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                               Creek                         Sweet Talk
                                                               Newsletter for Sugar Creek, Missouri • January 2008

Sweet Talk is published
monthly by the office of the
                               Lafarge unveils state-of-the-art facility
                                  Lafarge has officially opened a
City Clerk of Sugar Creek,
                               new state-of-the-art alternate solid
MO at 103 South Sterling,
Sugar Creek, MO 64054.         fuels facility in Sugar Creek.
For more information call         The $7-million, 22,000-square-
Jana Olivarez-Dickerson at     foot facility is designed to process
252-4400, ext. 128 or visit    industrial byproduct materials from
Sugar Creek on the web at      manufacturing firms throughout the          region into fuel needed for produc-
                               tion operations at the Lafarge Sugar
SUGAR CREEK                    Creek cement plant.
ELECTED OFFICIALS                 Using this alternate solid fuel not
Mayor                          only will meet 40 percent of the
 Stanley J. Salva              plant’s total energy requirements
Aldermen                       but it will also reduce the plant’s
  Dennis R. Onka               reliance on fossil fuels like coal
  Stanley J. Sagehorn
                               by 50,000 tons annually, which
  Joseph D. Kenney
                               is equivalent to removing 6,629
  John “Chuck” Mikulich
                               passenger cars from the roadways         Sugar Creek and LaFarge officials celebrate the opening of the new
City Marshal                                                            alternate solid fuels facility for Lafarge.
                               or providing electricity to 3,931
   Herbert M. Soule
                               households each year. It also diverts    is a positive development for the     going to landfills, less coal being
City Administrator
                               50,000 tons of locally generated         environment, for the community,       mined, and fewer greenhouse gas
   Ron Martinovich
                               industrial byproduct materials from      and for businesses throughout the     emissions.”
City Clerk
                               landfills each year.                     region,” said Rich Reuter, Sugar        The new alternate solid fuels pro-
   Jana Olivarez-Dickerson
                                  “The reuse of materials that          Creek Plant Manager. “Every ton we            ––– please see “Solid Fuel
City Treasurer
                               would normally be sent to landfills      burn means one less ton of material                  Facility” on page 4
   Linda Martinovich

                               A New Partnership
City Engineer
   Elizabeth Arasmith                                                                        According to Liz McClure, Director of Programs and
                                                                                           donor services, many times the donations begin by
Building Official                 Plans are in the works to make it easier for residents   being directed to projects and programs associated
   Paul Loving                 to donate to their favorite projects around town.           with a city’s Parks and Recreation Department.
Director of                       A partnership is being explored between                                   She said Sue Mikula, Sugar Creek’s
Public Works                   the City of Sugar Creek and the Truman                                    Parks and Recreation Supervisor, is look-
  Ed Layton                    Heartland Community Foundation (THCF)                                     ing into the possibility of working with a
Parks & Recreation             to collect donations and to accept memo-                                  “friends of the parks” organization and
Supervisor                     rial gifts for projects within the City.                                  a community betterment fund to gather
  Sue Mikula                      Nothing formal has been established yet,                               money for a memorial brick sidewalk
City Attorney                  though the THCF has delivered a presen-                                   campaign.
   C. Robert Buckley           tation on the subject to the Sugar Creek                                     Several other cities in eastern Jackson
Municipal Judge                Board of Aldermen. Such a fund has been described as        County — Independence, Lee’s Summit, Grain Valley,
 Garry L. Helm                 an easy mechanism for cities to generate funds for proj-    Raytown and Blue Springs — have established commu-
Municipal Court Clerk          ects, such as a pool or to fund ongoing programs.           nity betterment funds in conjunction with the THCF.
 Donna Newton

