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Index of Survey Methodology Bulletin articles
Including all articles up to issue 65

Author                                  Title                                                                                        Issue    Year
Various                                 Current Methodological Projects                                                              SMB 01   1977
Various                                 Methodological Projects in Progress                                                          SMB 02   1978
Butcher,B., Elliot,D.                   The effect of non-sampling error on variance estimation                                      SMB 03   1978
Knight,I.                               An interviewer field sift to identify low income families for a survey of financial          SMB 03   1978
Bialowas,B.                             Construction industry mobility follow-up                                                     SMB 04   1978
Dodd,T.                                 Office and field procedures for dealing with multi-household addresses                       SMB 05   1979
Hayman,E.                               Interviewer coding of occupations on the 1% survey                                           SMB 05   1979
Lievesley,D.                            Conditional inference                                                                        SMB 05   1979
Manners,T.                              Research note on response error: a record check on the validity of an item of survey data    SMB 05   1979
Marsh,A.                                Partial-order scalogram analysis (POSA)                                                      SMB 05   1979
Bateson,N.                              Is coding possible?                                                                          SMB 06   1979
Bunting,C.                              POSA - Again                                                                                 SMB 06   1979
Colombo,R., Wilson,P.                   P-Stat                                                                                       SMB 06   1979
Dunnell,K.                              The reliability of marriage and pregnancy history reporting on the 1976 Family Formation     SMB 06   1979
Morgan,J.                               Issues arising from the imposition of placing patterns on survey fieldwork                   SMB 06   1979
Pearce,A.                               Spearhead project - OMR, OCR and optical character recognition test                          SMB 06   1979
Bainbridge,S., Dodd,P., Eldridge,J.,    Heights and weights feasibility study                                                        SMB 07   1979
Breeze,E.                               Rating lists and valuation lists as a sampling frame                                         SMB 07   1979
Colombo,R.                              Automatic sampling from the Electoral Register                                               SMB 07   1979
Thomas,R.                               The household concept in censuses and surveys                                                SMB 07   1979
Blackshaw,N.                            Field problems raised by the household concept                                               SMB 08   1979
Butcher,B.                              Statistical estimation for small areas                                                       SMB 08   1979
McCrossan,L.                            Current issues in field methodology (October 1979)                                           SMB 08   1979
Redpath,R.                              Implications of the Family Budget survey experiments for the FES                             SMB 08   1979
Whitehead,F.                            Sampling multi-households dwellings                                                          SMB 08   1979
Beacham,R.                              The household concept (continued)                                                            SMB 09   1980
Mansfield,M.                            Time consuming main stage coding                                                             SMB 09   1980
Butcher,B.                              Suggested sample design for the home accident survey                                         SMB 10   1980
Colombo,R.                              Automatic sampling of addresses from the Postcode Address File                               SMB 10   1980
Parker,S.                               Comparisons of spouses' answers to identical questions                                       SMB 10   1980
Thomas,R.                               Non-Response on household surveys                                                            SMB 10   1980
White,P.                                The family unit                                                                              SMB 10   1980
Barnes,R.                               Non-response on household surveys                                                            SMB 11   1980
Butcher,B.                              The effect of field procedures on the outcome of interviewers'                               SMB 11   1980
Butcher,B.                              The calculation of sample errors from a complex design                                       SMB 11   1980
Manners,T.                              Proposal for an Electoral Register check using the PES as an independent frame               SMB 11   1980
Martin,J.                               A study of errors in relation to their prevention and detection                              SMB 11   1980
Parker,S.                               The use of a weighted sample: costs and benefits related to the TOPS survey                  SMB 11   1980
Simpson,C.                              Chi-squared tests with survey data                                                           SMB 11   1980
Bone,M.                                 What makes a survey complex                                                                  SMB 12   1981
Butcher,B., Martin,J., John,J.          Proposal for a study of coder variability in coding occupations                              SMB 12   1981
GHS Unit                                Problems in reconciling survey-based estimates of unemployment with administrative figures   SMB 12   1981

Martin,J., Butcher,B.                   The quality of proxy information - some results from a large scale study                     SMB 12   1981
Wilson,P.                               Non-response at the follow-up stages of the Scottish Licensing Laws survey                   SMB 12   1981
Wilson,P.                               Improving the methodology of drinking surveys                                                SMB 12   1981
Bateson,N., Chidley,S.                  Use of tape recording in a pilot study                                                       SMB 13   1981
Birch,F.                                Quality and coverage checks on the Census                                                    SMB 13   1981
Butcher,B.                              Sampling ethnic minorities - report on Royal Statistical Society                             SMB 13   1981
Cable,D.                                Optical character recognition (OCR) field test                                               SMB 13   1981
Finch,C.                                GHS letter experiments                                                                       SMB 13   1981
Green,H.                                Interviewer coding of occupation and industry on Women and Employment survey                 SMB 13   1981
Primary Analysis Branch                 The 1980 OPCS classifications of occupations                                                 SMB 13   1981
Thomas,R.                               Problems in the collection and analysis of individual histories                              SMB 13   1981
Bone,M.                                 Sift/follow-up surveys - some problems and suggestions                                       SMB 14   1982
Bradley,M.                              The Labour Force Survey - some sampling problems                                             SMB 14   1982
Butcher,B.                              Grossing up - when and how                                                                   SMB 14   1982
Cardy,S.                                Sickness absence: an in-house survey and validation exercise                                 SMB 14   1982
Dunnell,K., Martin,J.                   Piloting - purposes and evaluation                                                           SMB 14   1982
Elliot,D.                               A study of variation in occupation and social class coding - summary of results              SMB 14   1982
Elliot,D., Thomas,R.                    An experiment in weighting survey results to compensate for non-response                     SMB 14   1982
Butcher,B.                              The quality of the Electoral Register as an individual address sampling frame                SMB 15   1983
Dunnell,K., Bone,M.                     Validation of diaries used to estimate the extent and content of doctors working hours       SMB 15   1983
Elliot,D.                               A comparison of occupation and industry coding between two survey organizations              SMB 15   1983

