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2009-2010 Fiscal Year-End Workshop by xiuliliaofz


       Fiscal Year-End Workshop
Thursday, July 14, 2011   Friday, July 22, 2011
BB 2.06.04                BB 2.06.04 –
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm         1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Tuesday, July 19, 2011
FS 2.520
Downtown Campus
9:00 am – 11:00 am
            Fiscal Year-End Workshop
  •   Opening Remarks
  •   UTShare PeopleSoft Implementation Project
  •   Lapse Guidelines for Fiscal Year-End Balances – Lenora C. Chapman
  •   Fiscal Management Sub-Certification Process – Diana Macias-Ollervidez
  •   Accounting Services – Charlotte Mikulec
  •   Disbursements/Travel Services – Nora Compean
  •   Break
  •   Purchasing – Yvette Medina
  •   Payroll Management Services – Christine Bodily
  •   Human Resources – Henry Barrera
  •   DEFINE – Cindy Orth
        Fiscal Year-End Workshop

 Theyear-end workshop PowerPoint
 presentation and calendar are posted on
 the Controller's website.

Download the calendar to your Outlook
 calendar or print copies.
              UTShare PeopleSoft
             Implementation Project

 Website:

 Timeline

 Project Team
             Office Relocation
The following offices will be re-locating to
UH, 5723 University Heights Blvd. Suite 500,
tentatively the week of July 25, 2011.
  Controller‟s Office
  Grants and Contracts Financial Services

  Accounting Services- August 1, 2011

  Disbursements and Travel Services –
   tentatively scheduled for mid-September
Lapse Guidelines – Educational & General
        Funds (14 – Accounts)
 Special Items & Research Development Funding must
  be fully expended in the 2nd year of the biennium.

 Deficits must be covered during the lapse process.
    Budget will coordinate with affected areas.

 E & G balances lapse at year-end and are allocated:
       − 50% to appropriate VP Reserve
       − 50% for deferred maintenance

 E& G Lapse exceptions: Reserves, GIT & Lab fee
    Lapse Guidelines Designated Funds
             (19 – Accounts)

 Deficits not cleared prior to year-end will be cleared
  during the lapse process.
    Budget will coordinate with affected areas.

 19-7 accounts will lapse at fiscal year-end and are
       − 50% to VP‟s appropriate Reserve account
       − 50% for deferred maintenance
Designated Funds - Exceptions to Lapse
      Guidelines (19 – Accounts)
The following Designated 19-Accounts are
not subject to lapse (carry forward 100%):
    Most 19-accounts sourced from fees - other than 19-7
    Facilities & Administration (F & A) 19-8 accounts -
      − F&A balances under $100 will be swept to next highest level,
        e.g. Department, College, etc. in accordance with the F&A
Designated Funds - Lapse Restrictions
          (19 – Accounts)
  Budget will monitor all budget transfers during the
   4th quarter between lapsing and non-lapsing
  Detailed explanations are required
    − Transfers subject to approval by AVP-Financial Affairs
Lapse Guidelines – Service Centers
         (18- Accounts)
 Not subject to lapse (carry forward 100%)
 Any surplus/deficit exceeding 10% requires special
  exception and approval of AVP-Financial Affairs or
  Asst. VP Financial Affairs/University Controller.
 Subject to Service Center Policy for compliance with
  OMB Circular A-21.

Contact Carol Hollingsworth at x4229
with questions
  Lapse Guidelines – Other Fund

Year-end balances in the following funds are not
subject to lapse (carry forward 100%)
    Grant and Contracts          (26 Accounts)
    Auxiliary Enterprise         (29 Accounts)
    Gift/Restricted Funds        (30 Accounts)
    Plant Funds                  (36 Accounts)
             Fiscal Management
           Sub-Certification Process
 Electronic sub-certification conducted through the
  Office of Institutional Compliance and Risk
  Services in September 2011
 Required by UT System Administration Policy
  UTS 142.1 – Policy on the Annual Financial

 Review New Financial Management Operational
  Guidelines (FMOG), Fiscal Management Sub-
  Certification Work Plan, Section 1: Internal Control
         Fiscal Management
       Sub-Certification Process
 Annually, each Account Administrator should
  provide a fiscal management sub-certification to the
  Financial Reporting Officer- the Associate Vice
  President for Financial Affairs.

 The fiscal management sub-certification certifies that,
  among other items, their accounts are being
  reconciled timely, duties are properly segregated and
  no material weakness exists relative to their internal
           Highlights of the
 Fiscal Management Sub-Certification
 Acknowledgement of responsibility

 Reconciliations are completed monthly and all
  transactions were appropriate

 Errors were adjusted timely

 Transactions were reviewed and approved

 Segregation of duties were in place
   − Enter and approve transactions; receive cash and reconcile
          Highlights of the
Fiscal Management Sub-Certification

 Sound internal controls

 No misstatements or omissions are evident on your
  Statement of Account

 Fraud has not occurred

 Compliance with Code of Ethics related to award of
             Fiscal Management
           Sub-Certification Process
 Account administrators failing to complete the sub-
  certification are reported to their respective Vice
  President, Auditing & Consulting Services, and Assistant
  Vice President Financial Affairs/University Controller.

