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									670 ALBANY STREET
BOSTON, MA 02118

Welcome to
 670 Albany Street

This Tenant Handbook has been created to supply you with
our building policies, procedures and general information that
will help create a safe and pleasant work environment. For
your convenience, you can find an electronic copy of this
handbook at http://www.670albanystreet.com.

670 Albany Street is an eight-story, state of the art, 160,000
square foot lab facility owned and operated by Jones Lang
LaSalle. The building is designed to support innovation in
biomedical research and science with the most modern and
sophisticated energy efficient systems. The environmental
design program has earned a LEED Registration as a “green
building” through the United States Green Building Council

Whether you are an investor looking to maximize the value of
your real estate or a corporate executive seeking to achieve
your business objectives, Jones Lang LaSalle understands
your unique needs. The only real estate money management
and services firm to be named to Forbes magazine’s Platinum
400 that has more than 100 offices worldwide and operates in
more than 430 cities in 50 countries. With a portfolio of 966
million square feet worldwide, Jones Lang LaSalle is an
industry leader in property and corporate facility management

Should you have any questions or need additional information,
please feel free to contact the Property Management Office
at 617.414.8102.

                  670 Albany Street                                          2
                  Occupant Handbook
                  Revision –June 2007
 Building Procedures

 Emergency Procedures

 Building Forms

         670 Albany Street     3
         Occupant Handbook
         Revision –June 2007
    The following categories are included in this section:

Category                                               Page #
   Property Management                                  5
   Hours of Operation                                   6
   Building Access Procedures                           7
   Elevators and Deliveries                             8
   Loading Dock Policy                                  9
   Tenant Move In/Move Out Procedures                   12
   Cleaning Services                                    13
   Recycling Program                                    14
   Notice and Signage Postings                          15
   After-Hour Building Functions                        16
   Smoking Policy                                       17
   Security                                             18
   Area Amenities                                       21
   Building Emergency Procedures                        22

               670 Albany Street                                4
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
Jones Lang LaSalle maintains a management office
at 670 Albany Street, Boston, MA on the first floor.

Staff:              Stephenie Pappas, Property Manager
                    Mike Cobb, Chief Engineer
                    Richard Lawler, Technician
                    Felix Pena, Dayporter

Hours:              Monday – Friday
                    7:00AM to 4:30PM

Phone Number:       617.414.8102

Security Guard:     617.414.8104

Control Center:     617.414.4444 (24 hours)

Fax Number:         617.414.8101

Mailing Address: Jones Lang LaSalle
                 670 Albany Street
                 Boston, MA 02118

Website:            www.670albanystreet.com

Email:              stephenie.newnan@am.jll.com


              670 Albany Street                          5
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
 Hours of

            The building is open daily from 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

            HOURS OF
            No one will be allowed to enter the building and gain access to
            the floors without an active building access card. This
            includes after business hours, weekends or holidays.


            While tenant holidays may differ, building operations
            holidays are as follows:
            New Year's Day         Martin Luther King Day
            President’s Day        Patriot’s Day
            Memorial Day           Independence Day
            Labor Day              Columbus Day
            Veteran’s Day
            Thanksgiving Day       Christmas Day

            Please refer to your lease for company specific holiday
            schedules. The above holidays represent most union holidays
            that are acknowledged by our vendors, such as building
            maintenance, cleaning and security. Please note that there
            are additional charges to be paid by the tenant for any holiday
            or after-hour services, unless otherwise stipulated in your

                          670 Albany Street                               6
                          Occupant Handbook
                          Revision –June 2007
670 Albany Street     7
Occupant Handbook
Revision –June 2007
We are committed to providing you with a safe and secure
work environment. We are asking you to support this effort by
taking a moment to review the following procedures. These
procedures apply to all occupants, agents, licensees, contract
workers, temporary workers and visitors entering the building.

Occupants may access the building after hours by using their
building access card. No tenant will be allowed access to the
building without a valid access badge. Occupants shall wear
their access badge so it is visible at all times.

Vendors and Visitors
Will receive a vendor or visitor badge after the security officer
has verified their arrival verbally with the tenant contact they
are here to meet. The vendor badge and/or visitor badge will
not allow them access through a locked door, therefore, the
tenant contact should make arrangements to meet their

Any one who observes the access of someone who they
believe is not authorized should report the incident
immediately by calling the Control Center at

               670 Albany Street                                    8
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
670 Albany Street has two passenger elevators and one
freight elevator.

