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R-5 Harvest Saver


									                       Harvest Saver
                                Tray Dryer

The Harvest Saver is an ideal machine for taking that first step into commercial dehydration. The
Harvest Saver is a compact dryer, and one of our most popular. The Harvest Saver has the ability
to dry a wide variety of products like jerky, wild flowers, fruit, health bars, and the list keeps growing!
This kind of versatility, makes the Harvest Saver a great fit for most applications and an excellent
choice for pilot projects, lab research, and food innovation centers.

                 Commercial Dehydrator Systems, Inc.
                             Phone: local 541-688-5281 Toll Free 1-800-369-4283
 256 Bethel Drive                            Fax: 1-541-688-5989                       Engineered for
 Eugene, Or 97402                        Email:                       Industry
                                   Harvest Saver
                                            Tray Dryer

•     Stainless Steel construction                                                          Harvest Saver R-5 Controller
•     LED Displays of real time Temperature and Humidity
•     Temperature range: From ambient to 200ºF
•     Programmable “Ramp and Soak” advanced dehydra-
•     Capable of drying a wide range of products from Cur-
      ing and Jerking meat and fish to fruits, fruit leathers,
      vegetables, nuts, herbs, seeds and more!
•     Engineered and proven design for even and consistent
•     Larger capacity saves time loading one dryer vs. multi-
      ple “hobby style” dehydrators.
•     24 Hour Timer for continuous drying
•     Commercial quality construction for many years of use.
•      Integrated Wheels for easy placement and mobility.                          The Honeywell UDC 2500 accurately
•     High resale value                                                            controls temperature and displays both
•      Operates on 220 volt, single phase power                                    process air humidity and temperature levels.

                                               Harvest Saver Capacity Chart
                                                                      1/2 lbs product per   1 1/2 lbs product per   3 lbs product per
    Dryer     Tray Size       Sq.Ft.P/Tray #Trays    Drying Area
                                                                          square foot            square foot           square foot
    R-5           24"x38"         6.33         14       88sq.ft.         44lb. (20kg)         132lb.    (60kg)       264lb. (120kg)

                                                    Options and Accessories
• Telfon Liners                                                                    • Choice of Data logger or Chart Recorder
• Digital Thermometer                                                              • Tray Cart
• High Output heater (Double output to 18,400 watts)                               • Extra set of trays (solid or perforated)

                                               Harvest Saver Operation Costs
                                                                   Average Elec-
                             Fan Motor HP/     Heat Type, Max                        Average Heat
          Dryer                                                     trical Load                        Average Hourly Cost Fan/Heat
                                 Amps               load                                Load
                                               Electric Coils,                                               .65 kw x $0.09=$.06
            R-5             3/4 HP, 3.2 Amps                         .65kw/hr           3,520w
                                                9,200 watts                                                 3.5 kw x $0.09=$0.32

*Note: The Harvest Saver uses 220 volt, single phase power. All heating loads were computed based on a 40% con-
sumption rate. This is an average figure, and may not accurately represent all applications. Energy costs will vary per
Kilowatt. Please check utility rates or your area.

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