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					Fishing Lines
                                                                                        The top new fishing line that combines the advantages of a
                                                                                        braid with those of monofilament.

                                                                                        The advantages of braid:
                                                                                            High breaking strain combined with small diameter
                                                                                            Low elasticity    direct contact to bait and fish

                                                                                        The advantages of monofilament:
                                                                                            Smooth round surface       results in long, accurate casts
                                                                                            High abrasion resistance
                                                                                            High knot strength

                          New generation braid
                                                                                        With CLIMAX MONO-BRAID BR8 – manufactured using
                                                                                        state-of-the-art fibres combined with modern braiding technology, specially
                                                                                        developed impregnation, fibre coating and stretching techniques - we have
                                                                                        achieved the perfect combination of the advantages of braided and monofila-
                                                                                        ment lines.
                                                                                        The resulting Mono-Braid line fulfils anglers’ requirements, including long,
                                                                                        smooth and tangle free casts.
                                                                                        Available in camouflage colour as well as signal coloured high-vis.

                                                                                        Be careful… using can lead to addiction!

    Ø       0,10 0,12 0,15 0,18        0,22   0,25   0,30   0,35   0,40   0,45   0,50
    kg      6,0     7,5    10,5 12,0   16,0   22,0   32,0   36,0   39,0   46,0   56,0
    Color: Hi-Vis red, matt-green

    “NYLONS” FOR                                                      threads are expanded by a multiple of             ADVANTAGES OF MONOFILAMENT                               Spinning:
    YOUR REEL                                                         their length. This is done until it is stret-     FISHING LINES:                                           • Smaller diameter for higher line capacity
                                                                                                                        • Very precise diameter. Look for line with EFTTA-       • Good breaking strain • Good knot strength
    This NYLON or                                                     ched to its final diameter. Depending upon                                                                 • Medium suppleness • Medium elasticity
    PERLON fishing line is                                            line quality, the threads receive special         • Higher knot strength. With the right knot, up to       • Light color • Low Memory
    a real multi-talent                                               coatings for surface hardness, UV-resis-            100% linear breaking strain.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Bottom fishing:
    when it comes to attri- When the first nylon stocking came        tance etc. in different immersion baths.          • Good breaking strain. A good monofilament              • High abrasion resistance • High breaking
                               on to the market, this released a                                                          with a diameter of 0.30 mm withstands up to 8 kg.
    butes and it is the        euphoric enthusiasm within the world   Lines can be manufactured with different                                                                   strain • High knot strength • Good elasticity
                                                                                                                        • Extensive elasticity. Up to 30% elongation is
    most used fishing line of women’s fashion. For example, in        colors and attributes thanks to the possi-                                                                 • Line color fits to bottom color
                               when nylon stockings were offered                                                          ideal in order to prevent a hook from sliding off
    in the world. Based on Newof stores to getwould line-up out-
                                    York, women
                                                    a pair.
                                                                      bility of adding basic element additives            at short or medium distances when playing the fish.    Pole fishing:
    nylon fibers from Du                                              like color granules and flexibilizers.            • Abrasion resistance. High abrasion resistance          • Smallest diameter possible • Highest
                                                                                                                          thanks to specially coated surface.                    breaking strain • High knot strength
    Pont and Perlon from Bayer and Höchst in                          Besides fishing line made of nylon, there is      • Large selection of colors. From transparent to         • Low elasticity • Line color fits to water
    Germany, which bestowed “NYLONS”                                  also line made of fluorocarbon. Originally,         black and multi-colored.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sea fishing:
    upon the world of women’s fashion in the                          it was used as a leader in fly fishing, but       • Favorable price. Thanks to economic mass production.
                                                                                                                                                                                 • High breaking strain • High knot strength
    40s, the first synthetic fishing line was                         today it is also being used more often as                                                                  • High abrasion resistance • Low elasticity
                                                                                                                        A GREAT DREAM –
    introduced to the fishing market in the 50s                       fishing line. Being that this material                                                                     • High contrast line color
                                                                                                                        THE PERFECT FISHING LINE
    and within a very short time, revolutioni-                        refracts light in a similar way as water,
                                                                                                                        Unfortunately, it is not possible to unite all
    zed the world of fishing. The new synthetic                       such fishing line is ideal to use for fishing                                                              MIRACLE FISHING LINE AND CO.
                                                                                                                        the good attributes of nylon into one sin-
    fibers had a definite advantage over exi-                         for shy fish. Additional attributes: it sinks 3                                                            Keep your eyes open when shopping! Do
                                                                                                                        gle line. Thus a “hard” line has a higher
    sting lines made of natural fibers.                               times faster than nylon line; it is close to                                                               not believe everything a new miracle fis-
                                                                                                                        linear breaking strain, but lower knot
    HIGH-TECH MADE OF CARBON,                                         100% UV-resistant, cold resistant and                                                                      hing line promises and carefully check
                                                                                                                        strength and elasticity. A “soft” line, on
    HYDROGEN AND AIR                                                  does not absorb water, so the original                                                                     the diameter and breaking strain indica-
                                                                                                                        the other hand, offers lower breaking
    Monofilament fishing line is made out of                          breaking strain remains even after fishing                                                                 tions. In case of doubt, please ask your
                                                                                                                        strain, but higher knot strength and more
    polyamide (nylon)-pellets, which are lique-                       for hours.                                                                                                 fishing tackle dealer. He should be able
                                                                                                                        elasticity. Therefore, it is very important to
    fied in an extruder and subsequently                                                                                know the specific uses of a product in                   to help you.
    pressed through extremely fine holes in a                                                                           order to compose its individual elements                 THE BIGGEST DECEPTION
    spinning nozzle under high pressure.                                                                                perfectly during manufacturing.                          FACTOR: DIAMETER AND
    After cooling in a water bath, these                                                                                                                                         BREAKING STRAIN
                                                                                                                        FOR EVERY TYPE OF FISHING THE
                                                                                                                        RIGHT TYPE OF FISHING LINE                               The angler is often lied to
                                                                                                                        The angler can find exactly the optimal                  about these two topics. TÜV has determi-
                                                                                                                        line he is looking for from a large selec-               ned by random sampling in France that
                                                                                                                        tion of various fishing lines for his kind               90% of the fishing line wrongly declared
                                                                                                                        of fishing.                                              to have a diameter or breaking strain
                                                                                                                                                                                 well over the manufacturing tolerance.
                                                                                                                                                                                 This is not much better in Germany or
                                                                                                                                                                                 most other countries.Thus, monofilament
   with 0.20 mm diameter can not hold              Breaking strain:                                     Suppleness:                                          Memory effect:
   much more than 4 kg, but it is still tout-      This is the measure of all things for most ang-      Especially with spinning,                            Particularly hard monofilament line with low
   ed with the specifications over the 8           lers. Actually, it only plays a role during loose-   one has to find a healthy                            elasticity tends to “remember” a specific origi-
   kg mark.                                        ning a hanger. The power, which is developed         compromise between                                   nal form and take on this shape. Such line,
                                                   while playing a heavy fish, is much lower than       breaking strain and line                             which has been on a reel for a long time,
                                                   one would think.                                     hardness. What use is a                              tends to pop off the reel like a corkscrew
   TRUST IS GOOD,                                                                                       line that has the highest                            when casted and often hangs in the rings.
   CONTROL IS BETTER                               Knot strength:
                                                                                                        breaking strain, but is so                           Later, the line will lay in spirals on the water
   In order to stop this decep-                    Since the knot represents the weakest link in
                                                                                                        stiff it comes off the reel                          surface and this prevents setting the hook
                                                   the line assembly, it
   tion to anglers, the Euro-                                                                           curly and cannot be casted out far?                  quickly. In most cases it helps to stretch the
                                                   has an especially
   pean Fishing Tackle and Trade                                                                                                                             line before use.                                   THERE FROM THE BEGINNING ON:
                                                   important meaning.                                   Elasticity:
   Association (EFTTA) has                         Correct knots like the                               One of the main advantages of a good mono-                                                              When monofilament fishing line was
                                                                                                                                                             LINE CARE:
   authorized an independent testing labo-         improved and the                                     filament is its elasticity, which is at between      The life-time of a monofilament is largely         introduced to the market in 1949, 60
   ratory in England to check line diameter        double looped                                        20 and 30%. Not too much and not too little          dependant upon the right care. Floating line       years ago in Germany, OCKERT was the
   and breaking strain and to award certi-         ‘Clinch Knot’ yield up                               elasticity in a line is the “insurance” against      should be treated with our CLIMAX line care        first company to adopt this innovation,
   fication to manufacturers that work cor-        to 100% linear breaking strain. You’ll achieve       fish loss. This buffer compensates for heavy         agents after long exposure to straining waters.    offer it and become present all over the
   rectly. This EFTTA Certificate only permits     the best result by using CLIMAX KNOT + as            strokes of a fighting fish or setting the hook       These agents free the line of dirt and return      world in a very short time. We can say
   a diameter and breaking strain deviation        well. When it is applied to the line before the      too strongly as well as the potential harm of a      the line to its original floating properties and   with pride:
   of ±10% in production.                          knot is tied, it will prevent heat development       brake adjusted too high or insufficient rod          suppleness. Check the first 20 meters of line
                                                                                                                                                                                                                The whole world used fishing line
                                                   when tightening. At the same time, CLIMAX            action.                                              for damage after longer use. If strong bends or
   PLAY IT SAFE                                    KNOT + prevents the nylon from being pinched                                                                                                                 “Made in Germany” by OCKERT from
                                                                                                        Line color:                                          roughness are found on the line, cut these
   Look for this EFTTA certificate the next        during strong tension. It serves as a kind of                                                             abrasions off and renew line assembly.             the beginning on. Today, we supply
                                                                                                        A distinctive feature of monofilament line is                                                           many leading dealers of fishing line and
   time you buy fishing line or ask about          buffer.
                                                                                                        that it can be manufactured in every color.          Important: Do not leave the line in the sun
   manufacturers who fulfill these quality                                                                                                                   unless necessary and protect it from drying        our own brand CLIMAX has become the
                                                   Abrasion resistance:                                 Line color plays a very important roll in suc-
   requirements. Otherwise, simply check           If one considers the stress a line takes through     cessful fishing. Transparent or light line is a      out. Store your line in a dark, humid area, e.g.   standard for reliability and innovation.
   the given diameter with a micrometer            friction in the rod rings, rubbing on obstacles      definite advantage for predator fishing. Its sil-    in the cellar or basement.
   before your purchase or let your dealer         like branches, rocks, mussels in water and con-      houette under the water surface is much less         WHAT TO DO, WHEN...                                Mono-Braid BR8                        Page     2-3
   do it for you. This small effort will pay off   tact to fish teeth, then the importance of this      suspicious for fish than a hefty colored line.       After you have spooled a new line directly         Know-how monofilament fishing Lines   Page     4-5
   in that you will be rewarded with more          line attribute is understandable. Only line made     For bottom anglers, muted colors that vanish         from the packaging onto your reel it is wise to    Know-how braided fishing Lines        Page     6-7
   safety and better fishing. In order to sim-     of a good material and with an additional            in the mud of unclear waters are ideal.              let it rest for a few hours before fishing, so     Concept Pro Lines                     Page     8-9
                                                   coating will make the grade for long durability.     A bright colored, highly visible line such as        that it conforms to the reel diameter better.      Soft & Strong Lines                   Page   10-11
   plify choosing the right fishing line, you
                                                                                                        yellow or orange is perfect when using pilkers       Thus, you will prevent line twisting and           Select Lines                          Page   12-13
   will subsequently find some explanations
                                                                                                        or twisters, spinning or trolling, this line indi-   memory. Every line twists after spinning or        Speci-Fish Lines                      Page   14-15
   about the meaning and definitions of the                                                             cates the exact position of the bait and helps       trolling a long time using heavy spoons or         Predator Lines                        Page   16-17
   most important line criteria.                                                                        the angler catch fish.                               plugs. Let the line pull from the reel, without    Haruna Seamaster Lines                Page   18-19
                                                                                                                                                             bait, in flowing water or behind the boat and      Special Lines                         Page      20
                                                                                                                                                             clean it. It will lie on the reel smoothly and     Trophy Catfish                        Page      21
                                                                                                                                                             without any twists.                                Trophy Carp                           Page   22-25
                                                                                                                                                                                                                CLIMAX_Tools                          Page   26-29
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Accessories                           Page   30-31
    Braided fishing line has been used by profes-      BRAIDED DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN                         OVAL OR ROUND                                    they are not as round. That is not necessarily a     DIAMETER –
    sional anglers and deep sea anglers and is         BRAIDED PROPERLY                                     The profile of the line, i.e.                    disadvantage, since they are more flexible and       A SUBJECTIVE SPECIFICATION
    manufactured from polyester fiber (Dacron).        In comparison to monofilament fishing line,          oval or round is depen-                          have a higher breaking strain than the extre-        Many anglers are insecure when they – like
    Dacron line absorbs water and can be dyed in       braided fishing line is made of many strands,        dant upon the number of                          mely tight braided lines.                            how they are accustomed with monofilament
    any color shade. The specific weight of this       which are in turn spun from razor-thin synthe-       strands, with which the                          THE MATERIAL                                         – measure the diameter of braided line or they
    fiber is higher than that of water, so this line   tic fibers. A flexible, extremely durable fishing    line is braided.                                 DYNEEMA®*-FIBRES                                     estimate according to feeling. Since a braided
    can simply break through the water surface         line with 2 to 3% elongation is formed               A braid with 3 strands                           High-strength polyethylene-fiber from the            line body, even with exact braiding and special
    and sink. In the middle of the 90s, an alterna-    through tight braiding.                              (the minimum amount)                             Dutch chemical company DSM is 15 times               stretching, deforms when measuring with a
    tive came on the market. It was a new kind of                                                           will always remain rela-                         more guaranteeing tensile strength than the          micrometer and a laser measurement is not
    fiber with the name DYNEEMA® or Spectra.           CLIMAX-lines are pre-stretched and sealed            tively flat, even when                           same weight of steel. Having a density of            applicable due to the lines “non-rounded”
    The success of this polyethylene gel spun syn-     against abrasion and dirt infiltration in the line   they are braided very                            0.95 to 0.97 g/cm3, it is lighter than water         body as well, it does not really have a diame-
    thetic fiber was resounding. Touted as a mirac-    shaft via a special thermo-treatment after the       tightly. The line becomes                        and floats fantastically even after being used       ter to declare. Therefore, only a calculated
    le line with gigantic breaking strain, it amazed   braiding process. The quality of a braid is          compacter and “roun-                             for longer fishing periods. The fibers are very      measurement is possible.
    anglers all over the world. Since then, many       dependant upon high-quality basic material,          der” with an increase in the number of           durable, last a long time and are highly
    anglers had to collect their own experiences       the number of strands,                               strands. The complex production, in compari-     resistant to abrasion. It does not absorb            For this reason you should buy your brai-
    with fish sliding on the hook and broken rods      which would be braided                               son to that of monofilament, takes a multitude   moisture and is resistant to UV rays as well         ded line according to breaking strain and
    due to low line elasticity and the extremely       together, braiding preci-                            of time and the quality difference of basic      as chemicals – the ideal material for a profes-      not by a diameter specification that can-
    high breaking strain of these braided lines.       sion as well as the sub-                             materials result in a price difference between   sional fishing line.                                 not be proven.
                                                       sequent finishing.                                   monofilament fishing line and braided fishing                                                         ADVANTAGES OF BRAIDED
                                                                                                                                                             FLOATING, INTERMEDIATE, FAST
                                                                                                            line. Economical braided line is normally made   SINKING, SUPER FAST SINKING                          FISHING LINE
                                                                                                            with fewer strands and looser braiding. Thus,    Thanks to the combination                            Null-elasticity:
                                                                                                                                                             of different types of fiber                          Braided lines with only 2 to 3% elasticity are
                                                                                                                                                             in a braid, it is possible to                        ideal for fishing at far distances. The direct
                                                                                                                                                             create line with individual                          bait contact immediately            Monofil
                                                                                                                                                             attributes and abilities. The                        signals a bite and set-
                                                                                                                                                             incorporation of lighter or                          ting the hook is lighte-           20-30 %