 The Office of Institutional Compliance & Risk Services
  utilizes administrator responses (or lack thereof) when
  performing the annual risk assessment to determine
  account administrators selected for Quality Assurance
  Reviews (QAR).
               Common Errors
Account administrator is not correct
Account is inactive or zero balance
     Complete Unit and Account Request Form
     Send to Accounting Office
 Account administrator must complete sub-
  certification if any expenditures were processed
  during the fiscal year
 Not the same as Annual Compliance
            Contact Information
Main line:     458-4212
Fax line:      458-4222
Location:     University Heights, effective 8/01/11
Website: Accounting Services
                  Contact Information
      Name                    Title                   Ext. #
  Ana Longoria              Director         Temporarily Assigned to
                                            PeopleSoft Implementation

Charlotte Mikulec      Associate Director             4841

Cynthia Schweers       Senior Accountant              4216

 Regina Moore            Accountant III               4227

Marlene Zacarias         Accountant III               4826

 Kimmung Doan            Accountant II                4834

   Jorge Solis           Accountant II                4827

  Justin Avants          Accountant II                4525

 Ashley Zaldivar         Accountant II                8525

 Priscilla Ybarra        Accountant I                 6939
      Critical Accounting Deadlines
                Corrections for June due to Accounting
July 22
                Services by 5pm
                Corrections for July due to Accounting
August 22
                Services by 5pm
                Inventory Reconciliation due to
September 1
                Accounting by 3PM

September 2     First close of August

                Electronic SOA sent by MRAS no later
September 7
                than NOON

                Corrections for August due to Accounting
September 9
                Services by NOON
       Year-End Accounting Functions

   Entry made to allocate expenses between fiscal years or
    expense for next year
     − (i.e. maintenance agreements, software licenses, registration fees,
   Funds to cover pre-payment will be allocated during FY12
    from FY11 budget
   Materiality factor of >$1,000 per item
   Reminder - Memberships will be excluded from pre-
    payments – expense will be recognized in full in the year it
    is paid.
      Year-End Accounting Functions
   Accrue for services rendered or goods received as of
    August 31st
   Materiality factor of > $1,000 per item
   Vouchers for $1,000 or less must be to DTS by August
    25 to be included in FY10/11 expenses
Service Centers (18 Accounts)
   Bill for services rendered for FY11 by calendar deadlines

   Inventory count should be completed by 8/31/11
   Inventory reconciliation due 9/1/11
Changes to Reporting Requirements
GASB 51 – Accounting and Financial Reporting for
Intangible Assets – effective 09/01/09
Intangible assets include:
     Computer software
       Purchased – threshold changed to $100,000
       Internally developed – threshold is $1,000,000
    Easements – threshold is $100,000
    Patents – threshold is $100,000
    Trademarks – threshold is $100,000
    Copyrights – threshold is $100,000
   General Accounting Information
Maintenance of Accounts - required to comply
 with an audit finding

Send an e-mail to Accounting Services to
 inactivate accounts with zero balances.

Review accounts with small balances that are not
 in use and close these accounts by:
  - A transfer of funds to another appropriate account
  - Expense as appropriate
   General Accounting Information

 Review Financial Management Operational Guidelines

   Statement of Accounts (SOA) Reconciliation Process,
    Section 1: Internal Control

   Internal Control, Section 1: Internal Control

   Year-End Closing and Accounting, Section 4: General
   General Accounting Information
Unit and Account Request Form
  Form required to add or modify budget
   groups, sub-accounts and unit codes
  Most current form is always posted on the
   Controller's website:
       Click on the Forms link
        All forms are listed in alphabetical order
   General Accounting Information
Unit and Account Request Form (cont‟d)
   Common errors
     Missing information
       Unit code
       NACUBO code
        Insufficient information to determine purpose
         and NACUBO function
    General Accounting Information

Sub-Account 69
 Effective 6/1/10 use Sub-Account 69 Operation and
  Maintenance (O & M) of Plant for work order requests

 Why: To properly account for work order request
  expenditures to NACUBO function Operation and
  Maintenance of Plant

 Do not charge work order request to Sub-Account 69 for
  telephone services work request, event setup and
  major/minor renovations greater than $100K
     General Accounting Information

Sub-Account 69 (cont‟d)
 Unless notified Sub-Account 69 will be pooled with Sub-
  Account 50 to eliminate the need to process budget

