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									                              December 2009   Issue 16

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Stay fire safe
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Getting back
                     A time of
on track
           Page 15   togetherness
                                          Paul Bridge
                                  meets a customer in
                                        shopping city

       8   Celebrate safely
       10 Win £100
                                                   Meeting customers
                                                   Over 200 residents were surprised to find a new stall in
       14 Introducing Georgina Walters
                                                   Wood Green Shopping City recently. Chief Executive Paul
       16 Snap Happy                               Bridge and staff from across the organisation set up the stall
       20 Dear Pam                                 for National Customer Services Week 2009 to give residents
       and more...                                 the chance to drop by to ask questions and get advice.

       Front: Sheila and Henry together at         Linda Harold, of Turnpike Lane, was out shopping when she
       the Winkfield Resource Centre               spotted the stall and decided to stop and have a chat. She
                                                   said “I wasn’t expecting to see this while I was out today. It’s
                                                   nice to see staff out and about talking to customers, I think it’s
                                                   great. I’ve managed to find out some really useful information
       Homes for Haringey                          while I was here and I might try a couple of the online
       Communications team                         services that were recommended to me.”
       Editorial: 020 8489 2715
       Email: communications@
                                                   Learning the trade
                                                   Our new apprentices are now out and about in Haringey
       Clio Rawlings                               learning their trades from our experienced operatives. The
       Iris Teichmann                              talented ten all have dedication and commitment in common,
       Maggie Latto                                beating over 150 applicants for the coveted placements.
       Rose Obianwu                                They have varied backgrounds and experience including three
                                                   mothers returning to work, such as career changer Dionne
       Homes Zone is printed on up to              Dunn, a 35 year old former dental nurse. Bob Watts, Executive
       50% recycled paper and paper                Director of Repairs, said: I’m really pleased we have selected
       sourced from sustainable                    such a diverse, hard-working and committed group of
       forests. The ink used is                    apprentices. I’m already looking forward to them qualifying
       vegetable based.                            and becoming professional trades people.”
       Homes for Haringey is not responsible
       for the contents or reliability of any
       external websites in this magazine
       and does not necessarily endorse
       any views expressed within them.

       Please recycle your copy of
       Homes Zone once you have
       finished reading it.

Celebrating the                                                        Bite size
international community                                          t
                                                                       Customer Service
Commerce Road came alive with music, costumes and fun one              Excellence
Saturday in September when local residents got together to             We are currently trying to get our
celebrate their 3rd annual International Day. The annual street        Charter Mark for Customer Service
party provided something for people of all ages, allowing families
                                                                       Excellence. The Charter Mark is a
and children to celebrate with their local neighbours.
                                                                       Government standard given to
The free event featured a talent show, bouncy castle, music, prizes    organisations who provide the highest
and more. Residents also took the opportunity to show off their        levels of customer service, and involve
national costumes, and try a range of free food from different         customers to make sure their needs are
cultures. Exotic costumes to make the event even more colorful         met. We’ll let you know how we get
were provided by Maria Joseph from the Mardi Gras Arts
                                                                       on in the next edition.
Workshop in Tottenham.
                                                                       Audit Commission
                                                                       The Audit Commission will be
                                                                       inspecting us next year to make sure
                                                                       that we are still providing good
                                                                       services. We’ve done a lot of work
                                                                       since our last inspection in 2007 to
                                                                       improve what we do and the service
                                                                       we offer you.
                                                                       The inspectors will be here from 21st
                                                                       June 2010. While they’re here, they
                                                                       will be asking residents about the

 WOW!                                                                  services we offer.

 we won
 Thanks to you, our Tenancy Management team has won a                  Christmas
 national award from the WOW! Awards scheme. We
 were the first ALMO to join the scheme, which gives you the           opening hours
 opportunity to say thank you to our staff for jobs well done.
                                                                       Homes for Haringey offices and the
 Judges said they were dazzled by the compliments you had              Control Centre will be closed on
 sent in about the Tenancy Management team. Thank you                  Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New
 for thanking us.                                                      Year’s day. If you need an emergency
                                                                       repair on these days, please call
                                                                       0800 195 3404 or 020 8489 5611
                                                                       (cheaper from a mobile).

                                                                 www.homesforharingey.org                        3
                                        Decent Homes
Decent homes

                                        Transforming streets
                                        and estates
      Street                            Decent Homes improvements have made a huge
                                        difference to the lives of residents living on both estates
      Properties                        and street properties.
      Decent Homes work isn’t only
      taking place on estates. So       The Weymarks
      far, across the borough, 754      One of the biggest projects so far was the Weymarks in Weir Hall
      street properties have had        Avenue, N17. Refurbishment to the two blocks started in April 2008 and
      decent homes works                ended in April 2009.
      completed. A further 125
      have benefited from internal      Both blocks of flats now have a new light-weight metal structure pitch roof,
      improvements and are              resembling a tiled roof in a terracota shade. The communal balcony
      awaiting completion of the        walkways have also been redecorated.
      external works.
                                        All 112 properties in this scheme benefited from brand new front doors in
                                        addition to some new kitchen and bathroom units.

