary steps      whatever it brings instead of your “planned” events.         ounces of tea water, given to a cholesterol patient, was
to stop this epidemic of diabetes.                          May you eat well for the fuel of life is what keeps the      found to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood by
     For one, caring for and treating diabetes has          old body going!                                              10% within 2 hours. As mentioned for arthritic
created a HUGE MARKET WORTH BILLIONS.                            I ask that the “Honey and Cinnamon” article be          patients, if taken 3 times a day, any Chronic cholesterol
New oral medications, insulin preparations, insulin         added here and the writing closed off.                       is cured. As per information received in the said
deliver devices, and blood glucose-monitoring systems            Thank you.                                              journal, pure honey taken with food daily relieves
are being created and brought to the market every                [QUOTING:]                                              complaints of cholesterol.
day. Those selling these items will be promoting                                                                              COLDS: Those suffering from common or severe
them as the answer. And it will be far easier to sell            FACTS ON HONEY AND CINNAMON                             colds should take one tablespoon lukewarm honey
the idea of checking blood sugar with an in-home laser                                                                   with ¼ spoon cinnamon powder daily for 3 days. This
monitor and then taking only one pill or a quick,               It is found that mixture of Honey and Cinnamon           process will cure most chronic cough, cold and clear
painless injection each day than to convince someone        cures most of the diseases. Honey is produced in             the sinuses.
to drastically change eating and exercise habits.           most of the countries of the world. Ayurvedic as well             INFERTILITY: Yunani and Ayurvedic Medicine
     But treating diabetes doesn’t cure diabetes. It        as Yunani medicine have been using honey as a vital          have been using honey for thousands of years to
may prolong life and even postpone many of the              medicine for centuries.                                      strengthen the semen of men. If impotent men
disease’s associated problems. Still, simply living with        Scientists of today also accept honey as a “Ram          regularly take two tablespoon of honey before going to
a controlled form of the disease takes its toll.            Ban” (very effective) medicine for all kinds of              sleep, their problem will be solved. In China, Japan
     Research shows that even with the best treatment,      diseases. Honey can be used without any side effects         and Far-East countries, women, who do not conceive
the reduction in life expectancy for those with diabetes    for any kind of diseases. Today’s science says that          and need to strengthen the uterus, have been taking
is astounding. And the decrease in their quality of life    even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right            cinnamon powder for centuries. Women who cannot
is even more pronounced.                                    dosage as a medicine, it does not harm diabetic              conceive may take a pinch of cinnamon powder in
     Men now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age          patients. Weekly World News, a magazine in Canada,           half teaspoon of honey and apply it on the gums
40 will live 11.6 less years than someone without the       on its issue dated 17 January, 1995 has given the            frequently throughout the day, so that it slowly mixes
disease and, based on quality-adjusted life years, they     following list of diseases that can be cured by Honey        with the saliva and enters the body. A couple in
will lose 18.6 years.                                       and Cinnamon as researched by western scientists.            Maryland, USA, had no children for 14 years and had
     Women fare even worse. Women diagnosed at                  HEART DISEASES: Make a paste of honey and                lost hope of having a child of their own. When told
age 40 will lose 14.3 years of their life and 22 quality-   cinnamon powder, apply on bread, chapatti, or other          about this process, husband and wife started taking
adjusted life-years. (JAMA 03:290 (14):1884-1890)           bread, instead of jelly and jam and eat it regularly for     honey and cinnamon as stated above; the wife
     [H: NO, WE ARE NOT OFFERING                            breakfast. It reduces the cholesterol in the arteries        conceived after a few months and had twins at full
MEDICINE IN ANY FORM OR SHAPE. WE                           and saves the patient from heart attack. Also those          term.
ARE OFFERING YOU INFORMATION                                who already had an attack, if they do this process                UPSET STOMACH:                Honey taken with
JUNE 30, 2004                                          CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                                 Page 7

cinnamon powder cures stomachache and also clears
stomach ulcers from the root.
     GAS: According to the studies done in India &
Japan, it is revealed that if honey is taken with
cinnamon powder the stomach is relieved of gas.
                                                             Aspartame: Licensed To Kill
     IMMUNE SYSTEM: Daily use of honey and
cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and
protects the body from bacteria and viral attacks.
Scientists have found that honey has various vitamins
and iron in large amounts. Constant use of honey
                                                             Both Us And Our Children
strengthens the white blood corpuscles to fight bacteria         ASPARTAME—ANXIETY, DEPRESSION                             and causes sudden death. The athletes no doubt are
and viral diseases.                                                AND SUICIDE AMONG CHILDREN                              dropping dead for this reason. It is not the ephedra
     INDIGESTION: Cinnamon powder sprinkled on                          From Dr. Betty Martini                             which is a wonderful product used for thousands of
two tablespoons of honey taken before food, relieves                          2/12/04                                      years. The cases were reviewed by Dr. John Olney,
acidity and digests the heaviest of meals.                                                                                 one of the most renowned neuroscientists in the world
     INFLUENZA: A scientist in Spain has proved                   This information is presented FREE of all charge...      today and who founded the field of neuroscience called
that honey contains a natural ingredient, which kills the    and it is yours to use as you deem reasonable and             excitotoxicity. Read the ephedra story too on
influenza germs and saves the patient from flu.              fitting. [ED: We need no further invitation.]        In one of the cases of supposedly
     LONGEVITY: Tea made with honey and                           This information will help answer a lot of questions     reactions from ephedra in the FDA files some parent
cinnamon powder, when taken regularly arrests the            as to why so many children are depressed and                  thought their son had a reaction because he didn’t go
ravages of old age. Take 4 spoons of honey, 1 spoon          committing suicide.                                           to church and left his wife. This is the kind of
of cinnamon powder and 3 cups of water and boil to                Two-thirds of the population and 40% of the              stupidity the FDA uses to try and get healthful
make like tea. Drink ¼ cup, 3 to 4 times a day. It           children in this country are using products with              products banned so industry will get the profits as
keeps the skin fresh and soft and arrests old age. Life      aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal/Spoonful/Canderel,                drugs. The FDA in this country has become an
spans also increases and even a 100 year old, starts         Benevia, E951, etc.). It is a neurotoxic drug, a deadly       abomination. They know aspartame interacts with most
performing the chores of a 20-year-old.                      chemical poison, and masquerading as an additive.             drugs and is also a chemical hypersensitization agent
     PIMPLES: Three tablespoons of Honey and one                  The 50% phenylalanine in it as an isolate is             so it interacts with other toxins and vaccines, fluoride,
teaspoon of cinnamon powder paste. Apply this paste          neurotoxic and goes directly into the brain. It lowers        etc. Yet they do nothing. They only act when its a
on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next              the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin. When            benefit to industry and something that harms
morning with warm water. If done daily for two               you lower serotonin it triggers manic depression or           consumer’s ability to secure things needed for good
weeks, it removes pimples from the root.                     bipolar, mood swings, anxiety, SUICIDAL                       health.
     SKIN INFECTIONS: Applying honey and                     TENDENCIES, panic attacks, paranoia, hallucinations,               The point is if athletes push American Water
cinnamon powder in equal parts on the affected parts         etc. It also interacts with ALL antidepressants. In           Star’s aspartame products they will use them, as well
cures eczema, ringworm and all types of skin                 fact, it interacts with just about every drug used to treat   kids and schools. And little children are dropping dead
infections.                                                  the problems it causes. This is all discussed in the          along with young athletes. In the Daily Herald in
     WEIGHT LOSS: Daily in the morning ½ hour                huge medical text, Aspartame Disease: An Ignored              Illinois on 2/10/2004, it said: “The goal is to detect
before breakfast on an empty stomach and at night            Epidemic          by     H.     J.     Roberts,     M.D.      symptoms of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, an inherited
before sleeping, drink honey and cinnamon powder    or 1-800-827-7991.                       heart disease that can lead to sudden cardiac death. It
boiled in one-cup water. If taken regularly it reduces            The concern also in this country right now is            is a condition affecting roughly one in every 500
the weight of even the most obese person.                    obesity and diabetes. Aspartame is the cause of this          people and 90 per cent of sudden cardiac deaths
     Also, drinking of this mixture regularly does not       in my opinion as it’s a drug that makes you crave             involve young athletes.” First of all, aspartame can
allow the fat to accumulate in the body even though          carbohydrates so you gain weight. See the protest of          trigger cardiomyopathy and there is an article about it
the person may eat a high calorie diet.                      the National Soft Drink Association which is part of          on the web site of the World Natural Health
     CANCER: Recent research in Japan and                    the congressional record— Also                 Organization under aspartame. And while 90% seems
Australia has revealed that advanced cancers of the          read Dr. Sandra Cabot’s paper: Aspartame Makes                a bit high as adult athletes as well as other consumers
stomach and bones have been cured successfully.              you Fatter. The Trocho Study in l998 showed the               are also dropping dead, it makes an important point—
Patients suffering from these kinds of cancers should        formaldehyde converted from the free methyl alcohol           athletes are at risk of death big time. Whoever heard
daily take one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon         in aspartame accumulates in the cells and damages             of this and especially being in the news all the time
of cinnamon powder for one month 3 times a day.              DNA with most toxicity in the liver. When the liver           before aspartame was approved. One recent cartoon
     FATIGUE: Recent studies have shown that the             is this toxic it is even difficult to lose weight. It also    showed defibrillators being distributed from a drive-in
sugar content of honey is more helpful rather than           showed substantial toxicity in the adipose tissue or fat      restaurant. As the Daily Herald said: “Many high
being detrimental to the strength of the body. Senior        cells. If you want to get fat, NutraSweet is where its        schools have installed automatic external defibrillators
citizens, who take honey and cinnamon power in equal         at.                                                           to assist athletes who go into sudden cardiac arrest.
parts, are more alert and flexible.                               Dr. Roberts who wrote the medical text and               And so many of the young are dropping dead from
     Dr. Milton who has done research says that a half       declared aspartame disease to be a global plague is a         SCD there is even an organization called CRY about
tablespoon honey taken in a glass of water and               diabetic specialist. He says aspartame can precipitate        it. There is also an organization called SADD having
sprinkled with cinnamon powder, taken daily after            diabetes, aggravates and simulates diabetic retinopathy       to do with sudden death. True some cardiac problems
brushing and in the afternoon at about 3.00 p.m. when        and neuropathy, destroys the optic nerve and can even         can be inherited but few know aspartame can cause
the vitality of the body starts to decrease, increases the   cause diabetics to go into convulsions. It keeps blood        such things as cardiomyopathy, attributing to a lot of
vitality of the body within a week.                          sugar out of control and interacts with insulin.              these deaths. Also, when athletes exercise they are
     BAD BREATH: People of South America, first                   So the epidemics of obesity and diabetes obviously       depleting magnesium and if they only knew to use it,
thing in the morning gargle with one teaspoon of honey       are aspartame. Some schools want to remove pop                it would help protect the heart. But all athletes need
and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water. So their             machines which is wonderful but they think the obesity        to be warned—DO NOT TOUCH ASPARTAME
breath stays fresh throughout the day.                       is coming from regular soda. Most of the obesity is           (NUTRASWEET/EQUAL, ETC.) PRODUCTS IF
     HEARING LOSS: Daily morning and night honey             no doubt coming from diet soda so when they say it’s          YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE.
and cinnamon powder taken in equal parts restore             alright it just misinforms the public. Now American                The American Water Star Company even has a
hearing.                                                     Water Stars wants to put aspartame water in the               product for grade school age children, Geyser Sport,
     Nancy L. Autry, Admin. Secretary                        schools. It is a publicly traded company, new and is          sugarfree. This company needs to be investigated.
     UGA Physical Plant Division, Services Department        engaged in the beverage bottling industry. Their latest       Because they have made remarks against the anti-
     1180 E. Broad Street (Chicopee Bldg)                    product is Hawaiian Tropic, an aspartame tropical             aspartame movement when questioned, it means they
     Athens, GA 30602-5410                                   drink. And they are using athletes to advertise this          know about it and are marketing it anyway. Any new
     Office: 706-542-0293 Fax: 706-583-0238                  stuff and get it in schools. Go to and           company checking on aspartame would know
     [END QUOTING]                                           click on aspartame and read how aspartame causes an           immediately of its toxicity. If you search aspartame
     GCH                                                     irregular heart rhythm and interacts with all cardiac         on Google it will bring up 225,000 and the first two are
dharma                                                       medication, damages the cardiac conduction system             the Aspartame Toxicity Center,
Page 8                                                 CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                   JUNE 30, 2004