 Excludes budget groups in the following funds: Service
  Centers (18 accounts), Auxiliary (29 accounts and some
  19 accounts) and Sponsored Grants and Contracts
  (26 accounts)
  General Accounting Information

Statement of Account Reconciliation
    Reconcile monthly
    Required by UT System Policy UTS 142.1
   General Accounting Information
Access to Statement of Account Information
    A report is run after the monthly close and sent out
        To update personnel list, refer to DEFINE Departmental
         User Access Form
        Electronic distribution of Statement of Accounts went into
         effect with the April 2011 statements.
    Departments can access the same information via
     UTDirect and download as needed.
    Training: Understanding the Statement of Accounts
        - Sign up via TXClass – Course ID AM 506
    General Accounting Information

    Send all corrections except for 26-accounts to

    Send corrections for 26-accounts to Office of Post
     Award Administration (OPPA)
    General Accounting Information
Corrections   (cont‟d)

    Provide the following information:
      Document ID number
      Original account number used
      New account number for correction
      Amount of correction
      Reason for the correction
      Copy administrator on account being charged
      Approval is implied by Administrator unless otherwise
Upcoming Audits for Fiscal Year 2011

Deloitte & Touche Audit (UT System)
   Currently reviewing interim items
   Year end audit review – October 2011
       Contact Information
Disbursements main line: 458-4213
Disbursements fax line: 458-4829

Travel main line:       458-4833
Travel fax line:        458-4849

Website: Disbursements and Travel Services
                   Contact Information
Employee Name                   Title                 Ext. #        Disbursement Vendor
  Lisa Cartier                Director                5915        Temporarily assigned to the
                                                                PeopleSoft Implementation Team

 Nora Compean               Asst. Director            4831

  Cheryl Gay      Disbursements and Travel Services   4828         D - H, Utilities, NSF's, PO
                            Supervisor                           Disencumbrances (VE2 & VE3
                                                                documents) and Travel Services

Susanita Duenas   Disbursements and Travel Services   6525      N -T, NSF's, PO Disencumbrances
                            Supervisor                             (VE2 & VE3 documents), VT5
                                                               Interdepartmental Review/Approval,
                                                                   UTHSC Due to/Due from final
   Lily Wang      Disbursements and Travel Services   4825      Domestic travel reimbursements,
                            Supervisor                         Travel advances and Disbursements
                    Contact Information
Employee Name                Title             Ext. #       Disbursement Vendor
Ana Geigenmiller    Disbursements and Travel   4215            A - C; NSF's, PO
                           Specialist II                Disencumbrances, VP3's, USAS,
                                                             Scholarship Vouchers
Dorothy Cheatham    Disbursements and Travel   4836         I - M, Aramark, NSF's, PO
                           Specialist II                Disencumbrances, Direct Deposit
                                                         & Garnishments, Vendor ID Set
                                                                    Up Process
Elisabeth Cuadros   Disbursements and Travel   4477     Direct Bill, VP2's, Registrations,
                           Specialist II                 VP5: In/Out State and Foreign,
                                                                      and Mail

 Rocky Guerrero     Disbursements and Travel   4278            U - Z, NSF's, PO
                           Specialist II                 Disencumbrances (VE2 & VE3
                                                         documents), Daily Check Run
                                                          Processing, Vendor Holds &
                                                               Check Reissues

  Norma Dailey      Disbursements and Travel   4840     All Specialty Vendors, Texas Folk
                           Specialist II                 and Asian Festivals, NSF's, PO
                                                             Disencumbrances, VP3s
                   Contact Information
Employee Name                Title             Ext. #         Disbursement Vendor
 Geneva Carroll     Disbursements and Travel   6979     All Specialty Vendors (Praxair, Waste
                           Specialist I                  Management, Time Warner, Xerox,
                                                        Fed Ex, AT&T, Utilities, Copiers, Cell
                                                             phones, Texas Folk & Asian
                                                                    Festivals, etc.)

Pauline Phillips    Disbursements and Travel   4843       I- M, VT5 approval, UTHSC Due
                           Specialist I                 to/Due From, High Volume Vendors
                                                         (Lopez Printing, Monarch Trophy,
                                                          Nike, Lone Star, Invintogen, and
                                                                  Integrated DNA)

 Wanda Burns        Disbursements and Travel   4839        B and S, High Volume Vendors
                           Specialist I                   (Grainger, Alpha Bldg, Siemens,
                                                         Simplex Grinnell and Star Shuttle)
                  Contact Information
Employee Name               Title             Ext. #          Disbursement Vendor

 Sue Davidson      Disbursements and Travel   4214       O - R, T & V, High Volume Vendors
                          Specialist I                 (Sigma Aldrich, Charles Rivers, Fisher
                                                           Scientific, VWR and Bio-Rad)

