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					                       HERITAGE OPEN DAYS MEETING

                                12 April , 2011

                 Councillors:    J Dyson
                                 J Fradgley
                                  D Walden (Chairman)
                                 C Wall
                      Simon foster – Civic Photographer
                              Civic Secretary - Clerk
1)   Apologies

     Apologies for absence were received from the Mayor & Mairi

     Chairman’s opening remarks

     Cllr Walden welcomed everyone present.

2)   Minutes

     The Minutes of the meeting held on 24 March, 2011 were approved
     as a correct record.

3)   Matters arising


     Cllr Fradgley reported that she had spoken to the Willows School
     who had indicated that they were keen to take part. Cllr Dyson said
     that she had also spoken to Stratford Primary School and although
     they seemed keen to participate, they were non-committal at the
     present time.

     It was agreed, that a letter should be sent out as soon as possible to
     all local schools, containing basic information about the Heritage
     Weekend. Another letter containing more detailed information should
     be circulated later and this should be followed up by a visit from a
     councillor to schools within their ward.

It was AGREED that the Schedule for school visits should be as
follows: 10.00 – 11.00 am, 11.30 –12.30 pm, 1.30 – 2.30 pm and 3.00
– 4.00 pm. All the sessions to be offered on a first come, first served

It was further AGREED that we should try a source enough black
gowns for up to 15 children to dress up as councillors.

Aunt Sallies

Cllr Fradgley to co-ordinate in with Simon foster, Civic Photographer,
concerning a suitable image of both the Mayor and Beadle. Cllr
Walden asked the Civic Secretary to make available a Beadle’s
costume so that a copy could be made for the display.

Cllr Wall put forward the following suggestions:

1)   That the School Children be encouraged to dance in the
     Ballroom, during their tour of the building. However, concerns
     were voiced re the logistics of this suggestion.

2)   That a pictorial exhibition be mounted concerning the different
     uses of Town Halls throughout the UK.

3)   A leaflet promoting the displays in the Town Hall on the Heritage
     Weekend be produced and handed out.

4)   That there might be a “Treasure Hunt” within the Town Hall to
     encourage younger visitors to identify things of interest in the
     building. It was agreed in principal that this was a good idea and
     Cllr Wall was asked to come to the next meeting with the
     Treasure Hunt paperwork fully prepared for final approval.

     It was proposed and agreed, that subject to budget constraints,
     that Cllr Wall should prepare proper versions of the leaflet and a
     detailed brief of the photographic display and the Treasure Hunt
     for the next meeting.
     Anything which was not presented in its final form at that stage
     would not be followed up.

     School visits co-ordinator

     Cllr Walden invited Cllr Fradgley to consider being the co-ordinator
     for the Thursday school visits. Cllr Fradgley agreed to do this with
     the help of Cllr Dyson.

     Photographs of local school children for the display

     Stratford Primary School and Stratford Preparatory will be
     approached concerning a photograph and it was hoped to set up a
     photo session for early May.

4)   Manning

     Cllr Walden had approach the Mayor Elect & Councillors to see what
     time they can offer in readiness for drawing up a rota.

5)   Exhibition Theme for 2011

     Although not present, Mairi Macdonald had confirmed that the panels
     which had been used at the 2003 Town Hall exhibition were still
     available. They all have the running heading “Stratford 450 –
     celebrating the 1553 Charter” . It was not felt that this would be a
     problem as the panels were to be situated in different venues.

     It was AGREED that the Clerk would contact Mairi Macdonald to
     confirm that the Committee wished to proceed and that arrangements
     with the Shakespeare Trust should be put in place.

6)   Refreshments

     The Civic Secretary confirmed that a letter had been sent to the
     Afternoon Townswomen’s Guild to thank them for their support in the
     past in providing refreshments and to inform them that the Committee
     had agreed to allow a different group to undertake the catering for
     this years event. The Afternoon Townswomen’s Guild was however
     invited to become part of a catering rota for future years and a
     response to this invitation was still awaited.

     Mr Wilson confirmed that the Soroptomists would be providing the
     catering in 2011 and that their offer had been gratefully received.
7)   Music

     It was AGREED that Peter Summers should be approached to see
     how much involvement he wished to have with the event. It was
     further AGREED that available slots should be offered to other local

8)   Floral Displays

     Cllr Dyson offered to put together a floral display for the Committee
     Room. Committee members agreed to supply greenery.

     The Ladies of the Avon Evening Flower Club will be invited to
     produce a display panel for the Council Chambers based on the
     Town Crest.

     Yvonne Edkins, Heaven Scent flowers, will be engaged to do the
     usual floral displays for the Ball Room in connection with the Civic
     Dinner and Mayoress at Home.

9)   Stratford Society

     No further information concerning the exhibition by the Stratford
     Society was available.

10) Marketing and Leaflets

     The Chairman and Civic Secretary are due to meet the Town Clerk to
     discuss the trail leaflet for 2011. This item deferred to next meeting.

     Date of Next Meeting

     June 1 at 10.00.


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