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     V. Kim Kutsch, DMD

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                 VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
                    A PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY
  Dr. Kutsch received his DMD degree from the University of Oregon School

of Dentistry in 1979. Lecturing extensively on an international basis, he also acts

as product consultant and inventor for air abrasion, lasers, and adhesive and

cosmetic dentistry, and dental caries. As an author Dr. Kutsch has published

dozens of articles and abstracts on caries risk assessment, dental caries as a

biofilm disease, minimally invasive dentistry and laser dentistry in both dental

and medical journals, has been a contributor to several texts, and has served as

an editorial staff member for Reality. He also sits on the editorial board and acts

as a reviewer for several dental journals. As an inventor he holds numerous

patents for air abrasion devices, powders, nozzles and methods, cosmetic dental

materials and methods, and dental caries diagnostic and treatment products. He

is past president of the International Academy of Laser Dentistry, as well as the

Academy of Laser Dentistry. Holding a Category III mastership in Lasers in

Dentistry, he is a fellow of the American Society of Lasers in Medicine and

Dentistry. He is also founder, fellow, diplomate and first president of the World

Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry. In addition, Dr. Kutsch is a founder

sits on the Board of Directors for the World Clinical Laser Institute, and is a

member of the ADA Dental Materials Laser Committee. He has served on the

board of directors of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and

University Relations Committee. Dr. Kutsch was founder and President of

Kreativ Microdentistry Systems, and Cosmetic Dental Materials Inc. He also

serves as an expert witness and regularly mentors dentists on a variety of topics.

He is a founding member of the Rendezvous annual dental meeting in Baker

City, Oregon. Dr. Kutsch serves as Chief Executive Office and Chief Technical

Officer of Oral Biotech, manufacturers of the Carifree System. Dr. Kutsch is

truly a pioneer in minimally invasive dentistry and digital practice, maintaining

a comprehensive care dental practice in Albany, Oregon.
            VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.


1976   Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah
       Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude
       Alpha Chi Honor Society
1979   University of Oregon Dental School, Portland, Oregon
       Doctor of Dental Medicine, with honors
       Delta Phi Omega Honor Society
       Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Society
       Psi Omega National Council


International Academy of Dental Research
International Academy of Laser Dentistry - past president
Academy of Laser Dentistry, co-president, 1993
       Category 3 Certification Mastership
Institute for Laser Dentistry, clinical instructor
Laser Surgery Education Group, faculty member
Leon Goldman Award for Clinical Excellence, ALD 1993
Reality Publishing, Inc., editorial staff member
Experdent Centers for Dental Excellence, faculty member 1999 - 2002
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry – board member 1999-2001
       Dental School Affiliation Committee, Matrix Band member
World Congress of Microdentistry – president, Founding member 2000
       Fellowship 2000, Diplomat 2001, Leadership Award – 2002, past-
       president, executive director
The Rendezvous – founding member 2001-
The Best Dentists in America 2003
World Clinical Laser Institute – Board of Directors, Chairman Publishing
and Presentation Committee 2003 -
Advisory Board Dentistry Today 2003 –
Editorial Board Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry 2004 –
Board of Directors, Dental View 2004 –
Lead Banjo player Hydrophotonics, PBR
President’s Award OHSU Alumni Association 2004
America’s Top Dentists 2004-
ADA Standards Committee on Dental Products: Dental Lasers: 2005-
Editorial Team Inside Dentistry Journal 2005-
ODA ODC Annual Meeting Council 2005-2008 Speaker Chairman
            VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
OHSU Innovation Showcase Research Award 2007
Dentistry Today’s Top Clinicians in CE 2007, 2008, 2009-
Mentor Kois Center 2009-


American Dental Association
Academy of General Dentistry
Academy of Laser Dentistry, Mastership Category III
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
International Society for Laser Dentistry
American Society of Lasers in Dentistry
International Society for Optical Engineering
Laser Institute of America
American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, Fellow
National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
Oregon Dental Association
Southern Willamette Dental Society
Donated Dental Services
Psi Omega Dental Fraternity
Who’s Who, Outstanding Americans, 1995
Who’s Who, Dentists, 1995
World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, Fellow, Diplomate, Lifetime
member, Past-president, BOD
The Rendezvous
The Best Dentists in America
World Clinical Laser Institute
Western CAMBRA Coalition Committee

                 PUBLICATIONS – JOURNALS:

Guided tissue regeneration by intermittent Nd:YAG laser de-epithelialization.
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            VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.

