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      The Newsletter of the Worshipful Company of
                 Horners Winter 2009
    Master 2008/9: Michael Hart  Master 2009/10: Mark
  Clerk: A. Raymond Layard / Telephone: 020 7834 1575 / E-mail: horners.clerk@btinternet.com
   Company Website: www.horners.org.uk Newsletter Editor: david.2.brown@ntlworld.com
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Installation White-Out
                            Candlemas 2009 will be remembered for a long time. It was the first
                            occasion in living memory when the new Officers of the Company,
                            whose names had been approved at the December 2008 meeting of the
                            Court of Assistants, were not installed.

                            Seen on the left the Court room at the Painters’ Hall ready for the
                            Horners’ meeting

The reason - the heaviest fall of snow in the south east of England for 18
The Court subsequently agreed that the following should assume the
appointments in name with effect from 2nd February 2009 and that they be
formally elected and installed into office at the Court Meeting to be held on
Thursday 28th May 2009:
Master                    David Mark Spofforth
Upper Warden              Colin Temple Richards
Renter Warden             David Arthur Williams

Whilst the Court Meeting and the service of thanksgiving at St James Garlickhythe were both
abandoned, those who did make it to the Painters’ Hall on that snowy morning enjoyed an
excellent lunch, with no shortage of wine. The photo by Gerald Sharp of Ilford shows those who
made it.

All Our Yesterdays revisited
                                                            with nearly 600 acres of surrounding farmland. In
The year is 2009; World War 2 ended in 1945. But
                                                            time the estate belonged to a successful
“somewhere in England”, buildings still exist that
                                                            businessman - Herbert Samuel Leon - who when
contain yet to be revealed secrets, all on a “need to       achieving a successful financial outcome, added
know” basis (so as not to annoy foreign interests           extra wings and features to the house converting
possibly?). That “somewhere” is Bletchley Park,
                                                            it into the mansion that exists today, albeit it with
located 45 miles north west of London and the
                                                            some “interesting” architectural features (as seen
internationally recognised “birthplace of                   in the lower photo on the left). He was made a
computing“, among other things.                             Baronet in 1911 and died in 1923 leaving his
                                                            widow - Lady Fanny - to look after the estate until
                                                            her death in 1937.

                                                            Totally separately, the then Head of the Security
                                                            Service (MI6) was looking for a home for “his”
                                                            service.     After some interesting prologues,
                                                            “Captain Ridley’s shooting party” eventually
                                                            determined that this was the place of them even if
                                                            the then Government were more than a little
                                                            reluctant to stump up the cash. Eventually (and
                                                            possibly due to natural frustration with the
                                                            Treasury) he bought the estate with his own
                                                            money in 1938 for the princely sum of £7,500 - he
                                                            was later reimbursed by the Government - and set
The Horners made a pilgrimage to Bletchley Park             about creating the centre of code breaking. Huts
on July 10th 2008, where we enjoyed two tours of            were erected, clad in Canadian pine that had been
the site, punctuated by a very good lunch, when             treated so as to resist paint and then surrounded
the history and some of the secrets of “Station X”          by solid blast walls rising up to guttering height
were revealed. The Company’s thanks go to all               which not only restricted light but also limited the
those involved in the arrangements for our visit,           extent to which the windows could be opened.
especially our two very knowledgeable guides,               The result for the people that worked in the huts
Don O’Connell and Ray Nibbs (the latter seen                was pretty miserable if not downright arduous.
above on the right with arm outstretched) as well           The treatment applied to the Canadian pine
as the custodians of the Toy Museum, Mark and               cladding was certainly effective - even to this day,
Irene Cornelius who were our guests for lunch.              paint does not normally take on the treated
                                                            surface, even after all these years.

                                                            The site is full of significant memory-provoking
                                                            features. The Stable Yard was the home to the
                                                            homing pigeons and nearby lies the memorial to
                                                            the immense contribution that the people of
                                                            Poland made to the establishment of the decoding
                                                            system that enabled our security personal to
                                                            decode secret German messages transmitted
                                                            though the famous Enigma machines. Without
                                                            their help, it was felt that the war could have
                                                            lasted longer than it did, possibly by as much as
                                                            two years, such was their contribution.

                                                            The first decoding system was named - for
The site itself had an interesting history long
                                                            reasons best left untold here - a ‘Bombe’ machine
before it became the home of the code breakers.
                                                            which converted the intercepted Enigma signals
The main building started life as a farmhouse

                                                                 jerking collection of toys also serves as a memento
                                                                 of life in the 1930’s and 1940’s in all sorts of ways.

                                                                 Bletchley Park is well worth a visit. Bletchley
                                                                 railway station is about 10 minutes walk away
                                                                 and there is on-site car parking.        Further
                                                                 information from www.bletchleypark.org.uk
                                                                 [Photos courtesy of The Clerk and David Brown]

                                                                                                   Peter Handley

eventually into a readable message once a signal
pattern had been established. But the Bombe
(seen above) was not a computer - that honour
belongs to the Colossus machine (seen below) , a

                                                                 Annual Banquet
                                                                 At the invitation of the Lord Mayor, Mr Alderman
                                                                 David Lewis (who joined us in his own great
                                                                 dining room – The Egyptian Room), the Horners
                                                                 enjoyed their annual banquet, under their Master
                                                                 Mr Michael Hart and the Mistress Mrs Carmen
                                                                 Hart, in the Mansion House on 22nd October 2008.

m i g h t y v a l v e -p o w e r e d s e m i -programmable
contraption which was, among other things, able
with the help of 2,500 valves to decode the
messages transmitted by the more complex
Lorenz cypher system. 2,500 valves (or 5.25kw in
power) generate a lot of heat as the party
experienced on the tour. Bletchley contains
rebuilds of both the Bombe and Colossus
machines, the former in the visitor centre at Block
B and the latter in the Museum of Computing in
block H.

Block B houses the main exhibits and reception                   From the left – Mark Spofforth - the Upper Warden,
area including the restored Bombe, a real                        Michael Hart - the Master, Carmen Hart - the Mistress
despatch rider’s motorcycle and uniform and a                    and Colin Richards- the Renter Warden prepare
statue of Alan Turing by Stephen Kettle, made of
many, many pieces individual pieces of Welsh                     The Lord Mayor’s toast to the Company included
                          slate, as well as many                 the comment he had made to his wife Theresa,
                          other interesting                      who was also present, “Darling, did you ever in
                          artefacts. The site also               your wildest dreams imagine that one day I
                          includes a Post Office                 would be Lord Mayor of London?” To which she
                          with Post Master,                      replied “Darling, I’m afraid you never ever
                          (seen on the left),                    featured in my wildest dreams!”
                          which specialises in
                          distributing first day                 The banquet followed the traditional format,
covers among other things and a Toy Museum,                      which was organised as ever like clockwork by
which in addition to a remarkable and memory-                    the Company Clerk, Raymond Layard. It started

                                                           this took place to the strains of piano music
                                                           provided by Mr Alan Gout.

