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									   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                       Original                       Accomplishments                           Original                               Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                      CONTACT                 by March 2000                      by March 2000                       by September 2000                      by September 2000
Tom Fox (AA/PPC) AND Rick Nygard (A-AA/M)
Improve Teamwork and          Rick Nygard, A-AA/M and   A. Issued new guidance on      A. Issued new guidance on              FY 2002 Budget conforms to
Decision Making at Senior     Tom Fox, AA/PPC           USAID/State coordination.      USAID/State coordination               guidance.
Management Levels                                            B. Topic-specific AA          B. Topic-specific AA lunch
                                                        lunch sessions on-going.       sessions on-going
                                                           C. Expand leadership
                                                        training, and provide
                                                        training to new senior staff

Clarify Reform Leadership     Rick Nygard, A-AA/M and   Give periodic briefings to     A. Report to Senior staff on status,   Initiate Roadmap Progress Review for A. Roadmap integrated into APR/APP
                              Tom Fox, AA/PPC           Senior Staff and               through Management Council             Annual Performance Report to         B. Next phase of Roadmap developed as
                                                        Management Council on          meeting, June 6                        Congress.                            part of a transition plan
                                                        Operations Governance and
                                                        the Reform Roadmap.

New Core Value-focused        Betsy Brown, M/HR and     ADS chapter drafted and        ADS chapter completed and Notice       On track-no change.                 First use of new FS precepts by 2000 FS
performance precepts          Steve Gomez, M/HR         published.                     issued. ADS chapter in process of                                          Boards evaluated.
developed for FS.                                                                      being published. Bureaus are being

Agency awards and             Joann Jones, M/HR         Establish new USPSC        On-track                                                                       Package of recommendations for changes
incentives policies,                                    Award of the Year and new                                                                                 to awards program completed 5/01/00;
procedures and processes                                Time-Off Award (cleared by                                                                                Includes proposal for new USPSC of the
reengineered & focused on                               Bureaus 10/99); Publish                                                                                   Year Award and revision of special
promoting core values.                                  new ADS chapter and revise                                                                                category awards; New ADS chapter to be
                                                        guidance, 12/99. Revise                                                                                   released during summer.
                                                        special category awards.

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   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                          Original                     Accomplishments                           Original                         Revised
     REFORM EFFORT                    CONTACT                    by March 2000                      by March 2000                      by September 2000               by September 2000
PPC-M Operations              Pam Callen, M/B and Tony   We continue to complete       OGT meets on regular basis. New        On track                     OGT continuing to support Roadmap
Governance Team ensures       Pryor, PPC                 policies/operational          topics related to teams and teamwork                                implementation. OGT and RFNET
that issues of operational                               procedures and identify new   added. ADS 501 completed and other                                  integrated into unified website. ADS
policy are resolved and                                  ones. Issues in various       major reforms of the ADS supported.                                 Governance Team initiated. OGT assists
communicated.                                            stages of treatment can be    ADS Governance Team planned as                                      in defining reform issues relevant to
                                                         easily looked up on the       subteam of the OGT. OGT supports                                    transition. Transition strategy related to
                                                         Agency web site by clicking   small mission and nonpresence efforts.                              reform coordinated.
                                                         on OPS Governance on the       OGT and RFNET initiate steps to
                                                         main intranet page.           support integration. Interaction with
                                                                                       Federal Government expanded.

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   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                        Original                       Accomplishments                              Original                         Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                     CONTACT                   by March 2000                      by March 2000                          by September 2000                by September 2000

1. Programming Systems: Dirk Dijkerman (DAA/PPC)

A. Develop Cost Effective     Gerry Britan, PPC Olivier   A. Ensure that revised GPRA Assess experience with revised GPRA        A. PPC and M Bureau staff work
Approach to Implement         Carduner, PPC,              and GMRA planning,           systems and make adjustments if           closely to assist in development and
Results Act and Related       Jim Painter, M/B, Barbara   monitroing and reporting     necessary to ensure cost-effectiveness.   definition of new financial accounting
Legislation and reach         Bennett, LPA,               work processes are fully                                               system.       B. Change Management
agreement with OMB and        Jan Miller, GC              supported by new financial                                             Team expanded to include PPC and
Congress - this involves                                  and accounting softeware.                                              other Bureau involvement, to promote
reviewing and adjusting                                   B. Ensure that key elements                                            integration.       C. Discussions with
USAID procedures for                                      of the Agency's MFR system                                             Congress continue to explain
strategic planning and                                    are understood and supported                                           SO/activity focus of the CP. Senior
performance monitoring at                                 by stakeholders.                                                       staff in USAID review issue.         D.
both country and Agency                                                                                                          ADS 200 series revision conforms
levels.                                                                                                                          with and supports new accounting
                                                                                                                                        E. APR/APP merged and