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V. Kim Kutsch, DMD. Doctor of Dentistry Oregon SW Washington September

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CAMBRA Part I. Doctor of Dentistry Oregon SW Washington January 2004
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             VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
 Roundtable Caries Risk Assessment March/April 2010

                  PUBLICATIONS - TEXTBOOK

 Pick, Miserindino, co-editors. Chapter 4: Argon Lasers; Chapter 8: Surgical
        Technique. Lasers in Dentistry 1994

 Friedman George. Chapter on Caries Risk Assessment and Esthetic Dentistry.
       Clinical Esthetic Dentistry due for publication 2009 Elsevier Publishers
       St. Louis MO.

                   PUBLICATIONS - VIDEOS:

Caesy Master Series Lectures: Air Abrasion Microdentistry 1998
Biolase Patient Video 2005
Carifree a Complete Caries Solution 2006

                 APPEARANCES - TELEVISION:

 KMTR News: Laser Dentistry 1990
 KVAL News: Laser Dentistry1990
 KGW News: Laser Dentistry 1990
 Tooth or Consequences: Air Abrasion Microdentistry 1998
 Tooth or Consequences: Power Bleaching 1998
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Western Australian: Laser in Dentistry 2004
Albany Democrat Herald: Carifree 2007
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                   APPEARANCES -RADIO:

San Diego: Health Updates 1998
Radio Patterson: May 1999
Public Health Radio: December 2000

                 APPEARANCES- WEBCAST
CDA Foundation: Caries Risk Assessment January 12, 2007


Number      05,601,430         Soft tooth decay removal process
            05,957,760         Supersonic converging-diverging nozzle
            05,865,620         Abrasive particle composition
            05,934,904         Dental instrument and processes
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                   *           Device for thermoplastic dental resins
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                   *           Thermoplastic Materials
                   *           Thermoplastic Methods
                   *           Material for Tooth Gloss
                   *           Material and Device for Tooth Whitening
                   *           CAMBRA Oral Health Care Products
            VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
                   *             Elevated pH Oral Care Products
                   *            Thermoplastic veneer clasp
                   *            Novel Aciduric Bacterial Culture and Meter
                   *            Tray and Gel for Treating Oral Biofilms
                                (* pending patents)