aspartame and which houses the                aspartame juice and in about 4 days all their problems      book Health & Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life
Mission Possible records on this toxin including             had ceased and they returned to normal. How could           reveals all the interactions, exposes lies from industry,
government records, the damning Center for Disease           this stuff be approved and allowed for children?”           and tells you how to get well and improve the immune
Investigation, 8 month investigation by United Press              Dr. Roberts has also said you must consider            system. It’s a book hard to put down. His paper on
International and reports and articles from the world        aspartame when you think of children killing children.      what to do if you have used aspartame is on
experts. There is the FDA report of 92 symptoms and          And he said in his text with reference to depression You will find it under the registry of
even the FDA audit, the Bressler Report. Dr. Roberts         and suicide that the following points warrant emphasis:     articles.
and I both spoke to Jerome Bressler who wrote it and         · An estimated ten percent of teenagers suffer                   The FDA once tried to get the manufacturer of
he said it was so bad that when the FDA retyped it                significant depression.                                aspartame indicted under Title 18, Section 1001, as
they removed the 20% that was the most damning.              · The relation between “junk food” and depression           they were lying and giving misinformation, etc. Today
Dr. Roberts asked his congressman to get it but, of               in children seems convincing.                          the FDA is guilty themselves of Title 18, Section 1001.
course, the FDA refused to release it because it indicts     · The superimposition of aspartame-induced                  The FDA did try to keep it off the market. Searle was
them for covering it up. Now it becomes                           emotional reactions upon existing social and           not indicted because both U.S. Prosecutors hired on
“confidential”.                                                   medical problems among children and teenagers          with the defense team and the statute of limitations
     Today Mission Possible operations and activists              could have tragic consequences.                        expired. They refused to approve it for 16 years but
are in 50 states and more than 22 countries of the           · The rate of suicide among teenagers, especially           CEO of Searle was Don Rumsfeld, now Secretary of
world warning consumers off the toxin to save their               white males, is increasing.                            Defense. He said he would call in his markers and
life. There are aspartame detoxification centers             · This was underscored by the l986 annual                   get it approved anyway. He was on President
throughout the U.S. and a couple in other countries.              Morbidity and Mortality Weekly report.                 Reagan’s transition team and the day after he took
There is a shelf of medical texts on the subject of          Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D. has a lecture on        office he appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes as FDA
aspartame toxicity and dangers. American Water      and mentions the reactions to                Commissioner. No FDA Commissioner would ever
Star, Inc. has to know what they are doing. They             aspartame are not allergic but toxic like arsenic and       approve aspartame but Dr. Hayes was there to do
MUST BE INVESTIGATED NOW BEFORE                              cyanide. If you don’t want your children consuming          just that. So the FDA set up a Board of Inquiry of
THEIR PRODUCTS CAN CAUSE GREAT                               arsenic you certainly need to educate them not to use       their best scientists and it was the decision of the
AFFLICTION. How important is it? Since                       aspartame.                                                  Board that aspartame was not safe and caused brain
aspartame can cause sudden death we must stop the                 At this point we do not know if fluoridated water      tumors. They said to revoke the petition for approval
“sweet demise” of our children by manufacturers who          is being used in these plastic bottles, but fluoride does   as you will see in the summation on
want to market this poison because they know its             interact with aspartame as [do] the plastic bottles. In Dr. Hayes over-ruled the Board
addictive and a cash cow. They have no concern it            a discussion with Dr. James Bowen about this                of Inquiry and then went to work for the PR Agency
is destroying their brains. The methanol in aspartame        “Destruction Water” he said:                                of the manufacturer and has refused to talk to the
is classified as a narcotic. The chronic methanol                 “The technologically advanced U.S. military is         press ever since. He had accomplished what he was
poisoning affects the dopamine system of the brain           having problems finding soldiers who can even               sent to the FDA to do. Rumor has it Dr. Hayes was
and causes the addiction.                                    correctly operate the weaponry. The reason for this         paid by Burson-Marsteller $1000.00 a day, but I’m
     Imagine for a moment that all children in school        is a 15% FALL IN THE AVERAGE high school                    sure it can be checked out. What does an FDA
were using aspartame water; they would all be                graduate’s IQ: due to the ineffective, medically unsound    Commissioner do in a PR firm? Perhaps send
affected and it has been proven that most all using          immunization program, fluoridation of the water supply      postcards home from Bermuda. Yes, Dr. Hayes was
aspartame would show the effects of consuming the            and Aspartame. We have a whole new tier of                  paid for his crime in allowing the marketing of a deadly
toxin. From Aspartame Disease: An Ignored                    diseases engendered by these neurological damaging          chemical poison for human consumption.
Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D., page 504:                   agents. Prominent amongst these are the MtDna                    Some years ago Fox news, Washington DC, went
“The following experience of Dr. Miguel Baret Daniel         diseases like Diabetes, Autism and other “Pervasive         to Dr. Hayes home for a comment. He shut the door
in the Dominican Republic (personal communication,           Developmental Disorders”. Many high school                  in face and told them to go back to the FDA. You
Nov 19, l999) underscores the adverse mental effects         graduates now cannot correctly perform even basic           can hear the audio of it on No
of aspartame in children:                                    math calculations!                                          doubt millions have perished from aspartame as it is a
     “I have been working with a pediatrician giving              Not only does Aspartame damage the immune              trigger of what Dr. Blaylock calls—creeping death, the
nutritional support to children with diabetes. Since         system, but genetics also, especially the Mt DNA.           neurodegenerative diseases. In original studies it
cow’s milk has a specific protein that can cause             This has resulted in an immense epidemic of CHz,            caused brain, mammary, uterine, ovarian, testicular,
diabetes, especially in children, I removed milk from the    “Chemical Hypersensitivity disease”. This makes it          pancreatic and thyroid tumors—for starters. It is a
diet of 360 children studying in public schools in my        difficult or impossible to learn in much of the indoor      Class A carcinogen and violated the Delaney
country. These 360 children were not diabetic, but I         air, as in our schools, for example. The plastics which     Amendment as FDA toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross
removed the milk for prevention. The pediatrician            leach into bottled waters contribute to this Aspartame      told congress in l985. The Delaney Amendment
started noticing that a considerable number were             engendered problem. Banning pop machines is a step          forbid putting anything in food you know will cause
having what I call a kind of “brain allergy”—showing         in the right direction, but replacing pop with plastic      cancer. Now the Delaney Amendment has been
abnormal restlessness, lack of concentration, irritability   bottles of Aspartame water will mean only greater           conveniently repealed. Just who decided it was okay
and depression. In the beginning, I suspected it was         intake of Aspartame, and more plastic tainted water.        to put components in food that would cause cancer??
happening because of the extreme heat we were                The Schools need to educate, and provide a proper           Dr. Gross’ last words to Congress will always be
having those days. But then the weather changed, and         learning environment by protecting the students from        remembered: “And if the FDA violates its own laws
the situation didn’t get better. So I took a look at their   all such agents, and having them drink pure water from      who is left to protect the public?” Dr. Gross was the
diet and discovered that ALL of them were drinking           fluoride free drinking fountains.                           FDA toxicologist who wanted Searle indicted, as did
a lot of one kind of concentrated juice sweetened with            Let’s turn things around. For a moment imagine         FDA toxicologist Dr. Jacqueline Verrett who told
ASPARTAME. They drank about 6 ozs. twice a day.              all aspartame products removed from the schools and         Congress all studies were built on a foundation of sand
     “I talked to their parents, and asked them to           the children only consuming nutritious food. Like Dr.       and should be thrown out.
impress upon the children that they should not drink         Baret Daniel’s case where all children were consuming            There is no protector for the people, the reason for
that juice anymore for awhile. The results were as           aspartame, this is an example where all kids were not       Mission Possible International, an unpaid global
astonish [sic]. Their symptoms disappeared within 4-         consuming aspartame. It is often called Miracle in          volunteer force alerting the public aspartame is a
5 days in ALL of them!”                                      Wisconsin. The ADD people took the worst school in          deadly chemical poison, a neurotoxic drug.
     Dr. Baret Daniel also called me at the time this        Wisconsin with the most learning problems and                    Millions of babies are murdered in their mother’s
happened. He told me that when the kids went from            behavioral problems and removed pop machines and            womb by aspartame and the FDA and industry refuse
milk to aspartame sweetened juice it was an incredible       vending machines with all the junk and additives. Then      to allow a warning for pregnant women. Dr. James
thing to see because almost all were afflicted with          they put “real food” in the schools. At the end of the      Bowen says in Aspartame Murders Infants,
these problems. Had a few demonstrated these                 program the worst school in Wisconsin became the            “Aspartame is sold as NutraSweet and Equal and is in
handicaps it would have been hard to find the trigger        best school with zero learning problems or behavioral       thousands of foods and diet drinks. At every point in
but since almost all developed the complications he          problems. I believe the story is on the Safe Harbor         the fertility process aspartame destroys, beginning with
knew it had to be aspartame. That was the only               web site.                                                   the gleam in Mom and Pop’s eyes. It ruins female
change made in the diet of the children. He got on the            Aspartame is also a teratogen and causes birth         sexual response and induces male sexual dysfunction.
Internet and started researching and seeing that             defects and mental retardation. Aspartame has a             Beyond this, aspartame disrupts fetal development by
aspartame was known for causing the reactions he             synergistic and additive effect with MSG.                   aborting it or inducing defects. And if a live child is
was seeing he knew he had found what he was looking          Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D., wrote                  born aspartame may have heinously damaged the DNA
for. He asked for more research and when he called           Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills about aspartame          of the baby, cursing future generations.” And
again he said: “I had the children stop taking               and MSG., His new                American Water Star would like school children
JUNE 30, 2004                                         CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                                 Page 9