Sandi Lakeland     Disbursements and Travel   4218       C, U, W - Z, High Volume Vendors
                          Specialist I                   (Cato Electric, Heaven Sent, 2 Fat
                                                             Guys and Clear Channel)

    Vacant         Disbursements and Travel   4213     Disbursements front desk duties, mail,
Contact DTS for           Specialist I                      High Volume Vendors (Data
  Assistance                                              Projections, 360 Integrated and
                                                           Horizons Telephone Systems

    Vacant         Disbursements and Travel   4213     D - H, N, High Volume Vendors (Dell/Hi
Contact DTS for           Specialist I                   Ed, Apple, Sigma Aldrich, Today's
  Assistance                                                   Office, Nolan's and CDW
   Critical Disbursements and Travel Services Deadlines
July 22     Departments must submit ALL vouchers, manual or electronic, for expenses
            September „10 thru June „11 to the DTS office.
August 12   PBO – last date to create.
August 15   Departments must submit ALL vouchers, manual or electronic, for any
            expenses incurred thru August 5th to the DTS office by 5:00PM.
August 19   PBO – last day for departments to final approve.
August 23   Departments must submit ALL vouchers, manual or electronic, for any
            expenses incurred thru August 19th to the DTS office by 5:00PM.
August 25   Departments must submit ALL vouchers, manual or electronic, for any
            expenses incurred thru August 20th to August 24th to the DTS office by noon.
August 29   ALL electronic vouchers without proper documentation will be returned to the
            departments unprocessed. These vouchers will have to be resubmitted with
            proper documentation AFTER Sept 1. The same doc ID number can be used,
            however; the creator will have to change the year in DEFINE to FY11/12.
August 29   All remaining FY10/11 voucher amounts $1,000 or less will be charged to

August 29   FY10-11 IDT vouchers must be sent to DTS by 5:00PM to in included in
            August 2011 Statement of Accounts.
    Critical Pro-Card Voucher Deadlines
                 for JPMorgan
August 9       VP7 voucher creation date for July 6th – August 5th purchases.

August 12      Recommended: Last day to charge using Pro-Card for FY10/11.

August 15      Departmental approval due by 5:00pm for July 6th - August 5th VP7‟s.

August 19      After 12:30pm – VP7 vouchers creation date for August 6th thru
               August 17th transactions.

August 24      Departmental approval due by 5:00pm for August 6th – August 17th
               VP7‟s. This will be the final approval for charges to go against the
               FY10/11 year.
September 7    VP7 voucher creation date for August 18th – September 5th purchases
               will be charged to the FY11/12 year.

September 20   Departmental approval due by 5:00pm for August 18th –
               September 5th VP7‟s
   Critical Pro-Card Voucher Deadlines
                for CitiBank
August 5       VP7 voucher creation date for July 2nd – August 3rd purchases.

August 17      Departmental approval due by 5:00pm for July 2nd – August 3rd VP7‟s.

August 19      VP7 vouchers creation date for August 4th thru August 17th purchases.

August 26      Departmental approval due by 5:00pm for August 4th – August 17th
               VP7‟s. This will be the final approval for charges to go against the
               FY10/11 year.
September 6    VP7 voucher creation date for August 18th – September 2nd purchases
               will be charged to the FY11/12 year.

September 20   Departmental approval due by 5:00pm for August 18th –
               September 2nd VP7‟s
     Citibank Procard Distribution
The Citibank Procard distribution dates are as follows:

Main Campus
August 23, 2011
UC 2.01.26 Pecan Room
1:30 – 3:30 pm

Downtown Campus
August 25, 2011
BV 4.304A
1:30 – 3:30 pm
          Critical Processing Dates for SALSI
July 15         The last day a PBO on a SALSI funded account 14-3300-xxxx can be
                final approved by the department.
July 29         The last day to create a reimbursement or payment voucher (with the
                exception of sub-award and service agreement VP2 payments.

July 31         All assignments for personnel paid monthly on SALSI-funded 14-3300-
                xx09 or -10 subaccounts through August 31, 2011, must be processed.
                Fringe benefits will automatically encumber. Assignments for personnel
                paid monthly on SALSI cannot have assignment end dates past August
                31, 2011.
July 31         There are a few SALSI funded accounts that have allowable travel.
                However, no travel is permitted after July 31, 2011.

August 15       The last allowable bi-weekly pay period will be 8/1 – 8/15. (The last bi-
                weekly pay period in August will pay out in September and is therefore an
                unallowable expense.) All assignments for personnel paid from a SALSI
                14-3300-xx20 subaccount MUST be revised to reflect a funding end date
                of August 15, 2011. Every effort must be made to estimate wages AND
                fringes for these employees.
      Critical Processing Dates for SALSI
August 18   Any correction required on a SALSI funded account must be submitted
            to the Office of Post Award Administration.