                       ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES

Kois Center
Institute for Laser Dentistry
Academy for Laser Dentistry
International Society for Laser Dentistry
International Academy for Laser Dentistry
North American Academy of Laser Dentistry
Northwest Institute for Laser Dentistry
Academy of General Dentistry
Yankee Dental Congress
Academy of Cosmetic and Adhesive Dentistry
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry: Phoenix, Vancouver, San Antonio
Royal College of Physicians, London
Oregon Health Science University, Continuing Education
California Dental Association
Chicago Midwinter Meeting
Greater Houston Dental Meeting
Texas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies
East Coast Laser Symposium
Whistler Chapter - Academy of General Dentistry
Master’s Dental Lecture Series
Dental Societies: Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, (Australia) Auckland,
(New Zealand), Seoul, Pusan (S. Korea), Milan, Rome, (Italy).
Pacific Dental Meeting, Jakarta, Indonesia
IDS: Koln (Germany),
Holiday Dental Conference
Dr. Harry Alber’s Study Group - Year III
Dental Study Clubs: Germany (Adv.), Vancouver, Central Oregon, Seattle,
Eugene, Multnomah, Ft. Lauderdale, Seattle, Skaneateles, Vancouver, Little
Rock, Springfield, St. Louis, Denver, Cheyenne, San Antonio, Honolulu, New
York, Manhattan, Long Island, Atlanta, Chicago, Bend
Laser Surgery Education Group
Dental Programs: Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Kamloops, Palm
Springs, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Seattle
American Dental Tennis Association
           VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
Psi-Omega Chi, Oregon Chapter
Profitable Dentist
Rotary International
Seattle Study Club, Colorado Springs
Senate Management Group, Chicago
West Los Angeles County Dental Society
Yakima Valley Dental Society
Wake County Dental Society
Okanagan Study Group
Experdent Seminars: Vancouver, BC. Glendale, Detroit, Los Angeles,
Pleasanton, San Francisco, Manhattan, Westchester, San Jose, Sacramento,
Yorba Linda, San Francisco, San Destin, Orlando, Long Island, Chicago
Green Dental Labs Oklahoma City
Albany Chamber of Commerce
O’Brien Dental Lab Seminars
Arkansas AGD State Dental Meeting
South Alameda Dental Society
Asia Pacific Singapore
American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Vancouver, San Antonio
Japan Dental seminars: Tokyo, Yakasuka, Osaka, Univ. Tokyo Dental
Patterson Dental: Portland, Key West, Cleveland, New York, Portland,
Vancouver, Baltimore, Buffalo, Syracuse, Madison, Appleton, Pittsburgh,
Auburn, Denver, Cleveland, Philadelphia. Los Angeles, Cleveland, Columbus
Auburn Dental Study Club
European Dental Programs: Brussels, Belgian Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry,
Munich, Milano, Torino, Verona, Bologna, Madrid.
Australia: Microdentistry Symposium Melbourne, ADA Sydney,
Symposium Singapore
Patterson programs: Baltimore Maryland, Syracuse New York, Rochester New
Experdent Long Island New York
Catholic University Dental School of Louvin, Belgium
Free University of Brussels dental School Brussels Belgium
Belgium Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
Free University of Brussels, Brussels Belgium
Catebel Dental Medical Brussels Belgium
Munich University School of Dentistry Munich Germany
Clinica Odontostomatologica Dell Universita Torino Italy
Giogio Tessore Dental Education Center Torino Italy
University of Milano Dental School Milano Italy
Policlinico di Modena Dental University Modena Italy
           VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
La Maison des Polytechniciens Paris France
Kalma Dental Madrid Spain
Fuzzi Center of Dental Education Madrid Spain
De La Universidad Europea de Madrid Dental School Madrid Spain
University of Madrid Dental School Madrid Spain
Experdent Centers of Dental Excellence Chicago, Indianapolis
Auckland, Christchurch, New Zealand
DAIA, DMT Sydney Australia
Patterson Appreciation Day, Pomona, Las Angeles
Youngstown Ohio Study Club
Experdent REC Training Vancouver BC
Australian Microdentistry Training Vancouver BC
French Microdentistry Training Skaneateles Falls NY
Patterson Experdent Sharon, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
CRA Provo Utah
World Congress of Microdentistry Skaneateles Falls NY
Experdent Consultants Training
Experdent Vancouver, Victoria BC
Experdent Atlanta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Charleston, Nashville
Patterson Dental: Davenport, Des Moines, Rapid City
Dental Esthetica Spain, Madrid
Onandaga Dental Society
Experdent Meadowlands
Experdent Calgary
Northwest Dental Exposition 2000, Edmonton
Experdent: Victoria, Vancouver BC
Patterson Washington DC, Illinois, Indiana
Experdent Portland, Seattle
Experdent Atlanta
Experdent Vancouver, BC Canada
Experdent Cleveland, Cincinnati
Rendezvous Baker City Oregon
CDM: Williamsburg, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego
Adealaide: Colgate Center for Dental Research
WCM Surfer's Paradise Australia
Experdent: Los Angeles, San Diego