      2000                      th      Claudette Humphreys, 57 has lived at The Weymarks for 22 years. She
                                        said: “It took the contractors just two weeks to upgrade my property and
                                        I’m very pleased. I have a new bathroom and kitchen – and I chose the
      decent home                       finished style. The contractors came on time, left the place spotless and
                                        connected my cooking facilities on every evening. I’m very pleased.”
      Carol Henderson lives in the
      2000th home to have
      improvement works                 Templeton Road
      completed. She said: “I am        Apollo started work in Templeton Road, N15 in April 2009 and finished
      really pleased. I’ve already      in August.
      noticed that the house is a lot
                                        Works carried out to the 15 properties included new double glazed
      warmer with the new double-
                                        windows, new doors, concrete and brick repairs, rendering, kitchens,
      glazed windows.”
                                        bathrooms and rewires.
      Carol (centre) with (from left    Templeton Road tenant, Reg Bourne-Howell has noticed the before and
      to right): Cllr John Bevan,       after effect. “You can really notice the difference and it’s a good one” he
      Cabinet Member for Housing,       says.
      Paul Bridge, Chief Executive
      of Homes for Haringey, Cllr       “The walls were crumbling so the rendering work and refurbishment
      Claire Kober, Haringey            makeover has really changed the outside appearance of all the homes.
      Council leader, and Simon         Inside is so much nicer too, I love my new kitchen.”
      Underwood, Wates Living
      Space.                                    Before                            After

Making fair decisions about                                                         New
decent homes work
Homes are surveyed one by one to find out what, if any,
improvements are needed. All contractors use a standard form
to make sure that the process is fair.
                                                                                    Centre for
The survey looks at the condition of electrical wiring, heating facilities, roof,
kitchen and bathroom, and loft and cavity wall insulation. Each of these is
given one of three ratings:
Good: Some minor repairs might be needed but otherwise the element is up
      to standard.
                                                                                    Work has started to
Fair:   Minor repairs or replacements are needed.                                   transform a disused
Poor: Major repairs or replacements are needed.                                     community centre on
                                                                                    Commerce Road N22.
Funding available for improvement works is limited and so we cannot replace
everything in every home. Only homes that fall within the ‘Poor’ category will      Mulalley, the Decent
get Decent Homes work. Homes next door to each other could end up having            Homes contractor partner
very different work done. Any repairs needed will be recorded and dealt with        for the Wood Green area,
by our Repairs Service.
                                                                                    is renovating the centre
                                                                                    and work should be
                                                                                    complete by February
Placement scheme works out                                                          2010.

well for Michaela                                                                   Initially, part of the centre
                                                                                    will be used as a site office
                                                                                    for Mulalley for the
A four week voluntary work placement has transformed the life of a
                                                                                    duration of the decent
19-year-old South Tottenham woman.                                                  homes programme. Once
                                                                                    the renovation works are
Michaela Strachan had been out of work for a year when she heard about an           complete, part of the
innovative work placement programme for the long-term unemployed.                   building will be offered for
                                                                                    community services.
Haringey Council, Homes for Haringey and Lovell are working together to
help get long-term unemployed people back into work.
                                                                                    Up to 400 residents living
Participants on the scheme spend four weeks working with Lovell on a Decent         in nearby Commerce Road
Homes project, at the end of which Lovell pays for them to get their CSCS           and Partridge Way, N22
card which allows them to obtain a job on building sites.                           were sent a survey asking
                                                                                    them to suggest a name for
Michaela signed up to the scheme                                                    the new community centre
and so impressed her Lovell bosses,                                                 in Commerce Road and to
she has been taken on full-time as                                                  design a logo. Mulalley
an administration assistant.                                                        will donate gifts to the best
                                                                                    suggestions. We’ll unveil
                   Michaela at work                                                 the new centre name, logo
                                                                                    and winners’ details in the
                                                                                    next edition.

Home & community

                   Stay fire safe
                   With fire safety in tower blocks under                            What are the common causes of fire?

                   media scrutiny, we went to talk to                                We’ve seen quite a few fire incidents caused by
                                                                                     young children getting hold of a lighter or matches.
                   London Fire Brigade’s Borough                                     Smouldering cigarettes in the waste bin or at the
                                                                                     back of the sofa are a bigger problem – by the
                   Commander for Haringey, John                                      time it turns into a fire you’ve gone to bed. Other
                   Brown, to find out what the real fire                             causes are leaving the cooking pan unattended and
                                                                                     faulty or overheated electrical appliances. Candles
                   issues in the borough are and to get                              have become more fashionable and been a fire
                   the latest fire safety tips.                                      issue recently. Alcohol is a big problem in a fire as
                                                                                     people become incapacitated and can’t get
                                                                                     themselves out in a fire.
                   How long have you been with the Fire Brigade?
                   I’ve been with the Fire Brigade for 30 years and                  What should we all do?
                   the borough commander in Haringey for about four                  Keep doors closed - just an ordinary door can hold
                   years.                                                            fire for at least some time. Turn your appliances off
                                                                                     and make sure you’ve got a working smoke alarm.
                   What does a borough commander do?                                 You can also request a free home fire safety check
                   My role involves staff management and working                     visit (freephone 08000 28 44 28). We especially
                   with partners in the borough such as the council, the             encourage people caring for elderly or disabled
                   police and voluntary organisations on crime and                   people to request one.
                   disorder reduction initiatives and also tackling anti-
                   social behaviour as there are incidents of arson.

                   Is arson a big problem in Haringey?
                   It’s a relatively low-level - things like litter bins, fly-tips      We carry out fire risk assessments on our tower
                   or sofas being set alight, or people setting light to                blocks. If we identify any risk or problems we
                   rubbish chutes. Last year we had a particular issue                  put them right.
                   with lots of pushchairs and other items being set
                   alight in communal areas. None of the incidents                      Residents must take a role in maintaining fire
                   resulted in serious injuries but residents were                      safety by, for example, not leaving items in
                   obviously concerned. It’s important not to leave                     communal areas. If you see a fire hazard,
                   anything in communal hallways and staircases                         report it. Call us on 0800 195 3404 or 020
                   that could be set fire to and block escape routes if                 8489 5611.
                   there is a fire.

Moving out?
You can get up to £250 if you leave your home in good
condition when you move out. By doing this the property
can be let more quickly to someone who needs it.

