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									                                                                                              Dog Tired Doggie

         The Daily Bark
                                                                                                     Volume I, Issue II
                                                                                                       March 2006

                                                                                              Inside this issue:
News from the Top Dog
I would like to thank                                         adventures in their new          News from the Top          1
everyone once again for                                       homes.                           Dog
making Dog Tired such a                                                                        Dog Tired Teams up         1
                                                              With the departure of my
success.                                                                                       with Alaska Canine
                                                              business partner, Dog Tired
Since the New Year, a few                                     has hired new staff to help
changes have occurred,                                        care for your K9 kids.           Meet the Staff             2-3
some big and some small.
                                                              Please join me in welcoming      2006 Holiday Schedule 2
First of all I would like to                                  our new team members:
send a huge “Happy tails                                                                       Visit your Dog at Dog      3
                                                              •   Mandy Chesnutt
to you” out to Erin,                                                                           Tired
                                    Kari with Duke Potje      •   Tammy Dittlinger
Robert & Dylan Myers.
                                                              •   Kelly Gall                   Dog Tired Care Tips        3
Erin and I began this busi-
                               years of success in their      •   Jessica Mulchay
ness together in the fall of
                               new endeavors.                 •   Ruth Peterson                Breed Highlight            4
2005. At that time we did
                                                              •   Tanya Viktora
not know what Robert’s         Dog Tired has had a few
                                                              •   Erika Wurm                   Focus on Foster Dogs       4
career had in store for        departures in the last few
them. He has been hired        months. Buddy & Maggie         Our team is dedicated to the
by Southwest Airlines and      Simonis moved with their       safety and well-being of your    Half Day Schedules
their family will be moving    family to Great Falls, MT.     dogs and welcome com-            AM Sessions: 7AM to 1PM
out of Alaska in 2006.         Champ O’Neil and family        ments or suggestions any-        PM Sessions: 1PM to 7PM
The Campbell family has        have relocated to Fairbanks,   time.                            Please remember to pick up your
taken over as the sole         AK and Duke Potje and his                                       dogs by 1PM for the AM session
owners of Dog Tired and        dad Rick are back home in      Thank you again for helping      and drop off PM session dogs at
we would like to wish          Bend, OR. We wish them         us make Dog Tired the finest     1PM or later, Dogs in atten-
Erin and her family many       all “Happy Tails” and many     doggie daycare in town.          dance more than six hours will
                                                                                               be charged for the full day rate.

Grooming Days at Dog Tired provided by                                                        Dog Tired
Alaska Canine Services                                                                        Doggie Daycare
Dog Tired and Alaska Ca-        completion he will return                                     Benefits of Daycare
nine Services are teaming       your dog to Dog Tired
up to provided added ser-       where you will pick them                                      • Your dog is supervised all
vices for our clients.          up as usual.                                                    day long - not into things
                                                                                                they shouldn't be, at home!
On the third Thursday           If you are interested in                                      • Your dog will have stimulat-
each month, David Gilles-       scheduling a grooming ses-                                      ing activity all day long, and
pie will pick up your dog       sion with Alaska Canine                                         be tired in the evening!
from daycare, transport         Services, please contact           Next grooming day is       • Your dog will develop bet-
them to his grooming facil-     David directly at (907)                                         ter social skills with other
ity and give your pet a full    561-9279.                             April 20th!               dogs, making lots of doggy
grooming session. Upon                                                                          friends!
       Page 2                                                 The Daily Bark