Experdent: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh
Experdent: San Diego
Biolase: Grand Cayman
Zeiss Surgical: Oregon Health Science University
Albany Rifle and Pistol Club
           VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
Springfield OHA
Redmond OHA
Willamette SCI
Chicago Midwinter Dental View Symposium
CDA Dental View Symposium
Rendezvous 2002
KaVo Annual Meeting
Seattle Study Club – Pittsburgh, PA
Florida National Dental Meeting
Biolase Dana Point Symposium
Biolase – Albany, OR
World Congress of Microdentistry, Newport Beach, CA August 2002
Seattle Study Club, Seattle, WA September 2002
Pacific Northwest Dental View Symposium July 2002
Kutsch-Rosenberg Seminars
Burkhardt Study Club Salem November 2002
East Tennessee AGD Knoxville December 2002
Dental View Perioscopy Albany November 2003
Biolase Albany December 2003
Psi-Omega Marquette January 2003
WCLI Biolase Dana Point January 2003
Chicago Midwinter LMT February 2003
Rendezvous Baker City March 2003
Biolase Advanced Laser Course San Francisco April 2003
Dental View CDA Anaheim April 2003
WOU Monmouth OR April 2003
Dental View Princeton NJ May 2003
Biolase Advanced Laser Course Seattle June 2003
WCLI Atlantic City Keynote Speaker August 2003
WCM Vancouver CA August 2003
Biolase Advanced Laser Course Albany September 2003
Mexico National Dental Meeting, Juarez MX October 2003
UCSF Continuing Ed Cariology October 2003
Dental View ADA San Francisco 2003
Biolase Advanced Laser Course Vancouver BC, CA October 2003
Summit Study Club San Diego November 2003
Biolase Advanced Laser Course Albany OR November 2003
Marquette Psi_o Lecture Milwaukee Wisconsin January 2004
WCLI San Diego January 2004
Rendezvous Baker City Oregon January 2004
Dental View Perioscopy Albany Oregon February 2004
Biolase Advanced Laser Course St. Louis Missouri March 2004
           VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
Biolase Basic Laser Training Albany Oregon April 2004
Hygiene Laser Certification Albany Oregon April 2004
New Zealand Dental Laser Academy Wellington NZ April 2004
DMTI Introduction to New Technologies Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
University Western Australia Dental School, Brisbane Australia May 2004
WCMID San Francisco, CA August 2004
CAMBRA Southern Willamette Dental Hygiene Association Albany OR
November 2004
CAMBRA for Pedodontics, Albany OR December 2004
WCLI San Diego CA January 2005
Rendezvous Baker City Oregon January 2005
CAMBRA Wenatchee WA February 2005
Biolase Laser Training Albany OR February 2005
Acetal Resins LMT Chicago Midwinter February 2005
CAMBRA Loma Linda University Dental School June 2005
MID WCLI Seattle August 2005
CAMBRA WCMID San Diego August 2005
Mexico Pediatric Dental Association Mexico City October 2005
Oregon AGD Portland OR December 2005
MISC Salem OR January 2006
Chicago Midwinter LMT February 2006
WCLI Huntington Beach CA February 2006
Rendezvous Baker City OR March 2006
Essology Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane AU; Aukland NZ May
MISC Sisters OR May 2006
Baja Mexico Dental Association Ensenada Sonora May 2006
WCMID Seattle WA August 2006
CDC Annual Symposium Keiser OR September 2006
Congregational Church Corvallis OR October 2006
Carifree Speakers Symposium Jefferson OR November 2006
MISC Salem OR December 2006
Rendezvous Baker City OR January 2007
Kois Regional Symposium Ann Arbor March 2007
NZMID Aukland New Zealand March 2007
Marion Dental Research Group May 2007
WCMID San Diego August 2007
CDM Annual Meeting Las Vegas October 2007
MISC Salem OR December 2007
WCLI San Diego January 2008
Rendezvous Baker City OR February 2008
Loma Linda Alumni Day Loma Linda CA February 2008
           VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
OHSU Faculty CAMBRA Lecture Portland OR February 2008
NW Engineer Alliance Albany OR February 2008
Technology Showcase CMW Chicago IL February 2008
Job Corps Regional Meeting Seattle WA March 2008
Corvallis Study Club Corvallis OR March 2008
OCMID Salem OR May 2008
WCMID Chicago IL August 2008
CDA San Francisco September 2008
Carifree Study Clubs London UK September 2008
OCMID Study Club Brownsville OR October 2008
PDA Las Vegas NV November 2008
OCMID Salem OR December 2008-11-17
Corvallis Study Club, Corvallis OR January 2009
Millennium Dental Laser Cancun Mexico February 2009
Rendezvous Baker City OR March 2009
Marion Dental Research Group Salem OR March 2009
Reno AGD Reno Nevada April 2009
Academy of Laser Dentistry Las Vegas Nevada April 2009
American Academy of Dental Consultants Scottsdale AZ April 2009
California Dental Association Anaheim CA May 2009
NOVA School of Dentistry Fort Lauderdale FL June 2009
WCMID San Francisco CA August 2009
CEREC in the Sun Nassau Bahamas November 2009
Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics Scottsdale Arizona November 2009
Productive Dentist Academy Las Vegas NV November 2009
OCMID Salem OR December 2009
SE Pediatric Society Best of Dentistry Atlanta GA 2010
OCMID Salem OR January 2010
Seattle Study Club Annual Symposium Scottsdale AZ January 2010
The Rendezvous Baker City OR February 2010

