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                                                          April 21, 2011
                   We can help with your street rod, muscle car & performance car needs!

                                                                     As of Jan. 2011,
                                                                  we will be closed
                                                                   the Saturdays of
                                                                  long weekends!!

                                                        Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm EST
                                                       Saturdays 9 am - 12 pm EST
                                                   CLOSED SATURDAYS OF LONG WEEKENDS
                                                        toll free: 1-888-876-2124
                                             NEW PRODUCTS

Classic Instruments is proud to announce the next
level in technology!

With the push of a button, you can program your vehicle’s
speedometer from the convenience of your garage to
read in miles per hour, kilometers per hour or knots. The
omnidirectional antenna gives you added mounting choic-
es! This new innovative product works with any Classic           CON2R - Custom(er)
Instruments or other manufacturer’s speedometer. Two             Designed Steering
additional wires give you added features and benefits. The       Wheels
first gives you an extra speed signal for cruise control. The    Each of these steering
second wire can activate a relay or light which does a vari-     wheels can be modified to
ety of things such as locking your doors or turn on a speed      create the wheel you want.
warning light at a predetermined speed.                          Change the colour of the
                                                                 front grip or the back. Dont
                                                                 like the trim design change
                                                                 that as well. Three different
                                                                 offsets available. Don't forget
                                                                 the spoke design and colour change as well As each of our
                                                                 steering wheels are custom built on an as ordered basis,
                                                                                                 just let us know how you
                                                                                                 want it and we will build it for

                                                                                                              Call for pricing

Our new expanded offerings of gauges for your project
now come in all sizes. Mix and match sizes to create just
the right look. Our period look instruments have the great
styling features you have come to expect from New Vin-
tage. The exclusive inner accent ring is on every set, oth-
ers simply print silver on the dial, we took the time to add     AUTO CUSTOM CARPETS,INC Carpet flooring is at the
a real plated part to match our stainless bezel. The bold,       heart of what Auto Custom Carpets, Inc. is about. From
wraparound deco styled graphics stand out without looking        cut & sewn for the early models to precisely molded sets
out of place. A domed glass lens caps off the look in a luxu-    for later models, we offer over 15,000 styles to fit vehicles
rious manner. Our programmable speedometers are easy             from the 1940s to the present. All of which are available
to program, hit the button, drive a mile, hit it again, you’re   in their original material and color. No interior restoration
done! Works with any speedometer sender aftermarket or           project is complete without an ACC carpet.
stock. With or without our exclusive cover bezel, these sets     • 7 original materials
have the right look, performance you expect and the right        • Over 325 original
price, all with our limited lifetime warranty.                   colors
                                                                 • Easy installation
                                                                 • Meets or exceeds
                                                                 OEM specifications
                                                                 • Perfect fit
                                                                 • Matching floor mats
A                                    BOOKS 132                             DIMMER SWITCH COVER 60
ACTUATORS 102                        BOOSTER BRACKET & PEDAL 57            DIMMER SWITCHES 104,128
ADJUSTERS 38                         BOOSTERS 58                           DIPSTICKS 65,71
ADJUSTER STUDS 39                    BORGESON 49-50                        DIRECT SHEETMETAL 10-11
AIR 4 LINK REAR SUSPENSION 41        BOXING PLATES 13                      DISK BRAKE KITS 53-54
AIR CLEANERS 72-73                   BRAKE & CLUTCH TRIM 55                DISTRIBUTORS 89
AIR CONDITIONING 114-118             BRAKE CABLES – EMERGENCY 59           DOC'S KUSTOM 87-93,112
  114                                  52-56                               DOME LIGHTS 107
  MOUNT 116                            15,57                               DOOR BOTTOMS 11
AIR OVER LEAR REAR SUSPENSION 40 BRAKES 18,52,55-60                          103-104
AIR SPRINGS 42                       BREATHERS 73                          DOOR JAM CONDUITS & SWITCHES 102
ALDAN 43                             BUG SCREEN CLIPS 94                   DOOR SEAL KITS 95
ALIGNMENT BAR 34                     BULKHEAD PLATES 118                   DRAG LINKS 31
ALTERNATOR MOUNTS 68                 BUSHINGS – URETHANE 39                DRUM BRAKE KITS 54
ALTERNATOR PULLEYS 75                C                                     DUCT HOSE - A/C 117
ALTERNATORS 68                       CAMARO 18,35,52,53,111,114,121        DYNAMAT 94
ALUMINUM TRIM 107                    CARBURETORS 87                        E
AMERICAN AUTOWIRE 120                CAR COVERS 112                        ECI 52
AMERICAN RACING WHEELS 119           CHASSIS 12                            EDELBROCK 88
ANTENNAS 94,108                        32,35,37,63                         EMERGENCY FOOT & HAND BRAKES 59
AUTO CUSTOM CARPET 2                 CHASSIS ENGINEERING I.F.S. 20         EMS 11
ARM RESTS 106                        CHEVELLE 18                           ENGINE DIPSTICKS 65
AUTOLOC 97                           CIRCUIT BRAKER PANELS 122             ENGINE DRESS-UP 71,73,74
AUTONIK 125                          CLAMP PLATE & U-BOLTS 30              EXHAUST & ACCESSORIES 76-77
AXLES & DIFFERENTIAL 34              CLAYTON MACHINE WORKS                 F
AXLES – REAR 34                        60,103,104,107,118                  FANS 80-81
AXLE TUBES 34                        COIL-OVER MOUNTS 35                   FAN SHROUDS 81
B                                    COIL-OVERS 24,43                      FATMAN FABRICATIONS 19-20
BACK-UP LIGHT RELAYS & WIRES 122 COLUMN DROPS 45                           FENDER WELT 95
BALL JOINT BOOTS 21                  COLUMN FLOOR MOUNTS 45                FIREBIRD 18
BALL JOINTS - Mustang II 21          COMPRESSOR LINES 118                  FIREWALLS 10-11
BALL'S ROD & KUSTOM 109              COMPRESSORS 116                       FIREWALL SUPPORT RODS 80
BAND CLAMPS 76                       CONDENSERS 117                        FITTINGS 88
BARS 39                              COOL RIDE 41                          FLAMING RIVER 32,51
BATTERIES 125                        COVERCRAFT 112                        FLOORBOARDS 10-11
BATTERY BOX & MOUNTS 124             COWL LACING KITS 94                   FLOORPANS 11
BATTERY CABLES 122                   COWL VENT SEAL 95                     FOUR LINK AXLE BRACKET - REAR 36
BATWINGS 29                          CROSSMEMBER KITS 19                     – REAR 36
BEARCLAW LATCHES 99-100              CROSSMEMBERS - Front 27-28            FOUR-LINK KITS - REAR 36,37
BEARING FLANGES 34                   CROSSMEMBERS - Rear 12,14             FRAME BRACKET KITS 36
BILLET SPECIALTIES 15,47,69-75,79,88 CRUISE CONTROL 122                    FRAME PARTS, miscellaneous 14,15
  ,93,97,113,116,118-9,129-130       CUSTOM AUTOSOUND 108                  FRAME RAILS 13
BILLET CITY 81                       D                                     FRAME WEBBING 94
BITCHIN 10,11,124                    DAKOTA DIGITAL 80,92,102              FRONT ENDS – AXLE 27-33
BOB DRAKE 14,39,86,94,111            DAN FINK METALWORKS 97                FUEL DOORS 85
BODIES 6,7,8                         DASH PANELS 93                        FUEL FILTERS 87-88
BODY ACCESSORIES 94                  DEEDS 76                              FUEL PUMP BLOCK OFF PLATES 73
BODY PARTS 9                         DIECAST – HORTON’S 132
                                                                              CONTINUED NEXT PAGE...
                                                      3                                     1-888-876-2124
FUEL PUMPS 85                         16-18,20                       O
FUEL SYSTEMS 87-88                 INSULATION 94                     OPTIMA 124
FUN STUFF 132                      INTAKE MANIFOLDS 87               OTB GEAR 72,127
G                                  INTERIOR ITEMS 104,105-108        OVERFLOW TANKS 79
GAS CAPS 86                        J                                 P
GAS PEDALS 60                      JOHN'S INDUSTRIES 33              PAINLESS PERFORMANCE 124
GAS TANKS & ACCESSORIES 82-86      K                                 PANHARD KITS - FRONT 33
GAUGES & PANELS 2,89-93            KEYLESS ENTRY UNITS 101           PANHARD KITS - REAR 37
GLASS SWEEPERS 95                  KING PINS 30                      PEDESTAL EXTENSION 130
GOLDEN LEAF AUTOMOTIVE 8           KNOBS 103,104                     PERTRONIX PERFORMANCE 89
GRANDPA'S HOT ROD SHOP 31,70,127   KUGEL KOMPONENTS 15,38-39,57      PETE & JAKE’S 12,28-32,34,36,39
GREY STUFF 123                     KUGEL KOMPONENTS IRS 38           PICKUP BEDS 8,9
GRILLE INSERTS 9                   L                                 PITMAN ARMS 32
GROUND WIRE KITS 123               LATCHES 99,100,104                POSIES 28
H                                  LECARRA 46                        POWER BOOSTERS 58
  9,85,97-98,102,110,127,129       LICENSE PLATE BRACKET 112           71
HAND BRAKES 59                     LIGHTS – BRITE LIGHTS 129         POWER STEERING PUMP 71
HEADERS 75-77                      LIGHTS – INTERIOR 107             POWER TRUNK KIT 97
HEADLAMP DOORS 126                 LIGHTS – LED 107                  POWER WINDOW KITS & SWITCHES
HEADLAMPS 126-127                  LIGHTS – ROD LITES 129              109-10
HEADLIGHT BARS 126                 LIGHTS – THIRD BRAKE 130          PRO’S PICK 9
HEADLIGHT CONDUITS 127             LIGHT SWITCHES 128                PULLEYS 75
HEADLIGHT MOUNTS & STANDS          LINE CLAMPS 15                    PULLEY KITS 69
  127,128                          LOKAR 44,59-60,64-67,98           PURE CHOICE MOTORSPORTS 55-56,58
HEATER HOSE KITS 74,117            100,127,129                       Q
HEATERS 117                        LOWER A-ARMS 22                   QUARTER PANELS 11
HEIDT’S 16-24,38-39,43             LOWER CONTROL ARMS 18             R
HEIDT’S IFS 16-17                  LOWERING BLOCK & WHEEL BASE       RADIO 108
HEIDT’S IRS 38                       ADJUSTER KITS 35                RACK MOUNT & BUSHINGS 23
HINGES – DOORS 101                 LUCKY 7 26                        RACK MOUNTING BUSHINGS 79
HINGES – HOODS 96                  M                                 RAD CAPS 79
HOOD RELEASE CABLE KITS 98         MADE4YOU 74                       RAD HOSE KITS 74
HOOD ACCESSORIES 96-98             MAGNUM 27-29                      RADIATOR ACCESSORIES 72,79
  96-97                            MIGHTY WIPER 111                  RADIATOR SUPPORT RODS 80
HOOD LACING KITS 94                MIRRORS 112-113                   RAD SHELL & APRON 9
HOOD LATCH BRACKET 14              MOLDED CARPET 2                   RAD SHELL LACING KITS 94
HOOD ORNAMENTS 97                  MONO LEAF 28                      REAR END HOUSINGS & BREATHERS 34
HOOD PROP KITS 98                  MOON EYES 119                     REAR END MOUNTING KITS 35
HOODS 9                            MOTOR & TRANSMISSION 62-67        REAR ENDS & COMPONENTS 33-37
HOSE ENDS 74                       MOTOR MOUNTS 61                   REMOTE CONTROL 101-102
HOSES & FITTINGS 88,117            MUFFLERS 75                       RETRACT-A-PLATE 95
HOT START KITS 123                 MULLINS 45                        RIDE TECH 40-41,86
  46-47                            MUSTANG II SUPERIDE 16            ROCKY HINGE 97,98,100-101
HUSHPOWER 75                       MUSTANG II SUSPENSION 16,19-20    RODDER'S JOURNAL 132
I                                  N                                 ROD ACTION 7
IDIDIT 44-45,66                    NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH KITS 63     RON FRANCIS WIRING 80,121,123,129
IGNITION 89                        NINE +/CURRIE ENTERPRISES 34,54   ROTORS 21
                                                                                 CONTINUED NEXT PAGE...
1-888-876-2124                                     4
RUSSELL 88                      STRUT ROD BRACKETS 22              UNISTEER 32
                                STRUT ROD BUSHINGS 22              UNITED PACIFIC 126,129
S                               STRUT RODS 22                      UNIVERSAL GAS TANKS 85
SAFETY SWITCHES 118             SUBFRAME 17                        UPPER A-ARMS 22
SEAT BELTS 106                  SUPER BELL 26-27                   V
SEATING 98,105                  SUPPLIERS 134                      VALVE COVERS 71,73
SECRETAUDIO 108                   39                               VINTAGE AIR 70,114-115,117-118
SHACKLES 28                     SWAY BAR KITS – Front 20           VINTIQUE 9,94,96,111,130
SHAFTING 50                     SWAY BAR KITS – Rear 37            VISION HOT ROD CONCEPTS 112
SHAFT SUPPORT BEARINGS 51       T                                  VOLTAGE REDUCER 124
SHEET METAL 11                  T-CLAMPS 75                        W
SHIFTER 64                      TAIL LAMP 3RACKETS & LENSES 128    WALKER RADS 78,81
SHIFT INDICATOR KITS 67         TAILPANS 11                        WATER PUMPS 68
SHIFT KNOBS 65                  TANKS 82                           WATSON’S STREETWORKS
SHIFT LINKAGE KITS 44           TAYLOR CABLE 89                       101,103-4,107-8,130
SHOCK KITS 24,31                  14,28,30,43                      WELDER SERIES 13,19,22-
SHOCK MOUNTS 30,35              TECHNOSTALGIA 72-73                  23,25,28,29,36,37,60,61
SHOCKS 31,42                    TELEVORK 121                       WELTING 95
SHOCK STUDS 35                  THE FAN MAN 80                     WHEELS 119
SHOCK WAVE 41,42                THROTTLE ASSEMBLIES 60             WHEEL VINTIQUES 119
SO-CAL 65,112                     SPRINGS 67                       WINDOW CRANKS 104
SOFFSEAL 95                     THROTTLE CABLES 66                 WINDOW GLASS CUSHION 96
SOLENOIDS 102                   THROTTLE PEDALS 60                 WINDOWS 110
SPEAKERS 108                    TIE ROD ENDS 31                    WINDSHIELDS 110
SPEAKER POD MAP POCKET 106      TIE RODS 31                        WIPER MOTORS & KITS 111
SPECIALTY POWER WINDOWS 109,111 TILT SWITCH 131                    WIRE LOOMS 74,102
SPINDLE NUT KIT - 21,29         TRANNY COVERS 11                   WIRING 120-122
SPINDLES – ’55-’57 CHEV 39      TRANS. COOLERS 79                  WISE GUYS 98
SPLASH APRON 9                  TRANS. DIPSTICKS 65
SPREADER BARS 14                TRANS. INSULATORS 15,62
SPRING LINER 39                   15,62,63
SPRING PADS 34                  TRANS. PANS 71
SPRING WEDGES 34                TRANSDAPT 79
STARTERS 123                    TRIM 107
STEERING 48-51                  TRUNK ACCESSORIES 98
STEERING ARMS 32                TRUNK FLOORS 11
STEERING BOX 32                 TRUNK HINGES 97
STEERING WHEELS 46-47           TUFF STUFF 58,68,71
                                                  5                                   1-888-876-2124
ROD ACTION has produced over 600 fiberglass body
                                                                           In S
units & 8000 hot rod fiberglass parts in the last 8 years.                        tock
The 32' Ford 3 window coupe comes with the following                                     at H
                                                                            Spe                 orto
features: doors fitted with hidden hinges, bear claw latches                     cial
                                                                                    orde          n's i
installed, power window kit installed, door glass, door glass                            rs re          n Mi
                                                                                    busi       ady           lton
channel & door glass sweepers/catwhiskers installed, rear
                                                                                         ness      in ab          !
window, front windshield, hinged trunk, smooth red gel                        Bon               days     out
finish, dash, grill shell, tack straps for headliner, steel tube                  us: M              .       10
reinforcement installed & an optional recessed firewall.                                     in C

                '32 Ford 3 Window Coupe
                                                                                        '32 Ford Roadster
The body is treated with a UV gel protection finish in red
that will stand up to the most extreme heat & sun. It is           The roadster body is also treated with a UV gel protection
completed using a constant plant ambiant temperature to            finish in red that will stand up to the most extreme heat &
allow the body to cure perfectly. The best quality high den-       sun. It is completed using a constant plant ambiant temper-
sity resin is also used to prevent distortion.                     ature to allow the body to cure perfectly. The best quality
         #32000RA                                     $9500        high density resin is also used to prevent distortion.
                                                                             #32001RA                                     $6995

Hidden hinges & bear claw latches come installed on the            INCLUDES: Grill shell, flat dash, hinged trunk lid.
body. Bear claw latches will keep the doors closed securely.
                                                                   OPTIONAL COWL VENT AVAILABLE.
Rod Action has reinforced the doors with steel bars.

1-888-876-2124                                                     6
                           FIBERGLASS BODY OPTIONS
                                     OPTIONAL COMPONENTS
                   RAD SHELL                                      HOOD TOP
#32020 (when purchased separately)          $325 #32030-UPGRADE (when purchased with body)      $429

                                                  #32030 (when purchased separately)            $479

                  SIDE PANELS                            FRONT FENDERS, REAR FENDERS
#32040-UPGRADE (when purchased with body)   $275             & RUNNING BOARDS
#32040 (when purchased separately)          $279 #32010-UPGRADE (when purchased with body) $1300

                                                  #32010 (when purchased separately)           $1543

                                                 7                                     1-888-876-2124
                                                 BODY PANELS

                                                                       BODIES, PARTS & ACCESSORIES
                                                                      AVAILABLE FOR THE FOLLOWING:


GOLDEN LEAF AUTOMOTIVE is the Canadian extension of
Dynacorn International Inc. For over 18 years, Dynacorn has
been producing all of the hard to find parts for your classic                            CHEVELLE
cars. Because of the abilities of the manufacturing facilities,
their products are without equal in the classic car industry.
                                                                       EL CAMINO

                  CALL US FOR PRICING


Bumpers                           Convertible top components              GTO
Door components                   Emblems
Fenders                           Firewalls
Floor pans                        Fuel sending units
Gas tanks                         Grilles
Header panels                     Heater boxes & core                                     NOVA
Kick panels                       Locks
Mirrors                           Parking brake assemblies
Quarter panel                     Radiator supports
Window mouldings                  Roof panels & braces
Scuff plates                      Seats & components
Side markers & bezels             Spoilers                            MUSTANG
Steering wheels & hubs            Tail lamp bezels
Trunk floor pans                           Trunk lids
Grille mouldings                  Window regulators

                                                                                    CHEVY FORD & GMC
             & MUCH, MUCH MORE!

                                                                     MONTE CARLO

                                                                  FIREBIRD            CHALLENGER
                                                                  CUTLASS             FULL SIZE CHEVY
                                                                  TRI 5 FULL SIZE
                                                BODY PARTS
                                                                                 1932 GRILLE INSERT by Dale's
                                                                                 Manufacturing - All polished stainless
                                                                                 steel with mounting hardware. Made in
                                                                                 USA - it fits!

                          HOODS by Hagan - 3-piece hoods No crank hole...                 #B-8200-ID                 $450
                          are available with stock dimensions With crank hole...          #B-8200-IC                 $450
                          to fit 1928-'34 Fords or they can
                          be custom made. Side panels are
                          available smooth, or with dual GRILLE INSERTS by Vintique
                          scoops, or with 3 rows of louvers.         No crank hole...     #B-8200-SR                 $351
We stock Hagan hood pattern kits that come with pictured             With crank hole...   #B-8200-OS                 $371
instructions. You make the pattern ... Hagan makes the hood.
Call for pricing & options.
                                                                           RAD SHELL by Vintique - Steel with
                                                                           smooth top.
                                                                                          #B-8200-HRS                $365

PICKUP BEDS by Pro's Pick - Pick up beds available for '32-
                                                                 1940 DELUXE LOWER CHIN PAN
                                       '79 Ford trucks & '30-'87
                                                                        #01A-8211 $48
                                       Chev trucks. Fabricated
                                       from 16 gauge, satin
                                       coated steel (similar
                                       to galvanized), plug
                                       welded construction (no
                                       spot welds to smooth                          RADIATOR SPLASH APRON - 1932
                                       out) & epoxy primed                            Die stamped smooth rolls.
(so you can block sand & paint). Approximately 4-6 hours                              Hardware kit not included.
assembly time. Beds include 2 sides, closed stake pockets,
front panel & all crossmembers.                                  1932 pass & pu                  #B-16527               $47
                                                                 1932 chopped 2"                 #B-16527-CHP           $41
Bed sides, fronts & other pieces are available separately -
these panels are designed to work as replacement panels on
Pro's Pick beds only. Teardrops or Bed Roll Lit'z are available
to dress up the bed roll. Tailgates sold separately. Call us for RADIATOR SPLASH APRON HARDWARE KIT - Special
pricing & details.                                               bumper brace bolts that also support the splash apron.
         Ford trucks '32-'79
         Chev trucks '30-'87                                                                 1932 original style
                                                                                                 #18-17766/67           $17

1-888-876-2124                                                9
                             FIREWALLS & FLOORBOARDS
We sell Bitchin Products & Direct Sheetmetal. Bitchin part numbers are 6 digits & Direct Sheet Metals begin with FD.
NOTE: Firewalls are designed for Chev engines & Turbo transmissions. Any other engine or transmission installation may
require rework of the bell housing area of the firewall.
Lots of other Ford parts. Truck parts & Chev firewalls & floors are also available - give us a call for info.

VEHICLE & firewall
                            FIREWALL #           FLOOR KITS - FRONT & REAR
                            #281000              Front #281005,#FD117
'28-'29 Ford (4")
                            #FD121               Complete kit for all wood panels #281006,#FD118
                                                 Front #281005,#FD117
'30-'31 Ford (2-1/2")       #301005              Complete kit for all wood panels #281006,FD118
                                                 Complete kit for all wood panels (coupe) #281014
'30-'31 Ford (3")           #FD155               Front #281005,#FD117
'30-'31 Ford (5")           #FD156               Complete kit for all wood panels #281006
'30-'31 Ford (4-1/2")       #301000              Complete kit for all wood panels (Coupe) # 281014

'32 Ford (2¾")              #321040              Front # 321041,#FD194
'32 Ford (smooth, 1¾")      #FD227               Front for Pick-ups use #321065

                                                 Front #321043
'32 Ford (5")               #321042
                                                 Pick-ups use #321068
'32 Ford - stock or                              Front Universal kit #321025,#FD122
modified firewall                                Front for Pick-ups use #321033
                                                 Rear floor kits provide a flat (no footwells) floor from back of front
'32 Ford                                         floor kit (see above) to gas tank...
                                                 3-w coupe, #321080,#FD187
                            #331051              Front, #331053
'33-'34 Ford (3")
                            #FD125               #FD127
                            #331008              Front, #331060
33-'34 Ford (5")
                            #FD126               #FD128
'33-'34 Ford stock or...                         Front Universal kit, #331066
                                                 Rear floor kit from back of front floor kit (above) to gas tank...
'33-'34 Ford                                     smooth, #331065,#FD130
                                                 with footwells, #331064
                            #351071              Front, #351073
'35-'36 Ford (3")
                            #FD132               #FD134
                            #351010              Front, #351014
'35-'36 Ford (5")
                            #FD131               #FD133
Continued next page.

FIREWALL by Direct Sheetmetal. Shown to right is '35 Ford
with 3 inch recess.          #FD132

                                                          10                                           1-888-876-2124
                               FIREWALLS & FLOORBOARDS
                               #371030               Front kit, #351073
'37-'40 Ford (3")
                               #FD136                #FD134

                               #371012               Front kit, #351014
'37-'40 Ford (5")
                               #FD137                #FD133

                                                     Front Universal kit, #351077
'37-'40 Ford stock or...

                                                     Rear floor kit from back of front floor kit to seat riser position
'37-'40 Ford                                         For '37-'39 rumble seat cars, #351050
                                                     For '37-'40 coupe & sedan, #371006,#FD138

                               #421000               Front kit, #421001
'41-'48 Ford (1½")
                               #FD139                #FD141

                               #421002               Front kit, #421003
'41-'48 Ford (4")
                               #FD140                #FD142

                                                     Front Universal kit, #421004
'41-'48 Ford stock or...
                                                     Rear floor kit #421034,#FD154
'41-'48 Ford                                         Trunk floorboard repair kit, #421084,#FD211
                                                     Seat riser repair kit, #421090


Engineering & Manufacturing Services offers a variety of automotive sheet metal products for body work on '35-'51
Fords & Chevs. EMS parts are the best on the market, with correct details, proper shapes & curves & thick metal. These
                   Tailpans                Cowl panels                   Fender repairs
                   Floor pans               Quarter panels               Door bottoms
                   Trunk floors             Rocker panels                excetera!

Please call us to find what you need.

    Example: Front floor pan               Example: Inner rear quarter panel                 Example: Rear floor pan

1-888-876-2124                                             11
                                                FRAME PARTS
                                                                                              Model A frame rails, #28200, come
                                                                                              with a stock-style front frame taper
                                                                                              & stamped frame horns. The Frame
                                                                                              Horns are #10002 & are in the
                                                                                              FRAME PARTS MISCELLANEOUS
     Model A frame built using Horton catalogue parts.
	                               #2000HP             $1240

Series 2000 Model A CHASSIS by Pete & Jakes - All                  Series 3000 '32 Ford CHASSIS by Pete & Jakes - Fully
original dimensions except raised rear crossmember (stock          boxed new rails for strength & appearance; tubular X member
available); fully boxed 2”x 4” x .125” rectangular rails for       is 1.5” diameter, .120 wall thickness welded at 8 points; all
strength & appearance; all brackets welded; front & rear           brackets welded; all mounting holes have nuts welded in
crossmembers installed; all body mounting holes are 3/8”           place; universal transmission mount accepts several motor &
nutserts; all brackets & holes pilot drilled.                      transmission combinations.

BASIC ECONOMY Model A Chassis (not shown) -                        BASIC ECONOMY '32 Ford CHASSIS (not shown) by
Includes: pair front shock brackets; front panhard bar mount;      Pete & Jakes - Includes front shock brackets, front panhard
Vega steering mount; front 4-Bar brackets; MC Mount; motor         bar mount, vegas steering mount, front 4-bar brackets, motor
mount (Chevy or Ford); trans mount (Chevy or Ford); ladder         mounts (Chevy or Ford), master cylinder mount, x-member
bar crossmember or 4-Bar; & rear coil-over mounts; rear            w/ ladder bar or 4 bar & trans mount (Chevy or Ford), rear
panhard bar mount.                                                 coil over crossmember with panhard bar mount & shock
                                                    #2000PJ        mounts.
below) by Pete & Jakes - Includes: dropped axle w/ 4” drop,        UPGRADED COMPLETE '32 Ford CHASSIS (shown
tube or I-Beam; P&J 4-Bar or Hairpin; Vega cross steering          below) by Pete & Jakes - Includes: drop axle with 4" drop,
(complete); front disc brakes; motor mounts (Ford or Chevy);       tube or I-Beam; P&J 4-Bar or Hairpin; Vega cross steering
tranny mounts (Ford or Chevy); master cylinder mount w/            (complete); front disc brakes complete (5x4-1/2 or 5x4-3/4);
dual MC; brake pedal; ladder bar rear kit or rear 4-Bar kit; 9”    motor mounts (Chevy or Ford); transmission mount (Chevy or
w/ axles, new 11” drum brakes & rebuilt 3.00 gear; coil over       Ford); master cylinder mount w/ dual MC; brake pedal; ladder
kit; & panhard bar rear.                                           bar rear kit or rear 4-bar kit; 9" w/axles, new 11" drum brakes
                                                      #2100        & rebuilt 3.00 gear; coil over kit; & panhard bar rear.

                  Please call for pricing.                                IS b n
                                                                   H ASS ilable i .
                                                              rd C      ava     call
                                                         8 Fo s - Also Please
                                                      -'4 ke
                                                  '33 Ja               e.
                                                    te & y or com
                                                 Pe m

                                                                  12                                          1-888-876-2124
                                               FRAME RAILS

1928-'31 MODEL A FRAME RAILS - Made from 2 x 4 x 1/8" wall tubing. Stamped front horns flow into the stock
dimensioned taper. Threaded body mounts & running board mounts are installed. The outside hood latch brackets, outside
body mounts at the cowl & the rear crossmember body mounts are not included but are available as shown in the FRAME
PARTS/Miscellaneous. The rails have the stock bend at the approximate midpoint. They are bent further back to give 36"
O.D. as required to keep the kicked portion inside the body sub-frame. The rear of the rails is the full 4" height for extra
strength in this critical area. The 3" kick-up is installed.
                                                                                     #28200                     $800 pr**
                                                                                     **Extra freight charges apply.


1932 FORD FRAME RAILS, NOT BOXED by American Stamping - Stamped one piece rails. These frame rails do not
have fender & running board holes. They must be dollied to remove some flange wrinkles.
                                                                                   #10132D           $999 pr**
                                                                                   **Extra freight charges apply.


1934 FORD FRAME RAILS, NOT BOXED by American Stamping - Stamped one piece rails. These American Stamping
frame rails have fender & running board holes. They must be dollied to remove some flange wrinkles.
                                                                                     #20134D             $999 pr**
                                                                                     **Extra freight charges apply.

BOXING PLATES by Welder Series
Mild steel, full length, precision laser cut.
'32 Ford front + rear set           #19407     $148 set**
'33 & '34 Ford front + rear set #18810         $186 set**
'35-40 Ford front + rear set        #354003    $186 set**
                           **Extra freight charges apply.


1-888-876-2124                                               13
                                FRAME PARTS/Miscellaneous
             HOOD LATCH BRACKET - for 1928-'31 Ford.
             3/16" laser cut steel.
                     unwelded       #28207    $6 ea

                                                                 REAR CROSSMEMBER - For boxed '32-'34 Ford frames.
                   BODY MOUNT - Model ‘A’ front outside For 1932 Ford frame                      #15400                 $60
                   mount that welds to the frame instead of For 1933-'34 Ford frame              #16900                 $60
                   drilling & tapping to bolt it on. Simply bend
                   the gusset with a pair of slip-lock pliers.
                   This is much cleaner than the stock style.                         FRAME HORNS by TCI- for 1928-
The 3/16" thick steel is thicker than the stock Ford mount.                           '31 Ford Model “A”. Stamped with
                                   #28206                 $6 ea                       bumper iron holes & fender brace
                       RAD MOUNT PADS - for '28-'32 Ford                              #101-1023-00                   $91 pr
                       when the stock crossmember has been
                       removed. 3/16" laser cut steel
                                 #00017                  $13 pr
                                                                 WELD NUTS - get welded inside the frame rails before boxing.
                                                                 Use them for body mounts, running board braces & lots of
                          REAR CROSSMEMBER - f o r other places. These are special plates, about 1½” x ¾”, with
                          narrowed (36" O.D.) Model A Frame. a threaded hole.
                          Wrap-back style doesn't protrude into ¼-20            #N245            $0.30
                          the trunk as much as the differential  5/16-18        #N247            $0.50
                          style. 3x2x1/8" wall HSS tubing with   3/8-16         #N213            $0.50
the ends capped. Neat TIG welds.                                 ½-13           #N250            $1.00
                                #00013N                  $99

BODY MOUNT - REAR OUTSIDE - When the Model A stock
               rear crossmember is replaced, the body
               mount hole goes with it. This bracket welds
               to the outside of the #00013N crossmember
               & adds strength.
                                   #28202           $5.50 SPREADER BARS For '32-'34 Fords:
                                                           '32 front, polished stainless
GUSSET for inside the frame & rear crossmember. 2-5/8" x                                 #B-5041-SS                     $78
       3" x 3/16" laser cut steel.
                                    #28012          $5.50 '32 rear, plain                #8095                          $74

                                                               '32 rear, polished stainless     #B-18575-SB            $115
             C-NOTCH BOXING PLATE - made from 3/16"
             thick mild steel to add strength to the c-notched '33-'34 rear, plain              #903-9074-00            $96
             frame rails.
                                           #12201           $6

REAR CROSSMEMBER - For boxed '32-'34 Ford frames.
Lowers the rear 2" (compared to straight crossmember below).
The ends must be trimmed to fit the frame. Made from 1-1/2"
x 1/8" wall HSS tubing with 1" diameter coil-over mounting Polished SS V Spreader Bar by Bob Drake -
tubes installed.                                             Fits stock width '32 Ford frames. Great quality. The hole in the
For 1932 Ford frame              #13600                 $95 end of the tube is threaded. SS hardware included.
For 1933-'34 Ford frame          #13500                 $95                    33/34           #HR-1115               $168
                                                                               32              #HR-1111               $168

                                                               14                                        1-888-876-2124
                                  FRAME PARTS/Miscellaneous

FRAME CENTER SECTION - for '32-'34 Ford frames (& other
similar frames). Easy to install. Main tubes are round 1-5/8" x
                                                              LINE CLAMPS by Kugel - are made of 304 stainless steel.
.120. Wall tubes are 1" x .120. Horizontal tower resists twisting.
Notched, diagonal tubes increase frame strength. Trim to fit  They securely hold brake lines, wiring, gas lines, or cables.
your frame. Exhaust clearance between tubes gives neater      Available as single or double clamps. Stainless button head
appearance! 8-point frame attachment points. Fits frames      screws included.
up to 42" between boxing plates. Requires a flat floor. The           All sizes $24 per package
transmission & master cylinder mounts locate after the tower          3/16" single                                  12/pkg
has been installed. Easy-to-follow instructions included.             1/4" single                                   12/pkg
                                   #WS13200                $272       5/16" single                                  12/pkg
                                                                      3/8" single                                   12/pkg
                                                                      1/2" single                                   12/pkg
                                                                      5/8" single                                    8/pkg
                                #40003 Trans Mount for
                                                                      3/4" single                                    8/pkg
                                                                      7/8" single                                    8/pkg
                                                                      3/16"-3/16" double                             6/pkg
                                                                      1/4"-1/4" double                               6/pkg
                                                                      5/16"-5/16" double                             6/pkg
                                                                      3/16"-3/8" combo double                        6/pkg
                            #70013 Trans Mount for 700R4              5/16"-3/8" combo double                        6/pkg
                            (rubber insulator sold separately         3/8"-3/8" double                               6/pkg
                            - see below)                              1/2"-1/2" double                               6/pkg
                                                                      5/8"-5/8" double                               4/pkg
                                                                      3/4"-3/4" double                               4/pkg
                                                                      7/8"-7/8" double                               4/pkg

OPTIONS AVAILABLE for #13200 Center Section (not
Transmission Mounts for T350, T400 & 700R4. Change your
transmissions without moving the center section (i.e. T350
can be replaced by a 700R4). Transmission can be dropped,
for servicing, without removing the motor.                       LINE CLAMPS by Billet Specialties - 2-piece     billet alu-
                  T350            #35013                   $83 minum & packaged in quanties of four. Stainless   hardware
                  T400            #40003                   $46 included.
                  700R4           #70013                   $85         All sizes $15 per package
Transmission Insulator                                                 3/16"                 4/pkg                #65110
                  for T350        #2268                    $12         1/4"                  4/pkg                #65210
                  for T400        #2268                    $12         5/16"                 4/pkg                #65310
                  for 700R4       #2268                    $12         3/8"                  4/pkg                #65410
KIT - Drilled for 7" & 8" boosters & either Ford or GM master
cylinders. Brake pedal arm mounts in double shear. This makes
it easy to remove the pedal from the bracket & thru the floor.
Master cylinder mounts under the seat for convenient servicing.
Bolt-on pedal arm mount is easy to paint. There are no “hidden”
surfaces. Includes #12900 adjustable pedal mount.
                                  #25800                  $227
1-888-876-2124                                                  15
                                             IFS SUSPENSION

HEIDT'S SUPERIDE IFS - Very low & highly                           MUSTANG SUPERIDE II IFS SUSPENSION by Heidt's
steerable with no bumpster & built-in anti-dive. The 56" hub       - Fits 64 ½ -70 Mustang / Cougar/ Falcon
to hub tread width gives you the narrow look without tire to       These kits include tubular a-arms in either plain steel or
fender clearance. Included: front crossmember, tubular upper       polished stainless, manual rack & pinion, 11” plain rotors
& lower A-arms, adjustable coil-overs with chrome springs,         dropped spindles, & 10 position adjustable billet coil-overs
spindles, polished billet calipers, 11" rotors (specify Ford or    with chrome springs. Options available include 12” & 13”
GM bolt pattern), rear steer rack & pinion steering.               disc brakes, power rack & pinion, polished billet coil-overs,
                                                                   polished stainless tie rod ends.	
Call us for pricing.
                                                                   Call us for pricing.
'28-'31 Ford                  #BX-101
'32 Ford                      #BX-102
'33-'34 Ford                  #BX-103
'34-'35 Chev                  #BX-114

                                                                   SUSPENSIONS by HEIDT'S - Heidt's new Mustang II
                                                                   Crossmember is specifically designed to fit the front frame
                                                                   of ’64-1/2-’67 Mustangs. This Independent Front Suspension
                                                                   (IFS) Crossmember Kit welds right into place & is pre-fitted
                                                                   to maintain the proper geometry, with factory anti-dive built
                                                                   right in. The wide spread of the upper control mounting
                                                                   points, which match the original Mustang II, provides plenty
                                                                   of clearance.

HEIDT'S SUPERIDE II IFS for fat fendered Fords & Chevs.
Included: front crossmember, tubular upper & lower A-arms,
adjustable coil-overs with chrome springs, spindles, 11" rotors
(specify Ford or GM bolt pattern), front steer rack & pinion
steering. These kits are available with the option of either
GM calipers & a stabilizer bar or polished billet calipers & no
stabilizer bar.                                                 MUSTANG II IFS SUSPENSION by Heidt's- Fits 64 ½
                                                                -70 Mustang / Cougar / Falcon The completely as-
Call us for pricing.                                            sembled Mustang II Suspension Package & Crossmember
                                                                Assembly is shown so that you can see how your installa-
'35-'40 Ford                   #BX-202                          tion will look when completed. You can see that this is a
'41-'48 Ford                   #BX-203                          very state of the art suspension system that will give your
'53-'56 Ford PU                #BX-316                          ride the handling & stopping you are after. (Comes stan-
'37-'39 Chev                   #BX-212                          dard with dropped spindles) All packages include: 11" five
'40-'48 Chev                   #BX-213                          lug rotors; bearings & seals; standard shock & spring; GM
'47-'54 Chev PU                #BX-306                          calipers with brackets & pads; manual rack & pinion with tie
'55-'59 Chev PU                #BX-307                          rod ends & bushings; rubber spring cushions; spindle nut
'62-'67 Nova                   #BX-320                          kit; & all mounting hardware.

                                                                   Call us for pricing.

                                                                  16                                         1-888-876-2124
                                              IFS SUSPENSION

                                  '62-'67 NOVA SUSPENSIONS

'62 - '67 NOVA SUPERIDE II SUBFRAME by Heidt’s - is                '62 - '67 NOVA MUSTANG II SUB-FRAME/CROSS-
a fully bolt-on suspension subframe which bolts right on to        MEMBER SUSPENSION PACKAGE & ASSEMBLY by
the firewall in place of the original subframe with no welding,    Heidt's - The completely assembled Sub-Frame/ Cross-
just as their highly successful original subframe. Includes        member Suspension Package & Assembly is shown. It in-
fully adjustable coil-over shock assemblies, chrome springs,       cludes the firewall supports in position, so that you can see
billet coil-overs tubular control arms, 11” disc brakes, manual    how your Nova assembly will look in its completed state.
rack & pinion steering, motor mount stands welded in place
& firewall tubes with shims. These kits come standard with         Call us for pricing.
Wilwood calipers & no sway bar OR with GM calipers & a sway
bar. Specify wheel bolt pattern (4-1/2 Ford or 4-3/4 Chev)

Call us for pricing.

Complete `62-`67 NOVA REAR SUBFRAME by Heidt's
- Fully welded, one piece subframe connectors stiffen the body
& new tunable rear 4-links provide best traction. Panhard bar
insures full street drivability. Bolt-in & weld-in kits are both
available. Both kits have fully welded one piece subframe
connectors. Kit includes: top crossmember, subframe                INNER FENDER PANELS by Heidt's are formed to bolt
connectors, panhard bar, coil-overs & 4-links with axle            directly to the fenders, core support & frame rails & come
brackets. Options include polished stainless 4-links & panhard     complete with hood hinge mounting plates, firewall seals &
bar, chrome coil-overs with chrome springs & adjustable trans      all hardware. They can also be used where a Mustang II or
mount. Axle housing with brackets installed or complete axle       other type of suspension has been installed on stock frame
assembly also available. Bolt-in units are recommended for         rails. Heidt quality!
street use & occasional performance use, however the weld-in
unit is recommended for high horsepower applications & all         Call us for pricing.
out racing.                                 Call for pricing.            '62-'65 Nova                  #CX-325
                                                                         '66-'67 Nova                  #CX-326

1-888-876-2124                                                     17
                                      CAMARO/CHEVY II NOVA

         A selection of Camaro suspension & brake parts are grouped on this page for easy reference.
                            Check out Camaro in the front Index for other parts!

IFS '67 - '69 Camaro FRONT SUBFRAME WITH PRO-G                       '67 - '69 CAMARO REAR BOLT-IN 4-LINK KIT by Heidt's
SUSPENSION by Heidt's - This state of the art suspension             - for maximum performance for your first generation Camaro.
was designed specifically for this subframe which bolts directly     Kit includes: bolt-in top crossmember, 4-link & panhard bar
in place with no floor modifications. This is not just another       axle brackets, coil-overs, 4-link bars & panhard bar. Options:
warmed-over or adapted street rod suspension kit - it's              chrome coil-overs with chrome springs, billet adjustable rate
designed for absolute handling & performance, with true race         coil-overs, axle housing with brackets installed or complete
car geometry & characteristics. 1-1/4” Upper & 1-1/2” lower          axle assembly. Completely bolt-on, with no cutting or floor
Tubular arms, HEIDT’S Billet Adjustable Coil-Overs, 11” brakes,      modifications. Adjustable 4-link mounts allow suspension
Tall Dropped Spindles & Rack & Pinion are included. Options          tuning.
include Trans Crossmember, Polished Stainless Control Arms,                                                    Call us for pricing.
Polished Billet Coil-Overs, 12” & 13” Disc Brakes, power Rack
& Pinion & Front Sway Bar.
                                          Call us for pricing.

                                                                     '67 - '69 CAMARO SUBFRAME CONNECTORS by Heidt's
                                                                     - Subframe connectors stiffen the unibody. Attach to front
                                                                     subframe & rear spring mounts of 4-link brackets when used
                                                                     with Heidt’s 4-Link Kit.
           Upper Arms                    Lower Arms
                                                                                                            Call us for pricing.
         '67 - '69 shown               '67 - '69 shown
for:                                                                 67 - '69 & '70 - '81 CAMARO STABILIZER BARS by
     '67 - '69 & '70 - '81 Camaro/Firebird                           Heidt's - Add a high performance stabilizer to insure the best
     '68 - '74 & '75 - '79 Nova                                      handling possible. Bars come wtih urethane & link bushings
     '64 - '72 Chevelle                                              to provide cornering stability.
                                                                             '67 - '69 1 1/8" dia.   #SB-069                 $191
                                                                             '70 - '81 1 1/8" dia.   #SB-070                 $191
Beef up your suspension & tighten your handling with these
performance control arms from Heidt’s! Superior handling DISC BRAKES by Wilwood - These work well with new
is now just an afternoon away. Both upper & lower arms Heidt's dropped spindles. Choose your size & look. Please
are available in stock width or narrowed 1” per side. The call us for pricing.
narrowed arms allow you to run some real beefy meats, Brake kit, 11" rotors, black calipers                   #DF-221-B
for the pro tour circuit, without rubbing the fenders. They Brake kit, 11" rotors, pol. calipers w/ drilled & slotted rotors
come beautifully black powder coated & are fitted with high                                                   #DF-221-D-P
performance urethane bushings & factory ball joints, ready to Brake kit, 12" rotors, pol. calipers w/ drilled & slotted rotors
install in your chassis. Upper arms are 1 1/4” diameter tubing &                                              #DF-222-D-P
                                                                   Brake kit, 12" rotors, black calipers w/ drilled & slotted rotors
include offset cross shafts to insure full factory or performance
alignment. Lower arms, 1 1/2” diameter tubing, are offered for Brake kit, 13" rotors, pol. calipers w/ drilled & slotted rotors
either stock springs or coil-over shocks. Coil over style arms                                                #DF-223-D-P
are optional. All arms are bolt on items, requiring no frame Brake kit, 13" rotors, black calipers w/ drilled & slotted rotors
modifications.                              Call us for pricing.                                              #DF-223-D-B
                                                                  18                                                      1-888-876-2124
                                     MUSTANG II SUSPENSION
          In this catalogue, "Mustang II" refers to: '74-'78 Mustang II or '74-'80 Pinto/Bobcat ONLY.
                                       Other years will not interchange.
Fatman's kits include the crossmember, upper towers & strut    ROTOR TO ROTOR for Fords & Chevs
rod brackets. Fatman has Mustang II kits covering a wide       Heidt's has 2 complete Mustang II packages:
range of models & years. Call us for pricing.                  Deluxe version                        Call us for pricing.
 Available for most applications-'33 to 80's cars & pick-ups   Econo version                         Call us for pricing.

MUSTANG II CROSSMEMBER KITS, UNWELDED by                       Deluxe packages include deluxe crossmember, upper tower
Welder Series - Kit contains ready-to-weld components to       kits, plain tubular upper & lower full A-Arms.
fabricate the crossmember & upper spring towers for 1974-      Econo packages include econo crossmember & upper tower
'78 Mustang II or 1974-'80 Pinto/Bobcat front suspension       kits (welds are not ground), plain tubular upper & lower full
components. Parts are AutoCAD designed, precision laser cut,   A-Arms.
formed, &/or machined.                                         All packages also include springs, stock spindles, manual rack
56" track width kit, unwelded  #WS14340              $224      & pinion with tie rod ends & bushings, rubber spring cushions,
58" track width kit, unwelded  #WS14440              $229      spindle nut kit, 11" brakes (Ford or GM rotors, bearings, seals
60" track width kit, unwelded  #WS14540              $234      & loaded calipers) & all hardware. Sway bars & brackets are
                                                               available for some applications. Rack extender kits are required
                                                               for wide kits.

                                                               HEIDTS NOW HAS SUSPENSION & BRAKE COMPONENTS
                                                               TO FIT THE FOLLOWING CARS.

                                                               '64-1/2 - '70 MUSTANG              64-72 CHEVELLE
                                                               '67-'68 COUGAR                     68-72 NOVA
                                                               '60-'65 FALCON                     67-69 CAMARO
                                                               '55-'57 CHEVY                      70-81 FIREBIRD
                                                               '62-'67 CHEVY NOVA

Series- Crossmember comes assembled.      for Ford & Chevy applications. Call us for details.
56" track width, welded      #14340  $275
58" track width, welded      #14440  $280
60" track width, welded      #14540  $285

          Builder's Tip: As cars get lower, tire-to-fender interference becomes a problem. A 6" wide front wheel
          on a front end with a track width of 57" or less will usually clear Ford fenders up to 1940. The clearance
          problem is not as common on later year vehicles. Our Mustang II kits will work with this combination.

                        MUSTANG II HUB to HUB - from $1849
For 56", 58" or 60" (60" requires rack extension) track widths. Cross member must be assembled, welded & cut to fit frame.
Also available welded. Ready to be trimmed to fit. No strut rod required.

All packages also include Heidt's tubular upper & lower control arms with screw in ball joints & upper cross shafts, coil
springs (your choice of weight), spring insulators, shocks, stock or dropped spindles, manual rack, tie rod ends & bushings,
rubber spring cushions, spindle nut kit, 11" brakes (Ford or GM rotors, pads, bearings, seals, bolts & loaded calipers) & all

Upgrade   to   power rack                        $100 addition
Upgrade   to   drilled & slotted rotors          $170 addition
Upgrade   to   polished 2 piston caliper         $525 addition
Upgrade   to   chrome shocks                     $80 addition
Upgrade   to   chrome springs                    $80 addition

1-888-876-2124                                                 19
                                    MUSTANG II SUSPENSION
      By reproducing the axle centerline & radiator core         BOLT-ON KITS by Chassis Engineering - include
      support positions, your bumper & sheet metal               crossmember, upper towers (adjustable for ride height)
                    will refit with ease!                        & center support rods to add necessary strength to lower
                                                                 strut rod mount. Interlocking tabs between upper pods &
                                                                 crossmember prevent movement.
MUSTANG II FRAME STUBS by Fatman Fabrications
Some applications listed below involve replacement frame
                                                                 1937-'39        Chev   car       #IF3739CP
rails where the original frame won't readily accept a new
                                                                 1940            Chev   car       #IF4040CP
crossmember. These clips allow a 2" - 4" drop & include pre-
                                                                 1941-'48        Chev   car       #IF4148CP
made mounts for bumpers & sheetmetal. Sheetmetal remounts
                                                                 1949-'54        Chev   car       #IF4954CP
need very minor or no trimming.
                                                                 Because of clearances, the '49-'54 kit uses Full width Mustang
    Olds, Pontiac & Packard vary within the same year;           II tubular lower A arms. Also requires engine mount
    so we will need you to measure from the center of            #CP-1109GINST costs extra installed.
    the furthest forward body mount hole, straight up
    the centerline of the car, to the axle centerline & rad      Call us for pricing.
                        core support.
                                                                 1935-'40        Ford car         #IF3540FP
                                                                 Also requires engine mount #CP-2109PINST $125 extra installed.
Call us for pricing on kits below.                               1942-'48        Ford car         #IF4248FP
                                                                 Also requires engine mount #CP-2102PINST $125 extra installed.
BUICK                    1934-'57 (check series)
CADILLAC                 1936-'57 (check series)                 Call us for pricing.
CHEV                     1937-'48, '55-'60
CHRYSLER/DESOTO          1934-'53(42 up-tubular arms only)
DODGE                    1934-'56(40 up-tubular arms only)
FORD                     1949-'63
FORD-T-Bird              1955-'57
HENRY J                  Kaiser
HUDSON                   1940-'53
LASALLE                  1935-'40
LINCOLN                  1949-'51
MERCURY                  1949-'56
NASH                     1940-'48                                SWAY BAR KITS by Chassis Engineering - Front (with
OLDS                     1934-'59 (check series)                 Mustang II suspension)
PACKARD                  1935-'52 (check series)                 This is an excellent way to improve the handling & overall
PLYMOUTH                 1934-'56 (39 up-tubular arms only)      drivability of the top-heavy 30's & 40's cars. Eliminates road
PONTIAC                  1937-'58                                sway. Linkage & mounting hardware furnished.
STUDEBAKER               1948-'62 (check frame style)            Universal:
                                                                      for standard width MII       #SB0010PM             $166
                                                                      for 2" wider MII             #SB0020PM             $166
Mustang II BOLT-ON KITS                                               for 4" wider MII             #SB0040PM             $166
by Fatman Fabrication - include                                       '35-'40 Ford                 #SB3540PM             $166
crossmember assembly & tubular                                        '37-'39 Chev                 #SB1037PM             $166
upper arms. Kit gives you a 4"-6"                                     '40 Chev                     #SB1040PM             $166
drop without ground clerance                                          '41-'48 Chev                 #SB1041PM             $166
GM pick ups 1960 to 1987                 Call us for pricing.

                                                                               SWAY BAR BRACKET KIT for your Heidt's
                                                                               Mustang II full lower A-Arms. This simple brack-
                                                                               et kit bolts onto control arms. For use with:

                                                                 Tubular full lower A-Arms         #SB-012              $35 pr
                                                                 Economy full lower A-Arms         #SB-010              $27 pr
                                                                20                                          1-888-876-2124
                                          MUSTANG II PARTS
 STOCK SPINDLES -                MUSTANG II SPINDLES              May we suggest some useful parts for your Mustang
 NEW! These stock spin-                                           II install ...
 dles can be used on many                                                    This is the ball joint boot that comes with standard
 of our Mustang II kits.                                                     lower control arms. Also note the amount of threads
    #IW4043 $199 pr                                                          showing above the spindle...

                                                                                                   Part #CA-029.
                                                                         You can see how much tighter the boot is.