The first payment is for £150. To receive this payment
you must:
• give vacant possession (meaning everyone in the house
  moves out at once);
• give four weeks notice (tenants moving through the transfer
  system don’t have to do this);
• return all keys;
• remove all your belongings and rubbish from the property and
  garden; and
                                                                    New lettings
• leave the property clean, in good repair and in reasonable
  decorative order.                                                 policy
To receive an extra £100 you must let us in before you move
out, to:
• Survey the property.                                              Haringey Council is introducing a new,
                                                                    fairer lettings policy to give people on the
• Show prospective tenants around.
                                                                    waiting list a better idea of their chance of
If you fail to meet these conditions you won’t receive any money.   receiving council housing.
In fact, you may be recharged for any work needed to your
home to make it suitable to let to a new tenant.
                                                                    The current points scheme means residents
To give 4 weeks notice please call us on 0800 195 3404 or
020 8489 5611 (cheaper from a mobile).                              could be left waiting behind newer
                                                                    applicants who join the waiting list with a
                                                                    higher number of points. The new
Preventing pests and vermin                                         proposed banding system would allocate
                                                                    people to one of four different priority
Pests such as insects, rats and mice can be a serious health risk   bands in date order. Applicants in each
and make living in your home unpleasant. When insects or
animals infest a home they are normally looking for food and        band would move up the list as others at
shelter. Your home will be less attractive to pests if:             the top of their band were re-housed or
• You keep food in sealed containers.                               moved. New applicants would be added
                                                                    to the bottom of each band.
• Sweep up spilt food and liquid.
• Remove rubbish and other materials that could be used             Before making any changes to the lettings
  for nesting.                                                      policy, Haringey Council will be consulting
We can arrange for treatment if your                                residents and stakeholders until February
home is infested with pests. In some                                2010. To find out more go to
cases we will pay for the treatment, in                             www.haringey.gov.uk/lettingspolicyconsu
other cases you will have to. If you have
                                                                    ltation or call Zulfiqar Mulak on
an appointment with pest control, please
make sure you keep it. To report a                                  020 8489 4890 about the policy or
pest problem call 0800 195 3404 or                                  Salome Simoes on 020 8489 1161 about
020 8489 5611 (cheaper from a mobile).                              the consultation.

www.homesforharingey.org                                                                                       7
Home & community

                                                 Celebrate safely
                                                 Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year – there’s a lot of
                                                 celebrating happening over the next few weeks. By taking a few
                                                 small steps to keep safe you can make sure that nothing interferes
                                                 with your festivities. So here are our top tips for safe celebrations:

                                                 • If you are using candles be careful. Never leave them unattended
     Festive waste                                 and make sure they are not too close to Christmas trees or
                                                   furnishings which could catch light.
     Over 3 million tonnes of extra rubbish
     is thrown away over Christmas. That’s       • Don’t overload your sockets with too many plugs. Always switch off
     enough to fill 120 million wheelie bins.      any fairy lights before going to bed.
     A lot of that rubbish could probably be     • Check your smoke alarms are working.
     recycled. Give the planet a present this    • Make sure that food is stored safely in the fridge and that it is
     year by reducing your waste.                  cooked thoroughly to help avoid any nasty food poisoning.
                                                 • If you are buying toys for children, make sure they meet EU Toy
     Your mixed recycling bins now accept          Safety Regulations and are designed for the right age group.
     plastic trays, pots and tubs and drink
     cartons so you can recycle more             • When you’re out shopping for presents, or looking for bargains in
     than ever before, all in one                  the sales, make sure you keep an eye on your bags as pickpockets
     convenient location. You can take             operate in busy shopping areas.
     other items (such as electrical items) to   • If you are going out to celebrate, make sure you can get home
     the Reuse and Recycling Centres in            safely. Only ever use a licensed taxi.
     Hornsey and Tottenham.
                                                 By making sure that you and your home are safe, there’s no reason you
     After Christmas remember to recycle         shouldn’t have plenty of unspoiled fun.
     your tree, cards, gift boxes and
     wrapping paper. You can give
     unwanted gifts to charity shops.

     To find out more about recycling
     please call 020 8885 7700, email
     or visit

        Hornsey Reuse and                        from everyone at Homes
        Recycling Centre:
        35 High Street                           for Haringey and best
        (opposite Greig City Academy)
        Hornsey N8 7QB                           wishes for a happy and
        Tottenham Reuse and
        Recycling Centre:                        peaceful New Year                  .

        Park View Road
        Tottenham N17 9AY

                                                                          Removing wheel clamps
Tackling                                                                  illegally doesn’t pay

dumped rubbish                                                            A South Tottenham resident was fined
                                                                          £710 for illegally removing wheel
                                                                          clamps. The fine was a result of court
We’ve been carrying out some surveys to find out if we                    action by our estate controlled parking
can make the process of reporting dumped rubbish any                      contractors, Wing Security.
easier for our customers. We asked three different groups
                                                                          In September, Edmonton County Court
about their experiences of reporting dumped rubbish:                      heard that the tenant had either forcibly
                                                                          removed the clamps or conspired with
• A random selection of people we met during National Customer
                                                                          others to forcibly remove the clamps with
  Services Week.
                                                                          the intention not to pay the parking fine.
• Residents who live locally to two recent one-off incidents of rubbish
  dumping.                                                                Wing Security claimed for the loss
• Residents who live locally to two dumping hotspots, where there         parking fees and the loss of three wheel
  has been a long term problem with people dumping rubbish.               clamps as well as administration and
                                                                          court costs.
What you told us was that we need to publicise the different ways
people can report the problem, especially if English is not their first
language. We also need to make sure we always keep you informed           Park without penalty
after you have reported a problem so that you know the outcomes.          We have recently put up new parking
                                                                          signs at the entrances and exits of estates
We can only tackle long standing problem areas with your help –           with an estate controlled parking scheme.
if you see rubbish being dumped, let us know. You can call us on
0800 195 3404 or speak to your Tenancy Management Officer or              To use these parking areas, you must
Estate Services Officer.                                                  have a valid estate controlled parking
                                                                          permit or an estate visitor parking
                                                                          To get an estate parking permit, visit your
                                                                          nearest Customer Services Centre or call
                                                                          020 8489 1000 for further information.
                                                                          Visitor parking permits must be applied for
                                                                          by the resident. Payment can be made at
                                                                          the Payment Centre, 247 High Road,
                                                                          Wood Green, N22 or by post.
                                                                          Get more details about parking on estates
                                                                          from our website at:
                                                                          www.homesforharingey.org or from
                                                                          Customer Services Centres.