                                                                                                                                                             heavier fibers to the                                ning fast. Even with
                                                                                                                                                             DYNEEMA®-Fibres braid or even the insertion of       spinning and trolling,                       1-3 %
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  direct bait contact has             Braided
                                                                                                                                                             a lead core generates diverse new line characters
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  an advantage, since bot-
                                                                                                                                                             such as high-floating, which is ideal for spinning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  tom contact can be felt immediately and a lot
                                                                                                                                                             and match fishing, sinking                           of tangles can be prevented.
                                                                                                                                                             lines used for bottom fis-
                                                                                                                                                             hing or extremely heavy
                                                                                                                                                             weighted lines the perfect
                                                                                                                                                             leader for enthusiastic carp
                                                                                                                                                             *DYNEEMA® is a registered trademark of Royal DSM N.V.
     Highest breaking strain:                          High knot                                      Longer life-time:                                Attention. Check the first 20 meters of line
     Since the breaking strain is considerably hig-    strength:                                      Thanks to the outstanding quality of the pre-    for damage after longer use.
     her than that of a comparable diameter of a       Not all fishing knots,                         mium DYNEEMA®-Fibres with its abrasion           If single strands are broken, or roughness are
     monofilament, high-capacity trolling or big-      which work well                                resistance, low moisture absorption, UV- and     found on the line, cut these parts off and
     game reels are not necessary for catching big     with monofilament                              chemical resistance, a “Braided” fishing line    renew line assembly.
     fish. Thanks to the lower line diameter, the      fishing line, are sui-                         has a much longer life-time than any monofi-     After fishing season, store the line in a dry
     line capacity of a spinning reel is more than     table for braided                              lament which justifies the higher price a bit.
                                                                                                                                                       place. The line will have a longer life-time, if it
     enough. However, they should be matched to        lines.
     the high requirements of braided line. They                                                      LINE CARE                                        is taken care of in this manner.
     should be spooling well-crossed layers.           Due to the softer                              It is recommended to wash the line in fresh
     Casing, gearing mechanism and spool body          line body, many                                water after long
     should also correspond to each other. Even        knots loosen under                             exposure especially
     the rod has to be able to withstand force         load. Even braided                             to salt water. After                                                                                   Since the emergence of the first
     caused by a braided line.                         lines can maintain up to 100% bearing force    drying, you should                                                                                     braided fishing line, OCKERT
                                                       with the ”Grinner”- double looped ”Clinch      treat your braid with                                                                                  dedicated itself to the advance-
     Optimal suppleness:
                                                       knot” (swiveled 7 times) as well as the        our CLIMAX line
     Braided lines are missing the irritating                                                                                                                                                                ment of this alternative to monofi-
     memory effect often found with monofila-                                                         care agents. It                                                                                        lament lines. Many years of coope-
     ment fishing line. The line cleanly lies on the   Color quality:                                 returns the original suppleness and floating                                                           ration with the most innovative
     reel and when casted, flows like silk from the    In comparison to monofilament fishing lines,   nature to the line without greasing; it seals                                                          raw material producers as well as
     reel without crinkling – ideal conditions for     with which the color can already be mixed in   and lengthens the life-time of your line. .                                                            the know-how about precise brai-
     long, relaxing casts.                             the basic material, brai-
                                                       ded lines are dyed after
                                                                                                                                                                                                             ding processes are decisive for the
                                                                                                      CLIMAX SOFT refines the line from even                                                                 success of our braided lines all
                                                       the braiding procedure.
                                                       Naturally, the color was-                      microscopic dirt and chemicals.                                                                        over the world. The name CLIMAX
                                                       hes out after being used                                                                                                                              stands for the highest quality
                                                       for a while, which does                        CLIMAX SOFT PROTECTOR covers the line with                                                             “Made in Germany” for professio-
                                                       not prevent catching                           a thin non oily protective film.                                                                       nal anglers and sport anglers all
                                                       fish successfully.                                                                                                                                    over the world.