drinking aspartame water. Dr. Roberts says in his text      in June and their last letter said they have competing        approved. Unfortunately, that prophecy has been
under cognitive problems that the deterioration of          priorities. Translation: “Since we’re guilty and you’re       fulfilled. Also on the CD is the entire l985
intelligence and learning skills in aspartame reactors is   right, we just won’t answer and continue to serve             congressional record with scientists and victims
evidenced by slippage in school performance. “It may        above the law.”                                               testifying on how deadly it is. If you read someone
take a generation or longer to ascertain the full extent         Then we have to deal with front groups who               trying to get away with saying its safe it will be like
of this problem.”                                           mislead the public which is a crime under Title 18,           a professional organization, like the ADA’s who are
     The symptoms and diseases triggered by                 Section 1001. The Calorie Control Council, as an              funded by the manufacturer. Monsanto’s media flacks
aspartame fill a 1038 page medical text. Dr. Roberts        example is registered to the Aspartame page. Their            are the dietitians. So many times when the news get
talks about the high concentrations of phenylalanine in     lies are legend but recently they crossed the line of         out the dietitians will come to the defense of the
infancy can interfere with the synthesis of myelin.         human dignity by writing the Miami Herald and saying          manufacturer. Monsanto has sold NutraSweet but as
They inhibit specific ATP-sulfurylase activity within       aspartame is safe for pregnant women knowing full             Mohammed Ali once said, “They can run but they
the central nervous system (Hommes l987). He says           well it can kill the baby. They know the Trocho Study         can’t hide”.
this issue is relevant to the simulation or aggravation     shows how much toxicity aspartame causes in the liver,             On which is Mission Possible
of multiple sclerosis by aspartame. Of course,              so it can cause advanced liver disease. Yet they also         Canada you can read a new report on why these
aspartame destroys the central nervous system and           said people with advanced liver disease can use               isolated amino acids in aspartame are so deadly. It has
causes methanol toxicity. However, Dr. Roberts says         aspartame. Even the FDA has a prohibition against             been written by Dr. James Bowen and Arthur
its the whole chemical mess. The FDA actually allows        those with phenylketonuria using aspartame because            Evangelista, a former FDA Investigator who
a product to be marketed with free methyl alcohol.          they can’t metabolize the phenylalanine in aspartame.         acknowledges that aspartame is a deadly chemical
It’s called insanity.                                       It can cause brain damage or even be fatal. Yet,              poison.
     Cori Brackett is a woman who used lots of              Calorie Control Council also said people with PKU can              Dr. Ralph Walton has written a report that is on
aspartame and was diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic as           use this toxin.                                      on scientific peer reviewed
having MS, and with the largest lesion ever diagnosed            The interesting thing about aspartame is its toxicity    research and funding showing that 92% of all
in an MS patient at the clinic. Cori decided to do her      is a matter of public record. If we don’t know what           independent studies not controlled or funded by the
own research and read the reports on                        a deadly poison can cause after over 20 years we’re           manufacturers of aspartame show the problems it She got off aspartame and walked            in bad shape. The CCC even said aspartame doesn’t             causes. And he says if you eliminate 6 studies by the
out of her wheelchair. The lesion in her brain has          get in the blood stream when an aspartame                     FDA because of the controversy (linked to industry)
now disappeared. She also made an aspartame                 manufacturer has shown that it can in their own               and one pro-aspartame summary, 100% of independent
documentary called Sweet Misery: A Poisoned                 study. As an example, in Aspartame, Physiology                scientific peer reviewed studies show the problems
World. It can be pre-ordered now and those                  and Biochemistry, Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York,              aspartame causes. What more is necessary to prove
interested can contact me and I’ll forward your             L.D. Stegink and L. J. Filer, Jr., l984 (Pro-industry,        how deadly this toxin is as the epidemics it causes
information.                                                Significantly corporate Sponsored), on page 161 it            skyrocket. And there is information on the flawed
     To tell you how serious these problems with            shows this study by Ajinomoto, an aspartame                   studies of industry and how they get away with it.
aspartame are, Cori filmed Diane Fleming in a prison        manufacturer:                                                      Our kids are getting a high on Listerine strips and
in Troy, Virginia. Diane Fleming is a sweet Sunday               “TISSUE DISTRIBUTION OF ORALLY                           having seizures. Pfizer doesn’t care and no longer
School teacher who helped the homeless. Her                 ADMINISTERED ISOTOPICALLY LABELED                             answers my mail. I guess they are making too much
husband Charles was a body builder and played               ASPARTAME IN THE RAT”, Yoshimasa                              money. Walmart as well sells aspartame water as we
basketball about four times a week. He also was an          Matsuzawa and Yuichi O’Hara, Life Science                     continually get the complaints from the victims. They
aspartame addict using at least 10 diet drinks a day        Laboratory, Central Research Laboratories, Ajinomoto          simply send back the propaganda even though they are
along with Metrex with aspartame, Equal and lots of         Company, Inc. Yokohama, Japan.                                told and told and told it is not valid and given
prescription drugs, Gatorade and creatine. She tried to          Page 162: RESULTS: Phenylalanine Moiety:                 references and medical texts, etc. that reveal the truth.
get him to cut down on things she thought dangerous         “The pattern of distribution of (U-14CPhe) aspartame          Wrigley who we have written for years about the
but he told her “more is better”. He paid with his life.    following its oral administration was very similar to that    danger of aspartame in gum instead of removing it has
When he died the police seeing the methanol poisoning       of (U-14C) phenylalanine after 0.5, 2.6 and 24 hr and         put it in almost all their gums. When aspartame is
on autopsy thought she poisoned him, even though she        7 days. Thirty minutes after administration of these          buccal, and being a neurotoxic drug, works like
tried to help the police and she passed her polygraph       compounds, very high levels of radioactivity were             nitroglycerin under the tongue, goes through saliva
with flying colors. In talking to one policeman             observed in the lumen of the stomach and upper small          straight to the brain. And it causes so many seizures.
yesterday, however, who was on the case he said: “I         bowel. Significant uptake of radioactivity was                Obviously Wrigley doesn’t care.
know Diane Fleming is an innocent woman. I’ve put           observed in the pancreas, gastrointestinal mucosa, hair            Our kids are being medicated in school instead of
a lot of people in prison and some were executed but        follicles, salivary gland and liver. Radioactivity was        educated, and if you read Dr. Olney’s report to the
I always knew I had gotten a killer off the sheet. I        observed in the kidney, adrenal gland, bone marrow,           Board of Inquiry of the FDA you will see what he said
would not have allowed this innocent woman to be            spleen and eye. Some radiolabel was observed in the           would happen to the brains of our kids has happened.
indicted but I was promoted and couldn’t prevent it.        pancreas, gastrointestinal mucosa, hair follicles, salivary        The Idaho Observer wrote the Diane Fleming
How could I have ever slept if I had caused a guiltless     gland and liver. Radioactivity was observed in the            story and you will also see it on, click
woman to be imprisoned.”                                    kidney, adrenal gland, bone marrow, spleen and eye.           on aspartame. They have also published the
     Diane is an aspartame victim herself because she       Some radiolabel was localized to the brain, spinal cord,      Artificially Sweetened Times which contains the story
was lied to by the FDA and industry and the                 heart, thymus, lung and testes.”                              of Diane Fleming and more in order to help the effort.
professional organizations they fund and thought it was     In one of the original manufacturer’s pivotal studies, a      When 192 people dropped dead for no apparent reason
safe. She went through depression when she lost her         “52-Week Oral toxicity Infant Monkey Study” (SC-              the Idaho Observer wrote the Center for Disease
husband and was put on Zoloft. Zoloft interacts with        18862) where 7 infant monkeys were fed aspartame,             Control a certified letter to investigate. They didn’t
aspartame. So even at her trial she could show no           5 had grand mal seizures and 1 died. The data                 even care enough to answer. Stay tuned for the new
emotion, she was drugged by the very same poison            revealed by this pivotal study submitted to FDA               Artificially Sweetened Times which is continually
that killed her husband. I hope you are enraged when        renders false the CC’s assertion that aspartame does          being published to alert the public and get this poison
you read this. Diane thought she was so blessed by          not enter the blood stream. Elevated levels of                off the market (
having a wonderful husband and happy life that she          phenylalanine in the blood of monkeys fed medium and               We ask that you pass this article on to the ends
wanted to give something back. She taught the word          high levels of aspartame prove that the compound is           of the Earth to help alert the public and stop this
of God, and she bought clothes for the homeless and         absorbed in the blood stream. The brain seizures              genocide. Help save the children! There are four
helped them once a week in a hands on matter. Does          followed.                                                     aspartame support groups on-line to help the victims.
the FDA know about this? Of course, they do and                  We must stop the disability and death to our                  Remember the words of Senator Abraham S.
could care less. This doesn’t [affect] the industry         children by this deadly poison. It’s all a matter of          Ribicoff in l971: “The chemicals we ingest may
they are so loyal to. To them its just another victim       public record and ANYONE who wants to see these               affect more than our own health. They affect the
and they have turned their back on the victims of           records a lot of them are available on                        health and vitality of future generations. The
aspartame disease. It was even mentioned in        and and                           danger is that many of these chemicals may not
congressional hearings the FDA was getting so many as well as other                harm us, but will later do silent violence to our
complaints on aspartame they referred them to the           links. You can go to and get            children.” In the case of aspartame it can affect
AIDS Hotline to get rid of them.                            a CD of the ENTIRE Board of Inquiry saying                    anyone who consumes it because it’s poison.
     I filed a Citizens Petition to ban aspartame based     aspartame is not safe and the petition for approval is             Dr. Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible
on the fact the FDA’s records show it to be a               revoked. It also contains Dr. John Olney’s testimony          International, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth,
chemical poison and they lie to the public. The FDA         to the Board of Inquiry telling them what would               Georgia 30097 770 242-2599 and
has 180 days by law to answer. It will be two years         happen to the brains of our children if aspartame is,
Page 10                                               CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                    JUNE 30, 2004