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Elliot,D., Thomas,R.                Further thoughts on weighting survey results to compensate for non-response                    SMB 15   1983
Smyth,M.                            Ethical problems in sponsored survey research                                                  SMB 15   1983
White,P.                            The continuous manpower survey - feasibility study                                             SMB 15   1983
Butcher,B.                          Methods of selecting primary sampling units                                                    SMB 16   1984
Elliot,D.                           Conversion to the Postcode Address File as the main household survey sampling frame            SMB 16   1984
Gregory,J., Cardy,S.                The identification of full-time students by the GHS                                            SMB 16   1984
Heady,P.                            Ranking galleries for interest at two museums                                                  SMB 16   1984
Martin,J.                           Validation of attitude measures used on a survey of infant feeding                             SMB 16   1984
McCrossan,L.                        Some current developments in survey data collection in the USA                                 SMB 16   1984
Barnes,R.                           Data protection issues as they affect population censuses and social surveys in the UK         SMB 17   1986
Bradley,M., White,P.                The Labour Force Survey in Canada                                                              SMB 17   1985
Dodd,T.                             The use of re-interviewing on the National Travel Survey pilot                                 SMB 17   1985
Griffiths,D.                        SPSSX - an overview                                                                            SMB 17   1985
Heady,P.                            A note on some sampling procedures for visitors surveys                                        SMB 17   1985
Thomas,R.                           Telephone Interviewing at Social Survey Division                                               SMB 17   1985
Birch,F., Britton,M.                1981 Census: Post-enumeration survey in England and Wales                                      SMB 18   1986
Griffiths,D.                        An evaluation of three tabulation packages - TAU, SPSS and SIR                                 SMB 18   1986
Knight,I.                           Comparison of respondents and non-respondents to major continuous surveys using data from      SMB 18   1986
                                    the 1981 Census of Population
Martin,J.                           Logit modelling with SPSSX - how to get started                                                SMB 18   1986
Martin,J., Bone,M.                  OPCS surveys of disabled people in GB                                                          SMB 18   1986
Thomas,R.                           Classification of women's occupations                                                          SMB 18   1986
White,P.                            The use of TAU in the Labour Force Survey                                                      SMB 18   1986
Austin,P., Lewis,D., Scammell,B.    Postal survey and sift methodology - a review                                                  SMB 19   1986
Barnes,R.                           Use of population censuses and registers as sampling frames in GB                              SMB 19   1986
Butcher,B.                          Influencing response rates                                                                     SMB 19   1986
Butcher,B.                          Conference on the analysis of data from complex surveys                                        SMB 19   1986
Dunnell,K.                          Change and the GHS                                                                             SMB 19   1986
Elliot,D.                           Logit modelling in SPSSX - a correction                                                        SMB 19   1986
Matheson,J.                         Classification of drinking patterns on the GHS                                                 SMB 19   1986
Barnes,R.                           The use of lotteries and other forms of financial incentives in SSD                            SMB 20   1987
Dodd,T.                             An assessment of the efficiency of the coding of occupation and industry by interviewers       SMB 20   1987
Elliot,D.                           Models for rent from the recent lettings survey                                                SMB 20   1987
Ellis,C.                            OPCS experience with SIR                                                                       SMB 20   1987
Griffiths,D.                        An evaluation of SPSSX Tables                                                                  SMB 20   1987
Sillitoe,K., Meltzer,H.             The West Indian School Leaver survey: Methods used to match White and West Indian              SMB 20   1987
Todd,J.                             Changing the definition of a household                                                         SMB 20   1987
Bateson,N.                          Process validation of social survey data                                                       SMB 21   1987
Clarke,L., Phibbs,A., Klepacz,A.,   GHS advance letter experiment                                                                  SMB 21   1987
Dodd,T.                             A further investigation of the Postcode Address File                                           SMB 21   1987
Elliot,D.                           Review - "The machine editing of large sample surveys: the experience of the World Fertility   SMB 21   1987
                                    Survey" by T.W.Pullman et al
Manners,T.                          The first lap-top computer fieldwork project in SSD                                            SMB 21   1987
Redpath,R.                          The Family Expenditure Survey: some problems of collecting data                                SMB 21   1987
Ellis,C.                            Editing survey data - a view from computer division                                            SMB 22   1988
Goddard,E.                          Surveys in schools - some practical problems and methodological points                         SMB 22   1988
Nicol,S.                            Analysis of recorded refusals on the General Household and Family Expenditure surveys          SMB 22   1988
Norris,P.                           Estimating the size of ethnic minority populations using the Labour Force Survey               SMB 22   1988
Savage,D.                           A new system for processing the Family Expenditure survey                                      SMB 22   1988
White,P.                            Two findings from a feasibility study for a survey of Day Trips                                SMB 22   1988
Williams,E.                         Reissues                                                                                       SMB 22   1988
Wilson,P., Blackshaw,N.             International conference on telephone interviewing                                             SMB 22   1988
Breeze,E., Butcher,B.               Sub-sampling in the field - an illustration from the International Passenger Survey            SMB 23   1988
Elliot,D.                           SURVO 84                                                                                       SMB 23   1988
Foxon,J.                            Field trials in the LFS lap top computer project in November 1987                              SMB 23   1988
Gregory,J.                          The Adult Dietary Survey - design and methodology                                              SMB 23   1988
Heady,P.                            ISIRC report on new technology for survey processing                                           SMB 23   1988
McCrossan,L.                        Coding by interviewers                                                                         SMB 23   1988
Thomas,R.                           Developing a composite poverty indicator for households from census data                       SMB 23   1988
Dunne,L.                            An analysis of the current survey editing system based on that used by the Labour Force        SMB 24   1989
Foxon,J.                            The new standard occupational classification                                                   SMB 24   1989
Gates,J.                            Training in unstructured interviewing techniques for SSD interviewers                          SMB 24   1989
Heady,P.                            Review: Catherine Marsh - Exploring data                                                       SMB 24   1989
McCrossan,L.                        Changes in interviewer training                                                                SMB 24   1989
O'Donnell,J.                        Experiments in computer-assisted occupation coding                                             SMB 24   1989
Rauta,I., Wilmot,A.                 Methodological developments in the family information section of the GHS                       SMB 24   1989
Stevens,S.                          A comparison of some graphics packages for PCs                                                 SMB 24   1989
Thomas,R.                           Testing questions on disability and long term ill health for the 1991 Census                   SMB 24   1989
Young,P.                            The value of qualitative research in assessing the nature of care in adult placement schemes   SMB 24   1989