                                              Breaking strain, knot strength, suppleness, abrasion resistance and color of the lines are combined without compromise and per-
                                              fectly matched to their individual purpose. It is the perfect choice for anglers who value the elasticity of monofilament lines for
                                              fishing at close and medium distances.

    For pole- and match fishing or as high-
    quality leader material
                                              CLIMAX SPIN-LINE                            CLIMAX SPECIMEN-LINE                          CLIMAX SALTWATER-LINE
    This top-quality line went through a
                                              Special for lurefishing, spinning, plugs,   High-quality all-round line for bottom        For boat and surf fishing in salt water
    complex production process. Thanks to
                                              jerkbaits and divers                        fishing, hunting big fish
    its molecular sealing, it does not
    absorb any water and maintains it’s       This strong line without memory was         This line with an extraordinay breaking       The attributes of this low elasticity line
    remarkable strength, even after hours     designed especially for spinning and        strain is colored in a matted brown silk      are specially matched to the rough
    of fishing. Its superb knot strength is   trolling. Even after longer use, it does    tone to avoid disturbing light reflections.   conditions of sea and coastal fishing.
    especially important with thin diame-     not twist and its extremely low elasti-     Thanks to its surface coating the line is     The hard surface protects the line
    ters. Adjusted stretching during the      city allows exact bait control and quick    very abrasion resistant and stands            against abrasion, damage due to salt
    production process reduces elasticity     reaction to set the hook properly.          severe exposure to rocks, branches and        crystals and premature aging from UV-rays.
    and so allows for a lightening quick      Attributes:                                 mussels. Elasticity of approx. 28%            Attributes:
    reaction.                                 • low elongation                            serves as a buffer when playing a fish.       • high UV protection
    Attributes:                               • exact bait control                        Attributes:                                   • high abrasion resistance
    • high knot strength                      • low memory                                • high abrasion resistance
    • low elongation                                                                      • perfect elongation

    Ø        0,12 0,14     0,16   0,18        Ø        0,16   0,18   0,20   0,22   0,25    Ø        0,24    0,27   0,32   0,35          Ø        0,25 0,28 0,30 0,35
    kg       1,5     1,9   2,6    3,2         kg       2,5    3,1    3,8    4,3    5,5     kg       4,3     5,2    7,0    8,0           kg       5,0     5,6      6,2     8,5
    Ø        0,20 0,23     0,26   0,28        Ø        0,28   0,30   0,35   0,40           Ø        0,40    0,45   0,50                 Ø        0,40 0,45 0,50
8   kg       4,0     4,5   6,0    7,0         kg       7,1    8,2    10,6   13,5           kg       11,0    13,0   15,0                 kg       10,5 13,0 15,5
    Color:   light green                      Color:   grey                                Color:   brown                               Color:   coral orange, light blue, fluo yellow
                                             These lines are all manufactured out of DYNEEMA®-Fibres. Braiding tightness and their number of strands vary according to their
                                             individual application, for which they were designed. They feature outstanding breaking strain and elegant suppleness. Additional
                                             thermo-sealings protect them from dirt and abrasion. They are the perfect lines for fishing at medium to wide distances and
                                             ensure direct bait and fish contact.

                                                                                                                                                                                 CLIMAX SALTWATER-LINE
                                                                                                                                                                                 For boat and surf fishing in salt water

CLIMAX ICE-LINE                              CLIMAX MATCH / STIPP-LINE                   CLIMAX SPIN-LINE                            CLIMAX SPECIMEN-LINE
                                                                                                                                                                            These DYNEEMA®-Fibres are sealed
Especially designed for fishing in cold      For pole- and match fishing or as high-     Special for lurefishing, spinning, plugs,   High-quality all-round line for bottom
                                                                                                                                                                            with permanent waterproofing, which,
temperatures                                 quality leader material                     jerkbaits and divers                        fishing, hunting big fish
                                                                                                                                                                            in combination with a tight braid,
This new “cold water line” with fluoro-      This line, made out of high-quality         The tight DYNEEMA®-Fibres round             Added polyester fibres weigh down the effectively protects the line from dirt
carbon coated nylon core combines the        micro-DYNEEMA®-Fibres, has outstan-         braid has a high-quality coating, which     light DYNEEMA®-Fibres braid of the     and salt crystal infiltration. Thanks to
advantages of both materials to per-         ding breaking strain, even with the         protects the line from abrasion, pre-       SPECIMEN-LINE and allow it to sink     its suppleness, it is well suited to spin-
fection. The nylon core assures good         thinnest diameters. Thermo fixation         vents dirt infiltration and makes long      quickly through the water surface. The ning reels as well as trolling-reels and
breaking strain and knot strength, the       and the perfect sealing guarantee low       casting possible. Extra Thermo fixation     extensive coating increases abrasion   its yellow color ensures good visibility.
fluorocarbon coating seals the surface,      elasticity and high abrasion resistance.    reduces elasticity to a minimum and         resistance and prevents the line from  One should always consider its high
prevents water infiltration and line         You’ll feel every smallest tug!             causes the line to become stiffer, whe-     absorbing water, dirt and other unwan- breaking strain.
icing. The perfect line for fishing in                                                   reby, farther and more precise casts are    ted particles.                         Attributes:
freezing temperatures, e.g. ice fishing.                                                 made possible.                              Attributes:                            • ideal also for trolling reels
                                                                                                                                     • quick sinking                        • hi-vis

                                             Ø        0,06   0,07   0,08   0,10   0,12   Ø     0,10 0,12 0,14   0,18   0,20          Ø        0,14 0,16     0,18   0,20          Ø        0,12     0,14   0,16   0,18   0,20
                                             kg       8,7    8,8    9,2    11,2   12,7   kg 6,8 9,0 11,4        14,3   15,4          kg       5,4    6,2    6,9    9,5           kg       7,5      9,0    11,0   13,0   15,0
Ø       0,12 0,14 0,16 0,18           0,20   Ø        0,14   0,18   0,22                 Ø     0,25 0,28 0,30   0,35   0,40 0,50     Ø        0,22 0,25     0,28                 Ø        0,22     0,24   0,26   0,28   0,30
                                             kg       15,5   19,0   28,0                 kg 17,0 23,8 30,0      34,0   36,0 54,0     kg       13,1 16,7     19,4                 kg       17,0     19,0   20,0   22,0   25,0   9
kg      1,4     2,0      2,5    3,0   3,5
Color: silvergrey, hi-vis orange             Color:   grey                               Color: grey-green                           Color:   green-black                        Color:   yellow
     The most solid and reliable fresh and salt water lines can be found in this program. They reflect over 50 years of experience with fishing line and are available at superb
     prices. CLIMAX Soft & Strong is successfully used by anglers between Alaska, Patagonia and Australia, from the Caribbean through Europe all the way into Mongolia.

     CLIMAX SOFT & STRONG                           CLIMAX SOFT PLUS                              CLIMAX STRONG PLUS                           C
                                                                                                                                               CLIMAX SALTWATER
     This all-round line combines strength,         The perfect line for anglers who appre-  e-   Thanks to its low elasticity and high        CLIMAX SALTWATER is a hard, abrasion
     suppleness and elasticity in a very            ciate a soft line with little memory and  d   breaking strain, this line conveys direct    resistant fishing line that sea anglers
     well-balanced combination. It definitely
                                            y       higher elasticity absorbing heavy strokess    bait contact, even over a wider              will find ideal for boat and beach fis-
     is the right choice for anglers who            of a fighting fish. In close and middle       distance. The hook can be set very           hing. The special surface guards against
     want to cover all the areas of their           distances this line is ideal for delicate     quickly. It is very well protected against   abrasion and its toughness prevents
     passion with a really good line.               fishing for fresh water as well as sea        abrasion, thanks to its hard surface.        salt crystal damage.
     Attributes:                                    fish in all sizes.                            Attributes:                                  Attributes:
     • Good breaking strain and knot strength
                                            h       Attributes:                                   • Very high breaking strain and knot         • Particularly resistant to UV rays
     • Suitable for fresh and salt water            • High suppleness                               strength                                   • High abrasion resistance
     • Transparent, nearly invisible in water
                                            r       • Lower memory effect                         • Low elasticity for direct bait control     • Hard surface that resists salt crystals
     Ø        0,15 0,20 0,25 0,30 0,35          5   • Very good sensibility                       • Abrasion resistant
     kg       1,6     2,8     4,2    5,7    7,2                                                   • Ideal for fresh and salt water fishing
     Ø        0,40 0,45 0,50 0,55 0,60          0
     kg       10,2 12,0 14,5 17,3 19,5         5
     Ø        0,70 0,80 0,90 1,00 1,10          0
     kg       25,0 33,0 38,0 46,0 55,0         0                                                  Ø        0,12 0,14     0,16   0,18   0,20
     Ø        1,20 1,30 1,40 1,50 1,60          0                                                 kg       1,5    1,95   2,6    3,3    3,9
     kg       65,0 70,0 80,0 90,0 96,0         0    Ø 0,15 0,18 0,20      0,22   0,25   0,30      Ø        0,22 0,25     0,28   0,30   0,35    Ø     0,25 0,28 0,30 0,35 0,40 0,50
     Ø        1,80 2,00                             kg 2,2 2,8 3,5        4,0    5,0    7,2       kg       4,5    5,7    6,7    7,9    12,0    kg 5,0 6,2 7,0 9,0 11,8 17,4
     kg       110,0 125,0                           Ø 0,35 0,40 0,45      0,50   0,60   0,70      Ø        0,40 0,45     0,50                  Ø     0,60 0,70
10   Color:   white, blue, green, grey, brown,      kg 9,1 11,5 14,3      17,0   20,0   24,0      kg       14,0 17,0     21,0                  kg 21,3 27,8
              pink, rainbow                         Color: light blue                             Color:   transparent                         Color: orange, yellow, blue, transparent
                                              Braid lines
                                              All these lines feature ultra-strong
                                              DYNEEMA®-Fibres for maximum
                                              breaking strain and perfect suppleness.
                                              Each one varies in the applied braiding
                                              technique and quantity of woven fibres
                                              according to their specific purpose. The
                                              Thermo fixation makes them resistant
                                              against abrasion and dirt infiltration.
                                              Finally these braids are best when fis-
                                              hing on longer distances or direct con-
                                              tact to your bait and prey is wanted.