Mr Alderman David Lewis – the Lord Mayor inspects
the step-guard from 27 Squadron RAF

with the guests passing the step-guard formed of
members of 27 Squadron RAF, whose Officer
                                                           Assistant Robert Leader carries the Narwhal Horn at the
Commanding HQ Flight, Flight Lieutenant Gary               head of the procession into the Egyptian Hall
James, RAF and his wife Helen and the Second in
Command of 27 Squadron, Squadron Leader Jon                Once in situ, the Honorary Chaplain, Assistant the
Murname, RAF and his wife Sarah represented                Reverend Stuart Meyer said the Horners’ Grace
the squadron, many of whom were away on                    and we sat down to our feast. We started with
active duty in Afghanistan. Later all present drank        Tsar-cured Salmon with Vodka and Lime Sorbet,
to their health and safe return.                           accompanied with a South African Chenin Blanc.
                                                           We then enjoyed a Fillet of Beef in Dauphinoise
After the step-guard, we passed the Horners’               Sauce with Potato Rosti, Spinach, Carrot and Star
Award and its winning piece – EnviroKerb, a                Anis Puree. This was accompanied with a 2005
kerbstone made from recycled plastics.                     Rioja Criaza. For our dessert we had a Raspberry
                                                           Smoothie Mousse graced with Blueberry Syrup.
                                                           For the toasts we were given a glass of Fonseca

                                                           During the meal the Master took wine with his
                                                           Wardens and followed this by joining the Lord
                                                           Mayor in drinking from the Brookeborough
                                                           Quaich (our silver cup mounted in the antlers of a
                                                           great stag). He also took wine with a large group
                                                           of guests from Spain, including those who had
                                                           given great assistance during the Master’s
The Lady Mayoress and the Lord Mayor receive               weekend for the Company in Vitoria last May.
information from Assistant David Williams – Chairman
of the Horners’ Award Committee about the EnviroKerb
as the winners look on

 Thence on to the receiving line where we met the
Master and the Mistress, Michael and Carmen
Hart, the Upper Warden – Mark Spofforth, the
Renter Warden - Colin Richards and the Deputy
Master – David Oxley. After some refreshing
champagne we were summoned into the Egyptian
Hall and the procession of Master, Lord Mayor,
Mistress and Mayoress and the Officers of the
Company were led into the Hall by our Beadle,
David Alexander and Court Assistant Robert
                                                           The Mistress and the Lord Mayor undertake the
Leader, who carried the great Narwhal Horn. All            Ceremony of the Loving Cup

After the sung grace, the Ceremony of the Loving             Federation and the Director of Plastics Europe
Cup, (which was created following the                        Northern Region. This year’s Ralph Anderson
assassination of King Edward at Corfe Castile                Lecturer, Professor Robert Slater was also in
where he was stabbed in the back whilst drinking             attendance with his wife as guests of the Master,
from a cup which he held with both hands), was               as were Mr and Mrs David Aarononovitch. It was
enacted with great aplomb and serious ceremony.              David Aaronovitch who kindly replied on behalf
                                                             of the guests.
There then followed the Loyal Toast and the Toast
to the members of the Royal family. Both of these            Mr Aaronovitch did not disappoint us. He had
were proposed by the Master.                                 been very thorough in his research and told us
                                                             things about horn and the Horners that we had
The health of the Lord Mayor, the City of London             forgotten. Then, wearing his hat as a regular
Corporation and the Sheriffs was then proposed               columnist for the Times, a writer for the
by the Upper Warden, Mark Spofforth. The Lord                Guardian, Independent and Observer and winner
Mayor then rose to make his witty response and               of the George Orwell Prize for political journalism
thanked the Company for the money raised for                 in 2001, he carefully analysed the current political
his charities. He then proposed the health of the            challenges of the deteriorating financial situation.
Company and presented the Horners’ Award to                  He saw no future in the prophets of economic
Mr John McLoughlin from the makers of                        doom.

The Master then proposed the health of the
guests. As well as the Lord Mayor and The Lady
Mayoress, we were pleased to welcome Sheriff
George Gillon and the City Marshall, Colonel Billy
King Harman, CBE. From our sister companies we
welcomed the Masters and their ladies from the
Gold and Silver Wyre Drawers, the Guild of
Freemen, the Lightmongers, the Painters, the
Poulterers, the Scientific Instrument Makers and
the Tax Advisors. The Past Masters of the
Fruiterers, the Gardeners and the Scientific
Instrument Makers also graced the occasion, as
                                                             Richard Baker – the Assistant Clerk (on the left) and
did the Clerk of the Painter-Stainers. Other
                                                             Raymond Layard – the Clerk check the timings as they
Companies represented by Liverymen included                  enter the Egyptian Hall. It all went like clockwork and
                                                             we even all left on time thus avoiding overtime charges

                                                             And then it was time to go home. Badges of office
                                                             back in their cases and evening dress back
                                                             amongst the mothballs until the call comes for
                                                             next year’s banquet. Let the saving up begin!

                                                             All photos of the installation and the Annual
                                                             Banquet are by Gerald Sharp Photography of
                                                             Ilford. www.sharpphoto.co.uk

                                                             The Eleventh Ralph
Mr David Aaronovitch amuses those present with his
erudition as he replies on behalf of the guests to the       Anderson Lecture
Master’s toast                                               On 6 th November 2008 the Horners and their
                                                             many guests from our fellow City Companies
the Carmen, the Glass-Sellers, and the Parish                returned after two years of exile to the house of
Clerks together with a representative of the Welsh           the Royal Institution in Albemarle Street. During
Livery Guild. From industry we were joined by                our two years away the RI had spent £22 million
the Director General of the British Plastics                 on a complete ‘make over’ and was ready for the

21 st Century, with our scientific forefathers’
achievements recorded in glorious colour and
light on many polymeric panels in both old and
new surroundings.

However, times are hard and a self-guided tour of
the new facilities, including a re-vamped Faraday
Museum in the basement and a brand new bar
and dining room of the ground floor, replaced the
traditional mingle with a glass of champagne in
our hands.

                                                                  The double-helical nature of the horns of a mighty goat

At the start of the lecture Professor Robert Slater and the       We were then asked to identify the odd one out of
Master, Michael Hart (centre) listen to the evacuation            four images – a hen, a turtle, a duck-billed
instructions from the Clerk, Raymond Layard
                                                                  platypus and the Master Horner. The answer was
At 7.00 p.m. the Clerk summoned us to the re-                     that each is odd in its own way! Introducing us to
furbished Faraday Theatre – the heart of the                      chromosomes, the lecturer posed another question
Institution’s discourse area and here, the Master,                to the audience. This was how much DNA do
Michael Hart, welcomed all and called upon                        various animals have, and which has the most.
Professor Robert Slater, holder of the Glaxo                      The surprising answer was an amoeba.
Wellcome Chair in Biomolecular Sciences in the
University of Hertfordshire to deliver the 11th                   Several live animals then made an appearance in
Ralph Anderson Memorial Lecture, which he duly                    the theatre via the good offices of the Paradise
did in a style which both Sir Humphrey Davy, his                  Wild Life Farm in Broxbourne, Herts.
protégé Michael Faraday and Sir Lawrence Bragg,
(all Directors of the RI, who had in their time
stood at the same lecture desk in to deliver their
lectures and scientific demonstrations) would
have been proud.

Taking as his title ‘A polymer for life’, Professor
Slater immediately gained our attention by
showing us a slide of the helical, keratin-based
horns of a mighty goat, thus establishing a
connection between the Horners and the
breakthrough in our understanding which came
when Watson and Crick established the double-                     The parrot and the skunk with their handlers from the
helical nature of DNA in 1952.                                    Paradise Wild Life Farm in Broxbourne

                                                                     We then all transferred to the Library for some
                                                                     refreshment. Throwing out the bathwater often
Mrs Janet Anstis is pleased to accept temporary custody of the       loses the baby and the refurbishment of the RI is a
visiting snake                                                       classic case in point. The changes have meant that
                                                                     our original, generous, easy-to-eat, help-yourself,
Once the animals had left we were asked to                           hot and cold buffet snacks with plates and
estimate the number of atoms in the universe. The                    napkins, had been replaced by delightfully-
answer is 1 x 1070 and our minds were further                        delivered (but impossible to get your teeth into
made to boggle at the number of genes there                          without losing the contents onto the new carpet)
would be. Professor Slater then touched on DNA                       mini-buns made from bagel-hard bread on sticks.
in forensic science and how its use in crime                         The initiation of these disappointing changes was
detection had changed over the last twenty years.                    somewhat ameliorated by the copious amounts of
                                                                     wine which continued to flow until we were
                                                                     replete. If the RI has mice they will soon be the
                                                                     fattest imaginable after all the food that hit the

                                                                                                      David Brown
Under the chairmanship of the Master (on the left)
Professor Slater answers questions from the audience