                  SPINDLE NUT KIT by Heidt's - For
                  Mustang II. Will not work with GM rotors.                 This is why you need a spacer, part #K772S.
                                 #HK006                $23                  The cotter pin isn't even in the castle nut.

                                                                               BALL JOINT HOUSING - Ball joint housing,
          Check our brake section for upgrades!                                for Chrysler screw-in ball joint K772, commonly
                                                                               used in Mustang II tubular control arms. Note
                                                                               that when this ball joint is used as a lower ball
DROPPED SPINDLES for MUSTANG II                                                joint with the Mustang II spindle, spacer K772S
Spindles lower the front of your Mustang II/Pinto front end                    should be used under the nut.
2". The caliper is rotated back for extra clearance. Use your                                       #108211                $13
stock rotors, bearings & calipers or our Mustang II Brake Kit.
RECOMMENDED: 15" or larger wheels to prevent interference         RACK MOUNT SPACER - (1-1/2 x 5/8 x 3/4 long) for use
problems. Choose from the following:                              with power rack & pinion; 2 required
Forged spindles           #L7-1022                   $199 pr                                      #24400        $7 ea
                                                                  LOWER BALL JOINT SPACER - To prevent lower ball joint
                                                                  stud & nut from bottoming out; 2 required
                                                                                                    #K772S        $2.30 ea
                                                                  SCREW IN BALL JOINTS
                                                                  Ball joints for tubular Mustang II control arms
                                                                                            #K772                  $29 ea

         Comparison of a stock & dropped spindle.

                       ROTORS - Mustang II - 5-bolt,
                       replacement rotors fit on stock Mustang
                       II or Pinto spindles. Stock diameter &                                 BALL JOINTS - Mustang II
                       thickness so that the stock calipers can                               Original equipment style for use on
                       be used. Bearings & seals not included.                                your street rod installed Mustang
                       Use stock ones.                                                        II kit.

Ford bolt pattern (5 on 4-½")    #42092               $60 ea
Chev bolt pattern (5 on 4-¾")    #42093               $60 ea                       Upper, each      #IW40410EU              $40
                                                                                   Lower, each      #IW40410EL              $40
Bearing & Seal Kit for 2 rotors - you'll need:
       wheel bearings          #PM-A12             $12 pr                      BALL JOINT BOOT by Heidt's to replace
       wheel bearings          #PM-A13             $16 pr                      damaged ones. For Mustang II & K772 ball joints
       seal national granada #6815                 $10 pr                      (used on tubular arms)
                        Check brake section for upgrades!                                         #CA-029           $5 ea

1-888-876-2124                                                    21
                                       MUSTANG II PARTS

with bushings, cross-shafts & screw-in ball joints.         For Coil-Overs             For Coil-Overs (top)
                  Heidt's, mild steel          #CA-101      Heidt's #CA-103-M          For Coil-Springs (bottom)
                 Heidt's, pol'd stainless      #CA-101-SS
                                          CALL FOR PRICE MUSTANG II TUBULAR LOWER A-ARMS - Screw-in ball
                                                            joints are included. No strut rod needed. Installation requires
                                                            some drilling & welding. Has sway bar bracket.
BALL JOINT CAP - polished stainless for K772 ball joints in For Stock Coil-Springs
tubular upper & lower arms. 2 caps per pkg.                       Heidt's - mild steel     #CA-103-S              $481 pr
                         #MP-035                    $63 pr For Coil-Overs
                                                                  Heidt's                  #CA-103-M-S            $541 pr

                                                     MUSTANG II TUBULAR LOWER STOCK STYLE CONTROL
                                                     ARMS by Heidt's - complete with bushings & ball joints. For
                                                     use with stock springs. Requires our heavy-duty (or stock)
                     special bolts to hold the upper
                                                     strut rods.
                     control arm cross-shaft to the
                                                                                     #CA-102          $400 pr
                     spring tower. 4 bolts & nuts
                     per kit.
                     #IW415TB                 $24

                   MUSTANG II CROSS SHAFT - Original
                   design upper cross shaft for use on street
                   rod Mustang II suspensions. Will take
                   stock Ford mounting bolts & bushings.
                                #IW415CS             $33 ea
                                                                 STRUT RODS - for Mustang II are direct replacements for
                                                                                             #IW4044            $42 ea

                                                                 STRUT ROD BRACKETS by Welder Series - weld on frame
                                                                 to mount strut rods. Used with Mustang
                                                                 II & stock-style strut rods. Trimming will
                                                                 be required for individual applications. Kit
            For Coil-Springs - Heidt's #CA-103                   includes 2 brackets, 2 gussets & 2 rings.

                                                                                               #108140                $24

Tubular control arms complete with cross-shafts, bushings
and ball joints Powder coated in black. Sold as a set uppers MUSTANG II STRUT ROD BUSHINGS - for stock or
and lowers.                                                                    #IW4044 strut rods. Part number
                                                                               & price are for two sets which will
                                                                               do both driver & psgr. strut rods.
200-2322-00 plain $645                                                         Picture is of only one set.
200-2322-05 black $758
200-2322-02 pol SS $875                                                             #IW4044WB                $32
                                                                                                                both sides

                                                                22                                      1-888-876-2124
                                                     MUSTANG II PARTS
                                                                                         POWER STEERING VALVE by Heidt's - Adjust-
                                                                                         able - This valve is used to vary the line pressure in
                                                                                         the power steering system. It does this by opening a
                                                                                         passage from the pressure line to the return line.
                                                                                                                 #PS-101                 $104

TUBULAR STRUT ROD KIT by Heidt's - Rubber pivot                                 RACK & PINION - Mustang II Style POWER rebuilt
bushing gives freer-moving non-binding suspension. Plates                       - Fits Mustang II cross-members. Has 2 mounting holes on
provided oversize to allow for custom fit. Comes complete                       15-1/2" centres. Includes mounting bushings. Order tie rods
with bushings & mounting hardware.                                              separately.
                                #SR101              $187                                                         #22203F              $299
                                                                                Note: '80-'88 T Bird style may not need any pressure adjust-
 Builder's Tip: Strut rod bushing kit steel plates aren't always marked
 regarding their orientation. According to MOOG, the plate with the 5/8" hole
 should have the concave (indented) side against the rubber bushing. The
 plate with the 9/16" hole should have the concave side against the nut.

                                                             RACK & PINION STEERING UNITS - Mustang II
 The thin washers in the #108140 Strut Rod Bracket Kit are used when the
                                                             MANUAL new - For '74-'78 Mustang II & '74-'80 Pinto. Com-
 rubber bushing is not tight on the strut rod bracket. The thin ring can go
                                                             plete with polished center tube. Has 2 mounting holes on 16"
 on either side of the bracket.
                                                             centers. Order tie rod ends, jam nuts & mounting bushings
POWER RACK MOUNT SPACER by Welder Series - Later
                                                                                               #IW4047S             $199
year (1979-up) Mustang II power racks mount closer to the
crossmember than stock 1974-78 racks. These spacers reposi-
                                                             TIE ROD ENDS - Mustang II (2 required)
tion the rack so the centerline stays in the same place. The
spacers also provide additional clearance for the power rack
input shaft casting. Two spacers are required.
                                  #24400              $7 ea

                                                                                          Stock -                   Long (Fairmont) -
POWER STEERING HOSE KIT by Mullins - These OEM                                         #IW4047T $23                 #ES2128RL $53
style rubber hose kits can help plumb your project.
                                                                                                                Stainless Steel Tie Rod
                                                                                                                #MP-017-SS           $82 ea
2 pc., GM pump '74 - '78 Mustang rack #925101                           $86
2 pc., GM self-contained pump to '79 - '97 Mustang rack
                                                             RACK MOUNTING BUSHINGS Mustang II - Install the
                                          #925102                       $87
                                                                       rubber rack mounting bushings so the "head" or
                                                                       large flange portion is against the crossmember. Put
                                                                       a 5/8" flat washer on the front side to prevent the
POWER STEERING HOSE KIT by Heidt's - to link a Mus- rack from coming off over the mounting bolt head.
tang II power rack to a GM integral reservoir power steering         2 required                 #IW4047B           $11 ea
                         pump. Braided stainless.
                                                             RACK & PINION EXTENSION KIT by Heidt's - extends
                                                             the rack (center) portion of the Mustang II rack & pinion.
                         For use without #PS-101 Valve       Can be used with wider Mustang II based kits to keep the
                                 #PS-110              $145 steering geometry precise. Check the thread on your rack to
                         For use with #PS-101 Valve          determine the kit you
                                 #PS-112              $242 need. To measure this
For use with later model Mustang racks, use:                 thread, remove the
9/16-18x-6 adapter               #PS-030                $16 bellows on the end of
                                                             the rack. Then remove
POWER STEERING PUMP VALVE KIT - When a Mustang the nut that holds the
                    II power rack is used with a Chev pump, tie rod to the rack.
                    the steering is often highly sensitive. Measure the rack thread diameter & pitch. Kit includes two
                    This valve adjusting kit lets you tune 2" rack extenders, two long bellows & hardware.
                    the steering to your taste. Kit contains Typical applications:
                    6 shims, 1 o-ring, 1 flow valve tool, Flaming River manual                        MP037-4
                    instruction sheet.                       Some stock Ford manual & power           MP039-4
                                 #899001                $22 For IW4047S manual rack, use 269-2535 long tie rod ends
                                                             14mm diameter x 1.5                      #MP037-4        $80
                                                             15/16" diameter x 20                     #MP039-4        $80
1-888-876-2124                                                                  23
                                         MUSTANG II PARTS

                                                                 COIL SPRINGS - Mustang II
                                                                 Heidt's Hot Rod Shop has developed coil springs that are the
                                                                 stock Mustang II 13-1/2" free length but in street rod rates.
                                                                 As a starting point for small block cars, '33-'34 Fords use
                                                                 275#, '35-'40 Fords use 325#.
SUPERIDE COIL-OVER SHOCKS by Heidt's - for Mus-                                   275#          #MP-007-275         $139 pr
tang II IFS. These shocks provide the highest quality ride                        300#          #MP-007-300         $139 pr
characteristics for your Mustang II front end. They are de-                       325#          #MP-007-325         $139 pr
signed for high performance comfort, with increased travel                        350#          #MP-007-350         $139 pr
for better ride characteristics. Aluminum body have a bright                      375#          #MP-007-375         $139 pr
anodized finish. 5/8" centerless ground solid piston rod, 10
position rebound valving adjuster. Spring height adjustment Chassis Engineering has coil springs which are the correct
is by threaded spring seat & locking ring. Available in street length for street rod use. They are actually 12" free length.
or drag racing for maximum weight transfer.                    '28-'34 Ford       250 lb.      #FS8250              $94 pr
                                                               '37-'39 Chev       275 lb.      #FS8275              $94 pr
                                                               '41-'48 Chev       300 lb.      #FS8300              $94 pr
                                                               '35-'48 Ford       300 lb.      #FS8300              $94 pr
                                                               also available     325 lb.      #FS8325              $94 pr
Heidt's superide billet mustang II coil-overs
                                                                   &              350 lb.      #FS8350              $94 pr
Billet shock w/chrome spring               #MP-050 $565
                                                               For A/C use springs 25# heavier; For big block Chev, use
                                                               springs 25# heavier.

                                                               The above Heidt's & Chassis Engineering springs
                                                               can be returned to us for exchange within 30 days
                                                               of our invoice date. We charge normal freight for
                                                               the exchange set. Please ship prepaid or we can
                    COIL SPRING CUSHIONS - Mustang have CANPAR pick them up & add the charge to your
                    II - These go on top of the coil spring to exchange invoice. This offer means that you may
                    stop squeaking.                            receive "pre-used" springs.
                         #IW4046MUSC                  $30 pr

SPRING SPACERS - Cut too much off your Mustang II
springs? Have your springs settled just a little too much?
Heidt's 3/4" thick nylon spacers can be used in place of your
upper spring cushions. Sold in pairs.
                          #MP-060                     $31 pr

                                                                 CHROME SHOCKS - Mustang II -
              SHOCKS - Mustang II                                Stock style chrome shock for stock style front ends.
              For stock front ends. Gas charged.                                             #PROSM400            $59.43 ea
                          #32118                     $29 ea
                                                                 CHROME SPRINGS - Mustang II - Stock style chrome
                                                                 spring. Available in 350,425 & 550lb
                                                                                              #PRO11/xxx  $154 pr

                                                                24                                         1-888-876-2124
                                                          This is a Mustang II kit for conventional coil-overs instead
                                                          of stock-type springs & shocks by Welder Series. This
                                                          lets you use different spring rates & maintain the same ride
                                                          height by adjusting the lower spring collar on the coil-over.
                                                          Often the coil-over shock has an adjustable rebound rate,
                                                          too. Use coil-overs that have a ride height of 11-1/2 - 12’’.
                                                          Use Mustang II tubular upper arms & Mustang II tubular
                                                          lowers designed for coil-overs & no strut rod. This 56’’
                                                          width is used in Fords & Chevs up to 1948 & many other
                                                          vehicles.These kits are designed to lower a frame. Addition-
                                                          al work might be required to keep a frame at the stock ride
                                                          height. This unique kit has laser-cut slits that let you fold
                                                          the crossmember pieces by hand. The rack mounts are part
                                                          of the crossmember plate & can be folded using an adjust-
                                                          able wrench for extra leverage.

                                                          58" TRACK WIDTH KIT for 1948-52 Ford pickups & other
                                                          vehicles that need a slightly wider track than the stock
56" TRACK WIDTH KIT for 1933-48 Ford cars, 1935-47        Mustang II. (Same as #WS21906 except for the two main
Ford pickups, 1935-54 Chev cars, 1937-55 (early series)   crossmember plates.) Longer Fairmount tie rod ends can be
Chev pickups, & many other applications.                  used.

Parts included:                                           Parts included:
PART#        DESC                                QTY      PART#        DESC                                QTY
#21901       Upper arm plate, flat               2        #21901       Upper arm plate, flat               2
#21902       Coil-over plate                     4        #21902       Coil-over plate                     4
#238215 Spacer                                   4        #238215 Spacer                                   4
#14373       Crossmember plate, front & bottom   1        #14473       Crossmember plate, front & bottom   1
#14375       Crossmember plate, rear & top       1        #14475       Crossmember plate, rear & top       1
#14306       Boxing plate for crossmember        2        #14306       Boxing plate for crossmember        2
#HC-184 Bolt, 1/2-20 x 5                         2        #HC-184 Bolt, 1/2-20 x 5                         2
#178-039 Nut, 1/2-20 thin nylok                  2        #178-039 Nut, 1/2-20 thin nylok                  2
#656-048 Washer, 1/2 SAE                         4        #656-048 Washer, 1/2 SAE                         4
             Assembly & installation sheets                            Assembly & installation sheets
         All of the above parts #WS21906         $200              All of the above parts #WS21908         $205

                                                          60" TRACK WIDTH KIT for 1953-56 Ford F100 pickups
                                                          & 1955 (second series)-59 Chev pickups & other vehicles
                                                          that need a wider track width. (Same as #WS21906 except
                                                          for the two main crossmember plates.) Rack extensions or
                                                          longer Fairmont tie rod ends must be used.

                                                          Parts included:
                                                          PART#        DESC                                QTY
                                                          #21901       Upper arm plate, flat               2
                                                          #21902       Coil-over plate                     4
                                                          #238215 Spacer                                   4
                                                          #14573       Crossmember plate, front & bottom   1
        HUB TO HUB - includes chrome springs              #14575       Crossmember plate, rear & top       1
                  starts at $2300                         #14306       Boxing plate for crossmember        2
                                                          #HC-184 Bolt, 1/2-20 x 5                         2
               for welded assembly add $25                #178-039 Nut, 1/2-20 thin nylok                  2
            for polished shock bodies add $80             #656-048 Washer, 1/2 SAE                         4
                                                                       Assembly & installation sheets
                  Manual steering - N/C                            All of the above parts #WS21900         $210
             Regular or dropped spindle - N/C
               Ford or GM bolt circle - N/C
                                                               Complete instructions come with each kit.

1-888-876-2124                                            25
 																																						FRONT	ENDS	-	AXLE

AXLE FRONT ENDS -Complete axle front end, hub to hub    We can also combine seperate parts from different manu-
with I beam & brakes. Includes 4 bar or radius rod.     facturers to meet your needs. Please inquire for pricing.
Available ready to paint or in chrome.
READY TO PAINT                                          Manufacturers include:
Pete & Jakes                              $2180                           Chassis Engineering
Lucky 7                                   $2073                                 Magnum
CHROME                                                                        Pete & Jakes
Pete & Jakes                              $3405                              Welder Series
Lucky 7                                   $2882                                  Lucky 7
LUCKY 7 AXLE FRONT END (READY TO PAINT)                                  Vintage Chassis Works


                                      FRONT & REAR 4 BAR KITS

REAR                                                    FRONT
LUCKY 7                     #L7-1052      $480          LUCKY 7                         #L7-1051        $400
      CHROME                #L7-1052C     $540                CHROME                    #L7-1051C       $440
PETE & JAKES                #3017         $476 ***      PETE & JAKES                    #3003A          $440
      CHROME                #3017C        $627                CHROME                    #3003A-C        $602
WELDER SERIES               #2220         $375          WELDER SERIES                   #2014           $340
      LARGE BUSHING         #222501       $390 ***


                                                       26                                       1-888-876-2124
                                         FRONT ENDS - AXLE
                                                                        AXLES Tube & I-Beam
                                                                        It is important to match the axle to the car, front
                                                                        spring, wishbone or 4-link. Choosing between a tube
                                                                        or an I-beam is largely a matter of personal choice.
                                                                        Both styles are strong. Up to 1934, a 46" or 47" axle
                                                                        works best. The 46" axle will give the most tire-to-
                                                                        fender clearance. All of these axles are dropped 4".
                                                                        Call us for details. Special axles are made for '37-'48

                                                                        Chassis Engineering I-beam axle is forged & has a
                                                                        taller cross-section than the Magnum or Super Bell.
                                                                        The Magnum & Super Bell I-beam axles are ductile
                                                                        castings & plenty strong enough for any street rod
                                                                        that would use an axle. The Super Bell I-beam axle
                                                                        has their logo cast in the center.
                                                                        Standard perch boss height is 2¼". 2" bosses can be
                                                                        special ordered. Stock Ford axles had the following
                                                                        perch boss height: '32-'36: 2"; '37-'40: 2¼".

                                                                         Super Bell I-Beam axles have the Super Bell logo cast in
                                                                                               the center.
ALUMINUM I-BEAM by Super Bell - Measuring
46" king pin to king pin this axle is designed for use
under the '28-'34 Ford using '37-'48 Ford spindles.
Forged from 7175-T74 aircraft aluminum & Made in
the USA, axle weighs 9.5 lbs. Available highlighted or
fully polished with a drilled option.
                                                                           View is from the front driver's side. The axle bracket
                                                                           (batwing) should be vertical as shown. If the
                                                                           brackets are on the wrong side, the top is much
                                                                           closer to the frame. Normally the shock mounts
                                                                           outside of the spring perch, as shown.

All of the following axles are made for early Ford or repro spindles & will
require bolt-on steering arms for clearance:
Super Bell                46-1/2" tube               #1101A          $342     Builder's Tips:
Super Bell                46-1/2" I-beam             #1102-A         $347     • As cars get lower, tire-to-fender interference becomes
Super Bell                46-1/2" I-beam drilled #1102AD             $504     a problem. A 6" wide front wheel on a front end with a
Super Bell                46" Alum, polished         #1100F        $1261      track width of 57" or less will usually clear Ford fenders
                                                                              up to 1940. The clearance problem is not as common
Super Bell                46" Alum, drilled          #1100DH       $1282      on later year vehicles. Our axle set-ups will work with
Super Bell                46" Alum, pol'd & drilled #1100DF        $1411      this combination.
Super Bell                46" Alum, pol'd highlights #1100H        $1131
Chassis Eng.              47" I-beam                 #AU2107         $348     • We mount the 201-2004-00 crossmember with the
                                                                              rad pads about 1/2" below the top of the frame rail.
Vintage Chassis Works 46" tube                       #780001         $301     Although this raises the front end slightly, it is much
Vintage Chassis Works 47" tube                       #780002         $267     easier to put shims (rubber pads) on the rad pad under
Vintage Chassis Works 48-1/2" tube                   #780003         $277     the radiator mounting tab to align the hood. The center
Vintage Chassis Works 46" tube, no perch holes #780021               $301     section of the crossmember should be angled down at
Vintage Chassis Works 46" tube, drilled              #780041         $645     the rear about 6°.

                                                                              • Axle alignment specs are 6° positive caster, 1/8"
                                                                              toe-in, camber as received (the axle companies set
                                                                              this during manufacturing). There is no specific front
                                                                              or rear to an axle.

1-888-876-2124                                                 27
                                         FRONT ENDS - AXLE

CROSSMEMBERS by TCI- Front For stock or reproduction
frames. Rad mounts included. Spring pad has built-in 6° caster
angle for correct, no-bind front end geometry. Designed to be
installed between the boxing plates so some trimming should    SPRING - MONO LEAF provides super ride by eliminating
be expected. These crossmembers lower the front end one        friction between leaves. Spacers allow ride height adjustment.
inch, except '28-'31 Model A.                                  We need to know your axle & frame. Mono leaf springs are
    '28-'32 Ford (left)            #201-2004-00          $98   available for most Ford cars & trucks from 1928 to 1969. Chev
    '33-'34 Ford (right)           #203-2004-00         $155   cars & trucks from 1925 to 1959. Many other applications for
                                                               Mercury, Willys, Mustang, Studebaker, Corvettes, etc. Available
                                                               Include measuring information to order the proper spring for
                                                               '28 through '34 Ford & for '35 to '38 Ford.
                                                               Transverse Applications (1 spring front or rear)
                                                                   1928-34 Ford
SPRING, Front Leaf - Chassis Engineering                           for 46" Magnum or Super Bell axle #1056AM            $245
Reversed eyes, diamond cut ends, anti-friction liner to give a     for 48" Magnum or Super Bell axle #JDE-11            $260
smooth ride. For '28-'34 Fords.
1¾" wide for axles:                                            SPRING LINER - See INDEX
46" Magnum or Super Bell        #FS2834FB               $123
47" Chassis Engineering         #FS2834VT               $123 SPRING CLAMPS by Pete & Jakes
48" Magnum or Super Bell        #FS2834                 $123 3/4''                                   #1004PJ            $31

                      SPRINGS by Posies - Super Slide
                      Springs have die formed pockets at the
                      end of the spring leaves that enclose a
                       Moly-Nylon button that elimiates metal
to metal friction between the spring leaves. Stock front
spring with stock eyes, front spring with reverse eyes or low SHACKLES - Flat front design gives a clean appearance &
front spring are available for all axles sizes, starting at $166. added shock clearance. Urethane bushings to absorb road
Please call us for sizes.                                         vibrations & allow minor caster adjustment are included. For
                                                                  ¾" diameter spring eye & perch hole. Per pair.
                                                                  For 1¾" spring, Pete & Jake's #1051                    $50
                                                                  For 2" spring                    #1048                 $50
                          U N I V E R S A L F L A T F R O N T For 2¼" spring                       #1052                 $50
                          CROSSMEMBERS by Welder SHACKLE BUSHINGS - See Suspension Component Sec-
                          Series - Crossmember kit, front, flat, tion
                          for early Ford-style front suspension
(transverse leaf). This crossmember helps get the frame
lower by about 1-1/2 - 2'' compared to a stock Model 'A'
crossmember. The front face of the crossmember is already
formed. Simply fold, by hand, the rear faces along the laser-
cut slits & tack in the center plate. Then weld all the edges.
This crossmember is 24'' wide & can be trimmed to fit your
frame. A hole for the spring center bolt is centered in the
crossmember. Use a 1-3/4'' wide spring. Stock rads will need
modifications to the lower tank. The ''butterfly'' shape of this
crossmember gives more strength to the frame & looks way                          CONE WASHERS - fit into the tapered
better than a simple channel.                                                     seat under the stock wishbone or batwing.
                  24" wide          #WS21864                 $51                  Standard 5/8" lock nuts can then be used on
                  welded            #21863                   $60                  the spring perches.
                                                                                                #2116SB                $8 pr
                28" wide         #WS21866                $72

                                                                 28                                       1-888-876-2124
                                           FRONT ENDS - AXLE
SPRING PERCHES -                                             FOUR LINK AXLE BRACKETS
                        Perches for '28-'34 Fords are extra  (BATWINGS) - Front Build-
                        long so the bolt-on lower shock      ing your own front 4 link? Made
                        mounts can be used. Shackle hole     from 3/16" laser cut mild steel,
                        is ¾". Order special tapered nuts    these brackets are TIG welded for
                        separately. Per pair.                strength & good looks. Bosses are
Pete & Jake's    steel          #1042                  $76   offset so the bars will mount directly one over the other.
Pete & Jake's    chrome         #1042C               $110    For 2-¼" axle perch boss height.
                                                                                                #14110            $100 pr
                      SPINDLES - REPRODUCTION '40                              unwelded         #WS14110           $57 pr
                      FORD by Super Bell - ductile iron
                      spindle kit by Pete & Jake's includes Spacers for 2" axles (4 required) - no charge if ordered with
                      the king pin set. Bushings installed & brackets
                      reamed to size. Order bolt-on steering                                        #10035          $1 ea
                      arms separately. Per pair.
                      Plain      #1104F-K             $344
                                                             AXLE BRACKET (BATWINGS)
Chromed spindle kit with aluminum-topped king pins.
                                                             FOR HAIRPINS by Welder Series
                                 #1104F-K-C           $535
                                                             - Hairpin Axle Bracket (Batwings). For
Plain without king pins          #1104                $253
                                                             hairpin front suspensions. Laser-cut
                                                             steel, 3/8” thick main upright plate
                                                             has 3/8” diameter holes on 4-3/4”
                                                             centers. The 3/16” C-plates are
                SPINDLE NUT KIT - Early Ford - Includes
                                                             formed so the main plates are verti-
                nuts & special washers. For '37-'48 Ford
                                                             cal, even though the axle boss is on
                                                             an angle. Designed for 2" or 2-1/4" axle boss.
                Pete & Jake's    #1007                   $18
                                                                   Kit Includes:
                                                                   4 x #10036 Batwing   boss
                                                                   2 x #28905 Batwing   main plate
                                                                   1 x #28903 Batwind   c-plate, driver's side
                                                                   1 x #28904 Batwing   c-plate, passenger's side

                                                                   All of the above parts          #WS28900             $53
FOUR LINK KITS                                                                      Welded         #28900               $75
Horton Kits with Welder Series Components feature stamped
& folded steel axle brackets, 2-1/4" axle boss, steel adjusters,
bars.                                                                                      WISHBONE BOLTS - for '35-
        Model A                   #2010                   $340                             '48 Fords - attach the axle to the
                                  #WS2010                 $300                             wishbone. There is no provision
        '32-'34 Ford              #2014                   $340                             for spring shackles as on SPRING
                                  #WS2014                 $300                             PERCHES.
        '32-'34 Ford, Hiboy only #2082                    $340                    Pete & Jake's #1043                    $67
                                  #WS2082                 $300
                                           CALL FOR PRICE
             (longer bars, shorter frame brackets)

Pete & Jake Kits feature stamped & folded steel axle brackets,
2-1/4" axle boss, steel adjusters, bars.
        Model A, vega steering, plain                #2003A
        Model A, vega steering, chrome            #2003A-C
        '32 Ford, vega steering, plain               #3003A
        '32 Ford, vega steering, chrome           #3003A-C
         33-'34 Ford, plain                          #4003A
        '33-'34 Ford, chrome                      #4003A-C

'32 Viper HAIRPIN SUSPENSION by Pete & Jake - Nos-
talgia with new technology, utilizing their 4-bar components
with the old time look. Chrome moly clevises, 5° adjuster.
Specify 2" or 2-1/4" axle brackets.
1-888-876-2124                                                     29
                                        FRONT ENDS - AXLE
CLAMP PLATE / U-BOLT ELIMINA-                                                        KING PINS - Sets include pins,
TOR KIT by Welder Series - Clamp                                                     bushings, thrust bearings, shims &
plate & u-bolt eliminator kit, for 1928-34                                           lock bolts. Ford king pins from '28-'48
Ford repro front crossmembers with a                                                 are all .812" diameter. '37-'41 pins are
transverse spring. Eliminating the u-bolts                                           5-3/8" long (under the "hat"), '42-'48
reduces the chance of chipping the paint                                             pins are 5-7/8" long. Stainless pins
when installing the u-bolts. Tabs get                           come complete with spindle stops.
welded to the front crossmember. These                          Pete & Jake's
tabs can be left flat or they can be made                          '37-'41 Ford                #1039                    $50
stronger by bending the ends. Simply put the tab in a vise         '42-'48 Ford                #1040                    $50
& use an adjustable wrench to make the bend. Repro front
springs usually have fewer leaves than the original, making     TCI
them thinner. The clamp plate spacer gets welded to the base          '37-'41 Ford (stainless)   #204-2016-02          $153
plate to make up the extra thickness so the clamping action
is on the spring leaf, not on the crossmember.                  KING PIN LOCKS & spindle stop nuts .
                                                                Chrome                     #1006                        $30
Parts Included:
1 x #15712 Clamp plate base
2 x #15715 Clamp plate crossmember tab
1 x #15703 Clamp plate spacer
2 x #HC-45 Bolt, 3/8-16 x 1 1/2 - Gr 5 hex, zinc plated
2 x #NS-37 Nut, 3/8-16 nylok
4 x #656-046 Washer, 3/8 SAE flat, zinc plated                SHOCK MOUNTS - Front
                                                              Lower shock mounts; bolt under axle. Per pair
All of the above parts          #WS15710                  $23 Pete & Jakes  plain           #1067                      $74
                                                               Pete & Jakes chrome          #1067C                    $110

                     CLAMP PLATE & U-BOLTS -
                     Complete with nuts. '28-'34 Ford
                              #P&J 1001                $47
                              #15700                   $32 SHOCK FRAME BRACKETS - Front by Pete & Jake's
                     unwelded #WS15700                 $27    '28-'32 weld on, pair           #1087    $52
                     chrome   #P&J 1001C               $80    '28-'32 weld on, pair           #1030W   $42
                                                              '28-'32 unwelded, weld on, pair #WS1030  $32
                                                              '28-'32 bolt on, pair           #1082PJ  $59
HIBOY BRACKETS - will not work with stock fenders. Posi-      '33-'34 bolt on, pair           #1085    $61
tions shocks higher for low front ends. Shock fits between
plates.                                                    FRAME BRACKET KIT, FRONT 4 LINK
Set of 4 plates                         #1088          $41 BY WELDER SERIES
                                                                1932-34' FORD                            #12502        $24
                                                                MODEL A                                  #20101        $25
                                                                        '32-'34 Ford                Model A

 tubular mount for both the headlight & the shock. The tube
is gusseted for strength.                #1095       $137

                                                               30                                        1-888-876-2124
                                           FRONT ENDS - AXLE
'28-'32 Ford kit includes Pete & Jake's weld-on frame mounts,
bolt-on lower shock mounts, #1084PJ shocks & hardware.
                                          #1064        $143
(Short shocks #2084 or #2084C can be substituted at extra cost)

'35-'39 Ford kit includes frame brackets, shocks, hardware &
special shackles with an extended pin to locate bottom shock
eye. Fits '40 without stock front sway bar.
                                      #5001            $200
                                                                   TIE ROD ENDS by Pete & Jake's - have a taper to fit early
'41-'48 Ford front shock kit by                                    Ford steering arms & our Pitman arms.
Chassis Engineering includes                                       11/16-18 RH thread              #1029               $30
frame brackets, shocks, spe-                                        chrome                         #1029C              $57
cial shackles/lower mounts &                                       11/16-18 LH thread              #1030               $30
all hardware. This kit clears                                       chrome                         #1030C              $57
the stock sway bar & works                                         Jam nuts - Right                #1037                 $3
with the stock axle.                                               Jam nuts - Left                 #1038                 $3

                                        #AR2039          $170
                                                                   TIE RODS - Connects the spindle steering arms. Threaded
                                                                   11/16-18 RH & LH to use early Ford tie rod ends. Please
                  SHOCKS - STREET ROD Pete & Jake                  give us the tie rod end center-to-center or tell us what Ford
                  traditional front shocks.14½" open, 9½"          axle you have. (The tube length will be approximately 3 ¼"
                  closed, 7/16" upper eye, 5/8" lower eye.         less than the tie rod end C-C length). Order tie rod ends
                  Painted          #1084PJ          $70 pr         separately.
                  Chromed          #1084C          $127 pr
                                                                   Tie Rod Part Numbers:
                   SHORT SHOCKS by Pete & Jake (11-
                                                                   Special Length                         #160000          $55
                   1/4" open, 7-7/8" closed)
                                                                   46" king pin c-c axle                  #160402          $45
                     Painted, per pair    #2084  $70
                                                                   47" king pin c-c axle                  #160417          $45
                     Chromed, per pair #2084C   $149
                                                                   48" king pin c-c axle                  #160425          $45
DRAG LINKS - The drag link connects the Pitman arm (the            49" king pin c-c axle                  #160435          $45
arm on the steering box) to the steering arm at the spindle.       50" king pin c-c axle                  #160445          $45
We need the following info to supply the right length drag link    If not listed above, we need to know your bar length.
for cross steering applications:
Axle king pin center-to-center length                             Our tubing sizes will not let us make tie rods for ½" or for
What year Ford frame? or...                                       9/16" threads. We will not thread customers' tubing because
Frame inside dimension at the axle center-line?                   of past difficulties identifying the material (tap jams, tube
Drag links can also be supplied if you tell us the center-to-      spins, nobody happy ).
center distance between the tie rod ends. (The tube length
will be about 3¼” less than the center-to-center distance.)

We have standard lengths for '28-'40 Fords with cross steering.
Drag link tubes are tapped 11/16-18 LH & RH for early Ford tie
rod ends. The steering arm & Pitman arm must have the stock
early Ford tapered hole. Order Tie Rod Ends separately.

Cross Steer Part Numbers:
Special Length                         #159000             $45
                                                               STEERING STABILIZER by SO-CAL-bolts to tie rod &
'28 - '32 FORD      46" AXLE           #159266             $38
                                                               hairpin to eliminate the possibility of shimmy in early style
                    48" AXLE           #159272             $38
                                                               Ford front ends.
'33 - '34 FORD      46" AXLE           #159272             $38
                                                                         #001-60770 RED                               $52
                    48" AXLE           #159278             $38
                                                                         #001-60771 CHROME                            $87
'35 - '40 FORD      48" AXLE           #159290             $38
                    49" AXLE           #159295             $38
If not listed above, we need to know your bar length.

1-888-876-2124                                                    31
                                             FRONT ENDS - AXLE
    STEERING ARMS - These arms, for '37-'48 Ford spindles, should be used with dropped axles if stock arms
    hit the "S" dropped section. Stock drop arms are for use with a 4-link. The center-line of the tie rod will be 3"
    below the center-line of the two bolts which hold the arm to the spindle. Deep drop arms are used to put the
    tie rod below the wishbone. The tie rod c/l will be 5" below the spindle mounting bolts. The passenger side
    arm has two tapered holes (one for tie rod, one for drag link).
    These arms are used with drum brakes or disc brake kits which have the caliper bracket mounting on the nose side of the
    spindle flange.
                     Stock drop          #1107       $108 pr         Chrome           #1107C                      $167 pr
                     Deep drop           #1109       $116 pr         Chrome           #1109C                      $167 pr

    Chassis Engineering arms are milled for disc brake kits which have the bracket mounting on the king pin side of the spindle
                                                                                     Stock drop      #AR-2119M           $135
                                                                                     Deep drop       #AR-2121M           $152
                                                                                                        Chrome plated (shown)
                                                                                                            also available.

                                                                     STEERING BOX - VEGA by Delphi at Pete & Jakes.
                                                                     "New" not rebuilt.

                           CHROME STEERING BOX - VEGA                                                   #8000P             $437
                           by Flaming River - "Vega-style". All
                           new, no original Vega parts, designed
                           for street rods. The box is 30%
                           stronger than the OEM box & utilizes
.                         the latest technology with a smooth
                          needle bearing design; standard ratio
                          20:1. #FR1500C call for price
              Pitman arm is not included but available.                         Mustang Pitman

    STEERING BOX BRACKETS - for Vega/Saginaw 525 into
    early Fords:
             Pete & Jake's Weld-in #1019         $56
                                                                                                 Vega Pitman Arm
                              Weld-in #2072      $40
             Unwelded         Weld-in #WS2072    $31
    '35-'40 Pete & Jake's - replaces stock mount
                     Bolt-in           #5002     $94                 PITMAN ARMS by Pete & Jake's - This is the arm that
    '35-'36 Chassis Engineering                                      goes on the steering box & moves the drag link.
                     Bolt-in           #AS-2089  $67                 Vega, steel                        #1020        $100
    '37-'40 Chassis Engineering                                      Vega, steel chromed                #1020C       $114
                     Bolt-in           #AS-2090  $72                 '78-'84 Saginaw 605 power box      #2020PJ       $97
    '41-'48 Chassis Engineering                                      Mustang 1-1/8" sector shaft, steel #1022         $97
                     Bolt-in           #AS-2094  $67                 Mustang 1-1/8" sector shaft,chrome #1022C       $114

         Builder’s Tip: Sometimes the tapered splined hole           Unisteer Rack & Pinion for Cross Steer - This innovative
         on aftermarket pitman arms is slightly too large for        design steers off one side, creating very little bump steer that
          the steering box. In this case, the nut will bottom        would occur using a traditional rack & pinion.
        out before the pitman arm is tight on the taper. The         There is no play in the rack travel,
         steering will feel loose & in fact, you will be able to     as it is smooth & consistent through
        see the shaft move slightly inside the pitman arm as         out the length of its travel. The
        the wheel is turned slowly right to left & back again.       Cross Steer Rack & Pinion offers
         To correct this condition, put a spacer (a 1/8" thick       a significant reduction in steering
      large washer with the hole machined or filed to 1" dia.)        effort, even at low speeds & it bolts
               between the pitman arm & the lock nut.                right on to your Vega bracket.
                                                                                    #8000460-01                 CALL FOR PRICE
                                                                   32                                             1-888-876-2124
                                           FRONT ENDS - AXLE
PANHARD KIT - FRONT - For cars with cross steering -
eliminates shackle rock that can cause erratic steering. One
bracket bolts to the 4-link axle bracket (batwing) on the
passenger side, the other bracket welds to the driver's side
frame rail. A bolt-on frame bracket is also available. Specify
frame year & axle used. Made for batwings with ½" bolts.
Easily modified for 9/16" batwings. This kit will not work        Front Panhard Kit -
with "GT" or "Rally" style stainless batwings.                    Brackets only                   #2180                    $16

        A-32 KIT                  WELD-ON                         PANHARD KIT Bolt-on by Pete & Jake's - for '35-'40
                                                                  Fords (& '41 pickups) with Chassis Engineering, TCI, or Pete
                                                                  & Jake's split wishbone kit. Has bolt-on frame bracket & bolt-
        46" AXLE                  220257 $99
                                                                  on wishbone bracket.
                                                                  Axles with 36½" perch centres
        48" AXLE                  220270     $99                                                    #1015P                $113
                                                                  Axles with 38½" perch centres
        33-34 KIT                 WELD-ON                                                           #1015A                $119

        46" AXLE                  220263     $99

        48" AXLE                  220275     $99

        NOTE: AXLE LENGTH (46" OR 48)" IS THE

                                                     REAR ENDS

                                         #890                                       #824


                                       All mounting brackets shown are available separately

                                FORD 9 INCH REAR END HOUSING by John's In-
                                dustries - Popular sizes in stock. All others available in
                                10 business days. All fabricated & fastening parts are US
                                Housing w/ re-splined axles               #800 $1060
                                11" brake drum kit                        #824       $650
                                Third member rebuilt                      #890       $700
                                Total Package starting from                         $2410
                                Posi-trac & new axles & new gears available as additional
                                Disc Brakes (instead of drum)              ADD      $100
                                POS1 (instead of non-POS1)                         $1350

1-888-876-2124                                                   33
                                                   REAR ENDS

REAR END HOUSING by 9+/Currie Enterprises -
This popular housing is similar to the early style 9" Ford
housing. The 9-Plus housing is made from slightly thicker
steel than the original for increased strength & rigidity.
The shape of the housing provides increased clearance for
mounting brackets & exhaust. The housing is machined to
accept DOM tubing, 3" x .188 wall.                                REAR END INFO - How do you
Tubing, bearing flanges, differential, axles & brakes are all     identify Ford 8" & 9" rear ends?
ordered as separate pieces.                                       Both rear ends have removable
        9+ Housing      #92000              Call for pricing.     differentials. Both rear ends have five
                                                                  bolts holding the pinion bearing flange
 AXLE TUBES - made from DOM tubing, 3" x .188 wall, 21"           to the differential casting; two of the
long. This will make a rear end assembly up to 63" wide.          bolts are at the 9 o'clock & 11 o'clock
                         #95021           Call for pricing.       position. On the 8" rear end, these
                                                                  bolts are on 2-13/16 inch centers.
BEARING FLANGES - (housing ends) fit into 3" OD x .188            On the 9", the bolts are on 3-9/16"
wall DOM tubing. Both flanges are made for 3.150" diameter        centers. Another way to identify the
axle bearings. The early Ford flanges have 1/2" backing plate     rear ends is by locating the bolt &
holes. The Torino style flanges have 3/8" backing plate holes.    nut at the bottom of the differential case. If the nut can be
Note other dimensions on the drawing.                             undone with a socket, the rear end is an 8". If the nut can
        Early Ford        #95010            Call for pricing.     only be undone using a wrench (because a socket won’t fit
        Torino style      #95011            Call for pricing.     onto the nut), the rear end is a 9".

NOTE: The Torino ends are recommended unless you already          Rear ends from V8 Mavericks are a good width for most Ford
have brakes for the early Ford flanges. See the Drum Brake        street rods. The V8 Maverick rear end has 5 wheel studs on
Section for more details.                                         a 4½" bolt circle. From wheel mounting flange to flange,
                                                                  with the drums mounted, these rears measure 56½". Inside
     ALIGNMENT BAR - enables precise alignment of axle            dimension, backing plate to backing plate is 48-7/8". Spring
tubes & bearing flanges for welding. Alignment collars fit        pads are mounted at 42-7/8" C-C.
3-1/16" gear cases.     #99050            Call for pricing.       Bolt circle can be determined on 5-stud wheels/axles by
                                                                  measuring the C-C distance of studs one & three & adding
AXLES, Rear by Currie - axle package includes two forged          ¼" (see diagram in BRAKES section).
31 spline axle shafts, wheel bolt pattern of your choice, stud    Measurement             Bolt circle      Application
size of your choice (up to 1/2" x 3" long), new OEM-style         4-¼"                    4-½"             Ford
wheel bearings, new axle seals & Currie 1/4" thick heavy-duty     4-½"                    4-¾"             G.M.
bearing retainer plates for Torino bearing housing ends.          4-¾"                    5"               Early B-O-P
                         #CE-0012            Call for pricing.    5-¼"                    5-½"             '40-'48 Ford

AXLES & DIFFERENTIAL - Call for information.
Also see BRAKE SECTION                                                               REAR AXLE SPRING PADS - For
                                                                                     mounting 2-¼" - 2-½" leaf springs on
                                                                                     rear ends. Per pair.
SPRING WEDGES by Chassis Engineering - install                                                   #56126              $30
between the spring pad on the rear-end & leaf spring to
correct pinion angle. For 2-1/2" wide springs only. Available
in the following degree angles:                               REAR SHOCKS by Pete & Jake's
                 1°              #AU-2062A               $33        plain       #1086                                 $74 pr
                 2°              #AU-2062B               $33        chrome      #1086C                               $139 pr
                 3°              #AU-2062C               $33
                 4°              #AU-2062D               $33

                                                                 34                                        1-888-876-2124
                                             REAR END COMPONENTS

                                                                                                  NOTE: Ford frames changed in mid-1936.
                                                                                                  Check the above drawings to determine
                                                                                                  which frame you have, even if your body
                                                                                                  is a '40. Sometimes the body & frame are
                                   Rear End Kit #AS2014C
                                                                                                  not from the same original car.
                                                                               LOWERING BLOCK & WHEEL BASE ADJUSTER KIT
REAR END MOUNTING KIT by Chassis Engineering -                                 by Chassis Engineering - Designed for the '37-'38 Ford,
kits for early Fords, Chevs & Mercs add needed reinforcing to                  but works well with any of the rear end kits that use 2-1/2"
the rear of the frame. No modifications to the rear end. Use                   springs. A large percentage of the '37-'38 Fords will need
'68-'75 Nova, '67-'69 Camaro/Firebird multi-leaf or Monarch/                   wheelbase adjustment, from stock position, to center wheels
Granada rear ends ('33-'34 use Maverick rear end). The GM                      in opening. The '37-'38 Ford is also cut higher in the fender
rear ends are wider than the Fords & may cause tire-to-fender                  opening leaving space above the tires. This kit will take care
clearance problems. Others fit but the spring pads must be                     of both problems. Lowers car 1-1/2". Includes 4 long U-bolts
moved. Kit includes front & rear hanger brackets, U-                           & 2 lowering blocks.
bolts & nuts, complete rear shock kit, shackles, slider                                                         #AR-2070                 $75
springs, hardware & instructions. Some kits are bolt-on,
some require fitting & welding. (Parts for kits are available                  This kit is available as an option with any Chassis Engineering
separately, but the whole package is the best way to get your                  rear kit using 2-1/2" springs. When ordered with the complete
car sitting & riding right.)                                                   rear end kit, only 1 set of U-bolts & nuts are required. This
                                                                               reduces the price.
*** Please specify 8" Ford or 9" Ford or GM axle ****                                                              #AR-2070A              $31

Call us for pricing
'33-'34 - bolt-on                        #AS-2012C
(Springs are 1-¾" wide, spring          pads are 41¾" C-C.)
'35-'36 car only - bolt-on               #AS-2014C
'35-'41 pickup - bolt-on                 #AS-2016C
'36-'40 car- bolt-on                     #AS-2016C
For '35-'40 specify type of spring; “Regular” for normal use or “Heavy Duty”
for heavier loads (sedan deliveries). Heavy Duty are slightly more.
'41-'48 car- bolt-on                     #AS-2017C                             SHOCK MOUNTS - Rear Axle - Weld-on brackets with
'41-'48 available with “Regular” (for normal street use) or “Low Rider” (for
                                                                               3 height adjustment holes. Use shock studs #31001 (sold
low, low ride height) springs - please specify.
                                                                                                               #1071             $43 pr
'37-'48 GM PU (adaptable to most)        #AS-0010CY
'36 STD - bolt on                        #AS-1017C
'35-'36 Master                           #AS-1016C
'37-'39 - bolt on                        #AS-1018C                                                              COIL-OVER MOUNTS -
'40 - bolt on                            #AS-1020C                                                              LOWER - 3-positions to
'41-'48                                  #AS-1019C                                                              adjust the height of the rear
'49-'54 - bolt on                        #AS-1021C                                                              end. Per pair
MERC '39-'40                             #AS-2019C                                                               #1078                 $112
(Merc. requires wider rear end than usual @ 60" flange-flange)
OPTION: Gas shocks are also available at extra cost.

COIL-OVER MOUNTS - UPPER                                                                               SHOCK STUDS - Bolt-on for 5/8"
- For Model A's. Welds on top of the                                                                   shock eyes.
rear crossmember. With bolts, nuts                                                                     Priced each (2 are pictured)
& washers.                                                                                                      #31001              $9 ea
                        #18600                                       $65
        unwelded        #WS18600                                     $51
1-888-876-2124                                                                 35
                                     REAR END COMPONENTS
FOUR-LINK KITS - REAR                                                                AXLE BRACKETS - Rear - Our standard
Kits by Horton with Welder Series components & kits                                  rear axle 4-link bracket is made from 3/16"
by Pete & Jake's - have urethane bushed, adjustable bars.                            plate. It has 3 coil-over mounting positions
Rear axle brackets also mount the coil-overs for a clean ap-                         to give 2" of adjustment. The holes for
pearance & less welding on the housing. Bars are 1" seamless                         the urethane bushings are ½" diameter.
tubing. Brackets are precision laser-cut 3/16" mild steel, TIG                       Made to fit a 3" axle tube, but will easily
welded for strength & appearance. Kits are complete with                             fit slightly smaller or larger tubes.
frame & axle brackets, urethane bushed adjustable bars,                                               #10768-2           $78 pr
hardware & instructions.
'28-'31 Model A                                                            REAR FOUR-LINK FRAME BRACKET PLATE by
         w/stock frame rail taper when viewed from the side                Pro Street - Laser cut from 1/4" steel. Upper holes
         welded                   #18500               $375                are 1/2" for finer adjustment. Lower holes take 5/8"
         unwelded                 #WS18500             $325                bolts. Designed to use 21" center-to-center bars.
         using 2"x3" or 2"x4" tubing & no taper                            Can be used with our urethane bushed adjusters
         welded                   #2119                $375                or spherical rod ends. Distance from the center of
         unwelded                 #WS2119              $325                the lower hole to the center of the upper hole is 7-
'32 Ford                                                                   7/8".                    #212402            $20 ea
         welded                   #222501              $390
         unwelded                 #WS222501            $340
'28-'31 Model A
                 (Pete & Jake's) #2017                 $476                        REAR FOUR-LINK AXLE BRACKET PLATE
'32 Ford                                                                          by Pro Street- Laser cut from 1/4" steel.
                 (Pete & Jake's) #3017                 $476                       Holes for adjusters are 5/8". Designed to use
'33-'34 Ford w/stock crossmember                                                  21" center-to-center bars. Can be used with
                 (Pete & Jake's) #4017                 $476                       our urethane bushed adjusters or spherical
'33-'34 Ford w/repro crossmember & boxed rails                                    rod ends. Axle tube hole is 3". The coil-over
                 (Pete & Jake's) #4017 RP              $476                       hole is 1/2" so a spherical bearing can be used.
                                                                                  Drill to 5/8" for coil-overs with 5/8" urethane
     Model 'A'                                                                    bushing ends. The coil-over hole is 6" below
   Rear 4-Link                                                    axle center line. The 3/8" upper hole is for a sway bar mount.
      #18500                                                      From the center of the lower 4-link hole to the center of the
                                                                  upper hole is 11-1/2". The 1-1/2" hole below the axle can be
                                                                  used for tubular reinforcement. #212462                $24 ea

      '32 Ford                                                                    FRAME BRACKET KIT, '28 - '31 Model ‘A’
    Rear 4-Link                                                                   FORD REAR 4-LINK - This frame bracket
       #2220                                                                      kit works with the stock Model ‘A’ rear frame
                                                                                  taper because the top of the bracket is cut at
                                                                                  5° off of square to the hole center line. Many
                                                                  repro frames also incorporate this taper (Total Cost Involved,
Pro Street Rear - Made with 3/4" left & right hand threaded       Brookville, Pete & Jake's & others). It has 2 holes, 5/8” dia
urethane bushed adjusters for street-driven Pro/Street            on 5-1/2” centers.      welded #18501                 $28
frames. Adjusters give the 1" diameter seamless mechanical                                unwelded #WS18501             $22 ea
bars a nominal length of 21" center-to-center. Brackets are
1/4" mild steel. Adjuster bolt holes are 5/8" except for the      FRAME BRACKET KIT, 1932-'34 FORD REAR 4-LINK -
front upper holes which are 1/2". This allows finer upper bar     This can be used in many other applications. Note the cut-out
angle adjustment. Urethane bushings & sleeves are included.
                                                                  in the gusset to clear the bar. Holes for the urethane bushings
The axle bracket has a 1/2" mounting hole for the lower end
of the coil-over. Axle tube hole is 3" diameter.                  are ½” diameter on 5-1/2” centers. Use 1.4” wide urethane
welded                             #212470             $440       bushings (WS300608). Mount inside or outside the frame rail,
unwelded                           #WS212470           $400       depending on the width of the frame.
FRAME BRACKET KIT, '28 - '31 Model ‘A’ FORD REAR                                    driver side          #WS22201D $30 ea
4-LINK with stock taper - This frame bracket kit works with                         passenger side       #WS22201P $30 ea
Model ‘A’ frames that do not have the stock rear frame taper                        welded driver side #22201D           $44 ea
                 (when viewed from the side). This bracket                          welded pass. side #22201P            $44 ea
                 can also be used on many other frames. It
                 has 2 holes, 5/8” dia on 5-1/2” centers. The
                 top hole center is about 3/4" below the frame    WELDED SHOWN
                 rail.             #WS21191          $24 ea
                          welded #21191              $30 ea
                                                                 36                                          1-888-876-2124
                                      REAR END COMPONENTS
                          PANHARD KITS - Available for           FOUR LINK KIT, TRIANGU-
                          Ford 8" & 9" rear ends. Kits include   LATED by Welder Series -
                          frame brackets, adjustable urethane-   This design eliminates the Pan-
                          bushed bar, axle bracket & hardware.   hard bar. To accomodate many
                          We need to know your vehicle or the    frame widths, the upper frame
                          inside width of your frame at the      brackets have to be trimmed.
                          rear end.                              Bars are 1" heavy-wall seamless tubing, tapped one end
                                                                 5/8-18 RH & notched for the 10092 urethane bushing tube
                                                                 on the other end. The rear axle brackets are easy to fold
                                                                 by hand along the laser-cut slits. This provides a corner-to-
                                                                 corner weld line. Coil-overs can be mounted in one of three
                                                                 holes. Assembly & installation tips are provided.
  Vehicle                                    9" Ford with                                kit            #WS318500 $325
  (Inside Frame           8" Ford            centered U-
                                             joint pinion
                                                                                             welded     #318500        $375

                          unwelded, no bar   unwelded, no bar
                          WS26800 $61        WS26900 $74

  'A' Raised & Nar-
                          268175     $99     269180    $110
  rowed (32" ID)
                                                                 SWAY BAR KITS - Rear by Chassis Engineering - are
  'A' Stock
                          268192     $99     269197    $110      complete with bar mounting brackets & all linkage.
  (35-1/2" ID)                                                   '35-'40 Ford w/dual leaf spring kit #SB3540R $162
                                                                 '41-'48 Ford w/dual leaf spring kit #SB4148R $162
  '32 Ford                                                       Universal (modifications to upper linkage mount may be
                          268205     $103    269210    $110
  (38" ID)                                                       required)                           #SB1037R $168

  '33-'40 Ford
  (40" ID) Frame          268215     $99     269218    $110
                                                                 REAR SWAY BAR KIT (ANTI-ROLL BAR) by Welder
                                                                 Series - Sway Bar Kit (anti-roll bar), rear, 36" wide, but can
  must be boxed
                                                                 be cut down (with a hack saw) to any length. The bar is ¾"
                                                                 diameter with one end splined ¾-36. The other end of the
  For frames not listed
                           N/A               269000    $110      bar is smooth. This smooth end gets pinned & welded into
  above *                                                        a coupler which attached to one of the arms. The laser-cut,
                                                                 3/8" thick arms are 8" center-to-center. Formed tabs weld to
  * Please supply the dimension from inside the driver's         the outer tube & connect the bar to the rear crossmember
  side boxing plate to the center of the top stud on the         using the coil-over bolts. Urethane bushings insulate road
  differential. Our bar length will be your dimension plus       vibration. Rod ends connect the arms to the tabs that weld to
  2-3/4"                                                         the rear end. Overall length is ¾" longer than the bar length,
                                                                 since the 3/8" arms mount outside the ends of the bar. The
                                                                 arms can be bent to clear the coil-overs.
PANHARD KIT rear, universal by Welder Series - This                               unwelded               #WS22700 $250
kit can be used with most rear ends because it has a bracket
that welds to the passenger side rear axle tube. The bracket
sides can be easily folded along laser-cut slits. The urethane
bushed, adjustable bar, attaches to the axle bracket & to
supplied tabs that weld to the driver’s frame rail. The longer
bar means less side-to-side movement under suspension
travel.                                                               #WS22700
                         #2184                           $115
         unwelded        #WS2184                          $93    REAR SPRING HANGER KIT - is for transverse mounted
                                                                              (early Ford style) leaf springs. Made for
                                                                              3” diameter housings & a 2-1/4” spring.
                                                                              Use 2-1/4" shackles with 3/4" diameter
                                                                              bushings. The center of the spring will be
#WS2184                                                                       6-1/8” behind the rear axle tube.
                                                                                                   #20950         $72
                          #2184                                             unwelded               #WS20950 $54
1-888-876-2124                                                   37
                                     REAR SUSPENSION - IRS

                                           INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSIONS

INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION by Heidt's - has                              "Chrome & polish" options shown in picture.
cast aluminum alloy center housing & outer uprights, 9"
third member with your choice of gears, steel halfsshafts           INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION by Kugel
assembled w/inner flanges & outer yokes including U-joints,         Komponents - has cast aluminum center housing & outer
new forged inner stub axles with bearings & seals, Wilwood          uprights, 9" third member with 3.00 gears, steel halfshafts,
rotors & polished calipers, alum. caliper plates. Corvette outer    U-joints, new forged inner stub axles with bearings & seals,
bearing assemblies & flanges, tubular lower control arms with       vented rotors, Corvette calipers. Tubular lower control arms
adjusters, Aldan billet coil-overs with chrome springs, upper       with adjusters, adjustable coil-overs with powder coated
crossmember with outer mounting brackets, pinion support            springs, urethane-bushed upper crossmember.
crossmember with urethane bushed links.                                                      #KIRS01          Call for pricing.
                                              Call for pricing.

