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Property Rehab Spreadsheet document sample

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									                       MEETING SUMMARY OF THE

                                         June 29, 2004
                                    City Council Chambers
                                    Third Floor, City Hall

Present:              Jeff Anderson, Wally Pfister, Claudia Lundquist, Clyde Annala, Howard
                      Martz, Joseph Perfetti

Excused:              Steve Sydow, Carol Thomson, Charles Thompson, Marvella Davis

Staff Present:        Mayor Herb Bergson, Keith Hamre, Karen Olesen, John Judd, Char
                      Hansen, Joel Franklin, Kathie Severson

Others:               (see attached sign-in list)

Roll Call:            6 Present, 4 Excused and 1 Vacancy

Motion by H. Martz, seconded by J. Perfetti, to approve the May 25th meeting summary.
Motion passed unanimously.

1.      Community Development Program Monitoring Public Hearing
J. Anderson opened the public hearing at 7:05 pm, and summarized that the purpose of this
public hearing was to hear a report on the monitoring of FY 2003 Community Development
funded projects. Also, to hear from the public any questions that they had about the performance
of these Community Development funded activities.

K. Hamre reviewed the sections of the monitoring report that related to the financial audit review
spreadsheet and the monitoring level spreadsheet. He also summarized the issues with the
shutdown of the North Star Community Development Corporation (NSCDC) Revolving Loan
Fund and the issues with new construction values as it relates to the HOME Funded Habitat for
Humanity program. He also summarized why the staff monitors each agency to ensure that their
programs are compliant prior to a HUD field staff monitoring.

Staff Reports
K. Olesen reviewed the performance of the HRA Property Rehab program noting that a couple of
minor technical corrections were needed. Also, she summarized the desk monitoring of Spirit
Valley Citizens Neighborhood Development Association=s (SVCNDA) program, noting that the
reason for their contract extension was due to a homeowner=s delay.

K. Severson highlighted the review of Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS), noting that a
couple of recommendations included more clarity in programmatic guidelines.

J. Judd reviewed the CHUMWorks monitoring noting that the agency was on probation last year
due to poor documentation of the national objective. They have vastly improved their process
and thus are no longer on probation.
Community Development Committee Meeting Summary
June 29, 2004
Page Two

1.     Community Development Program Monitoring Public Hearing (cont.)
C. Hansen summarized the memo regarding those agencies that had not met their program goals
for 2003 and the reasons for not achieving the goals.

J. Franklin provided an update on the Grant Recreation Center, the Harrison Community Center,
the Goodwill roof reconstruction and the Damiano Center projects. He noted why some of these
projects had taken longer than expected or the issues that were encountered.

Dale Porter (Northeast Entrepreneur Fund) discussed the Growing Neighborhood Business
program and how they are working with six businesses providing technical assistance through
their CORE Four program and other types of technical assistance.

Mary Mathews (Northeast Entrepreneur Fund) thanked the committee for their assistance and
distributed a brochure on the Growing Neighborhood Businesses Program in the Hillside.

Madeleine Tjaden (American Indian Community Housing Organization) spoke regarding the
agencies monitoring report. She questioned the issues identified in the report and was unaware
of any problems and noted that the staff had not contacted them. C. Hansen noted that a staff
report was provided to the agency and another copy would be sent to them along with setting up
a meeting with the agency.

Since no other people wished to speak, the public hearing was closed at 7:50 pm.

2.      New Community Job Partnership Discussion
J. Judd reviewed for the committee some of the ideas that staff had for streamlining this program
for an upcoming funding proposal. These ideas included requiring that Workforce Development
provide the qualified applicants, that the program be limited to Afor-profit@ businesses only,
eliminating evaluation criteria to fund on a Afirst come, first serve basis@ and also having the CD
Committee review these proposals rather than a subcommittee.

He noted that staff was seeking input on whether the program should limit the Atype@ of business
that could apply, and whether we should require that the business has been in existence for at
least two years.

Committee members felt that limiting the business types could be too restrictive. Other
comments included requiring that the employer provide a job that is at least 30 hours per week.
K. Hamre noted that HUD=s definition of FTE (Full Time Equivalent) is whatever the industry
standard is for that industrial trade, but that this idea is a good suggestion.

H. Bergson noted that he felt the Community Job Partnership program was a really good idea
and that it was the type of innovate program that he was looking for to spur economic
development. He also noted that he is working toward ways to provide other funds within the
community to address some of the issues that the CD Committee faces with funding shortfalls.
Community Development Committee Meeting Summary
June 29, 2004
Page Three

3.     Discussion on Consolidating Plan Priorities with New Data from Needs Assessment
and Neighborhood Forums
K. Hamre reviewed the common comments from the Neighborhood forums:
1. Providing liveable wage jobs and expanding business opportunities
2. Access to health care
3. Creating affordable housing, both homeowner and rental
4. Addressing crime safety issues
5. Infrastructure improvements (streets, sidewalks, water and sewer)
6. After school and summer youth programs
7. Demolition and rehab of blighted buildings for both commercial and residential
8. Affordable Childcare

He noted that from the Community needs survey almost all of the neighborhood themes were top
priorities in the survey. The only two not in the top third of the responses were affordable
childcare and the infrastructure improvements, but these were the next highest scoring issues in
the middle third of the rankings.

K. Hamre also noted that the staff will be recommending to the committee that in the Priority
Needs table of the Consolidated Plan there should be fewer Ahigh@ priorities and, accordingly,
shifting of Amedium@ priorities to low. This will assist the committee in addressing the most
immediate needs that are clearly identified and prioritized. He noted that staff will be outlining
those priority changes in the upcoming weeks.

4.      Other updates
K. Hamre noted that the Section 108 housing projects are proceeding and that they should be
nearing a City review stage for these funds very soon.

He also noted that he will try to set up a Committee meeting with the Council in the very near
future to discuss Consolidated Plan priorities.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m. with the next meeting being July 27th.
                             June 29, 2004

                                           Speaker List

Dale Porter, Northeast Entrepreneur Fund

Mary Mathews, Northeast Entrepreneur Fund

Madeleine Tjaden - AICHO
                             June 29, 2004

                                      Attendance List

Madeleine Tjaden, AICHO

Terri Roeber, Housing Access Center

Peter Golden, Project SOAR

Deidre Dodge, YMCA-Mentor Duluth

Sharon Lassila, Salvation Army

Linda Vik, SVCNDA

Rachel Kincade, Life House

Martin Lepak, AEOA

Dale Porter, Northeast Entrepreneur Fund

Amy Westbrook, Project SOAR

Derbin M. Keeney, MACV

Catherine Peterson, CHUMWorks

Susan Utech, Safe Haven Shelter

George Garnett, NHS of Duluth

KayAnn Vance, Habitat for Humanity

Jeff Corey, NCLT

John Miller, HRA

Zoe LeBeau, WTHC

Caralen Holiday, WTHC

Theresa Bobula, Boys and Girls Club

Kira Kallberg, The Salvation Army
Mary Mathews, Northeast Entrepreneur Fund

Russ Salgy, Copeland

Suzanna Didier, Grant Collaborative

Kathy Beito, The Salvation Army

Stephanie Floyd, NYS

Tim Kittelson, Valley Youth Center

Michelle LeBeau, Women In Construction

Jean Gornick, Damiano

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