                                                                                                                        Accordingly, it is wise to work within what IS while

  GEORGE MERCIER’S                                                                                                      making efforts to change things into BETTER.
                                                                                                                             In 1910, the Supreme Court ruled that if a Prince
                                                                                                                        creates some type of a profit or gain situation in
                                                                                                                        Commerce (and remember that King’s Commerce is

 INVISIBLE CONTRACTS                                                                                                    a closed private domain belonging to Government), then
                                                                                                                        the King can participate in taxing that profit or gain
                                                                                                                        that the Prince created. When state created benefits
                                                                                                                        are accepted by you, then the Commercial enrichment
 PARTS NINE & TEN OF A TWELVE-PART SYNOPSIS (Pages 478-531)                                                             you experience within that state franchise is very
                                                                                                                        much within the taxing power of the United States
                                               By Ron Kirzinger                                                         Government; and that is correct Law.
                                                                                                                             Additionally, the King can tax other state created
                                                                                                                        Commercial benefits that are experienced by others
WARNING: WHAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO                              of an insurance program is deemed as evidence of            like attorneys and accountants who, as Special Interest
READ IS HAZARDOUS MATERIAL. PLEASE                          entry into Interstate Commerce, and hence such              Groups, use the police powers of the state for their
DO NOT ACT ON THIS INFORMATION                              participants are an object suitable for Federal taxation,   own private enrichment, by setting up shared
WITHOUT         ACCEPTING      FULL                         regardless of any political Status, and regardless of the   monopolies and then experiencing higher revenues than
RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN ACTIONS.                        presence or absence of any other juristic contract.         otherwise obtainable under a laissez-faire free market
                                                                                                                        entry without restrictions on new lower priced
     PART NINE: INSURANCE, LICENSING                               FEDERAL LICENSING PROGRAMS                           competitors entering into their trade.
                                                                                                                             This game of using penal statutes to create shared
    As we have seen throughout Mercier’s                        [How else do we become subject to the King?]            enrichment monopolies is quite old, and yet look around
presentation, it is the acceptance of benefits that marks   By experiencing the direct benefits of Commercial           you today and see how many bleeding heart folks
the existence of a contract and most of the important       enrichment acquired through a Federal license               there are, who really want to believe that line that
contracts that govern our lives today are invisible.        program, such as being an SEC registered stockbroker,       Government is their friend, just somehow; and also fall
Here in Part Nine of his immense letter to Mr. May,         or an ATF licensed manufacturer of fireworks, which         for the fraudulent line that such a monopoly is for their
Mercier outlines two additional, generally unsuspected      is an obvious pursuit of federally participated profit or   own protective good—by keeping all those evil quacks,
ways that we become subject to the King.                    gain. Several federal monopolies were designed              vile frauds, and assorted degenerate incompetents out
    [QUOTING:]                                              specifically for the existing participants to experience    of the legal and medical professions.
                                                            intensive Commercial enrichment in, as the net effect            Although we might not be too philosophically
            INSURANCE PROGRAMS                              of a regulatory jurisdiction is to discourage potential     sympathetic with the manipulative use of Legislatures
                                                            new market entrants from competing with established         to create monopolies and the Tortfeasance that is
    [How else do we become subject to the King?]            corporate titans. In any market there are only so           thrown at us in the adverse secondary circumstances
Through entry into the juristic highways of Interstate      many potential customers available, and excluding new       flowing from their operations, as a matter of law,
Commerce by participation in an insurance policy            upstarts allows existing Grandfathers to have a bigger      creating game rules for voluntary players in King’s
program, as insurance is Interstate Commerce, and the       slice of the pie they would not otherwise be                Commerce is largely immune from Constitutional
King retains a third party beneficiary status in all        experiencing. For example, the creation of National         restrainments.
Commercial transactions that fall under his regulatory      Banks by the Congress, through the Comptroller of the            …[H]ere in the contemporary United States, once
Commercial Jurisdiction penumbra. In 1944, the              Currency, is one such monopoly designed to enrich           a state has got you tied into a licensing program
Supreme Court decided a Case called United States           existing market participants, while shutting out new        of some type, then and there you are
vs. South-Eastern Underwriters Association, which           banks and damaging the end consumer. In any one             experiencing some type of state-created juristic
held that insurance, all by itself, is Interstate           demographic banking district, there is only so much         benefit, and as such, you then become a federal
Commerce; so if you manage to participate in policies       business to be had; cutting out new entrants keeps a        taxable object for this benefit accepting reason
of insurance, you are participating in Interstate           bigger slice of the banking pie for the owners.             alone. When presented with such a state license, no
Commerce; Federal commercial benefits are being                 The secondary consequences of restraining the           other questions about the existence of the National
accepted, and the reciprocal quid pro quo taxation is       number of new market entrants politically are elevated      Citizenship Contract, or any other juristic contract, ever
necessary. The fact that the insurance company may          prices the end consumer winds up paying, constricted        need be asked by those termites in the IRS searching
be state chartered and licensed to do business in only      services and retarded technological innovations.            the Countryside for some meat to lay into.
one state, and that the policy may have been                    [END QUOTING]                                                [END QUOTING]
negotiated, accepted, written and entered into in only
one state are not relevant indicia as effecting                           PART TEN:                                                  THE KING’S HIGHWAYS
limitations on federal Jurisdictions; persons paying            STATE-CREATED JURISTIC BENEFITS
premiums on policies of Insurance are persons playing                                                                        For purposes of this synopsis we’ll go with Mr.
in King’s Commerce. A year later after United                    The caption for this section is much broader than      Mercier’s introduction to the driver’s license issue in
States vs. South-Eastern Underwriters Association           its actual content, which focuses primarily on the issue    the several paragraphs that follow, then break down
was ruled upon, the Congress enacted the McCarren           of acceptance of the benefit of using the King’s            the remainder of this section into a series of separate
Act, declaring that the:                                    highways. There are very many other “state-created          quotations.
         “... continued regulation and taxation by          juristic benefits”, of course, not least of which is “the        [QUOTING:]
    the several states of the business of insurance         right to sue and to be sued”. Only a fiction-of-law              Other state monopolies like Driver’s Licenses and
    is in the public interest, and that silence on the      “person” may avail itself of legal redress in Admiralty     motor vehicle registrations are very much used by the
    part of Congress shall not be construed to              Jurisdiction; men and women need not apply because          IRS in many ways to assist them in tax collections; and
    impose any barrier to the regulation or taxation        it is “a correct principle of Nature” that like may only    state tax collectors also use these records for their
    of such business by the several states.”                deal with like. Corporations, such as the government,       own statute enforcement and state treasury enrichment
    Yes, even the Congress of the United States             are fictitious imaginings. A corporation cannot think       conquests as well. When those Driver’s License
knows that the application of Principles of Nature          and cannot act. It is an absurdity when we hear,            records are collected by the state, they are also
relating to silence that are incorporated into the          “Today the government announced (this or that).” A          forwarded to Washington, and then redistributed to
Ratification Doctrine is even held to be binding on         corporation cannot speak!                                   foreign persons and foreign political jurisdictions under
them in some circumstances. This Congressional                   All the same, we are caught up in this world of        numerous executive agreements, diplomatic and military
pronouncement, that silence in the context of a             illusion and the fact is that the illusion is enforced by   treaties and bureaucratic cordialities.
proposition being made constitutes acceptance, applies      guns and jail cells. Leroy Schweitzer (of Montana                Yet, even though you entered into those state
to all appropriate factual settings, and is held to apply   Freemen infamy) may well have been 100% correct,            licenses merely to avoid your incarceration as an
to all persons, even the Congress itself. But as for        technically, but the last this writer heard of him he was   unlicensed driver, the uncontested preparation of a
taxation expectations, your acceptance of the benefits      sentenced to 22.5 years in jail in March 1999.              state created juristic personality, such [as] through a
JUNE 30, 2004                                          CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                              Page 11

