NATIONAL MEAT INSPECTION SERVICE Visayas Avenue Quezon City Tel No 924 7971 Fax No 924 7973

					                            NATIONAL MEAT INSPECTION SERVICE
                                  Visayas Avenue, Quezon City
                             Tel. No. 924 7971, Fax. No. 924 7973

                                GENERAL REQUIREMENTS FOR
                             ACCREDITATION OF MEAT IMPORTERS

1. Letter of Intent addressed to the NMIS Executive Director:
   Atty. Jane C. Bacayo
   Executive Director
   Office of the Executive Director
   National Meat Inspection Service
   Visayas Avenue, Diliman, QC

2. Notarized Accomplished Application From w/ attached photo (colored)
3. Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit (certified true copy);
4. DTI or SEC Registration (certified true copy);
5. Notarized Lease of Contract or Proof of Ownership of Cold Storage Facility (Cold Storage Facility
   accredited by the NMIS);
   a. For Meat processors, submit copy of Certificate of Accreditation from this office
   b. For Meat traders, submit list of clients for the past year and target clients for the current year;
   c. for institutional users, submit BFAD certificateand/or sanitary permit;

6.   Bureau of Customs-Custom Intelligence and Investigation Service (BOC-CIIS) Accreditation
    Certificate (certified true copy);
7. TIN registration (certified true copy)
8. In case of buffalo meat importation, the importer/meat processor shall submit Certificate of
    Plant Accreditation issued by NMIS and Report of Related Capacity issued by the DA Inter-
    agency Committee.
9. Company bank account
10. Schedule of Fees – Php 2,000.00

Note: Photocopies must be certified true by the issuing agency

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