                    BAND APPEARANCES

AACD Matrix Band Chicago May 2001
Other Smothers Brothers Rendezvous Baker City OR March 2002
Other Smothers Brothers Rendezvous Baker City OR March 2003
Hydrokinetics WCLI Crazy Horse Irvine CA January 2003
Hydrokinetics CDS Tequila Roadhouse Chicago IL February 2003
Cruisin’ with Lloyd CDS Gibson’s Chicago IL February 2003
Hydrokinetics CDA Anaheim Convention Center Anaheim CA 2003
Hydrokinetics WCLI Hard Rock Café Atlantic City NJ August 2003
                 VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
     Hydrokinetics WCM Sheraton Wall Center Vancouver CA August 2003
     Hydrokinetics ADA SF Marriott San Francisco CA October 2003
     Hydrokinetics WCLI San Diego January 2004
     Other Smothers Brothers Rendezvous Baker City Oregon January 2004
     Hydrokinetics CDS Hyatt Crystal Ballroom Chicago IL February 2004
     Band of Dentists Oregon Women Agriculture Banquet Albany April 2004
     WCLI San Diego Balboa Park Hydrokinetics January 2005
     Rendezvous Baker City January 2005
     Hydrokinetics Chicago February 2005
     Hydrokinetics Dental Town Las Vegas 2005
     Hydrophotonics WCMID San Diego 2005
     Hydrophotonics Chicago Midwinter 2006
     PBR Rendezvous Baker City 2006
     PBR Oregon Women Agriculture Banquet Albany April 2006
     Hydrophotonics WCMID Seattle 2006
     PBR MISC Christmas Salem 2006
     PBR Rendezvous Baker City 2007
     PBR Oregon Women Agriculture Banquet Albany April 2007
     Hydrophotonics WCMID San Diego 2007
     Ron’s Garage Band Jeff Jone’s 50th San Diego 2007
     PBR MISC Christmas Salem 2007
     Hydrophotonics WCLI San Diego 2008
     PBR Rendezvous Baker City 2008
     PBR Oregon Women Agriculture Banquet Albany April 2008
     PBR MISC Christmas Salem 2008
     PBR Rendezvous Baker City 2009
     PBR Oregon Women Agriculture Banquet Albany April 2009
     PBR Carson Hayley Wedding Corvallis OR June 2009
     PBR WCMID San Francisco CA August 2009


Holiday Dental Conference
Yankee Dental Conference
Arkansas Academy of General Dentistry
Academy of Laser Dentistry
Academy of Cosmetic and Adhesive Dentistry
World Congress of Microdentistry
World Clinical Laser Institute
The Rendezvous
                  VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
Eastern Tennessee AGD
CDA Meeting/CDA Foundation (Rolande Loftus)
Dr. John Kois
Dr. Doug Young
Dr. John Featherstone
Dr. Ed Zinman
Dr. Rella Christensen 801-226-2263
Dr. Stewart Rosenberg 301-776-3300
Dr. Howard Farran, 602-598-0001
Dr. Ronald Feinman, 404-262-3313
Dr. Ross Nash, 704-364-4711
Dr. George Freidman, 905-513-9191
Bill Brown: Biolase
Tyes: DPR
Anthony Angelini: Inside Dentistry/Compendium
Mike Stone: Schick/Sirona Technologies, 917-596-2467
Dr. Michael Miller: Reality Publishing, 800-544-4999
Dr. Phillip Bonner, Dentistry Today, 770-969-7400
Patterson Dental Supply, 651-686-1702