After several deep and meaningful questions from
                                                                     News of our 2006 Charity
the glitterati, which were answered with
sympathy, the Horners’ Renter Warden, Colin                                                       In     2006    the
Richards (seen below) proposed a vote of thanks.                                                  Master’s charity
                                                                                                  was Hearing Dogs
                                                                                                  for Deaf People. In
                                                                                                  May 2008, Past
                                                                                                  Master Ray Anstis
                                                                                                  (seen on the left)
                                                                                                  visited their
                                                                                                  headquarters at
                                                                                                  Saunderton in
                                                                                                  Buckinghamshire .
                                                                                                  The new kennel
                                                                     block has now been completed and he was
                                                                     pleased to see that the support of the Horners’
Company is recorded permanently on a plaque at          well known to us. Together with Clifford's
the entrance.                                           surviving brother David, (seen on the left) who
                                                        has also been involved with the Trust, Eric and I
Memorial to Clifford Welch                              were privileged to be invited to this prestigious
                                                        occasion. The Reverend Alan Tanner was also
A report by Mary Hunt                                   present and gave one of several tributes to
                                                        Clifford's dedication, advice and his patient and
In the 1960s Dr Katherine Dormandy moved from           wise council over the years.
Great Ormond Street Hospital to set up a
pioneering unit for the treatment of haemophilia
at the Royal Free Hospital, working from a              Masters Charity to benefit
caravan in the car park. Among the original adult       MND research
patients there were our late Senior Past Master
Clifford Welch and his brothers. When Katherine
                                                        A report by Michael Hart
Dormandy acquired some funds, she turned to
Clifford for advice and he founded a Trust in her
name and continued for the rest of his life to
guide it through many political and financial
challenges. He enabled the provision of a large

                                                        L-R Professor Chris Shaw, Mary Hunt, Tim Farren, the
                                                        Mistress and the Master Horner, (Carmen & Michael

                                                        On Friday 16th January 2009 a party of Horners
                                                        comprising the Master and Mistress, Mary Hunt
                                                        and Timothy Farren found themselves at Kings
                                                        College Hospital Neurology Department hearing
Professor Ted Tuddenham with Jill Welch
                                                        the latest on the research that will bring benefit to
                                                        those suffering from Motor Neurone Disease from
dedicated Unit (and eventually a Chair of
                                                        Professor Chris Shaw. Real progress is continuing
Haemophilia) within the Hospital and he
                                                        to be made. Professor Shaw described how the
encouraged and supported the use of funds for
                                                        technology has marched ahead even in the last
research. The Horners' General Charity Fund
                                                        year and that it was now practical to sequence the
contributed to this research in 1994 and again in
                                                        whole genomic DNA of individuals and this
2004 and the present Director of the Unit,
                                                        would hugely improve the speed and ability to
Professor Ted Tuddenham, has now reached the
                                                        uncover the causes of the disease. Even without
very exciting step of approaching clinical trials
                                                        this new technology they had found a new and
with gene therapy for Factor IX deficiency
                                                        third gene that is connected with the disease and
(Haemophilia B or Christmas Disease).
                                                        these markers with their associated pathways are
                                                        enabling the team to make headway in the
Mark, the late son of our
                                                        understanding of the disease.
Honorary Freeman Alan Tanner,
was also a patient at the Unit
and created a fantastic mural
                   (seen on
                   the right)
                   in the
                   children's ward. On 9th
                   January 2 0 0 9 , a memorial
                   plaque to Clifford was
                   unveiled by his wife Jill, so

                                                              Virginia he managed a sheep station for some
                                                              years before he bought a property in southern
                                                              Queensland. His love for nature has provided the
                                                              perfect grounding for his artistic career.

                                                              Horn buttons and horn spoons

The Horners charitable contribution of £15,000                His career in horning began in an unlikely way.
was presented by the Master and many thanks                   Virginia asked him to make a container for a
were given as the money will be most welcome. In              flower arrangement and as there were a number
recognition the Horners will be mentioned in a                of cattle horns available, he made one in horn. As
forthcoming paper to be published in Science,                 a result she won first prize at a local flower
which is a most prestigious journal.                          arranging competition and so John’s career began
Horn News from                                                in horn-working. John’s first efforts in horn were
                                                              to produce horn buttons and not long after he was
Down-under                                                    asked by the museum in Port Arthur to make
In May 2008 Past Master Bernard Schaverien and                bone buttons for the old convicts’ uniforms on
his wife, Past Archivist & Keeper of our horn                 display there, as well as provide metal crochet
collection, Adele Schaverien were invited up to               hooks with horn handles, horn tatting shuttles
Brisbane by gallery owner Cate Edwards to take                (used in weaving) and engraved horn thimbles.
part in a tribute to Australia’s only master Horner           Over the years he and Virginia have produced
John      Trier     and    his     wife    Virginia.          thousands of buttons in a variety of shapes,
                                                              circular, rectangular, rhomboid, as well as from
                                                              the solid tip. The buttons had to be cut and
                                                              ground, and some were dyed and hand polished
                                                              without the aid of complex machinery used for
                                                              today’s mass-produced buttons. Polishing buttons
                                                              by hand is risky operation as there is a frequent
                                                              loss as a button takes flight from the spinning,
                                                              buffing mop and many are never retrieved. They
                                                              were then packed for export or despatched to an
                                                              exclusive retailer of leather and sheepskin coats in
                                                              Canberra, who had commissioned them.