                             Mayor’S reporT oN Sugar Creek
                             regular Council Meeting: November 8, 2007                                of the governing body a permit to harbor or keep a dog in
                                                                                                      excess of two. The Brigham’s purchased property which the
                             1. Approved Ord. No. 3188 approving the second amendment                 Board viewed in photos and the family has an older German
                                to the Reuse Agreement between the City and BP.                       shepherd and then bought puppies at the beginning of the
                             2. Approved Ord. 3189 approving an agreement between                     summer. The Brighams are requesting a permit so they can
                                the City of Sugar Creek and BP Products North America,                bring the older dog to their house who currently resides
“The Mayor’s Report on          Inc., providing for conveyance of the City’s interest in a
Sugar Creek is intended to                                                                            elsewhere. Chief Soule reminded the Board that they have
                                Warehouse, a Fire station, and providing for removal of               the authority to issue a permit for this type of situation and
communicate and inform
                                a Pipeline generally located in the vicinity of Sugarland, a          it has been done in other circumstances. The Chief believes
the citizenry of current
                                proposed Retail Development.                                          this is meritorious and there have been no complaints about
Council discussions and
actions as well as report-
                             3. Approved Ord. 3190 authorizing the Mayor to execute an                the animals. The Board had no problems issuing a special
ing on recent and upcom-        agreement for the sale of certain property now or hereafter           permit to the Brigham family.
ing events and meetings         owned by the City of Sugar Creek to JLP Sugarland, Inc., or       3. Approved Ord. No. 3192, 3193, 3194, and 3195 approving a
that impact the City as         its affiliates pursuant to the Tax Increment Financing contract       Real Estate purchasing agreement for the purchase of propertys
well as the entire commu-       between the City and JLP Sugarland Inc.                               located at: 526 S. Harris, 11102 Smart, 11104 Independence
nity. My intentions are      4. Approved Ord. 3191 between City and IKON Office Solutions             Ave., 512 S. Sterling. These purchases are related to the
to provide the best and         for the purchase of a Color Copier to be used by the City Hall        purchasing of property for the Sugarland Center.
most accurate informa-          Department.                                                       4. Approved Ord. No. 3196 by and between the City and
tion to all the people of    5. Heard Mayor’s Report:                                                 American Equipment CO. for the purchase of Warren Model
Sugar Creek. This mayor         • Mayor Salva announced that there will be a ribbon cutting           E/AC-2420-10’ Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader to be used on
would welcome any sug-          ceremony for the Carlisle Memorial on Saturday. This is a             existing vehicle.
gestions or comments on         memorial for Mr. Carlisle’s father and will be for recognition    5. Approved Ord. No. 3197 approving an addendum to the
how to make this report         that this was Fairmount Park during the last century and was          agreement between Breit Construction and the City.
even more valuable.”            a significant historical site.                                    6. Approved Ord. No. 3198 by and between the City and
     –– Mayor Stan Salva     6. Heard Aldermen Reports:                                                                               the Sugar Creek Community Development Corporation for
                                • KENNEy commented for the record that there needs to be              project costs related to infrastructure for the Woodside Glen
                                a resolution for Senator Callahan for being able to take the          Development.
                                Sugar Creek school out of the Kansas City School District. He
SUMMARY OF                      wants to publicly thank Senator Callahan for the residents of
                                                                                                  7. Approved Ord. No. 3199 approving a Site Plan submitted by
                                                                                                      Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society for Carefree