Freight Elevator Procedures
Occupants must contact the Management Office to gain
access to and reserve time on the freight elevator on a first-
come, first-serve basis.

Building Management requires at least 24 hours advance
notification of any large deliveries and/or moves as this may
require additional security personnel at a charge of $45 per
hour to be paid by the tenant.

We request that all moves be scheduled one week in advance
and a certificate of insurance for the mover be provided to the
management office.

At no time will large deliveries or moves be permitted through
the main lobby.

A certificate of insurance will be required of all vendor
deliveries in the building. The certificate must list Jones
Lang LaSalle, 670 Albany Street 2004 LLC, and New York
State Teacher’s Retirement System as certificate holder
               670 Albany Street                            9
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
and additionally insured. Please contact the management
office for our full requirements.

670 Albany Street loading dock hours are Monday through
Friday, 7AM to 3:30PM.

Loading Dock Procedures
Occupants must contact the Management Office to gain
access to and reserve time at the loading dock, on a first-
come, first-serve basis. Occupants will be responsible to
receive and sign for all deliveries through the loading dock.

No large deliveries will be allowed access through the main
building entrance. Building Management requires at least 24
hours advance notification of any large deliveries.

A certificate of insurance will be required of all vendor
deliveries in the building. The certificate must list Jones
Lang LaSalle, 670 Albany Street 2004 LLC, and New York
State Teacher’s Retirement System as certificate holder
and additionally insured. Please contact the management
office for our full requirements.


               670 Albany Street                                10
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
1.   The moving in or out of all safes, freight, furniture,
     or bulky matter of any description shall take place
     on weekends or after hours, with prior approval of
     the Property Management Office and at the
     expense of the tenant. The removal of demolition
     material and the delivery of sheet rock will require
     the smoke detectors in the freight elevator to be
     disabled. Landlord reserves the right to inspect all
     freight and bulky matter to be brought into the
     Building and to exclude from the Building all freight
     and bulky matter which violates any of these Rules
     and Regulations or Tenant’s lease of which these
     Rules and Regulations are a part. Landlord
     reserves the right to have Landlord’s structural
     engineer review Tenant’s floor loads on the
     Premises at Tenant’s expense at the time Tenant is
     installing safes, freight, furniture or bulky matter.
     All major deliveries must be coordinated with the
     building manager 24 hours prior to delivery.

2.   All deliveries to and removals from the building of
     furniture, equipment and supplies shall be by way
     of the loading dock – delivery entrance – located at
     ground level of the building and accessible from the
     street and then only during such hours as may be
     prescribed by the Landlord, Monday through
     Friday, 7AM-3PM). During such hours there shall
     be no separate charge to Tenant for the normal use
     of the loading dock or freight elevator. After such
     hours there will be hourly costs for security guards
     to operate the freight elevator and to guard the
     loading dock.

3.   The loading dock and freight elevator are for pick-
     ups and deliveries only. Due to limited space at the
     loading dock there is a vehicle-parking limit of thirty
     (30) minutes, unless special arrangements are
     made with the Property Management Office.
     Persons using the freight elevator will sign in at the
     security desk in the main lobby. Each Occupant

        670 Albany Street                                11
        Occupant Handbook
        Revision –June 2007
     will supply a list of authorized employees that
     require access to the freight elevator.

4.   All incoming and outgoing shipments must be
     moved directly by the delivery or pick up agent from
     the delivery entrance. Building operating personnel
     are not authorized to sign receipt for shipments to
     or from the building.

5.   Furniture, equipment and supplies and/or other
     packaged materials and items requiring the use of
     a hand truck, pallet truck or other type of wheeled
     transport, shall be moved only upon the freight
     elevator. No hand truck, pallet truck or other type
     of wheeled transport shall be used in the lobbies,
     corridors or passenger elevators of the building.

6.   Any damage to the building or any part thereof,
     caused by the moving in or out of the building of
     furniture, equipment, supplies, or other items, shall
     be repaired by the Landlord’s agent at the expense
     of the tenant responsible.