                                                              As a single working craftsman it is necessary to
                                                              devise and make your own tools and this
                                                              challenge was met many times over by John’s
                                                              ingenuity. John invented a novel method of
Past Master Bernard Schaverien and Adele at the muster        sanding the button blanks; as well as devising a
                                                              simple method of shaping individual beads for a
As John is approaching retirement it was (rightly)            later product, the unique horn and pewter
felt by Cate that some acknowledgement should                 necklaces which are much in demand. He
mark the outstanding work he has done for the                 designed and made spoon moulds for over dozen
craft. All the more remarkable is the fact John’s             different shapes as producing a mould twenty
skills and working techniques of this ancient craft           years ago would have cost $1,200 AUD each; John
are self-taught. John was educated at Malvern                 produced his own moulds for $140 each. His skills
College before his family came out to Australia.              in the workshop were enhanced by winning a
As a young man he became a ‘jackeroo’ at western              Churchill Scholarship in 1995; this enabled John
Queensland properties, and after his marriage to              and Virginia to travel to the United Kingdom,
France and Germany and Indonesia to improve
his knowledge of horn-working.                              Cate Edwards was also kind enough to insist on a
                                                            Queensland launch of Adele’s book* at the same
The articles he produced in horn and silver are             time and it was gratifying to find so much interest
and will remain classic in the history of the craft,        in the craft and its history.
but due to the cost of this precious metal John has                                     Adele Schaverien
chosen to use pewter as a companion material to
horn so that pieces are more widely available. His          *Adele’s book: Horn: its history and uses
designs are functional in form, simple and true to          ( I S B N 0 -646-46430-2) was published by
the materials and have an appeal that has a
                                                            NHPS in 2006. Its arrival was reported in
timeless quality.
                                                            Horn Blower in Spring 2007.
The tribute to John took place in the Arts Centre at
the recently completed creative centre at Brisbane          Navidades villancios en San
Girls’ Grammar School. A range of John’s work,
old and new, was displayed (as seen on the next             James
page) and as well as the items mentioned above
there were examples of his rice spoon, cream                The delightful Mistress Horner, Mrs Carmen Hart,
ladle, three piece cruet sets, shoehorns, horn and          made all the difference to the Horners’ Carol
pewter and bracelets (one black horn and pewter             Service, held in the church of St James
bracelet was snapped up by Adele) and many                  Garlickhythe on Thursday 18th December 2008.
other items. Several examples of John’s “canes for          She had got together with the choir’s musical
the connoisseur” were accompanied by their                  director Honorary Freeman Richard Glasspoole,
owners. The most original and elegant object on             to write a new carol – ‘Lord of Light’, Dioz Luz
display came through a commission for a horn                and Richard had set it to a traditional Spanish
conductor’s baton, intended as a special gift. John         setting which he plucked out on guitar whilst the
produced two batons, both enhanced by slender               Horners’ Choir sang the haunting words. Carmen
pewter rings.                                               was also one of the readers in our traditional
                                                            service with 6 lessons, 7 congregational carols and
                              Adele discovered              5 carols sung by the choir. We were also pleased
                              recently that John            to welcome back Ellie Moran, a former Becker
                              prepared up to 800            Scholar of the Company, who sang Nur Ein Wink
                              horns in order to             Von Seinem Haenden from J.S.Bach’s ‘The
                              select the correct            Christmas Oratorio’.
                              colours and suitably
                              flattened horn plates         Other readers included Raymond Layard, the
                              for the horn panels in        Clerk; Colin Richards, the Renter Warden; Mark
                              the Company’s                 Spofforth, the Upper Warden; Michael Hart, the
                              Millennium Cup. He            Master and the Reverend Stuart Meyer, our
                              has also produced the         Honorary Chaplain who led us in our prayers and
                              horn      box    to be        gave the blessing. After the service a capacity
                              mounted in silver and         crowd took supper in various parts of the
                              added       to     the        Painters’ Hall and after the feast all were
                              Westminster Tobacco           entertained by Liveryman Simon Hurrell and his
Box for the Past Overseers’ Society as the addition         friends.
for their tri-centenary in 2013.                                          Poco de ayuda del papa noel
The range of horn items that have been produced
from a small and dusty workshop on top of a hill                         A l e t t e r of thanks
in southern Queensland is impressive. John aided
by Virginia, supplies exclusive outlets worldwide                        from the Salvation
in the United States, the United Kingdom and                             Army
Taiwan. John is indeed a remarkable craftsman,
undaunted by the challenge of working with horn
he has produced highly esteemed and prized
                                                            To: All at St James Garlickhythe Church
work that will remain so for generations to come.
   And all Livery Companies who supported
   our Christmas Toy and Gift Appeal                       Jeremy Cartwright gave up singing for and
                                                           organising the choir around 1997, when his place
Dear Friends,                                              was taken by the Reverend Stuart Meyer as
                                                           Musical Director. On Stuart's appointment as
I am writing to you all to express a heartfelt             Honorary Chaplain to the Company, his place
gratitude for your generosity to support our               was taken by Honorary Freeman Richard
Christmas 2008 appeal. Your gifts really did make          Glasspoole. Richard not only directs the music
a difference. We supplied gifts this year to over          and conducts the choir, but has also composed
750 children, teenagers and people in need.                pieces which have become the Horners' "Introit"
Without people such as yourselves and your                 and "Responses" sung at the Election Day service
willingness to help we couldn’t do the work we             each year at Candlemas. It is manifest that under
do at Christmas, and on behalf of the Salvation            Richard's guidance, the standard and quality of
Army in Chelsea I want to express our thanks               the choir's contribution to the Company's two
through this letter to you all.                            annual services remains undiminished to the
                                                           evident enjoyment of the congregation.
Christmas 2008 at Chelsea saw many people
going the extra mile, and it was privilege to have         And now a serious plea: The lifeblood of the choir
accompany me for the delivery of many of the               is of course new members to replace those who
gifts I talk about above, Alderman Gordon                  from time to time leave. The commitment is not in
Warwick Haines. I’m sure Gordon has shared                 any way onerous, and if anyone (especially if an
something of that day with many of you, and I              alto) is interested in joining this happy little
hope and pray he has just simply relayed to you            fellowship of singers, would they please make
what a difference your gifts have made.                    themselves known to P/M Lynn Walters, the
                                                           choir Administrator, whose contact details appear
God Bless and I pray you will help us again in             in the Livery List.
Yours in His Service
Sally Spry (Major),     Commanding Officer –                                         Committee
Chelsea Corps of the Salvation Army
                                                           From their beginnings the Livery Companies
                                                           undertook to be responsible, amongst other
The Horners’ Choir                                         things, for the social welfare of their Members and
                                                           their families. This welfare was both spiritual and
                            Many members will              material. Members and their families received
                            be      aware       the        help in sickness and in bereavement. Almshouses
                            Company has its own            were established and today some Companies still
                            choir which, as far as         support them. The Horners are one of the few
                            we know, is the only           Companies who have an Almoners Committee;
                            London City Livery             some Companies just have an appointed
                            Company to do so. Its          Almoner.
                            gestation began in
                            1985 at the Election           The Horners “Almoner” activities were initiated
                            Service of that year,          in 1982 by the then Assistant Clerk, Dr. Eric Hunt
                            when Court Assistant           and his wife Mary. Ten years later these activities
                            (now Past-Master               were put on a more formal basis by the then
                            Emeritus) J e r e m y          Master, Harry Kleeman, and the new Clerk, John
Cartwright sang alone in the organ loft of St.             Holt. They were given the name “Almoners”
James Garlickhythe. He was accompanied by Dr
Andrew Parmley, now an Honorary Freeman of                 Dr. Mary Hunt continued in her original role,
this Company, and also an Alderman of the City.            Elizabeth Rogers volunteered to be an Almoner
We are most fortunate that Andrew can still find           and Assistant Basil Leverton became the Co-
time to play for us, which he does to this day.            ordinator and the Member responsible for
reporting to the Court. More recently Past Master
Ray Anstis and Assistant Simon Baldwin-Purry
                                                          Expensive time for members
became Members reporting to the Court and                 of the Horners Golf Society
currently Assistant Alison Gill has taken on this
role. Mary Hunt was Co-ordinator from 1998 to                                      At their appearance
2000, Elizabeth Rogers followed Mary, becoming                                     against the Worshipful
Co-ordinator in 2001, Sheila Davis in 2004 and                                     Company of Marketors
Roslyn Walters became Chairman in 2007.                                            held at the RAC Club in
                                                                                   Epsom on 22nd April
  The Committee’s activities include visiting,                                     2008, Past Master Miles
telephoning and offering support to those who are                                  Baird holed in one. Thus
unwell with either acute or chronic illness                                        the adjacent photograph
together with the housebound. Flowers and cards                                    shows a shocked Miles
are sent when appropriate. Of course these                                         standing between ex-
responses are only made having received                                            England rugby player
information from Members or their families. The           and Come Dancing star, Austin Healy (on the left)
Almoners welcome people as they arrive at                 and the Master Marketor, John Fisher, prior to
church to attend the Election Day and Carol               ‘buying his round’ for 100 thirsty souls. (Actually
Services. They, and other volunteers, hand out the        he made a substantial donation to the Marketors’
service sheets, provide help with the seating and         Charity). At the Society’s meeting at Ashridge,
take the collections.                                     where they were playing for the Horners’ Trophy
                                                          against the Paviors and the Environmental
The Almoners Committee now has a Chairman.                Cleaners, Liveryman John MacCabe enjoyed the
The other Members are Liverymen and their                 same success as Miles.
wives who have volunteered their services and
include the Honorary Chaplain, the Rev. Stuart            The Horners Golf Society ( H.G.S.), under their
Meyer. The members of the Committee do not                President Past Master John Webb, had two of its
have a fixed term of office, but the Chairman is          own meetings during 2008 and took part in
usually in post for three years. The appointment          competitions along with several other City
of the Chairman requires approval by the Court.           Companies, including the Worshipful Companies
The Committee meets formally once a year to               of Actuaries, Barbers, Fuellers, Insurers, Tallow
report and record activity, discuss relevant              Chandlers and Tin Plate Workers.
matters and future plans, and review committee
membership. The Master, Wardens and Clerk are             Many of the fixtures are to be repeated in 2009.
invited to attend and a report of the meeting is          Those interested in helping our teams towards
presented to the next Court Meeting. The                  success should contact Past Master Miles Baird.
Committee is funded for the expenditure of
sending flowers and cards by the Company.
                                                                       H.G.S. visit to Mijas,
As the current Chairman, I would like to ask for
help from the Livery and their families. The                           Spain
Committee would welcome new volunteers on
the Committee and to hear from anyone who                              The Horners flew in pair by pair
would be willing to visit, telephone or otherwise         and all gathered at the Byblos Andaluz on a
contact any unwell or housebound person in their          glorious Saturday in October 2008. We were met
vicinity. However, the most important thing               by Honorary Assistant Simon Baldwin-Purry who
Members can do for the Committee is to inform us          left England to live in warmer parts some years
of anyone who would like to hear from us. Any             ago and October has become a time of pilgrimage
suggestions about our role or the extension of our        to greet him as that is when his birthday falls.
activities would be most welcome, and should be           Lunch lasted from 14.30 till 23.00 with only a
made to myself or any member of the Committee.            small change of restaurants around 19.00 to
Our names and contact details can be found in the         accommodate the ladies.
Livery List.
                              Roslyn Walters              Thursday saw an early tee off at the course
                                                          outside the hotel and very nice it all was too. The
                                                          weather was hot and the food was good. The golf
is never easy but the alcohol flowed and never                attended any of our functions will testify to the
gave a hint of running out. Thursday turned to                great spirit of competition between the 3 op
Friday and the weather got hotter the golf was                flights, but also the enormous sense of belonging
played at La Cala resort and if you know of a                 that comes of being part of 27 Squadron. Our time
more difficult place to play then dig a small hole            is split into roughly 10-week periods. The first
in the ground and whisper it before recovering                period consists of being the National Standby
the earth for La Cala has all the difficulty a mere           Flight. RAF Odiham holds a commitment to
mortal man needs. Saturday was glorious and                   deploy Chinooks to any part of the UK within 2
Simon invited us all out to dinner and very good              hours of call out for a variety of tasks, which
it was too. Simon had a lovely Mexican lady look              includes compassionate tasks (returning serving
after us all and what a lovely person she was.                members to critically ill loved ones, for example)
                                                              and military aid to civil powers (flood relief for
On the Sunday we all returned to Blighty and it               example).
was damp and cold. But our thoughts of the great
golf played by all remained but especially by our             RAF Odiham has 5 operational flights in total (18
winner Philip Marchant.                                       Squadron have 2 op flights) and each flight rotates
                                                              out to Afghanistan at 10 week intervals. Each
There is plenty of room for non-golfers so if a little        flight takes its turn with local and UK
break in late summer suits you please sign up for             responsibilities and duties, but the Station’s main
2009.                                                         effort is support to operations and so about 2
                                     Jack Bunyer              months before deployment, a flight’s focus will be
                                                              almost entirely on pre-deployment training.
News from 27 Squadron                                         Briefings and ground training fill 3 weeks or so,
                                                              but the real emphasis is placed understandably on
Some time ago, I was approached and asked to                  flying training. Although it can never be truly
write a regular article for Horn Blower to keep The           representative, scenarios are practiced that closely
Company abreast of news of 27 Squadron. Just a                simulate flying in Afghanistan. Recently, B Flight
few hundred words, they said. Just news of                    deployed to Jordan to practice desert flying
what’s happening, they said. No problem, I said.              techniques and C Flight disappeared to Morocco
                                                              to do the same.
                          So then the difficult bit.
                          Putting into words what             Now to the business of deployment: 10 weeks of
                          we’ve been up to. To us,            living in 4-man rooms, sleeping in bunk beds, 16
                          life has been going on              hour days and not a drop to drink. It is here the
                          pretty much as normal –             flights and the Squadron are galvanised into the
                          the routine of training to          closely bonded and tightly knit unit. They are
                          deploy, deployment and              tough times but rewarding times. The chance to
                          the n p o s t -deployment           actually do one’s job, put all the training to use
                          recovery. To others such            and perhaps make a difference.