B. Improve Quality and Cost Gerry Britan, PPC Olivier     A. FY 2000 R4 guidance                                                 A. Improve PMPs in countries
Effectiveness of Performance Carduner, PPC,               incorporates adjustments                                               B. Nonpresence data sheets in use
Management and Reporting Jim Painter, M/B,                based on experience
by Operating Units                                        B. Facilitate greater BHR
                                                          integration with strategic
                                                          planning and R4 procedures.

C. Improve use of             Gerry Britan, PPC Olivier   Assess degree to which        Agency ranked 1st among 24 federal       No change in target
performance information in    Carduner, PPC,              revised approach improves     agencies in Mercatur study; ranking
USAID/W strategy and          Jim Painter, M/B,           results management and        based upon quality and transparency
budget decision making.                                   reporting quality             of reporting.

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   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                 Original     Accomplishments        Original            Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                    CONTACT             by March 2000    by March 2000    by September 2000   by September 2000
D. Assess and modify         Gerry Britan, PPC Olivier
checks and balances in       Carduner, PPC,
planning and performance     Jim Painter, M/B,
management to assure quality
of Agency programs.

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   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                        Original               Accomplishments                            Original                        Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                     CONTACT                   by March 2000              by March 2000                        by September 2000               by September 2000
2. Funding Allocation: Jim Painter (M/B)

Improve OYB Allocation        Pam Callen, M/B             No change in target.   1. M/B has made several presentations No change in target.         1. A more detailed presentation and
Process from M/B to                                                              to Mission Directors, New Entry                                    training materials will be developed and
Bureaus: 1. Develop a                                                            Personnel, and at geographic bureau                                shared according to a schedule to be
proactive strategy for budget                                                    staff meetings. Comments have been                                 developed. 2. FY 2002 budget guidance
education of Agency staff. 2.                                                    noted for further refinement of                                    will have been prepared that will contain
 Explore modifying budget                                                        presentations and training materials.                              realistic expectations with regard to
guidance for directives. 3.                                                                                                                         absorption of directives by bureaus. 3.
Initiate earlier planning for                                                                                                                       OYB planning will begin during markup
OYB.                                                                                                                                                as it did last year and every effort will be
                                                                                                                                                    made to meet the 30-day 653 (a)
                                                                                                                                                    configuration deadline from the date of

Improve OYB allocation      Program offices in regional   No change in target.   Having raised the issue of timely OYB No change in target.
process from Bureaus to     bureaus                                              implementation, best practices were
Missions                                                                         explored and shared among DP offices
                                                                                 to the extent possible at this time,
                                                                                 given the imminent rollout of a new
                                                                                 financial system that will require
                                                                                 participation by the DPs.

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   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                      Original                         Accomplishments                           Original                                 Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                    CONTACT                  by March 2000                        by March 2000                       by September 2000                        by September 2000
3. Acquisition and Assistance: Rick Nygard (A-AA/M)

Improve A&A System            Marcus Stevenson (M/PE)   A. Implement procedures         A. Currently completing inventory on A. Analysis completed and                Delete item B
                              and Rod Johnson (M/OP)    that encourage greater use of   use of types of instruments; plan to recommendations put forth to CIRB
                                                        IQCs (USAID and GSA) and        have guidance issued in June.        for decisions on implementation of       Pilot programs established with E&E
                                                        more efficient assistance                                            Version 5 of NMS/A&A                     Bureau – small grants and contract
                                                        instruments to reduce           B. Reorganization of OP operations   (streamlining).               B.         administration
                                                        numbers of stand-alone          sent to A-AA/M for approval 4/14.    Implement an improved A&A
                                                        actions (streamlining).         Will not be implemented before next  planning process (streamlining).
                                                        B. Implement agreed upon        fiscal year.                                   C. Improve contracting staff
                                                        recommendations and                                                  and CTO understanding of the
                                                        strategies for the                                                   integrated A&A process - program
                                                        organizational structure of                                          needs and acquisition and assistance
                                                        OP in relating to clients                                            requirements - through seminars
                                                        (teamwork).                                                          covering both A&A and program
                                                                                                                             topics (teambuilding).

