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                                  CRM Software
                                  and Advantages

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                                  As the popularity and adoption rate of hosted CRM
                                  software is on the rise as more small to medium sized
                                  businesses are learning the benefits of Hosted CRM
                                  software and becoming aware that Hosted CRM offers a
                                  fast and easy deployment time with the reduced set up

                                  But wait there’s more…

                                  Hosted CRM business benefits can be broken down into
                                  four main business areas; cost savings, usability, lower risk
                                  and support and security.

                                  Cost Savings
                                  Increased Budget Management
                                  Businesses are built around budget and managing the
                                  budget effectively is key to a successful business. With a
                                  Hosted CRM you accurately know your expenses as it
                                  eliminates the unforeseeable maintenance and support,
                                  which in many cases free up some of the budget.

                                  Lower Set-Up Costs.
                                  Instead of paying the high initial set-up costs for computer
                                  hardware and software that will be needed to be able to
                                  hold on-premise CRM Software such as servers, operating
                                  systems, and the network infrastructure. Hosted CRM
                                  offers all the hardware and software the solutions needs
                                  without the high cost.

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                                  Free Upgrades
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                                  Hosted CRM provides the organisation with free upgrades
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                                  to their CRM software to make it more efficient and
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                                  effective. An upgrade on an on-premise CRM can be time
Web   consuming and expensive. All this is free with hosted CRM
                                  Pricing Options
                                  Hosted CRM software providers have a pricing structure
                                  with multiple options to ensure you only pay for
                                  functionality and services you need. The common price
                                  structures are either the number of users or the number of
                                  contacts on the database (the amount of storage space).

                                  Support and Security
                                  Secure Data
                                  Customers data is probably better secured and protected
                                  with a hosted solution due to the providers’ hardware and
                                  the security set on their customers data

                                  Decrease Support Time
                                  You need continuous IT Support and maintenance to keep
                                  your CRM software running efficiently and effectively.
                                  The Hosted CRM option reduces the time your IT
                                  professional are needed for your CRM Software as it will
                                  all be maintained by the provider.

                                  Regular Back-Ups
                                  Most providers of CRM Software understand that data
                                  must be backed up regularly. In some cases, you may find
                                  that they hold superior services to back-up your data

                                  Providers Motivation
                                  As the software is paid for on a monthly basis if the
                                  software stops working, their customers can easily switch.
PPD Computing
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                                  This provides an extra motivation to the company to fix
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                                  the problem quickly.
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                                  Lower Risks
                                  By choosing Hosted CRM Software you can lower the
                                  risk taken by installing on-premise CRM Software. It can
                                  also be used as a low risk option to test CRM software
                                  within your business before installing on-premise CRM
                                  software. Hosted CRM software is viewed as lowed risks

                                  •   Monthly free - Most offer a month free trail which
                                      can be enough time to evaluate the software and it is
                                      always easy to cancel
                                  •   No high set-up costs – You do not have to buy all the
                                      hardware needed
                                  •   No high involvement for busy IT professionals within
                                      your business, and in some cases no involvement
                                      needed at all.

                                  Easy to Use
                                  Hosted CRM providers understand that user adoption is
                                  one of the key areas in a successful CRM
                                  implementation. With Hosted CRM Software it is easy to
                                  change if the software is not easy to use, therefore,
                                  Hosted CRM Software is designed and built around the
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                                  software being easy to use for the end user.
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                                  Global Access and Management
                                  One of the key benefits of a Hosted CRM Software, or
                                  any web based CRM Software, is the global access (as
                                  long as you have Internet access). This allows the System
                                  to be used in multiple locations across the world all
                                  access the same up to date information an enable a more
                                  effective customer service.

                                  Some Hosted CRM providers do not provide any
                                  customisation within the database, or it is a price option.
                                  However, with our Hosted CRM software we believe you
                                  should still be able to have the benefits of tailored CRM
                                  software whether it is on-premise or hosted, therefore our
                                  Hosted CRM Software is highly customisable at no extra
                                  cost so you can easily tailored the CRM to your precise

                                  Real Time Information Access
                                  the web access option gives mobile employees instant
                                  access to the real time data to support their all their
                                  activities to improve their time efficiency while also
                                  being more prepared and knowledgeable when interacting
                                  with your clients.

                                                           Call us today
                                  For more benefits or if you would like to begin a free
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                                  months trail of Hosted CRM Software
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