                       SUSPENSION COMPONENTS front & rear
                                        GLOBAL WEST SUSPENSION for
                                        American Muscle Cars - A wide variety
                                        of performance suspension components
                                        are available individually or as complete
                                        upgrade packages. Please call with your
                                        application or visit

ADJUSTERS - As used on our suspension kits. Available with 5/8-18 RH or ¾-16 LH threaded stud. The 5/8" adjuster is
made with the stud welded on straight, at 5° or 9°. The ¾" adjuster studs are all welded straight. The part number is for
one adjuster, complete with jam nut, but not including the urethane bushing, which should be ordered separately.
                               5/8" straight                     #100800        $16
                               5/8" straight, unwelded           #WS100800 $12
                               5/8" 5°                           #100850        $16
                               5/8" 5°, unwelded                 #WS100850 $12
                               5/8" 9°                           #100890        $16
                               5/8" 9°, unwelded                 #WS100890 $12
                               ¾" RH thread                      #1007R         $20
                               ¾" LH thread                      #1007L         $21

                                                                   38                                        1-888-876-2124
                         SUSPENSION COMPONENTS front & rear
                                                                      SPINDLES - '55-'57 CHEV DROPPED SPINDLES by
                                                                      Heidt's - makes these steel spindles to drop the front end
                                                                      2". They use stock steering arms. For braking, a bracket is
                                                                      included to adapt '78-'88 Chevelle calipers & '79-'81 Monte
                                                                      Carlo rotors & GM bearings.
                                                                                                       #SP102              $359
ADJUSTER, MULTI-ANGLE by Kugel - Multi-Angle
Stainless Adjusters will pivot to any angle. Can be used for
I.F.S. systems or for rear diagonal locators. Lots of other
applications, too. Complete with UHMW bushing & sleeve for
a ½" or 5/8" bolt. Right or left hand 5/8-18 thread.                  BARS - Bars are made from seamless mechanical tubing,
                 5/8" sleeve                                          either 1" or 7/8" OD. Front bars & rear Panhard bars are
LH               # 230PL                               $88            usually 7/8" & rear bars are usually 1". A standard bar
LH pol’d         # 230SL                              $115            has an eye for a urethane bushings (the bushings must
RH               # 230PR                               $79            be ordered separately) welded on at a right angle to the
RH pol’d         # 230SR                              $106
                                                                      tube. The other end is threaded 5/8-18 RH for an adjuster
ADJUSTER STUDS - The 7/8” diameter head is notched 1-                 (order the adjuster separately).
        3/8” at 0°. The threaded portion is 2” long. Extra
        strength for rear 4-link kits. Mild steel.                    We measure standard bars from the center of the eye to
        ¾-16 RH thread        #100710R             $11 ea             the threaded end, as shown in Figure 1. NOTE: this is NOT
        ¾-16 LH thread        #100710L             $11 ea             center-to-center. If you have a C-C dimension, deduct 1-
                                                                      5/8" for the adjuster length. Custom length bars can be
ADJUSTER STUDS - The 7/8” diameter head is notched                    made up. Standard lengths are normally in stock.
1-3/8” diameter. The threaded portion is 1-5/8” long. Mild            Non-standard length bars (made to your specifications).
steel. Can be used in front or rear 4-link kits.                              7/8" diameter          #115000              $45
         5/8-18 RH thread, 0° #100810              $9 ea                      1" diameter            #126000              $47
         5/8-18 RH thread, 5° #100815              $9 ea
         5/8-18 RH thread, 9° #100819              $9 ea
            Width: 1.4"

Urethane half bushing         #1203                       $2 ea
                                                                      Standard lengths for 7/8" bars with 5/8-18 RH thread:
       ½"       steel sleeve  #18908                      $5 ea
                                                                                       17-½             #115175                 $40
       5/8"     steel sleeve  #18910                      $5 ea
                                                                                       18               #115180                 $40
Package of 16 with washers & bushings
                                                                                       19-¼             #115192                 $40
                                                                                       19-¾             #115197                 $40
         9/16"                      #1201-9/16         $49 pkg
                                                                                       20-½             #115205                 $40
SHACKLE BUSHINGS - are ¾" O.D. x ½" I.D. urethane.                                     21               #115210                 $40
They are 7/8" long, but can be used in springs 1¾", 2" &                               21-1/2           #115215                 $40
2¼" wide. Use 2 bushings in each spring or perch eye.                                  21-7/8           #115218                 $40
                               #1212             $6 pr                                 22-½             #115225                 $40
                                                                                       27-3/8           #115273                 $40
URETHANE BUSHING EYE - welds to the end of 4-bar or
                                                                                       27-7/8           #115278                 $40
adjuster stud. Urethane bushings sold separately.
                                                                      Standard lengths for 1" bars with 5/8-18 RH thread:
For 1203 bushing               #10092             $5
                                                                                       21-¼             #126212                 $44
For 1205 bushing               #21309             $6
                                                                                       23 ¼             #126232                 $44
                 MICROFLEX URETHANE BUSHINGS by                                        24-1/8           #126241                 $44
                 Pete & Jake's - heavy-duty (as used in our                            28-¼             #126282                 $44
                 lower A-arms). Inner sleeve for a 5/8" bolt.         Pro/Street bars are 1" heavy-wall tubing, threaded ¾-16 left
                                  #1205HALF                $4         & right hand. The length is the actual length of the tube, NOT
                                                                      the center-to-center dimension. If you want to give us the
SPRING LINER - New compound from Bob Drake makes                      C-C dimension, we will cut the tube length for our adjusters
this liner smooth as silk. A lock-in lip keeps it firmly in place.    only. Add 3¼" for C-C length. Order the adjusters & urethane
Black only. 20 foot roll.                                             bushings separately.
          1-3/4" wide               #TI-2640-BLK             $27                                        #127000                 $44
          2" wide                   #TI-2642-BLK             $27
          2-1/4" wide               #TI-2644-BLK             $29
1-888-876-2124                                                       39
                                      RIDE TECH SUSPENSION
The Ride Tech System

The heart of the RIDE TECH SUSPENSION system is the airspring. These
airsprings are made to Ride Tech specifications by Firestone, the world's
largest airspring manufacturer. The airspring is constructed of a durable
2-ply layer of fabric & rubber. Metal endplates are used for long service.

Ride height is controlled by the control module mounted inside the vehicle. A 2 way (front & rear), or 4 way (one for each
airspring) controller is available. An illuminated gauge monitors air pressure in the system. Ride height air pressure will range
from 50 to 100psi, depending on the exact weight of the vehicle.

In addition to ride height control, the air ride system absorbs much more road vibration than coil or leaf springs. The ride
quality is greatly improved. Potholes, train tracks & other road irregularities seem to melt away!

A small but powerful 12v air compressor is used to power the system. An air reservoir (tank) stores the air pressure used
to power the system. The tank size depends on the system: 1/2 gallon to 5 gallon tanks are available & some systems use
more than one. From a lowered condition to ride height will take from under 2 seconds (with the ARC4800e system) to about
15 seconds (with the ARC1001 4-wheel Econo system).

Ride Tech has several different controllers. The latest is the RidePro e, a controller created solely for air suspensions. More
details are in the "Compressor Systems" section of this catalogue, but the RidePro e features digital readouts, plug-in
electronics & "ride height on start". The last feature ensures that there won't be "cruise night embarrassment" when you
try to head for home with your ride still sitting on the ground.

On vehicles with leaf spring rearends, a bracket is placed between the main leaf & the spring pad to locate the bottom
of the airspring. The main leafs are left in the vehicle to locate the rearend. The top of the airspring is attached by an angle
bracket that is bolted or welded to the frame. On ladder bar or 4 link rearends, the bottom airspring mount is welded to
the rearend.

On the front end, the airspring replaces the coilspring. The bottom of the airspring is attached to the lower A arm. The
top of the airspring is mounted to the frame by an angle bracket.

The AIRoverLeaf ™ Rear Suspension System is the                      Universal Air/Leaf Kits
most simple, cost effective & easiest to install air ride system.    2000# kit
There are a great number of finished vehicles out there that         3000# kit
use a leafspring rear suspension. This system offers a great         4000# kit
ride quality & extra load capacity without re-engineering
your vehicle. Lowering is accomplished by removing 1 or              Call for pricing.
2 leafsprings. The airspring is then inflated to restore load
capacity, ride height & spring rate. This system is completely
bolt-on & requires little or no modification to your vehicle.
                                                         CoolRide, AIRoverLeaf, ShockWave, & more ways to give
Kit includes: airsprings, bracketry & hardware. Call for your ride the Ride Tech advantage are on-line (www.ride-
pricing.                                        & in their catalogue. Give us a call for the latest
                                                         copy or to talk about your project.
'35-'40 Ford
'41-'48 Ford
'49-'54 Ford - includes shocks
'49-'52 Merc - includes shocks
'37-'54 Chev
'55-'57 Chev - includes shocks
'35-2003 Ford Truck
'40-2003 Chev Truck
'73-2003 Chev & Ford 1 ton
'82-2003 S10 & Blazer

Many other applications!

                                                                    40                                       1-888-876-2124
                                        RIDE TECH SUSPENSION

The CoolRide™ FRONT SYSTEM consists of airsprings, shock
absorbers & all necessary mounting bracketry & hardware.
Call for applications & pricing.

This is the original Ride Tech Suspension that was developed
several years ago & remains the most popular system today.
The CoolRide System has the greatest application coverage &
versatility of all of their Ride Tech Systems. It will raise & lower
                                                                       What says “performance” more than a set of tubular control
the vehicle, improve the handling & offer a terrific ride.
                                                                       arms? After all of the time & effort expended on your ride,
                                                                       you definitely can’t let your stamped OEM control arms detract
• Lowers vehicle ride height                                           from all that work. Finish your suspension off with these new
• Improves handling                                                    tubular control arm systems from Ride Tech. These tubular
• Greatest application coverage & versatility                          control arms are a precision engineered solution for Shock-
• Pre-engineered mounting hardware to maintain ground                  Wave™ installation, ball joint binding & frame clearance
clearance, driveline angles, tire clearance & load capacities.         issues that can haunt some vehicles. When you combine the
                                                                       performance benefits with the elegant design of these arms,
• Improves ride quality!
                                                                       there is no question ... GOTTA HAVE THESE!
Front System: The shock is usually relocated to the outboard
                                                                       Call for applications & pricing.
side of the lower control arm. A weld-on bracket mounts the
top of the shock to the frame rail.                                                           TUBING CUTTER - for air lines
Rear System: The airspring & shock absorber will normally                                     makes square ends for leakproof
go in the stock locations.                                                                    connections.
                                                                                                #9001081            $16
The CoolRide™ REAR SYSTEM consists of airsprings, shock
absorbers & all necessary mounting bracketry & hardware. REAR AXLE BRACKETS - For Ride Tech
                                                         Designed to mount Ride Tech' F9000 air spring & standard
                                                         1.4" long urethane bushings. Side plates: 1/4" laser-cut mild
                                                         steel with 1/2" holes for the 4-link bolts. Axle tube notch is
                                                                            3" diameter but slightly larger or smaller
                                                                            tubes will fit.
                                                                            tig welded #477600              $50 ea
                                                                            unwelded        #WS477600 $44 ea

                                                                                     MOUNTS FOR REAR SHOCK WAVES -
                                                                                     These billet aluminum mounts can be used to
                                                                                     adapt the 7000 & 9000 series to street rod style
                                                                                     coil-over brackets like our #1076. Hardware
Air4Link™ Triangulated Rear Suspension is designed                                   included. (Shockwave not included).
for the professional builder who wants a straight forward, no-                       #90001928 Call for pricing.
compromise rear air ride suspension. The triangulated version
Air 4Link is a tubular version of the 4 link suspensions that
GM has used since 1964. Welding & basic fabrication skills are AIR SPRING FRAME MOUNT - For Ride Tech - Designed
needed. A rear ShockWave is an upgrade option.                      to mount Ride Tech 9000 air spring.
                                                                    Laser-cut, 3/16" mild steel. Formed to
Air4Link™ Parallel Rear Suspension is very similar in weld to the frame boxing plate or to a
construction to the tri link, but the parallel 4-link uses a crossmember. Notched to clear the air
Panhard bar to position the rear axle side to side. Parallel 4-Link line fitting.
with CoolRide includes black powder-coated adjustable bars,                    #474208     $21 ea
Panhard bar with rod ends & rubber bushings, weld-on frame
& axle brackets, F9000 airsprings, shocks & hardware.
1-888-876-2124                                                     41
                                     COMPRESSOR SYSTEMS

3                                 ride height presets with optional “Ride height on start” feature.
              Optional LevelPro Sensors monitor both air pressure & ride height to eliminate crossloading.
            Transflective display uses sunlight to illuminate … the brighter the sun, the brighter the display.
                Mini USB connectors on bottom & back of control panel offer several mounting options.
                                  Waterproof ECU allows mounting anywhere on vehicle.
                            Compatible with existing RidePro & other brands of solenoid valves.
                 Built in troubleshooting menus provide error codes to alert users of any malfunctions.
                 Solid state internal compressor relays eliminate external compressor relays & wiring.


                                                                                         Tech Tip
                                                                             A bouncy ride usually means you
                                                                            need more air pressure. A firm ride
                                                                            may mean too much air pressure or
                                                                                    too firm a shock.

 Rolling Sleeve     Tapered Sleeve        Double Convoluted
                                                                                             THE SHOCK WAVE
                                                                                             - Rear
                                                                                             The ShockWave 7000 series
                                                                                             is 4" diameter & has a load
                                                                                             capacity of 780 lbs. at 100
                                                                                             psi. This is a good choice for
                                                                                             vehicles with up to 1500 lbs.
THE SHOCK WAVE -                                                                             on the rear axle. The 700 series
                                                                                             can also be used as a leaf spring
Front                                                                                        supplement.
Ride Tech has developed a new state
of the art airspring/shock combination
                                                                                             The Shockwave 8000 series is
called the ShockWave. By placing the
                                                                                             5" diameter with a load capacity
airspring around the shock absorber,
                                                                                             of 1200 lbs. at 100 psi. Use the
the need for a relocated shock is
                                                                                             800 series for vehicles with up
eliminated. This simplifies mounting,
                                                                                             to 2400 lbs. on the rear axle.
eliminates tire clearance problems &
maintains an effective shock angle. The
ShockWave uses a Billet QA1 racing                                 Mustang II replacements:
shock that has a 12-position valving                               Bolt-on installation - no welding required. ~ Unequaled ride
adjustment so you can fine tune for                                quality ~ Proven patented sealing technology ~ Anodized
ultimate ride quality. The airspring                               billet aluminum construction ~ 12-position adjustable
bellows is manufactured by Firestone.                              valving ~ Eliminates tire clearance problems ~ Superior
                                                                 Shock Wave Mustang II coil spring replacement
                                                                                                 #21120305 Call
                                                               Cool ride Mustang II coil-spring replacement
                                                                                                 #19011099 Call
                                                               There will also be an adapter provided for the upper coil-spring

                                                              42                                           1-888-876-2124
TO GET THEORETICAL REAR COIL-OVER SPRING                                                      ALDAN COIL-OVERS - a r e
RATE FOR SOLID AXLE APPLICATIONS.                                                             made from 6061-T6 aluminum to
Rear Weight = Weight of Vehicle X .5 for street rods; X.45                                    reduce weight & look great. Fully
for late models                                                                               rebuildable. The nitrogen charged
Sprung Weight = Rear Weight less 300 lb (for rear end,                                        gas shock resists foaming to give
etc).                                                                                         a consistant ride. A 3-function,
Weight on each spring = Sprung Weight/2                                                       anti-leak valve system works with
Spring Rate = Weight on each spring/Spring compression*                                        the six-setting, manual damping
(This is a theoretical rate)                                                                   adjustment control to allow you to
                                                                                               tune your suspension like never
*Spring Compression for Our Coil-Overs:                            before. The lower spring seat is adjustable to change the ride
ALDAN -- AS654: 2½                                                 height & allow quick, no-press-required spring changes. The
                                                                   piston rod is a rugged 9/16-inch diameter. The mounting eyes
                                                                   are machined for urethane bushings for a 5/8" bolt.
Weight of vehicle: 3200 lb Street Rod
                                                                   Aluminum coil-overs with black springs
Rear Weight: 3200 lb X.5                = 1600 lb
                                                                                             #AS-657-XX Call for pricing.
Sprung Weight: 1600 lb less 300lb       = 1300 lb
Weight on each spring: 1300 lb/2        = 650 lb
Spring Rate (AS654): 650 lb/2.5 = 260 lb                     ALUMINUM COIL-OVERS by Heidt's
                                                             Front Application:
BLACK STEEL COIL-OVERS                                                          plain         #CB-101                      $406 pr
                                                                                polished      #CB-101-P                    $539 pr
by Heidt's - 10" compressed,
                                                                     Add 9" springs
14-1/2" extended & 13" ride                                                     chrome plated #CS-XXX-09                   $158 pr
he ight . Or de r s ho c k par t                             Rear Application:
number & spring part number                                                     plain         #CB-105                      $347 pr
separately.                                                                     polished      #CB-105-P                    $539 pr
                                                                     Add 11" springs
Black Springs with:                                                             black         #CR-XXX-B                    $119 pr
        black painted shocks       #CO-101           $433 pr                    chrome        #CR-XXX-C                    $148 pr
        uses 11" springs           #CR-XXX-11-B
                                                                  TECH TIP: Heidt's & TCI's rear coil-overs mount with a ride height
CHROME STEEL COIL-OVERS by TCI - - 10" compressed, of 13" center-to-center. Street rods with solid rear ends (8" & 9" Ford
14-1/2" extended & 13" ride height. Order shock part number for example) normally mount the coil-overs so they are vertical when
& spring part number separately.                            viewed fromthe side of the car & at an angle (closer together at the
                                                             top) when viewed from the rear. Normally the shock angle will be
Silver powder coated Springs with:                           between 20° & 30°. With each upper mount 4-1/2" inboard from the
         chrome plated shocks #400-4329-00           $542 pr lower mount, the shock will be at a 20° angle. This gives a firmer
         uses 10" springs       #10-XXX                      ride. With the upper mounts in 6-1/2", the shock will be on a 30°
                                                             angle. This will give a softer ride with less resistance to roll.

                                                                   COIL OVER WRENCH - designed for Viper, Spax & Aldan-
                                                                              styled threaded spring collars with notches
BOLT KIT - for coil-overs. These washers & spacers retain                     in them.
                 the lower coil-over eye if it slips off of                            #405735                      $13
                 the urethane bushings & they space the
                 coil-over shock out from the lower mount.                         S U P E R I D E
                 These steel spacers are 1-3/8" long with a       FRONT COIL-OVER SHOCKS
                 5/8" hole. Each kit includes 4 washers, 2        FOR MUSTANG II SUSPENSION
                 spacers, 2 bolts & 2 nylon insert lock nuts      by Heidt's - Coil-Over Shocks for
                 & instructions.    #23203             $16        Mustang II IFS. Modified 1/2" hole
                                                                  Heidt's Tubular Coil-Over Lower
                   BOLT KIT (as above) with aluminum
                                                                  Arms provide the ultimate in hi-tech
                   spacers & washers. - Kit incudes 2 spacers,
                                                                  appearance for the Mustang IFS.
                   2 washers, 2 bolts, 2 nylon insert lock
                                                                  Provides adjustable ride height as well as spring
                   nuts.             #23205              $26
                                                                  rates. Aluminum shocks, with aluminum ride height
                                                                  adjusters, spherical lower ends & show chrome springs
                     SOLD SEPARATELY too! Specify which           included.
                     coil-overs you are using.                              shocks only               #MP-050       $451 pr
                     Washers      #30211          $4 ea           Springs available: 375, 500, 600 or 700 lbs
                     Spacers      #23206          $5 ea                                               #MP-XXX       $133 pr
                                                                 43                                          1-888-876-2124
                                          STEERING COLUMNS
                    STEERING COLUMNS by Ididit - col-             ididit measures a column from the top of the column where
                    umns have 8-position tilt, self-cancelling    your wheel or aftermarket adaptor would bolt on, down to the
                    turn signals, 4-way flashers, horn, billet    bottom of the shafting. Tilt/Tele columns are measured in a
                    shifter knob, billet & stainless signal arm   collapsed position & have a 2-1/4" telescoping adjustment.
& tilt arm, billet emergency flasher button & column shifts       On many 1929-'31 street rods usually a 30" column is used.
have adjustable lower shift arm. The shaft is Borgeson’s 1"       This brings the column through the firewall about 3".
-DD spline & it extends 1-½" out the end of the column. The       With a standard steering box, a 32" tilt column will fit most
wiring plug is the standard GM 3-7/8" long, Model "P" style.      ’32 Fords; a 35" column fits most vehicles ’33 & up.
These columns accept 1969 or newer GM steering wheels &           With rack & pinion steering, a 35" tilt column will usually fit
adapters.                                                         most cars.· If installing a big-block engine, you will often
                                                                  need a shorter column to prevent interference between the
Non-tilting steel columns are also available. Call for pricing.   column & engine.
Black powder coating also available at extra charge.
                                                                                               STEERING COLUMNS by
                                                                                               Billet Specialties - feature GM
                                                                                               wiring, 5 position tilt, emer-
                                                                                               gency flasher & directionals.
                                                                                               Columns include billet tilt lever,
TILT STEEL COLUMN - 2" diameter tube as above:                                                 flasher knob, turn signal lever
"Shorty"  16"            #1120160010                     $422                                  & single lead horn wire. Stand-
          28"            #1120280010                     $422                                  ard length is 32-1/2”. Precision
          30"            #1120300010                     $422                                  machined from 6061-T6 billet
          32"            #1120320010                     $422                                  aluminum with mirror finish
          35"            #1120350010                     $422                                  polish

Above also available in chrome                           $554
Mounting bracket for "Shorty" column                                                   32-1/2"           #25120           $594
                                #2301000010                $42
                                                           COLUMN SHIFT LINKAGE - Simplify connecting your
                                                           column shift or floor shift to your transmission with an
                                                           adjustable column shift linkage kit.
                                                           Lokar's Shift Linkage Kit - includes machined billet
                                                           aluminum shift arm, column bushing, rod ends, "U-cut-to-fit"
TILT STEEL COLUMN With Shift Lever - 2 ¼" diameter connecting rod & all hardware. No threading necessary.
tube. The column shift detents work with all transmissions
that have a Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive pattern.            GM TH-350/400/700
            28"           #1130280010               $595                                        #ACA-1800        $66
            30"           #1130300010               $595 Ford C4/C6                             #ACA-1801        $66
            33"           #1130330010               $595
            35"           #1130350010               $595
Above also available in chrome                      $846 CABLE SHIFT LINKAGE - No space for a column shift? ididit
                                                                  & Lokar offer solutions. Please call us for details.
Other columns from ididit...
Tilt - Aluminum                                         call us ididit's solution for clearance problems allows you the
Tilt with column shift - Aluminum                       call us versatility of a cable to shift the column. Each Cable Shift
Tilt & Tele w/column shift - Aluminum                   call us Linkage Kit contains a shift cable, a cable bracket & a
                                                                transmission bracket. Please call us for details.
Retrofit series columns also available:
'55-'57 Chevy Car              '70-'74 Cuda/Challenger            Lokar has a slick aluminum mounting arm, a 5 foot long
'67-'69 Camaro                       '60-'78 Chevy truck          Teflon-lined cable & all the hardware & brackets. No cutting
'64-'72 Chevelle/El Camino/GTO          '64-'69 Mustang           or measuring - simply bolt on. Please call us for details.
'53-'68 Corvette                    '76-'86 CJ 5&7 Jeep
'58-'67 Impala/El Camino     '53-'79 Ford half ton truck
'62-'73 Nova

                                                                              Lokar GM Column Cable Shift Linkage
                                                                                     2"             #ACA-1804             $148
                                                                                     2-1/4"         #ACA-1805             $148

1-888-876-2124                                                    44
                                            STEERING COLUMNS
ididit KNOBS & LEVERS for columns - Dress up kits                      COLUMN DRESS UP KIT by CP Automotive - These
available in standard or deco styles. Call for details.                column kits will dress up your steering column beautifully.
                                                                       The knobs & arms are aluminum. Included in the kit is a
                                                                       turn signal, a tilt arm & a hazard button.

                                                                                               #35137                    $28

                                                 COLUMN DROPS
                                                                                                 STEEL WELD-ON COLUMN
                                                                                                 DROP by ididit - for 2" diameter
                                                                                                 columns only.
Billet aluminum with carpet bezel.
            #2401500040            $131

will make things secure at the floorboard or
firewall. Functional & inexpensive.                                    3"   drop   #2303490010                  $42
Column sizes:                                                          4"   drop   #2304490010                  $42
                                                                       5"   drop   #2305490010                  $42
1¾"         #2400300010                      $32                       7"   drop   #2307490010                  $42
2"          #2401300010                      $32
2¼"         #2402300010                      $32                                            COLUMN DROPS by Mullins
                                                                                            - Machined from billet aluminum,
FLOOR MOUNTS for columns -                                                                  drops come in three styles & various
Mullins Full Circle floor mount                                                             hole diameters to fit most columns.
for FLOORSHIFT-type columns.                                                                Adjustable swivel easily compensates
Machined aluminum, it secures                                          for different column & dash angles. Available in 1¾", 1⅞",
the steering column to the floor                                       2", 2¼" & 2⅜" diameter holes & lengths of 2",3",4",5",6 &
or firewall & pivots to ease                                           7". The 2⅜" drop has a notch to clear the wire harness cover
installation.                                                          on GM columns.

Mullins Split Circle - floor mount has all of the features of
the original plus it splits permitting installation over the lever
of column shift column. May also be installed after column is
in car. Inner & outer ring parts fit for tight seal & pivots.

    COLUMN SIZE          SWIVEL             SWIVEL - SPLIT

                                                                       					 Recessed            Open                 Solid
    1¾" brushed          909001 $66
    1¾" pol'd            909002 $74                                    Polished Solid                           $79 ea

    2" brushed           909003 $66         909007 $93                 Polished recessed or open                $115 ea
    2" pol'd             909004 $74         909008 $103
                                                                       Mounting hole to hole measurement is 3-1/2" eye to eye.
    2¼" brushed          909005 $66         909009 $93                 Drops are measured from center of column hole to top of
    2¼" pol'd            909006 $74         909010 $103                hinged flat. To determine length of drop required: measure
                                                                       from the mounting surface on the bottom of the dash to the
                                                                       center-line of the steering column.
                                                                     45                                         1-888-876-2124
                                            STEERING WHEELS
Lecarra Steering Wheels are constructed from a one-piece aluminum magnesium alloy frame. Leather wrapped wheels
are made using only the finest available leather which is both dip dyed & then spray dyed to insure that color will not fade.
Hand stitched with a special nylon thread. When ordering a leather wrapped wheel, add the 2 digits of the color you wish:
black 01, brown 02, burgandy 03, blue04, dark grey 06, red 08, brite red 12, tan 09, caramel 05, light grey 07, white 10,
bone 13, teak 15. Order a steering hub adapter from a wide range of adapters available allowing your wheel to be mounted
to virtually any vehicle. We stock adapters for GM/ididit columns. Lecarra adapters are supplied with stainless mounting
screws, horn wire & LECARRA logo. Choose from a variety of horn buttons.

                                                                                           MARK 4 Elegante - Popular 3-
                    THE NEWSTALGIC BANJO WHEEL - A                                         spoke, 14" with single slot. Shown
                    Beautiful combination of traditional styling                           with standard plastic horn button
                    with branded & bent wires & modern                                     supplied with adapter. Adapter &
                    machining. This 15" wheel creates 1½"                                  horn button not included.
                    more driver room. Accommodates any                                             #432xx          $199
                    Lecarra horn button.
                    Wheel        #55301 $436
                    Button        #3222         $70
                                                                    MARK 9 Elegante-- Described as
                                                                    the "most popular steering wheel in
                                                                    the history of street rods". Adapter
                       MARK 40 -This steering wheel is              & horn button not included.
                       available painted or unpainted in a                  #932xx           $199
                       glossy black. Horn button included.
                       Painted    #73000       $434
                       Unpainted #74000        $304
                       Adaptor #B-46100 $70                                                MARK 4 Double Slot - Shown
                                                                                           with billet smooth horn button (not
           A      B       C      D      E      F                                           included). Adapter & horn button not
                                                                                                    #444xx         $199

                                                                    MARK 9 Double Slot - Adapter &
                                                                    horn button not included.
                                                                           #962xx           $199

           G       H       I      J     K      L
We stock the 'C' Billet Hub Adapter         #B-26400 $83                                   MARK 9 Standard - Adapter & horn
Horn buttons available as follows:                                                         button not included.
E      Full Cover - Smooth                  #3223        $72                                      #912xx        $199
F      V8 Ford                              #3455        $78
G      Plastic with Lecarra logo            #3101        $18
H      Standard Groovy                      #3722        $66
I      Aluminum Covered                     #3301        $38
K      Billet Smooth                        #3222        $70        MARK 10 - Brings back feelings of
                                                                    the best of times from an older era.
               CROPPED SHORTY HUB ADAPTOR by                        Like the original equipment wheels of
               ididit - in billet aluminum offers more space        its time, the Mark10 features a hard
               by keeping the wheel closer to the column.           paintable rim & functional horn ring.
               polished            #2201100040       $139
                                                                    Available primed & ready for paint.
               chrome              #2201100020       $196
          9 BOLT HUB ADAPTOR by ididit - in billet                  Wheel      #71000            $355
          aluminum                                                            (Painted black)
          polished       #2201300040       $77                      Horn ring  #3710             $200
                                                                    Adaptor    #B-46100           $70
1-888-876-2124                                                     46
                                          STEERING WHEELS
Billet Specialties Steering Wheels are now available in 14" & 15½" diameters. The back side of each steering wheel is
milled & has polished finger notches added for comfort. The front half of each Billet Specialties Half Wrap steering wheel
is covered with your choice of leather, simulated carbon fiber or simulated burl wood. Countersunk screws hold the half
wrap to the wheel from the backside (a half wrap is required for use with Billet Specialties steering wheels). Because Billet
Specialties' steering wheel components are sold separately, you can mix & match your choice of Steering Wheel, Half Wrap,
Horn Button & Adapter to best fit your needs.
Take control of your muscle car or classic with 15½" diameter steering wheels designed for proper
proportion & leverage needed with larger vehicles. These precision machined steering wheels feature
milled finger notches & leather front rings.
Below is a sample of available products - to browse their full line, go on-line at Many designs are
available. We rotate our stock at the store because we love checking out the different styles too!

                INDY - 14"                    TORQ THRUST - 14"            HUSTLER - 14"
                #29425             $279       #30505            $279       #30755B           $279
    Steering wheels do not include half wrap, adaptor & horn button which must be purchased separately.

FAST LANE - 15½"              CHICAYNE - 15½"               OUTLAW - 15½"                CLASSIC - 15½"
#34175           $299         #34765            $299        #30445            $279       #34725         $299
   Steering wheels do not include half wrap, adaptor & horn button which must be purchased separately.

BILLET HALF WRAPS - Customize by selecting          BILLET HORN BUTTONS - Fit Billet steering
type, colour & size.                                wheels & other aftermarket 9-hole steering wheels.
Leather: white (1), tan (2), light gray (3), dark   Stainless internal hardware.                                    #32625
gray (4), red (5), burgundy (6), blue (7), black    Plain   standard         #32120           $54
(8) or bone (9).                                            large            #32125           $65
        14"              #2900X           $65       Billet standard          #32620           $58
        15-1/2"          #3300X           $72               large            #32625           $63                   #32325
Simulated carbon fiber (11) or simulated burlwood   Bowtie standard          #32320           $68
(12):                                                       large            #32325           $83
        14"              #290XX           $87       Banjo large              #32925           $68
        15-1/2"          #330XX           $95

BILLET WHEEL ADAPTERS - Engineered to fit most GM applications, precision machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum,
mirror polish finish & polished stainless steel mount screws. Please call us for more info & applications.

                                                               47                                         1-888-876-2124
                       APPLICATION                     SIZE (INCHES)         BORGESON #     SPLINE DIA.        TEETH     FLATS
BORGESON Splined Intermediate Shaft
                                                     3/4-36            736                                36
Splined Intermediate Shaft
                                                     9/16-17           517                .562            17
                                                     9/16-26           526                .562            26
                                                     9/16-36           536                .562            36
Please measure - if 9/16, count teeth
                                                     5/8-36            636C*              .625            36
                                                     11/16-36          11/16-36           .687            36
                                                     3/4-36            736                .735            36
                                                     13/16-36          836                .820            36
CHRYSLER IntermediateShaft                           3/4 DD            7DD                .750                         .550
FORD BOX                Manual & Power               3/4-36            736                .735            36
                        Mustang & Pinto MANUAL       9/16-26           526                .562            26
                        Mustang & Pinto POWER        3/4-36            736                .735            36
                        Small spline                 3/4-36            736                .735            36
                        Small DD                     3/4 DD            7DD                .750                         .550
                       Large DD                      1 DD              1DD                .993                         .790
FORD Intermediate Shaft **                           3/4 DD            7DD                .750
3/4" spline                                          3/4-36            736                .735            36
                         Corvair, Vega (Model 140)   5/8-36            636                 .625           36
GM BOX                   Corvette ('63-'67)          3/4-30            730                 .728           30
                         Corvette ('68-'83)          3/4-36            736                 .735           36
                         ('58-'64)                   3/4-36            736                 .735           36
                         Model 122 ('65-'85)         3/4-30 or         730 or              .728 or        30 or
                                                     3/4-36            736                 .735           36
                         Model 525 ('86 & later)     3/4-30            730                 .728           30
                         Model 605 ('78-'84)         3/4-30            730                 .728           30
                         Model 800 ('77 & earlier)   13/16-36          836                 .820           36
                         Model 800 ('78 & later)     3/4-30            730                 .728           30
                         S-10                        3/4-30            730                 .728           30
                         '79 & later                 5/8-36            636                 .625           36
                         Some models                 3/4-30            730                 .728           30
                         Corvette ('84 & later)      17 mm DD          6 DD                .670                        .570
                         Fiero, Cavalier             17 mm DD          6 DD                .670                        .570
                         Small spline                3/4-36            736                 .735           36
GM                       Large spline                1-48              148                 .985           48
COLUMN                   Small DD                    3/4 DD            7 DD                .750                        .550
                         Large DD                    1 DD              1 DD                .993                        .790
GM IntermediateShaft                                 3/4 DD            7DD                 .750                        .550
Heidt's Superide rack/Unisteer                       9/16-26           526                 .562           26
ididit column (aluminum) **                          1-48              148                 .985           48
ididit column (steel)                                1 DD              1DD                 .993                        790
ididit column (steel)                                1-48              148                 .985           48
Independent Chassis rack                             9/16-17           517                 .562           17
International column                                 1-48              148                 .985           48
Jaquar & MGB                                         3/4-48            748                 .750           48
Mullins Column                                       3/4-36            736                 .735           36
Mullins Aluminum Billet Box (Vega)                   5/8-36            636                 .625           36

*The 636C is not interchangeable with the 636
** Ford intermediate shafts use a single “D” & two “DD” configurations - we offer straight “DD” only
1) Measure the outer diameter of the column, box or pinion shaft over the splines.
2) Determine the number of splines in a full circle. If there is a flat spot or teeth are missing, count the number of splines
half way around where there are continuous splines & double this number.
3) If the shaft is a "DD", measure across the widest point.

1-888-876-2124                                                   48

NEEDLE BEARING UNIVERSAL JOINTS by Borge-                      U-JOINT ORIENTATION - When 2 joints are used on a
son - The advantages of universal joints with sealed           shaft, the forks of the yokes closest to each other should be
needle bearings include: Long life, smooth operation,          in line, not out of phase (see picture).
maintenance-free & reliability.
DOUBLE NEEDLE BEARING UNIVERSAL JOINTS by                      ANGLE OF OPERATION - Increasing the angle of opera-
Borgeson - have two swivel points. Call for pricing.           tion beyond 35° dramatically increases the stress on a joint,
All U-joints are available in the following configurations:    weakening the whole steering mechanism. Borgeson joints
¾" smooth bore each end                                        are designed to work efficiently up to 30°. If a greater angle
Single - steel       #U16N-R                                   is required, use a double joint (for up to 70°) or two joints.
Single - aluminum #AL16N-R                                     DO NOT ALTER THE JOINT IN ANY WAY.
Single - stainless #SS16N-R
Single - ss pol.     #SSP16N-R
Double- steel        #D16N-R
Double - stainless #DS16-R
Double - ss pol.     #DSP16-R

¾" smooth bore & spline (or "DD")
Single - steel     #U16N-spline code-R
Single - aluminum #AL16N-spline code-R
Single - stainless #SS16N-spline code-R
Single - ss pol    #SSP16N-spline code-R
Double - steel     #D16N-spline code-R
Double - stainless #SSD16N-spline code-R                          TO DETERMINE SPLINED SHAFT IN A TWO JOINT
Double - ss pol    #SSPD16N-spline code-R                                                 SYSTEM
                                                               Measure the distance from the end of the column to the box/
Spline (or "DD") each end                                      rack. ______ inches (See "C" in the picture above)
Single - steel     #U16N-spline code-spline code               Subtract 3" to allow for the joint centers.
Single - aluminum #AL16N-spline-spline                         "C" minus 3" = _____ inches
Single - stainless                                             Order the next even size shaft for "B" which is _____ inches
         #SS16N-spline code-spline code                        If using a vibration reducer, subtract an additional 1 inch from
Single - ss pol                                                the "C" dimension.
         #SSP16N-spline code-spline code
Double - steel                                                     TO DETERMINE SPLINE SHAFTS WHEN THREE OR
         #D16N-spline code-spline code                                     MORE JOINTS ARE REQUIRED
Double - ss
         #SSD16N-spline code-spline code                       If your steering system calls for 3 or more joints, we recom-
Double - ss pol                                                mend buying the joints first & mocking it up with wood dowels
         #SSPD16N-spline code-spline code                      or PVC pipe to ensure the proper angles & correct shaft lengths
                                                               before ordering the shafts.

                                                              49                                           1-888-876-2124
annoying vibrations that are transmitted through the steering
system & felt in the steering wheel. This reduction in vibration
has been shown to increase the overall life of the steering

Three variations are available with combinations of each listed
below. Please note that: “C” means COUPLER, “S” means
                                                                SPLINED SHAFTING - ¾" diameter by 36 spline is manu-
SHAFT - check the chart for spline sizes.
Call for pricing.
                                                                factured in 2" increments up to 36" long & is splined 2"
                                                                   on each end (allowing up to 2" to be trimmed for an exact
Picture #1 = coupler x coupler                                     fit). For example, a 10" shaft can be trimmed up to 1" at
                           Void required: 1¾                       each end resulting in a shaft as short as 8". 4" long splined
                           COMBINATIONS AVAILABLE:                 shafts are splined the entire length.
                           VRIC526xC736                                  4" to 36" long             #4092xx
                           VRIC636xC736                                  36" splined one end only #409036
                                                                   STAINLESS STEEL SHAFTING by Borgeson - is avail-
                           VRIC526xC7DD                         able in ¼" increments from 3" to 16" lengths & one inch
                           VRIC636xC7DD                         increments in 16" to 24" lengths with ⅞" of spline on
                           VRIC736xC7DD                         each end. May be polished & buffed to a mirror finish.
                                                                Call for pricing.
                                                                         3"-16" lengths
Picture #2 = coupler x shaft
                               Void required: 2-⅞
                               COMBINATIONS AVAILABLE:                   17"-36" lengths
                               VRIC526xS736                                 polished
                               VRIC636xS736                     “DD” (Double D) SHAFTS
                               VRIC730xS736                     Borgeson offers ¾" DD shafts. The entire length of each shaft
                               VRIC736xS736                     has the DD configuration which allows the shaft length to be
                               VRIC7DDxS736                     trimmed to any dimension. U- joints, couplers & vibration
                                                                reducers are offered in ¾" DD to accept the ¾" DD shafts.
                                                                Call for pricing.
Picture #3 = shaft x shaft                                               18" steel shaft        #409418
                            void required: If inserted in shaft          36" steel shaft        #409436
                            & connected with a coupler on                22" stainless shaft    #419422
                            each end - 4-1/8                             22" stainless pol'd    #429422
                            If one end goes into existing joint          36" stainless shaft    #419436
                            or coupler - 3-1/8;                          36" stainless pol'd    #429436
                            if both ends go into existing
                            joints or couplers - 2¼


                        the ¾"-36 & ¾" DD female                   COLLAPSIBLE INTERMEDIATE SHAFT - Borgeson's
                       spline vibration reducer                    18½" shaft is designed to collapse 6½" on impact lessening
                       can be combined with ANY                    the chance of chest injury & allowing the driver to maintain
                       U-joint yoke to attach to                   control providing the vehicle can still be driven. The shaft
                       the steering column, box                    can be shortened by up to 4", but equal amounts must be
                       or rack.                                    taken off each end to maintain maximum collapsibility. Call
                                                                   for pricing.                     #460018
#VJ16-vib. red. spline X U-joint spline

 Builder's Tip: Vibration reducers should be at least 1"
 away from the exhaust manifold or headers to avoid
 overheating the urethane.

1-888-876-2124                                                     50

COUPLER (Steering) - A coupler is a rigid connector to
be used when the flexibility of a joint is not necessary. It      SHAFT SUPPORT BEARINGS (Steering) - When using
can also serve to extend the shaft in a straight line to place    more than two U-joints in a system, a support bearing must
a U-joint in a more desirable location. Except for a splined-     be used to prevent the shaft from "looping". These bear-
through unit (¾-36 ONLY), the coupler must be joined to a         ings are one method to support intermediate shafts. The
non-splined shaft by welding &/or pinning.                        support should be mounted in a rigid, solid strong area, not
        ¾-36 splined through #313434 (C736X2)                     through a sheet metal section of the body.
        ¾-36 one end x smooth #313400 (C736)
        1"-48 x smooth             #314300 (C148)
                                                                                    Rod End Bearing - available in steel,
        1"-DD x smooth             #315200 (C1DD)
                                                                                    stainless & polished stainless.
        ¾-DD x smooth              #314900 (C7DD)
                                                                                    Steel        #7000001
        9/16"-26 x smooth          #310900 (C526)
                                                                                    Stainless #710000
        ⅝"-36 x smooth             #312100 (C636)
                                                                                    SS Pol'd     #720000

                                                                               Aluminum, flush mount support has a spherical
STEERING RACK & PINION - Omni Manual Rear Steer by                             bearing for ¾" shafting & gives a cleaner look.
Flaming River. This rear steer design mounts behind the                        Available polished.
crossmember & provides oil pan clearance for a Ford engine.                                               #650000
Aluminum Housing with chrome plated steel center tube.                         Polished                   #660000

Mounting Clamp w/bushing         #FR1507C

COUPLER ADAPTOR- Necessary to sleeve 148 & 1DD
couplers to ¾" ID.

                                                                 51                                        1-888-876-2124
BRAKE SYSTEM (3/16" hard line used throughout)

  Builder’s tip: In a disc-drum system, the larger master
    cylinder reservoir should feed the discs, the smaller
        should feed the drums. In a disc-disc system,
     the reservoirs should be the same size. Note that
   the schematic on this page will not be correct for all
                                                                                       Brake Switch

                                       RPV10 shown
RESIDUAL CHECK VALVE - This valve keeps the brake fluid
from draining back into the master cylinder.
                                                                                       Power Booster
DISC brakes: Use 2 pound        #RPV2            $24
DRUM brakes: Use 10 pound (your master cylinder may already                             Master Cylinder
have one built-in)              #RPV10           $24
Wilwood 2# valve for use with stainless hard lines                              Residual Check Valve(s)
        1/8 NPT both ends       #260-1874 $30
Wilwood 10# valve                                                                  Proportioning Valve
        1/8 NPT both ends       #260-1876 $30

Caliper Comparison
Left: '70-'77 Camaro/Firebird - mounting bolts 7" C-C
                                Right: '82-'92 Camaro -

                                MUSTANG II Front Quick-
                                Change Aluminum Cali-
                                per Upgrade Kit by SSBC
                                - Direct bolt-on replacement    PROPORTIONING VALVE - Use to balance front & rear
                                of popular GM G-Body sin-       brakes. Fronts should lock up just before the rears to keep
                                gle-piston cast iron caliper.   the rear end from skidding around. Easy to mount, easy to
                                Features Force 10 SportTwin     adjust & inexpensive. Black anodized aluminum.
                                2-piston aluminum caliper
                                & high performance pads.        c/w adapters for 3/16" brake lines #APV1             $60
Upgrade to replace #4140.       #A181            $546           Same as above but Chrome           #APV1C            $75

                 Distribution Block w/ Brake Swtich
                                                                                            Engineered Components
                 & Prop Valve SSBC - Simplifies your                                        Inc. (ECI) - has brake kits for
                 brake plumbing! Black anodized finish.                                     a wide range of applications. Kits
                 Accepts 3/16 in. brake line.Designed for                                   are available as basic brackets &
                 dual bowl master cylinders.Distribution                                    hardware or as complete with
                 block connects to the master cylinder and                                  rotors, bearings, seals & loaded
                 distributes brake fluid to all four wheels.                                calipers (not shown in the above
                 Includes 2 inlets from master cylinder,                                    picture).
                 2 outlets to front brakes and 1 outlet to
                 rear brakes.Includes wiring pigtail for rear              Call us to discuss your brake upgrade.
                 brake light switch.

                              #A0730            $134
1-888-876-2124                                                  52
                                          FRONT BRAKE KITS
                2125 Brake Kit - to adapt larger 11" Granada                  4500 Rear Brake Kit - to adapt GM rear
                rotors to Mustang II spindles. Each wheel will                calipers to an 8" or 9" Ford rear end. For more
                be moved out ¼". Clears most 14" wheels.                      details, please call.
                For more details, see chart.
                welded          #2125            $85
                unwelded        #WS2125          $69                                1125 Brake Kit - to adapt larger 11"
                                                                                    GM rotors to early ('37-'48) Ford spindles.
                    2136 Brake Kit - to adapt large10½"                             See chart.
                    GM rotors to Mustang II spindles. Each
                    wheel will be moved in ⅛". This kit clears
                    most 14" wheels.                                               1125A Brake Kit - to adapt larger 11"
                    welded       #2136           $105                              Chrysler rotors (Ford bolt pattern) to early
                    unwelded #WS2136             $90                               ('37-'48) Ford spindles. See chart.

To order a front disc brake kit, we need to know which of these two spindles you are using: a) 1937-'48 Ford or '40 Ford
Repro or b) 1974-'78 Mustang II or 1974-'80 Pinto/Bobcat, 11" upgrade; (for 9-1/4" rotors with 5 stud use stock Mustang
II components; see Mustang II section). Now decide which bolt pattern/circle (Ford or Chev) you want. The kits listed
below show you which brake kit to use with the choices above.
NOTE: Other kits are available with aluminum hubs & Wilwood calipers. Call us for more information.