SIGNIFICANT                     Sugar Creek and for the Aldermen’s family which may bring
                                new students to the neighborhood. Mayor Salva indicated
                                                                                                      Industrial Park.
                                                                                                  8. Approved Ord. No. 3200 by and between the City of Sugar
ACTIONS AND                     that Representative Ray Salva also worked closely with                Creek Missouri and Robertson Remodeling for storm sewer
                                Senator Callahan and should be included in the resolution.            improvements on Scarritt Avenue.
  EVENTS:                       Alderman Sagehorn drove down Gill street and the Public           9. Approved Ord. No. 3201 by-and-between the City and CDC
                                Works crew was working on the second water main break                 which provides for construction of an alley in exchange for
• Dedication of                 and he commended the employees for their good work.                   waiver of building permit fees.
Fairmount Park               7. City Administrator Ron Martinovich noted that he had              10. Heard Mayor’s Report:
Carlisle Memorial               engaged a developer for the Spring and he believes there will         • Mayor Salva attended a dedication for the Monument to
Sugarland                       be a site plan that not only preserves the Spring but utilizes        the Fairmount Park and Mr. Carlyle also attended. There was
                                the property by the two ownerships. Also, the developer dealt         a memorial to his father and the Mayor indicated it was a nice
                                with a lake for a retail development at Chouteau Crossing. Mr.        event.
• Development                   Jeff Peterson of JLP Sugarland Developers for the projected           • Mayor Salva indicated that a presentation was made
moves closer to a               retail project indicated that photographs had been taken of           recently by Chief Soule at the Independence Council meeting.
groundbreaking                  the area for the new supermarket. Mr. Martinovich noted that          Chief Soule thanked the City Council and the Independence
                                the new supermarket will be a neighborhood grocery and the            Police Dept. for their support in the recent Porter Homicide
• City begins                   actual operators have taken photographs for presentations.            case.
                             8. City Clerk Jana Dickerson will be sending the Mayor and
purchase of houses                                                                                    • Mayor Salva noted that Chief Soule recently gave a
                                Board documents for the yearly service awards because one             presentation at the University of Missouri-Columbia to the
for Sugarland                   employee has 40 years of service, one 35 and one 30 years.
Development                                                                                           Homeland Security Force concerning terrorism and noted that
                                Mayor Salva indicated that there will be a special presentation       he did a very good job.
                                for the Chief Soule’s 40th anniversary of service to the City.    11. Heard Aldermen Reports:
•Woodside Glen               9. Alderman Sagehorn asked City Treasurer Linda Martinovich              • ONKA asked about the remaining houses on Scarrit and
Development breaks              if there will be enough assistance when the new retail project        Charlotte and who would finish those homes. The City
ground                          begins because there will be tremendous amount of work                Engineer understood that the houses were completed but she
                                coming into the City. Mayor Salva noted a letter that was             will have the Building Inspector check the status.
                                received by Licausi-Stiers along with a check although it             • ONKA noted that Christmas Day will fall on Tuesday,
• Employees granted             was less than anticipated but all of the billings have been           December 25 and Christmas Eve will be on Monday; therefore
Christmas Eve as a              documented and the Mayor will review.                                 he suggested to the Board that they approve a holiday for
special holiday                                                                                       December 24, 2007. The Board agreed with this proposal.