August 19   All sub-awards will be modified to change the final bill due date from
            August 31, 2011 to August 15, 2011. Any VP2 payment vouchers for sub-
            award final billings must be final approved by the department
August 19   Agreements processed for consultants and independent contractors
            should be reviewed to verify termination dates do not go beyond July 31,
            2011, and that final bills are due by August 15, 2011. Amendments should
            be processed immediately by the departments if current dates do not
            comply with these requirements. Any VP2 payment vouchers for service
            agreement final billings must be final approved by the department by
            August 19, 2011
August 24   Departmental approval due by 5:00pm for August 4th – August 17th VP7‟s.
            This will be the final approval for charges to go against the
            FY10/11 year.
         Year-End DTS Functions
 Travel encumbrances are disencumbered 08/30/11.
 Per the new travel advance guidelines (Travel
  Advances, FMOG Section 9) all outstanding travel
  advances must be settled within 30 days.
 If your travel occurs in August, the travel advance
  must be settled and be in DTS office by August 26th.
 New year helpful travel tips:
   − Change year to 11/12 when processing electronic
     RTA (VE5) in new fiscal year.
   − When travel crosses fiscal years create electronic
     RTA in new fiscal year.
      − Example: Travel begins August 29 thru September 3, create
        RTA in FY 11/12.
       Year-End DTS Functions
 CBA – All outstanding balances on the travel CBA
  card must be paid in full by August 20th.
 Pro-Card (VP7) – Outstanding balances must be
  approved by the deadlines listed on the year-end

 Run Encumbrance Report
   Check encumbrance balances and notify DTS for
   Instructions for downloading Encumbrance
    Report found on the Controller's website.
       New DTS Travel Highlights
 Mileage reimbursement rate for personal vehicle
  changed July 1, 2011.
    Sept. 1, 2010 thru Dec. 31, 2010 – 50 cents per mile
    Jan. 1, 2011 thru June 30, 2011 – 51 cents per mile
    July 1, 2011 thru Aug 31, 2011 – 55.5 cents per mile

 See current mileage rate on Disbursements and Travel
  Services website.
 Expense corrections are to be directed to the
  Accounting Office. DTS is no longer authorized to
  process these corrections.
             New DTS FMOG
 New Travel Reimbursement FMOG effective
  May 10, 2011.
   Travel Reimbursement/Settlement Form

 Travel Cards FMOG published June 13, 2011,
  becomes effective August 15, 2011.
   Travel Card Cardholder

 Travel Advances FMOG and form updated on
 May 16, 2011 and is effective July 18, 2011.
             Stipend Process Updates
 Upgrading the Stipend Process to allow auto approvals during the
  first cycle for each semester
     Example: College of Education has 25 student records on various
      accounts. The approver logs in to the system during the first fall
      semester cycle. When the next fall semester cycle begins,
      approvals will not be required unless there is a change in the
      student‟s record or the student is paid from a 26 account.

 As mentioned, student record changes will still require verification
  and approval by the colleges/departments.

 26 accounts require the Office of Post Award Administration (OPAA)
  approval during each cycle.

 Office of Information Technology (OIT) has already started the
  process of testing and implementation for the Fall 2011-2012
                     General Information
To expedite voucher processing:
     Attach supporting documentation
        − Original invoices
        − Original receipts

     Ensure Business Expense Form is complete as it relates to Entertainment
      and Hospitality Operational (FMOG Section 7)
       − Proper signatures (certification)
       − Completed and approved within 90 days of date expense occurred
       − Type of event and relevance of business or purpose
       − Type of funding used
       − Date and location of event
       − Total number of participants
       − Name and business relationship (or job title) of each participant up to 10
       − Include all vendors associated with event
                   General Information
To expedite voucher processing (cont‟d):
 Verify the accuracy of information:
            − Remittance address
            − EID
            − Direct deposit information

    Review critical deadlines for voucher process.

    For information on specific invoices, please email or contact the appropriate staff
     member responsible for the vendor alphabet.
                  General Information

To expedite voucher processing (cont‟d):
 Use direct deposit when possible for staff, faculty and vendors.
     −Eliminates checks being lost, misplaced or remitted to State as unclaimed
     −Saves University money
     −Saves time it takes to pick-up and deposit to checking account

   Must update direct deposit information in DEFINE and Payroll separately to
    expedite payment.
   Direct Deposit Form
Purchasing and Distribution
Services Contact Information

