Database Programming with Silverlight _ WPF

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					        Database Programming with Silverlight & WPF 2011

ADO.NET Entity Framework [10hr]

        What is ORM
        Creating Entity Data Model
        Entity Loading
        Querying Database with LINQ
            o Basic Queries
            o Joins
            o Grouping
        Working with SP and Functions
        CRUD Operations
        Using Navigation Properties
        Lazy and Eager Loading
        Advanced Modelling
            o Complex Type
            o Entity Splitting
            o Conditional Mapping
            o TPT,TPH Inheritance
        POCO

Windows Presentation Foundation & Silverlight [60hr]

        WPF Architecture
        XAML
        Working with Content
        Layout
        Shapes,Transforms and Brushes
        Animations
        Databinding Features
        Expression Blend Features – Tips
        Resources and Styles
        Menus and Toolbars
        Control Templates
        Data Templates
        User Controls
        Creating Design-Time Data
        Flow Documents
        Custom Controls
        Playing Sound and Video
        Commands
        Interacting with Windows Forms
        Navigation Based Applications
        Silverlight Architecture
        Navigation API
        Out of Browser Applications
        MVVM Design Pattern in Silverlight
        WCF RIA Services
        PROJECT : A Silverlight – RIA Services Application using MVVM Design Pattern
        Database Programming with Silverlight & WPF 2011

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Description: Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in, bring the next generation network. NET-based media experiences and rich interactive applications. Silverlight offers a flexible programming model, and can be easily integrated into existing network applications. Silverlight can run on Mac or Windows on the major browsers to provide high quality video information fast, low-cost delivery.