Agency MFR systems and        Rodney Johnson, OP        A. Incorporation of A&A
training integrated with OP                             into MFR training
reforms                                                  B. ADS 200 reviewed to
                                                        incorporate A&A reforms
                                                        C. CTO/CO relationships
                                                        defined in terms of SO teams

Training in Direct Support of Paula Miller, M/HR/LS     Performance based               Acquisition CTO course implemented, A&A for CTOs; A&A for Senior
A&A System                                              contracting course;             together with regimen of A&A courses Managers; Pre-Award and Post-
                                                        Orientation Course for New      being conducted on a regular basis   Award courses; FAAR course.
                                                        Mission Directors; A&A for      both overseas and in Washington.
                                                        Senior Managers; A&A for
                                                        CTOs; Pre-Award and Post-
                                                        Award courses; FAAR

4. Funds and Cost Accounting System: Mike Smokovich (CFO) and Dirk Dijkerman (PPC)

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   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                       Original                    Accomplishments                                Original                           Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                    CONTACT                  by March 2000                     by March 2000                          by September 2000                   by September 2000
Design Managerial Cost        Sandy Owens (M/FM) and   A. Confirm MCA model         A. Model confirmed with M. Worked         A. Provide MCA training to          No Change
Accounting System             Tom Rishoi (PPC)         with additional USAID        with G and BHR to confirm model.          USAID/W end users.            B.
                                                       operating units.             Currently working with LAC to get a       Implement cost accounting subsystem
                                                       B. Finalize proposed         regional bureau confirmation.             of the new core accounting system.
                                                       accounting classification
                                                       structure.                   B. The ACCS has gone through many
                                                       C. Feed final requirements   iterations. The MCA Team has
                                                       to core financial system     worked with the Momentum Team to
                                                       implementation team.         insure that the ACCS provides for the
                                                            D. Evaluate             MCA requirements.
                                                       requirements to ensure
                                                       coherence between MCA and    C. The draft version of the M Bureau
                                                       budget process structure.    MCA requirements have been given to
                                                                                    the Momentum Team. BHR and
                                                                                    Global requirements will be delivered
                                                                                    in early May. Regional Bureau
                                                                                    requirements will be delivered in June.

                                                                                    D. The proposed budget distribution
                                                                                    process in Momentum complements
                                                                                    the MCA model by using fund control
                                                                                    mechanisms to move program money
                                                                                    to the strategic objective.

5. Workforce Management System: Linda Lion (DAA/M/HR) and Rod Johnson (M/OP)

           7/22/20115:31 PMfd2ffdf8-0c13-456c-8eda-15ba764f8f60.xls                                                                                                                            7
   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                  Original                        Accomplishments                             Original                     Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                     CONTACT             by March 2000                       by March 2000                         by September 2000            by September 2000
FS Selection Boards policies, Ronnie Daniel, M/HR                                 The Foreign Service Employee                                          Revised ADS 463 will be issued (5/00).
procedures, and processes                                                         Performance Evaluation System was
reengineered.                                                                     revised, incorporating a Skills Matrix
                                                                                  to evaluate performance. The
                                                                                  Selection Boards have been renamed
                                                                                  Foreign Service Performance Boards.
                                                                                  New guidance is prepared for the
                                                                                  Boards. The AEF form and Skills
                                                                                  Feedback Worksheet were revised.
                                                                                  Other procedures were also revised.
                                                                                  All are incorporated in a revised ADS
                                                                                  463 which is ready for issuance.

Senior Management Group      David Rhoad, M/HR/EM                                                                                                       SMG ADS chapter will be completed.
(SMG) policies, procedures
and processes reengineered

FS open assignments          Ronnie Daniel, M/HR    Partial prioritization        All non-automation recommendations                                    Position priority process will be
policies, procedures and                            negotiated with AFSA and      were implemented. Position priority                                   continued.
processes reengineered.                             executed 10/99. Factor into   process was piloted in first round of
                                                    FY 2001 prioritization of     the 2000 cycle concluded in January
                                                    positions lessons learned.    2000. A lessons learned review
                                                                                  concluded it was an improvement and
                                                                                  it will be continued during the
                                                                                  validation period of the 2001 FS
                                                                                  assignment cycle.