Main line: 458-4060
Fax line: 458-4061
Website: Purchasing and Distribution Services
          Purchasing & Distribution Services
                  IMPORTANT YEAR-END DATES
May 16        PB4- First Day to Create (FY11-12 Funds)
              PB4- Last Day Procurements Over $25,000 Can be submitted to
July 15
              Purchasing (FY10-11 Funds)
August 5      PB4- Last Day to Create (FY10-11 Funds)
August 12     PB4- Last Day Procurements Less than $25,000 Can be
              submitted to Purchasing (FY10-11 Funds)
August 12     PB0- Last Day to Create (FY10-11 Funds)
August 12     ProCard- Recommended last day to purchase utilizing current
              fiscal year funds pending financial institution's posting dates (FY
              10-11 funds)
August 19     PBO- last day final dept approval can occur (FY10-11 fund)

August 30     PB0 – First Day to Create Using New Fiscal Year Funding
              (FY11-12 Funds)
         Purchasing & Distribution Services
                                   Plan Ahead:

 If you plan to make large procurements using current fiscal year money, start
  planning today.
      Remember, Buyers will need ample time to meet procurement policies, and if a signed
       contract is required Business Contracts will also need time to negotiate contract terms.
      Submit all supporting documentation to your buyer quickly; this includes quotes, vendor
       contact information, scope of service, etc. this will help speed up the purchasing process.

 Start reviewing your past procurements to identify multi-year contracts:
     This includes Copier Renewals, Maintenance Renewals, Software Renewals, etc.
     Remember, most software & high tech purchases require a signed agreement.
     All service contracts and multi-year contracts require a new PO for the new fiscal year.

 NOTE: Purchase requests received after the deadlines stated above will be
  processed as a FY11-12 purchase.
     Purchasing & Distribution Services
                         Helpful Contacts
 If goods or services are to delivered directly to your department,
  contact Central Receiving to initiate a PD1 to ensure the vendor is
     Email:

 Contact your departmental buyer if you have any questions. You can
  find the department/buyer assignment on the UTSA Purchasing
 If you have an agreement that needs to be reviewed, contact the
  Business Contracts Office.
     Richard Wollney: 458-4060
   Purchasing & Distribution Services
         Buyers are assigned to specific departments. Please
       coordinate your purchasing activities with your appropriate
                           assigned buyer.

       Employee Name                        Title                    Ext. #
Paul Duke                                 Buyer III                  4064
Yvette Medina                             Buyer II                   4974
Julie Gohlke                              Buyer II                   5076
Richard Garnica                           Buyer II                   5077
Amanda Alvarado                           Buyer II                   4598
Lane Brinson                           Asst. Director                4066
       Contact Information

Main line:   458-4280
Fax line:    458-4236
Website:     Payroll Management Services
            Contact Information
     Name                   Title                  Ext. #

Javier Martinez           Director          Temporarily assigned
                                               to PeopleSoft
                                            Implementation Team
                    Payroll Operations

Christine Bodily    Payroll Supervisor             4283

Elizabeth Ortiz     Payroll Specialist II          6221

  Lisa Bartee       Payroll Accountant             4283

Lori Contreras      Payroll Specialist I           4280

                      Payroll Benefits

  Patty Titus      Sr. Payroll Accountant          4281

 Rosa Casas         Payroll Accountant             4713
           Critical Payroll Deadlines
July 27       Retroactive Funding Assignments modification to
              Human Resources (Sept - July)

August 5      Retroactive Hourly Salary Transfers to Payroll

August 18     Assignments for September 1st Payday to
              Human Resources

August 29     Assignments for September 7th Payday to
              Human Resources – Last payday of fiscal year

September 1   Voucher Cutoff for September 7th Payday
              Only one (1) day for voucher approvals

            Deadline Questions?
                  General Information
 Payroll website:
   − Payroll deadlines
   − Regulation and law changes

 Timely process of pay vouchers (OV1, OV5, paper vouchers)
   − Meet deadlines
   − Be aware of approver‟s absence

 HRMS DEFINE Roll – Over August 25th & 26th
        General Information

 Sign-up for online Earnings Statements –
      − Secure
      − Print as needed
      − Prevent loss of confidential data and identity theft

 General Questions?
Over Payment Warning
            What is a Default account?
A monthly employee assignment is allowed in the
HRMS system regardless of funding availability.

 16 Default accounts were established in November 2009
  to cover employee assignments to accounts with
  insufficient funding.
  –   Allows timely payment and allocation of fringe benefits for
      monthly salaried employees.
  –   Monitored by Default Account Owners and Budget.
 Default accounts should be used as a last resort option
  at payroll processing time.
  – Departments are required to clear entries reported in default
    accounts in a timely manner.
         Default Account Owners

 Vice Presidents have the fiduciary responsibility to
  assure sufficient annual budget to fund all salary

 Divisional Financial Officers are responsible for
  review and reconciliation of default accounts on a
  regular basis and to ensure modify documents are
  timely processed using appropriate funding sources.
      Year End Deadline for Clearing
      Default Account Encumbrances
 Encumbrance balances in Default Accounts must be
  funded prior to payroll processing.