 SPINDLE APPLICATION: 1937-'48 Ford Passenger Car or '40 Ford Repro or '37-'41 Ford PU with 1.187"
 dia. inner race
 Brake Kit for Ford bolt pattern ---                    ROTOR TO USE:               *   CALIPER TO USE:
 5 on 4½" includes cast caliper brackets, bearing/      '76-'80 Volare (11" rotors)     '82-'92 Camaro
 seal adaptors, seals, hardware                         complete with bearings          complete with pads, pins & clips
                                  #1125A $196           #4138 $140pr                    #4140 $100pr
 Brake Kit for Chev/GM bolt pattern ---                 ROTOR TO USE:              *    CALIPER TO USE:
 5 on 4¾" includes cast caliper brackets, bear-         '71-'78 Camaro complete         '82-'92 Camaro
 ing/seal adaptors, seals, hardware, inner bearings &   with outer bearings             complete with pads, pins & clips
 cup                                #1125 $203          #4139 $140pr                    #4140 $100pr

 SPINDLE APPLICATION : 1974-'78 Mustang II or 1974-'80 Pinto/Bobcat **11 inch upgrade

 Brake Kit for Ford bolt pattern ---
                                                        ROTOR TO USE:              *    CALIPER TO USE:
                                                        '75-'80 Granada complete        '82-'92 Camaro
 5 on 4½" includes laser cut CNC machined brack-
                                                        with bearings & seals           complete with pads, pins & clips
 ets, hardware                   #2125 $85
                                                        #4137 $150pr                    #4140 $100pr
 Brake Kit for Chev/GM bolt pattern ---                 ROTOR TO USE:              *    CALIPER TO USE:
  5 on 4¾" includes laser cut brackets, special         '82-'87 Camaro complete         '82-'92 Camaro
 spindle nuts, hardware, spindle nut castle retainers   with bearings & seals           complete with pads, pins & clips
                                   #2136        $105    #4136 $140pr                    #4140 $100pr

#MSR5314L/R (4138 Application)          $282 pr.  Cross drilled & slotted. Electro Zinc
#MSR5519L/R (4139 Application)          $318 pr. plating to resist corrosion & improve pad
#MSR5419L/R (4137 Application)          $284 pr. bedding in process. Improves pad bite
#MSR5547L/R (4136 Application)          $244 pr. for maximum stopping power. Extends
Bearings & seals not included.                   rotor life by eliminating heat related
                                                 stress & warping.

                                                                 53                                        1-888-876-2124
                                            REAR BRAKE KITS
                                                                  11" DRUM BRAKE KIT FOR TORINO/ 9" STYLE
                                                                        Kit includes:
                                                                                          #M1126B x 2
                                                                                          #M2209B x 1 $558
LES - Kit includes 11" rotors, calipers, mounting brackets
& attaching hardware. The rotors have the popular 5-hole,
4.5" diameter passenger car bolt pattern. Caliper mounting
brackets fit the popular 8.8" Truck/9" Late Ford axle hous-
ings with 2" x 3.56" pattern & big 3.15" diameter bearing.
This kit is designed for vehicle installations with a 2.5"                                         M2209B
brake gap (housing flange-to-axle shaft flange).
              #M2300G2 $658

Nine Plus (Currie) offers two types of 11 x 2¼" drum
brake kits for the rear of your vehicle. These are fully loaded
backing plates with brake drums. ALL PARTS ARE NEW. Kits
include all parts for both driver &           passenger side.
Self adjusting mechanism.

"Offset" is also referred to as "Brake Space" or "Axle Offset".
                                                                         79 & up Mustang       Ford 8" or 9" small bearing
This is the distance from the outside of the housing end to
the outside of the axle flange with the axle installed in the
"Register" is the size of the hole in the center of the brake
See REAR END SECTION for infomation about rear axle
bearing flanges.

                                                                       Ford 9" large bearing         Ford 9" Torino

1-888-876-2124                                                    54
T-BOLT - to fit the ⅜" holes in Torino housing ends. The MECHANICAL BRAKE SWITCH - This is a fully adjustable
bolts exceed factory specs. Black oxide finish.                           & water proof mechanical brake
                                 #95041         $2.25 ea                  switch. Since it is rated for high
                                                                          amps, it doesn’t require a relay for
                                                                          most applications. It can be mounted
                                                                          to most pedal assemblies with the
                                                                          adjustable stainless steel bracket.
                                                                                  #SW-42                $40
BRAKE FITTINGS                                                    HYDRAULIC BRAKE SWITCH - High quality switch. Much
Adapter 1/8 NPT male x3/16 IF              #202x3       $3                                   longer life than previous models
Branch TEE, 1/8 NPT female x 3/16 IF       #652x3      $15                                   available. Fits most cars. Only
Elbow 1/8 NPT male x 3/16IF female         #402x3       $3                                   20-50 pound pressure required
Nut, IF 1/2-20 thread for 3/16 line        #3023FMSI $3                                      instead of stock units that don’t
Nut, IF 7/16-24 thread for 3/16 line       #3022        $3                                   come on until 60-100 pounds of
Nut (SS), IF 3/8-24 thread for 3/16 line   #187X375-24 $11
                                                                                             pressure. Includes a connector
Nut, IF 3/8-24 thread for 3/16 line        #105x3 $.50                                       with short leads. The brake relay
Nut, IF 7/16-20 thread for 1/4 line        #250X437-20$11                                    system described below is highly
TEE fitting, 1/8 NPT male x 3/16IF         #602x3       $6        recommended with this switch. The switch has standard 1/8"
Union TEE, 3/16 IF                         #702x3       $6        male pipe thread.
Union, 3/16 IF                             #302X3       $3                                       #SW-32                $36
                                                                  Pure Choice low cost switch
                                                                                                 #1000P                $18

                                                                  BRAKE LINE TEE - For installing SW-32 switch in standard
                                                                  inverted flare brake lines. For use with 3/16" brake lines.
                                                                                                    #652x3                $12

                                                                                     LEVER BRAKE SWITCH - Water
                                                                                     resistant for under floor mounting.
BRAKE & CLUTCH TRIM - For elongated or             rectangular                       Normally on circuitry
pedal shafts. Also for trimming the firewall for   accelerator                                   #SW-62           $24
cable & kick down. 2-1/4" diameter. SS screws.
Solid machined           #B02                      $22
Split 'N' Pinned         #B02S                     $24

                                                                  BRAKE RELAY SYSTEM - Use this relay to increase life of
                                                                  your brake switch.
                                                                                           #BR-66                $49

                                                            BRAKE SWITCH CONTROLLED RELAY - Allows the use
BRAKE TAB - for mounting flexible brake lines to the frame. of a standard normally closed brake switch like the SW-42 or
Has 5/8" hole. Saves time & looks neat.                     SW-62 to act both as a brake switch & cruise control or torque
                         #3020                   $2 ea      convertor disengagement switch. Eliminates the need for
                                                            special brake switches or limited locations for the switch.
                                                                                             #BR-15                 $55

                                                                 55                                        1-888-876-2124

              Braided Brake Line Hose Kit

                                  Banjo Bolt                             #HEI001
                                                              BRAKE LINE KITS by Pure Choice Motorsports -

BRAIDED BRAKE LINES by Pure Choice Motorsports Complete steel brake line kit includes: all brass fittings,
-                                                   clips, line clamps, tabs & 4 flex lines for front disc brakes,
Hose kits include 2 hoses, brake tabs & clips.      dual master cylinder & rear drum brakes (excludes 3/16" steel
'77 & older GM, 7/16-20 banjo                       tubing).                         #HEI001           $199
        #2560 hose kit $69 & #2250 banjo bolts $14
'78 & newer GM, 10mmx 1.5 banjo                     AN stainless steel brake line kit includes: all AN fittings,
        #2550 hose kit $69 & #2290 banjo bolts $14  tabs, line clamps & 4 flex lines for front disc brakes, dual
1/8" female pipe fitting NPT straight               master cylinder & rear drum brakes. Also includes 24' of 3/16"
        #2570 hose kit $69 & #1900 fittings     $14 stainless steel tubing).         #HEI002           $330
'74-'78 Mustang II calipers
        #2560 hose kit $69 & #2260 banjo bolts $14  Please tell us the front & rear brakes being used (calipers
Lincoln Versailles rear                             &/or wheel cylinders).
        #2550 hose kit $69 & #2260 banjo bolts $14
'68-'73 Mustang & Granada front disc
        #2550 hose kit $69 & #2240 banjo bolts $14
Ford rear drum brakes 3/8-24 straight
        #2570 hose kit $69 & #2000P fittings    $14
Ford Explorer rear disc
        #2550 hose kit $69 & #2240 banjo bolts* $14
        *(3/8-24) which must be shortened 3/16"
                                                           THRU'-FRAME FITTINGS - Stainless for -3 braided brake
Here are some other popular wheel cylinder/caliper thread line kits. Use 202x3 straight ($1), 402x3 elbow ($2.50) or
sizes:                                                     602x3 tee adapter ($5) for 3/16 brake lines.
Early Ford ('40-'48): 7/16-20                                    for 2" frame              #66210         $37 pr
'68-'73 Mustang & Granada front: 3/8-24 banjo                    for 2-1/2" frame          #66310         $37 pr
'74-'78 Mustang II, '74-'80 Pinto: 7/16-24 banjo
Early 70's GM: 7/16-20 banjo
Late 70's thru '90 GM: 10MM x 1.5 with a 3/8-24 banjo
N.B. '77-'78 GM must be checked for thread size. Some were
inch, some were metric.
Cordoba: 7/16 banjo
Lincoln Versailles: 7/16-24

BRAKE LINE - 304 Stainless hard line. This line can be double-flared & used with standard inverted flare fittings or 304
stainless fittings (see BRAKE FITTINGS). Sold in 10 foot lengths only (except 3/8) but must be cut to fit in an 8' tube for
         3/16" line (8ft) #AA7718                 $43 ea         1/4" line       #250X029X10-SS             $47 ea
         5/16" line       #312X029X10-SS          $47 ea         3/8" line (8ft) #AA7778                    $51 ea

1-888-876-2124                                               56
             Model 'A' #13704

                         '32 (or similar) #202811

                                                                   CLUTCH PEDAL UPGRADE - for #20281 pedal assembly. Kit
- The '32 mount has been used in other street rods, too,
                                                                   will convert the #20281 kit to a brake & clutch set-up. Pedal
because it is easy to trim to weld to a boxed frame rail. The      pivot bolt ties into the frame boxing plate for strength. Simple
master cylinder mount is laser-cut from 3/16" mild steel &         to mount. Includes: pedal, adjustable pedal pad mount, Delrin
formed to reinforce both the mount & the pedal pivot. Master       bushings & hardware. No linkage included with this kit - must
cylinder mounting holes accommodate both Ford & GM master          be fabricated.
cylinders. The pedal arm is offset to go on the right hand         welded with pedal mount                #20283              $70
side of the steering column. The end of the arm is extra long      unwelded, with pedal mount            #WS20283             $65
so it can be cut off at a comfortable length. Includes our         unwelded without pedal mount kit #WS20284                  $48
new Pedal Mount (can also be purchased separately - see            Upgrade kits do not include the #20281 Pedal Assembly
Model A                              #13704           $139
                                     #13700           $115
Model A, unwelded                    #WS13704         $121
Without pedal mount                  #WS13700          $95
'32 (or similar frames)              #20281           $144
Without pedal mount                  #20280           $120
'32 (or similar frames), unwelded #WS20281            $122
 with #10103 Straight Pedal Arm #10106                $130         BOOSTER BRACKET & PEDAL - Power booster/master
                                                                   cylinder mount & pedal arm mounts under the floor to keep the
                                                                   firewall clean. This bracket will mount either the 7" (single or
                                                                   dual) or 8" dual power booster. The bracket has holes for a Ford
                                                                   or GM master cylinder if the power booster is not used. The
                                                                   pedal is bent for right foot braking & the adjustable stainless
                                                                   pedal mount is included. The pedal mounts to the bracket in
                                                                   double shear for extra strength. This type of pedal mount lets
                                                                   you drop the pedal down instead of sliding it off of a pin so
BOOSTER BRACKET & PEDAL - Booster bracket & pedal kit.             the hole in the floor can be smaller. A 3/8" female rod end is
This universal bracket mounts under the floor with the booster     included to fit common street rod power boosters.
located further back on the frame rail. A 5/8" diameter tube                                            #24806             $137
connects the pedal to the booster. (This tube might need to                                  unwelded #WS24806             $115
be cut to length and threaded 3/8-24 to suit your application.)
This set-up gives added clearance beside the transmission so
the exhaust can be routed higher. The offset brake pedal arm
mounts in double shear for extra strength. This also makes                STRAIGHT PEDAL ARM - This is the standard pedal
it easy to remove the pedal because it drops down from the                in kit #10106. It can be substituted in #20281.
bracket rather than having to slide it off of a pin. The pedal            Pedal alone                 #10103             $25
arm bracket bolts to 2 tabs welded to the frame rail boxing
plate. This makes it easy to paint the bracket and the frame
rail. The booster bracket is also set up for either a Ford or a
GM manual master cylinder, if preferred. (If a manual master                             Firewall Mount by Kugel -
is used, order a 5.75:1 pedal arm and a male rod end and                                 90° swing pedal
plunger.) The bracket will mount either 7" (single or dual) or                                       #5100701      $318
8" dual boosters. Booster mounting holes are 3-3/8" x 3-3/8".                            Regular pedal
Item 3 Part #’s 11802 and 11804 are shown above as welded.                                           #5300701      $283
Please note: These items are not welded in the ready-to-weld                             Order booster & master cylinder
kit, but are available welded.                                                           separately.
                            welded #25800                $227
                          unwelded #WS25800             $197

                                                                  57                                          1-888-876-2124
                     POWER BOOSTERS
                     7" Diameter Booster - single
                     diaphragm - Threaded input shaft
                     takes a 3/8" female rod end or an
                     extension shaft to link the booster to
                     the pedal. The rod end & the master                         #2020NA                     #2025NA
                     cylinder should be ordered separately.           MASTER CYLINDERS by Tuff Stuff - Available in chrome
                     The vacuum check valve is included.              or aluminum; dual port both sides; 1" or 1-1/8" bore; manual
The master cylinder mounting studs are on 3-3/8" centers              or power
(GM spacing). Overall length is 3.75".                                Chrome 1" bore                     #2020NA          $177
                               #PB7001              $135              Aluminum 1" bore                   #2025NA          $219
7" Diameter Booster - dual diaphragm. Booster provides                Chrome 1-1/8" bore                 #2071NA          $177
25% more boost than the 7" single. Overall length is 5.25".
Other specs are as the 7" single.                                     New Master Cylinder - Ports both sides with plugs & spacer
                                  #PB7537          $179               for manual or power application.1" bore
8" Diameter Booster - dual diaphragm                                                                     #MC1321H        $99
                                  #PB8531          $192

                                                 Corvette-Style Master Cylinders - (these cylinders use
      #2221NA               #2222NA               #2223NA
                                                 3023 & 3024 adapter fittings for 3/16" brake line)
CHROME PLATED BOOSTERS by Tuff Stuff Performance Power brakes /Manual Brakes
Accessories -                                    1 1/8" bore LH                      #MC2912H $119
7" single diaphragm                    #2221NA           $199         FORD MASTER CYLINDER by Tuff Stuff -Ford dual
7" double diaphragm                    #2222NA           $229         reservoir master cylinder 1967 - 74
8" double diaphragm                    #2223NA           $255

These new Corvette style & Ford style master cylinders are
available in several configurations. We have the correct nuts
to use with 3/16" steel or -3 stainless brake hard line.
• To determine the outlet side, hold the master cylinder &            Plain                              #2017NB         $110
look at the plunger end of the master cylinder piston. The            Chrome                             #2017NA         $215
ports will be on the left or right side & this is how they are
referred to.
• Mounting holes for Corvette (actually, all GM) masters are
3 3/8". Ford uses 3 3/16" centres.
• Residual check valves should be used in all of these master
cylinders. Use a 2# valve for disc brakes & a 10# valve for
drum brakes.                                                          REMOTE FILL MASTER CYLINDER KIT - Fits corvette
• Height of the master cylinder is measured from the centre           master cylinder, aluminum dual reservoir & hose kit.
of the piston to the top of the clamp. The Corvette is about 3                                          #5542701         $249
1/2" high & the Ford is about 4 1/2" high. Keep the clearance to
the bottom of the floor pan loose. Master cylinders sometimes
get casting changes that affect their height. This doesn’t
matter much if it’s mounted on the firewall, but it might if it’s
under the floor.
• Manual brake master cylinders generally have a deep hole in
the piston for the push rod. This is so the rod doesn’t fall out on   BANJO'S FOR MASTER CYLINDERS by Pure Choice -
the return stroke. Master cylinders used with power boosters          A.N. for stainless steel line       $40 set
have a shallow hole (really just a “dimple”) in the piston. This      Inverted for regular steel line     $40 set
is because the plunger in the booster is usually short & well         Call us with your sizes.
supported so it won’t drop out of the shallow hole.
1-888-876-2124                                                        58

                                                                EMERGENCY BRAKE CABLES by Lokar - come equipped
                                                                with quality one-piece aluminum adjusters, Teflon lined
                                                                housing & stainless inner cable to resist moisture. Design
EMERGENCY HAND BRAKE - FLOOR MOUNT by Lokar allows rear end backing plate fittings to be removed without
- Ratchet cut gear plate & lock are heat treated for strength & removing brake cables. Also feature adjustable cable lock &
safety. Special feature includes 4-point mounting capabilities clevis. Floor mount kits complete with cable bracket & spacers.
for floor mount or side mounting for personal applications.     These cables are made to be cut to the length you need.
                                  #EHB-7000F            $125    Outer housings are 8 feet long. Floor mount kit shown above;
                                                                 trans mount shown below.
                                                                       Floor Mount Black          #EC-80FU          $148
                                                                       Floor Mount Hi-Tech        #EC-80FHT         $213

                                                                                            Trans Mount Black
                                                                                                   #EC-80TU         $148
                                                                                            Trans Mount Hi-Tech
                                                                                                   #EC-80THT        $213
      see                                                        FOOT OPERATED, UNDER-THE-DASH EMERGENCY
    index.                                                       BRAKE by Lokar - has dash-to-firewall adjustable bracketry,
                                                                 various location mounting capabilities, heat treated gears,
                                                                 rubber stop for quiet pedal return. Connector cables sold
                                                                                                 #EFB-9000          $253
                                                                 Connector cable kit, black      #EC-8001U           $90
                                                                 Connector cable kit, braided    #EC-8001HT         $131
                                                                 Also required: Emergency brake cables (shown above)

- Ratchet cut gear plate & lock are heat treated for strength
& safety. Levers are available in 11" & 16" lengths.
      11"                         #EHB-7011          $164
      16"                         #EHB-7016          $164
      Corvette Clevis Kit         #EC-80CC            $36
      Wilwood Clevis Kit          #EC-80WC            $28

                                                                 HAND OPERATED, UNDER-THE-DASH EMERGENCY
                                                                 BRAKE by Lokar - Completely adjustable, mounts between
                                                                 firewall & dash. Machined aluminum handle with trigger
                                                                 release. Use connector cable EC-8001. Available in chrome.
                                                                                                 #EHB-9200           $294
                                                                 Connector cable kit, black      #EC-8001U            $90
                                                                 Connector cable kit, braided    #EC-8001HT          $131
                                                                 Also required: Emergency brake cables (shown above)

                                                                59                                        1-888-876-2124
                            BRAKE PADS & THROTTLE PEDALS
               Chromed Steel Spoon Pedal by Lokar - is           Chromed Steel Gas Pedal by Lokar - is spring loaded like
               splined. Removable lower arm is splined for                            OEM design. Removable lower arm
               versatility in mounting to the right or left of                        is splined for versatility in mounting
               the mounting bracket.                                                  to the right or left of the mounting
                          #SPO-6070           $66                                     bracket.
               Matching round chromed steel brake pedal                                        #SG-6007             $106
                          with rubber insert                     Matching brake pad mounts with a 1/2 x 20 stud built in to
                          #SPO-6071           $45                the back of the pad           #SG-6008              $48
                          Round chromed dimmer cover             Matching dimmer               #SG-6009              $23
                          #SPO-6072           $22

Billet Aluminum Throttle
Pedals by Lokar - feature                                        THROTTLE PEDAL SPACER - eliminates problem of pedal
spring loaded foot pad,                                          buried in carpet. Billet aluminum spacer in 2 styles: one for
ball-milled aluminum.                                            the standard billet assembly & one for the chromed-steel
Dimmer pad fits both Chev                                        assembly. Spacer mounts directly to the center pivot of the
& Ford switches.                                                 throttle pedal.
                                                                          Aluminum                #GPS-6014           $27
Gas pedal                     #BAG-6004                 $147              Chrome                  #GPS-6015           $27
Brake pad                     #BAG-6005                  $48
Dimmer switch cover           #BAG-6006                  $23
Lokar throttle cables available - see index.
                                                                 THROTTLE ASSEMBLIES
                                                                 by Clayton Machine Works
Floor Mounted Throttle Pedal - eliminates routing cables
                                                                 - clean "inline" styling, open or
           through firewall & comes equipped with an
                                                                 drilled i-beam arms, durable
           aluminum splined adjustable shaft & stainless
                                                                 chrome plating, fully adjustable,
           steel "under the floor" cable mounting bracket.
           Mounts in multiple positions for floor & toe          spring loaded pedal
           board angles. Requires 36" U-Cut-to-Fit Lokar
           throttle cable.                                 Chrome with rubber insert
            Ball-milled billet       #FMG-6097 $160 #TA-202 (left)                $186 ea
            Billet w/rubber insert #FMG-6098 $160
                                                           Chrome ribbed
                                                           #TA-204 (right)        $186 ea
Under-the-Floor Cable Mounting Bracket
(included with floor mounted pedal)

                                                                 BRAKE PEDALS by Clayton Machine Works - sold

                                                                 Chrome with rubber insert
                                                                 #BP-302 (left)         $50 ea
                      BRAKE PEDAL PAD MOUNT                      Chrome ribbed
                      by Welder Series - Pedal Mount             #BP-304 (right)        $50 ea
                      with stainless brackets & hardware.

Under floor brake pedal
OR swinging clutch pedal              #12920      $24

Under floor clutch pedal
OR swinging brake pedal               #12905      $17

1-888-876-2124                                                   60
                                                 MOTOR MOUNTS
"BEND, TRIM & WELD" Mounts
                Chev small block - mounts use stock,
                non-interlocking GM insulators (side
                mounts) to absorb motor vibrations.
                Kit includes 2 frame mounts, 2
                gussets, hardware & instructions. Clear
                instructions show how to use this kit
                to put a Chev motor in frames from T-               Motor Mounts for Chev LS-1 & LS-6 - These mounts utilize
                buckets to ’56 F100’s. Order insulators             a urethane bushing to insulate the motor from the frame.
                (#MT2142) separately.                               Frame mounts get trimmed to fit so the motor can be installed
                  Unwelded        #C005          $50                at the height required. Some welding required.
                                                                                             #LS200         $165
 picture in box is after
                                                                            Unwelded         #WSLS200       $139

                           Ford small block - (260, 289, 302,
                           5.0, 351 Windsor) to use stock Ford
                           insulators (#MT2287)
                              Unwelded       #F018        $48     Motor Mounts for Chev LS-1 & LS-6 - have adaptor plates
                                                                  & stock Chev insulators included as well as the required metric
                           Chrysler small blocks - can be hardware to mount your LS-1 or LS-6. This kit can be used
                           mounted easily by welding these plates with our #C005 frame mounts (sold separately) to position
                           to boxed frame rails.                  the motor at the required height.
                                         #WS25401 $55                                              #LS102                $107

                                                               STEEL ADAPTOR PLATE only (use your insulators &
                     URETHANE BUSHED FORD MOTOR hardware)
                     MOUNT KIT - Motor mount kit for Ford 2 required                 #LS103          $23 ea
                     small block (260, 289, 302, 5.0, 351W). Pair with hardware      #LS104          $60 pr
                     These mounts use urethane bushings to
                     insulate vibrations. Use in boxed frames.
                                       #2050             $99
                     Unwelded          #WS2050           $84

                    MOTOR MOUNT INSULATORS -
                    Chev stock style rubber                         URETHANE BUSHED CHEV MOTOR MOUNTS - Small or
                    Inter-locking side mount                        big block Chev motor mounts are insulated with urethane
                                      #2267          $15 ea         bushings & made from smooth, laser-cut 3/16" steel. Complete
                    Non-interlocking side mount (shown)             with frame tabs & easy-to-follow instructions. Tubular design
                                      #2142          $15 ea         is super strong & looks great. Simply trim the tabs & weld
                    Ford stock style rubber                         them into your boxed frame.
                                      #2287          $22 ea
Cushion Set by Chassis Engineering - for street rod use.            Use in any boxed frame up to 29" I.D. at the mounting location
Space-age material far superior to rubber. Impervious to gas        including '34-'48 Fords with our Mustang II front end kit.
& oil. Greater shock & sound absorption. Greatly increased          Includes engine & frame mounts, urethane bushings, hardware
resistance to deformation & temperture extremes. Thru-bolt          & instructions.                  #2149            $99
construction for safety. Larger cross section to support heavier                     Unwelded        #WS2149          $90
engines. Mount will replace 1932-'48 Ford engine mounts.
                                   #SS0011                $38    MOTOR MOUNT ADAPTERS FOR CHEV LS-A & LS-6
                                                                 by Welder Series - Motor mount adapters for Chev LS-1 &
                      MOTOR MOUNT ADAPTERS FOR                   LS-6 to reduce the gap ahead of your firewall. The engine
                      CHEV LS-1 & LS-6 by Welder Series will be back 1" compared to our LS150 adapters. These
                      - These 3/8" thick steel plates are preci- 3/8" thick steel plates are precision laser cut to adapt stock,
                      sion laser cut to adapt stock, early-style early-style Energy Suspension urethane Chev insulators to
                      Energy Suspension urethane Chev            the LS-1 & LS-6 block. The large slot provides clearance
                      insulators to the LS-1 & LS-6 block. The for the reinforcing rib on the insulator preload plate. These
                      motor mount insulators are not included adapters let you put an LS engine on the stock mounts that
in the kit price.                                                were on a side-mount small block frame. The motor mount
                                    #LS150               $71     insulators are not included in the kit price. The complete kit
                                                                 includes the metric hardware.       #LS166          $75

                                                                   61                                         1-888-876-2124
                                  MOTOR & TRANSMISSION

                                                           TRANS. MOUNT ADAPTOR - for Ford C4 - use with #620-
                                                           1024 Insulator (shown below on our #2115 transmission
for the G.M. T350 transmission, but can be adapted to many
                                                           crossmember).                #205041          $15
others (T400, 700R4, C4). Its saddle can drop out without
                                                                                       (Hardware not included)
disturbing the exhaust. The smooth, laser-cut 3"x1½" tube
crossmember is 40" long & easily trimmed to fit in most
                                  #2115         $80
Saddle only, unwelded             #WS2115       $49
Trans. mount crossmember tube,
3" x 1 1/2" x 1/8" wall, 40" long #211512       $25

                                                                                        INSULATOR for T350, 700R4
                                                                                        & Ford C4 (when used with our
                                                                                        20504 adapter).
                                                                                               #2378          $12

reinforced extension. For manual transmission linkage
clearance & V6-T350 combinations in a Model 'A'. Complete TRANSMISSION MOUNT for GM INSULATOR - The main
with crossmember.                                                    plate has slots on 1-1/2” centers to take a
                                #2116          $110                  GM insulator. The gussets will support the
                                                                     plate at the top, bottom or part way around
                                                                     a 1” tube.
                                                                     Unwelded            #WS216350        $17

                                   Notice gusset to
                                   support extension
                                   on #2116
                                                                 Builders’ Tip: The front sump on SB Ford oil pans will
                                                                 sometimes interfere with the Mustang II front crossmember.
Transmission Info - GM transmissions have more than one          It may be necessary to do one or both of the following: 1)
identity. The 700R4 is also known as a 4L60; the ever-popular    notch the Mustang II crossmember as required, or 2) use
T350 is called a 3L60 & the rugged T400 also goes by the         the pan from an '87-'94 Ford pick-up (#FITZ-6675-A). Be
I.D. 3L80. GM also has a transmission called the 4L80, which     sure to get the correct oil pump pick-up tube. This pan is
is too big for most street rods & a 4T series, used in front-    for motors with the dipstick in the block. Thanks to Dan
wheel drive cars.                                                Lecelle (Vern Hornby’s nephew) for this tip.

1-888-876-2124                                                  62
                                    MOTOR & TRANSMISSION
TRANSMISSION MOUNTS - These bolt-in mounts add
support to the x-member & give extra clearance around the
transmission. Be sure to use mounts compatible with the
engine mounts - we'll be happy to help.
Chassis Engineering tranny mounting kits include the
transmission mounting plate, X-member top plate & X-
member center support. If you are using an axle, choose the
wishbone splitting kit. Other kits are for vehicles using the
Independent front suspension. Mounting kits available for
Chevs & Mercs & for T400.
'35-'36 for T350                  #ES2162            $138
'37-'40 for T350                  #ES2167            $134
'35-'40 for 700R4                 #ES2167OD          $467
'35-'36 w/wishbone splitting kit #ES2163             $210
'37-'40 w/ wishbone splitting kit #ES2168            $210
'35-36 Ford for C4                #ES2262            $138
'37-'40 Ford for C4               #ES2267            $138
  C4 requires Bronco-type oil pan or pan can be cut/modified.
'41-'48 Fords have two types of X-members: Type I is riveted     Type   I, w/wishbone splitting kit    #ES2178      $133
to the X rails, Type II is welded to the X-rails.                Type   II, w/wishbone splitting kit   #ES2174      $133
                                                                 Type   I, no wishbone kit             #ES2177       $83
Use #M2378 Transmission Insulator shown on previous              Type   II, no wishbone kit            #ES2172       $83

                                                                 BACK-UP LIGHT KIT & NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH
                                                                 KIT - This kit offers the choice of Back-up Light Switch OR
                                                                 Neutral Safety Switch Kit. Kit fits TH-350, TH-400 & 700-R4
                                                                 transmissions. Single trigger for back-up light switch, or
                                                                 double trigger for neutral safety switch. KIT NOT INTENDED
                                                                 TO FUNCTION AS BOTH.
                                                                 All mounting hardware included.         #BL-1400U $35

                 ES2168 Transmission Mount

                 NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH - PUSH                    NEUTRAL SAFETY SWITCH - prevents automatic
                 BUTTON TYPE - has a small ball contact          transmission vehicles from starting in any gear but Neutral
                 to activate. Adjust ball to hit shifter or      or Park. Cannot be used with Gear Shift Indicators.
                 linkage.        #NS-36              $29                                              #NS350         $74

                                                                63                                       1-888-876-2124
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SHIFTER by Lokar - is NOSTALGIA SHIFTER by Lokar - has neutral safety
completely adjustable & can be mounted in any number                                      switch, positive lock-out in Park &
                        of front to rear positions. Prevent                               Neutral & 360° lever rotation for
                        accidental reverse, neutral or drive                              extra leg room. Nostalgia shifter is
                        shifting with Lokar’s exclusive "safety                           23" long with a black mushroom knob
                        lock-out button." Other features include:                         which features Teflon-lined button for
                        neutral safety switch, mushroom style                             smooth operation. Add "NOST" after
                        knob, chrome-plated lever. Please                                 regular shifter part numbers at left.
                        specify handle length & shifter. Note
                        that the distance from the top of the                              GM, Ford Automatic Transmissions
                        transmission to the top of the shifter                             $CALL
                        knob will be about 5" more than the                                 Chrysler Automatic Transmissions
                        handle length.                                                     $CALL
                        Available in following lengths:
     23" (A)                                $CALL                                        TAILMOUNT AUTOMATIC SHIFT-
     16" (B)                                $CALL                                        ER by Lokar - mounts to the tranny's
     12" (C), 10" (D), 8" (E) & 6" (F)      $CALL                                        tailhousing bolts. 6", 8", 10" & 12"
         All Chrysler shifters add $33                                                   lever lengths. Call us for pricing.
Shifters available for:
     GM T350                                #ATS6350
     GM T400                                #ATS6400
     GM 700R4                               #ATS6700
     GM TH200                               #ATS6200
     GM 200-R4                              #ATS6200R
     GM 4L80E                               #ATS64L80
     GM 4L60 (see tech tip below)           #ATS64L60
     GM4L60E (see tech tip below)           #ATS64L60E
     GM Powerglide                          #ATS60PG
     Ford C-4                               #ATS60C4
     Ford C-6                               #ATS60C6
     Ford FMX                               #ATS6FMX
     Ford AOD *                             #ATS6AOD
*A Lokar Ford AOD shifter must be used with a transmission
shift lever than points up. This is as on 1984-'89 T-birds, Ford
#E-4ZZ-7A256-A.                                                                                               Rectangular
     Chrysler 727 **                        #ATS6727
     Chrysler 904 **                        #ATS6904
                                                                  SHIFTER & HANDBRAKE BOOTS by Lokar - All sets
     Chrysler 518 **                        #ATS6518
                                                                  include boot, chrome base ring & stainless screws. Classic
** All Chrysler shifters ... add $33
                                                                  Shifter Boot includes rubber bezel to eliminate air flow from
                                                                  the floor through the boot.
Tech Tip: GM 4L60 transmissions have 4 bolts holding the
                                                                  Classic shifter boot                    #70-CLB         $39
tailshaft to the trans case; the GM 4L60E has 6 bolts.
                                                                  Hot rod shifter boot                    #70-HRB         $32
                                                                  Rectangular shifter boot                #70-FMB         $41
                                                                  Emerg. hand brake - trans. mount        #70-EHBT $32
                                                                  Emerg. hand brake - floor mount         #70-EHBF $32

                                                                                          VOODOO SHIFT KNOBS by SO-

                                                                                          SO-CAL logo         #001-60621
                                                                                          Shine Skull n Flames#001-60620
                                                                                                               $32 ea

SHIFTER KNOB ADAPTER by Lokar - Designed to adapt                                           SHIFTKNOBS by
to most aftermarket shifter knobs for use with any Lokar                      Mooneyes
shifter, with common 3/8-16 threads & hidden jam nuts for
flush mounting against the shifter knob.                                      Yellow      #MP023Y          $48
Chrome finish                          SK-6878    $32                         Black       #MP023B          $48

1-888-876-2124                                                 64
                               MOTOR & TRANSMISSION
                                  TRANSMISSION DIPSTICK - FLEXIBLE
                                  BRAIDED STAINLESS by Lokar - Unlimited
                                  flexibility with Teflon lined dipstick complete
                                  with heat resistent easy to read Teflon inner
                                  rod. Machined aluminum handle & aluminum
                                  fittings. Dipstick funnel adaptor included in kit for
                                  assistance in filling. Please call us for pricing.

                     Firewall Mount      Trans. Mount

Chev TH350        TD-3350400FM        TD-3350TM

Chev TH400        TD-3350400FM        TD-3400TM

Chev Powerglide   TD-30PGFM           TD-30PGTM

Chev 700 R4       TD-3700FM           TD-3700TM              FLEXIBLE ENGINE DIPSTICKS - designed to coordinate
                                                             with Lokar’s flexible transmission dipstick. Slim design allows
Chev 4L80E        TD-34L80FM          TD-34L80TM             mounting inside headers. Applications available for 1979 &
                                                             earlier Small Block Chevy & 1980 later Small Block Chevy
Ford C4           TD-30C4FM           TD-30C4TM              & Big Block Chevy. Easy read stick for accurate measure of
                                                             engine oil.
Ford C6           TD-30C6FM           TD-30C6TM                       SB Chev 1980 +             #ED-5001             $68
                                                                      SB Chev 1979 & earlier #ED-5002                 $68
Ford FMX          TD-3FMXFM           TD-3FMXTM
                                                                      Ford 302                   #ED-5004             $68
Ford AOD          TD-3AODFM           TD-3AODTM                       Ford 351                   #ED-5005             $68
                                                                      Big Block Chevy            #ED-5003             $68
Chrysler 727      TD-3727FM           TD-3727TM

                  U-CUT-TO-FIT SPEEDOMETER CABLE KIT by Lokar - Premium Teflon-lined housing with machined
                  aluminum fittings. All cables are 7 feet long & designed to be cut-to-fit. Kit comes complete with all
                  fitttings & is available for many applications. (Gauges not included)
                  Chevy TH-350, TH-400, 700-R4, Powerglide, TH-200, 200-R4 & 4L60
                  & Chrysler 727 & 904                           Black housing          #SP-1500U
                                                                 Stainless braided      #SP-1501HT
                  Ford C-4, C-6, AOD & FMX                       Black housing          #SP-1502U
                                                                 Stainless braided      #SP-1502HT
                  Early Ford (Pre-1948 original speedo)          Black housing          #SP-1504U
                                                                 Stainless braided      #SP-1504HT
                                                                                                   CALL FOR PRICE

1-888-876-2124                                              65
                                            MOTOR & TRANSMISSION

         Universal Hi-Tech Throttle Cable     Universal Throttle Cable
                   #TC1000HT                        #TC1000U

UNIVERSAL THROTTLE CABLE by Lokar - has extruded liner for                   Tune-Port Set Up                             #TC-1000TP
extended life of the cable equipped with aluminum fittings & aluminum
ferrule to eliminate fraying. "U-Cut-to-Fit" outer housing available in     HI-TECH TUNED-PORT THROTTLE CABLE, KICKDOWN
24" or 36" lengths with stainless inner wire. Clevis is designed without    & BRACKET ASSEMBLY by Lokar - work together as a
cotter pins or set screws. Adapts to factory & aftermarket pedals.          complete system. The billet aluminum bracket mounts to the
                  Hi-tech throttle cable       #TC-1000HT          $55      side of the tuned-port plenum. The billet aluminum bracket
                  Hi-tech throttle cable       #TC-1000HT36 $62             is available with a single stud for throttle only; double stud
                  Black throttle cable         #TC-1000U            $46     for throttle & kickdown & triple stud for throttle, kickdown &
                 Black throttle cable          #TC-1000U36 $54              cruise control cable. Tuned-port throttle cables & kickdowns
                                                                            are designed with the same quality as Lokar's carbureted
                                                                            applications. The kickdowns are 46" in length.
                                                                            Hi-tech throttle cable            #TC-1000TP              $55
                        SHIFT INDICATORS by ididit for Steering             Hi-tech TH-350 kickdown kit       #KD-2350TP              $85
                        Columns - Simple to install. Indicator is           Hi-tech 700-R4 kickdown kit       #KD-2700TP              $85
                        precision crafted from high quality acrylic         Billet Aluminum Bracket:
                        & can be positioned anywhere for easy                                 Single stud     #TCB-40TP1              $43
                        reading.                                                              Double stud     #TCB-40TP2              $43
           3 speed transmission         #2600000010          $29                              Triple stud     #TCB-40TP3              $43
           4 speed transmission         #2600050010          $29
                                                                            UNIVERSAL GEAR SHIFT SENDING UNIT
                                                                            Gear Shift Position Sending Unit for use with all
                                                                            Dakota Digital Gear Shift Position Indicators & 12
                                                                            volt LED indicators.

                                                                        INCLUDES: Universal Mounting Hardware to fit all
                                                                        automatic transmissions including TH350, TH400,
                                                                        700R4, 4L60, 4L80, Powerglide, C-4, C-6, & AOD,
        SHIFT INDICTOR by Lokar - Billet aluminum bezel for your
                                                                        Mopar transmissions & many others.
        dash is available in Horizontal or Vertical mounting. Each gear
                                                                        Fully push button adjustable with no magnets to
        illuminates when engaged.
        T350/400 - horizontal               #CIND-1700            $48
                                                                        Built in Neutral Safety Switch & Back-up Light
        700R4 - horizontal                  #CIND-1702            $48
                                                                        Circuit. Decoder can be mounted inside the vehicle
        Install kit - sensor                #CINS-1797          $180
                                                                        for easy access.
                                                                        Dakota Digital gear position indicators sold sep
        Also available with neutral safety & back-up light wiring kit.
                                                                                                          #GSS-2000                $120
        Optional boot kits are available.

                                                                           66                                         1-888-876-2124
                                    MOTOR & TRANSMISSION
                          THROTTLE CABLE BRACKET
                          & SPRING by Lokar - Stainless
                          steel brackets mounts to rear of
                          carburetor. Bracket & GM designed
                          dual stainless springs are used to
                          mount Lokar's throttle cable & kick-
                          down assemblies.
                                    #SRK-4000          $32
                                                                     HI-TECH KICK-DOWN KITS by Lokar - U-Cut-To-Fit
                                                                     Braided stainless teflon lined cable designed with a specially
Lokar's ELECTRIC                                                     extruded liner for extended life of the cable. Kick-down
KICK-DOWN KIT - for                                                  features aluminum fittings with new ferrule to eliminate frayed
TH-400 Transmission.                                                 cable ends. Designed to be used with SRK-4000 Bracket &
Stainless steel outer                                                Spring. For the following transmissions:
housing. Billet aluminum                                                  Chevy TH350                 #KD-2350HT            $85
box mounts off                                                            TH350 Tuned Port            #KD-2350TP            $85
transmission pan bolts.                                                   Powerglide                  #KD-20PGHT            $85
"U-cut-to-fit" housing &                                                  Chevy 700 R4                #KD-2700HT            $85
inner wire. Eliminates                                                    Tuned Port 700 R4           #KD-2700TP            $85
mounting on carburetor,                                                   Ford C4                     #KD-20C4HT            $85
manifold, or near gas pedal. Kit includes stainless-steel Teflon-         Ford C6                     #KD-20C6HT            $85
lined outer housing with aluminum fittings, stainless-steel               Ford FMX                    #KD-2FMXHT            $85
inner wire & mounting bracket.                                            Ford AOD                    #KD-2AODHT            $85
                                      #KD-2400HT           $95            Chrysler 727                #KD-2727HT            $85
                                                                          Chrysler 904                #KD-2904HT            $85

LT-1 BRACKET KIT by Lokar - answers to LT-1 cable
problems. Stainless throttle & kickdown brackets replace
factory bracket. Kit includes stainless arm to mount on LT-1
throttle body to operate kickdown. Designed to be used with
Lokar's Tuned-Port throttle cables & Tuned-Port Kickdowns.
                                      #TCB-40LT1       $68

                                                                     TH-350 STAINLESS KICK-DOWN BRACKET & BLACK
                                                                     CABLE by Lokar - Standard GM detent with stainless bracket
                                                                     mounts on the back two manifold bolts. Designed for 4 barrel-
                                                                     type carburetors for SB Chevs.

                                                                                                       #KD-2350U             $51

1-888-876-2124                                                      67
                                                                 Alternator Mount by CP Automotive-Low mount chrome
                   #7127                                         drivers side alternator mount for SBC short water pump

                                                                                                  #70334           $38
ALTERNATORS by Tuff Stuff - are custom chrome plated
& built in the USA.

GM (internal regulator); fits '71-'86 Chevy, Olds, Pontiac,
Buick; 80 amp, 1-wire
               Chrome            #7127NB        $140                                                         #1449NA
GM (internal regulator); fits '71-'86 Chevy, Olds, Pontiac,
Buick; 100 amp, 1-wire
               Chrome            #7127ND        $140

GM mini alternator; fits most Chevy applications 1960 to
present;, 1-wire & weighs 9 lbs.; pulley not included
                 Chrome          #7937A           $310
                   Alternator Bracket                            WATER PUMPS by Tuff Stuff - are custom chrome plated
                   - Passenger's Side                            & built in the USA. Polished aluminum, black powder & natural
                   #2383                                         finishes & reverse rotation are also available. Check out your
                                                                 options for Chevy, Chrysler, Ford, GM, Oldsmobile & Pontiac
                                                                 pumps at!
                       Alternator Bracket
                           - Driver's Side                       Chevy S.B. (Short) Corvette #1534; fits 1972-'82 corvette
                                   #2382                         (cast iron housing), 3/4" fan pilot
                                                                                  Chrome           #1354NA     $119

                                                                 Chevy S.B. (Long) Model #1449; fits 1969-'76 350 & 400CI
                                                                 with long pump (cast iron housing); for use with single "V"
                                                                 groove water pump pulley only
                                                                                "New" chrome #1449NA             $168

                                                                 Chevy B.B. (Short) Model #1494; fits 1965-'72 396 & 427CI
                                                                 (cast iron housing), 5/8" fan pilot
    Alternator Bracket -                                                          Chrome           #1494NA      $168
                                Alternator Bracket - Driver's
  Passenger's Side #2383                Side #2382
                                                                 Chevy S.B. (Short) Corvette #1635E; fits stock 350CI,
ALTERNATOR MOUNTS - For small block Chevs with short             aluminum casting, 5/8" fan pilot & H.H. of 5.659"
water pump only. These mounts attach to the water pump                  Aluminum economy          #1635E          $79
mounting holes - no holes in the cylinder head are required.
The alternator mounts above the intake manifold. The                              WATER PUMP INFO
passenger side bracket blocks off the heater hose port in the The part number for Chev short water pumps is P558. This pump
water pump. Designed for GM "pre-computer" (generally 1987    is 5-5/8" from the block surface to the fan mounting surface.
& older) alternators.                                         The single groove pulley for this pump is GM #3905995. The
Driver's side                    #2382           $60          matching single groove crank pulley is #3755820. The Chev
Driver's side, unwelded          #WS2382         $43          water pump inlet (lower rad connection) is on the passenger
Passenger's side                 #2383           $60          side. Most Fords are on the driver's side. The standard Walker
Passenger's side, unwelded       #WS2383         $41          rad is made for the Chev water pump. If you are using a small
                                                              block Ford motor & want to use a standard Walker rad, check
Driver's Side - High Mount - bracket is a high-mount the pump from a late 60's Ranchero or Fairlane.
version of the #2382. It was designed to clear some manifolds                      WATER PUMPS by CP Automotive
& rocker covers or temperature sending units in the intake                         Polished aluminum SBC water pump
manifold.                         #2392           $65                              finned short.
                 Unwelded         #WS2392         $47                                                #70449          $229

                                                                68                                         1-888-876-2124
                            ENGINE ACCESSORY BRACKETS
                                 TRU-TRAC - THE ULTIMATE SERPENTINE SYSTEM
                                 The most complete serpentine systems on the market. BILLET SPECIALTIES' Tru Trac
                                 systems are engineered to bolt right on & align perfectly without the need for stabilizer
                                 brackets or adjuster bars. Fully polished to a mirror finish, Tru Tracs not only look awe-
                                 some, they perform too! Tru Tracs increase the efficiency of the alternator & compressor
                                 by eliminating belt slippage. Call us for pricing.

                                                 #13220 (as shown) with A/C & power steering
                                                 #13125 without A/C or power steering
                                         Available for SBC, BBC, LS, SBF, BBF, FE & Chrysler.

                                                           CALL FOR PRICE
        SBC 13220

                                 V-TRAC PULLEY SYSTEMS
                                 The successful formula of offering a complete engine drive accessory kit has been ap-
                                 plied to the V-belt with Billet Specialties' V-Trac pulley systems. Superior engineering,
                                 high tech styling & quality components are combined into a precision machined compact
                                 package for the small & big block Chevrolet. Call us for pricing.

                                                   #V3220 SBC with A/C & power steering
                                                   #V3120 SBC without A/C & power steering

                                                          Also available for big block Chevrolet.
                                                            CALL FOR PRICE
         SBC V3220

             #FM2121PC                                   #FM2210PC                                  #10720

Mid Mount Alternator & Power            Top Mount - Alternator Kit - De-            Top Mount Alternator Bracket-
Steering Kit - Designed for use with    signed for use with long water pump         Vortec Heads -Designed for use with
long water pump, GM 60 to 80 amp alter- & GM 60 to 80 amp alternator.               short term water pump, Sanden 508
nator & Saginaw power steering pump                                                 AC compressor & V-groove pulleys.
('75-'77 Chevelle with V8).

Kit includes: Mid mount passenger side       Kit includes: Top mount passenger      Mounts to the passenger side of the
alternator bracket, alternator pulley with   side alternator bracket, alternator    motor & positions the compressor to
fan & nose cone. Water pump pulley with      pulley with fan & nose cone. Water     the inside valve cover. Independently
nose cone & crank pulley. Power steering     pump pulley with nose cone & crank     adjustable.
pump bracket & pulley. Stainless steel       pulley. Stainless steel hardware.
Keyway shaft power steering pump
Press-on shaft power steering pump

1-888-876-2124                                                69
Vintage Air - offer a wide range of brackets for small       A/C COMPRESSOR MOUNTING BRACKETS by Billet
& big block Chevs, Fords & Mopars. All of the brackets       Specialties' - independent compressor & alternator brackets
shown here are for short water pump Chevs. For other         are designed to be used with Small Block Chev motors & are
applications, please call.                                   independently adjustable. Each billet aluminum bracket is
                                                             sold separately & comes with stainless hardware. Call for Big
                                 S m a l l B l o c k C h e v Block Applications.
                                 mount to fit Chev
                                 cylinder heads without
                                 bolt holes. This bracket                              Alternator Bracket - Top
                                bolts to the water pump                                Mount - designed for use with
                                & intake manifold. The                                 small or large case GM alternators
                                compressor mounts                                      on the driver's side, short water
                                on the passenger side.                                 pump. Uses a 3-point mounting
                                Laser cut steel.                                       system.
                        #15112-VCB                $120                                             #10220        $141
                        #15801-VCB                $120
                                  Big Block Chev compressor/
                                  alternator mount bolts to
                                  heads & water pump.
                                  Compressor bracket                             For SB Chevs with Short Water Pump &
                                  comes complete with idler                      Vortec Heads
                                  assembly. Brackets may                                          #10720       $182
                                  be used individually or as
                                  a matched pair. Will clear
                                  tall valve covers. Laser
                                  cut steel.

                        #15132-VCB                $124                                    A/C Compressor
                        #15331-VCB                $110                                    Bracket - Top Mount -
                                                                                          Designed for SB Chevs with
                                                                                          Short Water Pump. use with
                                                                                          Sanden 508 compressor on the
                                                                                          passenger side.
                                                                                                   #10221 $142

                                                                For SB Chevs with Short Water Pump & Vortec Heads

                                                                                                      #10721      $167

                                                               70                                      1-888-876-2124
                     POWER STEERING BRACKETS & PUMPS
                           POWER STEERING PUMP CAP                    POWER STEERING BRACKET &
                           & DIPSTICK by TUFF STUFF                   PULLEY by Billet Specialties - are
                           - Made of billet aluminum.                 available for SB & BB Chevs with GM
                                                                      remote Type II ps pumps. Designed
                                                                      to work with Billet Specialties pulleys
                                                                      & brackets & available for both long
                Chrome          #6500A $27                            & short style water pumps. Highly
                Polished        #6500B $23                            polished billet aluminum. Bracket
                                                                      mounts low on driver side of engine
POWER STEERING BRACKETS by TUFF STUFF - Saginaw                       block.
pump to fit SBC with short water pump.          Short Water Pump - SB Chev
                Chrome          #6504A $156                                    #12120               $202
                Black           #6504B $120                       POWER STEERING REMOTE
                                                                                  RESERVOIR by Billet Specialties -
           POWER STEERING PUMP by TUFF STUFF                                      features a vented cap & internal baffling
           - GM keyed shaft, chrome hardware & cap, new                           for foam free operation. Designed with
           dipstick, pulley not included.                                         -6 & -10 AN fittings (works with most
                Chrome #6176A             $235                                    aftermarket hose kits). Included mounting
                Black      #6176B         $168                                    bracket fetures an internal key-lock design
                                                                                  that hides all mounting hardware for a
           POWER STEERING PUMP by TUFF STUFF -                                    smooth finish. 16oz capacity.
           GM keyed shaft, chrome hardware & cap, dipstick,                    Ribbed          #77920            $193
           pulley not included. Mustang II pressure preset of                  Smooth          #77910            $187
           850psi. Brackets not included. See above.
                 Chrome #6174A            $235
                 Black      #6174B        $169

                                         ENGINE DRESS-UP
                                                                            Oil Pan by CP Automotive-Aluminum finned
                                                                            oil pan SBC 55-79.
Billet Specialties - Polished
                                                                                                   #70896     $169
aluminum; comes in many
                                                                            Also available for SBF 64-73
styles for small block Chev
                                                                                                   #70899    $175
applications. Accepts a
1¼" breather. Metal baffles                                     Transmission Pan by CP Automotive-
included.                                                       Polished aluminum finned turbo 350 transmission
Short Valve Covers                                              pan.                       #70836       $99
     Ball milled                 #95120             $124        700R4                     #AA7112 $109
                                                                Turbo 400                  #70837 $109
Short Valve Covers - center bolt (includes bolts)
   Ball milled short             #95820             $191
                                                                               Flywheel dust cover by CP Automotive
CP Automotive- polished aluminum finned valve covers SBC                       Aluminun flywheel dust cover turbo 350/400
stock height.                       #10510       $199                                      #70844                  $99
Tall style                          #10511       $199
Center bolt heads                   #10512      $199                           Also available in chrome steel for 700R4
Small block Ford                    #10515       $139                                        #70842                  $48
Ball milled aluminum SBC tall style #71012      $138
           #10510                     #10515

             VALVE COVER HOLD-DOWNS by Billet
             Specialties - Each hold down is 1-7/8" tall
             with 1/4-20 threaded stud. Sold in packs
             of 4.
             Hex            #95013             $29
              Acorn         #95011BS           $32
1-888-876-2124                                                  71
                                           ENGINE DRESS-UP

                                                                RAD OVERFLOW by OTB Gear - This overflow bottle will
                                                                bring sparkle & uniqueness to your engine compartment.
                                                                A design this cool called for a cap that also made a state-
 Billet City Air Cleaners                                       ment. This little jewel matches the rib pattern on the bottle
are made from 6061 Billet                                       to a tee. Who says coolant recovery can't be a visual art
Aluminum                                                        form? Cast in A-356 aircraft grade aluminum & polished to
and polished to look like                                       show quality standards.
chrome. Each air cleaner                                        Height 13.75" (including cap)
features a high quality                                         Diameter 2.75"
cleanable S&B Air Filter for                                    Capacity: 24 oz
years of trouble free use.                                      Drilled & tapped for a 1/4" NPT
All air cleaners include                                        inlet fitting
hardware. Standard riser on                                     Mounting rib is 5/8" X 5" - drilled &
base is 7/8" high Available                                     tapped for two 1/4-20 bolts on 4"
with 2,3 or 4" hight filter                                     centers
                                                                Mounting hardware not included          #6850       $234
  2" filter       $262
  3" filter       $277
  4" filter       $291
                                                             AIR CLEANERS by OTB Gear - Here is a full finned retro
                                                             design that will really set off your engine. Cast in aircraft
                                                             grade aluminum and domed
                                                             to really refract the light. The
                                                             full side skirting hides the more
RETRO OLDS/CADDY AIR CLEANER by Technostalgia modern and effective filtration.
- This all steel air cleaner is based off                    Shipped with a high quality,
the '51-'56 Olds/Cadillac air cleaner.                       washable, oiled air filter, base,
It is a full 18 1/4" wide, not a scaled
down version & uses over the counter
14" x 4" replacement elements. It's
even notched out in the back to clear                                                                 #4410        $258
a GM HEI distributor. Includes all steel
housing, steel top, paper filter element, carb stud & unique BREATHERS by OTB Gear - Classic fins have been ap-
                                                             plied to a valve cover breather. We did it the right way, in
rocket shaped wingnut.             #8500T             $163
                                                                                 aircraft grade A356 aluminum & polished
                                                                                 to show quality standards. 3" in diameter
                                                                                 with a 1" neck. Fits valve covers with 1-
                                                                                 1/4" holes when using a rubber grommet.
                                                                                 Now, also available with a 3/4" neck to fit
                                                                                 1" holes when using a rubber grommet.