as those reading this article, what we do is
anything but “normal”.

In the first of what will become a regular feature, I
thought I’d give you an overview of our routine
as well as pick out salient newsworthy items.

The Squadron has 4 Flights – A, B, C and HQ, the
former 3 being the deployable, operational flights
(though we do get help from the headquarters).
Each operational (op) flight consists of around 7
crews of 4 (i.e. 2 pilots and 2 crewmen) and train,           Since the last issue of Horn B lower, all 3 flights
work and deploy together as a (pretty much)                   have deployed and returned (mercifully) safely.
autonomous unit. Those of you who have                        Like our deployments, Taliban activity is cyclical
and depends very much on the poppy harvest. C               Before long our full detachment of 48 Horners and
Flight had a particularly torrid time of it during          guests were assembled and bussed to the
the latter part of the summer just after the harvest        maintenance hangars on the airside of the base
but always managed to stay one step ahead.                  where we were issued with our large “one size fits
                                                            all” flying helmets and split into two groups for
Our Officer Commanding, Wing Commander                      the flying experience. My lot proceeded to a
Dom Toriati, has recently completed a successful 4          parked Chinook Helicopter where we were given
month tour as Commander Joint Helicopter Force              a pre-flight briefing on safety and flying discipline
(Afghanistan). It is an enormous responsibility to          by Flight Sergeant Grizz Adams.
command all of the UK helicopter assets in theatre
and I’m sure he will regale you of his exploits             Having shown us where to find the “sick bags”
when next you meet him.                                     and asked us to keep a sharp look out for
                                                            anything abnormal such as “dripping” or
Of further note, Flight Lieutenant John Tipper was          “flapping” I think we were all pretty
recently awarded a Mention-in-Dispatches for                apprehensive as we were ushered out on to the
rescuing wounded personnel under fire whilst on             tarmac. Bending forward against the hot air rush
operations. John has since left the RAF to pursue           from the thrust of the engines we moved slowly
a career in the City, but joins the long list of            across the ground and up the ramp into the
recipients of honours at RAF Odiham. I’m sure               cavernous interior of the aircraft. Here we all
you join us in congratulating him and wishing               strapped ourselves in tightly not least because the
him all the best in the future.                             rear ramp of the helicopter remained open
                                                            throughout the flight.
Having now “set the scene”, I hope that future
articles will concentrate more on news “from the
front”, but I felt it important to introduce
ourselves and our way of life first. So, for now at
least, I send the very best from 27 Squadron and
bid you adieu as I head off for sunnier pastures
among the poppies.

           Flight Lieutenant Nigel Thorpe
                                 B Flight

A fantastic day out – the
Horners annual visit to
27 Squadron RAF Odiham                                      Almost with out noticing, our senses dulled by
It was my pleasure once again to be volunteered             the noise of the engines and rotors we rose into
as reporter on a major event for Horn Blower and            the air and began banking and turning and
with this duty very much in mind I arrived at               gathering speed. This was quite unlike any flying
RAF Odiham in plenty of time on Friday 5th                  one might normally experience outside Disney
September 2008 for the annual get together of               World. However almost immediately the (my)
Horners and the active service personnel of 27              panic subsided and the flight became very
Squadron. After some minor confusion at the                 enjoyable as the gentle rolling farmland of the
Guard House the early arrivals were redirected to           southern counties passed beneath us at about 120
the Officers Mess where we were warmly                      miles an hour and, considering the overcast
welcomed by the Acting CO of 27 Squadron -                  weather, the visibility over the “tailgate” and out
Squadron, Leader Jon Murnane and Flight                     of the windows was excellent.
Lieutenants Gary James and Nigel Thorpe. As the
morning was depressingly overcast and damp, a               We took turns at plugging our headsets into the
cup of coffee and the confirmation that we would            flying communications system to listen to the
in fact be flying was good news indeed.                     pilots Ian Cuthbertson and Rich Elford talking to
                                                            air traffic control and each other. However in no
                                                            time at all, and far too soon for my liking, we were
returning to the base and touching down for
disembarkation. What an exhilarating twenty five
minutes experience.