 Default account balances MUST be ZERO by July 31st
  2011 and remain zero for the remainder of FY 2011.

 Budget Office provides oversight working closely with
  Divisional Financial Officers and Default Account Owners
  on a monthly basis.

 For more information, refer to FMOG Section 10:
  Budget Approvals for Assignments – HRMS Default
  Account Maintenance
          2011-2012 Reassignments
 All assignments without an end date in HRMS will
  automatically rollover to the new fiscal year.
    Any employee‟s assignment not continuing into the next fiscal
     year, needs to be terminated in HRMS.

 Any assignments with an end date in HRMS of 8/31/2011
  will automatically expire on 8/31/2011.
    Any employee expected to continue working into the next fiscal
     year, needs to be reassigned in HRMS.
    Reassignments must be completed otherwise the employee will
     not get paid after 8/31/2011.
          2011-2012 Reassignments
 Students must be reassigned for the fall semester.
    Cannot extend summer assignment to the fall.
    Enrollment must be verified prior to assigning.
    Cannot exceed 19 or 20 hours (depending on title), while
     enrolled in classes.
    All student assignments, with the exception of GRA‟s, GA‟s
     and TA‟s, can be assigned for the fall & spring.
         GRA, GA, TA Assignments
 GRA & GA assignments have to be FYA‟d to the Graduate
  School at “TA/GRA APP”
 Must be reassigned for the fall semester.
 Cannot exceed 20 hours while enrolled in classes.
 GRA‟s, GA‟s and TA‟s have to be assigned within
  semester dates
       Fall – September 1 to January 15
       Spring – January 16 to May 31
       Summer – June 1 to August 31
             GRA, GA, TA Assignments
 Assignment end date must be the last day of classes to avoid
  becoming benefits eligible.
    For example: 9/1/2011 to 12/15/2011
    Cannot be reassigned until the start of the next semester

 Cannot break an assignment for a few days to solely deny

 Effective 9/1/2011: Benefits eligible students will have to pay
  50% of medical cost
    Departments CANNOT force an employee to waive benefits
                    Enrollment Requirements

           Title              Fall/Spring       Summer
Graduate Research Assistant
                                6 hours         3 hours
Graduate Assistant (GA)         6 hours         3 hours
Student Assistant
                                6 hours     See Financial Aid
Teaching Assistant (TA)         6 hours         3 hours
Undergraduate Research
                                9 hours         6 hours
Assistant (URA)
     2011-2012 Reassignments
 Before any FY 11/12 assignment is done, the “view as of”
  date needs to be changed to 9/1/2011.
                        Change the “View as of”
                         date to 9/1/2011, then
                        hit “Go” before selecting
                        Day O.N.E.
                Orientation for New Employees
 Human Resources will create all benefits-eligible assignments
  recruited through STARS.
   Newly Assigned
   Transfers (new assignment only)

 The Day O.N.E. team will host informational sessions.
     7/20/2011, 10:00-12:00, UC 2.03.08
     7/21/2011, 2:00-4:00, UC 2.03.08
     8/2/2011, 2:00-4:00, BV 3.328
     8/3/2011, 10:00-12:00, UC 2.0308
     8/4/2011, 10:00-12:00, DB 2.304

 Non-tenure track (NTT) faculty assignments MUST have an
  end date of 8/31 or 1/15
   Any other assignment end date requires a reason other than End
Checking Document Routing and Status
Checking for Returned Documents

   The    symbol indicates there
   are documents sitting on your
Checking for Returned Documents

               C = created but not yet approved
                        R = Returned
               Concurrent Assignments
Pooled Assignment

Non- Pooled Assignment
Work-Study Assignments
   Work-Study Assignments
            Termination Reasons

 Faculty
   End Assignment: Used only for NTT assignments
   Terminal Appointment: denial of tenure

 Staff
   Resign from UT San Antonio: completely leaves university
   Resignation from Position: demotes to lower position, has
    dual assignments and resigns from one.
   Transfer within UT San Antonio: transfers to another
    department; gets another position
              Termination Reasons

 Students
   End Assignment: default reason
   Voluntary: graduates, quits, transfers
      Graduation date is the LAST day that student can be assigned in a
       student title
   Dismissal: laid off, dismissed
   Loss of Eligibility: depleted work-study funds, dropped a class,
    expired work authorization
      Work authorization expiration date MUST be assignment end date.
   Death
 Termination Payroll Vouchers are ONLY paid out on semi-
  monthly payroll dates.

 Reason is no longer End Assignment if employee leaves
  before original assignment end date.

 For tenure & tenure-track faculty, benefits will expire on
  termination date regardless of quadruple deductions or
  salary spread.