Issue 16 December 2009                                                                                              9
Home & community

                                                                   Getting personal
                   Win £100                                        You may have noticed that some of our surveys include
                   If you report anti-social behaviour we want     questions of a personal nature. We’re not just being nosey.
                   to make sure that the problem has been          Asking these questions helps us understand the diversity of
                   dealt with and that you’re satisfied with the   the people we are working for so that we can improve the
                   service you receive. That’s why we send you     services we offer and make sure everyone has equal
                   a satisfaction survey. What you tell us helps
                                                                   access to them.
                   us make sure we improve the service.

                   Everyone who returns the form has the           We are now including questions about sexual orientation
                   chance to win £100. The prize draw takes        alongside our questions about age, race, disability,
                   place every 3 months.                           religion/faith and gender. This is because the law says
                                                                   that measuring diversity in these six areas is crucial in
                   Mrs M was our first winner. She and her         developing high quality services that meet peoples’ needs.
                   family were really excited by the win and
                   told us that the Tenancy Management Officer
                   who dealt with her case was “great and          We understand that these questions can be sensitive. You
                   very confidential” and that the anti-social     are not obliged to provide this information – but it is our
                   behaviour problem she had experienced           duty to ask. Any information you do provide is confidential
                   had been dealt with effectively.                under Data Protection legislation and will not be passed
                                                                   onto anyone else. Information relating to sexual orientation
                   Remember – don’t put up with anti-social        and religion/faith will not be accessible to staff using our
                   behaviour. Report it. Call the Anti-Social
                   Behaviour Line, Monday to Friday 8am to
                   6pm on 020 8489 1000 or visit
                   www.haringey.gov.uk.                            If you have any questions or concerns, or would like more
                                                                   information please contact our Equalities Manager, Polly
                                                                   Mann on 020 8489 1721.

                                                                   Zero tolerance
                                                                   During a recent power failure at a block of flats at
                                                                   Broadwater Farm a tenant attacked the concierge office
                                                                   with a hammer. Fortunately the Concierge was unharmed.
                                                                   The tenant was arrested and charged.

                                                                   Behaviour like this is unacceptable. Please respect our
                                                                   staff and allow them to do their work without fear of
                                                                   physical or verbal attack.

Enhanced repairs service
Some tenants need a bit of extra help. That’s why we offer an
enhanced repairs service to those tenants who need it. There
have been some changes to the criteria we use to decide who
is entitled to enhanced repairs.

The   criteria we are now using are that residents must be:
•     over 75, or
      disabled; or
      living in Supported Housing                                                 Communal
•     and have no-one living in the home who can help them.

An example of an enhanced repair would be replacing keys
and locks or replacing fluorescent light tubes and                                Some residents told us we could deal better
fuses. For most tenants these kinds of repairs                                    with communal repairs. We’ve been
are their own responsibility.                                                     looking into this and have come up with
                                                                                  suggested improvements. We will:
If you think that you are eligible for the
enhanced repairs service and are not                                              • Keep you informed about any delays in
already receiving it please speak to                                                fixing communal repairs.
your Tenancy Management Officer or                                                • Let resident monitors and key
Housing Manager to make sure that                                                   leaseholders know the reason for any
they complete an Individual Needs                                                   delays.
Form on your behalf.                                                              • Check satisfaction levels by speaking to
                                                                                    you if you have reported a communal
If you are currently receiving an                                                   repair or by asking resident monitors and
enhanced repairs service but do not                                                 key leaseholders.
meet the new criteria please contact
your Tenancy Management Officer.                                                  • Identify repairs that happen repeatedly
                                                                                    and plan a way to deal with them.
                                                                                  • Let you know more about when

New appointment                                                                     scaffolding is being put up and taken
                                                                                    down from our blocks.

courtesy card                                                                     Let us know if you think this will improve the
As promised in the June issue, we have now introduced                             Email: repairs@homesforharingey.org
appointment courtesy cards.
                                                                                  Remember – if you log in to our graphical
                                                                                  repairs ordering system (GRO) you can
If one of our operatives is visiting you for a repair, but is
                                                                                  view all outstanding repairs to your
unable to complete it on the day – because it is either too
                                                                                  property or block. That way you can tell if
complex or a different type of repair was reported – he or
                                                                                  a communal repair where you live has
she will make a new
                                                                                  already been reported.
appointment for you on the
spot and leave this
                                         we we
                                                                                  GRO is available online, 24 hours a day.
                                  compl           re una
appointment card (see
                                         ete yo         bl
                                                 ur rep e to
                                                                                  Just go to www.homesforharingey.org. If
                                                       air tod
picture) with you as a
                                 Tel:                                             you’ve forgotten your PIN or password
reminder.                       Tel:   0800 1
                                              95 34    0
                                Email: 020 8489 56 4 (freephone fro               email hitsupport@homesforharingey.org
                                Website repairs@home 1 (cheaper from landlines)
                                       : www.h        sfo            am
                                               omesfo rharingey.org obile)
                                                                                  and they’ll send you a new one.

www.homesforharingey.org                                                                                                    11

          A time of togetherness
          This time of year, for many, is about family and friends. No matter what the
          celebration – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or New Year - it’s a time for
          everyone to enjoy themselves.

          We went along to the Winkfield Resource Centre, which provides facilities and
          activities for people with a range of disabilities, to talk to people about what they’ll
          be celebrating this winter, and how.

          An expensive, and cold, time of year
          Veronica is going to be spending Christmas with her family, like she does every
          year. They’re from the Caribbean so they don’t like the cold, but they have
          traditional Caribbean food to capture some of the flavour of home. “Everything is
          expensive before Christmas though, so we sometimes wait and do all our
          shopping for presents after the sales have started.”

          Veronica said she would like an iPod this year – if Santa’s reading Homes Zone!