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Cartwright,A., Windsor,J.              Some further experiments with factors that might affect the response to postal questionnaires    SMB 25   1989

Elliot,D., Heady,P.                    Some comments on data fusion                                                                     SMB 25   1989
Heady,P.                               Project on methods of analysing SSD's time series data - a preliminary look at some issues in    SMB 25   1989
                                       the light of GHS data
Mason,V.                               A note on editing in SPSSX                                                                       SMB 25   1989
Osborne,V.                             The Field information system                                                                     SMB 25   1989
Savage,D.                              Investigation into the queries from interviewers on difficult to find addresses                  SMB 25   1989
Thomas,R.                              Data fusion: report and comments on a paper presented to the Royal Statistical Society           SMB 25   1989
Thomas,R.                              Social classifications                                                                           SMB 25   1989
Dobbs,J., Butcher,B.                   Health Surveys in the USA                                                                        SMB 26   1990
Dunnell,K.                             Methodological issues in health interview surveys                                                SMB 26   1990
Elliot,D.                              The use of the effective sample size as an aid in designing weighted samples                     SMB 26   1990
Elliot,D., Heady,P.                    Report of the biennial conference of the International Statistical Institute, Paris 1989         SMB 26   1990
Francis,A.                             SPSS data entry-an evaluation of the program and its use in entering and editing survey data     SMB 26   1990
Francis,A.                             SPSS/PC+ - an evaluation of the package                                                          SMB 26   1990
Green,H.                               Survey of informal Carers: Measurement Problems                                                  SMB 26   1990
Heady,P.                               Conference on the role of computers in qualitative research                                      SMB 26   1990
McCrossan,L., Thomas,R.                Improving data quality in the field through questionnaire design                                 SMB 26   1990
Thomas,R.                              Occupation-referenced socio-economic classification                                              SMB 26   1990
Wennell,S.                             Brief Note: Response on a simple telephone panel survey                                          SMB 26   1990
Blackshaw,N., Trembath,D., Birnie,A.   Developing computer assisted interviewing on the labour force survey: a field branch             SMB 27   1990
Breeze,E.                              The Census of Employment as a sampling frame                                                     SMB 27   1990
Kelly,D.                               Total household income as measured by GHS and NTS                                                SMB 27   1990
Manners,T.                             The development of computer assisted interviewing (CAI) for household surveys: the case of       SMB 27   1990
                                       the British Labour Force Survey
Redpath,R.                             Memory problems in family budget surveys: 1. Diaries                                             SMB 27   1990
Barnes,R.                              Non-response on Government household surveys                                                     SMB 28   1991
Bateson,N., Hunter,P.                  The use of computer assisted personal interviewing for official British surveys                  SMB 28   1991
Cotgrove,G.                            The postal administration system                                                                 SMB 28   1991
Elliot,D.                              Weighting expenditure and income estimates from the UK FES to compensate for non-                SMB 28   1991
Heady,P.                               Report of work done on whether or not to cluster the enhanced LFS                                SMB 28   1991
Rauta,I.                               The OPCS Omnibus survey                                                                          SMB 28   1991
Smyth,M.                               The GHS data dictionary                                                                          SMB 28   1991
Staples,T.                             Computer assisted occupation coding                                                              SMB 28   1991
Thomas,R.                              Social Survey Division methodology programme 1990-91                                             SMB 28   1991
Thomas,R.                              Looking back on the assessment of performance unit                                               SMB 28   1991
Browne,F., Wright,M.                   Derived variable testing via the SIR/Tables interface                                            SMB 29   1991
Heady,P.                               Using geographic data in survey design and analysis - an illustrative example                    SMB 29   1991
Klepacz,A.                             Activity & Health survey: possible effects on response of different versions of the advance      SMB 29   1991
Knight,I.                              Eastern Europe and the know how fund                                                             SMB 29   1991
Martin,J.                              Field technologies and AAPOR conference, May 1991                                                SMB 29   1991
Matheson,J.                            Application of CAI to the UK FES                                                                 SMB 29   1991
Savage,D.                              Income questions for use on the GHS                                                              SMB 29   1991
Tester,A.                              Current editing practices in PAB                                                                 SMB 29   1991
Barnes,R.                              Studies of non-respondents in OPCS household surveys using Census data                           SMB 30   1992
Barnes,R.                              The second international workshop on household survey non-response                               SMB 30   1992
Bennett,N.                             Training workshop on the functioning of the EC and its statistical systems                       SMB 30   1992
Cameron,A.                             Random digit dialling for telephone interviews                                                   SMB 30   1992
Collins,D.                             Building a sampling frame of nurses' homes                                                       SMB 30   1992
Elliot,D.                              The relative precision of sample percentiles and means below percentiles                         SMB 30   1992
Knight,I.                              Social Survey Division as consultant                                                             SMB 30   1992
Lound,C.                               International seminar on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in government                    SMB 30   1992
Thomas,R.                              What's happening at the Joint Centre for Survey Methods                                          SMB 30   1992
Dobbs,J., White,A., Rowlands,O.        A comparison of questions for classifying drinking behaviour                                     SMB 31   1992
Elliot,D.                              The use of synthetic estimates for small areas: an article based on a consultancy by Dr. Chris   SMB 31   1992
Foster,K.                              Analysis of time series data: summary of a consultancy by Catherine Marsh                        SMB 31   1992
Foster,K.                              The GHS multi-year database project                                                              SMB 31   1992
Goddard,E.                             Detailed recall of drinking behaviour over seven days                                            SMB 31   1992
Green,H.                               Counting shared rooms in the Census and in housing surveys                                       SMB 31   1992
Martin,J.                              The potential use of neural networks to impute for item non-response                             SMB 31   1992
Martin,J., Matheson,J.                 Further developments in CAPI for household income surveys                                        SMB 31   1992
Bruce,S.                               Selecting stratifiers for the Family Resources Survey                                            SMB 32   1993
Carey,S., Hickman,M.                   Literacy, numeracy and the GHS                                                                   SMB 32   1993
Dobbs,J., Breeze,E.                    Effect on response of including a reply card with advance letters: an enforced experiment        SMB 32   1993
Dodd,T.                                Recent methodological work carried out by staff outside the methods unit                         SMB 32   1993
Elliot,D.                              Conference report: small area statistics and survey designs (Warsaw)                             SMB 32   1993