                                                                                                        #6801        $46

                                                                   COIL COVERS by OTB Gear - Newly added standoff rib
                                                                   that allows you to easily clean the backside & the surface
Billet Specialties - Tuned Port Air Cleaners                       behind it. No inaccessible areas to drive you
 Available in Plain or Ball Milled with 1-7/8" or 2-1/2" elements. crazy. Mounted with 1/4"-20 drive studs
Use the 1-7/8" size element when using top mount brackets (removable) that can't be mistakenly driven
& v-groove pulleys.                                                into the side wall of the coil. Cast in aircraft
                                                                   grade A356 aluminum & polished to a very
    Ball milled - 1-7/8"              #15920              $129     high sheen. Also available with a chromed
    Ball milled - 2-1/2"              #15921              $129     coil.          #6831-POLISHED               $68

1-888-876-2124                                                 72
                                           ENGINE DRESS-UP
Billet Specialties - aluminum dome
style. Two piece design with a positive
O-ring seal provides easy access to the
washable breather filter. PCV breathers                      WATER NECKS
feature a common replaceable built-in PCV valve that accepts Billet Specialties - (shown in picture) billet aluminum water
a 3/8" hose.                                                 necks feature a positive o-ring seal which eliminates the need
                                                             for gaskets or sealant.
Ball milled, 1.25" VC hole     #20820            $42             Straight up                   #90120               $43
" with PCV Valve               #21820            $43             15°                           #90320               $92
Ball milled, 1" VC hole        #21825            $45             45°                           #90420               $92

                                                                 Street & Performance aluminum water necks. Call us for
           BREATHERS by CP Automotive                            pricing.
           Smooth polished aluminum breather .                   TPI offset                 #TPIWN-P
                            #70001C                  $39         LS-1 straight              #SP60
            Also available with pcv valve.
                            #70003C                  $42
            PCV VALVE by Billet Specialties
                        #22120                       $35         Water necks by CP Automotive
                                                                 90° swival polished SBC.     #AA2910              $30
AIR CLEANERS by CP Automotive                                    45°                           #70244C             $39
Polished aluminum top fits 5 1/8''. Includes mounting stud       Straight                      #70245              $27
& air filter.

                                                                 FUEL PUMP BLOCK-OFF PLATES by Billet Specialties -
                                                                 Designed to cover the fuel pump opening on SB or BB Chevs.
                        #10801 $99                                        Polished with stainless hardware.
                                                                                 Small Block      #41120            $23
#10450        $149
                                         #10458      $149                        Big Block        #41220            $23

AIR CLEANERS by Billet Specialties - Designed to fit
standard 4-barrel carburetor applictions, CNC machined billet                           #8002T
aluminum with polished finish. Come with standard size air
filter elements for easy replacement. Stainless mounting     FAUXMOBILE ROCKET VALVE COVERS by Technos-
hardware included. Will not work with dominator style        talgia - create the reliability, convenience & warranty of a
                                                             new Chevrolet crate engine while having the appearance
carburetors. On the ribbed air cleaner, the ball milled "fins"
sit above the smooth polished surface.                       of a 1949-50 Oldsmobile. Not only does this valve cover
Small oval                       11-7/8" x 8-3/8 x 3" high   have good looks, it is equipped with many other impressive
Large oval                       15" x 8-1/2" x 3" high      features. These include:Die cast aluminum construction
                                                             Shipped complete with all hardware Shipped with an "as
    Ball milled - small oval    #15320              $153     cast" finish & may be painted to match the user's engine or
    Ball milled - large oval    #15420              $154     may be polished.
    Flamed - small oval         #15328              $167     As cast valve cover & wire loom. Sold as a pair & includes
    Ribbed - small oval         #15630              $180     all hardware for center bolt small block Chevy. Call us for
Tuned Port Air Cleaners available in Plain or Ball Milled -           #8002T Fits 1955-'88 Chev engines
with 1-7/8" or 2-1/2" elements. Use the 1-7/8" size element           #8010T Early SBC adaptor
when using top mount brackets & v-groove pulleys.
    Ball milled - 1-7/8"        #15920              $129                           CAll FOR PRICE
    Ball milled - 2-1/2"        #15921              $129
                                                            73                                          1-888-876-2124
                                            ENGINE DRESS-UP
                  HOSE ENDS - Billet aluminum with                Made4you is an exciting new line recently added to
                  polished finish. Puts the finishing touch to    our inventory that offers an excellent selection of wire
                  hose ends. Hides the stainless band clamp       looms, t-clamps, trick dress up kits, etc. in a variety of
                  as much as possible, yet allows access to       styles & colours to suit your particular application (www.
                  tighten the clamp.                     Available in black (11), blue (12),
                                                                  red (13), yellow (15), gray (19) & purple (20).
HOSE ENDS by Billet Specialties - have ribbed design.
Sold separately.                                      WIRE LOOM KITS – Made from aircraft quality nylon
                  Hose ID
Upper rad         1-1/2"       #67825 $28 ea          to resist heat & chemicals come complete with stainless
Lower rad         1-3/4"       #67925 $28 ea          hardware. Offered in a variety of styles: vertical, horizontal,
Heater - rubber   5/8"         #67425 $18 ea          stacked, centrebolt, etc. There are enough separators to
Fuel - rubber     3/8"         #67225 $14 ea          cover most V-8 applications.
                                    RAD HOSE KIT
                                 HEATER HOSE KIT
                         Each kit includes stainless flex hose,
                         2 shiny hose ends, rubber connecting
                         hose, rubber reducers & stainless
                         hose clamps.
                                                                                  Fits Wire Dia.
                                                                  Horizontal      (7-8mm)         #50-956-XX $39
Rad hose kits:
                                                                  Horizontal      (10.5mm)        #50-910-XX $52
    20"                           #7759               $75
                                                                  Vertical        (7-8mm)         #50-756-XX $39
    30"                           #7769               $75
                                                                  Racer           (10.5mm)        #50-710-XX $52
    36"                           #7799               $89
                                                                    Other kits priced from $39. Call us for details.
    Right angle adapter           #7898               $38
Heater Hose Kit:
                                                                 T-CLAMPS – To fit brake lines, fuel lines, heater hoses,
    48"                           #7809               $99
                                                                 etc. Sizes range from 3/16” to 13/16” for single clamps
                                                                 & 1/4" to 11/16” for double clamps. Made from the same
                                                                 aircraft quality nylon & colour choices as Made4you wire
WIRE LOOMS by Billet Specialties - Fits all SB & BB Chevs
                                                                 looms. (
                      & Ford engines. Mount to the base of the
                      valve cover with adjustable tabs. Includes
                      brackets & fasteners.
                      Ball milled #69520                 $80
                      Plain          #69529              $80
                      For center bolt applications, use late
                      model bracket kit to mount to heads:              Single                            Doubles
                                    #69600               $14
                                                                 Single clamps (6 per package)
                                                                          3/16" #10-188-XX $17
T-CLAMP KIT by Made4you - contains 10/32 stainless                        1/4"     #10-250-XX $17
                       steel mounting hardware. A durable                 5/16" #10-313-XX $17
                       plastic storage case is provided for               3/8"     #10-375-XX $17
                       easy access & organisation. Will com-     Double clamps (4 per package):
                       plete one car, clamping every 18". This            3/16" #20-288-XX $17
                       complete selection of T-Clamps makes               5/16" #20-323-XX $17
                       it easy to mount & route fuel, brake               3/8"     #20-377-XX $17
                       & transmission lines, electrical wiring,  Complete t-clamp & brake line kits which give you a variety
                       battery cables, vacuum lines & hoses.     of sizes to complete your project front to back are available.
	        	       	         	        #30899            $135                          BRAKE LINE KIT - If you only need to
Available in a variety of colours.                                                    fasten a few lines, this mini-kit is just
                                                                                      the ticket. The kit will run a full 3/16"-
Kit includes:                                                                         1/4" combination system. Will run entire
14 x 3/16''      12 x 1/4"          12 x 5/16"                                        brake system based on clamping every
10 x 3/8"'       5 x 1/2"           6 x 5/16"
4 x 3/16"-3/16'' 4 x 3/16"-3/8" 4 x 5/16"-5/16"
4 x 5/16"-3/8" 4 x 3/8"-3/8"                                                          #3089011                        $79
                                                                 Kit includes:
                                                                 10 x 3/16"        10 x 1/4"        5 x 3/16"-3/16"
                                                                 5 x 1/4"-1/4" 5 x 1/4"-3/16"
1-888-876-2124                                                    74
                                                               Highly polished billet aluminum pulleys from Billet Specialties.
                                                               Billet pulleys are equally dense throughout. This produces a
                                                               more true & balanced pulley/drive system.

WATER PUMP PULLEYS - are 6-7/16" diameter - incredible         CRANK PULLEYS - are 6-7/16" diameter.
balance & strength. Long water pump pulleys come with allen
cap screws & are not recessed.                                 Small Block Chev - Short Water Pump, V-Belt
Small Block Chev - Short Water Pump, V-Belt                           Single groove       #81120                       $78
        Single groove           #80120              $93               Double groove       #81220                       $84
        Double groove           #80220              $94               Triple groove       #81320                       $90
Small or Big Block Chev - Long Water Pump, V-Belt              Small Block Chev - Long Water Pump, V-Belt
        Single groove           #78110              $86               Single groove       #78210                       $80
        Double groove           #78120              $83               Double groove       #78220                       $80
Big Block Chev - Short Water Pump, V-Belt                             Triple groove       #78230                       $83
        Single groove           #82120              $93
        Double groove           #82220              $93        Big Block Chev - Short Water Pump, V-Belt
Nose Cone - SWP                 #84120              $20               Single groove        #83120                      $74
Nose Cone - LWP                 #84220              $20               Double groove        #83220                      $80
                                                                      Triple groove        #83320                      $87

                                                                       For chrome & steel pulleys, please call.
from 1 piece of billet aluminum to provide superior balance
& strength. The bolt-on nose cone hides the altrnator nut &
washer. Fits most GM, Delco & Ford alternators.
                                #85220               $68
                                                 MUFFLERS by Hushpower - Available in 2 different lengths 8" & 12"
                                                 & 3 different sizes 2", 2¼" & 2½". Also available in 2 different grades,
                                                 T304 & T309.
                                                 • Hushpower II delivers a mellow fifties tone
                                                 • Dyno tested performance muffler
                                                 • Unique patented internal design
                                                 • Cool shell technology
                                                 • Wide spectrum sound cancellation
                                                 • Multi-layered laminar gas flow design

                                                 Please contact us for more information. We have many in

                                                              75                                          1-888-876-2124
                                                                                  PATRIOT RAW CHEVY HEADERS
                                                                                  by Patriot Exhaust
                                                                                   #H8027         Call for price.

SANDERSON HEADERS not only fit your engine,                   PATRIOT COATED CHEVY HEADERS by Patriot Ex-
but also allow maximum room around your spark plugs,          haust
starter, alternator, steering & other components. Unlike                             #H80271          Call for price.
mass-produced "universal" headers, they build individual                EXHAUST BRACKET - 1 hole
designs which work for specific engines in specific chassis.            Frame Bracket, mild steel, welds
The product line includes headers for all popular & nostalgia           to frame. #21348          $5
engines, most aftermarket cylinder heads & many modified
steering & suspension setups including frame grafts.
SANDERSON'S CC1 will fit any rack & pinion set-up. Also                   Tailpipe Bracket - 304
fits Vega steering & any Mustang-style mounted steering                   stainless, welds to tailpipe.
that is mounted with 2" clear-                                                          #21347         $9
ance from the steering gear to the                                    EXHAUST BRACKET - 2 hole
center ports on the driver's side.                                    Frame Bracket, mild steel, welds to frame.
The header will clear any motor                                                       #21346          $6
mounts, tie rods, or steering rods.
                                                                          Tailpipe Bracket - 304 stainless,
Any starter & transmission combi-
                                                                          welds to tailpipe.
nation will clear this header except cast iron Powerglides.
                                                                                       #21345           $11
We also offer a headpipe which simplifies installation in
1928-1934 cars. This is the most compact true performance                    EXHAUST FLANGE - 3 hole, mild steel.
header offered today. Comes with all hardware necessary                      for 2-1/2" tube #21832           $9
for installation.                                                            for 2-1/4" tube #21831           $9
                   #CC1                    Call for price.
SANDERSON'S CC2 4" tall header speaks for itself. One                          GROMMET - for Exhaust Hangers - Made
header fits both sides of your small block Chevy engine.                       of high-temperature urethane. To be used
This header has excellent clear-                                               with the above exhaust brackets. Use one
ance for both straight & angle plug                                            grommet per hole.
heads. Fits all Dart, Trick Flow, Bro-                                                     #BR92318-100 $1.50 ea
dix, Brownfield, Edelbrock & Chevy
angle plug hands. When order-                                                      BAND CLAMP - eliminates welding &
ing, be sure to specify exactly which head manufacturer &                          doesn't crush the exhaust tubing.
model you are running. Comes with all hardware necessary                           2-1/4" #35621            $12
for installation.                                                                  2-1/2" #35979            $13
                   #CC2                    Call for price.                         2"      #35620           $12
The new design for Sanderson's LS1 heads places the col-                             BILLET EXHAUST HANGERS by
lector slightly off-center. Fits tight                                               DEEDS - Beautiful looking with
to block & measures only 7-3/4"                                                      soft high heat bushing and S.S
from center of flange to the bottom                                                  hardware.
of the collector. Standard in 1-1/2"
tubing with 2-1/2" collector. 1-5/8"                                                 2-1/4" #EHP22501               $59
or 1-3/4" tubing with 3" collector                                                   2-1/2" #EHP25001               $63
                   #LS150                  Call for price.
PLEASE NOTE: Ceramic coating is available on all Sander-                    U-J BEND by VIBRANT
son headers.       Extra charge. Call for price.                   Tube Dia.     U-Bend        16 Gauge T304
                                                                  (O.D.)        Radius        STAINLESS STEEL
HEADERS FROM CP AUTOMOTIVE                                        1-1/2"        3-1/8"        2601
Available in chrome finish. Includes headers, fasteners,
                                                                  1-3/4"        3-1/2"        2603
gaskets & reducers.
                 #20270                 $199                      2"            4"            2605
                                                                  2-1/4"        3-1/2"        2607
                                                                  2-1/2"        4"            2609
                                                                  3"            5"            2611
1-888-876-2124                                             76
                                       EXHAUST ACCESSORIES

                                                                    HIGH TEMP SPRAY ADHESIVE
                                                                                #010490      $21

                                                                    COOL TAPE
EXHAUST WRAP                                                        An easy to applY, flexible solution to reflect heat.
Available 1'' or 2'' wide in 15' or 50' lengths, black or beige.    1-3/8'' X 15' #010408               $21
1'' X 50' #010101 $38               Black #010107 $41               Also available in 30' rolls.
2'' X 50' #010102 $61               Black #010108 $66
1'' X 15' #010105 $12               Black #010120 $14
2'' X 15' #010106 $20               Black #010121 $23

                                                                    The ultimate protection for spark plug boots & wire from
                                                                    extreme heat.
                                                                    2 pc. set                        #010501          $21
                                                                    8 pc. set                        #010502          $80
Also available in Titanium
2'' X 50'                          #010127          $72
1'' X 15'                          #010128          $20

Stainless steel locking ties for exhaust wrap.
8" long- 8 pc. kit.                #010201          $18
14" long- 4 pc. kit.               #010202          $13
                                                                    FLOOR & TUNNEL SHIELD.
                                                                    Available in
        PAINT                                                       21'' X 2'                           #050501            $47
        High temperature silicone paint for exhaust wrap.           21'' X 4'                           #050502            $93
               Black            #010301         $13                 42'' X 4'                           #050503            $165
               Silver           #010302         $13

Starter wrap heat shield.
7'' X 24''      #010402            $32

                                                                    UNIVERSAL MANDREL BENT TUBING - Combines a 180°
                                                                    & 45° bend into one unit which gives fabricators the ability
                                                                    to get up to 3 separate bends & a straight length out of each
Aluminized sleeving for protecting
                                                                    piece. Available in 16 gauage T304 stainless steel & 16 gauge
wires, hoses & cables.
                                                                    aluminized steel. Ideal for building custom exhaust systems,
3/4 ID X 36''    #010403         $19
                                                                    headers or intercooler piping. Call for pricing.
Other ID's available
Also available with velcro opening
1'' ID X 36''    #010405         $39

                                                                   77                                          1-888-876-2124
Walker Rads are the standard of the industry made in the USA of top quality material. Complete with all connections. Ready
                   to bolt to your application. Each assembly comes complete with the following standards:
                       - Designed to operate with a 15 lb. to 18 lb. cap.
                       - Top tanks are stamped from .040 deep draw brass.
                       - Brass drain cock for easy draining.
                       - Transmission cooler for automatic transmissions.
                       - (fitting size is 1/8" pipe thread - line fitting kits are available - see
                         next page)
                       - Simple bolt-in application.
                       - No alterations to grille or grille shell.

Z-SERIES - not made for Model A’s                Call us for pricing. Ford Engine? Please tell us if the lower connection
High performance cooling; Big blocks; Other applications where cooling should be on the driver's or passenger’s side. If on
is a problem; Trailer pulling vehicles.                                 driver's side, add B to part#. Extra charge of about
                                                                        $25 applies.
S-SERIES RAD - for Model A’s                     Call us for pricing.
High performance cooling; Big blocks; Other applications where cooling Dummy filler necks are on some rads. The stock
is a problem; Trailer pulling vehicles; Stock look to the core which is rad cap will fit these rads. Since Dec 01/93, the
about 4" thick (be sure there is enough clearance).                     '33-'34 rads have not had dummy necks. When the
                                                                        ornamental rad cap is used, it should be secured
Z-SERIES COOL MATE RAD                           Call us for pricing. to the rad shell from the inside with a ring washer
Heavy duty performance; A/C condenser                                   before installing the rad to the rad shell.

                                                                         Flathead Engines: The complete Z-Series line of rads
                                   CHEVS                                 is available. Please specify the upper connection
FORDS                                                                    size. (Motors up to '48 were 1¾" diameter, from
                                   '32 (rear brace must be altered)
'17-'23                  481-1                                           '49 to '54 the upper connection should be 1¼"
'24-'27                  481-2                                           diameter; all lowers were 1¾". Don’t assume your
                                   '33 Master                   510-1
'28-'29                  487-1                                           connection size - measure it.). Extra charge applies.
                                   '34-'35 Standard             508-1
'30-'31                  487-2                                           Call us for pricing.
                                   '34-'35 Master               509-1
'32                      491-2
                                   '35-'36                      505-1
'33-'34 (incl P/U)       498-1                                           Model A’s with '32 Rad Shells: If you are building a
                                   '34-'36 Panel & P/U          518-1
'35 (not P/U)            488-1                                           '28-'29, use a '32 rad cut down. A popular chop on
                                   '37                          501-1
'36 (not P/U)            494-1                                           the '32 rad is 3". The amount that the rad should
                                   '37 Panel & P/U              516-1
'37-'39 Standard (not P/U)                                               be chopped will depend on how you want to have
                                   '38                          502-1
                         495-1                                           your hood line. '30-'31 Fords can use a '32 radiator
                                   '39-'40 Panel & P/U          522-1
'39-'40 Deluxe & 40 Std.                                                 as is.
                                   '39                          503-1
                                   '40-'41                      504-1
'40-'41 P/U              497-1                                           Environmentally Safe: For some time now, Walker
                                   '46-'48                      513-1
'41- Deluxe              496-1                                           Radiator has been using lead free-solder in the
                                   '41-'46 Panel & P/U          507-1
'42-'48                  493-1                                           manufacturing process of their radiator lines.
                                   '47-'53 Panel & P/U          520-1
'42-'52                  489-1                                           Lead-free solder is safe for their employees, their
                                   '55-'57 V8                   567-1
                                   '56-'59 P/U                  519-1    customers & the environment plus it is 100%
                                                                         stronger than solders containing lead as used by
                                                                         most radiator manufacturers.
MISCELLANEOUS RADIATORS - Walker makes radiators
for a variety of "non-Fords." Call us for information.                   Extra Charge: Rads for Ford Engines, Flatheads &
                                                                         special order rads cost slightly more.

ALUMINUM RADS AVAILABLE!! Call us for information.

1-888-876-2124                                                78
                                    RADIATOR ACCESSORIES
Walker's Chrome Cap - 15 lb.
               #WC15              $27

                                                               RADIATOR WATER OVERFLOW TANKS (Stainless Steel)
                                                               - Highly polished with billet aluminum cap. Includes mounting
                                                               brackets, hardware & instructions.
Billet Specialties' caps have a           machined billet top
                                                               13"      1-1/4 pints       #B-8005-WO13            $68
with knurled grip sides. Billet tops are packaged with the rad
                                                               15"      1-1/2 pints       #B-8005-WO15            $68
cap unassembled to allow for proper positioning of logo.
                                                               17"      1-3/4 pints       #B-8005-WO17            $68
    Plain           16 lb.                 #75120       $26
                                                               19"      2 pints           #B-8005-WO19            $68
    V8              16 lb.                 #75420       $26
    Flamed          16 lb.                 #75820       $26    Builders' Tip: For a lower rad hose with a tight bend, try a
                                                               '79-'83 full size Chev.
                                                               Gates #20854
                                                               Dayco #71018

                                                               OVERFLOW TANK by Transdapt
                                                               - 3'' x 10'', made from stainless
                                                               steel. Available in 20 oz to 56 oz
TRANSMISSION COOLER                                            capacity
In-line style, aluminum construction with anodized finish. It           36 oz #9911            $84
lowers transmission temperatures by as much as 30°.
Note: 'D' on the end of the part number denotes dual pass.
   diameter       length
      3"            12"       #PRR9500D                  $70
      3"            15"       #PRR9515                   $65   Coolant Plumbing by Northern High Performance
      3"            15"       #PRR9515D                  $76   - Create your own vibration resistant coolant plumbing by
      3"            18"       #PRR9518                   $72   combining tubes & hoses. Tubing is made out of aluminized
      3"            18"       #PRR9518D                  $96   or stainless steel & is mandrel bent. Hoses are silicone based.
                                                               Call for pricing.
FITTINGS for Walker Rad Transmission Cooler (Walker
                                                               Aluminum or Stainless (1.5" or 1.75" only)
Rads have a built-in cooler.) - Use 2 nuts & 2 of the 1/8 male
                                                                    45° 6"x4"/4"x4"              Diam.: 1.25", 1.5", 1.75"
pipe thread adapters.
                                                                    75° 6"x4"/4"x4"              Diam.: 1.25", 1.5", 1.75"
Nut                               #105X5              $.50
                                                                    90° 6"x4"/4"x4"              Diam.: 1.25", 1.5", 1.75"
Fittings, 1/8 mnpt X 5/16 tube:
               straight           #202X5                $2
               45°                #352X5                $4
               90°                #402X5                $3

                                                                    Straight (3" long)          Diam.: 1.5", 1.75"
                                                                    45° 4"x4"                   Diam.: 1.25", 1.5", 1.75"
Billet Aluminum by Billet Specialties - include adjustable          90° 5"x5"                   Diam.: 1.25", 1.5", 1.75"
mounting hardware that allows placement along the entire            Straight (6" long)          Diam.: 1.25", 1.5", 1.75"
length of the tank. Tanks have a knurled & threaded cap             Step up/down (8" long)      Diam.: 1.25" to 1.5"
with o-ring seal for easy removal. Lengths specified are of         Step up/down (8" long)      Diam.: 1.25" to 1.75"
the tank, overall measurement is 1-1/2" longer than listed.    V8 Silicone Engine Coolant Plumbing Kit: incl. 45°, 90° &
Diameter is 2".                                                straight silicone connector hoses & aluminum 45° & straight
    Smooth              13"            #77113 $127             tubes.
    Smooth              15"            #77115 $127
    Smooth              17"            #77117 $127
    Ribbed              13"            #77213 $137
    Ribbed              15"            #77215 $137
    Ribbed              17"            #77217 $137
                                                              79                                          1-888-876-2124
                                                     RADIATORS & FANS
                                     RADIATOR TO GRILL                                                       17" ELECTRIC FAN WITH
                                     BRACKETS - Made just like                                               SHROUD COMBINATION - If
                                     Henry's, includes mounting                                              more power & clearance is what
                                     hardware. 4 piece set.                                                 you need, then this is the an-
          1933                          #40-16628-B         $27                                             swer. This fan being only 2 5/8"
          1934                          #40-16628-C         $27                                             thick will fit more than thought
                                                                                                            possible. The (275 watt) motor
                                                                                                            & the new 17" blade work to-
                                                                                                            gether to make this the ultimate
RADIATOR MOUNTING KIT (Stainless Steel) -                                                                   fan & shroud combination.
Mounts radiator to frame. Kit includes 2 stainless steel hex                                                Same price                 $357
bolts, 2 stainless steel springs, 2 stainless steel self-locking                                                        2 5/8"
nylok nuts & 2 rubber pads.                                      Ford:
          '28-'48                  #B-8130-SS             $21    '28-'29 Car/Truck               #CCI1770
                                                                 '30-'34 Car/Truck               #CCI1750
                                                                 '35-'39 Car                     #CCI1750
                                                                 '35-'39 Truck                   #CCI1770
                                                                 '39-'41 Car-Dlx                 #CCI1740
                                                                 '42-'51 Car                     #CCI1770
                                                                 '40-'56 Truck                   #CCI1740
                                                                 '31-'41 Car                     #CCI1750
RADIATOR TO FIREWALL SUPPORT RODS - Polished '42-'48 Car                                         #CCI1770
stainless steel. Includes stainless steel nuts.                  '49-'57 Car                     #CCI1740
Model A, 26" long                  #A-8133-SS             $43    '34-'47 Truck                   #CCI1750
'32 - '39, 31-1/2" long            #B-8133-SS             $47    '48-'54 Truck                   #CCI1770
Universal 35'' long                #4-8133-SS              $49 '55-'59 Truck                     #CCI1740

                                                           YOUR VEHICLE NOT LISTED? Check the dimensions listed
                                                           below with new numbers.
                                                           20 1/4 x 18 1/4 (New)         #CCI1730
                                                           24'' x 18 1/2 (Centered)      #CCI1740
FIREWALL SUPPORT ROD BRACKETS - Polished stainless 22 1/4 x 18 1/2                       #CCI1750
steel. Includes stainless mounting hardware. Also for most 21 1/2 x 19 1/2 (Centered)    #CCI1770
'32-'34 'glas bodies.                                      26'' x 16 1/2 (New, Centered) #CCI1790
      '28-'32 pass/'32/'34 pu   #B-8140/41-SS        $16   (For cross flow application)
      '33-'38 & '39 standard    #40-8140/41-SS $27

                  COOLING FAN CONTROL by Ron
                  Francis Wiring - "Ice Box" fan control has
                  a fully adjustable operating range of 140°
                                                              SIDE WINDER ELECTRIC FAN KIT by The Fan Man- It's
                  to 230°. The re-designed sensor is simply
                                                                               low profile design (only 1 5/8" thick
tightened under an intake or water pump bolt. It can then be
                                                                               in the centre) & high CFM output
adjusted to your exact preference for on-&-off temperature.
                                                                               (over 2200 CFM) is sure to keep your
It is equipped with an A/C request system to turn the cooling
                                                                               vehicle running cool. Pull only. Quiet
fan on whenever the A/C compressor engages. This feature
                                                                               operation. #Sidewinder $600
does not have to be used.               #AR-67      $149                       Notes: Most down flows use one large fan 3
                                                                                                      3/8" thick x 16" in diameter. IMPORTANT: Allow
PROGRAMMABLE DUAL FAN CONTROLLER by Dakota                                                            an additional 1/8" when using our mounting
                 Digital - Fully programmable, it will work with                                      brackets. Shrouds cannot be used on a pusher
                  your existing water temp gauge, operating                                           fan. Adding a shroud puts a fan 1 1/8" closer
                                                                                                      to water pump. If core is larger than 20" x 24"
                  from the temperature sending unit already
                                                                                                      then two electric fans work best. Fans come
                  installed! Feaures include: fully programmable        in 2 1/2" or 3 3/8" thickness. On a 16" fan, top of fan shroud to bottom of
                  “fan on” & “fan off” temperatures, user               fan motor measures 11". Below fan motor, need approximately 2" between
adjustable time for fan operation after engine shut down &              water pump & core for mounting fan. Down flows with core sizes wider than
full digital LED readout. Box measures 3" wide, 2.75" high, 1"          20" or taller than 24" work better using a custom shroud.
thick. Mounting is recommended inside the cab or alternate
dry environment. Note:The use of a second relay RLY-1 (not included)
will be required for dual fan or two speed fan operation.
                               #PAC-2700                    $138
                                                                       80                                                   1-888-876-2124
                                         RADIATORS & FANS
                                                                                                 FAN SHROUD by Walker -
FAN - 17" ELECTRIC - This shrouded fan forces the cooling
                                                                                                 make a polyethylene shroud
air to pass through the rad core. Moves about 2700 CFM of
                                                                                                 for their rads. Only 1¾"
air. Mounts on the front or rear side of the core. Simply flip
                                                                                                 thick, it comes complete with
over for front or rear mounting. 2 speed settings.
                                                                                                 all mounting hardware &
                                 #CCI17               $208
                                                                                                 instructions on how to locate
                                                                                                 & cut the fan hole. Reduces
                                                                                                 the coolant temperature by
                                                                                                 up to 30°.

                                                                                             H20" x W21"
                                                                 #WS40       $110
                                                                      H22" x W17"            #WS50                $110
                                                                      H22" x W17½"           #WS55                $110
                       Builder's Tip:                                 H22" x W18"            #WS55A               $110
   Walker recommends a 30 amp relay in the fan circuit.               H23" x W16"            #WS60                $110
        This will absorb the start-up current surge.                  H19-1/4" x W20-1/8" #WS70                   $110
    A temperature sensitive switch can control the fan.                      1931 Ford                            WS55A
                                                                             1932 Ford                            WS55
                                                                             1933-'36 Ford                        WS50
                                                                             1937-'39 Ford Standard               WS60
16" BILLET FAN SHROUD by Billet City - This SPAL                             1939-'40 Ford Deluxe                 WS40
billet shrouded fan moves about 2360 CFM of air. Straight                    1941 Ford                            WS40
push/pull fan blade. 16.375" diam. 3.6" height. Designed                     1942-'51 Ford                        WS70
to exceed performance of OEM fans. Used when improved                        1932-'41 Chev                        WS50
airflow is needed. Fully sealed motor (waterproof/dustproof).                1936 Chev P/U & Panel                WS50
Individually balanced for long life.                                         1937-'40 Chev P/U & Panel            WS55A
                                                                             1946 Chev P/U & Panel                WS55A
                                                                             1946-'48 Chev                        WS70
                                                                             1947-'53 Chev P/U                    WS70

                                                                 FAN SENSOR SYSTEM, Electric
   #STARBASE $768                  #TWISTER $768                 All systems include thermostat, fuses, relay, wiring harness.
                                                                 Wire Works
                                                                 On 176° with 3/8 inch pipe thread     #AR-23          $107
                                                                 On 200° with 3/8 inch pipe thread     #AR-24          $107
                                                                 Vintage Air
                                                                 On 190° with adapter bushings     #24190-VUT          $103

                                                                 Electric Fan Thermostat SWITCH ONLY

                                                         3/8 NPT single male terminal w/wire lead
FAN SWITCH ADAPTER - specially bored out to allow proper 176°/161° F                           #AR-33                   $54
coolant flow. 3/8" x 1/2" #34303-VUG                $3   200°/185° F                           #AR-34                   $54

FAN MOUNT TAB - Most aftermarket electric fans
have slots that accept this tab.
Pack of 4                        #16744              $8 pk

1-888-876-2124                                                   81
                                     GAS TANKS & ACCESSORIES
"Tanks" makes gas tanks in polyethylene ("poly"), steel &              HANDY TIP ... GAS TANK VOLUME/CAPACITY
stainless steel . These are not “Universal” tanks, but specific for    1 U.S. gallon = 231 cu. in \\\ 1 IMP. gallon = 277 cu. in.
the year & model of your vehicle. Tanks for Fords & Chevs are          1 U.S. gallon = 0.83 IMP gal.
for most models - sedans, coupes, pick-ups, etc. Tanks does            15 U.S. gallons = 12.5 IMP gallons
not make Chev tanks that mount behind the seat. Check with             At 20 Miles Per Gallon, 12.5 gal. gives you a 250 mile range.
us for your vehicle. Order senders separately. Fuel capacity is        Travelling 60 MPH, 250 miles takes 4+ hours. So... a 15 U.S.
in US gallons.                                                         gallon tank should take you about 4 hours (at 20 MPG).

FORD GAS TANKS                                                             CHEV GAS TANKS - Tanks does not make Chev tanks
                                                                           that mount behind the seat.
YEAR              POLY         STEEL             STAINLESS                               SIZE in
                  28-EZ                                                    YEAR          US gal-   POLY             STEEL         STAINLESS
'28-'29                                                                                  lons
                  (16 gal)
                  31-EZ                                                    '31-'32       15                         32C-MS        32C-SS
                  (14 gal)
                                                                           '34-'35 STD   15                         34CMS-STD     34CSS-STD
                  32P          32Z-S (11 gal)    32SS-15
                  (14 gal)     32Z-D2 (16 gal)                             '35-'36       17        36CP
                               34G               34SS-15 (15 gal)          '35-'36 PU    17        36C-PT
'33-'34           34FM
                               (16 gal)          34SS-17 (17 gal)
                  (16 gal)                                                 '37           17        37CP
'33-'37 PU                     34T-MS15 34T-     34T-SS15 (15 gal)
                  34PT                                                     '38-'39       17        38CP
'33-'34 SDN DEL                MS17              34T-SS17 (17 gal)
                  (16 GAL)                                                 '40           17        40CP
'34 VICTORIA                   (15 or 17 gal)
                  35P          35G
'35-'36                                                                    '41-'48       16        48CPS            CG-48
                  (17 gal)     (16 gal)
                  37P          37G                                         '49-'52       16        51CP             CG-51
                  (17 gal)     (16 gal)                                                            53CPS in-
'38-'40 car &     40P          40G                                         '53-'54       16        cludes filler    CG-53
'38-'41 PU                                                                                         tube w/cap
                  (17 gal)     (16 gal)
'41-'48 Ford &    48P          48G
                                                                           DODGE/PLYMOUTH GAS TANKS
'39-'48 Merc      (17 gal)     (16 gal)
                  51P                                                      '35-'36       16        35M
'49-'51 Ford
                  (17 gal)                                                 '37-'39       16        37M
'53-'55 F-100     F100
                                                                           UNIVERSAL STYLE GAS TANKS
                                                                           Steel 34 x 10 x 11 tall (16 gal) #US-1
                                                                           Steel 34 x 10 x 14 tall (18 gal) #US-2
                                                                           FOR TRUCKS:
                                                                           Poly 27 x 17 x 9.5 tall (14 gal.) #UT
                                                                           Same as above
                                                                            but with 2" OD x 2" tall neck with connecting hose #UT-H

          #32Z-S                                                       '35-'39 Chev tanks include lower mounting straps & connecting
                                                                       hose. New "T" bolts for '35-'39 Chev (1 pair req’d)
                                                                                                         #TB             $11 pr
Note '32 Ford tank on the right is 1-7/8" deeper than

                                                                            Builders' Tip: To seal gas tank gaskets , use a thin layer
                                                                            of Permatec Hi-Tac Gasket Sealer #97-BR (small tube on
                                                                            a card) or #98-H (brush on can).

                                                                      82                                                     1-888-876-2124
                               GAS TANKS & ACCESSORIES

                                Universal Gas Tanks

                                                                                             Universal Polyethylene Tank.
                                                                                             27 X 17 X 9.5. 14 gallon
                                                                                                     #UT             $309

                                                            Alloy coated steel tank. 15 X
                                                            7.5 X 34.
                                                                    #U-9-A $360

Universal 16 gallon, welded, aluminum gas tank.
28 X 10 X 16. Also available unwelded.
        welded           #KUST-1001             $535
        unwelded         #KUST-U1001            $385                                    Alloy coated steel. Also avail-
                                                                                        able in stainless steel. 14.25 X
                                                                                        10.25 X 36.
                                                                                                 #U2-A              $360

                                                            Universal alloy gas tank. 11.5
                                                            X 11.5 X 34. 16
                                                            gallon capacity.
                                                                    #U3-G $360

                                                                                        Universal Truck Tank
                                                                                        Alloy coated steel.
                                                                                        16 gallon capacity.
                                                                                        27 3/4 x 17 3/4 x 8 1/2
Universal 16 gallon, unwelded, aluminum gas tank. 27 X 17                                       #UT-N-2            $275
X 18. Includes roll over valve & pickup tube. Also available
        welded            #KUST-1009              $535       Universal Car or Truck tank. 30
        unwelded          #KUST-U1009             $385       X 16 X 8. 15.5 gallon capacity.
                                                             16 guage aluminized steel.
                                                             	       #U-4 $350

1-888-876-2124                                             83
                                    GAS TANKS & ACCESSORIES
                                                                                                1932 Ford - Great for all '32's -
                                                                                                most desirable for Hiboys. This tank
                                                                                                has a perfect bottom with all of the
                                                                                                rounded corners! Tanks have the
                                                                                                absolute look of an original Deuce
                                                                                                tank but superior in many ways:
                                                                                                straighter than original, heavier
                                                                                                gauge than original, resistance
• Bolt on - no holes to drill                                                        seam-welded, modern-style vented pick-up
• Mounts with running board brackets, outside the frame rails,                       tubes, laser trimmed & accepts all 5-hole
under the splash aprons                                                              senders (Classic, VDO, SW). It has a stamped
• Clearance built in for running board brackets & rear 4 link                        collar around a stock neck with no visible
parts                                                                                weld - just like the original! Includes TANKS
• Top-mounted pick-up tubes so tanks won't empty if fuel line                        stainless, non-vented repro cap. Fuel won't
is broken (no dangerous bottom pickups)                           splash out. For fuel injected motors, use the pumps listed
                                                                  under "FUEL PUMPS" for the 'G' series tanks. An internal
• Not recommended for fuel injected cars.                         reservoir tray is standard. Two sizes available: 11 gal. stock
                                                                  capacity & 14 gal. larger tank which is 1-7/8" deeper than
Complete with 2 tanks, switchover valve, filler necks, with
                                                                  stock. Call us for pricing.
push thru cap, grommet & billet cap/plugs & detailed
                                                                  11 gal. stock capacity               #32-ZS
                                                                  14 gal. capacity                     #32-DZ
Bolt-on steel neck, billet cap & grommet. Call for pricing.
                                                                Stamped Reproduction Gas Tanks - Reproduction heavy
'28-'29 Ford (8 gal. per side)    #28-EF
                                                                gauge plated steel with street
'30-'31 Ford (7 gal. per sde)     #31-EF
Builders' Tip: To control the switchover valve, use a GM switch
                                                                rod features. Tanks are 1.5"
#329854.                                                        deeper to gain extra cruising
                                                                miles, 20% thicker than other
                                                                reproduction tanks, internal
                                                                reservoir tray, top mounted fuel pickup, in-tank fuel injection
                                                                pumps, correct neck location. Call us for pricing.
                                                                '34 Ford (with billet cap)       #34G
                                                                '35-'36 Ford                     #35G
                                                                '37 Ford                         #37G
                                                                '38-'40 Ford                     #40G
                                                                '41-'48 Ford                     #48G

                                                                 84                                            1-888-876-2124
                                   GAS TANKS & ACCESSORIES

                                      '41-'48 Ford, '39-'48
                                      Mercury Poly Tank

                                     '53-'55 Ford F-100 Pick-up
                                     Poly Tank

                                                                    CUSTOM FUEL DOORS by Hagan - are designed to be
                                                                    welded into steel panels or bonded to glass panels (let us know
                                                                    if installing in glass so it can be prepared properly). Install in
                                       '37 Chev Poly Tank           rear fenders, quarter panels or side aprons. Flush mount door
                                                                    pops open to expose a trick anti-splash back fill spout.
                                                                            Call us for pricing.
                                                                    A variety of styles...
                                                                            Lids:                   round, square or teardrop
                                     '41-'48 Chev Poly (coupe               Surface:                flat or curved
                                     & sedan sizes) Available in            Neck angle:             45° or straight
                                     stock or long length, left or
                                     right fill.                    Larger fuel doors in Oval & Rectangular make it easier to refuel
                                                                    at stations that have the larger vapor recovery tubes. Bowtie
                                                                    fuel doors for the Chevy enthusiast!
                              Chev Die-Stamped Gas Tanks for
                              '41 through '54. Heavy gauge                  Lids:                   oval, bowtie or rectangular
                              plated steel with baffles, large              Surface:                flat or curved
                              pickup tube, internal reservoir               Neck angle:             straight only
                              tray. NOTE: Does not fit business
                              coupes. ('41-'48 Chev shown)                  Bung & cap available             #ZFDCOLLAR $27
                                                                            Cap sold separately              #CAP               $30
FUEL PUMP KITS, High Pressure/In-Tank - Adjustable
from 7" to 10.5" deep. No welding required - components bolt
together. You assemble to the depth of your tank & install.
Heavy gauge mounting plate, adjustable plated steel support
arm. For TANKS stamped reproduction tanks (above), put 'G'
ahead of the pump number (e.g. GPA-2). Specs & pricing are
the same as PA series. Save $20 when buying a 'G' series tank
                                                                    '33-'34 Ford Poly Tank - has bolt-on steel neck, billet cap.
& a 'GPA' series pump at the same time! Call us for pricing.
                                                                    The bottom of this tank will be about 3/4" lower than the 34G.
35GPH @ 40 PSI                      #PA-1
                                                                    Also available in mild steel & stainless.
54GPH @ 40 PSI                      #PA-2
68GPH @ 40 PSI                      #PA-4 PUMP
                                                                    '33-'34 Ford Poly Tank with Flush-Mount Neck & Push-Thru
                HIGH PERFORMANCE MECHANICAL                         Cap. Fits under gas tank apron. Call us for pricing.
                FUEL PUMP by Holley - 110 gps, high                                                       #34-FM
                output fuel flow, pre-set shut off. Pressure
                from 6.5 to 8 psi. No fuel pressure regulator
                needed. Heavy duty construction for continu-
                ous high RPM operation. Fuel body casting                                                Not a "Universal" tank. Neck
                can be rotated to accomadate various plumb-                                              is in stock location for each
ing situations. Inlet /outlet tapped for 3/8 NPT.                                                        Ford year & model.
                                    #1232711             $111
                   CARTER INLINE TBI FUEL PUMP
                   - These inline TBI fuel pumps are ideally
                   suited to allow the installation of throttle
                  body injected engines that were previously
                  carbureted. Designed to operate applica-                                               '38-'40 Ford Poly Tank
                  tions with system pressures between 9 &
22 psi, they are flow-rated at 50 gph at 20 psi.
                                    #P5001               $188
1-888-876-2124                                                     85
                                  GAS TANKS & ACCESSORIES
                               FUEL TANK TO FRAME                                          GAS TANK COVER SCREW SET
                               MOUNTING KIT - T a n k                                      - Stainless Steel 1933/34 Ford (set
                               mounts to one frame rail with                               of 4)
                                the long bolt, spring, rubber                                       #40-16396-SK             $2
pad & castle nut. The other side of the tank is mounted directly
to the frame rail with two bolts & nuts. 1932/48                 COOLCAP by Ride Tech - is manufactured from 316 stainless
                                      #B-9002-SK           $9    steel & polished to a bright mirror finish. The 3" diameter is
GAS CAPS                                                         only .080" thick & can be easily recessed if desired. The flush
                                                                 cap is actuated with a stainless interface key that will unscrew
                           Locking #8A-18416-SS $20 the cap from its O-ring seal. Neck diameter is 1.5".
                           Stainless #8A-9030-SS           $10 A stainless chain prevents leaving or losing the gas cap after
                     Stainless plain #B-9030-SS            $16 filling up your tank. COOLCAP™ comes with all mounting
                         V8 symbol #B-9030-SS-V8 $16
                                                                 hardware & instructions for easy installation.
                                                                                                    #84000000              $87
Ford Script Locking Cap - Bob Drake quality - die casting,
               chrome plated with stainless steel key cover
               with FORD script. Includes 2 keys. 1932/48
               spring loaded key cover.
                                  #48-18416           $42                             GAS TANK FILLER NECKS (BUNGS)
               Screw-on, aluminum - with O-ring. Used                                 - Threaded 2-1/4" OD bungs come in mild
               with Tank Filler Neck (Bungs)                                          steel & stainless for welding into your own
                                    #CC          $30                                  tank. Used with #CC Gas Cap.
                  Vented as original. 32-48 & 32-50 PU
                                  #11C-9030-A         $11
Non-vented, stainless steel with a knurled edge. Fits all                  Mild steel 2" long       #4B                $20
original & reproduction 32-48 Ford necks. This is the cap to use           Mild steel 3" long       #5B                $26
with TANKS 32-Y repro tank.                                                Stainless 2" long        #4BS               $33
                                    #TC-32                 $22             Stainless 3" long        #3BS               $40
                          FUEL SENDER - The Deluxe Fuel             GAS TANK FILLER PIPE - for 1938-'40 Ford Passenger cars.
                          Pick-Up Tube Sender features a            Replace your old rusty, dented one with a new one from Bob
                          stainless-steel mounting plate & 3/8"     Drake.                          #91A-9034-B $52
                          OD x 13" long stainless pick-up tube
                                                                               PICK-UP TUBE - for fuel tank. Use 3/8" NPT Half
                          (shorten or extend to match your own                 Coupling
                          tank depth). Includes a cork gasket,                                   #PT                 $26
                          five self-sealing mounting screws
                          & instructions. It is designed with       VENT VALVE - 90° for gas tank. Use 1/4" NPT Half
                          new heavy-duty flat-card technology       Coupling                 #VV             $19
                          resistance movement for greater           HALF COUPLING - (weld-in)       For Pick-Up Tube or Vent
                          accuracy, reliability, long-operating     Valve.
                          life & resistance to road-vibrations.            Mild steel, 1/4" NPT     #4NPT-MS            $5
                          The sensor housing easily rotates a              Mild steel, 3/8" NPT     #8NPT-MS            $5
full 360° on the stainless pick-up tube to position the float in           Stainless, 1/4" NPT      #4NPT-SS           $16
any direction to clear internal tank baffles, side of tank, vent           Stainless, 3/8" NPT      #8NPT-SS           $16
lines, etc.                                                         TOGGLE SWITCH - Double pole - double throw, 6 terminals.
GAS TANK NECK                                                       For saddle tanks to control the switchover valve.
GROMMETS -                                                                                           #TS              $20
Made of high quality
                                                                    SWITCHOVER VALVE - for use with saddle tanks. Controlled
                                                                    by #TS switch (sold separately).
1933/'34                          #40-9080               $8
                                                                                                     #SOV          $58
1935/'36 all                      #48-9080               $8
                                                                    FUEL TRANSFER ELBOW - 2" ID x 7/32" wall x 6" legs
1937/'40 pass, '37/'41 pu         #91A-9080              $8
                                                                                       90°           #NE-90        $24
1942/'47 pu                       #21C-9080             $17
                                                                                       60°           #NE-60        $24
1948/'52 pu                       #7C-9080              $17
                                                                                       45°           #NE-45        $23
1953/'55 pu                       #BAAA-9080            $17
1956 pu                           #B6C-9080             $17
                                                                   86                                        1-888-876-2124
                                     FUEL SYSTEMS/FITTINGS

PERFORMER SERIES INTAKE MANIFOLDS                                         Long straight          Straight                   90°
Call us for pricing & info.                                                heater hose          heater hose             heater hose

                                                                                  CHROME FITTINGS & PIPE PLUGS
                                                                                            CHROME PLATED BRASS

                                                                     DESCRIPTION                   SIZE                PART # PRICE
                                                                     Straight heater hose   5/8" hose x ½" pipe        30052     $14

                                                                     Straight heater hose   ¾" hose x ½" pipe          30053     $15
                                                                     Straight heater hose   5/8" hose x 3/8 "          30056     $13
Call us for pricing & info.
                                                                     90 DEG. heater hose    5/8" hose x 3/8"           30057     $22
PERFORMER SERIES CARBURETORS                                         90 DEG. heater hose    5/8" hose x ½" pipe        30054     $26
Call us for pricing & info.
                                                                     90 DEG. heater hose    ¾" hose x ½" pipe          30055D    $18
                                                                     Long straight heater   5/8" hose x ½" pipe        30050     $22
                                                                     Long straight heater   ¾" hose x ½" pipe          30051     $22
With polished filter               #8131                   $56
With blue filter                   #8134                   $62
No filter, barb fitting            #8126                   $24

                                                                                     90° HOSE BARB MALE PIPE
                                                                                            CHROME PLATED BRASS
                                                                                    90°                             STRAIGHT

                                                                     HOSE &         PART       PRICE      HOSE &        PART     PRICE
                                                                      PIPE           #                     PIPE          #
                                                                     ¼ x 1/8       30058        $11       ¼ x 1/8       30065     $12
                                                                     ¼x¼           30059        $11       ¼x¼           30066         $7
                                                                     5/16 x 1/8    30060        $14       5/16 x 1/8    30067         $7
                                                                     5/16 x ¼      30061        $12       5/16 x ¼      30068         $6
                                                                     3/8 x 1/8     30062        $11       3/8 x 1/8     30069         $7
                                                                     3/8 x ¼       30063        $14       3/8 x ¼       30070         $6
                                                                     3/8 x 3/8     30064        $15       3/8 x 3/8     30071         $6
DOC'S KUSTOM is a family owned & operated business.
The original business, Doc's House of Bolts, manufactures
& distributes a full line of stainless steel fastener kits. These
kits currently fit most street rod & custom & classic truck
applications. The product line continues to expand, now in-
cluding some of the more popular muscle cars. All of Doc's
fastener kits are made from the highest quality stainless

1-888-876-2124                                                      87
                                               FUEL SYSTEMS
                         PROFLEX STAINLESS STEEL BRAIDED HOSE by Russell - Provides maximum protection &
                         reliability. More professionals & enthusiasts choose ProFlex performance hose. Constructed with
                         a stainless steel outer braid that resists abrasion & corosion. It has a CPE synthetic rubber liner
                         with a nylon inner braid that will not collapse under extreme heat, yet it is extremely flexible.