          Doing it for the kids
          Priti and her family have already celebrated Diwali this year. “The first thing we do
          is go to our parents house and kneel down and get their blessing. That’s the start of
          Diwali for us. Then we cook, eat and light candles and celebrate together”.

          But Priti and her family also celebrate Christmas, for the children’s sake. “My
          brother’s girlfriend is English and she joins in our Diwali celebrations and then we
          do a little Christmas for her and the kids. We buy the children presents, but we
          don’t buy presents for each other.”

          A new Christmas experience
          For Sonia, who used to be a carer, this is the first year that her disability will affect
          her Christmas plans. Until this year she was still able to walk and get around by
          herself. Normally she would visit her family in Tooting for the day, but transport is
          going to a problem at Christmas as everyone else has the day off.

          Sonia takes a practical view of being alone for the day. “It’s actually not so bad. I
          like my home comforts and as my son was disabled my home is already adapted
          so I can get around. The main thing I am going to miss this year is being able to
          just go out shopping when I want. Not that I’m a shopaholic but I do enjoy it!
          Hopefully my carer will be able to take me out.”

                                        We’d like to say a big thank you to
                                        everyone at the Winkfield Resource Centre.

 Now is also the time of year that we should stop       Age Concern Haringey can help provide a range
 and think about those less fortunate than us, who      of practical services, and personal support to help
 may not have such a happy time.                        older people make the most out of life.
 Luckily there are a lot of great people and            Salvation Army
 facilities helping people in Haringey who need a       2 Terront Road, West Green, N15 3AA
 bit of extra support. Here are the details of just a   020 8802 7107
 few of them:
                                                        The Salvation Army offer a range of activities and
 Winkfield Resource Centre                              services within their local communities – including
 33 Winkfield Road, Wood Green, N22 5RP                 supporting vulnerable and lonely people at
 020 8489 8200                                          Christmas time.
 The Winkfield Resource Centre provides a drop-in       Supporting People Team
 day centre and other support and activities for        40 Cumberland Road, Wood Green, N22 7SG
 people with disabilities. The centre also              020 8489 3344
 incorporates the Carers Centre which provides          supporting.people@haringey.gov.uk
 support, information and advice to unpaid carers
 in Haringey.                                           Haringey Council’s Supporting People programme
                                                        can provide an overview of a range of services
 The Winkfield Centre is open every day except          that are available to anyone who needs them.
 Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.

 Woodside House Drop-in Centre
 294 High Road, Wood Green, N22 8YX
 020 8489 2309
 Woodside House Drop-in Centre is open to all
 older people living in Haringey to go along to
 enjoy a drink or a meal, meet friends and join in
 the activities.

 Age Concern Haringey
 20e Waltheof Gardens, Tottenham, N17 7DN
 020 8801 2444

  If the worst should happen over the festive season there are still people
  you can call.

  Emergency repairs for Homes for Haringey tenants
  Call 0800 195 3404 or 020 8489 5611 (cheaper from a mobile)

  Hearthstone Domestic Violence Advice and Support Centre
  A free service for residents who are experiencing domestic
  violence, offering advice and support. 020 8888 5362.

  The Samaritans offer confidential, non-judgemental
  emotional support 24 hours a day, every day.
  08457 90 90 90.

Issue 16 December 2009                                                                                        13
Y           Your Board

         Dates for your diary
         All meetings are held at the Civic Centre.
                                                            Georgina Walters
                                                            We are delighted to welcome Georgina Walters
                                                            onto our Board as a resident Board member. She is
                                                            replacing Roger Downer, who retires after two years.

                                                            The mother of two, who describes herself as a
                                                            ‘people person’, has lived in north Tottenham for
December 2009                                               over 30 years
     8            Finance and Audit Committee         7pm
                                                            Georgina is an active member of her local

                                                            “I previously worked as an administrator for a utility
February 2010                                               company and currently volunteer for a number of
     1            Board meeting                       7pm   charities, including Haringey, Enfield and Barnet
                                                            Sickle Cell support group as Secretary and former
                                                            Board Trustee. I also have ties with the local NHS
                                                            hospital as a patient forum spokesperson.”
March 2010
     2            Finance and Audit Committee         7pm   Now retired, and with her children living
     30           Board meeting                       7pm   independently, Georgina is keen to develop her
                                                            skills and put them to use as best as she can.

                                                            “I spend most of my spare time trying to make a
                                                            difference by volunteering and putting my skills into
                                                            use in this way. I’ve also gained additional
                                                            qualifications as a beauty therapist and practice
If you have any general questions for the Board,            what I’ve learnt on willing family and friends.”
please send these to us at least 2 working days
before the meeting. Verbal questions are not                So far she has attended a Board meeting and the
allowed at these meetings. Email                            Annual General Meeting, where her appointment
                                                            was approved, and says the role is ‘right up my
governance.team@homesforharingey.org or
write to the Governance team, Homes for
Haringey, 6th Floor, River Park House, 225                  “As an active member of
High Road, London N22 8HQ.                                  the community I want
                                                            to use my skills to
You can also find a list of forthcoming Board and           promote and build
                                                            better communities
committee meetings on Home for Haringey’s
                                                            and tackle important
website at www.homesforharingey.org                         issues such as anti-
                                                            social behaviour and
                                                            help provide better
                                                            housing services.”

Getting back on track.
How parenting classes helped one mother prevent

                                                                                         Your shout
her kids getting into trouble
Jaqueline contacted the Anti-Social Behaviour Action Team when one of her younger
sons looked like he was getting involved with a bad crowd. We spoke to Jaqueline
about her experience.

Why did you contact the Anti-Social Behaviour Action Team?
Even though my son hadn’t been in trouble he was starting to stay out late and hang
around with a group who were known to the police. I wanted to stop him before it
was too late as I had been through this once before with my eldest son. Carol
Ricketts from ASBAT suggested a parenting programme.

