HVTN 204 _amp; PAVE 100 Vaccine Candidates = VRC Candidates by nyut545e2


									HVTN 204 & PAVE 100 Vaccine
Candidates = VRC Candidates

            Koleka Mlisana, MB,ChB
Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in
            South Africa (CAPRISA)

         Minister of Health Meeting, Pretoria
                  14 November 2007
              VRC Candidate HIV Vaccine

 Months   0    1   2   3   6   9        12

CMV-R promoter
    Env A                            rAd5
    Env B                          Env A
    Env C                          Env B
    gag B                          Env C
    pol B                          gag/pol B
    nef B
              VRC and Merck Vaccine Candidates

   Category     VRC product - PAVE 100         Merck Product – STEP

                Heterologous vector        Repeated dosing with
                prime-boost                homologous vector
                6 DNA plasmids
Components                                 3 rAd5 vectors
                4 rAd5 vectors
                E1, E3, E4-deleted, 293-
rAd5 vector                                E1-deleted; PerC.6
Antigens        Envelope, Gag, Pol, Nef    Gag, Pol Nef
HIV subtypes    A, B, C                    B
                DNA by Biojector
Delivery        rAd5 by needle and         rAd5 by needle and syringe
            Differences in VRC and Merck
                   Clinical Products
   Months     0   1   2   3   6    9           12

                                       Only common constituent:
                                       Ad Gag-Pol (no Nef)
                                       <1 of 22 injected

   Months     0   1   2   3   6    9           12
          Summary of Distinctions Between
           VRC and Merck AIDS Vaccines
1. Different type of immunization - DNA/DNA/DNA/Ad vs.

2. Differences in inserts in the vaccine-inclusion of Env A,
   B, C.

3. Qualitative and quantitative differences in the type of T
   cell immunity induced by the vaccine.

4. Alternative biology/construction of Ad5 vector.

5. Prolonged survival and reduction in viral load for >100
   days in the more rigorous SIVmac239 challenge model
   in contrast to the Merck vaccine that showed no efficacy.

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