                               Once down the two
                               flights were again
                               combined in the 27
                               S q u a d r o n O p s.
                               centre       for    a
                               presentation by Jon
                               Murnane on the
                               history      of   the
                               squadron and its
                               current operational
                               role both at home
                                                             With the Horners outnumbered at most of the
and in Afghanistan. The squadron has seen action
                                                             tables it was a pleasure and a eye opener to enjoy
in many theatres of war including the Falklands,
                                                             very fine food and wine in the excellent company
in Africa and Kosovo. It was sent to Pakistan to
                                                             of the young men and women we are associated
assist with the earthquake and has domestically
                                                             with and to learn about their exceptional daily
dealt with floods, fires and an enormous variety
                                                             lives. The extraordinary nature of their work was
of emergency situations. The main message of the
                                                             highlighted when squadron leader Murnane read
presentation was that this Squadron is fully
                                                             out the citation and presented the medal for
operational at all times and in particular that the
                                                             “Mention in Dispatches” to Flying Officer John
pilots and aircrew and support teams spend tours
                                                             Tipper for his courage in, having collected injured
of ten weeks on active service with the coalition
                                                             personnel on an immediate response sortie,
forces in Afghanistan every five months.
                                                             returning under attack from enemy positions to
                                                             pick up additional casualties.
And so to lunch……The Horners were to join
most of the Squadron members for a formal
                                                             The Master Horner rose to thank the Squadron for
luncheon in the Officers Mess to celebrate the end
                                                             their splendid hospitality and to say what a
of a “three day event” during which the three
                                                             privilege it was to be able to help celebrate the
flights of the squadron Flights A,B and C had
                                                             Squadron’s many achievements over the past
been competing with one another in a variety of
                                                             year. He almost glossed over a reference to the
activities from rowing to five a side football and
                                                             fact that in an attempt to visit a member’s private
even a quiz. When I say “formal” I may have
                                                             estate with one of the aircraft during the morning
exaggerated a tad as the dress code for the lunch
                                                             flight the pilot had inadvertently landed and
not only included No.1 Uniforms but an assorted
                                                             taken off in the County Police Training College
collection of “accessories” including many false
                                                             grounds to some consternation. The Master then
handlebars, several Biggles helmets and goggles,
                                                             presented the magnificent Primary Horn Award
early airmen’s scarves, assorted pipes and cravats
                                                             to A flight amid a fair amount of heckling from
and a stuffed dog mascot. The RAF clearly still
                                                             the losing teams.
has a fine sense of humour.
                                                             Finally those Horners without chauffeurs or
                                                             homes to go to retired with the Officers and
                                                             Crews to the Squadron Bar for the rest of the
                                                             afternoon and I have yet to receive an intelligible
                                                             report of what happened there whilst I made my
                                                             way back slowly along the M25 after a
                                                             memorable, exhilarating, enjoyable day in which
                                                             those young men and women in their flying
                                                             machines made me feel so proud to know them.
                                                                                               John Bunker
                                                             Douglas Eric James Hunt

Duggie Hunt was friendly with all - especially if
female! - and yet he escaped marriage.
                                                           The Lord Mayor’s Show 2008
                                                           (i) The Master’s View
                                                           Saturday 8th November was a truly wet day, but
                                                           saw the streets of the City of London thronging
                                                           with crowds in anticipation of the Lord Mayor’s
                                                           Show. Alderman Ian Luder was to be driven in
                                                           the garish golden carriage for his swearing in.

                                                           The Horners had not been in the Lord Mayor
                                                           Show since 1989 and I was determined to take
                                                           part in it during my year as Master.

His war record was outstanding, rising from Able
Seaman to Commander and being awarded for
MTB services two DSCs so close in time that they
were presented at the same Investiture. The
photograph above shows Duggie (L) at
Buckingham Palace with his friend John Fisher,
grandson of Admiral Lord Fisher.

 He had volunteered for the navy and served his
early months in considerable discomfort in the
bowels of the battleship "Renown". Only measles
saved him from the ill-fated "Hood". Details               A sponsor Borealis was found and I delegated to
appeared in his obituary in the Telegraph.                 Liveryman Hugh Moss the arrangement of the
                                                           detailed organization. Eight enthusiasts were
On leaving the navy, he joined his family's                found to walk alongside the lorry. The slogan
printing business. As in the case of our late Hac          “Horn to Plastic” was well displayed on their
Collinson, he was a great horseman.                        attire and they made much use of the Horners’
                                                           umbrellas. Well done to everyone specially the
He was our third most senior Liveryman (from               eight walkers: Lynn Walters, Helen Davis, Roger
February 1952) having been sponsored by                    Cline, Mark and Nina Lewis, John MacCabe,
Georgina's grandfather. His uncle was our Master           Martin Muirhead and Denis Cruse. It was an
in 1937, his father was a Liveryman as also are his        overwhelming experience seeing the crowds en
nephews, Geoff and David Pullen. Until a few               masse along the streets especially when we
years ago he played Real Tennis on many                    approached the stand by St Mary-le-Bow where
Saturday mornings with our late P/M Len Smith              so many Horners were supporting the event in
and he regularly attended the Mansion House                torrential rain. Thank you to you all!
with a large party. His wake was held on the date                                           Michael Hart.
of his 92nd birthday. We shall remember his
always cheerful presence at many events despite
his recently increasing frailty.                           (ii)The Organiser’s View
                                      Eric Hunt

                                                           The then Upper Warden, Michael Hart suggested
                                                           that he and I watched the 2007 Lord Mayor’s
                                                           Show - just to get an idea of what went on! That
Show was a dry, interesting morning followed by
a leisurely lunch. Simple!

All was well until next spring when the
instructions for the 2008 Show came in the post
from the Pageantmaster. Now things had to be
real. Blink and you are out! What would we put
on the float? How big should it be? How much
money had we to spend? What did our sponsors

Fortunately Michael is proactive, so thoughts had
to be marshalled and soon we had an outline of
                                                          Saturday arrives, pouring with rain. Eight
what was wanted. But we and the sponsors did
                                                          walkers, volunteers apart from the people on the
not like each other’s colour schemes. We wanted
                                                          back of the float, set off with ‘sounding’ horns and
an input from 27 Squadron but we kept ‘not
                                                          umbrellas. Crowds 10 to 15 people deep.
talking to the right person’. That was solved by
                                                          Fantastic reception. Lunch from “ASDA style”
personal contact when 27 Squadron came to
                                                          haversacks. I produce some wine. The Master
Horners’ events – and produced some excellent
                                                          produces some wine. The Clerk produces some
work. And after many international mobile
                                                          wine. Lots of smiles. On the way back, still the
phone calls, the sponsors were satisfied.
                                                          crowds line the route, although this time only 5 to
                                                          10 people deep. English Masochism!
The second Movement Order arrived from the
Pageantmaster. Help! We need the float to be
                                                          Ring wife, take a taxi to warm, dry hotel, lots of
ready by 3pm the day before! How long does it
                                                          London-based family, relax. They are wetter than
take to get from the sign makers to Smithfield
                                                          I am but enjoyed themselves – l i k e the other
Market? But that means that the driver needs to
                                                          100,000 plus people.
leave by …? Then we find that the normal driver
cannot make the ‘day before’. Will there be a                                                  Hugh Moss
spare driver?
                                                          Sudden Death Scoring Ends
9am at the sign makers, the day before LMS day.
No lorry. Ring driver. Still at the scaffolders at        Tennis Hopes
Rainham, having the framework fixed. How long
to get here? Can we pre-prepare anything? VERY
helpful sign makers. Lots of coffee, heart now
beating more slowly. Driver arrives, rolls up
sleeves and we assemble the work in time to get
him off down the road again.

Later, we meet each other at the Pageantmaster’s
briefing meeting. You will .., you will not …
“Only once in hundreds of years has the Show
been cancelled - Wellington’s funeral” – but
THAT was serious.                                         The Inter-Livery Tennis Competition, organised
                                                          by the Worshipful Company of Feltmakers is so
                                                          popular that completing all the stages in one day
                                                          (league system followed by knock-out) are under
                                                          intense time pressure. This results in individual
                                                          games, and sometimes matches, are decided by a
                                                          single point - at deuce, only one further point is
                                                          played. Last September, this ended the hopes of
                                                          the Horners' first couple, Trevor and Clare Hunt,
                                                          in a very close match, watched by the Master and
                                                          Mistress. Seen below on the left are Clare, Trevor,
                                                          Rob and Mary Hunt.
                                                           2011. The Project had many laudable social,
                                                           environmental and commercial objectives, but in
                                                           May 2008, it seemed to the Horners that the
                                                           Partnership was facing formidable obstacles. And
                                                           so it proved!