What did you first think when she suggested it?
I didn’t want to go. I even pretended to be sick the first week. I thought if I told
people I was going on the course they would assume I was a bad parent. I’m not, I
just didn’t know how to deal with this situation. I was at a low point in my own life
and had stopped believing in myself.

When you did go along how was it?
As soon as I went along I couldn’t wait to go back. I really enjoyed being able to
open up. Listening to some of the stories from the other parents made me realise that
my son was a good kid but that I had to get him back on track.

What was the most useful thing you learned?
I learned a lot of useful tips that I use with all my children now and it has improved
my relationship with them. The best thing was going there and realising that I am
not alone. I have more confidence and I believe in myself so my son respects me. He
hasn’t been in any trouble.

What has happened since you went on the course?
I really enjoyed supporting the other mothers on the course. The support workers told
me I should consider a career helping people but I didn’t think life experience would
be enough to get me a job. I was wrong! I now work at HARTs for families in
Islington and I love it. I can use my own experiences to help others – and I always
recommend the parenting programme.

 If you would be interested in going on the parenting
 programme contact Carol Ricketts in the Anti-Social
 Behaviour Action Team on 020 8489 4660.

 Find out more about Jacqueline’s story and the
 parenting classes on our website

www.homesforharingey.org                                                                              15

         Kids on the Campsbourne estate had their
         photography showcased at a special exhibition
         recently. Inspired by the work of a professional
         photographer young people went out and took
         pictures of the local area to show how they
         saw the past, present and future of their estate.
         Using the pictures the young people created
         montages which were put on display at a
         successful exhibition attended by local residents,
         staff and Councillors at the Camspace community

         We hope you liked our front cover image in the last
         issue – it was part of the photography project taking
         place on the Campsbourne estate. Celebrity
         photographer Ray Burmiston donated his time to take
         portraits of people of all ages living and working in
         the area.

                                                                                      New grant available
 We knocked – you                                                                     for Residents’
 answered                                                                             Associations

 As part of our ambitious door knocking initiative, 613 of our staff knocked on       We’ve set up a new World-at-
 all 21,000 doors to ask you what you thought we could do better.                     your-Doorstep grant that aims
                                                                                      to help recognised residents’
 Many of you were happy with the standards of repairs and maintenance, and            associations find ways to get
 the cleanliness of estates. Overall, you gave us a satisfaction rating of 3 out of   previously under-represented
 5. At the same time, your main concerns were about the standards of internal         sections of their community
 repairs, cleaning and security in particular. We’ve taken what you’ve told us        involved. We have £5000
 about these issues and put an action plan in place to help us improve.               and grants are available for
                                                                                      up to £500 per project on a
 Some of you also logged specific issues with us and we’ve responded in               first-come first-serve basis. To
 writing separately to address these.                                                 apply for a grant contact us
                                                                                      for a simple application form.
                                                                                      We can even help you fill it
                                                                                      in. Email the Resident
 Nominate your local                                                                  Involvement team at
                                                                                      forharingey.org or call them
 resident volunteer!                                                                  on 020 8489 4463.
 This year’s Rewarding Resident Volunteer awards were such a great success that
 we’re running them again next year. So if you know a resident who’s done
 voluntary work in their community recently why not nominate them?                    Get skills for free!
                                                                                      Sign up for one of our free
 The nominee can be a council tenant or leaseholder, an individual or a group,        training courses for residents.
 and the voluntary work can cover good work in areas such as recycling,               For details of courses
 improving community safety, working with young people, organising community          available, go to
 events, helping their residents’ association or helping us improve our services to   www.homesforharingey.org/
 you. The deadline for nominations is 11 January, 2010. For more details and          get_involved or call Chris Bell
 a nomination form, call the Resident Involvement team on 020 8489 4463 or            on 020 8489 4466.
 email resident.involvement@homesforharingey.org

Issue 16 December 2009
                           Residents review your voice counts

                                                                                                                                                  Residents from across the
                                                                                                                                                  borough gave up their
                                                                                                                                                  Saturday morning to take
                                                                                                                                                  a fresh look at our
                                                                                                                                                  resident agreement,
                                                                                                                                                  Your Voice Counts.
                                                                                                                                                  The booklet, first launched in
                                                                                                                                                  March 2007, is a three-way
                                                                                                                                                  agreement between Homes for
                                                                                                                                                  Haringey, Haringey Council
                                                                                                                                                  and residents. It sets out how we
                                                                                                                                                  will work together and outlines
                                                                                                                                                  resident involvement
                                                                                                                                                  opportunities. Residents will be
                                                                                                                                                  meeting twice more to review
                                                                                                                                                  and update the agreement.

              Get involv

                                                                                                                 Thank you
                                                                                                                 Our Resident Involvement team received a very special thank
                                             different wa
                                                           ys. Join one
                                                                         of our
                                                                                                                 you recently from residents for their hard work. They were
                             t involved in                   nagement,
                You can ge
                residents’ pa
                                nels to discu
                                              ss estate ma
                                            nt to reside
                                                         nts ac ross the borou
                                                                    d could be
                                                                                                                 presented with an award by Angie Buzzacott, Tony Jackson,
                 or other issues im          your ne  ighbourhoo
                 Or help us
                               look at how                                                                       Bernadette George and David Singh along with our Chief
                                                                                      Ltd ref 22994

                 improved loc
                                                                                            Homes for Haringey

                 Find out mo
                                                            ingey.org                                            Executive Paul Bridge.
                            ident.involv                t_involved
                 Email: res                    ey.org/ge
                            w.home  sforharing
                  Visit: ww
                             8489 4463
                  Call: 020
                                                                                                                 The team were absolutely delighted and honoured to receive such
                                                                                                                 high praise. Judy Bishop, Resident Involvement Officer, said “I am
                                                                                                                 overwhelmed actually. The reason we do this job is the chance to
    You can get involved                                                                                         work with you, the residents, and to get such a special thank you
    in different ways.                                                                                           just makes it even better”.