New Entrant Professional     Audrey Minkley, M/HR   Class II of about 25 NEPs by 26 NEPs came on board for Class II        Class III of 33 NEPs.
(NEP) Program                                       3/00.                        (February 2000).

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    (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                  Original                         Accomplishments                      Original                                 Revised
     REFORM EFFORT                      CONTACT           by March 2000                         by March 2000                 by September 2000                        by September 2000
New standardized and           Anita Stalls, M/HR     COHO officially rolled out.   Technical problems shut down COHO Customization of database completed. This is an ongoing process, more labor
automated system (COHO)                                                             for several weeks and this deadline                                    intensive than anticipated.
for GS position classification                                                      was not met.
implemented. FS position                                                                    Roll Out was effective May
management, position                                                                2000.
classification and backstop
systems revised and
modernized for USDH
overseas and in USAID/W.

USAID/W position           Larry Brown, M/HR          On target.                    Decision taken to not develop a         On target.                          Continuing application of sound position
management plan developed.                                                          position management plan, but rather                                        management practices.
                                                                                    to implement position management
                                                                                    directly, as reflected in recruitment
                                                                                    planning and organizational reviews.

A new career-counseling      Cathy Smith, M/HR/LS                                   Deferred                                                                    Deferred
program for both GS and FS
employees worldwide
designed and implemented.

Commercial-Off-The-Shelf     Doug Brandi, M/HR/PPIM   A. Complete feasibility/cost All tasks were accomplished on           A. Implement cross-servicing for HR On target. No change.
(COTS) automated Human                                analysis for NFC cross-      schedule.                                and Payroll transaction processing
Resources system procured                             servicing;                                                            with NFC; actually online target date
and installed to replace                              B. Secure CIRB approval to                                            10/07/2000.
existing RAMPS system                                 retire capital assets (i.e.,
                                                      mainframe-based systems)
                                                      and replace with cross-
                                                      C. Sign MOU with USDA

Regularize PSC competition   Rod Johnson, M/OP        A. Reformat and revise     A. Revision and reformatting of            ADS chapter on PSCs issued in ADS AIDAR appendix and ADS chapter
and administration.                                   AIDAR appendices on PSCs. AIDAR appendices nearly complete.           300 series.                       issued.
                                                      Issue in Federal Register. B. ADS chapter being drafted.
                                                                      B. Draft
                                                      ADS chapter completed.

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(Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                 Original     Accomplishments        Original            Revised
 REFORM EFFORT                CONTACT                 by March 2000    by March 2000    by September 2000   by September 2000

       7/22/20115:31 PMfd2ffdf8-0c13-456c-8eda-15ba764f8f60.xls                                                             10
   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                      Original                        Accomplishments                                Original                     Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                   CONTACT                   by March 2000                       by March 2000                            by September 2000            by September 2000
6. Information Management Systems: Peter Benedict (DAA/M and CIO)

Y2K Compliance on all       John Streufert, M/IRM     A. Support missions in           Critical and other than missions            No change.
USAID desktops, servers and                           resolution of Y2K turnover       critical systems are operating without
internet web connections.                             problems with USAID Y2K          disruption from date related incidents
                                                      operations center.               throughout USAID.
                                                      B. Evaluate status of other
                                                      than mission critical systems.

Web Access for all Missions. John Streufert, M/IRM    A. Establish a USAID             ** The Administrator approved two           A. Develop a chapter Agency IT
                                                      management forum for             pilot sites to test expanded capacity for   Strategic Plan for connectivity in
                                                      addressing Internet related      business systems and Internet as part       support of USAID missions.
                                                      issues.                          of a network systems upgrade project         B. Implement improved information
                                                      B. Take lessons learned          as part of an Agency-wide analysis of       systems security measures for
                                                      from supplemental sites.         connectivity alternatives.       **         program information technology
                                                              C. Implement             M/IRM started a project to restrict         initiatives.
                                                      improved information             inappropriate uses of the Internet to
                                                      systems security measures for    increase capacity for appropriate
                                                      AIDNET, critical systems         purposes.
                                                      and applications, and             ** "M/IRM developed an approach
                                                      mission operations.              for proceeding with USAID's
                                                                                       Extranet, that is consistent with
                                                                                       USAID's IT architectural efforts,
                                                                                       supported by the program Bureaus,
                                                                                       and will improve services USAID
                                                                                       provides to its development partners."

