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									         Supertech Upcountry Villa@@IC@@^^IC^^$$IC$$

Description :- Supertech has launched a new residential project supertech ecovillage in
greater noida. supertech is a gated community with lush green surroundings and the
complex is endowed with all basic and modern amenities, supertech eco village noida
extension,supertech eco village noida flats,supertech eco village appartments in noida.

Project Category :- Residential Project
Project Location:- Noida

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Controlled Access, Gymnasium, Park, Playground, Public Transportation, Swimming
Pool, Balcony, Disposal, Waterfront, Hardwood Floors

Contact Us At :- 9810186936
Email Address :-

Corporate Office :- Tapasya Corp. Heights, Floor No. 5 E-F-G-H, Sector-126, Noida -
201303, Uttar Pradesh

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