                                                                                         CLIMAX SUPERBRAID FLOATING
CLIMAX FLUOROCARBON                                                                      This line fulfills the wishes of many
We give the angler the possibility to                                                    anglers for an affordable braid made
                                                                                         a                                             CLIMAX SUPERBRAID SINKING
catch tricky fish in over fished or cristal
                                         al                                              from DYNEEMA®-Fibres with high
                                                                                         fr                                            Like the FLOATING design, this line is        CLIMAX SUPERBRAID MULTICOLOR
clear water with this special line.                                                      breaking strain and suitable for fresh
                                                                                         b                                             optimized for fishing in fresh and salt       This tight and round braid out of 100%
Fluorocarbon refracts light in a similar r                                               and salt water. The compact braiding
                                                                                         a                                             water. Through incorporation of heavy   y     DYNEEMA®-Fibres is 5-color contrasted
way as water and is therefore almost                                                     and high-tech strand sealing protects         polyester fibers, the line is heavier than
                                                                                                                                                                               an    for simple vision and depth control.
invisible to fish. It quickly breaks                                                     the line form dirt and salt crystal infil-
                                                                                                                                  -    water and sinks into the water surface. e.    The color markings are helpful for
through the surface tension, because it                                                  tration.                                      This is not only an advantage when fis-  s-   exact depth determination with pilk or
is heavier than water, and floats incon-                                                 Attributes:                                   hing in strong wind, but also when fis- s-    jig fishing and improve your catch
spicuously under the surface. Since this                                                 • Floating                                    hing at great depths. Abrasion and            quota. Like on all SUPERBRAID lines,
line is water proof, the breaking strain                                                 • Strand sealing for high abrasion resi- i-   water resistance is increased through         an additional strand sealing protects
remains at 100% even when wet for                                                           stance and higher casting speed            an additional sealing.                        the line against external influences and
hours.                                                                                   • UV-resistant                                Attributes:                                   premature aging.
Attributes:                                                                              • Suitable for fresh and salt water           • Sinking                                     Attributes:
• Waterproof and UV-resistant                                                                                                          • Strand sealing for high abrasion resi-i-    • Tight, round, high-tech braiding
• Sinking (3 times heavier than nylon)                                                                                                   stance and farther casting                  • Strand sealing for high abrasion resi-
• Invisible under water                                                                                                                • UV-resistant                                  stance and farther casting
• High abrasion resistance                                                                                                             • Suitable for fresh and salt water           • UV-resistant
                                                                                         Ø        0,04 0,06 0,08 0,10         0,12                                                   • 5-color camouflage effect
                                                                                         kg       3,1 4,0 5,0 6,5             7,5
Ø     0,10 0,12 0,14    0,16   0,18   0,20                                               Ø        0,14 0,16 0,18 0,20         0,22
kg 0,8 1,0 1,7          2,3    2,6    3,4                                                kg       9,0 11,0 13,0 15,0          17,0
Ø     0,23 0,25 0,28    0,30   0,33   0,35                                               Ø        0,25 0,28 0,30 0,35         0,40     Ø     0,10 0,12 0,14    0,16   0,18 0,20      Ø        0,12 0,14    0,16   0,18   0,20
kg 4,2 4,6 5,8          6,4    7,2    7,7                                                kg       19,0 22,0 25,0 31,0         36,0     kg 2,7 4,3 5,4          6,2    6,9 10,0       kg       7,5    9,0   11,0   13,0   15,0
Ø     0,40 0,45 0,50    0,60                                                             Ø        0,50 0,60 0,80                       Ø     0,22 0,24 0,26    0,28   0,30           Ø        0,25 0,30    0,35
kg 10,0 12,3 14,0       16,0                                                             kg       45,0 54,0 83,0                       kg 13,1 16,7 18,1       19,4   23,5           kg       19,0 25,0    31,0                 11
Color: transparent                                                                       Color:   olive green, yellow, grey            Color: green-black                            Color:   multicolor
     These top lines are the best of the best and were developed for the angler who places the highest
     production quality and merciless reliability above all else and would not mind paying a bit more for this.

                                                                                                                                                                                       CLIMAX SELECT FLUOROCARBON
                                                                                                                                                                                       SELECT FLUOROCARBON has mastered
                                                                                                                                                                                       a weakness that plagues most other
     CLIMAX SELECT SPIN                          CLIMAX SELECT SOFT                           CLIMAX SELECT HIGH TEC                       CLIMAX SELECT MATCH                         fluorocarbon lines on the market: it
     This line's focus was to improve casta-     Many anglers swear on a supple line          This exceptional line is the best choice     The molecular sealing of the high-qua-      has particularly high knot strength of
     bility and direct bait control. Thanks to   full of feeling that can be casted well      for the highest handling demands and         lity nylon and multiple stretching give     about 80% and a suppleness that
     precise stretching and a high-quality,      and can be used as a buffer to effec-        maximum security in fresh and salt           this line an impressive breaking strain     results in perfect casts and bait presen-
     sealing the line features a super           tively prevent the hook from sliding         water and for all kinds of fish.             and knot strength, even with the thin-      tation. This is a very special line.
     smooth surface, very low memory             while playing the fish. SELECT SOFT          The high-quality nylon is molecular          nest diameters. The fluorine surface        Whether you are fishing in crystal clear
     without being hard and finally casts        allows comfortable, problem-free             sealed and stretched multiple times, so      treatment prevents additional water         water or stalking the most timid of
     further than other products. Its low        fishing for all types of fish at close and   that breaking strain, knot strength,         absorption. The breaking strain             fish, SELECT is the right choice. It has a
     elasticity offers direct bait contact.      middle distances. The surface is protec-     memory elasticity and abrasion resi-         remains even after hours of fishing.        similar rate of refraction to water so is
     Suitable for fresh and salt water.          ted against abrasion from water plants       stance are united in the best possible       Elasticity is coordinated to use in         practically invisible to fish, which dra-
                                                 and other underwater obstacles; the          combination and will not be outdone          match fishing.                              matically increases your chances of
                                                 silk finish prevents disturbing reflexes.    by any other monofilament.                                                               success.
     Ø      0,08 0,10     0,12   0,14   0,16     Suitable for fresh and salt water.
     kg     0,6 1,0       1,5    2,0    2,6
     Ø      0,18 0,20     0,23   0,26   0,28      Ø        0,14 0,16     0,18   0,20   0,22                                                                                            Ø       0,13 0,15     0,17   0,18   0,20
     kg     3,2 4,0       4,6    6,0    7,0       kg       1,7     2,2   2,6    3,5    4,0                                                                                             kg      1,5    1,9    2,4    2,8    3,4
     Ø      0,31 0,34     0,37   0,40   0,43      Ø        0,24 0,26     0,28   0,30   0,35    Ø        0,20 0,22 0,24       0,28   0,30   Ø        0,08 0,10     0,12   0,14   0,16   Ø       0,22 0,25     0,27   0,28   0,30
     kg     8,3 9,5       11,5   13,0   16,0      kg       4,5     5,2   5,9    6,7    9,5     kg       3,8    4,1     4,5   5,4    6,5    kg       0,7    1,0    1,5    2      2,7    kg      3,9    4,7    5,0    5,9    6,8
     Ø      0,47 0,52                             Ø        0,40 0,45     0,50   0,60           Ø        0,33 0,37 0,40       0,45   0,50   Ø        0,18 0,20     0,22   0,25   0,28   Ø       0,33 0,36
12   kg     19,0 22,0                             kg       11,6 13,8     19,5   26,5           kg       7,5    10,0 12,0     14,0   16,0   kg       3,0    4,0    5,0    6,0    6,8    kg      7,5    9,4
     Color: light green                           Color:   ice-blue                            Color:   turquoise blue                     Color:   water-green                        Color: transparent
These excellent DYNEEMA®-Fibre braids are absolutely state-of-the-art and were designed for professional anglers who value
quality and reliability higher than anything else.

HPM BRAID ROUND                             SINKING
This extremely tight and round braided      Like SELECT HPM BRAID ROUND this
fishing line with high-tech strand          line is braided extremely tight and is
sealing and surface protection is made      round as well as strand sealed. By
out of 100% DYNEEMA®-Fibres and is          incorporating heavy polyester strands,
one of the best braided lines on the        the DYNEEMA®-Fibres braid is heavier
market. It unites the highest breaking      than water and quickly breaks through
strain, suppleness and longest life-time    the water surface. It has unbeatable
like no other. It is used all over the      advantages for bottom and deep sea
world in fresh and salt water by the        fishing as well as fishing in windy
most experienced anglers.                   weather.