Meet the Staff
You may have noticed a number of new faces around Dog                                     Ruth Peterson is origi-
Tired in recent months. Six new employees have come on                                    nally from New Jersey and
and are working hard everyday to make sure your dog has a                                 moved to Anchorage in
wonderful day care experience.                                                            September with her two
                                                                                          dogs, Chance and Cooter,
                      Mandy Chesnutt moved to Anchorage                                   and her husband, Brian,
                      in August from Washington, DC with                                  who is in the military. She
                      her partner, Bianca, and two cats. Since                            is currently fostering two
                      arriving in Anchorage, she has adopted                              dogs, Charlie and Bruno,
                      Kodi, an 8-month old Border Collie mix                              and is looking for perma-
                      and is fostering Sydney, a 5-month old      nent homes for both. Ruth obtained her Associ-
                      Golden Retriever mix. Mandy earned          ates degree in the Performing Arts – Ballet and has
                      her B.S. in Zoology from University of      many years experience working with dogs in animal
                      Maryland and has worked as a veterinary     shelters.
 technician at regular and emergency pet facilities.
                                                                                            Jessica Mulcahy, our
                       Tammy Dittlinger, the first Dog                                      newest employee moved
                       Tired employee, is a native Alaskan and                              to Anchorage from Cali-
                       passionate animal lover. From a very                                 fornia last fall. Jessica is
                       young age, she began rescuing animals                                married to Michael, to-
                       and using her saved allowance to take                                gether they have a beauti-
                       them to the vet. In addition to her cat,                             ful daughter, Sadira and an
                       leopard gecko, and five turtles, Tammy                               energetic pup named Jack.
                       has 2 Toy Manchester Terriers named                                  Jessica graduated the
                       Kiana (shown left) and Kaydo.                                        School of Animal Science-
                                                                                            from the Professional
                       Kelly Gall is an Anchorage native and      Career Development institute in 2005. She is also
                       proud owner of a 5 month-old puppy,        apprenticing to be a tattoo artist.
                       Trooper. She has worked as a boarding
                       tech for VCA East and Cornerstone
                       Animal Hospitals. She also has worked
                       as a gardener at the Alaska Zoo and as
                       a Customer Service Representative at
                       Petco. She hopes to attend University
                       of Alaska, Anchorage in the near future.

                                      2006 Holiday Schedule
           Monday, March 27 Monday, May 29 - Memorial Day                                      Monday, Sept. 4
           Staff Training Day                                                                  Labor Day
                                 The Week of July 3-7
           A Red Cross Certified            Independence Day                                   Friday, Nov. 10
             Canine CPR instructor                                                             Veterans Day
will come train our staff on basic                    Dog Tired will be
canine first aid, CPR, and other                      closing for the entire   November 24 & 25
emergency techniques to ensure                        week of Independence     Thanksgiving
we provide the safest facility pos-                   Day.
sible for our clients.                                                         Monday, Dec. 25
                              Volume I, Issue II                                           Page 3

Meet the Staff Continued…                                                Visit Your
                      Tanya Viktora is an Illinois native
                      who came to Alaska three years ago.               Dog at Dog
                      She has been a dog lover all her life
                      and is the proud owner of a pug                      Tired!
                      named Sadie. Most recently worked at
                      Petco as a Customer Service Repre-               Ever wanted to stay at Dog Tired and
                      sentative. She is currently studying to         watch your dog play? Want to find out
                      get her Bachelor’s Degree in Business.             what your dog’s day is like at Dog
                                                                      Tired? Want to help the Dog Tired staff
                  Erika Wurm moved to Anchorage                                 with all the dogs?
                  from San Francisco in January with her
                  boyfriend, Kevin, and their dog Jack-                 Due to popular demand, Dog Tired is
                  son, a Chow mix. She completed                       now accepting volunteers for one-hour
                  three years of art school studying tra-
                                                                      shifts to visit with our staff and the dogs.
                  ditional illustration and has studied
                                                                        It’s the perfect break from your work
                  horticulture for a year, which she
                                                                       day and an opportunity to get to know
                  hopes to pursue as a future career.
                                                                         your dog better in a different setting.
She has worked in dog daycare facilities for over a year
and has extensive pet sitting experience.
                                                                          Contact Kari if you are interested.