       SIZE          3'           6'          10'         15'           20'
                   PART #       PART #      PART #      PART #        PART #
         -4         632000      632010       632020     632030        632040
         -6         632050      632060       632070     632080        632090
         -8         632100      632110       632120     632130        632140
        -10         632150      632160       632170     632180        632190

   STRAIGHT END FITTINGS by Russell                                  90° END FITTINGS by Russell
     AN SIZE   ANODIZE    ENDURA                                       AN SIZE     ANODIZE         ENDURA
                PART #    PART #                                                    PART #         PART #
         -4          610010         610011                                -4         610150          610151
         -6          610020         610021                                -6         610160          610161
         -8          610030         610031                                -8         610170          610171
         -10         610040         610041                               -10         610180          610181
   45° END FITTINGS by Russell                                       120° END FITTINGS by Russell
     AN SIZE   ANODIZE    ENDURA                                       AN SIZE   ANODIZE     ENDURA
                PART #     PART #                                                 PART #      PART #
         -4          610080        610081                                -6         610220          610221
         -6          610090        610091                                -8         610230          610231
         -8          610100        610101                                -10        610240          610241
        -10          610110        610111
                                                                  180° END FITTINGS by Russell
HIGH-FLOW FUEL FILTERS by Edelbrock -                                  AN SIZE     ANODIZE         ENDURA
Designed for high volume fuel systems, these high-quality                           PART #         PART #
fuel filters are manufactured from billet aluminum. These
filters are 3" long, 1 1/4" in diameter & include a 40 micron            -6         610220          610261
disc element with a –6 male inlet/outlet.                                -8         610230          610271
                                                                         -10        610240          610281

                                                                               PLEASE CALL FOR PRICING	
Polished aluminum filter         #8129            $35            FUEL FILTERS by Billet Specialties - Designed for 3/8"
Blue anodized aluminum filter    #8130E           $29            fuel line & connect via a hose barb or -6AN fitting. Available
                                                                 in smooth or ribbed styles for carbureted applications only.
FUEL FILTERS by Pro-Products                                     Mounting bracket sold separately. Uses common replaceable
Power flow competition fuel filter                               filter (AC Delco #GF471)
                                 #10100P          $45            Size: 4-1/2" long x 1-3/8" diameter
Power flow high tech fuel filter                                           Smooth Barbed          #42120           $45
                                 #10215           $63                      Smooth -6AN            #42220           $45
                                                                           Ribbed Barbed          #42320           $45
                                                                           Ribbed -6AN            #42420           $45
                                                                           Mounting Bracket       #42520           $19

               #10100P                  #10215

                                                                88                                         1-888-876-2124

                                                               Performance Replacement HEI Distributor by Taylor
IGNITOR I by Pertronix - Replace breaker point & trou-         • Performs misfire free up to 6500 RPM
blesome factory electronic ignitions with a dependable, self   • Precision CNC machined A354 T-6 cast alloy housing for
contained & maintenance free electronic ignition system.       maximum accuracy
Nearly undetectable presence under your distributor cap.       • Centerless ground shaft reduces friction & provides con-
                                                               centric operation
Chevy '57-'74 single point    #1181                            • Adjustable vacuum advance to improve
Ford '57-'74 single point     #1281                            economy
Chrysler '62-'75 single point #1381A                           • Tig welded adjustable mechanical ad-
Many more applications available.                              vance assembly
Call for pricing.                                              • 50,000 volt coil with dust cover
                                                               • High-output GM style 5.0 amp module
                                                               • High strength dielectric red distributor
IGNITOR II by Pertronix - Developes on average four            cap & rotor with brass terminals resists
times more available energy between 3000 & 5000 RPM &          cross fire & high RPM arcing
two times more available plug voltage. Senses startup &        • Hardened steel gear machined to exact
develops more energy for quicker, easier starting. Built in    tolerances for a tighter mesh with cam
reverse polarity & over current protection shuts down the      gear, for use with cast & steel billet cams
system preventing component damage.                            • Direct plug-in replacement for easy plug & play installa-
                                                               tion                      #640000T               $169
Chevy '57-'74 single point    #91181
Ford '57-'74 single point     #91281                           SPIRO-PRO 8mm WIRE SETS by Taylor - Taylor’s best
Chrysler '62-'75 single point #91381A                          8mm high performance import ignition wire available for
Many more applications available.                              street or track applications that maximizes fire power with-
Call for pricing.                                              out radio interference. The Spiro-Wound conductor consists
                                                               of a high conductivity resistor core, wound with a stain-
FLAME THROWER COILS by Pertronix - While its the               less steel wire & covered with a fluorocarbon silicone outer
perfect coil to go with the Pertronix Ignitor breakerless      jacket. The Spiro-Pro comes standard in 3 colors: black, red
ignition, the 40,000 volt Flame-thrower or 45,000 Flame-       or blue.                                  $89
thrower II canister coil can benefit virtually any
distributer type inductive system. Its higher
voltage allows larger spark plug gaps for
added power, smoother response & better fuel

8 cylinder 12 volt 1.5 ohms. Available in:
Black                            #40011
Chrome                           #40001
Epoxy Filled                     #40111

                                                               73 x 51 90° boots, 8 cylinder universal
                                                               73 x 53 45° boots, 8 cylinder universal
FLAME THROWER II by Pertronix -                                73 x 55 straight boots, 8 cylinder universal
8 Cylinder 12 volt .6 ohms. Available in:
Black                            #45001                        Specific applications also available.

1-888-876-2124                                                 89
CLASSIC INSTRUMENTS - Designed & hand-assembled in the US, accurate & responsive movements, innovative designs,
quality workmanship, leak proof glass lenses, "top of the line".
                   Silver Series - BN                               Traditional Series TR                              Classic Series - CW
                   Grey & silver face with                          Black face, white letters,                         White face, black letters
                   red ring around inner                            white 'vintage' pointer.                           & black 'teardrop' pointer.
                   circle & red 'teardrop'                          Bring back the 50's look                           Special version of the
                   pointer.                                         of early hot-rodding with                          original Classic Series.
                                                                    the Traditional Series!

                   Hot Rod Series - HR                              Vintage Series - VT                                White Hot Series - WH
                   Black face, white letters,                       Cream face with red                                The no nonsense racing
                   white 'straight' pointer.                        'vintage' pointer. Special                         look of our Hot Rod Series
                   This was designed as a                           look of nostalgic 1930's.                          with a gleaming easy to
                   tribute to the early days                        A favorite style for                               read white dial face.
                   of street rodding.                               almost 20 years.

                   SG Series - SG                                   G/Stock Series - Incorporating the nostalgic look of the muscle car
                   The all new SG series                            era with the practicality & precision of new instrumentation, Classic has
                   features a popular grey &                        released this impressive new G/Stock series. The vivid contrasts of the
                   white face design & bold                         black & green faces with orange pointers make them easy to read.
                   graphic layout.

                  Dual & Quad Cluster                                    Bel Era II Package - Features superior LED lighting with a nostalgic
                  Units are ideal for                                    to original instrument layout. Incorporated in the cluster are discretely
                  applications requiring                                 located turn indicators & a 'halo' glow high beam indicator. Bolts
                  all the basic gauges but                               directly into the stock 1955/56 Chevy chrome bezel. Comes complete
                  limited in dashboard                                   with a new glass lens & wired for installation.            #BE02xx
                  space! Dual clusters come
                  in Fuel/Oil & Temp/Volt                                    '57 Chevy Package - All kits come with stainless bezel & flat
                  combinations. Dual &                                       glass standard. Plug & play setup with remote interface control
                  Quad gauges always come                                    box. 4-5/8" speedo/tach/oil/volts; 2-1/8" fuel; 2-1/8" temp.
                  with 'straight' pointers.                                           #CH01xxxx
                                                                             '57 Chevy electric clock available

American Wings Series - This new series                                  All American Package - A complete, self contained instrument
incorporates the unique look of spun metal into                          panel featuring unique LED iternal lighting for night driving. Includes:
a graceful “All American Wings” series. Each                             electronic 140 MPH speedo, fuel, volt, temp, oil gauges & a complete
set has a speedometer, tachometer, fuel, oil                             wiring harness. Integral turn indicator lights & odometer, plus the
pressure, voltage & temperature gauge. The                               polished All American trademark emblem are built in. Measuring 5"
instrumentation is delicately hand crafted with                          x 12.25" overall, this package will look great in any hot rod, classic,
a raised “AAW” logo. This innovative design                              truck or custom.                      #AW3200
features curved glass, which flows into the
smooth contour of a polished stainless radial                            Bracket for '47-'53 GM Pick-Up for easy mounting of the Large 5"
bezel.                                                                   Speedo & Quad Cluster into the Surround-Rings of the GM Pick-ups.
         6 gauge set                            #AW01SRC                 Instruments & Surround Rings mount from the backside of dash &
                                                                         must be held in place using this sort of bracket. #BRKTGMC
                       All American Nickel™ - This new series
                       incorporates numerous design techniques
                       that create a dramatic dimensional look to the                        The Ultimate Speedometer - in a 3-3/8"
                       instrumentation. The All American Nickel™                             size incorporates a speedometer & tachometer
                       series displays a nickel appearance with the                          combination gauge. Available for the following
                       elegant styling of the instrumentation within                         series: Vintage, SG, Hot Rod, White Hot, Classic
                       the All American™ lines.                                              White & Traditional. #xx20xxx
                            6 gauge set         #AN01SHC
                                                                                               Tach-Force Package - for '55-'59 Chevrolet
                                                                                               Task-Force Pickups, Suburbans & Panel
                       All American Tradition™ - The face of this                              Trucks. A complete retrofit unit, that
                       instrument features a spun central point with                           incorporates a tachometer & LED lighting.
                       a black background which allows the polished                            Features a dual layer design, 12-volt
                       aluminum numbers & indices to radiate off electronic movements & push button calibration. The unit is available
                       the face. This series is offered standard with in black, white, tan & gray. Comes fully assembled complete with a
                       polished stainless high stepped bezels & reproduction bezel & all the appropriate sending units. #TF01x
                       curved glass. The white teardrop pointers &
elegant “All American” emblems complete this masterpiece.
         6 gauge set                            #AT01SHC                                   Please call for pricing.

                                                                        90                                                 1-888-876-2124
ORDERING YOUR CLASSIC INSTRUMENTS' SETS POINTERS: See description of styles for what is standard.
                                                                 You may customize your gauges by choosing from any pointer
STEP #1 -- CHOOSE YOUR SERIES (shown above)
                                                                 style in black, red or white. Add $7 per gauge if other than
Set 00 includes Speedo; Fuel Gauge; Oil Pressure; Water
                                                                 INDIVIDUAL GAUGES can be purchased as well. Please
Temp; Volt Gauge *
                                                                 phone us for prices.
Set 01 includes Tach, tach filter plus everything in Set 00.*
                                                                 SIZES: Speedos, Tachometers & Quad/Dual Cluster gauges
Set 02 includes Speedo & Quad Cluster *
                                                                 are 3-¾" O.D. & mount in a 3-3/8" hole. Small, individual
Set 03 includes Speedo, Quad Cluster & Tach *
                                                                 gauges are 2-1/4" O.D. & mount in a 2-1/8" hole. Large 5"
Set 04 includes Speedo, 2 Dual Clusters *
                                                                 UNITS have a mounting hole size of 4-3/4". They fit stock
Set 05 includes Speedo, Tach & 2 Dual Clusters*
                                                                 dash openings of 47-53 GM pick-ups & other vehicles having
Set 52 includes Large Speedo & Large Quad *
                                                                 2 large instrument openings.
Set 53 includes Large Speedo, Large Tach & Large Quad.*
*All sets include appropriate senders, internal night lighting   Kits with electronic speedometer include GM pulse signal
sockets & bulbs, installation booklet, wiring diagram,           generator/sender. Specify MPH or KPH. Please tell us what
mounting brackets & hardware. Speedometers are electronic        motor/transmission is being monitored. If you have an early
programmable & easily adjusted to compensate for different       Ford & want to use the stock fuel gauge with an aftermarket
tire/rear gear ratios. Speedos in KPH are available in most      (TANKS) tank, use Classic's #SN39 (0-75 ohm) sender. We
series. Classic Instruments are designed for use in a 12-volt    do not list it with the gauges, but call & we'll give you the
negative ground system.                                          price.
STEP #3 -- CHOOSE THE BEZEL:                                     GM 700-R & 4L60E TYPE ELECTRONIC TRANSMISSION
      SL =      Stainless, low bezel                             - The stock GM vehicle speed sensor (VSS) in many late model
      SR =      Stainless, radial bezel.                         GM transmissions can provide a usable signal your Classic elec-
      GL =      24 carat gold, Llw bezel                         tronic speedometer can resond to, if our VSS speed converter
      BL =      Mat black, low bezel                             box is installed to change the original GM pulse signal rate.
      BR =      Mat black, radial bezel                          Classic Instruments stocks a converter box that allows any
                                                                 pulse reate from 2,000 to 250,000 pulses per mile (PPM) to
STEP #4 -- CHOOSE THE LENS:                                      be converted to a signal your Classic speedometer can read.
      F=        Flat glass                                       At the tme a set is ordered, we will credit the standard SN96
      C=        Curved glass                                     pulse generator & add the SN75 VSS Speed Pulse Converter
                                                                 where required.

1-888-876-2124                                                   91
         For over 20 years,
  Dakota Digital has manufac-
  tured the highest quality digital
 instrumentation & specialty elec-
    tronics for custom vehicles.
  Dakota Digital offers almost endless cominbinations, styles & finishes of VFD systems & accessories for Fords, Mus-
        tangs, Chevrolets, Caprice/Impalas, Camaros, Corvettes & Chevelles & Ford & Chevy Trucks & Jeeps.
      We show a selection below, but definitely check out to view their many products!

Examples from the Individual Instruments Series:                  Examples of Universal Instrument Panels:
Odyssey Series I offers fully machined aluminum hous-
ing, backlit annunciators for a completely 'blacked out' look
when off, fully adjustable warning indicator & a high bright-
                     ness vacuum fluorescent display for
                     excellent daytime visibility.
                     Size: 2-11/16" x 1-7/8"
                     Bezel finish: satin or chrome
                     Display colour: blue or teal                                             Universal Street Rod
Odyssey Series II offers standard 3-3/8" & 2-1/16" di-
ameter housings. Using a high contrast, non-glare, scratch
resistant lens, excellent daytime visibility is achieved. This
                                                                       Elliptical Designer
series will dim down for night driving & has backlit annun-
                      ciators for a completely 'blacked out'
                      look when off. 5 or 6 gauge packages                                      Designer Series
                      also available.
                      Bezel finish: black or chrome
Odyssey Solarix Series couples the crisp blue VFD
display with a bright blue backlit annunciator & an electric
blue bezel to create visual impact. Durable machined billet
aluminum housings with scratch resistant lens material. 5 or          Oval Designer Series
                     6 gauge packages also available.
                      Size: 3-3/8" or 2-1/6" diameter
                      Bezel finish: electric blue, black or                                     Round Designer
                      chrome                                                                        Series
Ion Series offers sleek & streamlined                             Other Examples:
modern styling! Enclosed in fully ma-
chined housings. Two sizes available.
Size: small (3-1/4" x 1-5/8") or
         large (7" x 3-1/16")
Bezel finish: satin or chrome
Display colour: blue or teal                                                                  1955-'59 Chev Pickup
                                                                           1932 Ford

SGI-5 Universal Speedometer Signal Interface Unit
                                                                 1965-'66 Ford Mustang           1933-'35 Chevy
                      - This unit can handle all of your
                      electric speedometer signal conversion
                      & calibration problems. The SGI-5 can    SGI-8 Universal Tachometer Signal Interface Unit -
                      recalibrate 8K pulse per mile (ppm)                       The SGI-8 Tachometer Interface Unit is
                      through 250K ppm electronic speedom-                      designed to allow a factory tachometer
                      eter pulse rates. The SGI-5 is great for                  to function accurately after perform-
                      readjusting aftermarket & OEM electric                    ing an engine swap to an engine with
speedometers on vehicles after changing rear end gears.                         a different number of cylinders or tach
The SGI-5 can also handle all of your speedometer pulse                         signal.      #SGI-8           $105
rate incompatibility problems. #SGI-5-C             $105

                                                                 92                                  1-888-876-2124
                                                GAUGE PANELS

                     6 GAUGE RECESSED & RIBBED                                    6 GAUGE TRIM STYLE DASH IN-
                     DASH by Billet Specialties - Gaug-                           SERT by Billet Specialties - 19 ¼"
                     es are recessed into the dash, adding                        x 6" x 3/8" D.
                     dimension with classic styling & ball
                     milled details. Panels are furnished
                     with mounting hardware. 18 ½" x 6"
                     x ½ D.

                #37620                    $246               3 1/8 hole      #36530                $103
                                                             3 3/8 hole      #36535                $98

                     5 GAUGE TRIM STYLE DASH IN-
                     SERT by Billet Specialties - Gauges
                     are recessed into the dash, adding      UNIVERSAL 5 GAUGE DASH
                     dimension with classic styling & ball   by Doc's Kustom - Dolphin,
                     milled details. Panels are furnished    classic or autometer.
                     with mounting hardware. 15 ¼" x 4
                     7/8" x 3/8 D.                           #KUSC-30007             $176

3 1/8 hole      #36520                    $92
3 3/8 hole      #36525                    $86

PANEL by Doc's Kustom                                        UNIVERSAL 6 GAUGE DASH
- Dolphin & classic.                                         by Doc's Kustom - Dolphin,
                                                             classic or haneline.
#KUSC-30004              $189
                                                             #KUSC-30008             $163

by Doc's Kustom - Dolphin, classic,
VDO or Autometer. 5 gauge.

#KUSC210549              $154                                '32 FORD CAR 5 GAUGE
                                                             PANEL by Doc's Kustom
                                                             - Dolphin, classic, autometer
'47 - '53 CHEVY TRUCK                                        or haneline.
Kustom - Dolphin, classic
or Autometer, QUAD 5".                                       #KUSC110532             $189
#KUSC220447              $189                                UNIVERSAL DASH PANEL
                                                             CENTER SPEEDO by Doc's
SWITCH PANEL KIT by Doc's                                    Kustom - Dolphin & classic, 5
Kustom - Complete kit that includes                          gauge, 3 3/8".
panel, switches, billet knobs & 2 keys.
                                                             #KUSC-30005             $189
#KUSC-30085              $155

                                                             UNIVERSAL 4" SPEAR by
                                                             Doc's Kustom - 3 LED lights.

                                                             #KUSC-30015             $39
by Doc's Kustom

#KUSC-30016              $103

1-888-876-2124                                               93
                                          BODY ACCESSORIES
HIDDEN ANTENNA - offers all the performance & quality             HOT ROD HOOD LACING KITS - The solution for street
FM reception of an external antenna without breaking up the       rodders who are building cars with a mix of fibreglass & steel
                         clean lines of your vehicle. Works as    hoods & bodies. Hi-Tech rubber hood lacing has pressure
                         well as a standard antenna (except       sensitive adhesive on the back, so you just peel & stick.
                         for AM) but without the unsightly
                         rod & mast.
                                  #44UA200              $40

BUGSCREEN RETAINER CLIPS - Rubber clips to hold your 3/8" wide x 3/16" thick x 8'           #HR-16739        $11
bugsreen to the grill shell - won't scratch. Large or small, 4 5/8" wide x 3/8" thick x 8’  #HR-16740        $12
per package.
         Small                      #SRK1004           $9
         Large                      #SRK2004          $11      RAD SHELL LACING KITS - Original type material with
                                                               hardware (Ford):
                                                               '32 pass, '32-'34 pickup    #B-16739-S       $14
BODY TO FRAME CUSHION SETS - High density moulded
                                                               '33-'34 pass                #40-16739-S      $14
rubber, each set includes all pieces
                                                               '35 pass                    #48-16739-S      $14
necessary to mount the body to
                                                               '35-'37 pickup              #50-16739-S      $14
the frame. Mounting diagram
                                                               '36 pass                    #68-16739-S        $9
                                                               '38-'39 pickup              #81C-16739-S     $14
             '37-'40 Ford         #78-5001              $39               COWL LACING KITS - for Fords - Original type material
             '42-'48 Ford         #21A-5001             $37               with hardware.
                                                                          '32 pass & '32-'34 pickup         #B-16740-S     $18
                                                                          '33-'34 pass                      #40-16740-S    $17
                            DYNAMAT - Dynamat makes                       '35 pass &'35-'37 pickup          #48-16740-S    $18
                            cars feel solid - doors & trunks              '36 pass                          #68-16740-S    $17
                            slam snug, rain & wind noise                  '37-'40 pass, '49-'51 pass & '38-41 pickup
                            virtually disappear & your interior                                             #78-16740-S     $9
                            becomes a quiet, comfortable                  '41-'48 pass                      #11A-16740-S   $10
                            c r u i s i n g e n v i r o n m e n t . U s e '42-'56 pickup                    #21C-16740-S   $21
                            Dynamat Xtreme on the interior
                                                                                                    COWL TO FIREWALL SEAL
                            sheet metal of your vehicle to stop
                                                                                                    - 1932 Passenger & PU
vibration & reduce road noise. Add Dynaliner or Dynapad to
                                                                                                            #B-35336      $13
fight heat & low frequency hums from big engines & exhaust
systems. You'll have the ultimate ride!
                                                                  BODY TO FRAME SEALS - Used in 1920's
                                                                  & 1930's vehicles between the body &
Dynamat Xtreme
                                                                  frame & many other places to prevent
Shop pack   (2.7 sq. ft)          #20410           $30
                                                                  squeaks & rattling of adjoining metals. A must for proper
Wedge pack  (4 sq. ft)            #20425           $32
Tri pack    (12 sq. ft)           #10435           $85
                                                                  1/8" x 2" x 25' roll            #SRE001            $71
Bulk pack   (36 sq. ft)           #10455           $215
                                                                  ADHESIVE BACKED FRAME WEBBING - This is a special
1/8"        (12 sq. ft)           #11101D          $61
                                                                  body cushion with pressure sensitive adhesive on back. 20
1/4"        (12 sq. ft)           #11102D          $79
                                                                                  ft roll.
1/2"        (12 sq. ft)           #11103D          $125
                                                                                                #B-5000-AS          $33
            (12 sq. ft)           #21100           $145
                                                                   INSULATION by Bob Drake - is a fiberglass mat 1/4" thick
INSULATION by Vintique - uses "jute" material - a good & aluminum foil face. Foil acts as a temperature barrier by
sound deadener & with one foil side, it's also good for reflecting blocking outside heat & maintaining inside comfort, fiberglass
heat. 48" x 72" x 5/16" thick.                                     mat acts as a great sound deadener. 40" x 96"
                                   #HR-700770              $39                                       #B-5010-FG            $58

                                                                 94                                          1-888-876-2124
SPONGE UNIVERSAL WEATHERSTRIP - for trunks, doors,                                  WINDOW GLASS CUSHION by Soff Seal - has
hoods. These quality extrusions are made in the USA, are                            self-adhesive backing to stick onto the window
easy to install, they work & they last. SOFF SEAL has been                          frame. Looks great. Call for price.
an industry leader in the weatherstripping business for close                       25/64" wide x 1/2" tall #E970
to 20 years. Call us for pricing.
                                                                                      GLASS SWEEPER - Beltline Weatherstrip by
                                                                         SoffSeal for garnish mouldings. Glass wiper has "furry"
                                                                         inside surface so the glass doesn't stick to the rubber. Can be
                                                                         fastened using pop rivets or small screws, but the trick way
                                                                         is with 3M #08008 adhesive.
 13/16"W x 11/16"T      with adhesive backing   with adhesive backing
with adhesive backing      3/8"W x 3/16"T           1/2"W x 1/2"T        8 ft. length                          #SRF150          $36
      #E006A                  #E1085                  #E1704

                                                                         WINDOW CHANNEL STICK - "Cat wiskers" are the 1-sided
                                                                                    strips generally used on garnish moldings.
                                                                                    "U-shaped" channels (shown at left) are
                                                                                    generally used in division bars & guides
with adhesive backing       9/16"W x 1"T           3/8"W x 9/16"T                   for the glass to slide up & down in. All are
    5/8"W x 3/8"T              #E715                   #E798                        96" long.

                                                                                 CAT WISKERS, flexible, pile lining:
with adhesive backing                            with adhesive backing
                                                    3/8"W x 3/16"T
                                                                                       7/16" tall by 15/64" wide, ss bead
   5/16"W x 1/8"T
      #E1076                                           #E1077                                   #U-45983-2 $29
                                                                      9/16" tall by 1/4" wide, black bead
                                                                                                #U-45983-3 $33
FENDER WELT by SoffSeal - is a                                U-SHAPE, flexible, pile lining:
paintable, pliable 1-piece welting - not                              17/32" tall by 5/8" wide, no bead
fabric. No inner plastic bead! Seals fender                                                     #U-45983-7 $43
to body, prevents squeaks, rattles, dirt,                             5/8" wide by 9/16" tall, ss bead.
paint chipping. Call for price.                                                                 #U-45983-8 $45
                                                              U-SHAPE, rigid, pile & felt lining:
Top is 3/16" round. 25' package. Black.                               1/2" wide by 3/8" tall, no bead
                                  #SRE002A             $40                                      #U-45983-10 $30
                                                                      1/2" wide by 1/2" tall, ss bead
                FENDER WELT- VINYL - Top quality black                                          #U-45983-12 $48
                crushed grain vinyl. 1-1/2" wide with a 3/16"
                bead. 25 ft bead vinyl                        COWL VENT SEAL - with an inner lip to help channel water
                                  #B-16070-A           $18    away from the opening.
                                                                         32 Ford Psgr & 32-34 pickup    #B-700616           $20
                                                                         33-34 Ford Psgr & 35-36 pickup #40-700616          $20

DOOR SEAL KIT for Street Rods - An excellent solution WINDSHIELD GLASS TRIM CHANNEL - black, flush mount
for door seals on early Fords that did                in two sizes. Call for price.
not have door seals originally. Also use                       9/16" wide           #SRW014
on deck lids & rumble seats. Just peel                         11/16" wide          #SRW017
& stick.

   3/8" x 3/16" x 20'
                                      #HR-701980-S            $20
   5/8" x 3/8" x 20'
                                      #HR-701980-L            $27

1-888-876-2124                                                           95
                                                                                   SUPPORT BRACKET FOR LARGE FENDER
                                                                                   BRACE for '33/34 Ford
                                                                                               #40-16067-B     $11

                                                                    RUNNING BOARD BRACES - Die stamped & painted black.
                                                                    Sold in sets of 4.
1933/34 by Vintique.              #40-16047/8         $141 pr
                                                                           1932             #B-16485-S         $34
1932 by Brookville Roadster       #B-188-BR           $97 pr
                                                                           1933/'34         #40-16485-S        $34
              SETS Note: 1928/'32 takes 1 set for one car;
              1933/34 takes 2 sets for one car. Set includes
              smooth head special carriage bolts, 2 washers
              & 2 nuts of like materials.
              1928/34 black #B-16026-BK                 $2
              1928/34 PSS      #B-16026-SS              $4
                                                           REAR OF FRONT FENDER BRACE - Fits just in front of
              FRONT FENDER TIE BRACKETS - Die Cast!! running board under rear of front fender. Stamped steel,
              This clamps the front fenders together under painted black. '33/34 pass.
              the front grille. All hardware included.                              #40-16094-A      $17
              1933/34 painted black
                                #40-16088-B            $24
              1933/34 chrome plated
                                #40-16088-C            $34

                                          HOOD ACCESSORIES
                           HOOD BRACKETS - This is a criti-
                           cal item for correct hood alignment.
                           Accept no imitations, Vintique’s hood
                           brackets are triple chrome plated
                           & include stainless steel mounting
                           screws.                                  CENTER HOOD STRIPS (HOOD HINGE) - Polished
'32 pass & PU front, '33/35 pass front, '33/36 pass rear            stainless steel. Vintique center hood hinge strips are the only
                                       #B-8220             $14      ones made with the correct original inner shape.
'32 pass & PU rear                     #B-8221             $17      1932, 32" long                          #18-16632 $24
'35/'37 PU front & rear                #46-8220-A         $11       1933/36, 33" long                       #40-16632 $24
'36 pass front (zinc plated)           #68-8226             $8
                                                                                         HOOD BRACES - improve hood support.
               HOOD HINGE BOLT WITH SPRING                                               Available in 12 different models. Comes
               WASHER - Special hex head bolt with shoulder                              with mounting kit & instructions. Many
               for hood support arm.                                                     more applications available.
               1937/'48            #91A-16610          $3
                                                                        '28-'29 Ford                        #HB29   $104
                HOOD ARM SHOULDER BOLT - Special slot
                                                                        '30-'31 Ford (& w/ 32 shell)        #HB3031  $99
                head screw with shoulder for hood support
                                                                        '32 Ford                            #HB32   $106
                arm. 1939/'48 pass & 1940/47 pu'
                                                                        '33-'34 Ford                        #HB3334 $104
                                   #91A-16612-A $5
                                                                                            HOOD HINGE BRACKETS -
                        HOOD HINGE BRACKET                                                  1938/40 & 1940/41 DELIVERY
                        HARDWARE KIT - Special hex head                                     Available in powder coated glass black
                        bolts that have holes through the head                              or polished stainless steel.
                        for original safety wire. Kit includes 4
                        bolts, spring steel washers & safety             Gloss black         #91A-16796/97-S              $54
                        wire. 1937/40 Ford                               Polished S.S.       #91A-16796/97-SST           $101
                                      #91A-16796-HK $11

                                                                   96                                          1-888-876-2124
                               HOOD & TRUNK ACCESSORIES
                      HOOD ARM & SPRING SUPPORT                                       HOOD BUMPER KITS - Precision
                                                                                      made kits feature exact shapes &
                          1939 std & dlx, '41/48 pass & '39/47                        details. 1932-'36 kits have moulded
                          pu #91A-16782/3            $68                              metal insets like originals & attaching
1939 dlx, '40 std & dlx, with small bracket                                           hardware. 1937/56 kits include
                               #91A-16802-3          $69       attaching hardware. No mix or match.               $11/set
                                                               1932 pass & '32/34 pu (12 pcs) #B-16761-S
                   HOOD ORNAMENTS - for '32-'40 Fords. Die
                                                               1933/34 (14 pcs)                 #40-16761-S
                   cast & chromed.
                   '32                 #B-8215       $41       1935 pass & 35/37 pu (16 pcs) #48-16761-S
                   '34 Psgr            #40-8215      $34       1936 (26 pcs)                    #68-16761-S
                   '35 Psgr            #48-8215      $115      1937 (20 pcs)                    #78-16761-S
                   '36 Psgr            #68-8215      $124      1938/39 standard & pu (14 pcs) #81A-16761-S
'40 Std Psgr (includes release handle)                         1939 dlx & 1940 (14 pcs)         #91A-16761-S
                            #01A-8215/18-A           $155      1941/48 (12 pcs)                 #11A-16761-S
'40 Dlx Psgr (includes release handle)                         1940/41 pu (14 pcs)              #01C-16761-S
                            #01A-8215/18-B           $155      1942-47 pu (10 pcs)              #21C-16761-S
'40 PU (includes release handle)                               1948/52 pu (9 pcs)               #7C-16761-S
                            #01A-8215/18             $155      1953/56 pu (6 pcs)               #BAAA-16761-S
                        TRUNK HINGES by Rocky Hinge
                        - include mounting brackets &
                        hardware. Steel arms (shown).
                                #TH001          $97 pr

                       TRUNK HINGES - Billet Aluminum
                       by Rocky Hinges - have a pressed in
                       bronze bushing. Universal kit comes
with mounting pads, brackets & 5/16" shoulder bolts.                             Single                   Double
                                #ATH01           $157 pr     HOOD HINGE & LATCH KIT by Dan Fink Metalworks -
                  HINGES - Articulated by Sachse Specifically designed to O.E.M. standards with a secured hinge
                  Rod Shop - can be used for hoods, side to insure your hood top will never unlatch completely.
                  trunks, tonneau covers & other vertical Made from the finest cold rolled & stainless steels - for the
                  installations. They are not to be used as best in engineering, quality, safety & value.
                   door hinges. The hood will lift up & away         Single Opening Kit                    $424
                   from the cowl.                                    Double Opening Kit                    $470
     Small size                  #SRS400S            $197                                              Part #
     Large size                  #SRS400L            $197              Vehicle       Measurement*                Part # Double
HOOD HINGES by Hagan - open left, right, or off! Smooth ‘23-’31 Fords & ‘37-
                                                                                     24" - 30"     29HL       29DHL
                               action spring loaded pins hold ’39 Chev
                               hood in closed position. Billet
                               pull knobs hold these pins in '32 Ford & '31-'36 30" - 36"          32HL       32 DHL
                               an open or closed position Chevs
                               making it easy for single person '33-'36 Fords & '32-
                               operation. Delrin lock blocks slip '33 Plymouths      36" - 42"     33HL       33DHL
                               into aluminum receiver blocks
                               that act like dovetails & auto * Measurement is taken from mounting point on the grille shell to
align the hood as it closes. These two parts are the contact mounting point on the firewall.
surfaces so there is no chance of scratching up your paint job.
All linkage is hidden inside the rails & you get 2 locking prop TRUNK STRIKER PLATE - Stamped steel, zinc plated,
rods that store neatly alongside the rails.                       includes correct mounting hardware.
                                                                                                 #A-41615               $11
       Short hoods 32" or less    #HDH2832              $516
Long hoods over 32"               #HDH3336              $516      DECK & RUMBLE LID HANDLE - Die cast & chrome plated.
POWER TRUNK KIT by AutoLoc - Opens trunk latch with Fits deck lid & rumble lid.
the touch of a button. Includes 15 lb. solenoid, bracket, '32-'34                                #40-702352             $49
wiring, push button switch. Can be operated from the remote       '35/6 & '38/9 Woody tailgate   #48-702352-B           $49
                                                                  DECK & RUMBLE LID PAD - mouled, has lip on the edge.
         15 lb. solenoid           #PT1500               $40
                                                                  '28-'37 Ford                   #A-702356-E              $4
         40 amp relay              #RA1000                $5

1-888-876-2124                                                 97
                                HOOD & TRUNK ACCESSORIES
                   Lokar - Machined billet aluminum handle
                   assemblies with "U-cut to fit" cables, teflon-
                   lined housing with aluminum fittings, cable
                   stops & stainless steel inner wire. All kits
                                                                     HOOD & TRUNK RELEASE CABLE KITS
                   require cable-operated latches.
                                                                     Single Hood Pull or Hood & Trunk (2-handle) Pull comes in
Lengths shown for each kit:
                                                                     polished or brushed finish. Designed for easy installation
HOOD RELEASE CABLE KIT Kit - Outer housing is 18" inside
                                                                     & removal. Cables can be unhooked from handles without
the vehicle & 6't under the hood; inner wire is 9' long.
                                                                     affecting adjustments.
Stainless Housing              #HR-1100HT              $135
                                                                     HOOD PULL - comes with cut-to-fit 9' cable & housing
Black Housing                  #HR-1100U                 $97
                                                                              brushed               #2020SP-B           $80
TRUNK RELEASE CABLE KIT - Outer housing is 15' & the
                                                                              polished              #2020SP-P          $102
inner cable is 16'.
                                                                     TRUNK PULL - comes with cut-to-fit 18' cable & housing
Stainless Housing              #TR-1200HT              $154
                                                                              brushed               #2022SP-B           $89
Black Housing                  #TR-1200U               $117
                                                                              polished              #2022SP-P          $112
                                                                     HOOD & TRUNK PULL - with cut-to-fit 9' & 18' cable &
- includes 2 handles. Hood release outer housing is 18'' inside
the vehicle & 6' under the hood. Inner wire is 9' long. Trunk
                                                                              brushed               #2021SP-B          $135
release outer housing is 15' long & inner wire is 16' long.
                                                                              polished              #2021SP-P          $168
Stainless Housing              #CHT-1300HT             $269
Black Housing                  #CHT-1300U              $204     HOOD PROP Universal by Hagan - locks in the open
                                                                position with a quick release ball joint. Stores neatly along
                TRUNK LID PROP by Rocky Hinge - the edge of your hood with a snap-in mount. Your hood is
                Brushed aluminum "NASCAR" style prop.           locked in position.                #HDP                  $80
                              #UTP01                    $97
                                                                                        TRUNK LID PROP - Telescopic design
                   HOOD PROP KIT - Stainless Steel
                                                                                        with self-parking feature that makes it
                   - Eliminates resting your hood on the
                                                                                        a hands free support when extended
                   cowl. Includes all stainless steel attaching
                                                                                        into the upright position. Inner rod has
                   hardware & nylon washers to prevent
                                                                allen screws that slide up & down into a slot cut in the outer
rattling.        1928/universal #A-16613-SS            $34
                                                                tube. Outer tube has a notch machined into the bottom of
HOOD & TRUNK PROP by Smart Parts - CNC machined the slot for the allen screws.
hood & trunk prop arm is a great looking, simple way of holding                                    #0401024              $80
up your lid without power. To release it, push on the "knee"
& it swings down & out of the way. Comes complete with
mounting brackets & spacers. Available in satin or polished
finish.                            #2040SP            $285

WISE GUYS SEATS                                                      •   16 Gauge Steel Frame
• Ready to upholster                                                 •   No Sag Springs
• Center fold-out arm included                                       •   Multi-Density Foam Pack
• Excellent thigh & lumbar support                                   •   2-12 Volt Power Receptacles (for cell phone)
• Rear of seat folds forward & reclines
• Seat base folds forward to allow storage                           Call us for pricing.
under the springs                                                    '28 -'34 Ford coupe/roadster    #S100W/F&CFO
                                                                     Other widths & applications are available.
• Seat frame can be mounted to the floor or use Seat Tracks          Manual Seat Adjuster Tracks     #OC100
listed below
                                                                    98                                         1-888-876-2124

                               BEAR CLAW LATCHES by Trique Manufacturing.

The vehicle specific bolt on bear claw latch installation kits      Available for Chevy
are designed to replace your existing latches with safer                   47-51 Pickup truck
easier closing bear claw latches. The kits are designed to                 52-54 Pickup truck
retain your exterior door handles & door lock cylinders as                 55-59 Pickup truck
well as your interior door handles.

                                                                                                Chevy truck bolt on bear claw

Each latch kit requires a hole to be cut in your door to allow Available for Ford
room for the new bear claw latches. The hole that is cut              37-40 Four window coupe
will be covered by the installation plate.                            37-40 Sedan delivery
                                                                      37-40 Fordor (front doors only)
                                                                      37-40 Tudor Sedan
                                                                      40-47 Pickup truck
                                                                      48-52 F-1 Pickup truck
                                                                      53-56 F-100 Pickup truck

                                                                                            F-100 bolt on bear claw

Each latch kit is available in steel or polished stainless steel.
All kits come standard with stainless steel striker bolts.
Templates, instructions, all necessary hardware & striker
blocks or plates are all included. Each piece of this kit is
made in the U.S & the bear claw latches are vehicle spe-
cific, not just a universal bear claw latch.
                                                                    CALL US FOR PRICING

1-888-876-2124                                                      99
The standard for replacing old door latches. These "trip" ro-
tory latches meet all Federal Vehicle Safety Standards & are                         TRUNK LATCH - Bottom mount.
rated for 750 pounds of holding force. The single rotor latch                        Complete with striker bolt & hardware.
                                                                                                 #HT01               $32
with "L" shaped release lever assures quick release action
from either of two directions (down or horizontal). Latch
body measures 3-7/8" x 1-1/4" x 13/16" with threaded
holes & installs with 1/4-20 fasteners, not included.                           TRUNK LATCH - Side mount. Complete with
#L24 (LATCHES + STRIKER BOLTS)                          $69                     striker bolt & hardware.
                                                                                                   #HT02       $36
#L24M (MOUNTING PLATES W/SCREWS)                        $44
Medium size, single rotor, "trip" latches
and strikers. THEY'RE LOCKABLE! Push the                                                   TRUNK LATCH - Flush mount.
lock lever down & the latch is locked, up &                                                Complete with spring-loaded
                                                                                           striker pin that helps pop the trunk
 it's unlocked. Works with lock actuators or with
                                                                                           lid, plus hardware.
interior door lock "buttons" found on many cars.                                                     #HT03              $65

                                                                                          HOOD LATCH - with safety catch.
          3/4" long threaded stud #2T-400-52             $5
                                                                                          Spring-loaded striker pin to raise
                                                                                          hood slightly. Flush mount. Mounting
MINI BEARCLAW LATCH - can be used to hold down                                            bolts included.
               hood or trunk lids. The striker can be                                                 #HT04            $102
               made from a 3/8" bolt or some 3/8"
               round rod.                                                 HOOD LATCH - 1932 POLISHED S.S.
                                                                          1932 pass & 32/34 pu
Left hand (shown)                      #8-240L          $18                               #B-16750-SS                    $25
Right hand                             #8-240R          $18               1932 hood latch screw kit, all stainless steel, 16 pcs.
                                                                          - enough to mount 4 latches.
                                POWER BEAR CLAW by                                        #B-16750-SK                    $10
                                Rocky Hinge - Eliminate
                                your door handles with          RUMBLE LID & DECK LID LATCH - Cadmium plated with
                                power bear claw latches.        mounting screws.
                                Open you door inside or         28/29 trunk or rumble & 30-34 trunk.
                                                                 Lock collar 1" tall.          #A-52501            $16
                                out with a button or keyless
                                                                Note: accepts #A-702352 & #40-702352 handles.
                                entry. Kit includes a manual    For rumble seat:               use #A-52500-S striker.
realease cable in case of loss of power. Comes with striker     For trunk:                     use #A-41615 striker.
bolts, mounting bolts & 5 pole switch.
                                  #BP002            $136 pr                            DOOR LATCH CABLE RELEASE
                                                                                       KIT - Universal-style by Lokar
                      MEDIUM BEAR CLAW LATCHES                                         features shielded pulley for a more
                      by Rocky Hinge - Dual rotary latch                               direct pulling angle, U-Cut-to-Fit
                      kit with four bolt hole pattern or                               stainless steel cable wire, adjustable
                      single latch kit with 3 bolt hole pat-                          cable connection. Eliminates solid
                      tern. Includes 2 latches, strikers &      rods & bell cranks. Compatible with most door handles &
mounting bolts. 3½" long x 1½" wide x 5/8" thick.               latches.
                                  #BC-001B         $51 pr                                      #DLR-2100            $58 kit
Bear claw latches & installation kit
                                  #BC-003B         $102                                   MANUAL SAFETY LOCK KIT
                                                                                          WITH WARNING LIGHT by
                              EXTERIOR HANDLE MOUNT-                                      Rocky Hinge - Manual Safety
                              ING KIT by Rocky Hinge                                      Locks feature an internal spring
                              - No Welding Required! Rocky’s                              loaded detent for more clear-
                              exterior handle mounting kit is    ance. They are operated manually from inside your car &
                              designed to operate bear claw      feature a micro switch for a warning light function. All lock
                              latches with your O.E.M. han-      kits come complete with two manual locks, wire, stainless
dles. This small unit is 1” thick x 2 ‘1/2” long x 2 1/2” wide   mounting bolts, warning light, brushed aluminum knobs, &
& mounts in your door with your handle mounting screws.          an installation guide
Available in horizontal or vertical for ‘32 - ‘48 Ford                                            #MSL001          $84 pr
                                    #BH01            $166 pr
                                                               100                                         1-888-876-2124
                                                 DOOR ACCESSORIES
MEDIUM BEAR CLAW LATCHES by DR Whiting Sup-                         MAGNET ENTRY SYSTEM - With MagTechTM by Watson's
plies                                                               - the magnet is the "key". Place the magnet close to the hidden
Left                  #1-400L       $20 ea                          switch & it opens the door. Complete with keys, switches,
Right                 #1-400R       $20 ea                          clips, 40-amp relays & a backup button in case you misplace
                                                                    the keys.
                                                                    2-door set up                      #L20                 $135
FEMALE DOOR DOVETAILS - Includes                                    1-door set up                      #L20S                  $75
stainless steel hardware.
1932/36 rdstr & phaeton, gloss black#18-35576-BS $24
                                                            CABLE INSTALLATION KIT by Watson's.
1932/36 rdstr & phaeton, S.S        #18-35576-SS $34
                                                            May be used to connect between the
1932/34 closed car & cabriolet & pu, steel
                                                            handle & the latch. 30" of aircraft
                                  #B-35576-SS    $35
                                                            cable. Delrin® plastic pulley to allow
                                                            some vertical offset of the handle from
                                                            the latch. Wire retainer to keep the cable
DELUXE MALE DOOR DOVETAILS - Highly polished show in the pulley groove. Pulley mounting
quality stamped stainless steel & include like hardware.    hardware, cable ends & instructions.
'32 closed car, '32-'34 PU             #18-35577-SS      $9 Make your life a little easier.
'32 3W, '33-'40 closed car, '35-'41 PU #40-35577-ASS     $9                                 #L22C                            $14
                                                                       REMOTE CONTROLS by Watson's
           LOWER DOOR SEALS - Excellent quality rubber.
           1932 rdstr kit (2 doors)                         The GEMINI remote control gives you two functions in
                                       #B-701980       $14 perfect harmony to open either two doors, control power
                                                            door locks, operate one window up & down, operate two
DOOR HINGE PINS                                             power windows down only, etc. & Now, you don't need
Polished stainless.                                         extra relays to do some of these things...they're built-into
'28-'31 Ford (not for hinge pin mirrors)                    the receiver! Built-in user programming so that if the unit
      1-13/16" long, 0.242" dia. #A-46335-SS        $4 ea becomes deprogrammed, you can reprogram it yourself!
'32-'48 Ford Psgr & 32-52 PU                                It includes 30 amp relays built into the receiver so you
      2-1/2" long; 0.275" dia. #50-46335-SS         $4 ea can power solenoids or actuators with power to spare. 12
SUICIDE DOOR LOCK KIT - Power Suicide doors should gauge power wire leads. Built-in fuse holder with fuses
have a secondary security system. Rocky Hinge locks include included. Pre-wired for Channel #1 & #2 backup switches
brushed aluminum knobs, mounting brackets, warning light (switches not included). Each of the 2 transmitters has 2
& 5-pole switch.                                            buttons to give you "single-button" convenience for each
                          #PDL001                $126 pr function. Optional ignition disable so that doors can't be
SUICIDE DOOR LOCK Kit - Includes two lock units for both accidentally triggered while the car is running. Butt con-
doors along with aluminum door lock escutcheons.            nectors & great instructions.
                          #40-46105/6-SDL          $70 pr

                                                                    #L-GM2Z                         $130

DOOR PROPS - Polished stainless rods hold the doors open at
                                                                Our TRILOGY remote control has three functions to open
events. Fit all bearclas latches.     DP01              $81.00
                                                                two doors or other operations (see Gemini description)
HIDDEN HINGES by Rocky Hinge - Kits have bushed swing plus a third function for trunk release, battery disconnect,
arms & 3/8" ground should bolt pins. Kits are pre-aligned etc. Now with built-in user programming so that if the
& welded to 1" square tubing to make installation faster & unit becomes deprogrammed, you can reprogram it your-
                                 easier. All kits come complete self! It includes (2)-30 amp relays pre-wired & built into
                                 for 2 doors with mounting the receiver for Channels #1 & #2 plus a 30 amp relay for
                                 hardware, recess pockets, Channel #3. 12 ga. power wire leads. Built-in fuse holder
                                 extra bracing & installation with fuses. Pre-wired for Channel #1 & #2 backup switches
                                 instructions. Specify A for (switches not included). (2)-2 button transmitters Optional
                                 medium size latches or B for ignition disable.
                                 large ones.

Hinge Kit with bracing                      #HK001          $295    #L-TR3Z                          $156
Hinge Kit with latches                      #HK002 A or B   $341
Hinge Kit with latches & installation kit   #HK003 A or B   $415
1-888-876-2124                                                     101
                                         DOOR ACCESSORIES
The LUCKY 7 has more functions & more versatility in a re-       HIDDEN HINGES by
mote control. 7-functions to do nearly anything you want.        Hagan's - Spring loaded
Functions #1 & #2 trigger 30 amp relays that are built into      door stops hold doors
the receiver for door latch release or reverse polarity opera-   open. Tension is adjustable
tions, too! The other 5-functions control 30 amp relays &        so you can set the stop
can be set up to do (for example) 2-door power windows           to suit the weight of your
up & down, plus a trunk release OR driver Power window           doors. Full adjustment in
up & down, passenger power window                                all 3 dimensions with the
down only plus power trunk up & down OR well, you get            turn of a bolt, no shims
the idea. All with relays.(note - channel #7 is a pulse          necessary. Properly bushed with GM style flanged
output.) User re-programmable. Channels #1 & #2 backup           bushings. Pictured instructions with installation video to guide
switch leads (switches not                                       you. Hidden dome light switches.
included). Optional ignition disable.                                                                  #HHH             $510

#L-LK7Z                           $191                                        MAGNUM SHOOTERS by Dakota Digital
                                                                              - Eliminate those unsightly wires in door jambs,
                                                                              trunks, pickup beds & tailgates. Spring loaded &
                                                                              fully adjustable. One pair completes one door.
STREETWORKS DOOR SOLENOIDS                                       1   function                #MGS-1          $19 pr
You want more power. You want fast                               2   function                #MGS-2          $25 pr
action. StreetWorks Solenoids have it.                           2   function w/pin switch   #MGS-2P         $32 pr
They work the way you want, with 40                              3   function                #MGS-3          $32 pr
pounds of pull so they work with original                        4   function                #MGS-4          $42 pr
latches. Solenoids, cables, pulleys,                             4   function w/ pin switch #MGS-4P          $50 pr
connectors, wire hardware & instructions.                        5   function                #MGS-5          $50 pr
Solenoid & bracket measure approximately 2-3/4" wide x
                                                                                 DOOR JAM SWITCHES
2-1/16" high (thick) x 4-1/4" long
#L22NS                                             $96

For bear-claws & some original latches made after about
1960, these actuators will provide the power needed to trip
the latch. Tested at 13 pounds of pull, with a 7/8" travel,
these will also work for door locks when used with a polar-       DJ-23 (Ford) $19               DJ-24 (GM style) $17
ity reversing module (such as our #L07-W). The actuator          Universal with 2 contacts for fiberglass cars (not shown)
comes with the mounting & connecting hardware shown.                                               #DJ-16           $20
(Actuator measures 5-1/4" long x 2-1/4" High x 1-1/8"
Deep)                                                                                  DOOR JAM CONDUITS -
	        	       																								#	L29          $31                            STAINLESS DOOR CONDUITS -
                                                                                       Made from continuous-wound stainless
                                                                                       steel spring wire. Kits include rubber
                                                                                       grommets that hold the conduit in one
                                                                                       end & Nylatron bushings that act as a
DOOR POPPERS - Spring loaded.                                    guide to let the conduit slide through it. #FWC      $43 pr
Guaranteed to pop open the most
stubborn doors. Fully chromed with                               HIGH TECH STAINLESS DOOR CONDUIT KITS - As above
rubber tip that will not scratch body                            #FWC but includes polished aluminum collars instead of nylon
or paint.                                                        bushings. Will hold up to 10 wires.
                                  #DP2000            $22 ea                                            #FWC-BA $73 pr
                    DOOR BOOSTERS - Help get the striker
                    bolt out of the latch when the latch is                    GIANT PLASTIC WIRE LOOMS - are 1"
                    released. Machined aluminum. Feature                       OD x 3/4" ID x 7+" long. A fixed grommet
                    bronze guided plunger with o-ring seal.                    at one end secures in the jam. A sliding
Plunger may be shortened if needed. Body measures 5/8" dia.
                                                                               grommet for the other end goes into the
x 2-1/8" deep. Includes stainless mounting hardware, plunger
                                                                               door. Will handle LOTS of wires. Mount into
bumper & instructions. Can also be used with trunk lids.
                                  #1550          $46 ea      1-3/8" diameter holes. Black plastic. #P-GWL         $20 pr

                                                              102                                           1-888-876-2124
                                             DOOR HANDLES
EXTERIOR DOOR HANDLES - for Fords - die cast & chrome DOOR HANDLE PADS - Protect the paint from the door
plated.                                                      handle mounting flange.
'32 closed car except 3-W & cabriolet                          '28-'34 open & 28/29 PU          #B-702356-AS $3 pr
         passenger          #B-702350              $34 ea      '28-'34 closed & 30-36 PU        #B-702356-BS $3 pr
         driver             #B-702351              $34 ea      '35-'37 psgr & 37-47 PU          #48-702356        $3 pr
'32 3-W & cabriolet, '33-'34 closed car
         passenger          #40-702350             $33 ea
         driver             #40-702351             $33 ea
'32 3-W & cabriolet, '33-'35 closed car
         locking - per pair #40-702350/1-L         $79 pr            #HL001
'32-'34 Pick-up, driver or psgr #46-702350-P       $41 ea
'35-'36 Pick-up, driver or psgr #50-702350         $41 ea
'38-'47 Pick-up & '38 Std. car #81A-702350-A       $41 ea
'40 closed pass. car        #01A-702350            $41 ea DOOR HANDLE MOUNTING KIT - For stock outside handles
                                                             when using bearclaw latches. These spring-loaded activators
DOOR HANDLE SCREW KIT - For outside handles. Stainless.
                                                             mount inside the door & provide a link between the latch &
'28-'34 Ford for:
                                                             the handle. Kit includes 2 activators & adjustable rods. Hole
metal frame doors, 4 pieces #A-702350-SKM       $3
wood frame doors on Fordor sedans, 8 pieces                  for handle shaft is 5/16" square.
                            #A-702350-SKW       $3                                               #HL001               $58
INTERIOR DOOR HANDLES by Smart Parts - BILLET                For stock inside handles when using bearclaw latches. These
ALUMINUM - Mount in any position,                            mount inside the door & provide a link between the latch &
works with most after-market & stock                         the handle. Kit includes 2 activators & adjustable rods.
door latch systems, 5 ft. super-flex cable                                                       #HL002               $64
allows for tight curves/angles. Also great
                                                                                      FLAMED TRIM NEAT 'NOBS - Plates
for trunk/hood release (longer cables
available). Includes mounting brackets, screws, cable clips,                          are 1-5/8" high x 4-1/4" long. Due
instructions & templates. Easy to disassemble for polishing,                          to plate width, "remote" installation
plating or powder coating. Made in Canada.                                            kit is required & included.
      5-5/8" wide x 2-7/8"       #2001S         $186 pr
        polished                 #2001P         $208 pr      With smooth knobs                  #B14FMS              $95
      4-3/4" wide x 2-3/8"       #2002S         $186 pr      With turned knobs                  #B14FMT              $95
        polished                 #2002P         $208 pr

                          StreetWorks - The simple, neat          NEAT 'NOBS - Oval Trim Plates are 1-5/8" x 2-1/4".
                         way to open bear claw style latches      Round Trim Plates are 2-1/4" diameter.
                         from the inside. Attach the release      Oval w/ smooth knobs            #B14OVS            $68
                         knob directly to the latch or use our    Oval w/ turned knobs            #B14OVT            $68
                         "remote" kit to mount away from the
latch. A simple downward push of the knob actuates the latch
& opens the door. the trim ring & knob are easy to install &
provide a smooth, clean look. Neat Nobs are the perfect inside
latch release.
                                 #B14R             $24

                                                               Round w/ smooth knobs           #B14S                  $68
                                                               Round w/ turned knobs           #B14T                  $68
by Clayton Machine Works Designed to fit 1949-up GM and
Ford splines, these new handles are a perfect addition to your                   OVAL BILLET, RECESSED - Rubber
muscle car or hot-rod. Machined from billet aluminum, powder-                    trigger stop provides quiet return of lever.
                                coated, then re-machined to                      For 2 doors, c/w mounting back plate &
                                create dynamic high-lights,                      hardware. Use with #DLR-2100 Cable
                                                                    Billet                     #IDH-2000          $201 pr
                                          PT20x         $132       Polished                   #IDH-2001           $201 pr
                                          PT20x         $138

1-888-876-2124                                                   103
                                            DOOR HANDLES
Machine Works - Drilled i-beam styling, inserts can be
painted or upholstered, durable chrome plating & fits GM,    ELLIPTICAL DOOR
Ford & Chrysler.                                             HANDLES by Clayton
        $104 pr                                              Machine Works - Du-
                                                             rable chrome plating,
Styles from top right to bottom left:                        includes 3 bezel inserts
Door handle            PT-102                                (carbon-fiber look,
Window crank           PT-103                                brushed aluminum &
Door handle w/ insert PT-102                                 black). Size: 4.5" x 2"
Vent crank              PT-104                                        $225 pr

                                                             Styles from top right to bottom left:
CRANKS by Billet Specialties - Crank up your interior        by Clayton Machine Works
with billet door handles & window cranks. Available in 2     - Pivot action, durable chrome
exciting styles - ball milled & rail.                        plating.