          7/22/20115:31 PMfd2ffdf8-0c13-456c-8eda-15ba764f8f60.xls                                                                                                                      11
   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                        Original                        Accomplishments                           Original                                    Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                    CONTACT                    by March 2000                       by March 2000                       by September 2000                          by September 2000
Architecture and Planning     Rick Nygard, DAA/M and    A. IT capital investment        A. Accomplished. The USAID capital A. Agency Information Management            A. Final elements of the investment
                              CIO and Mike Smokovich,   planning and monitoring         investment and monitoring process     (IM) Strategic Plan adopted.             analysis will be completed and CIRB
                              CFO                       process is defined.             was defined and implemented.                 B. Capital asset justifications   review and approval will be sought in
                                                        B. Formal IT risk                                                     and planning completed for FY 2002       September.
                                                        management processes are        B. Accomplished. IT risk management OMB budget submission for multi-
                                                        defined.                        was defined and incorporated into the year investments in modernizing
                                                        C. The initial Agency Target    capital investment process.           financial management and non-
                                                        ITA is updated to reflect the                                         financial systems.
                                                        selection of a core             C. Accomplished. The target
                                                        accounting product and its      information technology architecture
                                                        implementation                  (TITA) was updated.
                                                        D. Investment analysis          D. Not Accomplished. The investment
                                                        completed and CIRB project      analysis is still underway with several
                                                        approval obtained to            sections yet to be completed.
                                                        modernize the Agency's
                                                        acquisition and assistance

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   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                        Original                      Accomplishments                               Original                                  Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                    CONTACT                   by March 2000                       by March 2000                          by September 2000                        by September 2000
Acquire and implement a       Rick Nygard, DAA/M and    A. Complete gap analysis of   A. Defined technical configuration of     A. Provide COTS training to USAID      A. Initiate COTS core accounting system
JFMIP compliant core          CIO and Mike Smokovich,   USAID functional and          COTS core accounting system for           Washington end users.                  training for USAID/Washington users.
accounting system.            CFO                       technical requirements and    USAID/Washington.                                 B. Complete configuration,     B. Transition plan for cutover to COTS
                                                        COTS core accounting          B. Initiated configuration work for the   testing and acceptance of JFMIP        core accounting system in October 2000
                                                        system.                       COTS core accounting system.              compliant COTS core accounting         approved, hardware procured, technical
                                                        B. Begin configuration of     C. Identified gaps between functional     system in USAID/W.                     environment established and critical staff
                                                        the COTS core accounting      requirements and COTS core                 C. Complete essential data            trained.
                                                        system.                       accounting system requiring further       migration.                    D.       C. Complete configuration, testing and
                                                                                      analysis.                                 Complete, test and accept interface    acceptance of JFMIP compliant core
                                                                                      D. Project management, performance        programs between COTS core             accounting system in USAID/Washington.
                                                                                      management, risk management and           accounting and internal and external   D. COTS core accounting system certfied
                                                                                      quality assurance processes defined       financial systems. E. Cut-over to      and accredited to comply with Federal
                                                                                      and implemented.                          new core accounting system in          security regulations and standards.
                                                                                                                                USAID/W.                               E. Data cleanup and migration from NMS
                                                                                                                                                                       AWACS to COTS core accounting
                                                                                                                                                                       system planned and initiated.
                                                                                                                                                                       F. Interface programs betweens COTS
                                                                                                                                                                       core accounting system and external
                                                                                                                                                                       systems (e.g. Treasury systems and

Computer Training Program, Doris Hall, M/HR/LS                                                                                  Training program for the Agency's      Training to support roll-out of Outlook e-
including support of IT                                                                                                         new core accounting system             mail system and roll-out of new Financial
reforms, implemented in                                                                                                         implementation in USAID/W is           System: MOMENTUM.
Washington.                                                                                                                     developed and initiated.