Ø     0,10 0,12 0,14   0,18   0,20   0,25   Ø        0,14 0,16     0,18   0,20   0,24
kg 6,8 9,0 11,5        14,0   15,5   17,0   kg       4,9     6,8   7,3    8,5    10,0
Ø     0,28 0,30 0,35   0,40   0,50   0,60   Ø        0,28 0,34     0,36   0,40
kg 24,0 30,0 34,0      36,0   54,0   72,0   kg       15,0 17,0     18,0   23,0                                               13
Color: grey-green                           Color:   light grey
     We have put a lot of time, effort and testing into the CLIMAX range of target species fishing lines. The results are clearly
     visible; a range of premium lines with high breaking strains that keep their promise! These lines are not just the right
     colour for the fish you’re targeting. The elasticity, hardness and abrasion resistance have been finely balanced to suit the
     application, tackle and method required by the individual species. CLIMAX lines provide unbeatable quality and price.

                                                                                           CLIMAX TROUT
                                                CLIMAX CODFISH                             • excellent knot strength                CLIMAX PIKE
                                                • low elongation for heavy lures/baits     • extremely smooth and easy to cast      • excellent knot strength
     CLIMAX EEL                                 • high visability for controlled fishing                                            • low elongation for better contact to
     • especially abrasion resistent                                                                                                                                         CLIMAX CARP
                                                                                                                                      lure and fish                          • special abrasion protection
     • camouflage effect through
       dark colour                                                                                                                                                             on surface
                                                                                                                                                                             • ideal elongation when playing
                                                                                                                                                                               the fish
     Ø         0,30 0,35                        Ø         0,40 0,50                         Ø         0,17 0,20 0,23                Ø         0,30 0,35 0,40                 Ø         0,25 0,30 0,35
     kg        7,9   10,2                       kg        12,2   17,3                       kg        2,9      3,7 4,3              kg        7,9   10,2  12,2               kg        5,6   7,9   10,2
14   Length:   400 m 300m                       Length:   250 m 200 m                       Length:   500 m 500 m 500 m             Length:   400 m 300 m 250 m              Length:   500 m 400 m 400 m
     Color:    brown                            Color:    yellow                            Color:    light-blue                    Color:    grey                           Color:    brown
                                                                                                                                       CLIMAX PIKE PERCH
                                                                                                                                       • high tensile strength
                                                                                                     CLIMAX BREAM                      • low elongation for better contact to
                                                                                                     • very soft and smooth              lure and fish
                                                                             CLIMAX CATFISH          • almost invisible in the water
                                                                             • absorbs strong hits
                                                                             • high tensile streng
                                       CLIMAX SEABASS
CLIMAX SEABREAM                        • high saltwater resistence
• high tensile strength                • smooth surface for better casting
• highly resistent against saltwater

Ø         0,28 0,30 0,35 0,40          Ø         0,28 0,30 0,35 0,40         Ø         0,50 0,60     Ø         0,15 0,18               Ø         0,24 0,28
kg        7,2      7,9 10,2 12,2       kg        7,0     8,0 9,5   12,0      kg        17,3  19,5    kg        2,4   3,0               kg        5,2      7,2
Length:   300 m 300 m 300 m 300 m      Length:   300 m 300 m 300 m 300 m     Length:   200 m 200 m   Length:   500 m 500 m             Length:   500 m 400 m                    15
Color:    light-blue                   Color:    transparent                 Color:    green         Color:    white                   Color:    light-grey

                                                                                                                                          CLIMAX ZANDER SPEZIAL                         CLIMAX CLEAR BRAID
                                                                                                                                          The tight, round DYNEEMA®-Fibres              This semi-transparent DYNEEMA®-
     CLIMAX HARD MONO –                          CLIMAX TOOTHY CRITTER                      CLIMAX Drop Shot Fluorocarbon          n      braid has a high-quality signal coating, g,   Fibres braid is virtually invisible to fish
     The Original                                This steel leader, which can be knotted,   This leader was especially develped for or    which gives the line the smoothness           due to its clear fibres and a unique
     This predatory fish leader material is      has a special mantle that can be           the drop shot fishing. It has the same        and feeling of a monofilament, pro-           process of perfectly pre-stretching it. A
     made up of extremely abrasion resi-         carefully welded to a loop with a          refractive index as water and an excel-  l-   tects against abrasion and prevents           specially formulated sealing jackets the
     stant nylon with a special hardened         flame. Bait can be easily and quickly      lent strenght. This leader is made of         dirt infiltration. A special thermal fixa-
                                                                                                                                                                                   -    braid and prevents it from dirt and
     surface. It has the suppleness and          attached with a clinch knot. Now you       100% Fluorocarbon and therefore               tion minimizes the elasticity to a mini- -    water infiltration.
     transparency of nylon and the bite          have a knotless looped steel leader        almost invisible to fish. The ideal lea-      mum of just 1% - ideal for direct bait        Attributes:
     resistance of a steel leader. This leader   with maximum breaking strain and           der for Drop Shot specialists!                control and lighten quick reaction            • Virtually invisible to fish
     material is suited for catching Pike,       suppleness.                                                                              when setting the hook.                        • Zero elasticity
     Pike perch and other predators in fresh     Attributes:                                                                              Attributes:                                   • Sealed surface
     water as well as Bonefish and Tarpon        • Flexible and supple                                                                    • Tight, round braiding
     in salt water.                              • Steel core                                                                             • Supple feeling
     Attributes:                                 • Can be knotted and welded                                                              • Lowest elasticity
     • Flexible like nylon                                                                                                                • Sealed surface
     • Bite resistant like steel                                                                                                          • Signal color for exact bait control

     lbs 10 20 30 40 50 60                       kg     4,5   6,8     9,1   15,9   22,7     Ø      0,18 0,20      0,23    0,25            Ø     0,10 0,12 0,14 0,18                     Ø     0,08 0,10 0,12 0,15 0,17 0,20
16   kg 4,5 9,1 13,6 18,1 22,7 27,3              lbs    10    15      20    35     50       kg     2,6    3,4     4,2     4,6             kg 9,1 10,3 11,2 12,4                         kg 5,6 6,4 7,3 8,9 10,4 15,0
     Color: transparent                          Color: green                               Color: transparent                            Color: yellow                                 Color: semi-transparent
CLIMAX PREDATOR LEADER                     C
                                           CLIMAX SHAD LEADER                           CLIMAX JERK LEADER                         CLIMAX SPINN AND                           CLIMAX ZANDER HOOK LEADER
The original CLIMAX hard mono is now       Th
                                           Thanks to the use of fluorocarbon, this  s   A fluorocarbon jerk bait leader – stiff,   WOBBLER LEADER                             The classic Zander leader for natural
available as a ready-made leader for       virtually invisible leader is very abrasi-
                                           vi                                       -   practically invisible, and highly resi-    Thanks to fluorocarbon, this leader is     baits. Made from fluorocarbon, it is
predator fishing. The perfect leader for   on resistant. The length and hard-wea-
                                           o                                       a-   stant to abrasion. Unlike steel, this      nearly invisible and highly resistant to
                                                                                                                                                                          o   fast-sinking, highly abrasion resistant
lure fishing, with swivel and snap-link    ring qualities make it the perfect trace
                                           ri                                      e    leader gives the professional jerk bait    abrasion from predator's sharp teeth.      and virtually invisible.
included.                                  for the shad professional.
                                           fo                                           angler the advantage he needs on           Two swivels ensure that the lure runs
                                                                                        extensively fished waters.                 true.

Ø      0,32 0,50     0,60 0,70             Ø      0,80                                  Ø      0,80                                Ø      0,40 0,60     0,80                  Ø      0,40
kg     4,50 9,10     13,60 18,10           kg     24,0                                  kg     24,0                                kg     10,0 17,0     24,0                  kg     10,0
Content: 2 pc.                             Content: 2 pc.                               Content: 2 pc.                             Content: 2 pc.                             Content: 1 pc.                            17
Length: 30 cm                              Length: 50 cm                                Length: 20 cm                              Length: 50 cm                              Length: 90 cm
     We offer sea anglers an innovative all-in-one package with this all encompassing saltwater program that suits our competent dealers and customers in the area of deep sea fishing. Breaking strain, elasticity,
     abrasion resistance and precision are harmonized through the most modern technology in monofilament and multifilament line manufacturing.