                                                             Smooth knob & bezel
                                                                    #LR-702             $74

BALL MILLED DOOR HANDLES                                     Grooved knob & bezel
                                                                    #LR-703             $74
GM to 1948               #45425                 $86
Ford to 1948             #45325                 $86
GM/Ford 1949 & up        #45525                 $86

                                                             RAIL DOOR HANDLES

                                                             GM to 1948                 #45428              $104
                                                             Ford to 1948               #45328              $104
BALL MILLED WINDOW CRANKS                                    GM/Ford 1949 & up          #45528              $104

GM to 1948               #46425                 $86
Ford to 1948             #46325                 $86
GM/Ford 1949 & up        #46525                 $86

KNURLED KNOB by Watson's Streetworks -
Aluminum knob that's great for re-                           RAIL WINDOW CRANKS
placing original wiper control. Has a
stainless steel set screw. 1" diameter                       GM to 1948                 #46428              $104
by 13/16" long, head is 3/8" thick.                          Ford to 1948               #46328              $104
Fits 3/16" shaft size.                                       GM/Ford 1949 & up          #46528              $104

                   #B14KN-3/16                  $17          DIMMER SWITCHES by Clayton Machine Works-
                                                             Chrome plated. Rubber or chrome pad.
Streetworks - Have all your                                  Rubber          #DC-602          $23 ea
dash knobs match your Vintage                                Chrome          #DC-603          $23 ea
Air Control unit. Watson's has
matched these knobs to match                                 DASH KNOBS by Clayton Machine Works - Chrome
Vintage's A/C control panel                                  plated, smooth or grooved.
knobs so you can have a completely uniform, matching         Size: 7/8 " diameter
for 3/16" shaft          #B14VN-3/16          $22            Smooth          #DK-802          $20 ea
for 1/4" shaft           #B14VN-1/4           $22            Grooved         #DK-803          $20 ea
for 10-32 thread         #B14VB-10-32         $22
                                                            104                                        1-888-876-2124
                                            VINTAGE SEATS
                                                                OTHER SEAT TYPES & STYLES AVAILABLE

SEAT REBUILD KITS by EZ Boy-Seats beat? Try one of
                                                                              Bucket adjustable back bench
the new & improved deluxe rebuild kits. The kits include ev-
erything you need to completely rebuild one seat. Included
in each kit is two 1” x 24” x 60” high density seat foam
pads, cotton batting, burlap, 2 steel spring reinforcement
rods, hog rings, pliers & step by step directions.
                                                $100 pack

                                                                Split adjustable back bench        Buckets adjustable back

SEAT FRAMES by EZ Boy - EZ Ride Seat Frames offer a                   GLIDE SEATING ALSO AVAILABLE
great solution to your seating problems. One size fits 28-32                  CALL US FOR PRICING
vehicles. These powder coated steel seat frames come
standard with no sag springs, slide tracks, adjustable back  AVAILABLE WIDTHS FOR GLIDE SEATING:
recliners & molded street rod foam packages.                 Note: Sizes indicated are measurements with the foam
                                                             package. Frame only dimensions are 4” narrower
Bench Style- frame & foam only                    $687
Bench Style-covered                               $1175      38” (fits most 1920’s-1932 Coupes/Sedans/Roadsters)
                                                             42” (fits most 1932-1935 Coupes/Sedans/Roadsters)
                                                             44” (fits most 1935-1940 Coupes/Sedans/Roadsters)	
                                                             48” (fits most 1941-1948 Coupes/Sedans/Roadsters)
                                                             54” (fits most 1949 to late 1950’s Coupes/Sedans/Road-

                                                                BOMBER STYLE SEATS by EZ Boy - Vintage style vinyl
EZ RIDE QUALITY CONSTRUCTION FEATURES:                          yardage to complete your interior. Available in brown &
                                                                coal black. Custom colors also available. Light weight, all
Powder Coated Steel Frames                                      aluminum frames.
NO Sag Springs                                                                                      Call us for pricing.
Slide Tracks
Adjustable Backs
NO Exposed Hardware
Easily Upholsters!
Molded Foam Packages (street rod style contoured foam)
They are made of 10 gauge steel, come fully-finished, and
include the nuts, bolts, and washers. Seat risers come in
two sizes: 2" extends to 2 1/2", 4" extends to 6 1/2", the
overall length is 15", hole spacing at 14".

                                    SR2           $67
                                    SR4           $67

1-888-876-2124                                                 105
                                              INTERIOR ITEMS
SEAT BELTS - by Beams Industries Inc. Supplied by                   SPEAKER POD MAP POCKET - Fiberglass, ready to
Golden Leaf Automotive. Available in non-retractable &              upholster or paint. Length 16", thickness 2-1/2", height 7-1/2"
retractable & 2 pt or 3 pt. Colors (X) available are black(B),      at large end & 4" at narrow end. Maximum 6-1/2" speaker
navy (N), maroon (M), red (R), green(G) & tan (T). Special          grille will fit in large end. Narrow end is hollowed out.
order colours also available.                                                                  #3070                    $129

                                                                                           #3071                        $129

2 pt, non-retractable, chrome buckle, 60'', Black only
                         #SB-N2LB                    $35 ea
2 pt, non-retractable, chrome buckle, 60'', push button
                                                                                     #3072 For 6 1/2" speakers &
                         #SB-N2P(X)                  $35 ea
                                                                                   7 1/4" grille                  $106
2 pt, retractable, chrome buckle, 7'' sleeve
                                                                                     #3073 For 5 1/4" speakers &
                         #SB-R2L(X)                  $80 ea
                                                                                   6 1/4" grille                  $106
2 pt, retractable, push button, 12'' sleeve
                         #SB-R2P(X)                  $80 ea
3 pt, retractable, push button, 12'' sleeve
                         #SB-R3P(X)                $140 ea ARM RESTS by Smart Parts - Hand-laminated fiberglass for
                                                            the interior of your vehicle. Easy to install with 1/4" mounting
                                                            screws & anchor included. Gel coat allows sanding; cover
                                                            in any material or paint. Complete installation instructions

                                                                                             SPEAKER GRILLES by Smart
                                                                                             Parts #2060 for 61/2” speakers
                                                                                             - Polished(p) or satin(s) ring
                                                                                              with stainless mesh
                                                                                              - Fits 71/4” pod (#3072)
                                                                                               # 2061 Also available for 51/4”
SEAT BELTS - 2-point nylon webbed lap belts. Retractable                                      speakers and 61/4” pod (#3073)
belts are reversible for use on either driver or passenger side.                             BRUSHED                   $106
Sold WITHOUT mounting hardware. Colors available: Black,                                     POLISHED                  $115
blue, maroon, gray, tan, bright red.
Non-Retracting 60"         #PRR-8401 $24 per person                   SEE PAGE 107 FOR MATCHING SPEAKERS AND
Retracting 60"             #PRR-8402 $70 per person                        OTHER STEREO COMPONENTS
Non-Retracting 72"         #PRR-8400 $24 per person
Retracting 72"             #PRR-8404 $80 per person

SEAT BELT ANCHOR PLATES - Distribute the attachment
load over a broader area for a more secure mounting. Plates
are to be used under a steel floor & are designed for use
with regular lap (non-retracting) belts. Sold in sets of 2 plates
(enough for 1 seat) & include hardware.
                         #SBHP             $22
                                                                                                            Back side

Top to bottom (pictured below):                                        Top to bottom (in above picture):
Slick II        #3057        $129 pr                                   Coupe               #3053SP                 $98 pr
Sixty's         #3060S        $106 pr                                  Tri-5               #3055SP                 $98 pr
Slick           #3056S        $106 pr                                  Hot Rod             #3051SP                 $98 pr
Boattail        #3059S        $106 pr                                  Shorty (on left)    #3052SP                 $98 pr
Grabber         #3058S       $154 pr                                   Classic (on right)  #3054SP                 $98 pr
                                                                       Roadster (2pc)      #3050SP                $140 pr
                                                                106                                            1-888-876-2124
                                           INTERIOR ITEMS
DOME LIGHT by Clayton Machine Works - Chrome
plated, frosted lens.
Size: 4.5" x 2" x .75"

#DM-402         $68 ea

                                                              DUAL MAP/DOME LIGHT by Watson's Streetworks -
                                                              A modern car feature for your favourite ride. Dual map spot
                                                              lights, each with it's own on/off switch, included. 3-3/4" x
                                                              9-1/8" unit snaps into place - a hole template is provided.
                                                              24" pre-wired leads included. "Titanium" coloured plastic
                                                              housing fits into most interior motifs.

                                                                                                  #L77                    $115

                                                              CLEAR LENS DOME LIGHT by Watson's Streetworks
Housing made from milled aluminum. Works in any rod,
                                                              - A convenient size dome light, 6-3/8" x 3-1/4", with a 1"
custom or truck. Push lense operation. Available in pol-
                                                              high profile from the mounting surface. Mounts by the lens
ished (p), satin(s) finish or black plastic(b)
                                                              snapping into place (requires a cutout for clearance). Bulb,
                                                              bulb terminals & 24" pre-wired leads included. Beige plastic
                2052 Singe Lens Satin Finish          $81
                                                              housing can be upholstered or painted if primed with a
                2053 Double Lens Satin Finish         $94
                                                              plastic primer. Switch not included.
                2052 Single Lens Polished             $95
                2052 Double Lens Polished            $112
                                                                                                  #L78                  $49 ea

                                                                INTERIOR LIGHT by Smart Parts -
                                                                Use as interior accent, dome
                                                                light, under hoods or in trunk.
                                                                Waterproof socket for use
                                                                in wet conditions, such as
                                                                roadsters or as side marker
                                                                light. Mount at any angle.
                                                                Cool, soft low-amp bulb won't
                                                                "burn" upholstery.
                                                                                               Oval 3.5" x 1.75"
                                                                                               satin        #2050S      $42 ea
                                                                                               polished     #2050P      $47 ea
                                                                                               Tear Drop3" x 1.75"
                                                                                               satin       #2051S       $42 ea
                                                                                               polished #2051P          $47 ea


Works - Trim available in smooth or grooved finish in 4 or    INTERIOR LIGHTS - CLEAR LENS - Stylish lights for intrior
6 feet lengths. .25" x .25"                                   or decorative use, 1-7/8" x 1-3/8" oval. Snap into 1" round
4' smooth                      #AES-4                 $52     hole from front. Internally plated for reflectivity. Twist in socket
4' grooved                     #AEG-4                 $52     with #194 bulbs (clear included). Waterproof. Not for taillight
6' smooth                      #AES-6                 $77     or turn signal use.                 #L53N                  $34 pr
6' grooved                     #AEG-6                 $77
1-888-876-2124                                               107
                                       STEREO COMPONENTS
                         SPEAKERS BY Powerbass
                         2 way coaxial rated at 150 watts RMS
                         for the 5.25" and 180 watts RMS for
                         the 6.25". Perfect for any street rod
                         or muscle car sold in pairs

                         5.25" L5202X  $51
                         6.25" L6502X  $59
Everything you need for a complete
                                                                 SECRETAUDIO by Custom Autosound - Secretaudio
installl                                                         is a hidden audio system that offers great flexibility for
17' High Quality RCA Cables                                      mounting in any type of vehicle. The main receiver/amplifier
17' OFC Power and 3' Ground Wire                                 unit is usually hidden under the seat, or behind the dash. A
Blue Turn On Wire                                                flush mount bezel is included for console or dash mounting.
20' Speaker Wire                                                 The small dimensions of the flush mount system allow you
Gold Terminal Connectors                                         to install the LCD display almost anywhere. The Secretaudio
AGU Fuse Holder                                                  SS model remote is a 'RF' (radio frequency) remote. With
6' Black Split Loom Tubing                                       the RF remote you do not have to be in direct line of sight
                                                                 with the display. In fact, you can use the RF remote from
                   ATK4        $40                               up to 40 feet away, & control all functions of the system &
                                                                 even the optional 10-disc changer.
 SPEAKER WIRE by Raptor. 40 feet long high quality               Radio only                        #SST                   $330
 clear jacket provides resistance from chemicals and             CD changer                        #USACD10               $345
 temperature extreme. Precision wound oxygen free
 electrolytic copper strands.
                              AWSW40            $14
                                                                 1600 WATT 4 CHANNEL STEREO AMPLIFIER
              POWER ANTENNA by Metra                             by Powerbass

              Product Details                                    These amplifiers deliver pure, clean power with the soul
              Fully automatic with 6 1 inch custom mounting      of rock and roll or whatever your taste. Variable 12 dB,
                                                                 high/low pass electronic crossover for infinite system ap-
                                                                 plications. A MOSFET power supply for efficient and distor-
              31 inch 5 section replaceable mast
                                                                 tion-free sound reproduction which offers 2-ohm stereo or
              55 inch 5 detachable cable                         4-ohm mono stable capabilities.
              needs 11 1/2 inch under fender custom
              mounting bracket                                   User-friendly features like a variable bass boost control with
                                                                 18 dB of boost at 40 Hz to give you more output from your
                                AWPW22                 $83       subwoofers. If you really want serious control of your sub-
                                                                 woofer output, an optional remote gain control is available.

                                                                 4-ohm Power: 100 watts x 4,2-ohm Power: 200 watts x 4
                                                                 4-ohm Mono Power: 400 watts x 2,Peak Power: 1600 watts
                                                                 Total Harmonic Distortion:<0.05%
                                                                 Frequency Response:20Hz~22,000Hz

 -UNDERCOVER Speaker Enclosures by
 Custom Autosound
Custom Autosound designed and manufactured these
speakers specifically for 'under seat' or horizontal 'wall' in-
stallations. 'Could be used on large 'parcel shelves' - wher-
ever! Compact unit with one 5½" woofer and piezo tweeter
in each enclosure. Under seat fit for most pre '78 cars and
trucks. 120 watt capacity! If you've got the space we have
the solution! Each enclosure measures 3" high X 8-1/4"
wide X 11-1/4" long. Sold in pairs
                                                                                             ASA6004X                   $225
                            UNDERCOV1                   $140
                            UNDERCOV2                   $160
1-888-876-2124                                                  108
                                         POWER WINDOW KITS
POWER WINDOW KIT Cable Driven Delco Motor                              Console Plate Power Window Switch Kit
                    Kit by Specialty Power                             by Watson's Streetworks - Billet 3-wire
                    Windows - T h e m o s t                            rocker switches inside an attractive Billet
                    versatile kit available &                          Console Plate that’s 2-1/4” wide by 2-1/2” high
                    simple to install. This lift kit                   with brushed finish. #L39-BCD               $169
                    completely replaces your old
                    crank handle & regulator.
                                                                                        FLAT GLASS POWER
                                  Complete kits contain lower
                                                                                        WINDOW KIT by Ball's Rod
                                  glass channel, GM switches,
                                                                                        & Kustom - This kit has the
                                  complete wire harness with
                                                                                        motor off to the side & includes
                                  switch & motor plugs,
                                                                                        the right & left regulator, 2
                                  flexible stainless steel wire
                                                                                        floating channels, 3 lighted
conduit kit for the door opening, written & video instructions.
                                                                                        switches, wiring harness &
This regulator only requires 9½” clearance beneath the glass
                                                                                        motor wires.
& bottom of door.
                                                                                                #B-1           $358
All two-window kits can be ordered with either chrome, black,
console or arm rest switch kits. The arm rest switch kits will fit
either Valley Auto Accessories or Big Al arm rest. (Be sure to                          FLAT GLASS POWER
order the arm rest for Specialty Power Windows switches.)                               WINDOW KIT by Ball's
                                                                                        Rod & Kustom - The motor
Complete two-window kit                                                                 is on the bottom & includes 2
   chromed switches                                                                     regulators, 2 fixed channels &
                         #PWL-2C CHROME              $519                               motor wires.
Basic Kit (does not include switches, wire harness or flexible                                  #B-2          $364
wire conduits)           #PWL-2P                     $435

Complete four window kit with chromed switches
                      #PWL-4C CHROME           $1133

57-62 Corvette   67-81 Camero
64-72 GM Midsize 46-48 Ford
Model A Ford     47-54 GM Pickup
55-59 GM Pickup  67-72 GM Pickup
55-57 Chevy

Flamed Switch Kits by Watson's Streetworks - 4-1/4"
wide by 1-5/8" high frame, with 2 polarity reversing mod-
ules, wire leads & instructions.

Single window kit               #L39BFS              $95
Double window kit (two single switch panels)
                                #L39BFD             $168
Triple window kit (as shown, one two-switch panel & one
single switch panel)            #L39BFT             $243

                                                                 109                               1-888-876-2124
                                 WINDOWS & WINDSHIELDS
                                                                                                    POWER           WINDOW
                          POWER WINDOW SWITCH                                                       SWITCHES by Watson’s
                          KITS - Illuminated, Billet                                                Streetworks - Oval billet
                          Beautiful billet 5-wire rocker switch                                     3-wire or 5-wire illuminated
snaps into a              rectangular 2-5/16" high billet frame.                                    rockers adapt directly to
Illumination              comes through 2 small holes, one in                 dual    single
                                                                                                    positive (+) output remotes,
each finger dimple.       The frame mounts with 2 blind             no extra relays required. Includes switch(s), polarity reversing
studs from behind.        All kits include switch(s), plug(s),      modules, wire leads, instructions. Light for illuminated kit
frame, terminals, wire leads & instructions.                        comes from 2 small holes in the finger dimples.
Single Switch (1-1/4" wide)        #L39-5BS             $100        Single Switch (2-1/4”w by 1-5/8”h) #L39BOS                  $95
Double Switch (2-1/4" wide)        #L39-5BD             $166        Single Switch Illuminated (2-11/16”w by 1-15/16”h)
Triple Switch puts dual switches on the driver door & single                                              #L39-5BOS           $103
on the passenger door.             #L39-5BT             $283        Dual Switch (3-1/8”w by 1-5/8”h) #L39BOD                  $169
                                                                    Dual Switch Illuminated (3-1/8”w by 2-1/4”h)
                                                                                                          #L39-5BOD           $210
                                                                    Triple Switch puts dual switches on the driver door & single
                                                                    on the passenger door                 #L39BOT             $233
                                                                    Triple Switch Illuminated (one dual panel & one single
                                                                    panel)                                 #L39-5BOT          $312

                                                                    WINDOW SILL REPLACEMENT STRIPS by Hagan -
                                                                    Do your vent windows angle inward? Use these 18 gauge
                                                                    strips to straighten the window sill opening when removing
                                                                    the vent windows.               #WSRS                 $51

need this set...                                         REAR WINDOW FRAME - for Roadsters or Convertibles
...if you wish to remove the vent windows,               Available in 2 sizes & 2 finishes:
...if you are transforming a hardtop into a convertible, traditional 8" x 20"       raw finish
...if the original vertical window channels are rusted/                                     #2010SP   $187
missing.                                                 traditional 8" x 20"      chromed
                                                                                            #2010C    $250
Comes with 4 channels & brackets to replace front & back mail slot 5" x 24-3/4" raw finish
vertical channels in 2 doors & instructions.                                                #2011SP   $187
                                  #UWC            $149   mail slot 5" x 24-3/4" chromed
                                                                                            #2011SP-C $250

                                                                                     WINDSHIELD LOWER STANCHIONS -
                                                                                     Includes pads & hardware. Die-cast chrome
                   WINDSHIELD WING NUT - Original
                                                                                     1932 rdstr & phaeton
                   stubby style. Die cast & chrome plated.
                                                                                                     #B-37132-S $101 pr
                   Thread: 3/8-24 - 1932/36 open car
                               #B-351000               $9                         WINDSHIELD UPPER STANCHIONS 1932
                                                                                  - Die stamped from stainless steel. Complete
                                                                                  with cups & liners. Left hand sides have post
               WINDSHIELD FRAME CONE - Die cast
                                                                                  mirror mounting hole for #18-17700-P. Chopped
               chrome plated. 1932/36 rdstr & phaeton
                                                                                  stanchions do not have wind wing bracket
               #18-37154 $8
                                                                                  holes.       #18-37136-CHP          $189 pr

WINDSHIELD FRAME STUD - Don't be fooled by imitations.
              VINTIQUE studs are made with the
              correct shoulder & tapered nut. Thread:
              3/8-24 both ends.
              1928/'36 open car #B-37158         $4

1-888-876-2124                                                     110
                                                                  WIPER ARMS & BLADES by Specialty Power Windows
                                                                  - For flat windshields. Billet aluminum arms & blades are 10"
                                                                                              long, available straight, bent left &
                                                                                              bent right. To determine the bend:
                                                                                              Imagine that you are in the driver's
                                                                                              seat & the wiper arm pivot is at the
                                                                                              bottom of the windshield. A "left"
                                                                                              bend arm goes up from the pivot
WINDSHIELD WIPER KITS by Speciality Power                                                     & angles to your left. Arms are
Windows - Dual wiper drive kit has two wiper shafts which         designed to be cut as needed. All arms have an adjustable
accept arms that fit ½" fine spline knurls or ¼" shafts. Output   blade angle feature. Brushed finish. Knurl not included.
shafts are driven by a remote mounted commercial duty 2-             Aluminum, straight           #WAB-01                $57 ea
speed wiper motor with 300 inch lbs. stall torque. The sweep         Aluminum, bent left          #WAB-01-BL             $57 ea
is adjustable from 90° to 160° in 10° increments. All kits come      Aluminum, bent right         #WAB-01-BR             $57 ea
with standard 72" drive cable, written & video instructions.         Stainless, straight          #SSST                  $33 ea
Kits do not come with arms or blades.                                Stainless, bent left         #SSBL                  $33 ea
NOTE: Kits are best suited for cars under construction.              Stainless, bent right        #SSBR                  $33 ea
                                                                     Knurl                        #KNURL                  $9 ea
Base Kit does not have switch or wiring. Includes basic              Stainless blade 9"           #SS09                  $18 ea
wire diagram & diagram for 84-89 Firebird & Camaro column            Stainless blade 10"          #SS10                  $18 ea
switch.                               #WWK         $320              Stainless blade 11"          #SS11                  $18 ea
Complete Drive Kit with 2-speed standard self-park switch            Stainless blade, flat        #SSFL                  $18 ea
kit                                   #WWK-2       $345
Complete Drive Kit with 2-speed intermittent self-park
switch kit.                           #WWK-2I $370         Bob Drake's TOP QUALITY SS arms with splined bases for
Long Drive Cable & tubing 144". This allows the motor to smooth action, no slippage & firm tension. Made for Specialty
be mounted away from the dash board front kick panel area. Power Window system. Includes 2 arms, 2 blades.
(Use for upgrade on 72" kits.)        #XLWD         $50      8-1/4" blade,7-1/4" arm #78-17526/7-SKS $107
                                                             8-1/4" blade,5-1/4" arm #01A-17526/7-SKS $107
& triple chrome plated. Heavy duty drive
chain. No more broken chains. Includes                       Vintique Polished SS, Universal. Adjustable length. Clamps
all mounting hardware & chrome wiper                         on 1/4" shaft. Hook & Saddle type most popular for flat
shaft nuts.                                                  windshields; Wrist type good for curved windshields. Priced
1937/'39 convertibles         #78-17552/3              $169 Hook & Saddle Type Clamp-On Arms
1940 convertible              #01A-17552/3-C           $169   6" to 8" for chopped windshields #U-17529-CHP     $16 ea
1940 coupes & sedans, 1941 sedan delivery                     8" to 12"                        #U-17529-SS      $16 ea
                              #01A-17552/3-D           $169 Hook & Saddle Type Blades
                                                              8" Blade                         #U-17528-CHP       $8 ea
                                                              11" Blade                        #U-17528-SS        $7 ea
                                                             Wrist Type Clamp-On Arms
                                                              6" to 8" for chopped windshields #WT-17529-CHP $16 ea
WIPER TOWER PADS - Needed to seal wiper towers to
                                                             Wrist Type Blades 6" blade #SR-17528               $27 ea
                 cowl. Moulded with lip.
                 1937/40 convert         #78-17556 $5
                 1940 coupe, sedan & '41 sedan del
                                                             WIPER MOTOR KIT - with stain-
                 #01A-17556              $5
                                                             less steel motor, wiper arm & blade.
                                                             1928/39 - 12 volt
WIPER MOTOR KIT by Mighty Wiper - With motor, wiper                                        #A-17508-SS12           $61
arm & blade. Available in 1",1.5",2",2.5" & 3" shaft length.
1" shaft                 #MIT-WMS1                   $184    WIPER MOTOR ONLY - if you want to order the chopped
1.5" shaft               #MIT-WMS15                  $184    arm & blade.
2" shaft                 #MIT-WMS2                   $184                                  #A-17508-SS12MO         $51
2.5" shaft               #MIT-WMS25                  $184    To upgrade a wiper motor kit or motor only, purchase just one
3" shaft                 #MIT-WMS3                   $184    blade & arm & #KNURL (above).

                                                              111                                             1-888-876-2124
                               MIRRORS & EXTERIOR ITEMS

CAR COVERS by Covercraft - In four decades, Covercraft has amassed a library of over 67,000 cover patterns &
continues to add new applications daily. Covercraft pioneered the market for CUSTOM FIT vehicle covers & over the years
has added programs for a wide variety of products for exterior & interior protection.

Technalon covers are made with Kimberly-Clark's Evolution® fabric & provide excellent protection in all weather conditions.
Evolution has the highest UPF rating to provide maximum protection against damaging UV rays. Protecting your paint &
interior helps maintain the vehicles value.

Please contact us for more information & pricing.

                                                              SPREADER BAR LICENSE PLATE BRACKET	by So-Cal.	
                                                              These brackets were originally designed for our straight
                                                              front spreader bar with built-in turn signals. In reality they
LICENSE PLATE HOLDER by Docs Kustoms-Easily mounts fit any straight spreader bar that is 1.5 in. in diameter and
to your spreader bar. Made of billet aluminum then highly cleverly mounts to the backside of the tube.
polished. 2 piece bracket for easy installation. Includes all
hardware.                                                                                  # 001-62709                 $118

Front bar bracket              KUSC-30020                $77
Rear bar bracket               KUSC-30021                $89

                                                                   EXTERIOR MIRRORS - The Bigger Ones!! Same features
                                                                   as above mirrors. The VF4 lends itself to street rods & several
                                                                   other universal applications, such as 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's
                                                                   cars & trucks. Mirror measures approx. 7" X 3".
                                                                                                          #VF4         $179 pr

EXTERIOR MIRRORS by Vision Hot Rod Concepts
- Made from a sandable, paintable urethane plastic. Solid
mounting stem allows sanding & shaping to fit your particular
application. Mounting screws are installed from inside the door
                                                                   MIRROR WITH LED INSERTS - Connected to the vehicle's
& are completely hidden. The fully adjustable mirror surface
                                                                   turn signals, they emit an amber "halo" effect around the mir-
allows excellent rear vision on the driver & passenger side.
                                                                   ror surface & shine through a reflective slot lens at the front
       Oval                             #VF2        $158 pr
                                                                   outer edge of the mirror.
       Tear drop                        #VF1        $158 pr
                                                                   Oval                                   #VF2LD $218 pr
       Rectangular                      #VC         $158 pr
                                                                   Tear drop                              #VF1LD $218 pr

1-888-876-2124                                                    112


                                                                EXTERIOR MIRRORS - Billet aluminum by Billet
                                                                Specialties - Feature stainless steel swivel supported by
                                                                nylon inserts which provide smooth accurate adjustments that
                                                                stay in position. When ordering, driver & passenger sides are
                                                                based on top mounting. When mounting from bottom, order
INTERIOR MIRRORS - Billet aluminum by Billet
                                                                opposite side.
Specialties - Feature stainless steel swivel supported by nylon
inserts which provide smooth accurate adjustments that stay
                                                                Mirror Heads:
in position.
                                                                    3" Round Offset                  #73620          $60
   Large rect. head 1-3/4" x 5-1/4"        #73420       $62
                                                                    Oval Offset                      #73920          $62
   Oval head 2-5/16" x 4-3/16"             #73520       $65
                                                                Mirror Arms
                                                                    4-1/2" Straight - psgr           #72525          $27
Glue-on mount is designed for vertical or slightly angled
                                                                    5-1/2" Straight - driver         #72620          $26
windshields only.
                                                                    5-1/2" Straight - psgr           #72625          $26
   Glue-on mount                           #72120       $21
   Bolt-on mount                           #72220       $24
                                                                SWAN NECK STYLE MIRRORS - Polished SS 4" mirror head,
                                                                chrome plated arm, molded mounting pads with lip, smooth
                                                                1-piece bullet shape, 2 mounting studs.
                                                                                             10303                $85 pr

                                                                    BILLET ALUMINUM OUTSIDE REAR VIEW MIRRORS
INSIDE REAR VIEW MIRRORS - The screw on mirror                                                          - These are milled out
attaches with 2 #10-32 screws to the dash top or header                                                 of a block of solid billet
panel & is designed with the same mounting pattern as                                                   aluminum & feature a Hi-
1932/36 Fords, so it will bolt right on. Stainless steel screws                                         Tech brushed aluminum
& adhesive included.                                                finish. Stainless steel hardware included.
Glue-on - rectangular, billet      #BA-17682-A            $54       Rectangular, LH                 #BA-17741-AL            $54
Screw-on - rectangular, billet     #BA-17682-B            $54       Rectangular, RH                 #BA-17741-AR            $54
Screw-on - oval, SS (screws point forward)                          Round, LH                       #BA-17741-BL            $54
                                   #48-17690-SR           $84       Round, RH                       #BA-17741-BR            $54
Screw-on - oval, SS (screws point up)
                                   #78-17682-SS            $74
                                                                    POST MOUNT TYPE BILLET MIRROR - The post mirror
                                                                    is an excellent choice for use on roadsters. Threaded 1/4-
                          PEEP MIRROR - Excellent quality           20 stud can be turned into a threaded surface (such as the
                          mirrors fit most cars with a door edge.   windshield post), then the mirror arm is slipped over the stud
                          Stainless steel mirror heads are fully    & secured by a set screw. Use the adapters listed below to
                          adjustable to fit many mounting angles.   install this mirror on 1928/'32 Ford roadsters. Fits LH or RH
                          Rubber mounting pad included.             #BA-17700-P                        $50

3"   curved   arm.   LH              #HR-18414-L           $38      POST MIRROR ADAPTER - billet aluminum - These
3"   curved   arm.   RH              #HR-18414-R           $38      adapters allow the BA-17700-P to be mounted on original
4"   curved   arm,   LH              #B-18414-L            $38      open car windshield posts without modification.
4"   curved   arm,   RH              #B-18414-R            $38                                     '28/29 LH or RH
                                                                                     #BA-17700-A                    $2
ALSO AVAILABLE CONVEX                                                                              '30/31 LH only
4'' curved arm. convex. L/R #CNX-18414-L/R $82                                       #BA-17700-B                    $2
4'' straight arm. convex. L/R #CNX-17741-U $50
                                                                 113                                          1-888-876-2124
                                         AIR CONDITIONING
                                      Vintage Air is owned & operated by experienced street rodders who have been
                                      involved in the sport for over 30 years. Vintage Air systems are fully compatible with
                                      the new HFC-134a refrigerant which has now replaced R-12. Components needed
                                      for a complete system include: evaporator (inside car unit), compressor, compressor
                                      mounting bracket (see index), condenser (outside heat exchanger), hoses & fittings,
                                      the drier, safety switch & pulleys. The Vintage Air catalogue & website (www.vintageair.
                                      com) provide an in-depth discussion of these various components. In our catalogue,
                                      we aim to help you select the proper components for your vehicle under each of the
                                      eight headings.

                              For complete system orders over $1,000, deduct $100!

  Here's an example of a 'basic' A/C system & the parts required.
                                              ... Keep in mind that many options & upgrades are available!

           Evaporator Unit                  mini #66005-VUZ-A, or compac #68000-VUZ-A                              $542
           Control Panel                    horizontal #49110-SHQ, or vertical #49110-SVQ                           $60
           Louver Kit                       3 vent package #49007-VUL                                               $29
           Compressor                       plain finish #04808-VUA                                                $290
           Condensor                        vertical style #03332-VUC                                              $171
           A/C Hose Kit w/ Drier            beadlock type                                                          $112
           Binary Safety Switch             #24677-VUS                                                              $42
           Compressor Mounting Bracket      S.B. Chevy #15112-VCB                                                  $120
                                                                                       Sub-Total                 $1307
                                                                     Less A/C package deduction                  - $100

                                                               MOCK-UP EVAPORATOR UNITS - To help you choose the
                                                               right Vintage Air Gen II for your project. These have the same
                                                               mounting nuts & brackets as the actual evaporator. The price
                                                               of the unit (less freight) will be credited when the mock-up
                                                               unit gets back to us.
                                                               Mock-up Mini                       #660050-VUA            $78
SURE FIT SYSTEMS - Planning to air condition one of
the many popular "mid-year" cars or pickups? The Sure Fit      Mock-up Compac                     #680000-VUA            $78
Systems are just what you need. Call us for prices.            Mock-up Super                      #610050-VUA            $78
         '66-'77 Bronco          '47-86' Chev                  Mock-up Magnum                     # 671450               $97
         '55-'57 Chev            '58-'76 Corvette
                                                               STREAMLINE 3 KNOB PANELS by Vintage Air - Avail-
         '64-'69 Chevelle        '64-'70 Chevelle
                                                               able for the Gen-IV Magnum. These panels feature soft
         '67-'78 Camaro          '70-'74 Challenger/ Cuda
                                                               white LED lighting through the knobs. Available horizontal
         '67-'69 Firebird        '53-'56 Ford F-100
                                                               or vertical & in two finishes, polished or black anodized.
         '59-'62 Impala          '64-1/2-'68 Mustang
         '64-'65 Falcon          '66-'69 Nova
                                                               Polished Vertical
                                                               #491214-RVA                        $287
                                                               Black Anodized Vertical
                                                               #491226-RVA                        $250
                                                               Polished Horizontal
                                                               #491210-RUA                        $245
MARK IV UNDER DASH COOL ONLY SYSTEM by Vintage Black Anodized Horizontal
Air - An exact reproduction of the most popular underdash #491223-RUA                             $261
A/C ever made. The Mark IV is an all steel case built from the
original tooling. Combines the look of chrome & real steel.
Includes mounting brackets & drain line.
                                #672001-VHY             $354
1-888-876-2124                                               114
                                          AIR CONDITIONING

GEN IV SYSTEM by Vintage Air - Now you can enjoy
true bi-level, infinitely adjustable comfort in your classic      Dimensions:
car. This large system can handle even the largest sedan          left to right: 26"; top to bottom: 10.5"; firewall to dash: 10.5"
or wagon. Comes complete with: evaporator & mounting              Order control panel & louvers separately.
brackets, wiring harness, electric solenoid, heater control                            #671400-VUZ                             $900
valve, A/C duct hoses, drain kit, defrost kit, includes hoses,
& ducts.

outlets. As an added benefit, you can position all 4 louvers      Dimensions:
wherever you need them. Ideal system for the largest sedans       left to right: 24"; top to bottom: 8.5"; firewall to dash: 8.5"
& wagons.
                                                                  Heat/Cool/Defrost        #61005-VUZ-A         $597
Comes with evaporator & mounting brackets, wiring harness,
                                                                  Louvers & control panel must be purchased separately.
drain kit, A/C & defrost duct hose, servo motor controlled
heater flow valve & defrost ducts.

GEN II COMPAC SYSTEM - Amazing performance in a
compact system! Three vents allow you to position louvers         Dimensions:
wherever you need them. Ideal system for coupes & smaller         left to right: 20.5"; top to bottom: 9"; firewall to dash: 7.75"
sedans & wagons. Features true bi-level operation. Comes          Heat/Cool/Defrost         #68000-VUZ-A        $546
with evaporator & mounting brackets, wiring harness, drain        Louvers & control panel must be purchased separately.
kit, A/C & defrost duct hose, servo motor controlled heater
flow valve & defrost ducts.

GEN II MINI SYSTEM by Vintage Air - State of the art
GEN-II servo motor control technology is now incorporated
into our smallest heat & cool system. This is ideal for trucks
& smaller hot rods. Features true bi-level operation in cool &    Dimensions:
heat modes & a more powerful dehumidified defroster mode.         left to right: 19.5"; top to bottom: 8.5"; firewall to dash: 7.3"
Comes with evaporator & mounting brackets, wiring harness,
                                                                  Heat/Cool/Defrost           #66005-VUZ-A $542
drain kit, A/C & defrost duct hose, servo motor controlled
                                                                  Louvers & control panel must be purchased separately.
heater flow valve & defrost ducts.
                                                                 115                                              1-888-876-2124
                                        AIR CONDITIONING
CONTROL PANELS for GEN II SYSTEMS - (Will not work with LOUVERS by Vintage Air
other A/C systems) Now you can have true OEM style louver
air temperature regulation & bi-level operation of A/C & heat
modes! This new panel uses exclusive servo actuated heater
valve which allows the introduction of small amounts of heat Under-dash louver     ```````#49050-VUL                        $14
to regulate air temperature. Simplified installation with plug-in
connections, no vacuum lines & fewer wires to route. Several
styles to choose from - see listing below.
                                                                  Left kick panel  ```````#49051-VUL                        $14
                                                                  Right kick panel ```````#49151-VUL                        $14

                                                           Flat                            ```````#49100-VFL                $25
- Backlit knobs in a super compact panel. Only 5-3/8” wide
x 1” tall                       491200-RUA        $212

                                                                '28-'32 Ford               ```````#49132-VFL                $25

4-KNOB PANEL - Individual switches can be mounting in
dash. Pod included.Dimensions: 4.5" x 2.25"           '34 Ford                             ```````#49134-VFL                $25
                                #49200-RHA    $58

CONTROL PANEL - Internally                                      '35-'36 Ford               ```````#49135-VFL                $25
Horizontal (4.63" x 2.44")
#49110-SHQ                 $60
Vertical (2.44" x 4.63")                                        '37 Ford/'30-'35 Chev      ```````#49137-VFL                $25
#49110-SVQ                 $60

well with high-tech interiors. Back-lit for easy night-time
                                                            dash-mount                ```````#49053-VUL       $12
operation. Template included.
                                                            under dash mount          ```````#49054-VUL `     $14
Horizontal (4.69" x 2.5")
#48103-SHQ                      $153                        KNOBS by Vintage Air - You can use these knobs in place
Vertical (2.5" x 4.69")                                     of the factory black plastic ones.
#48102-SVQ                      $157                        Streamline knob - plain           #49302-VUQ      $23
                                                            Streamline knob - fan (F)         #49303-VUQ      $23
STREAMLINE CONTROL PANEL -                                  Streamline knob - mode (M)        #49304-VUQ      $23
Same styling & dimensions as original Vintage Air design! Streamline knob - temp (T)          #49305-VUQ      $23
Controls are all electronic. Polished aluminum face & trick
thru'-switch lighting.       #48104-RHQ            $219

                       Sanden SD 508 compressor is recommended for all Vintage Air systems. Part numbers are for side
                       exit double V groove pulleys but rear exit compressors are available, as are multi-groove (serpentine)
                       & wide groove (flathead) pulleys.                                  Builder's Tip: Compressors should be
                               Standard finish                           $290
                                                                                          mounted with the drain plug (in the side
                               Polish finish                             $370
                                                                                            of the housing) horizontal or higher.
                               Chrome finish                             $425
                       REAR EXIT ALSO AVAILABLE

                       COMPRESSOR CLUTCH COVER - Polished Aluminum
                       Polished machined aluminum clutch covers fit the 508 Series Compressor.
                       Billet Specialties    #87120                   $52
1-888-876-2124                                                116
                                         AIR CONDITIONING
                 CONDENSER (outside heat                           HOSES & FITTINGS
                 exchanger) -                                     REFRIGERATION LINE KIT - Barrier type refrigerant hose
                 An ideal way to incorporate the condenser        kits for use with HFC-134a & R-12 refrigerants. Kit includes:
                 part of the system is to buy a Walker rad with   1 - #6 straight; 3 - #6 90°; 1 - #6 90° bulkhead
                 the condenser built in. These are described      2 - #6 45°; 1 - #8 90° w/service
                 in the Walker Section of this catalogue.         port;
                 If you already have your radiator & it is        1 - #8 45°; 1 - #8 straight;
                 cooling efficiently, simply add one of these     1 - #10 90° w/service port;
                 condensers in front of it.                       1 - #10 90° bulkhead fitting;
                                                                  2 - #10 90°;
The Vintage Air Super-Flow Condenser design represents            Ferrules & o-rings for all fittings;
one of the most significant cooling advances in automotive        black standard drier with clamp;
air conditioning. By reducing the internal restriction & the      6 ft #6 hose; 4 ft #8 hose; 5 ft
resulting pressure, Vintage Air A/C systems perform with          #10 hose; Hose & fitting drawing.
unmatched efficiency.                                             with barbed fittings                 #31700-VUD         $113
                                                                  with beadlock fittings               #31700-VBD        $130
These condensers require a #6 & #8 hard line kit, either
bottom or side exit, from the list below.                   BRAIDED A/C HOSE & FITTINGS - to match your dressed
                                                            up engine compartment. Genuine Aeroquip hose & fittings are
VERTICAL CONDENSER - with brackets & #6 Side Fit-           designed specifically for A/C applications. Order hose by the
tings                                                       foot & individual nickel plated reusable fittings as required. The
      20¾” x 14" x ¾” #03332-VUC                   $170     female O-ring pilot terminal end makes a precise connection
      17'' x 19'' x 3/4'' #03769-VUC               $191     with existing A/C components. Check Vintage Air's website for
                                                            part numbers & call us for pricing. Note that the brass ferrules
HORIZONTAL CONDENSER - comes complete with fitting are to be used 1 time only.
clamp locks, bolts, captured O-rings, #6 & #8 90° barb fit-
ting & universal mounting brackets.                                                   HEATER HOSE KIT - includes: 10
      12" x 20" x 7/8"            #03701-OVA       $150                               feet of 5/8" heater hose, 2 standard
      12'' x 24'' x 7/8''         #03704-OVA       $175                               male O-ring 90° bulkhead fittings, 2
      14'' x 18'' x 7/8''         #03260-VUC       $172                               female O-ring 90° fittings & 8 hose
      14'' x 20'' x 7/8''         #03261-VUC       $166                               clamps. #31400-VUD                 $58
      14'' x 22'' x 7/8''         #03262-VUC       $198     HEATER HOSE KIT - as above except with 2 standard male
      14'' x 24'' x 7/8''         #03263-VUC       $176     O-ring straight bulkhead fittings
                                                                                                  #31401-VUD             $48
      28.5'' x 16'' x 1''         #037030-OVR $260

   Bottom Exit  #6    #35042-VUG                       $17
                #8    #35043-VUG                       $17
   Side Exit    #6    #35044-VUG                       $17

                                                                  BI-LEVEL HEATER by Vintage Air - new single cable/switch
                                                                  control operates both air door actuation & fan speed. Cable
                                                                  operated door now allows blending of heat between floor &
                                                                  front ducts which can be used for defrost or with optional
                                                                  underdash vents in roadsters. New electric on/off water valve
                                                                  eliminates routing vacuum line through firewall.
                                                                                                    #50616-VUZ           $290

                                                                  Compact heater w/o defrost       #50515-VUH            $214
                                                                  Compact heater w/ defrost        #506101               $295
        Bottom Exit                   Side Exit

DUCT HOSE - sold per foot in various diameters:
                      2"      #06200-VUE                $2                           CABLE HEATER CONTROL VALVE
                      2-1/2" #06250-VUE                 $2                                    #46105-VUH       $25
                      3"      #06300-VUE                $3

                                                              117                                          1-888-876-2124
                                          AIR CONDITIONING

                                                                  AIR CONDITIONING VENTS by Clayton Machine works
                                                                  - Jointly designed & developed with industry leader Vintage
                                                                  Air these modular elliptical vents offer unmatched styling
                                                                  & functionality. The chrome plated, die-cast vents feature
                                                                  adjustable louvers & chrome plated inner bezels which can be
                                                                  removed & painted in a variety of combinations to suit your
                                                                  taste. The vents measure 4” x 1.6” & accommodate standard
  Chrome Drier              Polished       Standard Black         2.5” ac vent duct hoses. All mounting hardware & templates
                         Aluminum Drier
                                                                  included.                       #AC-902           $137 ea
Vintage Air driers are compatible with all refrigerants.
                                                                  SAFETY SWITCHES
Standard 2.5" x 6" (black)        #07321-VUC          $35         These switches protect the system from high or low pressure
       drier clamps               #07113-VUB           $2         damage. They are great insurance on any system & should
                                                                  be incorporated.
Chrome 2.5" x 6"                                                                   BINARY SWITCH - Combines high & low
 (with built-in mounting bracket) #07310-VUQ          $85                          pressure functions into one switch
                                                                                   #24677-VUS                            $42
Polished aluminum w/bracket #07330-VUQ             $123                            female thread only
                      COMPRESSOR HARD LINES by                                     #11078-VUS                            $21
                      Vintage Air - "Tite Fit" lines create                      TRINARY SWITCH - combines high &
                      a compact, professional look for the                       low pressure functions with electric fan
                      refrigerant lines by routing them                          activation.
                      close to the compressor.
                      Aluminum lines, not polished                         beadlock               #24678-VUS             $62
                      #35135-VUG-A                  $44                    barbed                 #24676-VUS             $57
                      Polished aluminum lines with "Tite                   female thread          #11076-VUS             $43
                      Fit Nuts" & clamps                                   male thread            #11086-VUS             $43
                              #35136-VUQ-A          $72
  OVAL A/C VENTS by TRIQUE                                                         PRESSURE SWITCH FITTING - 3/8”
                   A fully polished billet aluminum housing                        female O-ring x 3/8” O-ring with female
                    with polished stainless steel vents that                       switch installation fitting. This fitting
                    swivel. The housing accepts standard                           connects the safety switch to the drier for
                    2 1/2" A/C hose. The A/C vent bezel                            a neat clean installation.
                    is available in two styles, radius edge,                                      #34098-VUG            $18
                    or the 30 degree angled bezel. Each
                    A/C vent                                      BULKHEAD PLATES
 with mounting brackets and                                       HEATER BULKHEADS - Designed to work with 5/8" heater
 hardware                                                                   hose. A/C bulkheads work with one #6 & one
                                                                            #10 A/C hose with o-ring fittings.
                                                                               Vintage Air - 4-way A/C heater bulkhead
                                                                                              #384600-MBA           $91
                  A/C VENTS by PARR                                          c
                  Round Alum Bezel Art Deco Style Polished                   Vintage Air - In-line 4-way A/C heater
                  Measures 2-7/8" at outside of bezel and                    bulkhead
                  mounts in a 2-1/2" diameter hole. for 2-1/2"                           #386600-MBA            $84
                  duct hose.       PRR-5016              $36
                                                                             Billet Specialties - 4-way A/C heater bulkhead
                 A/C VENTS by PARR                                           in polished
                  Rectangle vents available in 2 sizes Small                          aluminum       #66920           $90
                  4-5/16"x2" and large 5-1/8" x 2". 2 choices                         push-On        #66925           $90
                 of bezels deco and standard,
                                  ALL STYLES            $33
1-888-876-2124                                                   118
                                                                                   12 SERIES SMOOTHIE (Bare)
                                                                                   by Wheel Vintiques - Bare steel,
                                                                                   use stock lugnuts. Purchase hubcaps
                                                                                   & trim rings separately. No vents
                                                                                   between the center & the rim. Use
                                                                                   "small" diameter center caps. Many
  Baby Moon       '40 Ford Standard '41 Ford Cap #2008                             sizes from 14x5 to 17x8.
 Cap #1009W         Baby Moon Cap
                        #2005                                                     14 SERIES GENNIE (Bare) by
                                                                                  Wheel Vintiques - Vented between
                                                                                  the center & the rim. Use factory
                                                                                  '40 - '48 Ford car or '40 - '65 Ford
                                                                                  pickup or repro hubcaps. These are
                                                                                  "larger" diameter than used on the
                                                                                  12 Series Smoothie. Sizes from 15x4
                                                                                  to 16x10.
'40 Ford Deluxe    '42 Ford Cap        '46 Ford Cap
   Cap #2007          #2009               #2010
                                                                                   20 SERIES SOLID (Bare) by
                                                                                   Wheel Vintiques - Bare steel,
                                                                                   use stock lugnuts. No vents
                                                                                   between the center & the rim. Use
                                                                                   factory '40 - '48 Ford car or ’40 -
                                                                                   '65 Ford pickup or repro hubcaps.
                                                                                   These are "larger" diameter than
              '40 Ford Standard     Hot Rod Style Trim                             used on the 12 Series Smoothie.
                V8 Cap #2006              Ring                                     Sizes from 14x5 to 15x14.
                                     (Smooth) #3005
                                     (Ribbed) #3006                                19 SERIES ARTILLERY
                                                                                   (CHROME) by Wheel Vintiques
                   MOON WHEEL DISCS by Mooneyes                                    Available in chrome or plain steel
                   - Spun aluminum, sun ray finish, screw                          this wheel uses a small center
                   on application.                                                 cap.Sizes from 15x4 to 15x10
                   Sold Separately.                                                and 16x5


           BILLET SPECIALTIES - Wheels & accessories                                 71 SERIES STREET ROD WIRE
           are recognized as the standard of the industry.                           by Wheel Vintiques Bare steel
           Visit the Billet website for MANY more options.                           wheel with chrome spokes 14"
           Please call us for pricing.                                               thru 18" Widths: 4 1/2" – 10" Bolt
                                                                                     Patterns: 5-4 1/2, 5-4/3/4, 5-5 1/2
                    FUELIE by Billet Specialties - The                               Backspace: 3" – 5 1/4" Trim ring
                    product of state-of-the-art multi-axis                           and center cap sold seperatly
                    machining technology. Intricate machine
                    code sculpts each spoke to perfect
                    form & balance with thousands of tool
                    paths. Each of these wheel styles spend
                    approximately 4 to 5 times the amount
                    of cycle time compared to typical billet
                    wheels.                                                          TORQ-THRUST II by
                                                                                     AMERICAN RACING - 2 piece
                    CLASSIC by Billet Specialties -                                  alloy, polished. Many sizes from
                    Geared for the great American pas-                               14x6 to 17x9-1/2. #505XXXX
                    time, hit the boulevard in style with                            Starting at $235 ea.
                    these hits from the Cruise Line. The                             Please call us for pricing.
                    Cruise Line features exposed lug styl-
                    ing, precision machined centers & a
                    flawless finish.
                                                                   PLEASE CALL US FOR MORE SIZES & PRICING.

