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									Complete Problems 1, 2, 3, and 4 below. Then, save this spreadsheet using your name in the file
Attach the file in the assignment drop box for Module 1. This is a Pass/Fail assignment, you get c
You may copy the data and/or problems to additional sheets in this workbook or work on this pa

Add-Ins for Excel
The Data Analysis Toolpak is a useful Add-in to Excel. Often, it is placed on your computer when Excel is installed b
We will use some of the tools in Module 2 and more in the second half of the course.
Complete instructions on how to add Toolpak to Excel 97-2003, Excel 2007, and Excel for the Mac can be found on
On the same Page you will find instructions for a second add-in for Excel 2007 called WHFStat.
Let me know if you have trouble loading the Toolpaks!

Problem 1
Excel skills       Practice with these Excel functions you will need them
Use the funtions below and show me your work.

Addition             +       Use the plus sign, you can add cells by cell address or use numbers
                 =SUM(range)           Add areas with the sum function, range is defined by cell add
Subtraction           -      Use minus sign, you can subtract cells by cell address or use numbers
Multiplication       *       Use star, you can multiply cells by cell address or use numbers
Division              /      Use slash, you can add cells by cell address or use numbers
Power                ^       Hat sign, over the 6 key. Usually used to square a number but can be
Square root      =SQRT(range)          Square root of a number. Use cell address or numbers.
Average          =AVERAGE(range)
For other functions use the insert menu
To get percents use the format menu.
Any function you can think of is an Excel function, use help and insert function to learn about the                    is a website with help

                               Data for 2004
                                           Percent            Percent                       Percent
                    Population   Total      citizen  Total registered             Total      voted
Sex                 18 and over citizen      (18+) registered (18+)               voted      (18+)

 .Male                  103,812      94,147        90.7     66,406        64.0     58,455        56.3
 .Female                111,882     102,858        91.9     75,663        67.6     67,281        60.1
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Survey, November 2004.
Internet Release date: May 25, 2005

Problem 2
1. There are two data tables above, one for the election in November, 2004 and one for the election
2. Format the new table so that it is easy to read. You may change the appearance in any way that
3. Calculate and add to the table the following (insert rows and columns as needed):
                         the total population for 2004 and for 2000
                         the total number of registered voters for 2004 and for 2000
                         the percentage registered and percent voted for the total population 18+
                         calculate the change for each category from 2000 to 2004
Be sure to enter formulas so that Excel does the calculations for you. Do not use a calculator!
4. Create a chart (graph) that tells a story about some aspect of the information. Do not put all of t
5. Write a paragraph that explains what the table and chart tell you.

Problem 3
On the right is a table showing births for each day of the week.
What is the average number of births per day? [Use an Excel function.]
Show the data in the table in a chart.
Write a sentence or two about your conclusions.

Problem 4

When you have loaded the Data Analysis Toolpak, highlight the data set below and use Descriptive Statistics in the
If you are not using Excel or have difficulty loading it, please let your instructor know in this space.

Below is data for the 50 countries with the lowest GDP per capita.                Source:    CIA World Factbook
Zimbabwe                   $200               Use the Data Analysis Toolpak to generate Descriptive Statistics for th
Congo, Democratic Republic of the             In the Descriptive Statistics dialogue box, you will select the data.
Burundi                    $400               Check "Summary Statistics."
Liberia                    $500               Select an Output Range on this worksheet.
Guinea-Bissau              $600
Somalia                    $600
Central African Republic $700
Niger                      $700
Sierra Leone               $700
Eritrea                    $700
Afghanistan                $800
Malawi                     $800
Ethiopia                 $800
Mozambique               $900
Togo                     $900
Rwanda                   $900
Comoros                $1,000
Madagascar             $1,000
Tokelau                $1,000
Guinea                 $1,100
Nepal                  $1,100
Uganda                 $1,100
Burma                  $1,200
Burkina Faso           $1,200
Mali                   $1,200
Gambia, The            $1,300
Haiti                  $1,300
Tanzania               $1,300
Sao Tome and Principe $1,300
Bangladesh             $1,500
Ghana                  $1,500
Zambia                 $1,500
Benin                  $1,500
Chad                   $1,600
Kenya                  $1,600
Lesotho                $1,600
Tuvalu                 $1,600
Senegal                $1,600
Cote d'Ivoire          $1,700
Korea, North           $1,700
Solomon Islands        $1,900
Cambodia               $2,000
Kyrgyzstan             $2,100
Laos                   $2,100
Mauritania             $2,100
Tajikistan             $2,100
Micronesia, Federated States of
Sudan                  $2,200
Papua New Guinea       $2,200
Cameroon               $2,300
Kosovo                 $2,300
g your name in the filename (e.g. SmithM1Assign.xls). Remember to save in .xls format.
 assignment, you get credit for doing this.
ook or work on this page. To add a sheet, click Shift+F11.

r when Excel is installed but is not activated.

the Mac can be found on the Module 1 Content Guides.

 ss or use numbers                                                                 add these numbers
e is defined by cell addresses                                                     sum these numbers
dress or use numbers                                                               subtract these numbers
 r use numbers                                                                     multiply these numbers
se numbers                                                                         divide these numbers
 a number but can be any power. Use cell address or numbers.                       square these numbers
 ess or numbers.                                                                   take square root of this number

ion to learn about these.
is a website with help on functions

                                                             Data for 2000
                                                                         Percent   Total    Percent
                                                  Population   Total     citizen registere registere        Total
                                    Sex           18 and over citizen     (18+)      d      d (18+)         voted

                                    Male              97,087    88,758      91.4     60,356        62.2     51,542
                                    Female           105,523    97,608      92.5     69,193        65.6     59,284
                                     Internet Release date: February 27, 2002

nd one for the election in November, 2000. Organize the data into one table that will show year to year chang
 rance in any way that you feel is more effective.

r 2000
 otal population 18+
t use a calculator!
on. Do not put all of the information in your chart. Include labels/titles as needed.

                                              day         births
                                              Sun               7563
                                              Mon             11733
                                              Tues            13001
                                              Wed             12598
                                              Thurs           12514
                                              Fri             12396
                                              Sat               8605

escriptive Statistics in the Toolpak.

CIA World Factbook
escriptive Statistics for this data set.
 will select the data.
            2   2
            3   3   3   3   3
           10   5
           10   5
           10   5
           10   2


w year to year changes.

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