     Aerodynamic tapered line with color
     coding for extreme distances. You will
     achieve greater distances with the          CLIMAX SHOOTING LINE                        HARUNA SEAMASTER MONO                          HARUNA SEAMASTER                            HARUNA SEAMASTER
     aerodynamic taper of this surf line         This shooting line features a superb        This special Mono for all types of salt-       HARD LEADER                                 FLUOROCARBON
     than you would with a parallel line. It     knot strength and a specially formula-      water fishing has a surface structure,         This leader material has been develo-       This leader material is almost invisible
     is effectively protected from sand,         ted coating to prevent the line from        fitted to all of these special require-        ped, through its special hardening, for     for fish, thanks to a light refraction
     rocks and mussels by a special surface      abrasion and boost its castability.         ments, which effectively prevents line         the roughest fishing in deep sea, ledges,   index that is almost that of water. The
     coating. In order to better estimate        Thanks to its specific elasticity and low   damage caused by salt crystal. Thanks          coral and mussel reefs. It sticks stiffly   leader sinks 3x faster than leaders
     casting distance, the lines entire length   memory the line perfectly straightens.      to low elasticity and high abrasion            out from the main line and holds the        made of nylon, it is UV-resistant,
     is four-colored contrasted. We also                                                     resistance, this line is ideal for pirk fis-   hook in the correct position. With such     resistant to cold and waterproof, so
     offer the tapered shock leaders separa-                                                 hing and suitable for trolling.                a high breaking strain (180 kg at just      that the original breaking strain
     tely at a total length of 15 meters and                                                                                                1.60 mm diameter), even a Halibut of        remains the same even after hours of
     at five pieces per spool.                                                                                                              150 kg would not be a problem.              fishing. The perfect leader for frighte-
                                                                                                                                            Haruna Seamaster Hard Leader is even        ned fish or over-fished waters.
     Knotless tapered line 220 m                                                                                                            successfully used in professional fishing
     Ø      0,26-0,58 0,28-0,58                                                                                                             and valued for its transparency.
            0,33-0,58 0,37-0,58                                                                                                             Attributes:
     Color: 4 changing colors and
            transparent taper                                                                                                               • Ideal also for professional sea fishing
     Tapered leader                                                                           Ø        0,30 0,35     0,40   0,50   0,60     Ø        0,60 0,75     0,90 1,05            Ø        0,40 0,50     0,60   0,70   0,80
     Ø      0,26-0,58 0,28-0,58                                                               kg       6,3     7,9   11,2   16,0   21,4     kg       30,0 42,0     60,0 80,0            kg       10,0 14,0     17,0   20,0   24,0
            0,33-0,58 0,37-0,58                   Ø      0,26 0,28       0,33    0,37         Ø        0,70 0,80     1,00   1,20            Ø        1,20 1,45     1,60                 Ø        0,90 1,00     1,20   1,30   1,50
18   Color: transparent                           kg     5,0      6,4    8,8     11,0         kg       27,5 36,0     51,0   66,0            kg       100,0 150,0   180,0                kg       30,0 40,0     50,0   68,0   90,0
                                                  Color: hi-vis yellow                        Color:    light-blue                          Color:   light-grey                         Color:   transparent
                                                                                                                                     CLIMAX WIND-ON LEADER
                                                                                                                                     The perfect leader - ready to fish!
HARUNA SEAMASTER LEADER                     HARUNA SEAMASTER IGFA                      BRAIDED                                       CLIMAX WIND ON LEADERS meet the
This exclusive leader material is capable   QUALITY                                    HARUNA SEAMASTER BRAID                        toughest requirements of the world’s
of an enormous breaking strain – 95 kg      This monofilament Big Game line            This braid is the best saltwater line we      best off shore competition anglers.
with just 1.20 mm diameter – and never-     meets 100% of the IGFA (International      know, with extremely tight and round          They are easy to use, withstand the
theless does not have problems with         Game Fish Association) standards on        braiding and complex special coating          strongest fights and slip back easily
knots. Whether a self-knotted paterno-      the precise calibration of international   that protects against abrasion and salt       through the tip guide when playing
ster or a deep sea leader, you can com-     competition line and catches unbelie-      crystal. With low friction coefficient,       fish close to the boat for safer landing   BRAIDED
pletely rely on this monofilament.          vably good as well! Ask the pros!          similar to a monofilament, this line has      or releasing fish. Armed with CLIMAX       CLIMAX DACRON
                                            Attributes:                                proven an extraodinary reliability in         FLUOROCARBON the Wind-On Leader            The classic, DACRON, was the world-
                                            • Exact calibration according to IGFA      the Norwegian deep sea or in the              is perfect for frequently fished waters    wide leader in braided fishing line for
                                              Standard                                 Caribbean.                                    whereas CLIMAX HARD LEADER vir-            years. Today, it is an economical alter-
                                            • Regulated elasticity, for strong                                                       tually boosts the leaders breaking         native to modern lines made
                                              hooking performance and buffer                                                         strain and is the right choice for real    DYNEEMA®-Fibres. The tightly braided
                                              when playing the fish                                                                  big fish... both are incredible abrasion   line is made up of 12 up to 16 strands
                                            • Optimal color for lowest possible                                                      resistant and durable. Make your choice!   of Polyester; it has low elasticity and
                                              under water visibility                                                                                                            high breaking strain. Its main purpose
                                                                                                                                                                                is for catching big game fish in
Ø        0,60 0,70 0,80     0,90   1,00                                                Ø        0,20     0,25   0,28   0,30   0,35   Fluorocarbon                               saltwater.
kg       24,0 32,0 42,0     51,0   68,0                                                kg       15,0     17,0   23,0   29,0   34,0   lbs 20 30 50 80 100 150 200
Ø        1,20 1,40                                                                     Ø        0,40     0,50   0,60
kg       95,0 120,0                         lbs 12 16 20 30 50 80 130                  kg       36,0     54,0   72,0                 Hard Leader                                lbs 12 20 30 50 80                130      19
Color:   transparent                        Color: salmon pink                         Color:   yellow                               lbs 20 40 60 90 130 175 220                Color: white with green dots
     Specialists accomplish more! With this in mind we have put together a program of special fishing lines, which are very unique on the fishing line market.
     As innovative line developers, we have utilized every possible material combinations and refinements, in order to create a truly unique line from each of their attributes.


                                                                                                                                                                                             STRAIN                  ELASTICITY
                                                                                                                                            CLIMAX SPECIAL SYNERGY
                                                                                               CLIMAX SPECIAL GROUND CONTROL This innovative fishing line unites the
                                                                                                                                       OL                                                  DURABILITY

                                                   CLIMAX SPECIAL PROTECTOR                    Simple degreased line is often offered   d   best attributes of two proven materi-
     CLIMAX SPECIAL ANTI TWIST                     This monofilament sets a new standard as sinking line. Forget this compromise, als: The strength of the nylon core lies
                                                                                            rd                                           e,
     This line with minimum memory is the     e    for abrasion resistance and long-life.      because only fishing line made from          in its high breaking strain and knot                                     STRENGTH

     ideal solution for every angler when it  t    Thanks to a special combination of raw fluorocarbon, like our GROUND
                                                                                            w                                               strength, the fluorocarbon mantel is           BREAKING
                                                                                                                                                                                             STRAIN                  ELASTICITY
     comes to pin-point casting and variable  e    material and multiple stretching, it is     CONTROL, are really sinking lines. The   e   water-proof and seales the line core.           (LINEAR)

     bait control. The suppleness of this line e   resistant to external influences like       material is 3 times heavier than nylon. Synergy utilizes innovative manufactu-
                                                                                                                                        n.                                                 DURABILITY
     prevents line twisting and memory.            rock, mussels, sunken trees and limbs. The material does not absorb any
                                                                                            .                                               ring technology as well as modern
     Because of its controlled elasticity bait t   It is 8 times more abrasion resistant       water and maintains its original             materials for the angler like no other line.                LOW MEMORY

     and fish can be handled very sensitive   e    than a normal nylon line! Its protection breaking strain even after hours in the
                                                                                           on                                            e
     and in all promising manners. Because    e    works from the inside out and remains water. Initially the breaking strain is
                                                                                          ns                                                                                                                         STRENGTH

     of its surface coating it is perfectly sui-
                                              i-   constantly intact. It is the best choice    lower than nylon line but after hours in  in                                                BREAKING
     table in fresh and salt water.                for every bottom and saltwater angler the water it balances out. The black
                                                                                            r                                                Ø       0,18 0,20 0,22 0,25 0,28               (LINEAR)

                                                   who want a long-lasting and reliable        color prevents interfering reflexes and       kg      3,4    4,0    4,4     5,8    6,8                                 ABRASION
                                                   fishing line.                               the hard surface protects it from abrasion. Ø         0,30 0,33 0,37 0,40 0,50
                                                                                                                                              kg       8,3    9,3   11,5   13,0    18,0
                                                                                                                                              Color:   lightgrey
     Ø        0,22 0,24     0,26   0,30   0,33                                                                                                Ø        0,18 0,20    0,22   0,25    0,28                              STRENGTH
     kg       3,6     4,2   5,2    7,2    8,3                                                                                                 kg       3,0    3,5   4,0    5,6     6,1
     Ø        0,37 0,40                            Ø     0,20 0,25 0,30 0,35 0,40 0,45           Ø      0,14 0,16     0,18    0,20   0,22     Ø        0,30 0,33    0,37   0,40    0,50      STRAIN
20   kg       10,0 11,3                            kg 3,6 4,9 7,0 9,0 12,0 14,0                  kg     1,6   2,0     2,5     3,1    3,7      kg       7,5    8,6   10,5   11,0    18,0     (LINEAR)

     Color:   steelgrey                            Color: silver                                 Color: black                                 Color:   orange                              DURABILITY
                   TROPHY CATFISH
                   The CLIMAX catfish program has earned itself an excellent reputation right throughout Europe’s
                   catfish centres. Whether in Italy, Spain, France or Germany many leading anglers trust CLIMAX
                   Trophy catfish line, their success proves them right.

                                                                                                                                 CLIMAX CATFISH FLASH
                                          CLIMAX CATFISH STRONG                                                                  This specially developed fluorescent
                                          Developed for one of the strongest         CLIMAX LEADER                               line has been based on our Catfish
                                          freshwater fish in the world, the          We have utilised the same production        Strong. Highly specialised fluorescent
CLIMAX CATFISH X-CAST                     Catfish Strong displays its strength       process as used in CATFISH X-CAST to        fibres have been included in the weave
This catfish spinning line has been       under the hardest conditions:              develop this leader material out of         of the DYNEEMA®-Fibre braid. They
specially developed and tested under      The extremely tight and round, 100%        abrasion resistant DYNEEMA®-Fibres.         store light, which can be provided by a
extreme conditions. The special sealing DYNEEMA®-Fibres braided line achie-          It remains very supple - for perfect bait   torch or other light source, so that the
process, which has been tested by neu- ves 5 times higher abrasion resistance        presentation - and is very easy to work     lines are highly visible for about 15
tral laboratories, makes this line not    thanks to the multiple coating             with. The durability of this leader is      minutes. Break-offs or other accidents
just smooth as a monofilament line,       developed exclusively by us. Rocks,        extremely high.                             in the dark are a thing of the past.
but it is also more resistant to abrasion mussels, roots or limbs cannot harm
than any comparable braided line. This this line and with its white color, it
is the ideal fishing line for waters pla- ensures good visibility. Whether its
gued by mussel beds and sharp stones, buoy fishing or bottom rigging,
a line that pros can trust!               Catfish Strong can be trusted upon.