    Find out more:
    Call: 020 8489 4463

Customer care                                                   Making it
performance                                                     simple to win
                                                                Top Tenant
Our agreement with you                                          Did you know that by simply paying your
                                                                rent you could be the winner of £75? If
In our customer agreement we promise to tell you about          you keep your rent account debt free you
our performance against specific targets. This is our           are automatically entered into our Top
performance for the year to date.                               Tenant award and could be chosen at
                                                                random to receive the monthly prize.
        Target              We scored
                                                                Congratulations to Ms Selassie of Hornsey
       of stage one
                            85%                                 and Mr Ahmet from Wood Green who are
                             – – – – – – ---------
                            – – – – – – –--------               our most recent winners of the Top Tenant
                               MORE WORK                        award.
       answered in                 NEEDED
       10 days              – – – – – – –---------
                             – – – – – – ---------              Win £100
                                                                Fill in and return a survey form after a gas
                                                                check by one of our gas contractors, and
        Target              We scored                           you could win £100! Mrs Barbara Inglis of
        of stage two
                             70%                                N4 was one lucky recipient when a cheque
                                                                for £100 came through her letterbox. She
        complaints            – – – – – – ---------
                             – – – – – – –--------              said: “Although I do usually fill in the
        answered in 25          MORE WORK                       feedback forms, I didn’t realise there was a
        days                        NEEDED                      prize until the money arrived. It was a lovely
                             – – – – – – –---------
                              – – – – – – ---------             surprise, and it meant I could spend a little
                                                                bit extra on my grandchildren.”
        Target              We scored
                                                                All gas survey forms filled in
        of calls
                             89%                                and returned to us are put

        answered              – – – – – – ---------
                             – – – – – – –--------              into a hat and pulled out on
                                                                a monthly draw. So fill
                              ALMOST THERE-
                              – – – – – – ---------
                             – – – – – – –--------              in yours – you
                                                                never know, it
                                                                could be you!

We know we really have to improve our response to
complaints. We’ve been providing extra training to all our
staff to improve their ability to investigate, respond to and
resolve complaints. Staff from across the organisation meet
regularly to review the complaints we have received so
that we can learn from our mistakes and make sure they
don’t happen again.

www.homesforharingey.org                                                                                   19
Problem page

                                              Dear Pam,
                         Pam’s                My son has resided with me from birth at my home for 28
                                              years. He is now ready to go on his own, and I would be

                       problem                much obliged if you can tell me, does he qualify for part rent
                                              part buy?

                          page                Any information would be gratefully received.

                                              Yours sincerely

                                              Ms M

                                               Dear Ms M,
                                              Thank you for your letter. I appreciate that it is difficult now for
                                              young people who want to become independent, but the part-buy,
                                              part-rent scheme is a good option for those who are in

                                              One part buy part rent scheme is called New Build HomeBuy and
                                              allows applicants to buy as little as 25% of a property and pay a
                                              subsidised rent on the remaining part. After one year your son
                                              could go on to buy a bigger share or the remaining share, and
                                              rent would go down accordingly.

               Pam’s help?
               Do you need                    The scheme is open to people residing or working in North
                                              London. To qualify your son would also need to have an income
                                              of between £15,000 and £60,000, have a good credit history
               Then write to:                 and be able to raise savings of £4,000 to pay for legal fees etc.
               Pam’s problem page
               Communications team            The scheme is managed by Metropolitan Home Ownership (call
               Homes for Haringey             020 8920 7777) and to apply your son would need to
               6th Floor, River Park House,   complete an application form at www.housingoptions.co.uk. He
               225 High Road                  should receive a response within 8 working days.
               Wood Green N22 8HQ
                                              There may be other schemes or options that your son can
               or email Pam at:               investigate. Take a look at www.direct.gov.uk for a list of low cost
               communications@                home ownership schemes to see if he would be eligible. The
               homesforharingey.org           website also contains useful advice about budgeting to buy your
                                              own home.

                                              I hope that this has been helpful. Please let me know if your son is
                                              successful in finding his own home.
                                              Best wishes

                                                                 Focus on
                                                                 Below you can find a range of
Filling empty                                                    performance information including a top
                                                                 five performance figures and some of
                                                                 the stories behind the figures.

homes faster                                                     If you prefer this new way of reporting
                                                                 performance please let us know.
When a property is empty we want to make sure that a new
tenant who needs a home can move in as soon as possible.         Call 020 8489 2715 or email
That’s why we have a target of an average of 27 days to re-      communications@homesforharingey.org.
let a property. This target takes into account the time needed
                                                                        Target             We scored
to end the current tenancy, carry out any repairs that are
needed and re-let the property. At the moment our                       95%
                                                                        of estates
performance is an average of 37.7 days so we need to                    graded excellent    – – – – – – ----------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –---------
improve.                                                                or good by              ACHIEVED
                                                                        Estate Services     – – – – – – ----------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –---------
That’s why we’ve set up a year long project called the Voids            Managers
Transformation Group. The group is looking at the three areas
that should speed up the process overall; moving out (see               Target             We scored
page 7), repairs and lettings (which is run by Haringey
Council). We hope that by getting these services working
                                                                        of tenants
                                                                        satisfied with      – – – – – – ---------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –--------
together efficiently we can makes homes available to those                                      ACHIEVED
who need them quicker.                                                  the standard of    – – – – – – –---------
                                                                                            – – – – – – ---------

Feeling the crunch
                                                                        Target             We scored
                                                                        of repairs
                                                                        completed           – – – – – – ----------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –---------
The credit crunch has been tough on a lot of people. That’s                                     ACHIEVED
why we’ve been doing everything we can to offer a bit of                Government          – – – – – – ----------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –---------
extra support. Remember, if you find yourself in financial              time limits
difficulty you should talk to us straight away. We can offer
advice and you may be entitled to benefits. If you don’t pay            Target             We scored
your rent you could lose your home.
                                                                        of due rent
Despite these difficult times our rent collection levels have           collected           – – – – – – ---------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –--------
remained high – 98% against a target of 100%.                                               ALMOST THERE-
                                                                                            – – – – – – ---------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –--------