We were delighted to have Michael and Carmen
Hart with us for drinks on the terrace at Queen's
Club, where we were also joined by Pip Wright
(Liveryman of the Horners and Past Master
Feltmaker) and Shirley, and afterwards for dinner.
We also welcomed on our table the Woolmen's
team, new to the Competition this year. Seen
above are team members Trevor, Clare and Rob               Before his departure, in July, Ken Livingstone
Hunt with Past Master Eric Hunt and the Master,            instructed that the Project be split into north and
Michael Hart. (Photos by E & M Hunt)                       south limbs, thus destroying its intellectual basis.
                                                           Then, incoming mayor Boris Johnson, initially put
As always, we are grateful to the Feltmakers who           all transport projects, apart from Cross Rail,
proved to be excellent hosts, and the day was              ‘under review’, and finally, on November 6th, with
thoroughly enjoyable - the standard of tennis was          no government support, and with inadequate
higher than ever.                                          funding it was announced that ‘the Cross River
                                    Mary Hunt              Tram would not be built’.

The Iron Horse and the
Following the May 2008 Court Meeting, Horners
and their guests were treated to two contrasting
talks of topical and then specific Company

The ‘visiting’ speaker was, now Sheriff George
Gillon, a member of the Board of the Cross River
Partnership. We were all aware of Ken
Livingstone’s crusade to revolutionise transport in        In contrasting mode, we were entertained to an
London, but few were familiar with some of the             illustrated history of our ‘own’ processional
projects under evaluation, including the ‘Cross            Narwhal Horn, researched and presented by the
River Project’. We were somewhat surprised to              Hon. Keeper of Horn, Mrs Georgina Scott. The
learn of the extent that the Thames is considered a        Narwhal [Norse = Corpse Whale], a denizen of the
barrier to commerce and social mobility, and the           Arctic, is known as the Sea Unicorn because of its
Cross River Project is to plan, and then build an          extraordinary 9 foot horn, which is, in reality, an
above-ground tram service linking Camden in the            extended left incisor with a left-spiralling helix; it
north with Brixton and Peckham in the south. The           is not a weapon but appears to be used for tactile
16.5 kilometre, 4-minute frequency services had            contact with other Narwhals. The horn was much
strong business, arts, local government, health            valued for its magical properties, and, to the
and     public     support,     sponsorship    and         Vikings, it was worth more than its weight in
involvement, and even though the first tram was            gold; one was prized and exhibited at the Tudor
not planned to run before 2016, major decisions            Court.
on routing and finance were needed in 2010 and
‘Our’ Narwhal was taken in the Northern Ocean
in 1801 by the Britannia, and the horn brought
                                                              Past Masters entertain the
ashore as valuable bounty by the crew. The seas,              Clerk
however, had their revenge when the Britannia                 A report by Brian Ridgewell
was wrecked in New South Wales, while engaged
in the trade of prisoner transportation [Note that
the Editor of Hornblower is not seeking suggestions on                                   The Past Masters gave
what whales and convicts have in common].                                                a dinner for Raymond
                                                                                         Layard to celebrate his
The horn the came into the possession of the                                             10 years in office a s
Dawson family, probably as a wedding gift, and                                           Clerk to the Company.
for almost 150 years resided in Aldcliffe Hall in                                        They started in the
Lancashire. When the contents of the Hall were                                           Savage Club with a
auctioned in 1946, the horn was bought by                                                sparkling wine
William Percival Dobson, who was the Master                                              reception and then
Horner in 1968. It was presented to the Company                                          repaired to the Lady
in 1948, and it has been part of the Horners’                                            Violet Room in the
ceremonial ever since.                                                                   National Liberal Club.
                                                              Everyone enjoyed it so much that they all went
In the Company’s custody, the horn suffered                   back to the Savage Club for a stirrup cup.
minor damage at a Lord Mayor’s Show and, after
the presentation, there was much ribald debate                All living Past Masters attended with the
about who was in charge of the horn at the time; a            exception of Australian resident Bernard
Horners ‘whodunnit’. Suffice to say that the horn             Schaverien, who even set his alarm and so that he
has now been renovated, and will be seen in all of            could drink a toast with us on the night. It is
its splendour, complete with ornamental collar, at            believed that this is the only time that all Past
all future Banquets and Election Days, but not at             Masters have attended anything with a 100%
the Lord Mayor’s Show.                                        turnout.

                                                              The Senior Past Master Newton Grant took the
                                                              chair and Past Master Brian Ridgewell acted as
                                                              Secretary and organiser.

                                                              From our Court

                                                              At their meeting in Painters’ Hall on 18th
                                                              December 2008, the members of the Court stood
                                                              in silent memory of two Horners whose deaths
                                                              had recently been reported:
The Narwhal is mystical, beautiful, vocal and
essentially social; a creature totally appropriate
                                                              David John EVANS, Liveryman 1979-2008
for association with the Horners’ Company. It is
                                                              Eric Peter BUTLER, Liveryman 1946 – unknown
protected, but not endangered, quite the opposite
of the Cross Rail Project. It is now more likely that
                                                              The Master informed the Court that Honorary
we will see a Narwhal in the Thames than a Cross
                                                              Assistant Basil Leverton, Father of the Company,
Rail Tram crossing Waterloo Bridge.
                                                              had celebrated the 60th Anniversary of his
                                                              admission to the Livery on 17th November and
The Horners and their guests had much to discuss
                                                              congratulated him on this landmark. Basil replied
over their customary glass of wine.
                                                              to the applause of the Court and presented the
                                                              Clerk with a two-part horn stirrup cup, which the
                               Clive Thompson                 Clerk accepted with grateful thanks.

Liveryman Alan Griffiths, who retired from the
Court in October 2008 was installed as a n
Honorary Assistant and the Master presented him
with his Court badge and collarette bearing the
bar ‘Honorary’.

Reports were received from the General Purposes
Committee, the Trustees, the Finance, Polymer,
Programme and Publicity, Livery and Heritage

Assistant Tony Milhofer reported that £30,000 had
                                                           The Clerk (on the left) and the Beadle flank four new
been raised towards the Master’s charity in                Freemen: Walton, Shepherd, McCann and Freedman
support of work on Motor Neurone Disease and
paid special tribute to Liveryman Roger Cline’s
bicycle ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats,
which had raised £5,000. The Master thanked
Tony Milhofer for his efforts throughout the year.

The Master reported on the Company’s
involvement in the 2008 Lord Mayor’s Show (see
reports elsewhere in this issue of Horn Blower) and
extended his thanks to Liveryman Hugh Moss
and the walkers. He expressed gratitude to
Borealis, who had generously sponsored our
                                                           The Clerk (on the left) and the Beadle flank four more
                                                           new Freemen: Maunders, Jenkins, Davey and Bettinson
The following candidates were admitted to the
Freedom of the Company in two groups:                      The Master admitted the following to the Livery:

Richard Peter Brian WALTON,                                Simon William HURRELL
       Sponsored by The Master, Michael HART                      Sponsored by The Master, Michael HART
Brian Geoffrey McCANN                                      Rupert Charles Collinson HALL
       Sponsored by The Renter Warden,                            Sponsored by the late Hon. Assistant
       Colin RICHARDS                                             Hac COLLINSON
Simon Harry SHEPHERD
       Sponsored by Liveryman Ed WEEKS
Colin Ralph FREEDMAN                                       Passing of Evelyn Tulip
       Sponsored by Past Master John WEBB
Charles Verden BETTINSON                                   Members will be aware that the Company has a
       Sponsored by Liveryman Roger CLINE                  small collection of dressed horn sticks that are
Dr Barry Martin MAUNDERS                                   used by the wardens on official occasions. They
       Sponsored by The Renter Warden                      were made by Norman Tulip, Honorary
       Colin RICHARDS                                      Freeman of the Company and a sheep farmer in

                                                           His widow, Mrs Evelyn Tulip, pictured opposite
Mrs Merilyn Lucille JENKINS                                with one of the famous "lobster" sticks died in
      Sponsored by Past Master Ray ANSTIS                  September 2008.
Alan Victor DAVEY
      Sponsored by Assistant Peter DAVIS

        The pictures below are by Mary Hunt

                                                        ICI’s scientists discovered polyethylene. The
                                                        meeting was held at the Royal Society and was
                                                        organised jointly by the Plastics Historical Society
                                                        and the Worshipful Company of Horners.
                                                        Amongst those attending were 18 Horners,
                                                        representing the past. The small boy, standing by
                                                        the first polyethylene reactor capable of making 8
                                                        grams per batch (seen on the previous page)
                                                        represents the future.