        670 Albany Street                               12
        Occupant Handbook
        Revision –June 2007
Moving In/Out Procedures
All moves will be scheduled only on weekends or after 6PM
Monday through Friday and only using one padded building
elevator during the moves. At least 24 hours advance notice
is required to the property manager so that arrangements can
be made to pad the elevator.

              670 Albany Street                           13
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
Window Cleaning
The interior and exterior window washing is done on a periodic
basis. A notice is sent out in advance of the cleaners arriving.
All tenants are responsible for removing items from their
windowsills before the cleaners wash the windows.

               670 Albany Street                             14
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
There is a recycling program in place for 670 Albany Street for
white paper products. Recycling containers are distributed
through the Management Office. They are obtained from the
waste removal company at no charge as long as they are not
lost or damaged. The large containers are emptied once per

For more information on recycling,
please contact the Management Office.

              670 Albany Street                              15
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007

Do Recycle
White Bond, Fax Paper
Memo’s, Computer Paper (Green Bar & Laser)
Copy Paper, Stationery
Envelopes without windows

Copy Paper Wrappers, Bound Materials
Color Paper, Labels, Food Containers
Tissues & Towels, Plastics
Newspaper & Magazines
Blueprint Paper, Carbon Paper
Tyvek Envelopes – Fedex & DHL Envelopes

          670 Albany Street                  16
          Occupant Handbook
          Revision –June 2007
No flyers and/or postings of any kind may be hung in any
common area of the building including main doors, lobby walls,
stairwells, etc. Postings are only allowed on bulletin boards
inside tenant space.

              670 Albany Street                            17
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
Any function to be scheduled inside 670 Albany Street after
the hours of 7PM or prior to 7AM, Sunday through Saturday,
will require approval of the Property Management Office 24
hours in advance.

              670 Albany Street                               18
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
670 Albany Street is a smoke-free building.

Jones Lang LaSalle strives to provide a smoke free
environment for all employees working at 670 Albany Street.
We also need to comply with local and state ordinances
regarding smoking in the workplace and public areas. In
order to comply with these ordinances, we must establish an
appropriate smoking policy for the building. This policy is
intended to protect non-smokers from “second-hand” smoke,
as well as deal with the reasonable fire safety concerns of
non-smokers and smokers alike.

It is the intent of this policy to have the 670 Albany Street
building be smoke free. Therefore, there is no smoking
permitted within 670 Albany Street “public areas”, balconies,
roof tops, and near the main employee entrance or exit.

This policy applies to all employees/tenants, contractors,
temporary workers, and visitors entering the premises.
“Smoking” includes carrying a lit cigarette, pipe, or cigar.

“Public Area” is defined as any enclosed indoor area used by
the public, including but not limited to reception areas, lobby,
rest rooms, telephone booths, offices, elevators, stairways,
training/conference rooms, employee lounge, hallways, and

Designated Smoking Area
Please use the area located at the south end of the 670
Albany Street lobby entrance. Smoking is prohibited in the
area outside the main building entrance.

               670 Albany Street                                19
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
We provide on site security services from 7AM to 7PM
daily. In addition, 670 Albany Street is monitored by a
digital surveillance system 24 hours per day.

In the event of a serious crime or injury, please call:

   Boston Police:                      911
   then the Control Center:            617.414.4444 or
                                        Extension 4444

We ask that the following precautions be taken:

   Please do not leave outgoing FedEx, UPS or mail
    packages in the lobby at any time. Please make the
    appropriate arrangements through your Mailroom. Any
    packages left in the lobby will be removed by building

   Please do not prop open any door leading into tenant
    space for any reason.

   Never leave valuables such as purses, wallets, cameras
    and jewelry on or under your desk; keep these items out
    of sight. Avoid leaving your wallet in a jacket hung over
    your chair or behind your office door.

   Never leave a combination type safe on a day-lock
    position. Thieves will always turn the dial back to zero if it
    is in a day-lock setting. Always spin the dial when locking
    the safe.

   If upon entering your office suite you are surprised by an
    unauthorized person, quietly leave and notify security

                670 Albany Street                                20
                Occupant Handbook
                Revision –June 2007
   Inspect the locking hardware on your suite doors and
    restroom doors on your floor. Notify building management
    if repair or replacement is necessary.