Driver’s License, to the Supreme Court would be                   The Objection should contain a “Declaration therein           The changes-in-technologies issue certainly impacts
prospectively sufficient for that Court to attach in         that you are not a Resident or a Citizen of that State        far more than our freedom to travel. A recent news
personam liability to Title 26 as a Person accepting         together with correlative supporting averments of             article relates that the Bush Administration wants
special state created benefits. It is also reasonable to     Benefit Rejections, regardless of any statute that            EVERY American to be subjected to psychological
infer that a Driver’s License is evidence of Residency,      facially appears to force Residency Status on persons         “screening”, which would, of course, be “in the public
and of the acceptance of a wide-ranging array of state       physically inhabited in that state for an extended period     interest”. Mercier foresaw some of these issues,
benefits tailored to Residents. Remember that your           of time.”                                                     which were touched on in the following footnote:
use of those highways is your acceptance of a benefit             “The documentation and proof that the Supreme                      “Although I cannot predict the
that Government created, and since reciprocity is            Court would want to see is a copy of the application               technological developments of the next century,
expected back in return, contracts are in effect:            for the Driver’s License where it says you signed it               I foresee intractable issues looming in
Invisible and automatic.                                     under protest; proof of service of your Objection on               behavior and thought control. The
     If you do so file objections to the assertion of a      state officials, the Objection itself, and a 30-day                emerging wizardries of chemotherapy,
Beneficent Taxable Juristic Commercial Status over           invitation to those state officials to let them cancel or          psychosurgery, behavior modification and
you by way of a Driver’s License, you will need to           rescind the Driver’s License if the application of                 genetic       engineering,       with     their
again prove your present state of mind; and the exact        Commercial Status and/or Residency Status is deemed                ‘clockwork orange’ overtones, might seem
state code criminalizing such innocuous behavior has to      mandatory on all License holders (thus requiring those             an unlikely source of moral dilemmas.... But
be quoted within the body of your Objection. Some            state officials to come out of the closet and expose               like all technological advances, these
folks prefer to play it safe and avoid the Driver’s          some Status oriented law to you they might not want                developments carry promise as well as
License altogether; while others selectively use             you to know). Under your Declaratory Judgment,                     peril.”—Judge David Bazalon in Civil
deception in assuming a nom de plume for purposes            the Driver’s License will be construed to act                      Liberties—Protecting Old Values in the New
of deflecting recourse identification.                       exclusively as Evidence of Competency under Motor                  Century, 51 New York University Law
     However, other folks are not able to so quickly         Vehicle statutes only.”                                            Review 505, at 511 (1976).
terminate the Driver’s License due to the fundamental             Otherwise, “Uncontested Driver’s Licenses can                 Returning to the discussion of invisible contracts
importance of the thing and either their present inability   very much be used by state taxing commissions as              derived from acceptance of benefits in our travels,
to successfully handle a criminal prosecution or their       evidence of Residency, and hence evidence of an in            Mercier notes:
reluctance to assign something deleterious to it; and so     personam attachment of liability for the expected                  “…Even walking into a shopping center could be
at a minimum, an Objection and a Declaratory                 reciprocal payment of benefits accepted on the state          a contract—if the management so much as posts a
Judgment to Quiet Status originated in Federal               Income Tax, among many other juristic things. As              notice giving some conditional or qualified use to
District Court is in order. The Declaratory Judgment,        viewed by sophisticated appellate judges, for state           persons entering therein and accepting the benefits the
ruling that the Driver’s License was a Compelled             vehicle code enforcement purposes, Driver’s Licenses          management is offering (such as requiring shoes and
License, existing as a coerced instrument signed by          are evidences of an operator’s competency, and are            shirts, and so are the arguments of unfairness—that
you to avoid incarceration as an unlicensed driver, and      not, in this context, the Evidences of Consent to be          those reciprocal terms of wearing shirts and shoes just
is not to be used by the IRS or anyone else for the          Regulated in Commerce that Highway Contract                   don’t apply to you because you traveled from just so
expansive purposes of evidence of either Residency or        Protesters occasionally talk about.”                          far away—as some shopping center security guard
of Domiciliary, nor as evidence of entrance into                  Simply not having a driver’s license is no cure          throws you out of the place—is just whimpering).”
Commerce, or of the taxable acceptance of federal or         because “You don’t need any written contract on                    Mercier faults the Founding Fathers for failing to
state created benefits, or of consent to be bound by         someone in order to sue someone and bring him into            restrain the King from shrewdly providing benefits
any statute, other than those state motor vehicle            a Court and perfect a judgment against the poor               actually aimed at binding us by invisible contracts. But
statutes. The objective of our pursuit of a Declaratory      fellow—but you do need to show the acceptance of              he also faults the courts:
Judgment is: …since the license was compelled out of         benefits and of the expectation of reciprocity, which              “Yet despite this predominate skew towards
us when some de minimis tension is in effect with a          elements are very much present when a motor vehicle           contract priority in judicial Right to Travel doctrinal
Substantive Right (the Right to Travel), and since the       is operated on state provided highways, with ‘Public          reasoning, annulment by the Supreme Court of criminal
avowed purpose of the license itself is to adduce            Notice’ statutes creating the expectation of                  liability for the innocent use of public highways under
Evidence of Competency, then the extraneous                  reciprocity.”                                                 circumstances where no collaborating damages were
collateral expectations of reciprocity in any area outside        Rather, he suggests that the individual pursue a         caused, would be appropriate; an honest assessment of
of those Motor Vehicle Statutes it would otherwise           Judicial Declaration of Status, which “becomes                the total factual picture by a sophisticated judge would
create when left unchallenged, is now terminated.            appropriate by necessity in this unusual factual setting      result in the conclusion that merely driving a car down
     If you are going to Object to, and have new             of redefining the contours of an Adhesion Contract            a street without a license does not ascend to the
narrow contours now defined on your Driver’s                 Driver’s License to a limited and narrowed                    minimum threshold requirements that characterize
License in order to restrain its use by other                construction (meaning: Evidence of Highway                    legitimate criminal incarceration standards—compelled
Government agencies as the high-powered King’s               Competency, only).”                                           contract or no compelled contract; those penal highway
Equity attachment instrument that it is, then the                 Mercier explains that the Common Law Right to            statutes exist by virtue of Special Interest Group
Objection should generally follow the model pattern set      Travel arose in a day when “highways” were mere               sponsorship and pressure, and judges are diminishing
forth above in the discussion of Federal Reserve             dirt paths. In that environment the King was not              their own stature and violate the restraining mandates
Notes. This Objection should refer to the exact state        providing any particular benefit. “But today,                 inherent in the Republican Form of Government
penal statute [and] that you are applying for the license    Government is spending incredible amounts of money,           Clause, by letting clever and politically ambitious
under Objection and protest, merely to avoid                 year in and year out, to build and maintain highways,         Special Interest Groups get away with whatever they
incarceration as an unlicensed driver.                       so Right to Travel argument parallels that folks draw         can buy in Legislatures to damage innocent behavior
     [END QUOTING]                                           that try to disable the contemporary ability of the King      under circumstances where unnecessary covenants
     Up front we should update Mercier’s position            to even ask for reciprocity back in return for benefits       within adhesive contracts are being asserted in tension
regarding the King’s Highway to include our “highways        offered are incorrect.”                                       with Substantive Natural Rights in the Locomotion
in the sky”. Air travel is, in case someone failed to             “And today, high-powered technology routinely            area….”
notice, quite strongly federally regulated. Thus, the        causes wholesale death and destruction when an                     A more reasonable solution is proffered: “In a
very act of boarding an airplane is a “benefit”—which,       operator does no more than momentarily lose absolute          factual setting where an unlicensed driver creates
of course, implies the existence of an invisible contract.   mental concentration on driving—and in such a factual         damages out on the highway, then punitive
“Resistance is futile,” comes to mind. Mr. Mercier’s         setting, an honest assessment by Highway Contract             incarceration is appropriate, and this requirement
well-studied approach to such adhesion contracts             Protesters of the underlying legitimacy of the                reconciles everyone’s objections by accomplishing the
almost certainly ensures confrontation with the “powers      requirement that there be Evidence of Competency,             same identical criminal recourse the incarcerationists
that be” at some point, particularly if the individual is    would necessarily result in the conclusion that a             yearn for so much in their vindictive cries for
at all concerned with having any property or money           Driver’s License, so called, really isn’t all that            encagement glory.”
whatsoever. Accordingly, we will run through rather          unreasonable, and is in fact, very reasonable.”                    Secondarily, Mercier argues that the courts should
than visit with the more technical points he presents.            Thus he arrives at the conclusion: “Whenever             consider the adhesive nature of the contract: “Where
     Mercier notes that the Objection should present         anyone, regardless of your relational Status off the          the terms of contracts are not freely negotiated due to
the exact state statute verbatim and continues, “Also        highways, uses those Government highways, an                  the dominate overbearing positional strength of one of
included should be a brief recap of the Right to Travel      invisible contract is in effect right then and there; it is   the parties, the judicial allowance of a de minimis
Cases in the United States Supreme Court.”                   not necessary for your regional Prince, the State, to         amount of corrective ‘fairness’ is appropriate since
     He points out, however, that “a Right to Travel         adduce written evidence of your consent—just like it          there never was any mutual assent—and that already
also lies outside of, and beyond the reach of, the           is not necessary to get a contract in writing to get the      exists in American Jurisprudence and is now called the
King’s Charter (the Constitution).”                          contract enforced judicially.”                                Adhesion Contract Doctrine.”
Page 12                                                CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                     JUNE 30, 2004