Video tapes or DVD’s of some of my seminars are available upon request as are
testimonials from attendees

                      PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

      7/79-7/83, Corvallis, Oregon
      7/82-present, Albany, Oregon
      Private practice of general dentistry, including:
      microdentistry, cosmetics, lasers, endo surgery, perio surgery, and implants,
      expert witness, independent lecturer, educator, clinical and research
      investigator, product consultant for laser dentistry, air abrasion,
      microdentistry, Photo-polymerization, Bleaching, Photosurgery. Complete
      digital practice, CAD/CAM, digital radiography. Clinical experience with
      Argon, CO2, Nd:YAG, Ho:YAG, Er:YAG, Er:YSSG, and Diode lasers. Founder
      and president of Kreativ, Inc., a high-tech dental products company producing
      particle beam and HEPA filtration technology, microdentistry restorative
      products, new evolution curing and optical products, and soft tissue
      instruments. Served as Chief Technical Officer Kreativ Microdentistry
      Systems Inc, and Welch/Allyn Dental Products and faculty member for
      Experdent Centers of Dental Excellence. Currently serves as CEO and CTO for
      Cosmetic Dental Materials, Inc, and Oral Biotech, LLC, dental materials and
                   VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
      equipment manufacturers of materials and systems based on Dr. Kutsch's
      related patents.


I attended your October course in Victoria, BC and I greatly enjoyed it.
I had a financial plan in mind but it certainly was nowhere near as detailed
as the one I have now after listening to your speech. Your enthusiasm with
respect to dentistry was contagious and this was something I terribly
needed. Dr. Adriana Lauran-Mousseau

“Dr. Kutsch’s method of presenting the material was both informative and interesting –
I liked his approach. The procedures are vital in today’s market for dentists to remain
                    -Dr. Norman Hanson

“I am a course junkie. I have been to them all. Dr. Kutsch’s seminar was without a
doubt THE most informative, THE most interesting, THE most entertaining program
that I have attended in a long time. Attend this lecture, you will love it.”
Dr. Tony Nunez

Course Outline:

      Dr. Kutsch covers a variety of material in his courses from a complete
      overview of integrating high-tech dentistry into the dental practice. He
      presents on lasers, digital practice, digital radiography, CEREC, microscopes,
      perioscopy, dental thermoplastics, in-office whitening, to caries and
      periodontal risk assessment. The content can provide information from the
      decision making process with financial ramifications to the actual systems
      development and integration of new technologies. While specifically designed
      for dentists, the course is also appropriate for the entire dental team. The
      presentation examines why the second most respected profession can also be
      the most psychologically damaging, and the reason dentists are hesitant to
      adopt new technologies. The program can provide a complete discussion of the
      digital practice beginning with strategic planning, digital integration
      considerations, the new patient digital experience and patient management,
      and also specific considerations for the digital operatory. Additional focus will
      be spent on the philosophy of microdentistry in the digital practice with
      historical perspectives, scientific support, and clinical examples, with an
            VERNON KIM KUTSCH, D.M.D.
opportunity for a hands-on demonstration. The dentist will learn and
understand a model of health that involves absence of disease, rather than
absence of symptoms. In addition the dentist will learn about the need for
early caries detection in an age of fluoride, the rationale for minimally
invasive treatment, the advantages of glass ionomer and cosmetic adhesive
restorations, and the opportunities that benefit maximum patient comfort. The
dentist will leave with a completed form for a strategic plan to integrate these
technologies and microdentistry into the practice, as well as an appropriate
understanding of the future digital office. Dr. Kutsch is an expert on
minimally invasive dentistry, caries and periodontal risk assessment and the
medical model of disease management. He can also present on the patent
process, and how to give a public presentation.

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