 A non-tenure track (NTT) faculty has an end date in HRMS
  of 8/31/2012, however shows 5/31/2012 in DEFINE.
    Therefore, end date needs to be modified in HRMS if leaving prior to
            HRMS Online Tools

 Self-service tool for HRMS

 HRMS screenshots

 Accessible via HR Website
   Login using computer sign-on
               HR Important Dates
 August 5: Compensation Actions outside of Equity Exercise
  due to HR (new position, reclassifications, salary
 August 12: Assignments due to HR for 8/22 Semi-monthly
 August 18: Assignments due to HR for 9/1 Monthly payday
 August 25: Automated rollover in HRMS
 August 26: FY 11-12 assignments can be routed and
 August 29: Assignments due to HR for 9/7 Semi-monthly
  payday **last payday for FY 10-11**
                     HRMS Class
 DE 681 – Faculty
   August 11

                              All HRMS Classes
 DE 682 – Staff                   are from
   August 10                  8:30-11:30 in the
                              MH Computer Lab
 DE 683 – Students
   August 9

 Sign-up on our HR Website
   My Training
                        HR Contacts
 HRMS                           Day O.N.E.
  –   Henry Barrera, x7563        –   Samantha Hernandez, x8007
  –   Lucinda Crane, x4410        –   Claudia White, x6952

 Compensation                   STARS
  –   Catina Rover, x4259         –   Ron Fosmire, x4256
  –   Jenny Jung, x4254

 Employment Paperwork           Benefits
  –   Sandra Hernandez, x4257     –   Fran Thibodeaux, x4652
  –   Diane Mazuca, x4304         –   Jaime Lopez, x6710
                                  –   Mary Lou Aguilar, x4258
            Contact Information

    Name                  Title            Ext. #

  Cindy Orth            Director           4343

 Marta Petiton    Administrative Systems   4556

Araceli Pacheco   Administrative Systems   4346
 DEFINE Administrative Services

 DEFINE website:
   Financial Affairs MRAS

   All forms used by DEFINE Services are
    located on the website. The following forms
    are required throughout the year to ensure
    proper access, reconciliation of the
    Statement of Accounts, and signature
    authorizations for each unit code.
    DEFINE Administrative Services

 DEFINE Departmental User Access Form
  − Form is used to establish a new authorization for DEFINE,
    change access authorization, delete access for terminated
    employees or those transferring to another department.
    Signature of department administrator is required.

  − Section III - form is also used as a signature authorization for
    electronic documents as account or unit administrator.
  − Section IV (NEW) – form is used to authorize individuals as a
    delegate for unit code/s who will be responsible for receiving
    and reconciling the electronic Statement of Account (SOA).
         DEFINE Administrative Services
 Recent changes in DEFINE security made by UT Austin to automate the
  removal of DEFINE access when an employee leaves the university.
   – A programmatic utility runs each day and will remove ineligible logon
     ID‟s from desks and as authorized signers.
   – HRMS assignments which have an end date will trigger the process
     as follows:
       • If an employee has an ending date and leaving UTSA who has
         DEFINE access, no further action is required – access is
       • If an employee has an ending assignment in HRMS and a
         new/continued assignment has not yet been final approved, a
         temporary loss of access may be experienced. Upon completion
         of the HRMS assignment, access will return. Please ensure a
         smooth transition of assignments to avoid loss of access.
   DEFINE Administrative Services

 Unit and Account Request Form – used for routing
  and reorganization within an area
   − DEFINE Services receives these forms that have been
     submitted to the Office of Accounting as authorization for
     additions or changes to unit as well as changes for unit
     administrator. To ensure timeliness throughout the year,
     please send form as soon as a change takes place.

   − Form can also be used to inactivate, move accounts to
     other unit codes, or updated account titles.
 DEFINE Administrative Services
 Unit Hierarchy
   − Shows organizational structure and the “reports to”
     relationship for all units within DEFINE.

   − Used by DEFINE Services for routing purposes so it is
     important to be maintained and updated to ensure
     proper routing and signature authorizations.

   − Periodic review by departments will indicate necessary
      DEFINE Administrative Services
 All employees should activate their EID in order to gain personal
  information and updates, open enrollment selection of insurance,
  paperless option for earnings statement, and other financial
 Please ensure that employees within your department are informed.
  There are now multiple ways to activate this process.
   − EID Activation through Day-One Orientation in HR for full time
     benefits eligible employees
   − 1 hour EID Activation Class – employee must enroll
   − EID Activation on an individual basis can be obtained in 2
       − UTSA Card Office – located in MS 1.01.52 (M – F
         8:00a.m. – 5:00p.m)
       − DEFINE Services – located at University Heights, Building
         4, Suite 600 (M – F 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)
                     Thank you
We would like to thank everyone for attending and assisting us
             in having a successful year-end close.

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