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Foster,K., Lound,C.                          A comparison of questions for classifying income                                                  SMB 32   1993
Heady,P.                                     Conference report: the use of auxiliary data in survey design and estimation                      SMB 32   1993
Hunter,P.                                    An evaluation of "Ethnograph" - a qualitative computer package                                    SMB 32   1993
Martin,J.                                    Conference report: the development and dissemination of statistics on persons with disabilities   SMB 32   1993

Rauta,I.                                     Collection of income data in the survey of English housing                                        SMB 32   1993
Bolling,K., Dobbs,J., Lound,C.               A clinical experiment in a field setting - the design of the Dinamap calibration study            SMB 33   1993
Cameron,A.                                   Telephone ownership north of the Caledonian Canal                                                 SMB 33   1993
Cheesbrough,S.                               Characteristics of non-responding households on the Family Expenditure Survey                     SMB 33   1993
Elliot,D.                                    The use of substitution in sampling                                                               SMB 33   1993
Foster,K.                                    The electoral register as a sampling frame                                                        SMB 33   1993
Foster,K.                                    The use of standardisation in survey analysis                                                     SMB 33   1993
Goodfellow,T.                                A brief look at response to postal sifts, surveys and keeping in touch exercises from the         SMB 33   1993
                                             viewpoint of the SIU
Bruce,S.                                     An example of optimal allocation                                                                  SMB 34   1994
Elliot,D.                                    A note on confidence intervals for differences in proportions                                     SMB 34   1994
Foster,K.                                    The coverage of the Postcode Address File as a sampling frame                                     SMB 34   1994
Foster,K.                                    International workshop on household survey non-response                                           SMB 34   1994
Knight,I.                                    Changes in the sample design for the Labour Force Survey                                          SMB 34   1994
Manners,T.                                   International Blaise users conference                                                             SMB 34   1994
Thomas,M.                                    Income on the General Household Survey                                                            SMB 34   1994
Blackshaw,N., Ellis,C., Gray,J., Martin,J.   Field Directors and Technologies conference - 15-18 May, Boston                                   SMB 35   1994
Bushnell,D.                                  Using percentiles in SPSS                                                                         SMB 35   1994
Foster,K.                                    Comparison of census and survey definitions of head of household                                  SMB 35   1994
Heady,P.                                     Census validation surveys - design issues raised by international comparisons                     SMB 35   1994
Jarvis,L.                                    The feasibility of children keeping FES expenditure diaries: a qualitative study                  SMB 35   1994
Knight,I.                                    Measuring customer satisfaction                                                                   SMB 35   1994
Rowlands,O.                                  The International Passenger Survey Comparison Study: testing a self-completion version of a       SMB 35   1994
                                             short but complex face-to-face interview
Bruce,S.                                     Using components of variance to design surveys                                                    SMB 36   1995
Cheesbrough,S.                               Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) Seminar. London, 22nd November 1994                      SMB 36   1995
Elliot,D.                                    Optimising sample designs for surveys of health and related behaviour and attitudes               SMB 36   1995
Gatenby,R.                                   A practical method of combining two sub-samples on the International Passenger Survey             SMB 36   1995
Jarvis,L.                                    The feasibility of children keeping FES expenditure diaries: a report on stage 2                  SMB 36   1995
Knight,I.                                    Confidentiality in Public Use Databases containing local authority identifiers                    SMB 36   1995
Collins,D., White,A.                         Making the next Census form more respondent-friendly                                              SMB 37   1995
Foster,K., Elliot,D.                         Report on the 5th International Workshop on Household Non-Response. Ottawa, 26-28                 SMB 37   1995
                                             September 1994
Hudson,C.                                    Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) Seminar London, 13th June 1995, "Tackling survey         SMB 37   1995
Martin,J.                                    Defining a Household Reference Person                                                             SMB 37   1995
Martin,J., Bushnell,D., Campanelli,P.,       A comparison of interviewer and office coding of occupations                                      SMB 37   1995
White,A.                                     Survey quality and survey error: the 1994 British Crime Survey                                    SMB 37   1995
Wilmot,A., Bateson,N.                        Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing on the National Travel Survey                             SMB 37   1995
Barton,J.                                    Report on the Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) Seminar London, 5th December               SMB 38   1996
                                             1995, "Quality - The Interviewer Effect"
Bridgwood,A.                                 Researching in prisons - some practical and methodological issues                                 SMB 38   1996
Elliot,D.                                    The presentation of weighted data in survey report tables                                         SMB 38   1996
Foster,K.                                    A comparison of the census characteristics of respondents and non-respondents to the 1991         SMB 38   1996
                                             Family Expenditure Survey (FES)
Foster,K.                                    Report on the 6th International Workshop on Household Survey Non-Response. Helsinki, 25-          SMB 38   1996
