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The Honorable John Boehner,
Speaker United States House of Representatives
Office of the Speaker H-232
The Capitol Washington, DC 20515

Dear Speaker Boehner:

The reading of our Constitution at the opening of the 112th Congress was
certainly an historic event. Our Constitution is a remarkable document that
contains the principles upon which this great country was founded, and upon
which we have thrived for over 234 years. Our Founding Fathers were able
to clearly and concisely articulate these principles in a single document of
only 4400 words; The very words that were read on January 5, 2011, by
our Representatives. We applaud the 112th Congress for going back to the
Constitution as its starting point. With that said, we believe that our
Constitution deserves a regular place in Congress and suggest that this
document be read aloud often in its entirety with the entire Congress seated
in the audience. We also suggest that in order to more fully convey its
meaning and deliver its impact, it should be read in larger sections with less
interruption. The reading conducted on January 5th, while historical and
important, was not attended by the entire Congress and many of those that
did attend only attended for a portion of the reading. What picture does this

Congressional sessions today are too often a single Representative talking to
an empty room and the CSPAN cameras in one or two minute sound bites.
Do we want to reduce the reading of the Constitution to this? We should
revere our Constitution and give it the respect that it deserves. Surely, our
Representatives have time to sit and listen to a reading of this document,
the document that they swear to uphold, at least once a year. We humbly
request that you give consideration to making the reading of our
Constitution a regular and required part of each Congress. We suggest that
the Constitution be read with minimum interruption by only four to six
readers. Most importantly, we believe that all members of Congress should
be required to attend the entire reading. With such a great start, we expect
the 112th Congress to succeed in bringing us closer to our Constitutional
roots, limiting the role of government, and making the House of
Representatives truly the “People’s House.”



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