     Further, there is the fact that the King descends       the Legislatures believe that they have protected           Gremlins have had a few words to say about structural
in status whenever he enters into commerce with us           themselves from challenge.”                                 risk analysis and assessment (I selected this discourse
because “Everyone is (supposedly) equal under the                 He concludes: “…[Y]ou will never, ever get,            due to its Highway setting and the political overtones
law.”                                                        from any appellate court anywhere in the United             it brings to light):
     “…The Supreme Court has ruled that shopping             States, the on-point published adjudication of your                   “...[P]uzzling is the apparently irrational
center owners, who open up their premises for public         unlicensed motor vehicle operation question in your              attitude which people have towards
ingress and egress, lose some of their property rights,      favor (and I am aware that many Highway Contract                 environmental hazards... Some 7,000 people
i.e., there is a declension in status from having            Protesters have convinced themselves that they are on            are killed and some 350,000 injured each year
absolute authority to eject with discretion anyone they      the imminent threshold of the ultimate judicial conquest:        on the roads of Britain. Yet this perpetual
want, down to being restrained from doing so.                a published Opinion in their favor). You Highway                 carnage—nearly 1,000 killed or injured every
     “If this legal reasoning, which diminishes the rights   Contract Protesters are just not in such a strong                day—generates no public outrage. ...[Y]ou
of property owners, were to be applied to a highway          position that you have convinced yourselves that you             will find that politicians will be rather chary of
setting by way of comparative analogy, then the fact         are in; your copious Common Law Right to Travel                  imposing a maximum speed limit of 50 miles
that Government Highways are open to the public              briefs are applicable to a highway factual setting of a          per hour on all roads where the limit is not
should, theoretically, partially restrain the State from     tranquil quiescent nature that is nowhere to be found            already 30 or 40, though if they did, both
exercising absolute jurisdiction to eject a person from      in the United States today.                                      energy and lives would be saved. Why then
merely using the highways without a license, down to              “Remember that in Nature, contracts, when they              don’t they do it? It would not really be
a reduced property rights status where the mere non-         are in effect, come first. Sorry, Protesters, but you are        difficult to enforce.
existence of a compelled Driver’s License is                 into an invisible contract whenever you accept a                      “...I shall put the answer politely: Their
insufficient grounds for incarceration, absent, perhaps,     benefit someone else conditionally offered and we                [GM: risk assessment] judgment... tells them
collaborating causal damages.”                               damage largely ourselves by refusing to Open our                 that people would not like it. And then all the
                                                             Eyes once corrective presentations of error are made             other goodies they have in mind for you, less
              BILLS OF ATTAINDER                             to us. And when contracts are in effect, then only the           unemployment, less inflation, less taxation, and
                                                             content of the contract is of any relevancy to a                 increasing standard of living, fair shares for
     A commonly used argument by highway Right to            Judge—to allow a Judge to go beyond the stipulations             all... you name it—might be unrealizable;
Travel Protesters is based on the lack of validity of        of the parties, or to otherwise supersede or vary the            because, you might say, ‘Maybe we need a
Bills of Attainder. “Bills of Attainder are legislative      contract by Tort Law reasoning, is to have the Judge             change of Government. I want to go faster
acts that inflict punishment without a judicial trial, and   throw a Tort at the losing party.”                               than 50 miles per hour on all those marvelous
violate the Separation of Powers Doctrine.”                       So once again we see that arguments of “right and           motorways I paid for.’
     “…The Supreme Court has defined a Bill of               wrong” based in Tort Law are meaningless in the                       “...The results of risk accounting are
Attainder as a Legislative Act which inflicts                factual context of adjudicating CONTRACTS.                       surprising...”—Baron Nathaniel Rothschild in
punishment on named individuals or members of an             Mercier’s concluding parapgraph for this chapter says            the Wall Street Journal (“Coming to Grips
easily ascertainable group without the benefit of a          BUNCHES:                                                         with Risk”), page 22 (March 13, 1979).
judicial trial. In determining whether a particular               “Yes, you Highway Contract Protesters out there             [Similarly, it is generally known that incorrect
statute is a Bill of Attainder, the judicial analysis        have some deep soul searching to do. For purposes           medical prescriptions cost more lives each year
necessarily requires an inquiry into three definitional      of experiencing an appellate court victory, you             than all of the automobile accidents AND deaths
elements, each of the three standards must be                Protesters are actually wasting your time; for purposes     by firearms COMBINED.]
violated:                                                    of acquiring knowledge of the priority in Nature of              …For the value placed on the inconvenience
     “1. Specificity in Identification; and                  invisible contracts governing the settlement of             involved, is the risk of standing before Father at the
     “2. Punishment; and                                     grievances, you… will one day look back and be              Last Day, without having been tried under his New
     “3. Lack of Judicial Trial.”                            ever so grateful that you drove yourself to the             and Everlasting Covenants, worth the probable
     As Mercier explains, traffic tickets SEEM to be         deep technical depths that you did in search of             forfeiture of Celestial benefits? The answer to that
Bills of Attainder (which are proscribed by the              answers and legal arguments, any arguments, to              Question lies within yourself.
Constitution):                                               win your Cases, as unknown to you at that time,                  [END QUOTING]
     “As it applies to Highway Contract Protesters,          that factual knowledge later turned out to be
when the arresting officer issues you out a citation, and    prerequisite to see the invisible Contracts                       ONE MORNING IN DEALEY PLAZA
perhaps fixes a fine right then and there without any        Heavenly Father has on us all from the First Estate,
judicial trial, or if the Administrative Law Judge affixes   and to understand the Contract Law Jurisprudential               This footnote is very lengthy, so let’s just cut right
the fine, then, seemingly all of the indicia that            setting that will be the Last Day, a Judgment Setting       to the point.
characterize Bills of Attainder have been met: An            where attractive Tort Law reasoning and correlative              [QUOTING:]
identifiable group has been targeted; summary                defense arguments sounding in the sugar coated                   A Question surfaced in his mind, followed by
punishment was determined by some Executive                  deceptively sweet melodies of Tort will not be              another: Who am I? What am I doing here?, with
Department agent; and there was no judicial trial. For       beneficial.”                                                the first Question fading away quickly with the second
Highway Contract Protesters in search of some                     As usual throughout his letter, Mr. Mercier placed     soon following suit; he had done enough soul searching
arguments, just anything, to throw at Judges, that is all    some very interesting footnotes in this “chapter” of his    for one day, and this whole thing was eating at him
they need to hear.                                           letter to Mr. May. While a lot of this material is          too much. After suppressing expressions of sympathy
     “I know that you Protesters do not want to hear         beyond the scope of this synopsis, let’s focus on three     that he and Nelson would be extending to Jackie on
this kind of talk, but your reasoning is defective and       particularly interesting footnotes.                         the morrow in a private White House reception—those
Traffic Tickets do not operate as Bills of Attainder for                                                                 recurring condolences that he had been rehearsing—
reasons that require an expanded basis of factual                              RISK ASSESSMENT                           Richard Nixon finally cleared his mind of these
knowledge to exercise judgment on. Traffic Tickets                                                                       extraneous thoughts as he slowly turned around and
do possess the Bill of Attainder indicia attributes of           Mercier states that we are constantly engaged in        left Dealey Plaza, heading indirectly for Love Airfield.
targeting a specific and identifiable group of people to     determinations of risk assessment.                          After placing a phone call to Nelson Rockefeller in
nail; and there is pre-defined Legislative punishment            [QUOTING:]                                              New York City, telling him that everything “ set”
provided for; but it is the last remaining element of a          “Gremlins, being the administratively well              and that he is flying back to New York, Richard Nixon
Judicial Trial that you Protesters err in. Even though       organized body of vermin workhorses that they are,          would clear out of Dallas two hours before President
your fines were assessed or collected under summary          also thoroughly immerse themselves in precise, well         Kennedy arrived in Dallas after having breakfast in
Administrative findings of guilt (at either the roadside     thought out risk assessment model scenarios. This           Forth Worth. For factual information on Nixon in
or in front of an Administrative Law Judge), with the        process is normally used in such areas like probing for     Dallas, see generally the Dallas Morning News:
fines being pre-determined by Legislative mandates, in       the probable subject reaction to one more turn of the       · (“Guard Not for Nixon”), Section 4, page 1
all States where I have examined Motor Vehicle               screws, or in estimating the likelihood of actually              (Friday, November 22, 1963);
Statutes, there is a provision for a Judicial Trial de       achieving, and then getting away with, some desired         · (“Nixon Predicts JFK May Drop Johnson”—Press
novo, meaning that whatever fine was paid or                 damages somewhere—some murder, some revolution,                  Interview), Section 4, page 1 (has accompanying
assessed by the Executive Department agent can be            or some war, conquest, asset grab, or famine being               photograph);
challenged on appeal in Court with the benefit of a          manufactured someplace. From the Gremlin                    · (“Thunderstorms”—weather), Section 4, page 3
Judicial Trial, who will then consider your Case starting    perspective, then, risk assessment has to be viewed              (Friday, November 22, 1963);
from a clean slate, or de novo (meaning anew of              as another tool in the decision making process to           · (“Rain Seen for Visit of Kennedy”), page 1
fresh). Since a Judicial Trial is offered, Traffic Tickets   deflect the occurrence of adverse circumstances as               (Thursday, November 21, 1963);
do not meet Bills of Attainder standards under               what was once a great Gremlin enscrewment plan              · (“The President”—Editorial), Section 4, page 2
Supreme Court guidelines—at least, that is the way           starts to fall apart for some unexpected reason.                 (Friday, November 22, 1963).
JUNE 30, 2004                                          CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                           Page 13