Dog Tired Care Tips
Trim your dog’s nails regularly                                                                 Dogs need vacations
This is obviously easier to accomplish with some dogs than                                      too!
others, but regardless of temperament, size, or breed,                                          Just like we take time
regular nail trimming is essential to your dog’s safety. At                                     off from work every
Dog Tired (and at home), dogs will often play vigorously and                                    so often to get away
long nails can get caught or pulled. If injured, this is quite                                  and our kids get
painful and can bleed profusely. Additionally, dogs with long                                   winter and spring
nails will frequently scratch and injure other dogs and our    break off from school, dogs sometimes need a break
staff. So please, keep your dog’s nails neatly trimmed or      from day care. Day care is exhausting for dogs and
request that Dog Tired’s staff cut them for just $5.           more often than not, two days in a row is too much
                                                               for them to handle. Dogs that are overly tired
                Leave sick or injured dogs at home             become unhappy quickly and can act depressed, cry
                Just like people, dogs that are ill, are       incessantly, or get grouchy with the other dogs. If we
                recovering from surgery, or have injuries      see these signs of exhaustion or over-stimulation, we
                often need a day or two at home to sleep and will suggest you give your dog a day or week long
                recuperate. Daycare is be fun, but it can also break from day care. Likewise, if you see that your
                be exhausting and dogs that aren’t at 100%     dog appears noticeably more tired, please give us a call
                tire easily and often become unhappy,          24 hours in advance to cancel your reservation.
grumpy, and in some cases aggressive. Additionally wounds
or incisions from surgery can be reopened during vigorous      Your business is important to us, but more important
play, potentially jeopardizing the health of your best friend. is your dog’s happiness and health!
          Dog Tired Doggie Daycare         Breed Highlight :
                                           The Bernese Mountain Dog
                                           We would like to introduce you to Banner, a Bernese
                                           Mountain Dog and a favorite playmate at Dog Tired.
                                           Banner is an affectionate giant that is gentle with the smaller dogs, but com-
                                           mands respect when he enters the room.

                                           The Bernese Mountain Dog is a breed of sheepdog and takes its name from the
                                           canton of Bern in the central farmlands of Switzerland. By the late 1800s, the
                                           breed had almost disappeared when Franz Scherenleib, a breeder investigating
                                           the history of Swiss mountain dogs, found several good individuals in the Berne
                                           region. This breed was given its present name in 1908.

          310 East Fireweed Lane           The Bernese Mountain Dog has a full body that is slightly longer than its tail,
           Anchorage, AK 99503             with a deep chest. They have a rather long muzzle and V-shaped drop ears.
            Phone: 907-334-6962
             Fax: 907-334-6963                                                      They typically have hazel or brown eyes
                                                                                    and their coat is slightly wavy and is
                                                                                    always tri-colored.

                                                                                    Categorized by the AKC as a “Working
                                                                                    Dog”, they were originally bred to drive
            WERE ON THE WEB                                                         sheep and act as guard dogs, but they
         WWW.DOGTIREDDAYCARE.COM                                                    have proven to be a cheerful, intelligent
                                                         Banner                     family pet and makes a wonderful com-
                                                  Bernese Mountain Dog              panion dog… just ask Banner’s mom.

                                       Focus on Foster Dogs
There are three dogs that are         Charlie is an 11
currently being fostered by Dog       month-old male
Tired employees that are seeking      Maltese /
permanent, loving homes.              Pekingese mix
                                      that came to
                     Bruno is a one Animal Control
                     year-old male    because of some
                     Labrador         housetraining
                     Retriever /      issues. Ruth has                       Sydney is a 5-month old female
                     Rottweiler mix. been working                            Golden Retriever mix that came to
                     He came to       with Charlie on this as well as other  Mandy from a Dog Tired client who
                     Ruth from        obedience commands. Charlie is great did not have the time or money to
                     Animal           with other dogs, cats, and kids. He    care for a dog. She would do well
                     Control.         would do well in a house with other    in a home with a previously
Bruno is great with other dogs and    dogs or alone as long as you can       established dog over two years old.
would prefer not to be the only dog provide him with regular and frequent    She is excellent with cats and by all
in your home. Bruno loves kids and snuggling and petting. Any future          indications seems to be good with
co-exists with cats well. He is fully owner should know that Charlie will    kids. Sydney has completed a basic
housetrained and will ring a bell     need to be groomed on a regular basis, puppy obedience course and is
when he needs to be let outside.      as would any Maltese or Pekingese.     housebroken.
He knows all basic obedience
commands and has started fly ball         If you have room in your home and your heart for any of these
training.                              great dogs, please call Dog Tired to speak with Kari, Ruth or Mandy.

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