                                             27 October 1995
Klepacz,A., O'Kelly,A.                       Survey of English Housing - A test of initial contact by telephone                                SMB 38   1996
Manners,T.                                   Harmonised questions for government social surveys                                                SMB 38   1996
Martin,J., Barton,J.                         The effect of changes in the definition of the household reference person                         SMB 38   1996
Barton,J.                                    Selecting stratifiers for the Family Expenditure Survey (FES)                                     SMB 39   1996
Collins,D., White,A.                         In search of an income question for the 2001 Census                                               SMB 39   1996
Lound,C.                                     Allocating primary sampling units for annual surveys to months of the year                        SMB 39   1996
Low,S.                                       Quality - an international perspective                                                            SMB 39   1996
Martin,J., Cheesbrough,S., Dodd,T.,          Asking the self-employed about their income                                                       SMB 39   1996
Farrant,G., McKernan,A.
Meltzer,H.                                   Ethical issues in conducting surveys of psychiatric morbidity                                     SMB 39   1996
Barton,J.                                    Multi-household procedures for Social Surveys                                                     SMB 40   1997
Barton,J.                                    Quality issues in social surveys (QUISS) seminar, London, 4th December 1996, "Sampling            SMB 40   1997
                                             minority populations and special populations
Bushnell,D.                                  Computer-assisted occupation coding                                                               SMB 40   1997
Dawe,F., Knight,I.                           A study of proxy response on the Labour Force Survey                                              SMB 40   1997
Deacon,K., Manners,T.                        Integrated household survey: report on field trials                                               SMB 40   1997
Elliot D.                                    A new sample design for the National Food Survey                                                  SMB 40   1997
Foster K, Hansbro J.                         Collecting Data on Non-Respondents to the FES                                                     SMB 40   1997

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                                                              SMB INDEX

Hansbro J, Foster K.                      Collecting Data on Non-Respondents to the FES                                                   SMB 40   1997
White,A., Freeth,S.                       Improving advance letters                                                                       SMB 40   1997
Bennett,N, Martin,J, Freeth,S, White,A.   Improving advance letters for Major Government Surveys                                          SMB 41   1997
Bushnell,D.                               Computer-assisted occupation coding in Blaise III                                               SMB 41   1997
Deacon,K.                                 QUISS London 13 June 1997 - Using Qualitative methods to improve social surveys                 SMB 41   1997
Foster,K.                                 The effect of call patterns on non-response bias on household surveys                           SMB 41   1997
Freeth,S, Martin,J, Bennett,N, White,A.   Improving advance letters for Major Government Surveys                                          SMB 41   1991
Martin,J, Bennett,N, Freeth,S, White,A.   Improving advance letters for Major Government Surveys                                          SMB 41   1997
White,A, Freeth,S, Martin,J, Bennett,N.   Improving advance letters for Major Government Surveys                                          SMB 41   1997
Avery,V, Foster,K.                        Coder Variability on the Family Expenditure Survey                                              SMB 42   1998
Lader, D.                                 The reliability of answers given on the 1995 Infant Feeding Survey                              SMB 42   1998
Low,S, Foster,K.                          Assessing the accuracy of information about Council Tax Bands                                   SMB 42   1998
Low,S.                                    Quality issues in social surveys (QUISS) seminar London, 17 December 1997 "Quality issues       SMB 42   1998
                                          in diary surveys"
Sykes,W, Manners,T.                       A qualitative evaluation of harmonised classificatory questions on educational attainment and   SMB 42   1998
                                          household income
Dodd,T.                                   Incentive payments on social surveys: a summary of recent research                              SMB 43   1998
Elliot,D, Bruce,S.                        Person vs household weighting on the UK Labour Force Survey                                     SMB 43   1998
King,J, Foster,K.                         Understanding household survey non-response through geo-demographic coding schemes              SMB 43   1998
Martin,J, Gill,B, Lader,D.                A new definition for the household reference person                                             SMB 43   1998
White,A, Martin,J, Bennett,N, Freeth,S.   Improving advance letters for major government surveys: final results                           SMB 43   1998
White,A, McCreith,S.                      An initial look at harmonisation survey data                                                    SMB 43   1998
Barton,J.                                 Effective calling strategies for interviewers on household surveys                              SMB 44   1999
Beerten,R, Martin,J.                      Household ownership of telephones and other communication links: implementations for            SMB 44   1999
                                          telephone surveys
Elliot,D.                                 A comparison of software for producing sampling errors on social surveys                        SMB 44   1999
Gray,J.                                   Handhelds in a laptop world                                                                     SMB 44   1999
Martin,J.                                 A New Social Classification for Government Statistics                                           SMB 44   1999
White,A.                                  Quality Issues in Social (QUISS) Seminar, London 6 October 1998, "Reporting data quality"       SMB 44   1999
Barton,J.                                 An analysis of the availability of individuals at home                                          SMB 45   1999
Beerten,R.                                The effect of interviewer and area characteristics on survey response rates: an exploratory     SMB 45   1999
Insalaco,F.                               Using weights in regression analysis: A comparison between the SPSS and STATA packages          SMB 45   1999