    Yes, that Question: Who am I? really did once
enter into Richard Nixon’s mind in the idea stream of
soul searching that he did on that Friday morning. If
the great Highway Contract Protesters were smart,
then unlike Richard Nixon’s accelerated dissipation of
difficult Questions his lack of factual knowledge
                                                                World News Insights
created impediments to comprehending, this is one                 It is a bit of a challenge to round up significant               U.S. Leaks Embarrassing Data
Question that Protesters should home in on without           but unappreciated news events in the limited space                    on Loss of Fighter Superiority
letup, until an Answer surfaces somewhere. There is          available at present but we’ll “do our best”.                   In response to NewsMax reporter Charles Smith’s
no other Question in this Life that could be asked that           Up front, we thank John Ray for contributing          observation that “According to an unreleased U.S.A.F.
is more important. Richard Nixon’s error was in              his comments to an article by Terry Macalister in          report, the F-15 Eagle—the most advanced U.S.
chasing the idea away quickly—indicative of the error        England’s The Guardian dated 6/16/04:                      fighter in service—is inferior to the latest versions of
in judgment he also exercised as an unprincipled               Iran Takes on West’s Control of Oil Trading              the Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker,” Skousen replies:
opportunist, when he was once invited to jump into                “Iran is to launch an oil trading market for Middle        “What the wake up call should really be about is
bed with Nelson Rockefeller, a judgment that as of           East and Opec producers that could threaten the            the realization that Russian high tech fighters are now
1985 Richard Nixon has quietly both appreciated and          supremacy of London’s International Petroleum              essentially equal to U.S. fighters in electronic and
regretted making several times over. Yes, Richard            Exchange.                                                  radar technology, while still being superior turning
Nixon got that right: Us little peasants do in fact hold          “A contract to design and establish a new             aircraft in a slower dog fight.”
the upper hand in ways invisible to Gremlins, imps and       platform for crude, natural gas and petrochemical                  Perfect Counterfeit Money Growing
their water boys: Being the clumsy, ignorant, dumb,          trades is expected to be signed with an international           “They call them ‘superdollars’ because they seem
stupid, uncluttered and unmotivated simple little goy        consortium within days.                                    to be made on U.S. banknote presses—only the paper
cattle that we are, at least we haven’t forfeited the             “Top oil producing countries are determined to        is partially flawed. The official line about the
Celestial Kingdom by murdering other people.                 seize more control of trading after being advised that     superdollar… is that it originated from North Korea
    [END QUOTING]                                            existing markets such as the IPE and Nymex in New          and is spent into circulation by North Korean
                                                             York are not working in their favour.                      diplomats. This is only partially true. The real source
      THOUGHTS SEED, PRECEDE ACTS                                 “…The Tehran oil bourse is scheduled to open in       is Russia.”
                                                             2005, according to its architect, Mohammad Javad               Supreme Court Declines to Force Cheney
    [QUOTING:]                                               Asemipour, who is a personal adviser to the Iranian                        to Reveal Documents
    …Yes, correct reasoning is very important to             energy minister.”                                               “Many voices have called for Justice Antonin
acquire down here, and there is a very good reason                [JR: An excuse (lie) was found to invade Iraq         Scalia to recuse himself from the case after it became
why this is so: because how we think today governs           shortly after Saddam changed the UN “Oil for Food”         public knowledge that he went duck hunting with the
our acts tomorrow. This Principle operates as a              program sales from the dollar to the euro as well as       VP and might have a bias against the plaintiffs in the
function of the memory judgment-making machinery in          all Iraq’s Central Bank reserves to the euro. Because      case. Scalia refused to recuse himself and voted to
our minds, an important Principle that Lucifer once          of this extremely profitable move (i.e. rising euro vs     sustain the administration’s claim to secrecy. The
deeply regretted violating in the First Estate, as he once   falling dollar) Iraq was invaded and Saddam was            case has been remanded to the lower courts for final
continuously tossed aside and ignored Father’s               ousted. Let’s hope this doesn’t cause a go-it-alone        adjudication. They are not expected to rule against the
seemingly insignificant little advisories:                   U.S. invasion of Iran. Will the American people bury       government now that the Supreme Court has refused
         “Thoughts are the seeds of acts, and                their heads in the sand again, and what about the rest     to do so. Once again, we are seeing a pattern of
    precede them. Mere compliance with the                   of the world? Suppose Iran does have nuclear               collusion between the courts and the Executive that
    word of the Lord, without a corresponding                weapons like North Korea, this could very well trigger     was not intended by our Constitutional founders.”
    inward desire, will avail little. Indeed, such           World War IV.] [EJ: Thanks, JR, we can use the                             Planning for the Draft
    outward actions and pretending phrases may               help and comments.]                                             “This is ominous and tells me that this
    disclose hypocrisy, a sin that Jesus                          Next we turn to a series of topics covered by         administration is planning on huge increases in
    [Immanuel] vehemently condemned.                         Joel Skousen in his World Affairs Brief of June 25,        manpower. The number of eligible draftees between
         “...The Savior’s constant desire and effort         2004 (                   18 and 25 is huge. Taking it to age 34 would double
    were to implant in the mind right thoughts,                               Third Party Challenge                     that amount, not to mention the hardships on families
    pure motives, noble ideas, knowing full well                  Although the following excerpted comment is           this would incur since most men in the latter age group
    that right words and actions would eventually            not at the heart of Mr. Skousen’s article, it is “well     are not single. These kinds of numbers only make
    follow. He taught what modern physiology                 said” and we appreciate the sentiment:                     sense if I am correct in my analysis that our globalist
    and psychology confirm—that hate, jealousy,                   “We may not win the temporal battle and actually      administration intends to induce a third world war
    and other evil passions destroy a man’s                  regain our full constitutional liberty (in light of the    through this continual antagonism of the Muslim,
    physical vigor and efficiency. ‘They pervert             powerful collusion of forces arrayed against us), but we   Slavic, and Asian worlds.”
    his mental perceptions and render him                    need to help each other garner the resolve to stop              Does anyone recall that the first, “white” horse
    incapable of resisting the temptation to commit          compromising on essential and core principles… We          of Revelations 6:2: “...and he went forth
    acts of violence. They undermine his moral               may not convince the majority that our position is best,   conquering, and to conquer”?
    health. By insidious stages they transform the           long-term, but at least we must convince those who                  Mental Health Screening Coming
    man who cherishes them into a criminal.’                 sense something is wrong and are open to change—                Citing British journalist Jeanne Lenzer: “A
         “…I am trying to emphasize that each one            for those are the ones with whom our true obligation       sweeping mental health initiative will be unveiled by
    is the architect of his own fate, and he is              lies. It is out of the principled few that God chooses     President George W Bush in July…. Bush established
    unfortunate, indeed, who will try to build               a remnant to survive the ultimate destruction he brings    the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health in
    himself without the inspiration of God, without          upon nations who refuse to repent. We must all do          April 2002 to conduct a ‘comprehensive study of the
    realizing that he grows from within, not from            our part to build a remnant of good people, willing to     United States mental health service delivery system.’
    without. (Yes, just like that Silver Bullet that         band together to help rebuild when the inevitable          The president’s commission found that ‘despite their
    Protesters are also looking for—it too lies              consequences befall this all-too-proud nation.”            prevalence, mental disorders often go undiagnosed’ and
    within yourselves.)”—David O. McKay in                   U.S. Amends War Crimes Immunity Resolution                 recommended comprehensive mental health screening
    Conference Reports (“The Need for Right                       “After the Abu Graib prison scandal, no nation in     for ‘consumers of all ages’, including preschool
    Thinking”), at page 6 (October, 1951).                   the U.N. can afford to be seen as sympathetic to U.S.      children.”
    [END QUOTING]                                            demands that its soldiers in Iraq be granted immunity           Preschool children? Oh sure, those hellacious
    As we near the end of this amazing “letter” from         from war crimes prosecution. So, in order to avoid an      little toddlers really should be forced to “take a
George Mercier to Mr. May, I am sure the reader will         embarrassing defeat in this increasingly high profile      pill” or other medication such as Ritalin! Hold on,
agree that the presentation of this material has been        case before the U.N., the Bush administration has          readers, because it is going to get even more crazy
worthwhile—NOT because it provides any kind of a             backed down from its position of a total exemption and     before this is over.
“Silver Bullet” to allow us to be left alone and in peace    has floated the idea that it would accept a one-year                        Your Papers, Please
but because it shows us very clearly how the                 extension for now. The U.S. is hoping things will settle        According to Mr. Skousen, the Supreme Court
abrogation of individual responsibility, en masse, has led   down in Iraq within a year so that they can come back      recently set “a precedent that police can routinely
to the current condition of near-absolute inability to       and gain a more permanent exemption. The real              establish check points and demand identification. The
remove ourselves from enslavement.                           answer, of course, is to stop abusing the Iraqi people     next step is a national ID system that all are required
    Our only real freedom from the perils of this world      with excessive force and degrading prison                  to carry on their persons at all times. This is just one
as it is rests on our connection to our Creator.             interrogations.”                                           more card in the growing government control system.”
Page 14                                                          CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT JOURNAL                                                                                JUNE 30, 2004

     VK Durham Fraud Unraveling
    Just when you think VK Durham cannot possibly                          Curiously and as if to juxtapose her lies in even               VK declares: “Your ‘agent’ and his ‘associates’
get more insanely and inanely absurd—you find                          starker contrast to the truth, Ms. Durham references           decided to tie in with the before mentioned individuals,
yourself making another error in judgment.                             GAIA’s Public Notice “Memorandum of Directive”                 corporations etc operating out of the Philippines.”
    As usual, we find ourselves in a position of being                 (see facing page). The GAIA Program is, of course,                  NO—not yet—but we certainly don’t mind
simply unable to keep up with the sheer volume of                      quite real—if vastly underutilized at the moment.              providing these co-victims of VK’s “rule the world”
“crap” (as referenced in the letter, below) emanating                      We can easily imagine why, in VK’s words, “DO              syndrome with plenty of backup for legal proceedings.
from website.                                       NOT INVESTIGATE” was the response from all                          We don’t know Mr. Bin Annuar but we certainly
    In a wrting dated June 18, entitled “Frauds and                    government agents and agencies she contacted in her            doubt that he, as VK says, “made great mention of
Subversive Banking...”, citing an email purportedly sent               efforts to suborn the REAL deal: because such agents           THE TRUST PAYING OFF THE $400 TRILLION
to the very agencies who should have put a STOP to                     and agencies have been told or otherwise made aware            DOLLAR U.S. EXTERNAL DEBT.”
her antics long ago, VK tries to perpetutate the myth                  of the validity of the GAIA position and/or because it              For some (most probably insane) reason, VK really
of her non-existent “Trust”.                                           could only cause problems for those in power who are           seems to like that nice, round figure of $400
    She asserts that “a group of ‘MUSLIMS’” is                         using the asset quite unlawfully.                              TRILLION. Added to the $400 TRILLION she
somehow, “using of all things our RETIRED Cosmos                           We’ll let readers evaluate for themselves, based           alleges that GAIA “took” from China—in gold value,
Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd.”. I suppose we have                     on the comments in the letter, below, the validity of          no less, when there is only something on the order of
been called worse things than “Muslims”, although in                   THIS statement by VK Durham:                                   $7 to $8 trillion worth of gold in the entire world, to our
the current environment the malicious intent is rather                     “When the Debt Payment of $6.5 Trillion Dollars            knowledge—that makes a nice, round figure of some
transparent. We do, however, take great exception to                   Equity Gold Collateral, Debt Swap-Debt Conversion              $800 TRILLION floating around. Surely, we soon
any notion that CSEML is in any way “retired” and,                     Payment of the U.S. and Continental DEBT was                   must be reaching the limits of VK’s (or anyone’s)
again, the lie is easily proven by anyone with access                  made, May 21, 2003, negotiated through your ‘agent’            imagination in this regard.
to the Internet, who can look up Nevada’s public                       Kamarulzaman Bin Annuar representing UBS-HSBC-                      “Chief Gamelsgarrd [sic];” she bleats, “I believe
records.                                                               THE NEW YORK FED, CLEAR STREAM, EURO                           you can attest to my ‘credibility’.” IF such a person
    In her June 18 missive, VK references “four”                       CLEAR etc; We did so with Clean Hands and In                   exists at Interpol, which is doubtful, it is more doubtful
corporations formed by these purported “Muslims” but                   Good Faith.”                                                   still that he could make any such attestation without
we can hardly take that much “credit”, having formed                       Clean hands and good faith? The problem is that            being quite insane himself.
only Inter-American Investment Corporation and not                     VK has lied to herself so much that she has convinced               “Unfortunately”, we are out of space and cannot
the other three listed entities.                                       herself (and convicted herself) in the process.                present more VK Madness at this time. Stay tuned.

