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									Property Manager
As a member of the School staff the Property Manager is committed to the Aims and Philosophy of the School
and reports to the Business Manager through the Director of Facilities. As a Middle Manager, the Property
Manager will keep the Business Manager and the Director of Facilities appropriately informed about matters
within the roles and responsibilities of the position.
The Property Manager is primarily responsible for the planning and organisation of the Property
Department; for leadership and management of Property Department staff; for the management of the
Department budget; and for the provision of efficient and effective management systems that will ensure the
maintenance of school buildings, grounds and equipment to a suitably high standard. At times, the Property
Manager will be required to attend to relevant issues at Mt Eliza House.
The Property Manager acts as the School’s Caretaker and as such is on call 24 hours per day.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The duties of the Property Manager include, but are not restricted to, the following:
Planning and organisation of the Property Department by,
   Developing a five year Plan and annual Operational Plans for the Department using the School’s Business
    Plan as appropriate.
   Conducting regular meetings with grounds and maintenance staff to involve them in planning processes.
   Attending regular meetings with the Business Manager and reporting on the achievement of short and
    long term goals.
   Developing systems for the prioritizing and allocation of maintenance work.
Providing leadership and management for staff within the Department by,
   Undertaking recruitment of staff in consultation with the Business Manager.
   Providing Duty Statements, guidelines and written expectations to staff and volunteers.
   Ensuring the implementation of the staff Performance Planning and Review process.
   Developing and implementing staff training as appropriate.
   Ensuring and encouraging staff take opportunities for outside training as appropriate.
   Monitoring staff leave arrangements and providing relief staff where necessary.
   Complementing the practical skills of the staff and working with them for the purposes of training where
   Providing supervision and direction to the on call staff ensuring continuity of this service to the School.
Managing the budgeting and expenditure of the Department by;
   Preparing the annual maintenance budget in collaboration with the Business Manager.
   Reviewing and controlling maintenance expenditure.
   Ensuring accountability, cost effectiveness and provision of the needs of the School are foremost in the
    budgeting process.
   Purchasing maintenance materials, furnishings and capital items as required at the best available price.
   Calling for quotations for all maintenance, repair replacement or new work and providing advice to the
    Business Manager.
   Undertaking cost benefit analysis activities as required.
Providing efficient and effective management and administration systems which ensure the
maintenance of buildings, grounds and equipment by;
   Develop, regularly review and update the policy and procedures handbook for the department.
   Regularly reviewing the condition of buildings, grounds and facilities to bring to the attention of the
    Business Manager work requiring attention.
   Developing systems for a proactive maintenance program.
   Making recommendations for the enhancement and upgrading of grounds, facilities and equipment.
   Maintaining a plant register and maintenance program for plant, vehicles and equipment.
   Ensuring a regular program of plant maintenance is undertaken.
   Monitoring the work of the School cleaning contractors and other contractors as required, to ensure
    highest standards and efficient programming.
   Conduct reviews of contracts, at least every three years, to ensure competitive contracts are maintained.
Ensuring essential services are provided to the School at all times by;
   Ensuring electricity, fire and burglar alarms, and air conditioning are maintained and in good working
   Assuming responsibility for the security of the School and monitoring systems in operation to ensure high
    standards of safety for staff, students and property.
   Assisting with the provision of a safe working environment for school age children.
   Assisting with the School’s compliance with the Work Place Health and Safety policy, in particular, and
    other School policies as required. This may involve contributing to and supporting the School’s traffic
    management systems.
   Ensures that the School’s compliance with Occupational Health and Safety policy and procedures is of a
    high standard.
Such other duties as may be required from time to time
The School reserves the right to alter roles and responsibilities to suit the leadership and management
requirements at that point in time.
Terms and Conditions
This is a full time permanent position. Weekend and evening work may be required to facilitate the School’s

Skills and Attributes Required for the Position
The incumbent must have the appropriate certificates and training for the tasks required in performance of
duties. He or she must have excellent organisational and communication skills, an ability to prioritise tasks, an
ability to manage a team and show initiative when required.

Professional Review
This Position Description is intended as a as a framework for professional review.

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