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                                                               Douglas J. McNamara
                                                                              GIS/3D Developer
                         29 Kensington Drive Manalapan, NJ 07726
                                Telephone: (732) 536-4736

Gain challenging work developing and utilizing new and existing software technologies for GIS
and 3D analysis.

Graduated with an honors degree in Computer Science. A hard worker with strong skills in
Magik, .NET, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and Perl. Extensive experience programming against
Smallworld VMDS, SQL Server, Oracle and Access databases. Extensive knowledge and experience
developing web applications using LAMP development (Linux, MySQL and PHP). Experience using
ESRI software. A quick learner who genuinely enjoys computer programming and GIS.


Spatial Business Systems, Lakewood, Colorado                                  2007 - Present
Smallworld GIS Consultant
   •   Develop suite of Munit tests to verify API and data model for new Design Manager
       compatible unit functionality delivery by SBS to GE.
   •   Develop Magik/XML application to support mobile deployment of PowerOn data to field
       crews for Vectren Corporation.
   •   Upgrade compatible unit data interface for new GE Design Manager data model.
   •   Create processors to interface between IBM Maximo and Design Manager using XML.
   •   Create XSD to specify XML format for interface between IBM Maximo and Design Manager.

TerraGraphics Environmental Engineering, Inc                                  2007 – Present
GIS Programmer Consultant
   •   Developed applications to automate the creation of CWE reports.
   •   Transferred field collected data to base GIS data using ESRI editing tools.
   •   Entered data into ESRI geodatabase tables and feature classes.
   •   Performed quality assurance of data entry and digitizing tasks.

QCoherent Software, LLC                                                       2008 – Present
GIS Programmer Consultant
   •   Developed static C++ libraries to classify Light   Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data as
       to building and extract building footprints from   the LIDAR data.
   •   Developed C++ routines to perform GIS operations   of INTERSECT, BUFFER and convex and
       concave HULL operations.
   •   Developed C++ routines to perform regularization   and orthogonal squaring of polygons
       and export these polygons to ESRI shapefiles.                                                                              2008
GIS Programmer Consultant
   •   Develop online charts and graphics to represent census data through a LAMP application
       interfacing to a MySQL database.
   •   Develop a slider-based user interface enabling web users to customize geographic
       searches for places of interest across the U.S.
   •   Provide spatial analysis and debug of the census data within the CityMelt database,
       particularly with respect to relationships between county and city data.
CSC/IBM CINERGY/DUKE, Plainfield, Indiana                                      2004 – 2006
Smallworld Consultant
  •   Developed applications and fixes as part of a Service Requests project including:
      street intersection search functionality to a Smallworld web application; application
      for reserving unique gas valve numbers so that valves could be entered into an Oracle
      database at a later date and to ensure that duplicate valve numbers were not entered;
      application to determine deletion of geometries representing gas valves based on
      specified rule sets.
  •   Developed scripts and database updates for the Regulator and Relief Valve Maintenance
      System (RRMS) project: converted old RRMS mainframe database system to Smallworld and
      SQL Server; created processes that would be run on a monthly and nightly basis to
      transfer data from Smallworld to SQL Server.

GE NETWORK SOLUTIONS (GENS), Englewood, Colorado                               2001 – 2003
Smallworld Consultant
  •   Reviewed, tested and fixed bugs in GE’s Smallworld Design Manager.
  •   Worked in areas of the Design Manager product versions 20, 21, 21A and 22 which
      includes: Design Browser, Point Span Editor, AVA Use and AVA Setup.
  •   Developed PERL scripts to help in generating TSB documents, documents released with
      each Design Manager TSB that describes all new and existing patches for each Design
      Manager product.

  •   Developed a web automation programs in Java for registering Dogleg System’s web pages
      in a periodic and timely fashion and collecting distributor product data from the web.
  •   Developed Perl scripts for auto searching seven major search engines based on specific
      key words and auto-generation ofweb pages that made up Dogleg Systems web site.
  •   Developed CGI scripts for creating and verifying users to a web application that
      queried local NJ golf courses for available tee times and made reservations based on
      user inputs.

  •   Implemented VB to Perl COM interface for diffTrack, a McNamara Consulting application
      to track data discrepancies between data sources and across time.
  •   Developed an image-processing program in C++ for overlaying a foreground image over a
      background image with a blue screen effect.
  •   Developed binary tree data structure with custom search geometries for reading and
      writing to LIDAR LAS files.

   • Brookdale College Lincroft, New Jersey Associates in Computer Science, Deans
      List May 2000
  •   Brookdale College Lincroft, New Jersey Associates in Arts, Deans List May

References available upon request.
Douglas J. McNamara   (732)536-4736

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