                      Letter from Victim of VK Durham Fraud (from website):

      May 28, 2004                                                                                      of substance on your side! Your “Assets” were not legitimate, not valid, nor did you even
      Ms. V. K. Durham ~ Ida Grove, Iowa 51445                                                          have proper title to them!
                                                                                                              As you know, proper entitlement is a crucial legal issue, along with valid instruments!
      Dear V.K.                                                                                               V .K., what you’re doing is a direct violation of S.E.C regulations, as the way you
            If you will recall, I originally met you through a minority group that you had promised     are trying to utilize your “instrwnents” qualifies them to be considered as a security! You
      collateral to. Your collateral was supposed to be able to be utilized by them to borrow           are soliciting the unsuspecting public to invest in a worthless security. You likewise
      money, which funds you would split with them on a 50/ 50 basis.                                   solicited us and tried to cause us to give some value to your unregistered securities. You
            Most of the people you promised collateral to were the same sort as you………..                are facing some major violations and in no way are we ever going to be a party to that
            Unlicensed brokers who do not work but who try to exploit others and scam them out          kind of illegal and unscrupulous activity! Your paper work put you in violation of the
      of their hard earned dollars with their smooth tongues and convincing outlandish fairytales       law! Collateral is a security.
      are a huge menace to society as evidenced, by existing laws designed to prevent such behavior.          If you do not immediately rescind and remove any and all information involving
            You told me the preposterous story of how your great, great grandfather (or the like)       Mack, Kamal and me from the Internet, I will register a formal complaint with the S.E.C.
      won a huge amount of Peruvian Government bonds (backed by the U.S. Government) in                 as well as the District Attorney in Ida Grove. Our capable attorneys are also reviewing
      a crap game (or the like) on a Mississippi river gambling boat. “Crap” is a good descriptive      all of our legal options, which we intend to utilize to the fullest!
      adjective for what you claim that you have.                                                             You need to get a real job, V.K., and quit telling all of your outlandish stories about
            Your “instruments” are completely outside of the banking system and are not properly        receiving a legitimate asset from your great great grandfather, etc. You are not as special
      lodged in any major bank or securities firm where their value can be confirmed on a bank          as you think you are. You need to treat others with dignity and respect and come off
      to bank basis, nor are they confirmable by the U.S. Treasury, so they’re valueless for all        of that superiority attitude that you portray. All of us need to work for our bread and
      intents and purposes. You may as well have issued them to yourself!                               not try to short cut the process by lying, cheating, and the like.
            Unfortunately for us, we went through a lot before finding out that your “collateral”             You need to consider your relatives that you are bumming off of and let them live
      was not confirmable or valid. You were claiming to me, Mack and Kamal that you had                the rest of their lives in some semblance of peace and tranquility apart from the emotional
      a great asset capable of being utilized for legitimate project funding! Further you said that     turmoil you constantly inflict on them, as well as the financial drain. You need to get
      you needed to move quickly and for “security purposes” we needed a face-to-face meeting           a job—get a life—and do something constructive before your past begins to seriously
      in Jackson. You pressed for this meeting immediately and not at a time that was                   catch up with you!
      convenient for us. We accommodated you, nevertheless, and were taking your claims of                    You are forcing us to take action against you while on the one hand we actually
      validity at face value.                                                                           pity you as someone who is sick and needs help.
            In order to quiet you down and attempt to accommodate you, we sent your material                  If you don’t cease and desist within the next 72 hours and remove all references to
      and your package to Kamal for verification. You were still mainitaining at this time that         us from the Internet, we will be forced to retain a professional company to utilize the
      your “instruments” were properly lodged within the banking system, and verifiable bank            Internet to locate people you may have accepted money from for your unregistered and
      to bank. You finally allowed me to speak to your banker in Ida Grove, Iowa who was                worthless so called security! We will alert the world to protect the public if need be.
      only able to say that he was holding some papers for you in a safety deposit box in his                 We relied on your representations, (which proved to be false) that “instruments” were
      small state bank. This is hardly what you represented to us!! We also know that you               confirmable with the bank.
      had promised this banker the Presidency of his bank, once you purchased his institution,                This whole fiasco will make a good script for a financial horror movie, but no one
      which you told him you planned to do. You represented to us that you had a true bankable          could play your part but you. It would only make a “B” movie, at best!
      asset. Far from it!                                                                                     I worshiped the ground that my grandmother walked on and she was high strung like
            V.K., the only explanation that I can see for much of your Saga is that you have            you. It hurts me to have to, write a letter like this, but you have caused serious problems
      to have a serious mental illness!! You appear to be a bonafide Triple NUTT!!                      in legitimate peoples lives.
            It is a shame that whatever happened to you in your lifetime has brought you to this              At this stage of your life, you should be helping others, instead of hurting them.
      sad state. You’re operating with essentially no integrity and with “Unusable Instruments”               No matter who you are, there’s one immutable law and truth that applies to all of
      that you are trying to convert to some very questionable dollars to put in your pocket.           us. Whatever we sow, we can absolutely be certain that that is what we are going to reap!!
      We do not operate like this; we will not be a part of your shenanigans.                           Sowing the devil’s seed we reap the devil’s harvest!
            If you choose to continue to ignore legal reality, in the furtherance of your financial           God loves a person who will change, however, and my prayers for you, V.K., are
      schemes to bilk investors out of their money with your “phony financial instruments” you          that you will change for everyone’s sake—especially your own, because you are putting
      are going to face serious litigations or a much worse plight.                                     yourself and others in great legal peril.
            We work, we earn, we are legitimate productive citizens operating with integrity and              It’s easy to prove a liar to be a liar. When Mack played back for me the actual
      we enjoy excellent reputations. We are deeply concerned about your defaming me, Mack,             conversation he just had with you and Jackie, it was very substantially different from what
      and Kamal with your internet lies and fiction writing, and you need to know that we are           you put on the Internet for the world to read. Blatant lies for the world to read.
      going to whatever legal lengths necessary to get you to cease and desist!! The facts are                Wake up V.K.—Wake up right now—you are in peril from your own action and
      fully on our side!! Your Internet accusations against us are totally libelous and slanderous      misrepresentations. Please know that I am prepared to do whatever I need to do legally
      and you will have to answer for them!                                                             to rein you in, and those wheels are already in motion. You can still head it off, however,
            We believed you, we accepted you at face value and attempted to assist you, and this        if you can find some sanity.
      is the thanks we have gotten.                                                                           With poor regards
            There was no way that Kamal could sign your agreements, because there was nothing           Jerry D. Hansard
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                                  The REAL Deal:
  We are re-running this Public Notice from 1998 because of reference to it in VK Durham’s writing of June 18, 2004 (see facing page) AND to
  refresh our readers with the REALITY of the GAIA Program, which provides the foundation for a New World in which “unlimited” shall be made
  available for humanitarian purposes and improvement of the human condition. REJOICE, readers and supporters, for we are “almost there”.
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                                   Budget’s “Tip of the Week” #1:

                NRS 78.105—Maintenance of Records at the Registered Office

      According to NRS 78.105 (restated, emphasis added): A corporation has a responsibility to
  maintain certain corporate records at its registered office for inspection by stockholders, including                       Editorial Policy
  a State-certified copy of its Articles of Incorporation, a copy of the Bylaws and the stock ledger (or         Opinions of CONTACT contributors are
                                                                                                                  their own and do not necessarily reflect
  a statement naming the ledger’s custodian, including the address at which the ledger is kept).
                                                                                                               those of the CONTACT staff or management.
      It is hard to see why such records should be maintained in any case where no stock has been
  issued, as the expressed intent of NRS 78.105 appears to be to ensure that stockholders should have
  access to these corporate records. Of course, a court order may compel production of the corporate
  records and in that event, failure to produce them within a “reasonable” time could result in State                        CONTACT:
  penalties of $25 per day for each day of refusal. In such an instance you would have up to five days
  to produce the records, which, of course, would be in perfect order.                                       T H E P H O E N I X E D U C ATO R
      If you choose to leave such records on file at the registered office of the corporation, you might
  want to take an extra measure of caution regarding privacy of those records and insist upon a non-                          is published by
                                                                                                                           CONTACT, Inc.
  disclosure agreement with the resident agent. Such an agreement should prevent the resident agent
                                                                                                                            P.O. Box 27800
  from casually identifying you with the corporation and from sharing the corporation’s filed records with               Las Vegas, NV 89126
  anyone other than the corporation’s stockholders. (Otherwise, those records are potentially accessible
  by anyone making an inquiry.) And hopefully such an agreement would give the resident agent pause                   Phone: (800) 800-5565; (661) 822-9655
  to consider additional security against those who might “snoop around”.                                                      Fax: (661) 822-9655
      Here is one more thing you can do to protect your privacy: Contact your resident agent and
  ensure that there are NO documents on file that connect YOUR NAME to the corporation. Have                  SUBSCRIPTION RATES
  the resident agent expunge and shred any old memos, order forms and any other such information
  that could adversely impact your desire for privacy.                                                       Subscription orders may be placed by mail to the above
      The next “Tip of the Week” will discuss Nevada’s statutory sanctions against anyone who would          address or by phone to 1-800-800-5565. Subscribers:
  even attempt to access the corporation’s records for purposes contrary to the interests of the             Expiration date is on upper left side of mailing label.
  stockholders.                                                                                              Quantity Subscriptions: Prices are for U.S. delivery. For
                                                                                                             foreign quantity-subscription rates based on cost of delivery
                                                                                                             to your country, please inquire.
                                                                                                              S INGLE S UBSCRIPTIONS              Q UANTITY S UBSCRIPTIONS
  Budget Corporation—includes:                        Nominee Service                               $200      Qty.    U.S.
                                                                                                                              U.S. CAN/ For-e i-
                                                                                                                                                        10      25      50     100
                                                                                                                             w/e nv M EX gn           copie s copie s copie s copie s
    First-year resident agent fee                     Obtain EIN                                    $ 75
                                                                                                               13                                   13
    Corporate Charter                                 Bank Account Setup                            $100     issues
                                                                                                                      $30     $40    $40    $45
                                                                                                                                                           $95   $125 $160 $275
    Articles of Incorporation                         Expedite (24-hr. setup)                       $150
                                                                                                               26                                   26
    Corporate Bylaws                                                                                         issues
                                                                                                                      $60     $80    $80    $90
                                                                                                                                                         $190 $250 $320 $550

    Corporate Resolutions                             Annual Resident Agent Fee                    $ 85        52                         52
                                                                                                                    $110 $150 $150 $170        $380 $500 $640 $1100
    Budget corporate record book                      Budget Mail Forwarding (18 per yr)           $ 50      issues                     issues
    3.5” floppy disk of resources                     Full Mail Forwarding (240 pcs/yr)            $150
  TOTAL                                    $410                                                                  BACK-ISSUE RATES
                                                                                                                             Back issues are $3.00 each copy.
                                         For more information:
                                                                                                                      Shipping is included in the price for U.S. orders.
                         Priced at just $45, including shipping and handling
                                                                                                              “The Moving Finger writes; and having writ,

                                    “Nevada corporations
                                                                (702) 870-5351                                Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit
                                                                                                              Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
                                                                           P.O. Box 27103                     Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.”
                                     at Budget prices”
                                                                         Las Vegas, NV 89126                  —from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

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