Maher,J,                                  An investigation into alternative methods of coding industry on the Labour Force Survey         SMB 45   1999
Martin,J, Matheson,J.                     Responses to Declining Response Rates on Government Surveys                                     SMB 45   1999
Ursachi,K, White,A                        Report on the 2nd International Question Testing Workshop (QUEST '99) London, 14-15             SMB 45   1999
                                          April 1999
Bridgwood,A.                              New developments in the General Household Survey                                                SMB 46   2000
Bridgwood,A.                              Alternative methods of data collection for the General Household Survey                         SMB 46   2000
Earthy,S, Maltby,S, Arber,S, Cooper,H.    The use of cognitive interviewing to develop questions on social capital for the 2000/1         SMB 46   2000
                                          General Household Survey
Insalaco,F.                               Choosing stratifiers for the General Household Survey                                           SMB 46   2000
Lilly,R.                                  Developing questions on cohabitation histories for the General Household Survey                 SMB 46   2000
Mitra,A, Curry,B.                         Quality issues in social surveys (QUISS) seminar, London, 23 November 1999, "International      SMB 46   2000
                                          Survey Research - What is feasible within Europe"
Beerten,R, Richardson,I, Morris,S.        Rapid turnaround telephone interviewing with business                                           SMB 47   2000
Coulthard,M, Connolly,H, Rowlands,O.      Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) Seminar, London 19 June 2000, "Commissioning           SMB 47   2000
                                          quality surveys"
Deacon,K.                                 Investigating mismatches in data between waves on the Labour Force Survey using qualitative     SMB 47   2000
Deacon,K.                                 Developing a new carers question for the 2001 Census: A quantitative test run on the            SMB 47   2000
                                          Omnibus survey
Elliot,D.                                 Changes to the design of the Labour Force Survey                                                SMB 47   2000
Martin,J, Deacon,K.                       Development of a self-coded version of the new National Statistics Socio-economic               SMB 47   2000
                                          classification (NS-SEC): preliminary results
Pendry,E.                                 The Development of self-completion questionnaires for non-English Speakers on the               SMB 47   2000
                                          International Passenger Survey
Gatenby,R.                                Overview of the development of the Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS)                            SMB 48   2001
Gatenby,R.                                Report on the final pilot of the EFS                                                            SMB 48   2001
Ursachi,K.                                Designing a diary-keeping insrument for the EFS                                                 SMB 48   2001
Elliot,D.                                 The Impact of the FES/NFS merger on the precision of NFS estimates                              SMB 48   2001
Insalaco,F, Lound,C.                      Imputation for partial household response on the EFS                                            SMB 48   2001
Yar,M, Elliot,D.                          Imputation for item non-response on the EFS                                                     SMB 48   2001
Lound,C.                                  Calculating sampling errors for calibration-weighted estimates on the EFS                       SMB 48   2001
Simpson,T, Corbin,T.                      Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) Seminar, London 4 December 2000, "Ten years of         SMB 48   2001
                                          the omnibus survey - achieving quality results using this unique research vehicle"
Flatley,J.                                The Internet as a mode of data collection in government social surveys: issues and              SMB 49   2001
Corbin,T.                                 Using the Omnibus Survey to pilot the Arts Council of England's survey on arts attendance,      SMB 49   2001
                                          participation and attitudes

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                                                              SMB INDEX