• Gazebo at Well’s           regular Council Meeting: November 26, 2007                               Motion made and approved.
                                                                                                      • KENNEy asked that there be a Study Session in which
Park dedicated.              1. Two public hearings for New Evidence were held prior to               priorities are set for next year because the City must decide
                                the regular council meeting. Site Plan 3-07 submitted by              where to spend time and money since there are many projects
                                Woodmen of the World Life Insurance and an application                coming into the City, such as Sugarland and the Bluffs.
• Damien Snow cited             for a change in zoning M-P-1 to R-1 Single-Family Dwelling            Alderman Onka believes that Woodside Glen should also be
for extraordinary               District.                                                             supported. Alderman Kenney noted that many citizens who
contributions                2. Resident Dorothy & Earl Brigham, 212 N. Northern spoke                have lived in the City a long time have moved because they
                                before the Board concerning owning, harboring or keeping a            want to downsize.
                                dog over six months of age in excess of two shall be deemed       1. City Administrator Ron Martinovich distributed to the Board a
                                a nuisance provided the owner secures from the discretion

     Mayor’S CiTy reporT                                                                          NewS froM
                                                                                               CiTy deparTMeNTS
                                  – continued from page 2
     draft agreement prepared by the Missouri Dept. of Transportation concerning
     the closing of the Courtney crossing. By a settlement agreement the City had
     an obligation to buy it from BNSF Railways to close the crossing. In recent
     discussions with the City Attorney, he feels there should be a public hearing        public works
     to notify everyone in the relevant area. He asked that a date be set for the            Christmas Tree Recycling – Public Works department will be
     hearing. In addition to the normal newspaper publications, Mr. Martinovich           picking up Christmas trees on Thursday, January 10. To recycle your
     asked that there be a decision about the area within the corporate limits so         Christmas tree, please make sure all decorating trim is removed from
     that owners can be notified.
                                                                                          the tree, and place by the street curb for easy access. There will be no
2.   Police Chief Soule reported to the Board that he attended a conference
     on behalf of MARCIT in Atlanta, Georgia. One segment of the conference               yard waste pick up during the winter months until April.
     concerned “Planning for Disasters in Schools”, natural or man-made and                  PLEASE NOTE: Yard waste pickup will resume in April 2008. Months
     the insurance companies want to be involved in the planning. The Chief               for 2008 Bulky item pickup will be APRIL, JULY AND OCTOBER.
     explained some of the plans that were presented at the seminar in case there            Glass – Please be careful when setting out glass, mark the bag or
     were disasters in order to help minimize causalities. The second meeting was
                                                                                          place the broken glass in a separate container.
     a planning session for employees and carried valuable information.
3.   Chief Soule discussed a situation on 24 Highway concerning the proposed                 Recycling – Please remember that when it is raining or snowing on
     billiard hall and indicated it had cleared the hurdles for issuance of a liquor      your refuse pick-up day, do not put out your recycling. Wet items can-
     license but the state will not issue until the City issues theirs. The Chief asked   not be processed and they must be thrown into the refuse truck.
     the Board how they would like to proceed and he has sent the City Attorney a            Snow Removal Program – In years past it has not been uncommon
     copy of the Independence city ordinance. He asked if the Board would like to         for residents to experience narrow plowed paths or partially cleaned
     create a separate ordinance since the previous ordinance is over 30 years old.
     He feels we need an ordinance approved at the next council meeting so that a         streets during heavy snow events. If possible, please wait until after
     liquor license can be issued. Tonahill’s and Kross’s Lounge have regular bar         the plows have been through your street to shovel your drive, this
     licenses but they have pool tables also. The new establishment will have 12          situation in almost every instance is related to vehicles parked in the
     tables with a restaurant so that 18 year olds can play pool although not drink.      street area, and residents placing snow removed from their driveways
     It is also their intention to have a deadline of 10:00 p.m. Alderman Onka did        in public right-of-way. It is not unusual to go through the freeze-thaw
     not have a problem with establishing the new one as the other businesses
     are now. Alderman Sagehorn would like an establishment that does not
                                                                                          cycle for several days, before crews can return to widen the narrow
     encourage underage drinking. The Chief will send electronic ordinances to            paths to the street’s edge. While ordinary passenger vehicles can
     each Alderman for their review.                                                      negotiate these narrow paths, in years past emergency vehicles such
4.   Public Works Director Ed Layton noted that there will be the tree lighting           as ambulance and fire department equipment were forced to take an
     ceremony Saturday December 1st at Well’s Park, beginning at 5:00 p.m.                alternate route, thus effecting response time to an emergency call. As
     There will be the dedication of the Gazebo.
5.   City Treasurer asked the Board’s approval to use the General Fund as a short
                                                                                          we all know, response time is critical during an emergency. For this
     term loan for Sugarland’s property purchases. It would also include Allied           reason the department is asking residents to pay close attention to the
     Funds and she will pay interest to the General Fund. The Board agreed with           weather forecasts for snow and ice events, and avoid, where possible,
     this suggestion.                                                                     parking on street areas. This will assist snow removal crews in provid-
6.   City Engineer Elizabeth Arasmith asked the Board for their direction                 ing the highest level of snow removal service practical, and possibly
     concerning the Gill Street rezoning and whether there should be an ordinance
                                                                                          avoid any inconvenience during the winter months. Several residents
     created for the next meeting, denying, approving or rezoning. She spoke
     with the City Attorney and he indicated there needs to be Findings of Fact.          have commented on snow being pushed back into their driveways
     Mayor Salva indicated there should be a recommendation for whatever Ms.              after snowplows have been through. Thank you for your cooperation.
     Arasmith advises.                                                                    Things citizens can do to help improve snow removal operations are:
                                                                                             • Make sure to have the proper snow or all weather tires on

     Summary of Police Department                                                         your vehicle to prevent you from getting stuck
                                                                                             • Park off street if possible