   Do not keep your more valuable or movable belongings
    near doors. Record serial numbers of merchandise and

   It is our policy to randomly inspect packages, bags
    entering or exiting the building.

               670 Albany Street                           21
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
The purpose of this manual is to provide tenants of 670 Albany
Street with reference information and a checklist of procedures
on what to do, who to contact, and what to expect in the event
of an emergency in the building.

              670 Albany Street                             22
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
The following categories are included in this section:

Category                                                 Page #
   Emergency Phone Numbers                               24
   Building Alarm Procedures                             25
   Evacuation Procedures                                 27
   Fire Procedures                                       28
   Elevator Interruption                                 30
   Accident or Illness                                   31
   Severe Weather Procedures                             32
   Bomb Threat                                           34
   Suspicious Packages                                   36
   Terrorism Threat                                      37

               670 Albany Street                               23
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
In the event of an emergency call the Control Center
MMEDIATELY! Building personnel will then notify the proper

    Control Center           617.414.4444 or
                              Extension 44444

    Boston Police            911

    Boston Fire              911

              670 Albany Street                          24
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
The following is what takes place when the building
goes into Alarm.

1.   Once an alarm is received, a series of audible horns and
     strobe lights will be activated notifying the occupants that
     an alarm has been received.

2.   The horns will sound throughout the building for
     approximately 40 seconds, after which a recorded
     message will be broadcast over the building’s public
     address system notifying the entire building of the
     following: “Attention please. The signal tone you have
     just heard indicates a report of an emergency in this
     building. If your floor evacuation signal sounds after this
     message, walk to the nearest stairway and leave the
     floor. While the report is being verified, occupants on
     other floors should await further instructions.”

3.   This message is repeated twice.

4.   After the message, the evacuation signal (a slow
     whooping alarm) will sound on the affected floor and the
     floors immediately above and below the affected floor
     indicating evacuation should begin as per the building
     evacuation plan. All other floors will receive a flashing
     fire light alerting occupants to stand by for further

              670 Albany Street                               25
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
5.   In the event of a confirmed emergency, a building
     general evacuation will be sounded, noted by the slow
     whooping alarm on your floor. At this time you are to
     immediately leave the building via the nearest exit

6.   Should the alarm be verified, as false, the Fire
     Department will announce when it is "all clear." Please
     do not re-enter the building until the Fire Department's

Please do not call the Management Office or the Control
Center for fact-finding information.

              670 Albany Street                                 26
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
In the event of an Emergency Building Evacuation,
Please take the following action:

   Remain calm.

   Listen for instructions over the public address system
    and follow them.

   Close the door of your office as you leave.

   Do not return for any personal items.

   Form an evacuation line - two abreast.

   Be prepared to merge with other people evacuating
    the building.

   Use enclosed stairwell for evacuation. Stay to the right
    so that incoming emergency personnel can utilize the
    stairwell. Use the hand rails.

   Do not try to use the elevators, they will not respond.

   Keep talking to a minimum.

   Once out of the building, assemble at your
    pre-designated meeting place.
               670 Albany Street                               27
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
   Do not return to the office until the "ALL CLEAR"
    announcement is given by the Public Safety Officer.

              670 Albany Street                           28
              Occupant Handbook
              Revision –June 2007
Upon discovery of a fire,
Please take the following action:

   Remain Calm.

   Activate the nearest Alarm Pull Station.

   Call the Control Center at (617) 414.4444 or Extension
     Give your floor, location and name
     Give details of the fire emergency

   Do not attempt to fight the fire.

   If an evacuation is necessary, follow the accompanying
    EVACUATION PROCEDURES and listen for instructions
    over the public address system.

   Use enclosed stairwells only; do not use elevators.

   If caught in heavy smoke, take short breaths, breathe
    through your nose, crawl to the exit. The air is clearer near
    the floor.

   Check doors for heat before opening them, especially
    If you smell smoke. If the door handle is HOT, do not
    open the door.

   If your clothes catch fire: STOP, DROP & ROLL!
    This will put out the fire.