Ø      0,28 0,39                           Ø      0,60 0,75 0,92                      Ø      1,00 1,30                           Ø      0,65 0,90
kg     25     40                           kg     60     75    80                     kg     100 135                             kg     60      80                          21
Color: red-brown                           Color: brown, white                        Color: grey, yellow                        Color: Hi-Vis yellow
     A system to success – You find everything necessary for successful
     carp fishing. The perfect carp line, innovative leader materials for
     all different sorts of applications, proven “ready-made-rigs” as
     well as tools.

                                                      TROPHY CARP LINE –
                                                      Best available raw materials for
                                                      stability and increased life span.         The TROPHY CARP
                                                      Specially formulated surface for extra     program is explained with
                                                      abrasion resistance and cast ability.      regards to function and
                                                      Unidirectional molecule structure          application on the backside
                                                      for maximum breaking strain and            of each package and in the
                                                      controlled elasticity. Polymer additives   accompanying insert.
                                                      for perfect suppleness and lowest
                                                      possible memory. Linked molecules
                                                      increased for up to 90% stronger knots.
                                                      Computer controlled line diameter,
                                                      density for consistent breaking strain
                                                      and maximum reliability.

                                                       Ø      0,25 0,28     0,30   0,34   0,38
                                                       kg     5     6,1     7      9      11
                                                       Color: black

COMBI LINK STIFF                COMBI LINK SOFT                                                                                 DURAMAX LEADER                DURAMAX LEAD CORE
A unique rig-making line        Like CLIMAX Combilink          HUNTERS BRAID                                                    Extremely smooth and 5x       Double-braided lead core
made from zero-stretch          Stiff but with a supple and    Thanks to its special fibre     DYNA SPLICE                      more abrasion resistant       material that fits perfectly    LEAD CORE –
100% DYNEEMA®-Fibre             weighted coating that          treatment and camouflage        100% strength and relia-         shock leader made of          with water beds. Thanks         SUPER SUPPLE
core, inside a stiff and        blends in naturally with the   surface sealing, this leader    bility. This unrivalled, spli-   braided DYNEEMA®-Fibre        to its double braiding, this    This lead core material fea-
weighted coating. Expose        lake or river bed. Expose      is especially abrasion resis-   ceable leader is made from       to relieve the main line      leader is especially abrasion   tures an abrasion-resistant
the supple core by peeling      the core by peeling off        tant and made for waters        100% pure DYNEEMA®-              during far casts. A perfect   resistant and created for       and easily spliceable sheath,
off the coating to get a sin-   the coating to produce a       with rocky grounds, mussel      Fibres and is perfect for a      combination with Climax       waters with rocky grounds,      is extremely heavy and
king, anti-tangle hook-link     sinking hook-link with an      beds and stubborn roots.        variety of rigs.                 Trophy Carpline!              mussel beds and stubborn        virtually disappears on the
with an extremely soft and      extremely soft and flexible                                                                                                   roots.                          lake or river bed. It is ideal
flexible tip.                   tip for shy carp.                                                                                                                                             for both, inline and bolt rigs.

                                                                                                                                Ø      0,14 0,18      0,24
                                                                                                                                kg     10     15      20
lbs    20                       lbs    20                      Ø      0,25 0,30      0,45      lbs    20                        Ø      0,30 0,35              lbs    25    35                 lbs    15    25        35
kg     9,1                      kg     9,1                     kg     12    15       20        kg     9,1                       kg     25     30              kg     12    15                 kg     7     12        15
Length:20 m                     Length:20 m                    Length:25 m                     Length:20 m                      Length:25 m                   Length:5 m                      Length:15    15        10         23
Color: dark green               Color: dark green              Color: camouflage               Color: dark green                Color: red-brown              Color: camouflage               Color: camouflage
                                                                                                                               HEAVY METAL LEADER            TUNGSTEN LEADER
                                                                                                                               This non-toxic ready-made     This ready-made high-
                                                                                               LEAD CORE LEADER –              bolt rig features an abra-    quality bolt rig features
     HEAVY METAL CORE                                                                          ALL PURPOSE                     sion resistant sheath for     super fast-sinking Tungsten
     Instead of the normal lead                                 LEAD CORE LEADER               This abrasion-resistant lead difficult waters. Extra heavy    coating, which is non-toxic     CLEAR LEADER
     core, a metal alloy, which                                 This ready-made bolt           core leader is heavy and        and particularly supple, it   and blends in naturally         Featuring an extra-smooth,
     does not burden waters, is                                 rig features an abrasion       virtually disappears on the sinks quickly and virtually       with the lake or river bed.     soft coat, this top-quality
     used. The material is extre-                               resistant sheath for difficult lake or river bed. Equipped disappears on the lake or         Its pliable skin is extra       clear leader sinks and virtu-
     mely abrasion resistant and BAIT FLOSS                     waters. Extra heavy and        with a loop on one end and river bed. All materials used      fishfriendly and in case of     ally vanishes on the lake or
     easy to splice with the tight Silky soft DYNEEMA®-Fibre supple, it sinks quickly          a swivel on the other end, are of the highest quality         line breakage the Bolt Clip     river bed. It is suitable for
     protective braiding. Ideal    is floating and almost       and virtually disappears       it is suitable for both, inline and continue to produce       releases the lead when get-     both in-line and bolt rigs.
     for fishing on water beds     invisible – the ideal thread on the lake or river bed.      and bolt rigs. The perfect      the best results even after   ting caught by obstacles. All   This leader is a „must-
     with obstacles.               for natural acting standard- All materials used are of      choice for muddy water          long-term use..               materials are of the highest    have“ in your tackle box
                                   and loop – rigs with pop-up highest quality and perform beds and wary fish. Com-                                          standard and will continue      and the perfect choice for
                                   boilies. Ideal to combine    to the maximum even after bine with Climax Trophy                                            to produce the best results     clear water and shy fish.
                                   with CLIMAX Trophy Hun-      long-term use.                 Hunters Braid as hooklink!                                    even after long-term use.
                                   ters Braid.

     lbs    35                                                                                                                lbs    35
     kg     15                                                    lbs    25    35     45        lbs    25    35     45        kg     15                      Content: 1 piece/pack           Content: 1 piece/pack
24   Length:5 m                     Length:25 m                   kg     12    15     20        kg     12    15     20        Length:70 cm                   Length: 70 cm                   Length: 70 cm
     Color: camouflage              Color: white                  Color: camouflage             Color: camouflage             Color: camouflage              Color:   dark olive-green       Color:   transparent
TUNGSTEN LEADER                TUNGSTEN CHOD RIG              HELICOPTER RIG                 SHRINK TUBE
This non-toxic, top-class      This ready-made top-class      This ready-made, top-class     Careful steaming of the tube will shrink it by 50%. This        SPLICING NEEDLE –               SPLICING NEEDLE –
carp leader features a fast-   rig meets the highest          helicopter rig has unique      makes it ideal for various rigs such as line-aligner rigs and   QUICK CHANGE                    REFILL
sinking Tungsten coating       demands of the modern          aerodynamic properties         many other. Should not be exposed to flame as this could        The perfect tool for making     Refill pack for Trophy Spli-
and perfectly blends into      carp angler. The heavy         to give you a decisive         harm the material.                                              knotless connections or         cing Needle - Quick Change
the lake or river bed. With    tungsten coating slightly      advantage for casting                                                                          rigs using Leadcore, Climax     (6 Pieces).
a very smooth surface, it is   sinks into the weed and        extreme distances. The free                                                                    Dyna Splice or other mate-
suitable for both inline and   unsuspiciously presents        rotation device ensures that                                                                   rial. Ask your dealer for a
bolt rigs. The ideal choice    pop-up boilies on top. The     your rig never gets tangled.                                                                   Climax refill pack if you run
when it comes to muddy         lead is far enough not to      The fast-sinking Tungsten                                                                      out of needles.
waters and shy fish.           drag and hide the boilie       coating is extremely fish-
                               into the lake bed. Non-Toxic   friendly and non-toxic.
                               and fish-friendly.

Content: 1 piece/pack          Content: 1 piece/pack          Content: 1 piece/pack                          Ø      1,6    2,4
Length: 70 cm                  Length: 130 cm                 Length: 60 cm                                  Length: 1 m                                     Content: 1 piece/pack           Content: 6 pieces/pack         25
Color:   dark olive-green      Color:   dark olive-green      Color:   black                                 Color: transparent, black                       + 4 spare needles
     We worked with an American tooling specialist to create this series of high quality tools. Many patents such as the “Power
     Jaws” along with uncompromising workmanship and materials make this range exclusive. For example, the very best stain-
     less steel is utilized in making the pliers and scissors. These tools are certainly going to last a long time. All scissor blades
     and clippers have been specially hardened and sharpened so that they consistently carry on cutting monofilament and
     braided lines without rusting. CLIMAX TOOLS are chosen by pros who need to have complete trust in their tools.

                                                                                                                                         LIGHTED SUPER CLIP
                                                                                                                                         Bright White LED illuminates in any Light
                                                                                                                                         • Embedded hook file on the bottomside of the nipper provides
                                                                                                                                           convenient hook sharpening.
                                                                                                                                         • High quality honing material will sharpen the largest hooks and last a long time.
                                                                                                                                         • An ergonomically designed, stainless steel fishing line cutting tool molded to comfor-
                                                                                                                                           tably fit in all hands. Includes a threader/eye cleaning tool that slides out and rotates
                                                                                                                                           when needed and retracts back into the body of the nipper when not. Never lose
                                                                                                                                           your threader/eye cleaning tool again!
                                                                                                                                         • The embedded magnet provides a temporary holding area for hooks and flies during
                                                                                                                                           tippet/leader replacement.
                                                                                                                                         • Includes a tiny, white high intensity L.E.D. light for illumination. Sealed, waterproof
                                                                                                                                           light focuses through the stainless steel cutting edges of the nipper, illuminating the
                                                                                                                                           eye of the hook or other items. Very helpful in any light.