7. Automated Directives System: Larry Tanner (PPC) and Steve Callahan (M/AS)

           7/22/20115:31 PMfd2ffdf8-0c13-456c-8eda-15ba764f8f60.xls                                                                                                                                  13
   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                         Original                         Accomplishments                             Original                        Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                     CONTACT                    by March 2000                         by March 2000                       by September 2000               by September 2000
Improve ADS Accessibility     Larry Tanner, PPC and Steve Revise Chapter 501 as          ADS Chapter 501 was revised in its       Targets on track             Plans for FY/CY 2000 and beyond will
                              Callahan, M/AS              guide for all ADS chapters     entirety by a team of individuals from                                include training author offices in creating
                                                                                         throughout the Agency and was                                         and revising ADS chapters in the new
                                                                                         republished on March 31, 1999. This                                   format, converting existing handbook
                                                                                         chapter provides the policies and                                     materials into the new format and
                                                                                         procedures for Agency personnel                                       improving user access on the web as we
                                                                                         responsible for preparing directives. It                              adapt to the ever-changing technology in
                                                                                         alters the structure of the ADS                                       use by the Agency.
                                                                                         chapters, amends the ADS clearance
                                                                                         process and revamps ADS formatting.
                                                                                         The chapter was rewritten in
                                                                                         accordance with the June 1, 1998
                                                                                         Presidential Memorandum on Plain
                                                                                         Language in Government Writing.

Improve ADS governance.       Larry Laird, PPC, Tony      A. Author training initiated   A. Revised Chapter 501 completed.
                              Pryor, PPC                  B. Through OGT, consider                        B. Author training
                                                          how to improve substantive     continues.
                                                          governance of the ADS

Revise ADS 200                Olivier Carduner, PPC and   a. Complete draft 200, and     On target                             ADS 200 revised and in use
                              Larry Laird, PPC            circulate to the field                                               Training on new ADS initiated
                                                           B. Amend ADS 200
                                                           C. Clear 200 by June 15


Increased and improved
programmatic and staffing
support to Missions as a
result of:

          7/22/20115:31 PMfd2ffdf8-0c13-456c-8eda-15ba764f8f60.xls                                                                                                                            14
   (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                         Original                       Accomplishments                            Original                            Revised
    REFORM EFFORT                   CONTACT                     by March 2000                       by March 2000                        by September 2000                   by September 2000
1. Regional Business Centers Rick Nygard, A-AA/M         Definition of multi-year plan                                          Begin phased placement of staff
                                                         for creation of regional                                               through assignment process.
                                                         business centers (two in each

2. Small Mission Study         John Tennant, DAA/E&E,    Report adopted; action plan     Study complete; implementation plan All action items completed.          All actions completed, except revised
Findings/Implementation        and Bill Bacchus, M/MC    approved.                       in draft.                                                                Mission Director Course and Internet
                                                                                             (AAs discussed 4/28, action memo                                     Access for all missions.
                                                                                         to move week of 5/1 to administrator).

Increased and improved         Parrie Henderson, PPC     Define policy and               Policy approved, Activity data sheet 80% completion of activity sheets
information flow and                                     procedures                      developed, procedures defined and
coordination between field                                                               training provided to staff
and centrally managed

Clarify roles and              Tom Fox, AA/PPC, Ted
responsibilities of Missions   Morse, PPC, and Olivier
with respect to strategy       Carduner, PPC
coordination with Dept. of


Leadership and Program      Rita Owen, M/HR/LS           Sr. Leadership Pilot 2/00;      Accomplished; MFR course design        Managing for Results 6/00.        A strategy for expediting the MFR
Operations Program, a new                                MFR Group to complete 20        was completed and one pilot training                                     training over the next four years will be
comprehensive training-                                  hour CBT text in                session carried out and evaluated in                                     developed and initiated.
learning curriculum for all                              conjunction with ADS 200.       April 2000.
categories of USAID                                      Revisions to CBT design
employees worldwide,                                     11/99.
designed and implemented in
five major skills of: Sr.
Leadership, Managing for
Results, Leadership,
Teamwork, Organization and

           7/22/20115:31 PMfd2ffdf8-0c13-456c-8eda-15ba764f8f60.xls                                                                                                                              15
    (Revised draft - 5/9/00)                                        Original                  Accomplishments                             Original           Revised
     REFORM EFFORT                    CONTACT                   by March 2000                   by March 2000                       by September 2000   by September 2000
Interim Leadership and         Cathy Smith, M/HR/LS and   NEP Training 10/99; Sr.    NEP Training 10/99 and 2/00;          Delete original target.
Program Operations courses     Rita Owen, M/HR            Executive training         Customization of Executive Training
delivered pending full                                    customized by FEI 11/99.   was accomplished.
implementation of new
comprehensive curriculum
(see above).

          7/22/20115:31 PMfd2ffdf8-0c13-456c-8eda-15ba764f8f60.xls                                                                                                      16

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