     activity for November 2007
                                                                                             • Shovel the snow to the right side of the driveway as you face
                                                                                          the street. This will lessen the amount of snow at the mouth of
                                                                                          the driveway when the snowplow comes by.
 CASES INVESTIGATED                         3 Vehicular Accidents
                                                                                             Weather Terms to Remember –
 8     Assault                              3 Missing Persons/Runaway
 5     Burglary                             13 Crimes Involving Juveniles                    • Winter Storm Watch - Hazardous winter weather conditions
 9     Larceny/Stealing                                                                   including significant accumulations of snow and/or freezing rain
 2     Fraud/Forgery                        ARRESTS                                       and/or sleet are possible generally within 36 hours. These watches are
 1     Drug/Paraphernalia Possession        3     Felony Arrest                           issued by the Weather Service Forecast Office.
 4     DWI                                  4     Felony Warrants Cleared                    • Winter Storm Warning - Hazardous winter weather conditions
 2     Vandalism/Destruction of             68    Misdemeanor Arrest
       Property                             72    Misdemeanor Warrants Cleared            that pose a threat to life and/or property are occurring, imminent, or
 4     Disturbance                          1     Drug Possession                         highly likely. The generic term, winter storm warning, is used for a
 3     Intrusion Alarms – Residence/        4     DWI/DUI Arrest                          combination of two or more of the following winter weather events;
       Business                             26    General Ordinance Summons               heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet and strong winds.
 6     Stolen/Recovered Autos               109   Traffic Summons
                                                                                             • Winter Weather Advisory - Hazardous winter weather condi-
                                                                                          tions are occurring, imminent or likely. Conditions will cause a sig-
   As the New Year enters, the scam and confidence people will be out to steal
 from you. Anytime someone comes to your door and offers to provide a service             nificant inconvenience and if caution is not exercised, and may result
 that you did not request, Call the Police. Do not feel embarrassed or intimidat-         in a potential threat to life and/or property. The generic term, winter
    ed, let the police check for proper business license to operate in the City.                                  ––– please see “City Dept. News” on page 4
                                                                                                        20,000 metric tons of coal or petroleum coke
                                                                                                           “The combined use of methane gas and the
                                                                                                        industrial byproduct materials as alternative
                                                                                                        fuel sources will account for more than 60
                                                                                                        percent of the total energy needed to operate
                                                                                                        our kilns that produce high quality cements
                                                                                                        used in the central Midwest,” said Reuter.
                                                                                                           The plant was approved by the Sugar Creek
                                                                                                        Planning and Zoning Commission and was
                                                                                                        approved by the Missouri Department of
                                                                                                        Natural Resources.
                                                                                                           The plant’s creation is due at least in part
                                                                                                        to efforts of Bridging the Gap, an environ-
                                                                                                        mentally-focused organization that works
                                                                                                        to bring business in the Kansas City region
                                                                                                        together for the benefit of environmental,
                                                                                                        community and economic reasons.
                                                                                                           Bridging the Gap, through its Environmental
                                                                                                        Excellence Business Network (EEBN), started
Guests get a peek at what the facility has to offer.                                                    The Kansas City Regional By-Product Synergy
                                                                                                        (BPS) Project. The BPS Project seeks to bring

SoLid fueL faCiLiTy
                                                    for about seven percent of fuels, which is          businesses together to for the ecological ben-
                                                    approximately one ton per hour of solid fuel,       efit of the community.
                                                    replacing about 8,000 metric tons of coal or           Lafarge was one of the charter members
                       – from page 1                petroleum coke annually and offsetting more         of the project and is working with another
                                                    than 10,200 tons of carbon dioxide emis-            member to supply the materials. According
gram supplements the plant’s existing landfill      sions. With the recent addition of gas from         to information from BTG, Lafarge Cement
program, which has been collecting methane          an adjacent active landfill, methane gas could      and Missouri Organic Recycling were identi-
gas from two closed landfills since August          eventually account for about 20 percent of          fied as recipients for the vast majority of the
2005. This methane gas currently accounts           the fuel needed at the plant, replacing about       initial synergies.