   Do not rush into corridors or stairwells, especially
    If you smell smoke.
               670 Albany Street                               29
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
      Fire      Close all doors behind you, especially the emergency
                 stairwell doors.
             Smoke Detectors
             The operation of any smoke/heat detector, sprinkler water-flow
             device or manual fire alarm station will automatically:

                   1.    Notify the Fire Department and Control Center.
                   2.    Capture all elevators and return them to the lobby.
                   3.    Sound the alert signal throughout the building.
                   4.    Open the floor smoke exhaust damper and shut
                         down the air handling units via a control relay.

             The Fire Department
              The Fire Department is notified.

                The building fire alarm will sound. Once the fire is
                 confirmed, a general alert signal will be sounded indicating
                 immediate evacuation.

                Professional help is on the way.

                If there is an actual fire and it is impossible to move past
                 the fire floor - move up two floors using stairwells and wait
                 for further instructions.

             Smoke/heat detectors are located in various areas of each
             floor of the building. These sensors make it possible to detect
             combustible vapors, smoke or fire.

                            670 Albany Street                               30
                            Occupant Handbook
                            Revision –June 2007
The building's elevators are designed to stop in the event of an
unsafe situation. Occasionally elevator service can be
interrupted if the elevator control system senses a potential
unsafe condition.

If the elevator service is interrupted while you are a
passenger, please take the following action:

   Open elevator intercom panel and press intercom button.
   When the Control Center operator answers:
     a.    Give your name
     b.    Give floor level, if possible.

   Do not try to force open an elevator door.
   Remain calm.
   Talk by intercom with the Control Center at any time.

 The Control Center Operator will secure assistance by
   calling the elevator emergency line.
 Passengers will be assisted as soon as possible.

The elevators are serviced Thyssen Elevator and
inspected annually by the State Inspectors. The Elevator
Certificates are displayed inside each elevator.

               670 Albany Street                             31
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
In the event an accident or illness of an employee or visitor
takes place in your office area, please take the following

   Call the Control Center at 617.414.4444 or Ext.
   Give the Operator the following information:
     Company name and building address.
     Floor location of accident or illness.
     Type of injury, illness or symptoms.
     Do not move the injured or ill person.
        Try to make them comfortable.

   If possible, have someone meet the emergency units
    at the elevator on your floor.

 Emergency units will be dispatched as a result
  of your call to the Control Center.

   Fire Rescue Squad and/or ambulance will be with you
    shortly and administer medical assistance or take the ill or
    injured person to the hospital.

               670 Albany Street                                32
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
The weather bureau, in most cases, informs the public well
enough in advance of approaching severe weather (hurricane,
tornado) so that proper preparation may be taken.

In the event of severe weather conditions,
please take the following precautionary measures:

   Move all valuables from perimeter offices to inside areas.

   If you have blinds, draw them closed.

   Close all doors to perimeter offices.

The building will be officially closed and services will be shut
down when the hurricane is predicted to arrive in the Boston

All elevators will be parked at the Lobby level when the
building is closed.

The building will be cleared of all tenants and personnel, as
noted in the Building Rules and Regulations.

The building will not be reopened until the Building Manager
deems the building safe and all utilities restored.

               670 Albany Street                                   33
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
In the event a bomb threat is received,
please take the following action:

   If the bomb threat is called in, keep the caller on the line
    and follow the procedures outlined in the Bomb Threat
    Telephone Operator's Checklist (attached).

   Immediately call the Control Center at (617) 414.4444 or
    Extension 44444.
      a.    State "I have received a bomb threat."
      b.    Give your name.
      c.    Give your building and floor location.

   Attached is a guide on handling a bomb threat call and
    information to record and have available for authorities.


   The Control Center notifies police.

   Public Safety Personnel make building search.

   Police or Bomb Squad contacts and questions the person
    who received the bomb threat.

   A building evacuation may take place. Refer to the
    EVACUATION PROCEDURE for proper action.

   The Public Safety Officer will give an “ALL CLEAR”
    announcement once the building has been deemed safe to

   If a full building evacuation is not necessary, move up two
    floors or down two floors away from the troubled floor.

