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					           Design and Implementation of
        a Web Service Application for CRM

A dissertation submitted to the University of Manchester
           for the degree of Master of Science
  in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences


               Auracha Hanbunchong

             School of Computer Science

        The objective of this project is to develop Customer Relationship Management
(CRM) software that will alleviate the new business requirements problem which is
normally happened to the companies that used web based CRM software since web
based CRM software were not designed to support adaptation of application
functionality. When the companies face to new market conditions, new regulatory fiats,
new competitive threats and new competitive pressure, the problem of new business
requirements normally occurred and their IT infrastructure can not handle that demand
that are why they need Web services technologies in order to improve the integration
and customer-service capabilities.

       Web based CRM applications are designed for some specific purposes such as
sales force automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, so they
could be hard to integrate the new systems and data with existing systems. In contrast,
Web services are XML applications which are platform independent and easy to reuse.
They provide the underlying implementation which is able to alleviate the problem of
new business requirements. This means that IT infrastructure will be able to support
new business requirements faster and easier. Moreover, Web services allow
organizations to be shared information to any organizations with no organization
boundaries since Web services provide a way to exchange data between different
applications and different platforms.


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