Barton,J.                                 Developing a weighting and grossing system for the General Household Survey                       SMB 49   2001
Maher,J,                                  The General Household Survey as a sampling frame: the example of the Survey of Poverty            SMB 49   2001
                                          and Social Exclusion
White,A, Freeth,S, Martin,J,              Evaluation of survey data quality using matched Census - survey records                           SMB 49   2001
Birch,J, Beerten,R                        Accuracy of the self-coded version of the National Statistics Socio-economic classification       SMB 50   2002
Corbin,T, Ursachi,K                       The use of pre-testing methods in the development of the Survey of Sports Participation and       SMB 50   2002
Gatward,R                                 Interviewing Children using Audio-CASI                                                            SMB 50   2002
Bumpstead,R                               A Practical Application of Audit Trails                                                           SMB 50   2002
Elliot,D                                  Nonresponse Weighting on the ONS Time Use Survey                                                  SMB 50   2002
Connolly,H, Kara,M                        Quality Issues in Social Survey (QUISS) seminar, 1st October 2001-"Quality Issues in User         SMB 50   2002
                                          Satisfaction Surveys"
Freeth,S, Kane,C, Cowie,A                 Survey interviewer attitudes and demographic profile: preliminary results from the 2001 ONS       SMB 51   2003
                                          Interviewer Attitudes Survey
Bennett,N                                 Proposals for an Intergrated Social Survey                                                        SMB 51   2003
Haselden,L, Jenkins, RJ                   The National Identity Question: methodological investigations                                     SMB 51   2003
McConaghy,M, Beerten,R                    Influencing response on the Family Resources Survey by using incentives                           SMB 51   2003
Irving,K, Park,N                          Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) seminar 11 April 2002 "Surveys of Children and           SMB 51   2003
                                          Young People"
McOrmond,T, Bell,J                        Quality Issues in Social Surveys (QUISS) seminar 31 October 2002 "Quality Issues in               SMB 51   2003
                                          Longitudinal Surveys"
Jones, J, Scott, L                        The Review Programme for Business Survey Data Collection Instruments                              SMB 52   2003
Jones, J                                  A Framework for Reviewing Data Collection Instruments in Business Surveys                         SMB 52   2003
Taylor, S                                 Telephone Surveying for Household Social Surveys: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly                  SMB 52   2003
Dowling, Z                                Web Questionnaire Design: Some Practical Considerations                                           SMB 52   2003
Simmons, E, Wilmot, A                     Incentive Payments on Social Surveys: a Literature Review                                         SMB 53   2004
Williams, SJ, Draper, S                   The Business Survey Front Page - First Impressions                                                SMB 53   2004
Davies, W, Rushbrooke J                   Focus Group Recruitment of Business Survey Respondents                                            SMB 53   2004
Marsh, S                                  Measuring Employment in the Annual Business Enquiry                                               SMB 53   2004
Bumpstead, R, Blackwell, A                The Continous Population Survey                                                                   SMB 54   2004
Hill, C, Bogerson, H, McConaghy, M        When Interviewers Call will Repsondents be at Home? An Investigation into the Working             SMB 54   2004
                                          Practices of Interviewers and the Likelihood of Making Contact with Respondents
Haworth, M, Black, O                      Statistical Disclosure Control Vs Data Quality: Getting the Balance Right                         SMB 54   2004
Jones, J, Borgerson, H, Williams, G,      Catalysts for Change: the Rationale for Mixed Mode Data Collection in the UK Office for           SMB 54   2004
Curzon, J, Smith, A                       National Statistics
Jones, J, Rushbrooke, R, Haraldsen, G,    Conceptualising Total Business Survey Burden                                                      SMB 55   2005
Dale, T, Hedlin, D
Guinea, D, Betts, P                       Applying cognitive models to question testing of UK Labour Force Survey questions about           SMB 55   2005
                                          economic activity
Birch, J                                  Quality Measurement And Reporting at the Office for National Statistics                           SMB 55   2005
Abbott, O, Jones, J, Pereira              2001 Census Coverage Survey: Review and Evaluation                                                SMB 55   2005
Allin, P                                  Should we move from household surveys to individual surveys                                       SMB 56   2005
Goddard, E, Compton, S                    Evaluation of the use of household survey data on spirits consumption for estimating the level    SMB 56   2005
                                          of spirits fraud
Blackwell, A, Dewar, A                    Development of an Integrated Household Survey for the UK (the Continuous Population               SMB 56   2005
                                          Survey) from a data collection perspective: improving survey questions and the quality of data
Wilmot, A                                 Designing sampling strategies for qualitative social research: with particular reference to the   SMB 56   2005
                                          Office for National Statistics' Qualitative Respondent Register
Ursachi, K, Jones, J                      Recruiting respondents for a qualitative study of the availability of local unit level business   SMB 56   2005
Thomas, M                                 Assessing the Quality of Administrative Data                                                      SMB 56   2005
Thomas, M                                 Guidelines for Moving from "Experimental" to "National Statistics"                                SMB 57   2006
Shlomo, N                                 Review of Statistical Disclosure Control Methods for Census Frequency Tables                      SMB 57   2006
Williams, N                               ACTR/IDBR Test Evaluation Report                                                                  SMB 57   2006
Borgeson, H                               Development of the Intergrated Household Survey: 2005 Field                                       SMB 57   2006
Elliot D,                                 Interview Mode Effects in the UK Local Labour Force Survey                                        SMB 57   2006
McDonald, J                               Future Skills Wales - Achievement through Dissemination                                           SMB 57   2006
Rahman, Z, Dewar, A                       The Impact of Mode on the comparability of Survey data                                            SMB 58   2006
Dewar, A, Wilmot, A                       Developing a postal questionnaire on social capital                                               SMB 58   2006
Dewar, A,                                 Maximising response to a postal survey on social capital                                          SMB 58   2006
Tipping, S, Nicolaas, G                   In seach of a population sampling frame for UK postal surveys                                     SMB 58   2006
Nicolass, G                               Population coverage and response rates for a postal survey on social capital                      SMB 58   2006
Nicolass, G, Tipping, S                   Mode effects in social capital surveys                                                            SMB 58   2006
Wilmot, A, Dewar, A,                      Developing harmonised questions for use in a mixed mode data collection environment               SMB 58   2006
Wood, J, Sova, M, Parkin, N, Bucknall R   Estimation os Standard Errors for the Index of Production                                         SMB 59   2006
Rahman, N, Goldring, S,                   Factors Associated with Household Non-Response in the Census 2001                                 SMB 59   2006
Uren, Z                                   GHS Pseudo Cohort Dataset (GHSPCD): Introduction and Methodology                                  SMB 59   2006
Smith,P, Robertshaw A,                    Attrition Rates in the UK Labour Force Survey                                                     SMB 59   2006
Lowthian, P, Barton, J, Bycroft, C,       Standards and Guidance for Disclosure Control                                                     SMB 59   2006