               670 Albany Street                                   34
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
Bomb Threat
               If you receive a bomb threat call, REMAIN CALM.
               Have a pre-arranged signal to alert your manager or
               supervisory personnel to listen to the call and, if possible, to
               record the call. Advise the caller, if you can, the detonation of
               the bomb may kill or injure innocent people. Obtain as much of
               the information as possible. FOLLOWING QUESTIONS:

               1.    Where is the bomb?

               2.    What time is it set to go off?

               3.    What kind of bomb is it? If dynamite, how many sticks?

               4.    Method of activation: Mechanical, Movement of Clock,
                     Chemical Action, etc.

               5.    What kind of package or box?

               6.    Method of deactivation?

               7.    What are your name, address, and telephone number?

               8.    Is the call a hoax or legitimate? (Circle one).

               9.    How old are you?

               10.   Why did you set the bomb?

               11.   Judge The Voice:
                       Man          Woman               Child _____
                     Age _____      Drinking?         Other ______

               12.   Listen for any background noise: Check if Heard
                      People Talking            Machine or Noise
                      Cars or Trucks           Typing
                      Airplane                 Music
                      Children or Babies       Other

                              670 Albany Street                              35
                              Occupant Handbook
                              Revision –June 2007
670 Albany Street     36
Occupant Handbook
Revision –June 2007
Suspicious packages and letters could contain explosives,
chemicals or biological agents. Some characteristics are:

   Unfamiliar Source
   Missing or fictitious return address
   Wires, foil, stains or odors
   Unusual weight or size or shape
   Unusual packaging or labeling
   Address to incorrect titles, or titles without names
   Handwritten or poorly typed labels

If you discover a suspicious package:

   Notify the Control Center at 617.414.4444 or Ext. 4444
   The Control Center will notify the police and building
   Clear the area and prevent reentry
   Do not eat or drink in the area where the package was
   Don’t touch your face
   Never sniff or smell a suspicious package
   Cover package with anything available
   Wash your hands with soap and water
   Make a list of everyone who was in the room when the
    package was identified so that health officials and local
    authorities can follow up

               670 Albany Street                                37
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
THREAT                               In the event that the
building is evacuated due to a terrorist threat, all tenants and
their employees need to be familiar with proper building
evacuation procedures.

In the event of an internal terrorist event, building management
will contact the local emergency services for proper response.
Should the incident warrant the shut down of building systems,
all tenants will be properly notified.

In the event of an external terrorist event that impacts the
building, building management will act in accordance with
directives from local authorities. Tenants will be updated, as
information becomes available. The following procedures
may be implemented:

   Building access will be limited to authorized personnel
   Deliveries will be restricted as needed.
   Building equipment systems may be temporarily
    suspended depending on the impact to the occupants (e.g.
    HVAC systems, water supply, etc.)

               670 Albany Street                               38
               Occupant Handbook
               Revision –June 2007
670 Albany Street     39
Occupant Handbook
Revision –June 2007
               ACCESS CARD REQUEST

            FOR THE

            The form for Assistance for the Mobility Impaired is kept on file at
            the Property Management Office as well as the Control Center.

            In the event of an emergency affecting your space, these lists are
             utilized by the management office to inform emergency personnel
             of persons in your space that require assistance in exiting the
             building. Among those that should be included on the list are
             physically disabled, pregnant, elderly and any person unable to
             utilize the stairs.

            Any modifications, deletions or additions to your list should be
            submitted to the Property Management Office to ensure the
            accuracy of the information.

                       Information Form
              Assistance for the Mobility Impaired
DATE: _______________________________________

You have identified yourself to the company as having a mobility impairment. We would
appreciate your assistance in helping us plan for your evacuation.

To accomplish this, please complete the information below. We will attempt to keep
this information confidential among the Property Management Office and Security
personnel of the building.

Name:______________________________ _______________Floor/Suite:_________

Tenant:_________________________Your Telephone Number:__________________

Main Telephone Number at Your Company:                    ___________________

In the event of an emergency requiring the building to be evacuated, what assistance can we
provide to ensure your safe evacuation?




In the event that you experience a medical emergency, what assistance can we provide to
assist in this situation?




We ask that you advise the property management office should you relocate from one area to
another or should there be a change in your physical status. We appreciate your assistance in
this matter and remind you that we will attempt to keep the information you have provided as
confidential as possible.

                                 Access Card Request Form

Please list below all employees who will require a building access card to 670 Albany Street and
deliver to the property management office.



















For future employees, please email the property manager with the name and start date of the


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