                                                                                                                                         Art. No. 100502 - LIGHTED Super Clip
                                                                                                      OPEN LOOP
                                                                                                      Open loop handle for easy use
                                                                                                      with gloves.

                                                                                FISH-GUARD                                                  FISH-GUARD                                                          FISH-GUARD
                                                                                Predator-Forceps and Scissors – 22 cm                       Forceps and Scissors – 14 cm                                        Forceps – 13 cm
                                                                                Features:                                                   Features:                                                 Features:
                                                                                • stainless steel combo tool with serrated scissors         • stainless steel combo tool with serrated scissors       • stainless steel forceps aid in holding, de-barbing
                                                                                • Hardened stainless steel scissors with micro serrated     • Hardened stainless steel scissors with micro serrated     and removing hooks.
                                                                                  edges cut monofilaments and braids cleanly and quickly.     edges cut monofilaments and braids cleanly and          • Great for crimping split shot and other weights
                                                                                • Combination of ribbed and smooth jaw surfaces               quickly.                                                • Combination of ribbed and smooth jaw surfaces
                                                                                  hold large and small hooks securely.                                                                                  hold large and small hooks.
                                                                                Patented “Power Jaws”                                       Patented “Power Jaws”
                                                                                provide the clamping power                                  provide the clamping power
                                                                                of pliers!                                                  of pliers!
                               SUPER CLIP                                       FORCEPS:
                               High-end allround tool – cuts monofilaments      A patented combo tool with                                  FORCEPS:
                               and braids!                                      unique lateral power jaws that                              A patented combo tool with uni-
                               Features:                                        „de-barb“ hooks. Provides the                               que lateral power jaws that „de-
                               • Embedded hook file on the bottomside of        gripping power of pliers, elimi-                            barb“ hooks. Provides the grip-
                                 the nipper provides convenient hook shar-      nating the need to carry two tools. 8.5“                    ping power of pliers, eliminating the need to             Patented                  Needle pressed into
                                 pening.                                        long with three-position lock.                              carry two tools. 5.5“ (140 mm) long with                  „POWER JAWS“              the jaws removes paint
                               • High quality honing material will sharpen                                                                  three-position lock.                                      Unique, patented          and glue from the eye
                                 the largest hooks and last a long time.        SCISSORS:                                                   SCISSORS:                                                 Power Jaws™ provi-        of a hook or jig.
                               • An ergonomically designed, stainless steel     Hardened stainless steel micro-ser-                         Hardened stainless steel micro-                           de pliers crimping
                                 fishing line cutting tool molded to comfor-    rated edges making cutting all                              serrated edges make cutting                               power for flattening
Art. No. 100501 - Super Clip

                                 tably fit in all hands. Includes a threader/   monofilament and braided lines                              CLIMAX braides lines and other                            larger hooks.
                                 eye cleaning tool that slides out and rota-    clean and easy. Perfect also for very                       lines clean & easy!
                                 tes when needed and retracts back into         thick monofilament lines or CLIMAX
                                 the body of the nipper when not. Never         Toothy Critter!
                                 lose your threader/eye cleaning tool again!
                               • The embedded magnet provides a tem-                                                                                                                                                                                     27
                                 porary holding area for hooks and flies
                                                                                Art. No. 100523 - Fish Guard - 22 cm (black)                Art. No. 100521 - Fish Guard - 14 cm (black)              Art. No. 100520 - Fish Guard - 13 cm (black)
                                 during tippet/leader replacement.
     FISH-GUARD                                                         TOOL BAND                                                             MULTI LINK
     Curved forceps                                                     This is a unique attachment device that extends to over 36’’          Universal attachment system holds hats, jackets, gloves, keys
     Features:                                                          (1m) and always recoils to its original form. The swivel clip         and many other items. Works on garments, vestes, backpacks,
     • Curved stainless steel jaws make handling                        rotates 360° for added flexibility. Hold all your forceps and other   luggage, belt loops, „D“ rings and more.
       and removing smaller hooks easy.                                 tools securely.
                                                                                                                                              Rubberized clamping jaws open easily to attach to garment.
     • 5" stainless steel forceps aid in holding,                       Features:                                                             Won´t cut or pucture fabrics.
       de-barbing and removing hooks.                                   • Multi-fastener is molded from engineering grade
     • Combination of ribbed and smooth jaw surface holds                 ABS and virtually indestructible.
                                                                                                                                              • Locking padded jaws on the clamp grip firmly
       large and small hooks firmly.                                    • Rubber pads on the clamping jaws secure
                                                                                                                                                without puncturing fabric
                                                                          holding on all garments.
                                                                                                                                              • Swivel clip rotates 360° and snaps securely onto "D" rings,
                                                                        • High quality polyurethane tether extends to over 1 m.
                                                                                                                                                belt loops and other items
                                                                        • Swivel clip hooks onto "D" rings, belt
                                                                                                                                              • Unique hinge design enables both the clip and the clamp to
                                                                          loops, backpacks, tackle boxes and many
                                                                                                                                                swivel independently, providing freedom of movement for
                                                                          other items.
                                                                                                                                                attached items
                                                                                                                                              • Rubber pads on the clamping jaws secure holding
                                                                                                                                                on all garments.

     POWER JAWS                       Needle pressed into the jaws
     de-barbs hooks, crimps           removes paint and glue from the
     split shot and provides the      eye of a hook or jig.                       High quality Polyurethane tether
     gripping power of pliers                                                     extends to over 36“ (1 m) and
                                                                                  always recoils to its original shape
                                                                                  and length of 5“ (12,7 cm).


     Art. No. 100522 - Fish Guard - curved (black)                      Art. No. 100512 - Tool Band                                           Art. No. 100511 - Multi Link
                                                                                              Eight (8) sealed tablets
                                                                                              come in each package

       ZINGER PLUS                                               WONDER TOWEL                                                        TACKLE BOX (magnetic)
       A high quality, retractable corrosion-resistant           The Wonder TOWEL is a small sealed tablet that when contac-         This high quality, injection molded box holds hooks, swivels,
       measuring tape                                            ted with moisture grows into a full size hand towel. It is extre-   jigs and other tackle items conveniently on the chest.
       Features:                                                 mely durable and reusable. The towels have no odor and are          • Opens with one hand for added convenience
       • High quality                                            safe for all applications.                                          • Strong magnetic plate prevents hooks and swivels from
       • corrosion resistant steel                                                                                                     becoming dislodged and lost
       • retractable 36“ (1 m or 3 ft) measuring tape                                                                                • Positive latch keeps box closed when not in use
         doubles as a convenient Zinger for holding
         nippers and forceps
       • Measuring tape can be used to measure fish or tippet.

        Art. No. 100510 - ZINGER PLUS

Handy stainless steel line clip
• Precision ground, hardened stainless steel blades stay sharp
• Ergonomic design for added comfort and ease of use. Cuts 100
  lbs line as easily as 1lbs monofilament or CLIMAX Hard Mono.                                                                                                                                       29

Art. No. 100503 - Mini Clip                                      Art. No. 100513 - Wonder Towel                                      Art. No. 100530 - Tackle Box (Magnetic)
                                                                                         Soft Cleaner
                                                                                         A specially developed cleaner, that removes microscopic
                                                                                         particles of dirt and other unwanted substances from the
                                                                                         braided line.
                                                                                         Soft Protector
                                                                                         A gel-fluid that suits the braid fibres perfectly. It
                                                                                         surrounds the line with a protective coating against
                                                                                         harming substances. Additional UVA and UVB blockers
                                                                                         prolong the life of your line.
                                                                                         • 1 line cleaner          • 1 line protector
                                                                                         • 1 cleaning cloth        • sufficient for 80-100 uses

                                                                                                              CLIMAX T-Shirt TROPHY Carp
                                                                                                              • 100% Jersey-Cotton
                                                                                                              • available in sizes: M,L,XL,XXL

                                                                                                         CLIMAX Cap
     CLIMAX Display "TROPHY Carp"               CLIMAX Display                                           Modern-cut CLIMAX cap.
                                                                                                         Color: dark-blue
     Professional Display for the CLIMAX        Climax Line Display:
     Trophy Carp program.                       Dimensions: 58 x 80 cm
     Dimensions: 55 x 91 cm

                                                  CLIMAX_TOOLS counter-display
                              high-quality display for all CLIMAX_TOOLs: Height: 63 cm                                          CLIMAX Lanyard
30                                                                                                                  black CLIMAX Lanyard with blue
                                                                                                                                printing “CLIMAX”
UV-protected CLIMAX sticker in sizes
400 x 150 mm and 200 x 85 mm

                                       Banner CLIMAX TROPHY Carp
                                       Dimensions: 58 x 100 cm

                                                                       Banner CLIMAX Predator                 Banner CLIMAX Monofilaments
                                                                       Dimensions: 58 x 120 cm                Dimensions: 58 x 120 cm

                                                                   LINE WINDING MACHINE – professional
                                                                   This machine can be used to wind onto spools of spinning-, baitcast-, fly-,
                                                                   or multiplier reels. Equipped with a digital counter – counts up from zero
                                                                   and down from the desired length to zero (stops automatically).               Banner CLIMAX Braids
                                                                   Features:                                                                     Dimensions: 58 x 120 cm
                                                                   • Max. Winding Speed: 200 m/min
                                                                   • Dimensions: 610 x 450 x 250 mm / weight 13 kg                                                         31
                                                                   • Voltage: 220 – 230 V
                                                                   • Frequency: 50 Hz
                                   Subject to colour and technical changes without prior notice |
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Benzstraße 20
D-82178 Puchheim
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