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                                                                SMB INDEX

Mills K., Palmer K.                        Using qualitative methods in feasibilty studies: investigating the availability of local unit data   SMB 60   2007
                                           for business surveys
Moore K., Carless E., Portanti M.          Business Register and Employment Survey: Progress on Design                                          SMB 60   2007
Al-Hamad A., Martin B., Brown G.           SNOWDON: Tool for Assessing Impact of Changing Editing Rules on Cost & Quality                       SMB 60   2007
Deviren F.                                 European Socio-economic Classification: Avalidation Exercise                                         SMB 60   2007
Denning, M                                 Celebrating 30 Years of the Survey Methodology Bulletin                                              SMB 61   2007
Fallows, A, Brown, G                       A Robust Trimming Method for Trimming Extreme Outliers in Ratio Imputation                           SMB 61   2007
Cotterell, B                               Optimal sample size reduction for the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings                            SMB 61   2007
Annoni, C                                  Sampling multi-household address for the HIS                                                         SMB 61   2007
Brodie P, Moore K                          Introduction of weights and production of quality measures in the Office for National                SMB 62   2008
                                           Statistics' Annual Earning Statistics
Jones J, Brodie P, Williams S, Carter J    Improved questionnaire design yields better data: Experiences from the UK's Annual Survey            SMB 62   2008
                                           of Hours and Earnings
Brodie P, Moore K, Carless E, Portanti M   Improvements in stratification in the UK's Office for National Statistics                            SMB 62   2008
Lewis D                                    Evaluating the effects of business register updates on monthly survey estimates                      SMB 62   2008
Lewis D                                    Winsoration for estimates of change                                                                  SMB 62   2008
Wood J, Sova M, Bucknell R. D              The method used to estimate standard errors for UK producer price statistics                         SMB 62   2008
Prior M                                    Independence for Statistics                                                                          SMB 63   2008
Skentelbery R                              Quality in National Statistics                                                                       SMB 63   2008
Green S, Skentelbery R, Viles R            Process Qualtiy in the Office for National Statistics                                                SMB 63   2008
Barnes W                                   Improving Migrant Participation in the Labour Force Survey: A Review of Existing Practices           SMB 63   2008
                                           in European Union Member States
Thomas M                                   Improving Migrant Participation in the Labour Force Survey: Non-Response and Attitudes of            SMB 63   2008
                                           Non-English Speaking Migrants to Participation
Peck M, Maclean E                          Telephone Data Entry: Enhancing the System                                                           SMB 63   2008
Jones J, Lewis A, Woodland S, Jones G,     Comunicating with survey respondents at the UK Office for National Statistics                        SMB 64   2009
Byard J
Bright G, Barnes W, Fletcher D             Non-response bias in the LFS                                                                         SMB 64   2009
Hawthorne J                                Household Expenditure by Output Area Classification using data from the Expenditure and              SMB 64   2009
                                           Food Survey
Aumeyr M, Davies R                         Characteristics of respondents giving informed consent for linking of business data                  SMB 64   2009
Wood J, Parkin N, Sova M, Brand M          Interpreting Offiical Statistics in the Presence of Sampling Error                                   SMB 65   2009
Nolan F, Wagstaff H, Wallis R              Managing Multi Mode Collection Instruments in the 2011 UK Census                                     SMB 65   2009
Ashton K, Dunn E                           Online Opinions - A Pilot to Extend Social Data Collection Capabilities within the Office for        SMB 65   2009
                                           National Statistics
Green S                                    Celebrating Forty Years of the Survey Control Unit                                                   SMB 65   2009
Parkin N, Sova M                           Investigation of Estimation Methods for Average Weekly Earnings                                      SMB 66   2010
Parkin N, Sova M and Crane E               Adjusting AWE to Account for Reclassification of Businesses                                          SMB 66   2010
Finselbach H, Merad S and Lewis D          An Investigation of Outlier Treatment in the AWE                                                     SMB 66   2010
Chow J                                     Documentation of an Established Approach to Create Combined Weights in X-12-ARIMA                    SMB 66   2010
Betts P, Lound C                           The Application of Alternative Modes of Data Collection in UK Government Social Surveys              SMB 67   2010
Haycroft R, Ford-Evans J                   A Survey Based Investigation of Attitudes to Equality Questions for the 2011 Census                  SMB67    2010
Ashton K, Portanti M                       Attrition on Longitudinal Surveys: A Literature Review                                               SMB67    2010
Sova M                                     On the Estimation of Historic Index Numbers on a New Classification in the Absence of                SMB67    2010
Hooper E, Lewis D and Dobbins C            The Application of Selective Editing to the ONS Monthly Business Survey                              SMB68    2011
Ashton K, Portanti M                       Tracking Procedures on the Employment, Retention and Advancement Survey                              SMB68    2011
Clarke P, McGrath K, Rahman N, Silva D     Model-Based Small Area Estimates of Households in Poverty                                            SMB68    2011
and Taylor A
Ashworth K, Greenaway M and Smith P        Pruning the Labour Force Survey: Removing Respondents Aged 75 and Above from the                     SMB68    2011
                                           Waves 2-5 Interviews

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