          CiTy depT. NewS                                                                                        CorreCTioN
                                                    and Recreation’s next extended trip.
                                                       Adult CO-ED Open Volleyball – Starting
                                                    February 3rd from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. the
                        – from page 3               gym will be open for volleyball “pick-up”
                                                    games. you must be over 16. Resident fee is
weather advisory, is used for a combination         $2.00, non-resident fee is $3.00.                            Please accept our
of two or more of the following events; snow,          Volunteer Opportunities – The Sugar Creek
freezing rain or freezing drizzle, sleet, blowing   Parks & Recreation is recruiting community               apologies for spelling
snow.                                               members to become an active participant in
                                                    upcoming events in the Parks & Recreation
                                                                                                            Alliesha Myers name
park and recreation                                 field. If you would like to volunteer a few
                                                    hours of your time on a monthly basic please
  Open Walking – The gymnasium will be
                                                    let the department know. The projects range                  incorrectly in the
open for Walking and Conversation. The gym-
                                                    from kids events, adult events, and community
nasium opens on Monday, Wednesday and
Friday. 9:00 AM – 10:00 A.M. The gymnasium
                                                    activities that will be held throughout the year.        Mayor’s Report in the
                                                    If you have an organization that is interested
address is 11232 Chicago.
  Youth Dance – January 18 from 7 pm to
                                                    in community service hours please contact Sue          December 2007 edition
                                                    Mikula at 252-4413 ext. 302 to discuss projects
9 pm, grades 6th, 7th, 8th grades. $3.00 per
child. Parents must sign kids in and come
                                                    and events.                                                of the Sweet Talk!
inside the building to pick kids up after the         FOR mORE iNFORmATiON,
dance. Children must be picked up no later              AbOuT ANY OF ThESE                                       Alleisha was the
than 9:15 p.m.
                                                     PROGRAm, PLEASE CONTACT
  January Potluck Lunch –Potluck is January                                                                  Student of the Month
8th we will provide chili and vegetable soup.              SuE mikuLA AT
At the gymnasium 11232 Chicago, at 12 Noon.
There will be a guest speaker presenting Parks
                                                       (816) 252-4413, ExT. 302                              for November 2007.
Sweet Talk                                                               City Hall Offices
                                                                         Public Works

                                                                                       January 2008 Calendar
                                                                         Parks & Recreation


                                                                                                                                Police or Fire Emergencies
                                                                                                                                Non Emergencies

sunday         monday                        tuesday                      wednesday                    thursday                         friday                       saturday
                 12/31                                           1                2                                         3                           4                              5
           Refuse Route 1                   NEW YEAR’S DAY                Refuse Route 2             Refuse Route 3
                                       City Hall and Public Works
                                              Offices Closed
                                                                                                                                                                   1:00 p.m. Internet Safety
                                                                                                                                                                Program • Sugar Creek Library
     6                        7                                  8                               9                      10                            11                              12
           Refuse Route 1                Refuse Route 2                   Refuse Route 3             Christmas Tree Pickup
                                                                                    YOUTH 8-14 BASKETBALL CLINIC • CALL PARKS & REC FOR INFO.
                                         12:00 p.m. Potluck and
                                          Hawaiian Travel Log                                          7:00 p.m. Planning                                              LaBenite Trail
                                            Sugar Creek Gym                                           Commission Meeting                                            Volunteer Work Day
     13                      14                                 15                           16                         17                            18                              19
           Refuse Route 1                Refuse Route 2                   Refuse Route 3
                                       Filing closes at 5 p.m. for the
                                          April 8, 2008 Municipal                                                                       Youth Dance
                                              General Election                                                                        Sugar Creek Gym
            6:00 p.m. Study Session                                         6:30 p.m. B&C Club
           7:00 p.m. Council Meeting   7:00 p.m. Parks/Rec. Meeting         Gilpin Town Center                                  Delinquent date for utilities
     20                      21                                 22                           23                         24                            25                              26
               MARTIN LUTHER             Refuse Route 1                   Refuse Route 2             Refuse Route 3
                KING, JR. DAY
          City Hall and Public Works
                Offices Closed
     27                      28         Refuse Route 2
                                                                29        Refuse Route 3
                                                                                             30                         31              DON’T FORGET...
           Refuse Route 1                                                                                                          Open Volleyball begins Feb. 3, 2008
                                                                                                                                      1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the
            6:00 p.m. Public Hearing
           7:00 p.m. Council Meeting                                                                                                       Sugar Creek Gym
          Past due notification date

   NeighborLy NewS                                           Be Aware Of City Codes
                                                             While Doing Yard Work
Life of Brigham Remembered
   Theodor Earl Brigham died Saturday, December 1 in Sugar      Attention residents – be aware that raking
Creek. A rosary service was held Wednesday, December 5 at    leaves into the street is an improper way to
St. Ann’s Parish in Kansas City.                             dispose of yard waste.
                                                                Pursuant to Chapter 27, section 55 of the

                pLeaSe NoTe:
                                                             City Code of Ordinance’s- It shall be unlawful
                                                             for any person to fail, neglect or refuse to keep
                                                             the sidewalk or the gutter in front of the build-
                                                             ings, tenements, rooms or real property owned
                   Nathan Zevecke (pic-                      or occupied by him or her, or under
                                                             his or her management or control,
                     tured here) was the 2nd                 swept clean of mud, filth, dirt or
                      place winner of the Fall               snow and ice, and clear and clean
                       Family Fun Fest 2007                  from weeds and grass.
                                                                Problems that arise from large quantities of leaves in the street are
                          costume contest.                   that it clogs the storm drains that are along the streets. Other hazards
                                                             include the leaves becoming wet and making the street slick, decom-
                                                             posing leaves also become a hazard.
                                                                We understand that the wind will blow leaves into the road, but