                                                             119                                    1-888-876-2124
               American Autowire’s Highway Series                   POWER PLUS 20 WIRING KIT by American Autowire
               wiring kits were designed & engineered to            • Nylon 6/6 Panel Components
               promote complete flexibility for Street Rod          • GXL/XLPE (-60ºF - 275ºF) Heat Resistant Wiring
               Wiring. These kits come with the finest full         • Horn relay, floor dimmer, & courtesy light connections,
               color installation schematics around! Easy           standard & third brake light connections
               clamp-style system makes adding & removing           • Heavy gauge main fuse panel feed wire
wires easy! No terminals, crimping or screws!                       • Complete engine compartment wiring & complete instrument
                                                                    cluster wiring
HIGHWAY 22 MODULAR PANEL SYSTEM - Has a stand                       • Indexed headlight switch connection
alone fuse block with a wire connection strip                       • Complete rear body wiring for lighting & fuel tank
attached. There is no pre-attached harness off                      • Ground leads for headlight switch & all front & rear
the panel to restrict panel placement, so the                       lighting
installation is neater & the wiring job is more                     • Heavy gauge alternator, main power, & starter solenoid wires
attractive. Use only the circuits that you need for                 & alternator leads for one wire & GM “SI series” alternators
your application & keep the extras for later add-ons.               • Heat, air conditioning, radio, & battery clock lead wires
                                    #500695               $516      • Long ignition, accessory, & battery leads for ignition switch.
• 22 power circuits supported through 15 fuses & 1 circuit          A separate alternator exciter lead is wired in
breaker                                                             • Plug-in steering column connector for 1969 & later GM
• Battery & accessory                                               columns. Mating connector & terminals provided for earlier
power tap studs                                                     columns.
provided for system                                                 • Headlight & floor dimmer switches. Connectors for GM
expansion                                                           column mounted ignition switches & HEI distributors.
• Panel protected                                                         #510008                  $354
with a 175 amp                                                      • Complete wiring for instrument
Mega-Fuse junction                                                  gauges including oil pressure,
block with a 8 gauge panel feed wire                                water temp, voltmeter, fuel &
• Nylon mechanically secured panel containing secondary             tachometer
push-back locks, has a 7-1/2” x 4-1/2” footprint, 3-3/8”in          • Dash lighting for all gauges,
height & mounted on a (G10) non conductive epoxy base               speedometer, turn signals & high beam indicator lights
• All power buss bars are constructed of 6 gauge copper             • Complete wiring for steering column including horn,
• GXL heavy-wall wire with laser printed circuit identification     directional signal switch & 4-way hazard switch
every 2 inches; GM color coded wires                                • Standard 3 7/8” GM column connector set (male & female)
• New front loaded vibration proof self- locking (Hooke’s Law)      provided to directly plug-in to any 1969-'74 GM steering
screw down terminal connection                                      column
• Dedicated battery & ignition circuits for electronic fuel         • Complete wiring for engine compartment including coil,
injection (EFI) Kit contains 3 relays (Horn, Turn Signal & 40       GM points or HEI distributor, oil pressure, water temperature
amp Electric Fan or Fuel Pump)                                      senders, starter, neutral safety switch & electric cooling fan
• Turn signal & hazard flasher circuits provided; spare circuits    • Includes instrument “gauge cluster disconnect harness”
available; set-up for a GM “SI” internally regulated alternator     • Alternator leads for GM SI internal regulated & “1” wire
or GM 1-wire                                                        alternators
• Kit includes 3 (In-dash Ignition, Headlight & Alum. Knob          • All fuses, flashers & horn relays
& Floor Dimmer) switches; GM in-column ignition switch              • Your choice of GM column mounted ignition switch
connectors provided, along with 3-7/8” GM steering column           connectors
connectors with male & female terminals; plugs directly most        • Complete color coded & labeled wiring for headlights, parking
'69-'74 GM columns                                                  light, dome light, tail light, license plate & third brake light
• Chassis wiring (fuel pump, electric fan, headlights, running      • Full Color “cook-book” style installation instructions &
lights, brake lights, 3rd brake lt., directional, license plate,    schematics
radio, heat & AC & wipers)                                          • Accessory power leads available to wire optional items such
                                                                    as cruise control, clock, lighter, power window, power door
 HIGHWAY 15 MODULA PANEL SYSTEM by American                         locks, power seats & fuel pump
Autowire - A brute in a small package! Built with the same          • Cruise control accessory feed
   heavy duty internal components as those in the Highway           • Battery feed wire for power seats & power door locks
      22 panel, it easily handles "basic" power requirements.       • Ignition feed wires for fuel pump & power window
  It's the perfect power center for roadsters, T- buckets, kit
cars, race cars or any other vehicle where basic operational        POWER PLUS 12 WIRING KIT, INTEGRATED FUSE BOX
 circuits are required. Heavy gauge lead wires are provided         SYETEM by American Autowire - This 12 circuit system
  for battery, ignition, accessory, horn, turn signal flasher &     combines a complete factory pre-wired fuse box with the
4-way hazard flasher.              #500703                $401      benefits of our modular approach to wiring your vehicle.
                                                                            #510004                                       $322
1-888-876-2124                                                     120
                                  by Ron Francis Wiring                                                  THE EXPRESS
                                  - For roadster owners &                                                WIRING SYSTEM by
                                  rodders with the need for                                              Ron Francis Wiring
                                  a simple electrical system.                                            is built specifically for
                                 A small panel with 8 fuses                                              your project. The panel
                                 & a horn relay that employs                                             is similar to the Bare
                                 the latest technology. They                                             Bonz II but with an
                                 simplified every circuit &                                              added multi-connection
                                 reduced the amount of wire                                              battery junction block
                                 & connections to the basic                                              & wires to reduce the
                                 engine, dash & lighting, yet                                            number of wires going
system is high tech enough to be compatible with electronic                                              to the starter.
fuel injection.
Panel measures only 7-3/4L x 3-3/8W x 2-7/8H!
Kit includes headlight switch, column plug, all wiring needed
for most safety inspections, gauges, complete GM engine,           For GM powered vehicles           #XP-66              $530
printed & color coded fire resistant wire & color instructions.    For Ford powered vehicles         #XP-67              CALL
GM Powered Street Rods - set up for One wire alternator.           For Mopar powered vehicles        #XP-68              CALL
Accepts GM TPI & LT-1 fuel injection easily.                       Other kits are custom made for various applications (for
                     #BB-99                CALL FOR PRICE          example: 55-57 Chev, Camaro, Mustang, etc.).
Ford Powered Street Rods - set up for Dura Spark distributors.
                                                                   See the WIRING ACCESSORIES section for other wiring
Accepts Ford electronic Fuel injection.
                   #BB-78                  CALL FOR PRICE


                                            ORDERING INFORMATION
                                         We need the following information:
    VEHICLE Year _____           Make _____ Body Style_____        GAUGES
    ENGINE Make_____             Year_____                           Original       Aftermarket
                                                                     Voltmeter      Ammeter
                                                                     Electronic Speedometer
      Points                       Aftermarket
      Electronic Internal Coil     Electronic External Coil        STEERING COLUMN
                                                                   Make _____      Year _____              Car / Truck / Van
                                                                   If Aftermarket:   ididit      other __________
      GM Computer CS 130       GM Computer CS144
                                                                   Ignition Switch: Column       Dash
      GM Int. Regulated        GM Ext. Regulated*
                                                                   Dimmer Switch:                Column      Floor
      One-Wire                 Ford Int. Regulated                 Column Plug Code (see next    column) ____________
      Ford Ext. Regulated w/Studs *
      Ford Ext. w/Plug *       Mopar *
               * Require VR-97 Voltage Regulator

                                       The Detail Zone offers this Telorvek panel The system allows you to install the com-
                                        puter just about anywhere in the vehicle. Here's how it works: The sensor connec-
                                        tors are factory installed to 20 foot lengths of wire. Once you plug the connector into
                                        the sensor, run the wires back to the Telorvek panel. The Telorvek panel has factory
                                        installed connectors to then plug into the factory computer. What this offers you:
                                        Installer chooses the location of components. Wires can be dressed for a neat, profes-
                                        sional look. Simplified diagnostic troubleshooting. Typically the vehicle anti-theft sys-
                                        tem is taken care of in all our harnesses so stock COMPUTERS, PROGRAMS & PROMS
                                        can be used (late model Ford EEC-V ECM's must be reprogrammed to eliminate the
                                        PATS anti-theft). Each wire is printed for easy installation & troubleshooting. All har-
                                        nesses are guaranteed to run like factory.
                                        Please contact us for more information.
                                                                  121                                          1-888-876-2124
USING A FORD STEERING COLUMN???                                                             USING A GM STEERING COLUMN???

ACCESSORY WIRING KIT -                     #AC-7          $77     CRASH RELAY CIRCUIT - Shuts off an electrical fuel pump
Contains wires for the following circuits:                        in the event of a collision.                    #CR-92 $115
   Dome Lights - Power Windows - Electric Choke                   CRUISE CONTROL by Dakota Digital - Electric Servo Cruise
   Air Conditioner - Heater - Clock                               Control for Vehicles with Cable Driven Speedometers - Includes
   Electric Fuel Pump - Radiator Cooling Fan                      electric servo, mounting hardware, wiring harness, electric
                                                                                                          speed sensor & choice
BACK-UP LIGHT RELAY - Works with Ron Francis Wiring                                                       of handle. Speed sensor
gear shift indicators to control the vehicle back-up lights.                                              arraches in-line with
                                               #RP-25 $48                                                 GM type-speedometer
BACK-UP LIGHT WIRES - Colour coded for Ron Francis                                                        cable.
Wiring system.                                 #BA-15 $25
                                                                                                          #CRS-2000             $308
Wiring - Flexible, less voltage drop. Has steel anti-cracking DASH GAUGE WIRING - Allows the gauge cluster to
& anti-corrosion ring molded into both the positive & negative unplug for easy installation & maintenance. Includes a special
lug terminals. & withstands 255 F. Die cast ends with steel disconnect plug for dash gauge wiring terminals for most
clip. Comes with crimping tool, extra lugs & shrink tubing. All types of gauges. Avoids most splicing & really cleans up the
are 1 ga. wire.                                #TP-35 $220        dash wiring. Fits most Classic, Stewart Warner, Sun & older
                                                                  VDO packages.
BATTERY DISCONNECT SWITCH by Ron Francis Wiring                                                                #DK-6           $110
- is designed to be installed in the battery cable. Extra heavy                    For new VDO gauges with polarized connectors
duty. Protects against theft & electrical failures. Install under                                              #DK-8           $123
                     the hood, under the seat, on the firewall
                     or at the rear of the car. Rubber insulator
                     boots cover stud & nut. #MS-1 $45                             DOME LIGHT KIT - Allows an old style dome
                                                                                   light to work with the modern headlight switch
                    CIRCUIT BREAKER PANEL - This power                             in the kit. Modern switches control the ground
block isolates high amperage items from other more delicate (negative) wire while old dome lights are controlled by the feed
circuits & provides more battery power to heavy accessories. (positive) wire.                                   #RD-3           $43
Supplied with 2 labeled 30 amp & two 20 amp breakers.
                                               #PB-15 $62 ELECTRIC CHOKE WIRE - Printed "Choke" & colour coded
                                                                  for Ron Francis Wiring system.               #EL-28           $17
COURTESY LIGHT KIT - Great plug-in accessory that ELECTRIC FUEL PUMP WIRE - Printed "Fuel Pump" & colour
                       positions 2 lamps under corners of coded for Ron Francis Wiring system.
                       the dashboard. Controlled by turning                                                    #EL-16            $17
                       headlight switch knob &/or door jam
                       switches. Special sockets, brackets &
                       bulbs included.
                                               #EX-7        $57

1-888-876-2124                                                   122
                                          WIRING ACCESSORIES
                                                              POWER STUD - 3/8-16 stud, 7/8" long. Insulated base. Stud
FLASHER, ELECTRONIC - to flash LED lights used as turn cover included.                                    #JB-47        $23
signals. Regular flashers don't work with LED lamps because
the LED's don't draw enough power to make the flasher SEALED BEAM SOCKET KIT - Includes 2 sealed beam
oscillate.                             #FF552NLF         $14 sockets with color coded lead wires that match the harness.
GREY STUFF - Under-carpet wire channel can be used to Leads are long enough to reach the inner fender panel
route approximately 10 wires on the floor under the carpet where small terminal blocks (included) are located with
when used in conjunction with thermal shield materials. Comes room for parking & turn signal wires. Allows the wiring to be
in 8' section.                              #GS-10 $32 disconnected if the fenders have to be removed.
                                                                                                          #SB-20        $39
GROUND WIRE KIT - Powertrain bolts to keep everything
connected. Separate systems connect to 4 terminals. A heavy SWITCH PACKAGE - Ignition & dimmer switches for use
                   brass stud (or JP-47) can be used on the with Express & Bare Bonz Kits                 #SW-37        $57
                   frame rail.
                   #GW-34 $79                                 TORQUE CONVERTER LOCKUP - This electronic (not
                                                              vacuum) controlled unit can be used without the factory
                   GROUND WIRE KIT - Similar to GW-34 computer. Vehicle speed is read through a pulse signal
but including a buss bar that allows for more complicated generator, like the Classic speedometer sensor. Transmissions
ground systems, especially those with many dashboard                                    with factory internal speed generators
mounted accessories.                                                                    must be converted to cable drive
                                          #GW-55 $108                                   to use this unit. Standard lock up
                                                                                        setting is at 42-47 MPH but can be
HEADLIGHT RELIEF RELAY - Although quality headlight                                     adjusted. Cannot be used on 4L60-E
switches from new cars with halogen sealed beams work                                   transmissions.
well, they cannot carry the excessive current of aftermarket                            For 700R4 Trans. (with square 4-pin
halogen bulbs used in pre-1940 vehicles that normally trans connector)
don’t accept sealed beams. This kit puts the load on a high                                               #TC-70       $242
amperage relay with simple plug-in wiring. All color codes & For 200R4 & T350 with lock-up converter (requires re-using
connectors match Ron Francis Wiring kit.                      the factory square 4-pin trans connector. This connector is no
                                           #HR-56        $59 longer available new.)                       #TC-70       $242

HOT START KIT - Many Chev V8 conversions are difficult For 4L60 transmission                #TC-71                         $242
to start when hot. This Ron Francis Wiring relay system is
compact, reliable & water proof. However, this will not cure
a defective starter/battery situation. Don’t be fooled by Ford
solenoids that can’t safely carry the load.
                              #HR-67 $54                       CHEVY MINI STARTER by TUFFSTUFF

                              IGNITION SWITCH - Polished                Chevy starter gear reduction
                              chrome face includes common               1.9 H.P. Multi-postion for
                              plastic plug & terminals. Ground          header clearance. Accepts
                              feature in start position.                both flywheel sizes.
#IS-02                                      $43
KNOBS - M a t c h i n g a l u m i n u m k n o b s f o r v a r i o u s   CHROME 6584A         $257
accessories.                                                            BLACK 6584B          $159
           Emergency flasher button (steering column)
           #MK-3                           $20
            Radio Knob, 1/4" shaft w/set screw          #MK-4
             $20                                                                 FORD MINI STARTER by TUFFSTUFF
For switches with 3/16" hole w/set screw         #MK-5 $20
For switches with 1/4" hole w/set screw          #MK-6 $20                                             Ford starter gear reduction
                                                                                                       1.9 H.P.
LED MODULE - For use as tail, turn & brake lights.
                                          #TD-89 $73                                                   CHROME     6585A     $291
                                                                                                       BLACK      6585B     $221
PASS THROUGH TRIM - For wire bundles, harnesses,
cables, etc. Insulated rubber grommet with 5/8" ID. Overall
size 2-1/4" OD. Solid aluminum.        #B05          $22

                                                                    123                                          1-888-876-2124
                                      WIRING ACCESSORIES
VOLTAGE REDUCER - To change from a 6 volt to 12 volt         POWER BRAID by Painless - Protect & clean up any harness
               system.                                       installation with our braided wire wrap. Laterally spilt design
                  For use with gauges up to 1.5 amp          closes around wire bundle without the need for additional
               total             #VR-1          $72          taping or fasteners. Black only
               For use up to 15 amps continuous                 1/4” Dia. 20 Feet                      #70901          $31
                                 #VR-4          $93             1/2” Dia. 10 Feet                      #70902          $23
                                                                3/4” Dia. 6 Feet                       #70903          $20
                       WIRE PORT - Billet aluminum -            2” Dia. 4 Feet                         #70904          $43
              Dress up the firewall where the wiring harness
              goes through. Secures to the firewall with 4
              truss head screws. Photo shows assembled Port
              (upper left) & parts (lower right).
                                         #B16           $54

                     YELLOWTOP BATTERY by Optima                                            STEEL BATTERY BOX by
-                    is one of the only true dual-purpose                                   Bitchin - Universal mounting
                     batteries available. It is commonly                                    brackets supplied allow you to
                     used in any application that demands                                   choose the mounting method
                     cranking power & heavy cycling.                                        which best suits your application,
                     Trucks with winches, cars with high-                                   including flush floor mounting, side
                     demand audio systems, commercial                                       mounting, or halfway through the
trucks & equipment all rely on this battery to provide                                      floor for extra ground clearance.
ultimate starting & deep cycle power.
                                                                  Designed for a Group 71 battery. #901006             $140
It has many benefits & applilcations:
                                                                  BATTERY MOUNT by Billet Specialties - Stainless hard-
•Longer life
                                                                  ware included. Recessed bottom tray locks battery in place.
•Higher reserve capacity
                                                                  Fits red or yellow top Optima batteries group 34/78.
•Optimal starting power
•Longer shelf-life (lower self-discharge)
                                                                  Polished                         #248915             $145
•Vibration resistance
                                                                  Black/clear anodized             #248910             $116

750 CCA            #D3478                         $225

                  REDTOP BATTERY by Optima - De-
                  livers high power cranking ability with
                  greater resistance to the biggest causes of
                  battery failure. The RedTop is commonly
                  used in trucks, SUV’s, luxury cars, hot
                  rods, off-road vehicles & other applications
where a leak-proof, high power, long-lasting starting battery                   STEEL BATTERY BOXES
is ideal.
It has many benefits & applilcations:                                         weld in             #ALL76100                $33
•Dual-purpose                                                                 bolt in             #ALL76102                $61
•Longer life
•Higher reserve capacity
•Optimal starting power
•Longer shelf-life (lower self-discharge)
•Vibration resistance

720 CCA        #7525                              $169                     Bolt in                      Weld in
800 CCA        #3478                              $195
1-888-876-2124                                                   124
                                    LIGHTS & ACCESSORIES
                                                                               KING BEE STYLE HEADLAMPS - The HOT
                                                                               set-up for Street Rods. Bulb is a 12 volt Hi-
                                                                               Tech 7" quartz halogen unit with nearly flat
                                                                               lens. Wires run through the center of the
                                                                               mounting bolt.
                                                                               Primered black shell/chrome rim
                                                                                        #KB-13000-QP             $190 pr
                                                                               Stainless sheel & rim
                                      #B-13000                                          #KB-13000-QSS            $197 pr
                                                                               Stainless sheel & rim with turn signal inside
1932 FORD SS HEADLAMPS - Feature 9-1/4" diameter                                        #KB-13000-QSS-TS $221 pr
brass chrome-plated reflectors, bulbs, correct glass lenses,                                  DEITZ STYLE HEADLAMPS
lens gaskets, wiring, mounting nuts & a super bright polish.                                  - These are the 7" diameter
Boxed in pairs with quartz halogen 12 volt bulbs installed.                                   headlamps set up for use on
                           #B-13000              $402 pr                                      all 1928-1934 cars & trucks.
With amber dual filament 12-volt turn signal/parking lamp                                     Wires run through the center
installed in the reflector                                                                    of the mounting bolt. Shell &
                           #B-13000-QSTS         #428 pr                                      rim only, no bulb.
Same as #B-13000-QSTS but with black power-coated body
& stainless rim            #BB-13000-QSTS        $396 pr
                                                                Primered with chrome rim #D-13000-NBP           $69 pr
                                                                Chrome plated            #D-13000-NBC           $69 pr

                                                                AUTONIK HEADLIGHTS - Sometimes called the 'twofer',
                                   #40-13000-QSTS               these 7" diameter headlights have built-in LED turn signals
                                                                #AUT9001C $287 pr

                                                                                      TRI BAR HEADLIGHTS by Allstar
1933/'34 FORD SS HEADLAMPS - Feature 9-1/4" diameter                                  Performance - Update lighting with
brass chrome-plated reflectors, bulbs, correct glass lenses,                          Jag/Lucas Tri-Bar headlights. Built
lens gaskets, wiring, mounting nuts & a super bright polish.                          with 55/60 watt (low/high beam) H-
Boxed in pairs with quartz halogen 12 volt bulbs installed.                           4 halogen bulbs, they are available
                        #40-13000-QS             $398 pr                              with blue dots, ruby red dots, black
                                                                                      dots or chrome bullets. Headlights
With amber dual filament 12-volt turn signal/parking lamp                             are 7" in diameter & sold in pairs.
installed in the reflector.                                                           Blue dot         #76351 $119 pr
                            #40-13000-QSTS     $432 pr                                Black dot        #76352 $119 pr
                                                                                      Red dot          #76350 $119 pr
1933/'34 Ford Commercial - (Primered steel headlamps
with polished stainless steel rims)
                          #46-13000-QS     $371 pr
                                                                                  BLUE DOT CRYSTAL HEADLIGHT
With amber dual filament 12-volt turn signal/parking lamp                         by United Pacific- 5 3/4' or 7" Round
installed in the reflector.                                                       Crystal Headlight with blue dot, reinforce
                            #46-13000-QSTS     $398 pr                            multi-surface, aluminum reflector. Rug-
                                                                                  ged anti-vibration construction. Sylvania
                                                                                  halogen bulb: H4/HB2 12V 65/55W.
                                                                                  Replaces H6014/H6024, SAE approved.
                                                                                  7'                  #31385        $50 ea
                                                                                  5 3/4'              #31383        $58 ea

                                                               125                                       1-888-876-2124
                                  LIGHTS & ACCESSORIES
                       GUIDE STYLE HALOGEN                                HEADLAMP DOOR - Polished SS
                       HEADLIGHTS by United Pacific                       1937/'38 & '39 Ford Standard
                       - These lights are available in black                              #78-13001-RM $41 ea
                       or stainless steel. Add these to your              '39 Deluxe      #91A-13001-RM $41 ea
                       classic to outshine the rest!                      Mounting screws for '37-'40 car & '40-'41
                                                                          PU headlamp doors to hold the door to the
                                                                          bucket          #01A-13026-S      $2 pr

Stainless steel                #31532             $320 pr
Black                          #31557             $338 pr

                                                                1932 HEADLIGHT BAR - SS, DROPPED
                                                                Vintique's version has a soft curve at the ends.
                    HEADLIGHT BUCKET SET - for '37-'39                                            #B-13114          $189
                    Fords. Complete headlight bucket with a Order pads & bolts separately (see below).
                    flat quartz halogen headlamp mounted
                    inside the bucket. Unique, easy to aim
                    headlight mounting bracket. Amber turn
                    signal bulbs mounted at the top & will
                    show through the special, clear lens DROPPED BAR FOR MODEL A'S WITH 32 SHELL by
                    (order separately). Bucket comes with Gennie Shifter - This bar is steel constructed & is polished
                    polished stainless insert that finishes off to a mirror finish.
                    the lower part of the bucket. Wiring &                                        #6002G            $300
gaskets included.                                               HEADLIGHT BAR/STAND PADS - High quality rubber with
'37-'39 standard #78-13026-QPR              $405 pr             moulded beaded edges.
'39 deluxe                #91A-13026-QPR              $405 pr 1932 pass & '32-'34 pu
Replacement H-4 bulbs & headlamp unit with bulb available.                                         #B-13130           $6
                                                                1933/34 pass & '35/'37 pu          #40-13130          $6
                                                                1935 pass.                         #48-13130          $6
                                                                1936 pass.                         #68-13130          $6
                                                                1938/39 pu                         #81C-13130         $9
                 LENS for "QPR" HEADLIGHT SYSTEM
                 - Has a clear area for the halogen headlight
                 to shine through & a fluted upper area for
                 the turn signal. Cast glass with Ford logo.
                 Use only with headlights: #78-13026-QPR,
                 #91A-13026-QPR, #78-13030-QK12, #91A-
                                                                HEADLIGHT BAR BOLTS - Includes hardware with the same
13030-QK12. DO NOT USE with #78-13027-QK12 or #78-
                                                                finish as the bolt. Forged steel & stainless steel.
                                                                1932 pass & '32/'34 pu
'37-'39 Ford Standard #78-13060-CL                     $43 ea
                                                                                          #B-13119-SS                $12
'39 Ford Deluxe           #91A-13060-CL                $43 ea
                                                                1933/'34 pass & '35/'37 pu (no hole in center)
                                                                                          #40-13119-SSNH             $12

                  HEADLAMP BUCKET - 1940 Ford
                  Psgr & '40-'41 Pickup with a flat quartz
                  halogen headlamp installed. Amber turn
                  signal bulb is mounted at the top & will
                  show through the original lens in the
                  door (door not included - use #01A-
                         #01A-13026-QPR $335 pr
Replacement H-4 bulb
                         #B-13007-Q12            $30 ea
Replacement headlamp unit with bulb
                         #F-13007-Q12                $34

1-888-876-2124                                                 126
                                     LIGHTS & ACCESSORIES
HEADLIGHT STANDS - 1933-'34 Ford
Psgr. - CHOPPED - Best fit & shape available.
Deep draw steel stamping
               Gloss Black       #CHP-13125/6-B $61
               Chrome            #CHP-13125/6-C $76
1933/34 head lamp stand pad set with lip #40-13130 $6

HEADLIGHT CONDUIT by Lokar - Kit c/w two 12" flexible
braided SS Teflon-lined housings, threaded steel studs,           FRENCHED SEALED BEAM CONVERSION KITS by
aluminum fittings, aluminum grill shell washers & headlight       Hagan - For street rods of the 30's. Retrofit existing lamp
wire. Really works slick on our Plymouth! Now with 4 wires!       buckets with fully adjustable lamp assemblies. Use standard
                                  #HL-1900           $83          halogen sealed beams, snake eyes or blue dots. Sets can be
Universal kit c/w two 12" flexible braided SS housings & SS       bonded or welded in place.
ends & steel washers.             #PRR-6000          $78          With chrome trim rings           #825C              $341
                                                                  With bare trim rings             #825BS             $245

by OTB Gear - Takes 4 wires to power the headlight lamp,
the turn signals & the parking lamp. You don't have to use        FRENCHED HEADLAMPS - For
all 4 but it's nice to have the option. This conduit can be       rods & customs of the 40's & 50's.
shortened in the field for a perfect fit.                         Fully adjustable so proper aiming
#HC1-SS          $67                                              is a snap. Lamp assemblies install
                                                                  from the front. Trim rings are held
                                                                  in place with 3 spring clips so no
                                                                  hardware shows. You can use
                                                                  sealed beams, or pop in a set of
                                                                  Hagan's Snake Eye or Blue Dot lamps.
                                                                  With chrome trim rings            #4050C               $390
                                                                  With bare trim rings              #4050BS              $306

                                                                  LICENSE PLATE FRAMES - Billet Auminum, anodized. The
                                                                  lighted version is 12 volt only. Includes SS socket head screws
                                                                  & SS nylock nuts for mounting license plate.
                                                                  Without light                       #BA-13409-P           $43
                                                                  With light, 12 volt                 #BA-13409-PL          $73
by OTB Gear.          #HC1-BT                           $67
                                                                                  Stamped SS - Bob Drake stamped SS frame
                                                                                  for that cool, old-time look. Stainless hardware
                                                                                                      #HR-13409            $54 pr

                                                                  Lisc	plate	light	&	bracket
                                                                  Superb	quality & detail in all
                                                                  beautifully polished stainless
                                                                  steel. Adds that classic, retro
                                                                  look plus lights the license
                                                                  plate. Stainless mounting
                                                                  hardware included. Sold each
                                                                  HR-13550           $67

                                HI-BOY HEADLIGHT                  Polished Aluminum by Billet Specialties. Recessed on the
                                MOUNTS - Polished forged          backside which allows the frame to "wrap around" the license
                                stainless steel. Designed to      plate. Furnished complete with SS hardware.
mount on the upper shock bolt. Will mount all Vintique            Without light                        #55120            $39
headlamps including Dietz type & King-Bees. Includes special      With light                           #55220            $64
polished stainless steel shock bolts & polished stainless nylok   with license light & 3rd brake light #55520            $90
nuts.                             #HR-13125/6-SS $80

                                                              127                                            1-888-876-2124
                                     LIGHTS & ACCESSORIES
HI-BOY HEADLIGHT MOUNTS - A simple                            DIMMER SWITCH                     #DS-02                   $18
way of mounting your headlights to the upper                  DIMMER SWITCH PLUG                #DH-8                    $10
shock bolt. Longer stainless bolts are included.
                  #HR13125/6-SS             $79
                                                                                   HEADLIGHT SWITCH - includes dome
                                                                                   lights or interior light circuit, headlights,
                                                                                   running lights & dimmer for dash lights.
FRAME MOUNTED HEADLIGHT BRACK-                                                     Built in circuit breaker for headlights.
ETS - Gives "the look". The big stock head-                                                       #HL-03                  $49
lights look best way down low & from the
mounting cup to the frame is about 4-3/4".
Polished stainless steel. Pads & stainless
hardware included.                                             1942-'48 FORD PSGR DELUXE TAIL LAMPS
                                  #910-61025            $119 Gloss black powder coated housing, polished stainless steel
                                                               rim, cloth braided wires, wire loom, stainless steel screws,
                  1932 FORD PASSENGER DELUXE TAIL                                   12 Volt bulb, glass red lens. Made in
                  LAMPS - Highly polished stainless steel                           USA. Completely assembled, ready to
                  housing & rim, cloth braided wires, wire                          install.
                  loom, stainless steel screws, 12 Volt bulbs,                                  #21A-13405-D $40 ea
                  glass red lens made in USA. Completely
                  assembled, ready to install.           Pads - bracket to fender           #21A-13420/1                $9 pr
Right hand                      #18-13402-DR      $40    housing to bracket                 #21A-13520                  $8 pr
                                                                (bracket is not shown in picture)
Left hand                       #18-13403-DL      $40

              1933-'36 FORD PSGR & SEDAN DELIVERY
              DELUXE TAIL LAMPS - Highly polished SS 1950 PONTIAC TAIL LIGHTS - Shorter bucket & glass lens.
              housing & rim, cloth braided wires, wire loom, Bulb is centered for better light focus. 12 volt bulb & rubber
              stainless steel screws, 12 Volt bulbs, glass red pad included.
              lens. Made in USA. Completely assembled,                  Plain lens              #HR-13405          $55 ea
              ready to install.                                         Blue dot                #HR-13405-BD $61 ea
   Right hand            #40-13402-DR                   $36
   Left hand             #40-13403-DL                   $36
Pads - bracket to fender, super quality rubber
   '33-'34 Ford:         #40-13520                    $8 pr    TAIL LAMP LENSES - (Ford)
   '35 Ford:             #48-13520                    $8 pr    Die cast glass exactly as origi-
                                                               nal. Priced each.
   '36 Ford:             #68-13520                    $9 pr

                                                                   1932 red lens              #B-13450                    $10
TAIL LAMP BRACKETS (Ford)                                          1933/36 red lens           #40-13450                   $10
Priced each.                                                       1937 red lens              #78-13450                   $10
                                                                   1938/39 red lens           #81A-13450                  $10
1932 psg side, black            #B-13470               $41         1940 red lens              #01A-13450                  $10
1932 psg. side, chrome          #B-13470-C             $54         1941 red lens              #11A-13450                  $10
1932 driver, black              #B-13471               $41         1942/48 red lens           #21A-13450                  $10
1932 driver, chrome             #B-13471-C             $54         1949-'50                   #8A-13450                   $10
1933/34 driver/psg black, chopped
                                #40-13471-CHP          $64

1-888-876-2124                                               128
                                     LIGHTS & ACCESSORIES
1937 FORD PSGR DELUXE TAIL LAMPS - Gloss black                   TAIL LIGHTS by Ron Francis Wiring -
          powder coated housing, polished stainless rim,         can be used as third brake lights, taillights/
          cloth braided wires, wire loom, stainless steel        brake lights, signals. To use as both
          screws, 12 Volt bulb, glass red lens. Made in          brake & taillights, order the LED Module
          USA. Completely assembled, ready to install.           #TD-89 shown in the Wiring Accessories
                                                                 section. Available in red or amber. Can be
             Right hand #78-13402-DR                    $47      used in steel or fiberglass panels. Cut-out
             Left hand #78-13403-DL                     $47      dimension given below. LED's, mounting box & light plate are
Pads - bracket to fender #78-13520                     $9 pr     now included.
1938-'39 FORD PSGR DELUXE TAIL LAMPS                             4" single amber          5-1/4"x1"         #TD-1A           $62
                 Gloss black powder coated housing,              4" single red            5-1/4"x1"         #TD-1R           $62
                 polished stainless steel rim, cloth braided     4" double amber          5-1/4"x1-3/4" #TD-2A              $102
                 wires, wire loom, stainless steel screws,       4" double red            5-1/4"x1-3/4" #TD-2R              $102
                 12 Volt bulb, glass red lens. Made in USA.      10" single red           11"x1-1/8"        #TD-24          $98
                 Completely assembled, ready to install.         TAIL LIGHTS by United Pacific - 1938 - 1939 Ford LED
                       #81A-13405-D                 $41 ea                     tail light with chrome bezel. This flush mount
Pads - housing to fender/body                                                  tail light has 39 super bright LED's. It is epoxy
                       #81A-13520                     $8 pr                    coated with fully sealed electronics & 1157
                                                                               plug. It also has solid state circuit boards that
ELLIPTICAL TAIL LIGHTS by Billet Specialties - Extra
                                                                               are designed for 7.5 - 14.0 VDC.
bright lenses. Small ones are perfect for mounting in fenders.
                                                                                                        #FTL383903           $42
Dual element bulb for brake / turn signal & running light
functions. Sold as pair.                                         1937 - 1938 CHEVY LED TAIL LIGHT WITH HOUSING
                                                                 - DRIVER by United Pacific - This tail light has 45 super
Small: 4" W x 1-3/4" H x 4" D           #61520        $166                   bright red LED's for tail 6 super bright white
Large: 6" W x 2-1/8" Hx 4" D            #61420        $166                   LED's for license. The housing fits 1937 - 1938
                                                                             Chevy passenger vehicles. Available in two dif-
FLUSH MOUNT TAIL LIGHTS by Hagan - Can                                       ferent housings (black/stainless) & is available in
be installed in flat or curved panels, concave                               red or clear.
or convex. Rubber sealed. Double filament                                                    #C3702            RR            $39
1157 bulb gives you stop, turn & taillights. For                                             #C3702            RL            $56
complete taillights (as shown) order housing &
lens which includes 2 lenses, 2 light boxes, 2                   ILLUMINATOR LED - BRIGHT WHITE - For interior accent
steel face plates, T-bolt mounts, rubber seals,                                 lighting (not for courtesy or dome lights),
wire pigtails, bulbs, instructions. Sample 6" set priced but                    license plate lights (2 minimum recommended),
Hagan has many styles available.                                                glove box, etc. Snaps into 1/4" hole. NOTE:
6" standard profile housing                  #6SH          $160                 This LED is too bright for use as an indicator
6" double slot lens                          #6DS           $87                 light!
                                BILLET BEZEL TAIL LIGHTS                                             #L18BRW-1/4         $16
                                by Billet Specialties - Feature
                                a 3-3/4" deep steel housing & a
                                1-1/2" x 6" wide billet aluminum BRITE LITES - FLUSH MOUNT - Glass jeweled lens screws
                                face. Dual element bulb for                             off to expose a special WIREWORKS
                                brake / turn signal & running                           double filament bulb. Mount flush in
                                light functions.                                        body panels.
    Split bezel                           #61120 $124 pr
    Open bezel                            #61220 $124 pr                                 Amber             #BL-69A    $83 pr
    Slotted bezel                         #61320 $124 pr                                 Red               #BL-69R $83 pr
                                                                 ROD LITES - Feature amber lenses & slotted SS screws &
                 LED TAIL LIGHTS by Lokar - Chromed
                                                                 come with 12 volt bulbs installed. Medium & large Rod-lites
                 billet oval LED tail lights are low profile (1-
                                                                 have dual filament bulbs for use as turn signals. Wires pass
                 1/4" thickness), requiring 1-1/2" behind body
                                                                 through the mounting bolt for a clean look.         $18 ea
                 panel to mount & protruding less than 3/16"
                                                                 Small      1-3/4w x 1-1/8h x 1-5/8d     #HR-13302-S
                 from outside of body panel.
                                                                 Medium 2-1/4w x 1-1/4h x 1-3/4d         #HR-13302-MTS
                                                                 Large      2-1/2w x 2h x 2-3/4d         #HR-13302-TS
Standard: outer bezel (2-3/4” x 5-1/2”)
                                         #TL-1910 $384 pr
XL: outer bezel (3” x 6-1/2”)
                                         #TL-1911 $384 pr

                                                             129                                            1-888-876-2124
                                    LIGHTS & ACCESSORIES
                                                                LED CONVERSION KIT- Makes LED lights act like a double
                                                                filament light... diminished intensity for taillight & full intensity
                                                                for brakes/turn signals. One needed for each LED light.
                                                                                                     #L-JE02                  $8 ea

3RD BRAKE LIGHT by Vintique Inc - Super bright                    TAILLIGHT
L.E.D. lights 12 volt. Centre pedestal mount has wire exiting       BULBS
out the bottom. 7'' W x 2-1/8" T x 1" D.
Brushed aluminum                  #BA-13613-LED        $55
Chrome finish                     #SR-13613-LED        $64

                  OVAL THIRD BRAKE LIGHT by Billet
                  Specialties - features a swivel base to       Double Filament, 15-3 candlepower. For tight situations
                  adjust to rear window angle. Mounts easily           Staggered pins            #B1007               $9
                  on rear deck. 7" W x 1-3/4" H x 1" D.                Straight pins             #B1005              $10
                  #62220         $64                                   Straight pins - amber     #B1005A             $11
                                                                Single Filament, Straight pins
3RD BRAKE LIGHTS WITH TURN SIGNALS by                                  50 candlepower            #B1015               $8
Watson's Streetworks                                                   32 Candlepower            #B1010               $8

                                                                Bulb for licence light or 3rd brake light.
Small version has two groups of 15 super bright LEDs (30 in                                          #BA-13466-12V $3
total) which operate as brake & turn light. Size is 8-7/8" W
x 3/4" H x 1-1/8" D & 2" tall.                                                    TAILLIGHT BULBS & OTHER USES
        Brushed aluminum        #L61SM                 $216                       12 volt only. Double filament. 50-14

Large version has a 15-30-15 split on the LED panel & is
16-5/8" W x 3/4" H (body) x 1-1/8" D & 2" tall.
                                #L61                 $257       Replaces 1176 & 1158:                #B1087                   $9
                                                                Replaces 1157, 1034 & 2057:          #B1077                   $9
                                                                Also in amber:                       #B1077A                 $10

BILLET PEDESTAL EXTENSION by Watson's Street-            QUARTZ HALOGEN TAILLIGHT BULB - No brackets, no
works - Extends the mounting base on either of the Billetdrilling, no cutting taillight wires. Attractive, professionally
                                                         made bulb is a direct replacement for #1157, giving you a
Pedestal lights, above by 2-7/8" allowing them to be adjust-
                                                         stop/turn signal this is over 334% brighter & a running light
able in height & position. Fit split window rods or vehicles
with glass curvature where the light can not be mounted  over 833% brighter than a standard bulb. Simply plug it in.
directly at the glass edge.                              Not recommended for plastic lens.
                             #L61-EXT                    '33 up, 12 volt
                                                         $47                                 #40-13465-H12 $19
                                                                                       INDICATOR LIGHTS - FIBER
                                                                                       OPTIC - Only 1/16" diameter &
                                                                                       no bezel. Optical strands mount
THIRD BRAKE LIGHTS                                                                     from behind the dash for Pin Point
straight                                                                               Light. Bright when ON & nearly
          Rear Window Mounted (LED) - These kits                                       invisible when OFF. Triple, 1 red,
          from Wire Works mount against the rear window                                 2 amber.
          & come in 4" & 10" lengths & straight, 15° &                                          #L01N-TRA           $58
           Super bright!                                 INDICATOR LIGHTS - LED with Black Bezel; 6" wire leads

          4" - straight  #RW-43                     $53 (Use #19 drill for proper installation)
          4" - 15°       #RW-41                     $53 Green        #DG-16/32/50                 $11/$12/$16
30°       4" - 30°       #RW-42                     $53 Red           #DR-16/32/50                $11/$12/$16
          10" - straight #RW-13                     $64 Amber         #DA-16/32/50                $11/$12/$16
          10" - 15°      #RW-11                     $64 Blue          #DB-16/32/50                $16/$12/$16
          10" - 30°      #RW-12                     $64
1-888-876-2124                                          130
                                     LIGHTS & ACCESSORIES
                                                             HARDWARE by Midwest Acorn Nut Co. - For all you
                                                             show car guys (& for those who just don't like rusty nuts!)
                                                             Midwest Acorn Nut Co. has an extensive line of special nickel
                                                             chrome plated hardware. From acorn nuts to lockwashers to
                                                             carriage bolts to hex nuts to bolt caps, they've got it all & it's
LIL' HOT DOTS LED BOLTS - Effect lighting for inside or all shiny. We've got a sampling of pretty much everything, so
out. 4-LED cluster in an aluminum bolt. Bolt is a 1/2-20 x come on in & have a look, or check out their website: www.
1" thread, head is 15/16" dia. x about 1/2" high. Nut & lock
washer included. Single function (one intensity).
Red or green                    #L62G             $30 ea
Green, red or amber             #L62LGG           $45 ea
                                #L62LGR           $45 ea
                                #L62LGA           $45 ea

TILT SWITCH - Turns on lights in your glove box, trunk, or
under-hood. When it tilts, the light comes on.
1/2" square x 1" long. Industrial adhesive for mounting.
        Switch only (1/2 amp max.)       #L02          $27

& connectors for a ready-to-install kit.
                                         #L03 $34

                             SOCKET - Billet aluminum with
                             oversize flange to cover existing
                             original socket hole. Large alum.
                             nut makes installation easy.
                             (Dielectric grease recommended in all
Single filament, straight pin          #RR-11              $32
Double filament, staggered pin         #RR-33              $32
                 TWIST IN REPLACEMENT SOCKET - Fits
                 original reflectors perfectly.
                                       #HS-2337 $27

                  - With washer & nut. - Fits just about all
                                                                     Stainless Steel Fasteners & Components from
                  applications.   #HS-1125          $27
                                                                     TOTALLY STAINLESS! - These stainless steel fasteners
                                                                     are durable, easy to maintain & will not rust when exposed
                         HEADLIGHT BULBS - 12 volt.                  to the weather. Because stainless steel is fairly soft (it
                         Replaces original 6 volt bulbs for          only seems harder because it work-hardens), it tends to
                         use in Street Rods. Special 125-            gall & Totally Stainless recommends using Anti-Seize on
                         75 candlepower for better & safer           the threads. A wide array of assortments are available
                         lighting. Focuses better than Halogen       in several bolt styles, including button head, hex head &
                         conversions. Fits stock sockets or          allen head.
                         replacements. If you are keeping
                                                                        Check out their selection at:
                         the stock lens & bulb system, you
                                                                                     & please call us for details!
                         can’t find a better bulb.
                         #B1125 or #B2337 $19 ea

                                                                 131                                         1-888-876-2124
                                                                          HORTON DIECAST #4
The RODDER'S JOURNAL is produced by a team dedi-
cated to offering you the best in hot rodding & custom cars,
& to publishing one of the finest periodicals in the world.          '36 DODGE HUMPBACK PANEL TRUCK
The result is a richly informative & visually extraordinary                                     $35
magazine built with the same careful touch as a show-win-
ning hot rod. TRJ is published four times a year, pick up a
copy today!

        #RODDERS JOURNAL                            $15 ea

                                                                 HORTON DIECAST LIMITED EDITION
                                                                 BY DURHAM CLASSICS 1/43RD SCALE
                                                                         '32 FORD 5 WINDOW
Classic Black HORTON T-Shirt - Black with red
                                                                           ONLY 40 MADE!!
embroidery. T-shirts made of 100% heavy weight cotton &
preshrunk. Available in small, medium large & extra large.
Large                             #TSHIRTL             $15
XL                               #TSHIRTXL             $15

HORTON SPRING JACKET - Cool embroidered Horton logo HORTON STEEL SIGN-available in retro distressed or regular
on back & on front left chest as well.              clean styles. Limited quantities available.
Available in sizes M-XXL for men & ladies.
                                                    Retro                            #GA23               $25
                                           $100 ea  Clean                            #GA24               $25

1-888-876-2124                                                 132
We represent the following companies...
Aldan                                        coil over shocks                               
American Autowire                            electric panels, wiring kits                   
American Stamping                            frame rails
Ball's Rod & Kustom                          power window & trunk lift kits, door latches   
Billet Specialties                           engine accessories, dash inserts, wheels       
Bitchin                                      firewalls, floors                              
Bob Drake Reproductions                      early Ford repro parts                         
Borgeson                                     steering U-joints, vibration reducers          
Brookville Roadster Inc.                     steel bodies, body parts & accessories (Model A - '32)
Chassis Engineering                          chassis parts                                  
Classic Instruments                          gauges                                         
Classic Performance Products                 muscle car: steering, brakes, suspension       
Clayton Machine Works                        pedals, window cranks, dash knobs, etc.        
Corvette America                             Corvette parts                                 
CP Automotive                                aluminum accessories                           
Currie/9+ Rearend Components                 rear end housing, brakes                       
Dakota Digital                               digital gauges                                 
Detail Zone                                  Telorvek fuel injection wiring                 
DF Metalworks                                hood hinges, windshield frames                 
Direct Sheetmetal                            firewalls, floors                              
Doc's Kustom                                 billet dash panels, chrome fittings            
Engineered Components                        brake kits                                     
Engineering & Manufacturing Services (EMS)   sheet metal replacement for '35-'51 Ford & Chevy
EZ Boys                                      vintage seats                                  
Fat Man Fabrications                         spindles, IFS                                  
Flaming River                                steering rack & pinion                         
Gaslight Auto Parts                          sheet metal                                    
Global West Suspension                       muscle car steering, suspension & brakes       
GM Performance Parts                         crate engines                                  
Golden Leaf Automotive                       Chevy truck parts                              
Hagan Necessities                            fuel doors, frenched headlight kits, hidden hinges
Heidt                                        Mustang II accessories, IFS                    
Howell's Sheet Metal                         Vintage body panels                            
Ididit                                       steering columns, column drops                 
Inland Empire Driveline                      driveshafts                                    
James Durant                                 mono-leaf springs
John's Industries (The 9" Ford Factory)      rear ends & components                         
JR Distributor International                 auto glass                                     
Kugel Komponents                             independent suspensions                        
Lambert Enterprises                          LED lighting accessories                       
Lecarra Steering Wheels                      steering wheels, accessories                   
LMC Trucks                                   Ford & Chevy trucks & parts                    
Lokar                                        shifters, e-brakes, engine accessories         
Made4you                                     fasteners, t-clamps & wire looms               
Magnum                                       axles, brake kits, chassis products
Master Power Brakes                          complete brake kits for hot rods, muscle cars, etc.
Midwest Acorn Nut Co.                        nickle chrome plated steel fasteners           
Moon Eyes                                    aluminum accessories, tanks, etc.              
M-Sport                                      drilled & slotted rotors                       
Northern High Performance                    coolant plumbing                               
OTB Gear                                     aluminum accessories                           
Parr Automotive                              general parts, flathead stuff                  
P-Ayr                                        lightweight engines, transmissions             
Pete & Jake's                                chassis parts                                  
Posies                                       springs, hot rod parts                         
Pro's Pick                                   lighting, pick-up truck boxes & accessories    
Pure Choice Motorsports                      fittings, brake lines, hoses                   
QA-1                                         Mustang II coil-overs                          
Rock Valley Antique Auto Parts               gas tanks, bumpers                             
Rocky Hinge, Inc.                            hinges, latches, accessories                   

                                                                           133                                              1-888-876-2124
Ride Tech                            air ride suspension products                       
Rod Action                           fiberglass repro bodies, fenders, running boards, hoods
Ron Francis Wiring                   wiring harnesses, accessories                      
Ruckus Rod & Kustom                  metal garage art, clocks                           
Sanderson Headers                    headers                                            
Smart Parts                          interior door handles, lights                      
So-Cal                               hot rod parts & accessories                        
Soff Seal                            weatherstripping                                   
Specialty Power Windows              power window kits, windshield wiper kits           
Speedway Motors                      parts, accessories                                 
Stainless Steel Brakes Corporation   brakes                                             
Steele Rubber Products               restoration rubber parts                           
Street & Performance                 headers, fuel injection kits                       
Tanks                                gas tanks                                          
Teas Design                          seats                                              
Total Control                        Ford suspension & steering                         
Total Cost Involved (TCI)            chassis parts                                      
Totally Stainless Inc.               stainless steel fasteners & components             
Transdapt                            engine parts                                       
Trique Manufacturing                 bear claw latches                                  
Tuff Stuff                           chrome & polished alternators, compressors, etc.   
Unisteer                             rack & pinions                                     
United Pacific                       LED lights & conversions, hubcaps                  
Vintage Air                          air conditioning                                   
Vintique Reproductions               Ford reproduction parts
Vision Hot Rod Concepts              mirrors, tail lights                               
Walker Radiators                     radiators, shrouds, fans                           
Watson's StreetWorks                 aluminum interior & electronic products            
Welder Series                        ready-to-weld hot rod components                   
Wescott                              fiberglass bodies, parts                           
Wheel Vintiques                      steel wheels                                       
Wheel Smith                          quality classic wheels                             
Wise Guys                            seats                                              
Zoops Products                       engine accessories & brackets                      
                                                  Most companies have a catalogue of their complete line.
                          Write, call or e-mail them for a catalogue & check out their websites for product information as well.
                                Although we may not stock complete product lines, we will bring it into Canada for you.

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                       Horton's has been supplying quality hot rod parts since 1978.
 We want you to enjoy building your project & we will try our best to help you. If you're having a problem,
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