                                                        During a day of talks, we were regaled with tales
                                                        of derring-do in the early days, when those
                                                        magnificent men had reactors producing just 100
                                                        tons per year, to the modern corporations with
                                                        their 400,000 ton per year single stream reactors.

                                                        The first event was the presentation to Charles
                                                        Swallow the Plastics Academy of Fame award
                                                        that had been awarded posthumously to his
                                                        father Dr John Swallow. John Swallow led the
                                                        team that worked on commercialising the
                                                        discovery of polyethylene by R O Gibson and E
                                                        Fawcett in 1933, and later became Chairman of ICI
                                                        Plastics Division. John Russell gave an eloquent
                                                        tribute to all those involved in the discovery and
Photograph of Evelyn Tulip by David Oxley               we later saw a short film enacting that historic
The Horners website gives more details on the
dressing of horn sticks.                                The various alternative processes for the
                                     David Oxley        manufacture of polyethylene were covered by
                                                        Ken Whiteley (the ICI autoclave process), David
                                                        Williamson (the BASF tubular process) and Colin
Polyethylene: 75 years on                               Richards (the solution and gas phase processes).
                                                        The future technology was described by Peter
                                                        Williams and the market was forecast by Mike

                                                        A little known event was the swap of ICI’s
In October 2008 about 100 people attended a
                                                        Polyethylene technology for BP’s PVC. This was
whole day meeting to celebrate 75 years since
                                                        discussed by the two people at the heart of the
deal - Ray Knowland (BP) and David Beynon
(ICI). The painting of the historic transfer was
displayed. The thinking behind the deal was                The Horners’ support the
disclosed, but neither would admit to “winning”.           Lord Mayor’s Charities
The fact that today neither company makes
plastics tells it all.                                     Although no Horners were actively involved in
                                                           the great sheep drive across London Bridge on
After a lunch where many old friendships were
                                                           Friday 19th September 2008, they were one of the
rekindled and many tall tales told before the              sponsors of the event, which was staged to raise
meeting gathered for a “commercial” session. The           funds for the then Lord Mayor, David Lewis’s
early days of Radar were recalled by Phil Judkins,
                                                           charities – Wellbeing of Women and the sight
along with a film of the time. The uses of
                                                           charity Orbis.
polyethylene in modern wire and cable were
covered by Simon Sutton and the rest of the
market’s use of polyethylene for blown bottles
was extensively explored by Keith Barnes and
John Down.

                                                           On a bright Friday in 2008 some 500 Liverymen
                                                           from the City Companies re-enacted their 11th
                                                           Century right to sound drums and bring livestock
                                                           into the City free of charge. During the 11th
                                                           Century, when London Bridge was the only road
                                                           crossing of the Thames, it would have saved them
                                                           from paying the bridge crossing fee.

All this polyethylene (about 30 million tonnes per
year) has to be disposed of and it was left to John
Sale to defend its use most eloquently.
Polyethylene saves food waste, reduces packaging
weight, makes life safer and reduces pilfering.
With several examples that refute the common
misconceptions he was able to finish on a high
note, not withstanding the fall in scrap plastics
prices that have made recycling less economic.
The conference was held before the blood bath in
plant values, with Lyondell/Basel, going bust,
with Ineos looking to breach its covenants and
Dow failing to sell half its business to the
Kuwaitis, but the situation was hinted at
throughout the day. Sir Geoffrey Allen and Sir
Bob Malpas chaired a most stimulating day, a
mixture of technology, marketing and history,              The procession of Romney ewes was lead by the
leavened by a realisation that the future is not           Lord Mayor, himself a part-time sheep farmer,
what it used to be.                                        together with his official bodyguards – t h e
                                  David Oxley              Company of Pikemen and Musketeers, who were

wearing a uniform created in the reign of King             she is either anchored or moored against a
Charles I.                                                 harbour wall.
New Radar arrives on the tall
ship Tenacious
During 2007, when David Oxley was Master of
the Horners’ Company, his charity was the Jubilee
Sailing Trust, which runs two barques [3-masted
ships with square sails on the fore and main
masts], Lord Nelson and Tenacious, whose destiny
is to enable those with physical handicaps to sail
offshore as voyage crew as equals with those who
pretend not to have any.                                   Past Master Eric Hunt, the Revd. Alan Tanner and Jill
                                                           Welch at the unveiling of the memorial to Clifford Welch
In the winter 2008
edition of Horn Blower,
Freeman John Bunker
reported on our visit
to Tenacious, w h i c h
was moored in the
West India Dock at
Canary Wharf. There, after a tour of the ship, the
Master handed over a generous cheque and a
Horners Company Shield. (Above: Pool visit 2008)

On recent visits by several members of the
Company, including a one day-sail on which Past
Master Lynn Walters climbed up to the yards to
release the sails ready for setting, the Shield was        The memorial plaque to Past Master Clifford Welch in
displayed with pride in the forward deck house             the Haemophilia Unit at the Royal Free Hospital
and a substantial amount of the sum presented
had been turned into a spanking new, bright-
screen radar for the chart room. This is shown
below with its grim warning to itchy-fingered

                                                           The Master gazes at the Colossus rebuild at Bletchley Park

voyage crew, who do actually get to operate some
of the controls when checking the range and
bearing of the ship when anchored at night. All
crew members get involved in standing four-hour
watches throughout both day and night. On some
watches the ship is under way and the voyage
crew steer her and provide lookouts and at others
The Master leads in rain-washed Vitoria in Spain               At Interplas 2008, the Master presents the Horners’
                                                               Award to John McCloughlin for the EnviroKerb
Some pictures you may have missed
From the cameras of Mary Hunt, Raymond                         The Horners at Play : Golf
Layard, and John MacCabe

Relaxing in Spain: Michel Hart (The Master), Glenn             Mary Hunt and Past Master Miles Baird
Beall, Anne Oxley and David Oxley

                                                               Jack Bunyer, Miles Baird and John Webb

Twixt Clerk and Beadle, Liveryman Peter Farren (with
his devoted lady carer) sponsors son Timothy as Freeman

                                                               John MacCabe, Miles Baird and Alan Price

                                                               Horners in Spain
New Liverymen: Hilton, MacCabe, Moss and Sixsmith

Honorary Assistant Simon Baldwin-Purry enjoys a glass
with Catherina and John MacCabe

Future Events in 2009
During the year our new Master,
Mark Spofforth (seen on the
right) will welcome Horners and
their guests at the following:

17 th March: Short City Walk and                                     11 th Nov: Ralph Anderson Lecture in the
Noggin & Natter                                                      Royal Institution and Supper

            27 th March: United Guilds Service at St
            Paul’s Cathedral and Luncheon
                                                             17 th Dec: Carol Service in St James
                                                             Garlickhythe and Supper

                                                             20 th Jan 2010: Common Hall and Dinner
21 st April: A joint function with 27
Squadron, RAF

28 th May: A charity visit at a London attraction

                     6/7th June: A visit by Eurostar
                     to Lille

24 th June: Election of Sheriffs and Luncheon

9 th July: Visit and to Warnham
House and Deer Park & Luncheon

3 rd Sept: Short City Walk and Noggin & Natter

            29th Sept.: Election of Lord Mayor in
            Guildhall and Luncheon

1 st Oct: Annual Banquet in the
Mansion House

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