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									                                       QUARTERLY PERFORMANCE REVIEW REPORT
DEPARTMENT NAME: ____________________ DEPARTMENT NO.: ___________ QUARTER ENDING: _______________
DEPARTMENT HEAD SIGNATURE: ______________________________

                                                             PERF.                   IF STANDARD(S) WAS NOT MET
    EMPLOYEE NAME           POSITION       JOB TITLE       EVALUAT’N                   PLEASE BRIEFLY DESCRIBE                             ACTIONS
                              NO.                            SCORE                      WHAT STANDARD AND/OR WHY               A       B      C          D       E

                                  PERFORMANCE FOLLOW-UP FROM PREVIOUS QUARTER

                                                                                                                         1                                   2
    EMPLOYEE NAME           POSITION       JOB TITLE                 REASONS FOR FOLLOW-UP                         ACTIONS                    OUTCOME
                              NO.                                                                        A    B      C   D    E       S       P      R           T

      1- Actions:   A= Counseling                 B= Education done by the Education Department      C= Education done by your Department
                    D= System or process review   E= Job observation
      2. Outcome:   S= Satisfactory performance   P= Progressive discipline / Learning Contract      R= Resignation T= Termination

WHAT          This report replaces the current Quarterly Clinical Competence Report. The top part reports on individual performance reviews held during
              that quarter. The bottom part reports on follow-up of performance problems that were reported in the previous quarter. The employees'
              names are confidential to the manager and Human Resources.

WHY           The report serves two purposes:
              • to enable Human Resources to provide a general summary of employee performance reviews to the Board annually;
              • to enable the Education Department to identify housewide trends in staff competence.

WHO           This report is filled out by all managers, both clinical and non-clinical.

WHEN          This report is filled out quarterly and sent to Human Resources within two (2) weeks after the end of the quarter.

WHERE         The report form is available as W:\Public\Perform or from your Human Resources Manager.

HOW           The Top part of the report should be completed throughout the quarter as individual performance reviews are done.
              The Bottom part can be completed throughout the quarter or at the end of the quarter.
              Please check the next session for detailed instructions on completing the report.

Please follow these instructions after each of your employee performance reviews:

First Four Columns       Please fill in
                         w reviewed employee's name
                         w position number
                         w job title
                         w overall performance evaluation score

Standards            w If you rated the employee as "meets standard" or "exceeds standard" for all evaluation standards, then leave the Standards Not Met
                       and Planned Actions entries blank for that employee.
                     w If you rated the employee as "below standard" on any of the evaluation standards, briefly summarize in the Standards Not Met
Planned Actions       In the Planned Actions column, check the actions you plan to take during the next quarter to improve the employee's performance:
                      A=      Counseling: discussion between manager and employee about the performance problems and what will be done about it
                      B=      Education done by Education Department: education provided through the Education Department (please note that you will
                              need to call Donna Kulawiak to request the Education Department's assistance).
                      C=      Education done by your Dept: inservice or job coaching provided by someone in the department.
                      D=      System/Process Review: an analysis of the process (rather than the individual) to determine how it can be made more
                      E=      Job Observation: on-the-job observation of the employee's performance by a supervisor.

Please refer to the previous quarterly report. Follow these instructions for each employee who did not meet one or more standards in the previous quarter:

First Three Columns      Please fill in:
                         w reviewed employee's name
                         w position number
                         w job title

Reasons for              Briefly describe the performance problem.

Actions Taken            Check the column(s) for the action(s) you took (A-E, as above).

Outcome                  Check the final outcome of your follow-up actions:
                         S = Satisfactory Performance: The performance problem no longer exists.
                         P = Progressive Discipline / Learning Contract: The progressive discipline process or Learning Contract has been initiated.
                         R = Resignation: The employee has resigned.
                         T = Termination: The employee has been terminated.

If you have any questions, please contact your Human Resources Consultant.

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