                                                                        Target             We scored
                                                                        27 days
                                                                        (on average) to
                                                                                           37.7 days
                                                                        re-let an empty     – – – – – – ---------
                                                                                           – – – – – – –--------
                                                                                              MORE WORK
                                                                        property                 NEEDED
                                                                                           – – – – – – –---------
                                                                                            – – – – – – ---------

 Issue 16 December 2009                                                                                              21
     What’s on

      Exhibition - Spurs 1909:               First Byte - Computer                                 Parking –
                                             Training for Beginners                                Christmas operating hours
      the Era of Walter Tull                 If you want to learn how to use
      Walter Tull was the second                                                                   for Estate Controlled Parking
                                             a computer there are free
      professional Black footballer                                                                schemes:
                                             weekly computer sessions for
      in Britain. His story is one of        total beginners in all Haringey                       Thurs 24 Dec – normal
      inspiration and bravery as he          libraries. The sessions are run                       operations until 12 noon
      countered racial prejudice             by library staff and will help                        25 -28 Dec – no service
      and discrimination to become           you to get to grips with the                          29 -31 Dec – normal operations
      the first Black man to lead            basics. You’ll be surfing the                         Fri 1 Jan – no service
      white troops into battle               web in no time.
      during the First World War.                                                                  Sat 2 Jan – normal operations
                                             To find your local First Byte                         resume.
      Bruce Castle Museum until              session contact your nearest
      the end of February 2010                                                                     Please check the Christmas
                                             library or go to                                      operating hours for other
      Free admission                         www.haringey.gov.uk/first-                            Controlled Parking Zones with
                                             byte-sessions                                         Haringey Council.

     Translation and interpreting services                                         Please tell us if you would like a copy of
     For a free copy of Homes Zone in your own language, please check our          this magazine in another language or in
     website or complete the form and return it to the freepost address.           any of the following formats, and send
                                                                                   the form to the Freepost address below.
        Albanian                           Arabic

                                                                                        large print
  Për një kopje të ‘Homes Zone’           Homes
  në gjuhën tuaj, ju lutem shikoni                                    Zone
                                                                                        On audio tape                              In Braille
  në faqen tonë të internetit ose
  plotësoni formularin dhe
                                                                                        In another language
 Greek                                       freepost.
  kthejeni në adresën e
  mëposhtme me postim falas.
                                           Turkish                                      Which language?
     Homes Zone                                                                    Name:

        Somali                              Kurdish                                Telephone:
     Hadaad rabto inaad hesho            Heke hun kopîyeke Homes
     qoraal luuqadaada ku qoran          Zone ya bi zimanê xwe ya
     oo bilaash ah oo ku saabsan         bêpere dixwazin, ji kerema                 Please return to: Freepost RLXS-XZGT-UGRJ
     Homes Zone, fadlan sax mari         xwe li websîteya me binêrin,               Haringey Council, Translation and
     sanduukha, soo buuxi foomka         an jî formê tije bikin û ji                Interpretation Ser vices, 8th Floor, River Park
     kuna soo dir ciwaanka hoose         navnî ana posta bêpere re                  House, 225 High Road, London N22 8HQ
     ee boostadu bilaash tahay.          bi înin.

22                                                           Homes for Haringey Ltd. No 23146 10/09 Published by Haringey Council’s Communications Unit
                   We now have more services than ever available
                   to you at the click of a button. To see the full
                   range, visit our website
                                                                              Other useful numbers
                   Online you can:
                                                                              Abandoned vehicles
                    Report a repair                                           0845 073 6904
                    Pay your rent
                                                                              Antisocial behaviour
                    Report abandoned vehicles                                 020 8489 1000
                    Report noise nuisance
                                                                              Citizens’ Advice Bureau
                                                                              0844 826 9715
                                                                              Comments and Complaints
                                                                              020 8489 4321/4235/
                   Pop into one of our Customer Services Centres              Council Tax
                   to access any Homes for Haringey or Haringey               020 8489 1000
                   Council service. All Customer Service Centres are          Crime stoppers
                   open 8.45am – 5pm.                                         0800 555 111
                   Hornsey                       North Tottenham              Graffiti hotline
                   Broadway Annexe               639 High Road                0845 073 1979
                   Hornsey Town Hall             Tottenham, N17 8BD           Haringey Council
                   Crouch End, N8 9JJ                                         020 8489 0000
                   South Tottenham               Wood Green                   Leasehold enquiries:
                   Apex House                    48 Station Road              Hornsey, Broadwater Farm
                   820 Seven Sisters Road        Wood Green,                  and North Tottenham
                   Tottenham, N15 5PQ            N22 7TY                      020 8489 3048/5994
                                                                              Leasehold enquiries: South
                                                                              Tottenham and Wood Green
                                                                              020 8489 5976/3042
                   Residents on Broadwater Farm can also access
                                                                              Home Sales team
                   services at the Broadwater Farm Neighbourhood              020 8489 3357
                   office at set times. These are on display at the office.
                                                                              Housing and Council
                                                                              Tax Benefit
                                                                              020 8489 2800
                                                                              0845 073 1234
                   To report a repair, or to enquire about any Homes
                                                                              Police stations (local)
                   for Haringey service, contact our call centre.             020 8808 1212
                   It is open 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and                  Repairs (see opposite)
                   8am – 1pm on Saturdays.
                                                                              Rubbish and waste
                   0800 195 3404 or 020 8489 5611                             020 8885 7700
                   Emergencies can be reported on these numbers at            Supported Housing
                   any time.                                                  management
                                                                              020 8489 4400

www.homesforharingey.org                                                                                   23
          This Christmas pay your
                    rent, before you find
                       you’ve overspent.

This is an expensive time of year, but rent has to come first.
If you don’t pay you risk eviction.
For help and advice call your Income Collection Officer on 0800 195 3404 or
email incomecollectionteam@homesforharingey.org

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