                                                                               At the library...
                                                             deliberate raking of leaves into the street is against city ordinance.

Save The daTe!
     February 16, 2008
                                                                                         DECEMBER 2007
                                                                                         Sugar Creek Travel log: “On the trail
 St. Ann’s Las Vegas Night                                                            of mark Twain” – Thursday, Jan 10 at 3
                                                                                     p.m. Re-trace Mark Twain’s journey around
   Pre-sell tickets will be available                                              the earth’s equator. We depart from the Sug-
                                                                               ar Creek Historical Center. All Aboard!
starting January 7, 2008 at St.Ann’s                                     Fairmount Fantastic Friday Film Festival: “Fly-
                                                              ing Dueces” – Friday, Jan 25 at 12 p.m. Join Laurel and Hardy
  office. Cost will be singles $25.00                         and their mis-adventures in the French Foreign Legion.
and couples $45.00. Get your tickets                            Read ‘Em and Weep book Group –Monday, Jan. 28 at 7 p.m.
                                                              This month this group will discuss A Thousand Splendid Suns by
    early – We will see you there!                            Hosseini Khaled

                                                                                     Adult Computer basics – Thursday, January
                                                                                  3, 10, 17 and 31 at 11:00 a.m. Learn more about
                                                                                 getting around on your computer in this class,
                                                                                 which will offer insights into hardware and soft-
                                                                                 ware components.
                                                                                    Adult E-mail basics – Tuesday, January 8
                                                                                 and 24 at 11:00 a.m. Sign up for a free e-mail
                                                                                 account and follow along as this tutorial teaches
                                                                                the ins and outs of sending and receiving e-mail
                                                                                as well as how to organize your messages.
                                                                                   internet basics – Tuesday, January 15 at 11:00
                                                              a.m. Learn what the Internet and your Internet browser can do for
                                                              you. This class concentrates on the basics of online searches.
                                                                                         Filing For April 8,
              CoMMuNiTy NewS                                                              2008 Municipal
   La Benite Trail Needs Help                                                             General Election
    From Willing Volunteers                                                             Filing closes on Tuesday, January 15,
   The trail needs some TLC. Come          soft drinks will be provided. This is your   2007 at 5:00 p.m. Offices to be voted
join us for a great time and help spread   opportunity to contribute to one of the
wood chips to maintain the La Benite       finest trails in Kansas City.                   on and filing fees are as follows:
Trail. Bring either your ATV, mule, com-      WHEN: Saturday, January 12th; Sat-           Alderman-First Ward: $40.00,
pact or sub-compact tractor and trailer    urday, February 16th; Saturday, March
(7-0 wide or less) or just yourself. We    8th; 8:30 AM each day
                                                                                         Alderman-Second Ward: $40.00.
are maintaining this great trail along        WHERE: La Benite Park in Sugar                These offices are for two-year
the Missouri River. Wood chips will be     Creek, Missouri.
loaded on trailers and crews will unload      CONTACT: Bill Haman at 816-254-
                                                                                         terms. Sugar Creek does not hold
them along the trail. Lunch, water and     8935 or”                   a primary election. All candidates
                                                                                         filing for these offices will be listed
     Want to know what’s going on?                                                      on the ballot on April 8th, 2008. For
          be sure to visit the Sugar Creek website at                                    more information, contact the City or call (816) 252-4400 ext. 128 to                                Clerk at 816-252-4400, Ext. 128.
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Sweet Talk                                                                                                        PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE

                                                                                                                PA I D
                                                                                                                   Permit No. 5
Sugar Creek City Hall
                                                                                                                Independence, MO
103 South Sterling Ave.
Sugar Creek, MO 64054

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